All THIS for $500??? - GIGABYTE M34WQ 34" 144Hz Ultrawide Monitor

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  • Gsup7s

    4:00. The short answer is. That is the exact frequency a 144 Hz Panel actually runs that. Just like a 60 frame panel will actually have a 59.49 optimal frequency range. It's kind of like g-sync. It's lining the frames up with the display frequency. Which makes it look smoother because you're getting more information per second. And it prevents frame tearing. By which some part of the frame is different from the rest of the display panel. Causing the picture to look split. Which vsync also gets rid of. But increases latency. So if you have the option to run at that slightly lower frequency. You should usually take it. For better fidelity with no latency penalty.

    • Raziel SSJ
      Raziel SSJ

      This kind of completely nonsensical answers drives me crazy. There is absolutely nothing good in this answer 🤯 Luckily some answered correctly, like *@Kevin Hjelden* just above. For us, the benefit of using these frequencies rather than the "integer" ones is because they align/line up with the Cinema industry standard (24x1000/1001 fps) which, when watching cinema movies, avoid to regularly duplicate or release an image from the movie to stay in sync with the display. If you are watching content with a framerate that is an integer (24fps, 50, 60, etc...) and not 23.976fps, you'd better choose an integer frequency as well. Some video players have the ability to automatically switch the monitor frequency to match or accommodate to the video/movie framerate.

    • Kevin Hjelden
      Kevin Hjelden

      I'm pretty sure it's more likely that it's those ratios because of analog TV days (NTSC/PAL). Those used a multiplier of 1000/1001 to avoid a beat frequency with the power lines which were set to exactly 60Hz. And if NTSC was set to exactly 60Hz then the minor imperfections in the oscillators would mean that beat effects show up. I'm not sure that this is the case for modern higher refresh rate monitors that aren't 60Hz (or 50Hz for PAL regions). Also, this rate means that you would be able to watch NTSC without occasionally dropping/duplicating a frame to keep in sync on your monitor versus if it ran at exactly 60Hz.

    • Youtube Kullanıcısı
      Youtube Kullanıcısı

      That's a good pro tip right there! Thanks!

    • Gsup7s

      @FaZe PoZeR You know I share the same sentiment.! 😅

    • FaZe PoZeR
      FaZe PoZeR

      I paid for 240hz and I am going to use all 240 of it 😤

  • Red Neck Tech
    Red Neck Tech

    Monitors go to 143.856 because it's evenly divisible by the standard 23.976 framerate that has been used in movies forever. This means you don't have to use any pulldown which can create artifacts or frame drops although it would be really difficult to notice a duplicated or dropped frame at such a refresh rate.

    • Risen Oath
      Risen Oath

      This thread is more interesting than the video, I never really knew any of this. Super interesting and fun-to-know knowledge, thanks folks, a dream comment section.

    • Noah W
      Noah W

      Isn't it scaled back 1% to reduce the interference with the electricial frequency? If they keep it at 60 or 50(depending where you live) it would cause massive interference right?

    • Paul Busby
      Paul Busby

      @blazebluebass People are so used to 24FPS from traditional film, that they don't like it with higher refresh rates; they find it jarring. It was experimented with in the Hobbit, most notably, and was unpopular. It's not really a technical thing in this case, it's a stylistic choice due to familiarity. You can arguably film in high refresh rates and convert it where necissary, but unless the frame rate is easily divisible from the source to the target, you have to process the video. Any processing you do bring the chance that it will affect the quality... this is something directors and producers will immedietely veto without each individual output being carefully analysed to ensure the artistic integrity isnt harmed. I personally agree, and I think the industry should have percevered with high refresh rates until people were used to it, but it also requires cinemas to upgrade their hardware... hard sell to them given the high cost of what they have.

    • ChrisP978

      @blazebluebass They has been a few movies made at 48 fps (the Hobbit trilogy for example), but not many cinemas upgraded their equipment so few got to enjoy the upgraded experience.

    • blazebluebass

      Well maybe the movie standard should finally upgrade to goddamn 60 Hz. Action movies look like shite

  • Nick B
    Nick B

    4:30 - Having a tiny bezel allows for manufacturing tolerances. Getting those tolerances closer and closer to zero starts getting exponentially more expensive. The other option would be to bury the tolerances in screen resolution where you'd get 1430p to 1440p monitors with no interior bottom bezel. Personally, though, I prefer more pixels. I also prefer interior bezels under glass to exterior bezels on top of the glass. They're more seamless and attractive to my eye. Besides, you'd have to get rid of both types to make an edge to edge display.

    • girlsdrinkfeck

      u can release a monitor with overscan pixels but most users wont know how to set up the image in windows to fit to screen

    • Çağlar Çelik
      Çağlar Çelik

      @James Cassar yeah it's intolerable if you're looking it up close (like that phone) but for monitors + farther away; meh. Also I'm not into stacking up/putting together multiple displays exactly edge to edge + the AR + VR displays are all coming to stay so at this point I don't really care. My laptop has a really good (but 1080p, but it's enough as 1 screen to me) so the next extra displays I'll be paying for will be AR glasses that work with Linux, Windows and Android (+ iOS etc those niches too if they so wish to lol).

    • Tobi Won Kanogy
      Tobi Won Kanogy

      Good way would be to glue the screen nearest to the edge you can and have support behind it . Or entirely see through on little sticks basically and the main hardware is in a chrome cast sized container somewhere fairly close on the desk . I guess that's not very robust, the 2nd idea.

    • James Cassar
      James Cassar

      Interior bezels are the worst. One of things I hated on my htc One m8. Ugh

  • Alu

    Quick note - if you set your laptop to "Do nothing" when the lid is closed and you have a monitor connected, the resolution and main screen will divert to the main display. This would mean ultrawide display plus I think it's pretty neat :)

    • A YouTuber
      A YouTuber

      @Ant_Cac shortcut: windows + P. I use it constantly since swapping between board rooms, desk, and home office.

    • Ant_Cac

      Or you can hit extend in the display settings and use both

  • sup3rcel1

    Also to add to this with the OSD software “OSD_sidekick” you can program a keyboard shortcut for the KVM function instead of having to reach around and physically and press the button, just install it on both with the same shortcut programmed. I have this monitor, I hate cable cluter and most cheap kvm’s just do peripheral switching while you’ll still need to change the display source on the monitor. You can spend a LOT of money on one that does both display and peripheral but you never know what that’ll do to your display signal. Best monitor purchase I have ever made!


      @sup3rcel1 thanks for replying. Yes this monitor is literally one of a kind. KVM would be a nice feature for me with a laptop and a desktop. And the price is really good

    • sup3rcel1

      @YEEPMEEEP I have a nvidia rtx 2080 super and it works just fine with freesync on this monitor. So no issues there, unless you need the gsync stamp. You'll be hard to find a monitor with KVM built-in and an IPS panel, closet monitor I found was around the £1000 mark. You can find alternatives with a VA panel. But if you're looking for the KVM function then there's some amount of productivity required and VA sucks for staring at text for hours. VA are good for just gaming, great contrast. IPS in my opinion isn't as good for gaming but good enough but great for productivity. Hope that helps

    • sup3rcel1

      @Debasish Dutta KVM doesn't appear to be a feature on that Model

    • vadim negru
      vadim negru

      @YEEPMEEEP there are no real need to go G-sync, unless you want Ultimate and Reflex to work.


      Hey does gsync work without issues? Am looking for one ultrawide just like this but with gsync

  • laszlo zsurka
    laszlo zsurka

    A monitor like that for $500 is a steal, this is definitely the best value monitor.

    • Tadej Danev
      Tadej Danev

      @SkeTe where?

    • Authoritarian Gentleman
      Authoritarian Gentleman

      @SkeTe never use the overclock feature on most monitors, it increases latency and overshoot beyond reasonable levels.

    • Joshua Cheng
      Joshua Cheng

      There's used 27-inch 4K 120hz monitors thar regularly pop up for $300 or less, but an ultrawide with this amount of adjustability is definitely worth it.

    • SkeTe

      I got an HP 34x which has the same panel overclocked to 165hz but without the KVM, for 380€ new

  • Moldy Shishkabob
    Moldy Shishkabob

    For anyone interested in similar value products, Gigabyte's whole M series for 1440p and 4K is really good quality - performance ratio. Check out some of the reviews done by Hardware Unboxed or RTINGs as well

    • Moldy Shishkabob
      Moldy Shishkabob

      @Guilherme Ribeiro If they were made by the same parts of the Gigabyte team who made the PSUs, I'd give them props that they actually know how to design such a wide variety of completely different technologies. Which is to say, no, judge a product based off of the product, not the brand. If this thing has caught on fire, I must be in a coma right now, dreaming of normal everyday life.

    • Guilherme Ribeiro
      Guilherme Ribeiro

      But they catch on fire spontaneously? I only buy Gigabyte for the fireworks

    • girlsdrinkfeck

      @Moldy Shishkabob wrong it's fact not opinion. The TV has hdr the monitor dosnt and its 4k monitor isn't its twice the size monitor isn't

    • Moldy Shishkabob
      Moldy Shishkabob

      @girlsdrinkfeck Only if the only things that matter are number of pixels and price, which is only a part of the argument I am making. Don't cherry pick. If it's *of your opinion* that those things are all that matters, then okay, you're allowed to have that opinion. But don't say that kind of stuff as fact and wonder why you have to hold your position on "such an obvious deal". That said, it seems you either don't care or are trolling anyway, so I'll leave with what I've fed you with.

    • girlsdrinkfeck

      @Moldy Shishkabob u rpoven my point , a TV is better value

  • Neoxon

    That’s a wild deal for $500, especially in the monitor space.

    • jeremie

      I bought a g34wqc a while ago for 500$ cad ... Il love that thing for working from home and gaming... I would say the only low point is the backlight bleed present in really dark content... Wich wouldn't be as present in the ips panel I believe

    • Peter S.
      Peter S.

      It maybe is, but I honestly expected like 400$, because my current monitors (both 768p) were 25$ and 20$, and they are not 20 to 25 times worse than that one.

    • Pixels

      @CutoutClips Not an ultrawide but I got my VG271UP for $300 and it's great for the price, 27" 1440p 144hz.

    • The Thing That Should Not Be
      The Thing That Should Not Be

      Check for sagg on the display corners if you decide to buy one. I went through three of the non ultra wide versions (also a killer deal) before buying a dell monitor, because all of them were crooked. Also, all of them had really bad backlight bleed. Its a great monitor, if youre lucky with qc and panel lotteries!

  • John M
    John M

    If you set the laptop to turn off it's own display when an external display is connected, it should display in ultrawide format.

    • A YouTuber
      A YouTuber

      Or just set to extend.

    • The One
      The One

      amateurish. however it's expected with ltts side channels

    • tharealmb

      @Wtfhow i think it's especially funny that he's typing on his laptop keyboard, while using a KVM so he can use his "real" keyboard ;-)

    • Wtfhow

      i m surprised that they didnt know that

  • Wes Crockett
    Wes Crockett

    B&H: Discontinued BB: Sold Out Amazon: $694 Pretty awesome display though.

    • Tadej Danev
      Tadej Danev

      @Little Jackalo sure USA....EUROPE pays premium 550€ and more.

    • Mike

      out of stock where i live. it was 535 before that

    • Justin

      @_Sobrik3t sold out at my Best Buy’s too Las Vegas. Says it is on sale for 299

    • _Sobrik3t

      @Little Jackalo It's been sold out everywhere for months where I'm at; where you at?

    • zfox

      539€ and in stock over here...

  • electromaniacal

    Finally! A good looking high refresh ultrawide that isn't curved! Curved displays was such a big mistake.

  • Ryan Canby
    Ryan Canby

    I've got two of the 27" version of this monitor and I love it. Switching between my work laptop, Gaming PC, and Raspberry Pi is super easy. Don't even need to use the KVM button as, when it is sleeping, it automatically switches to the correct input once that specific device wakes up.

  • Artur

    2 years living the KVM life and I love it. My work laptop has a thunderbolt but the 400usd thinkpad docking station sometimes just doesn't see peripherals 🤣 so I just use it for display port and KVM switch to switch between PC and laptop :) and it's really solid

    • Artur

      @Bethuel yeah it kinda does but my P53 has an HDMI port and I need 144hz so exactly I connect the thinkpad station just for DP to my monitor ^^ I used to use it in the office tho for 3 monitors but ever since I'm working from home it's just one 34" screen

    • Tobi Won Kanogy
      Tobi Won Kanogy

      I mean yes , I just press input button on my tv for another input. Same effect if the peripherals don't work through the monitor to the other device anyway. If thunderbolt can be cheaply or freely licensed so everyone can benefit from usb-c's capabilities, we'd all be better off . We can do a 4x pcie gen 3.0 connection over usb-c 3.2 gen 2 and lots of power. no reason to lock it down. Hdmi is just as stupid when open source display port can achieve better or similar results and can be interoperable .

    • Bethuel

      @Artur but then doesn’t that make the thinkpad docking station useless? Or do you still use it for the dp? I have the same docking station for my laptop so trying to figure out a new setup. Currently I have to have two sets of keyboards/mice for easy input switch

    • Artur

      @Jeremy noo in mine it's a simple USB to USB 3.0 connection. The "thinkpad thunderbolt workstation dock gen2" has usbc, hdmi and display port (which I have to use for 144hz screen) but it doesn't support kvm and my PC doesn't have a thunderbolt card...but anyways the dock is buggy and 50% of the times it doesn't recognize my peripherals and I have to jump through 3 thunderbolt ports on the laptop 🤔 so the simple kvm with separate usb3.0 cable is a fair deal to me for 30usd

    • Jeremy

      Does the kvm have usb c and display port?

  • Jolly Amoeba
    Jolly Amoeba

    This is an amazing deal as far as ultra wides go. Great entry point

  • AlisterCountel

    One thing I’m curious about is backlight quality. I have a different gigabyte display (one of those 1440p 165Hz 27” for ~300 ones you mentioned), and the backlight bleed is…not good, even after a return and replace.

    • A YouTuber
      A YouTuber

      This is what I was waiting for in the video, going to have to look it up.


    Nice looking display and UW has its place but not for me. I was using a 55" but that was overkill. 27" is the sweet spot glad I didn't go larger or smaller.

  • pocketlint82

    That seems like a great price. I wonder what the difference is compared to their aorus FI monitors. I have 2 of the FI27Q and they are awesome

  • Zio Wee
    Zio Wee

    I recently acquired this unfortunately the screen has horizontal lines in the middle and have to RMA it. Haven't used an ultrawide monitor for a while and it works really well for content creation with software features timelines namely video editing.

  • meeeair

    i love the kvm in my M27Q, i use it to switch between my pc and ps5, even though it doesn’t support 1440p (yet, hopefully)

  • Panda

    Well in my experience, gigabyte monitors are indeed excellent value for money

  • Sergey Garbar
    Sergey Garbar

    The design is so similar to my G24F, I like it. Would I switch to M34WQ? Probably not, I'll need to upgrade my GPU first, but the specs/price ratio is very compelling.

  • Dan Simms
    Dan Simms

    Great looking monitor, if I didn't already have a 1440 ultrawide I'd buy this one for sure.

  • SuckMyDick That'sRightYouSuckGoogle
    SuckMyDick That'sRightYouSuckGoogle

    I've had this monitor for months. It is absolutely amazing in all aspects except one. It's not curved. At this size, being curved REALLY does matter for maintaining color consistency at the edges of the monitor, and for reducing glare.

  • DeLoneJuanderer

    I already have a 4k120 65in tv but I really want a a "wider" and faster monitor as well at 1440p since there aren't really super high resolution/hertz displays in this format. There's too many 34in monitors in this price range and they all seem to use the same panels but the prices always fluctuate so I never know which is the "best" one but I'm probably going to settle on a Samsung 34in from a year or two ago.

  • Blade of Akire
    Blade of Akire

    Would be really interesting to know what the latency impact of the KVM is?

  • Zlord

    This monitor also has a 27 inch variant available which is just as amazing. Highly recommend it!

  • Mikkel Jarlund
    Mikkel Jarlund

    Have had this display for a few months and I absolutely love it. The only downside is that it doesn’t have enough power output to charge my laptop, so even though the KVM works flawlessly in switching between my laptop and gaming PC, I still have to run power to my laptop. All in all though, it’s a great monitor and I highly recommend it.

    • Mikkel Jarlund
      Mikkel Jarlund

      @Jordan Goudie I have never had a curved monitor, so I can’t really compare it, but I would say as long as you sit in a reasonable distance from the monitor it’s a non issue.

    • Jordan Goudie
      Jordan Goudie

      Any downside to flat panel vs a curve?

  • Lynn McKenney
    Lynn McKenney

    My viotek gn34c (34" curved monitor) has 100hz freesync, a surprisingly nice samsung VA panel and was $350 shipped off of amazon. I absolutely love it and could never go back! It's actually perfect for work since I can pin 4 separate windows to each corner while I do inventory management, purchase orders, emails, video meetings, etc. Plus, gaming immersion is NUTS.

  • Gregg MacDonald
    Gregg MacDonald

    I have one of these, it's an excellent monitor for the price. A big selling point for this panel is that it is FLAT, but ultrawide. One downside: it takes 2-3 seconds to switch video modes, and it displays the screen size info in a little box that overlays other content in the center of the screen when it does so, that stays for about 5 seconds. If someone knows how to turn that off (if it can be turned off), please comment. Another possible flaw: Occasionally the entire screen will black out for maybe 1/20 of a second, just long enough to notice, but not long enough to be annoying. It's possible this could be a cable issue (though I've tried 2, cables which work on a 1080p screen I have around, just fine). It could be a manufacturing defect also. All in all, I don't regret the purchase, though I do seem to be sensitive to the difference in brightness when looking at the center of the monitor as compared to content near the edges. Next upgrade, I won't go for an ultrawide.

  • Jake Brown
    Jake Brown

    Wow you'd almost always expect to see a VA panel at this price point. This is an insanely good deal

    • Doug C.
      Doug C.

      @SUNdown yeah, same experience. My last monitor was the Dell gaming monitor with G-sync and I noticed no real difference. I’m very happy with the experience.

    • Trevor Carl
      Trevor Carl

      @SUNdown A lot of monitors have Free Sync, which is the software version of the G-Sync chip. Effectively pretty much the same experience.

    • SUNdown

      So i know they said it is g-sync compatible but how does it differ from a monitor with a gsync chip installed?

    • Doug C.
      Doug C.

      Yeah, it’s fantastic. I got this one on a whim during the NewEgg Black Friday sale. Insanely good value. I popped a wall mount on it and I couldn’t be happier.

  • Tye Roberts
    Tye Roberts

    I have one of these and the built-in KVM is so convenient for going from work laptop to gaming PC, back & forth. I love it! Also, going from 60 to 144 or the first time after 13 yaers of PCgaming has been lifechanging. Holy fuck.

  • Joe Thomas
    Joe Thomas

    I will never stop laughing at bezel critique. Sitting here rocking monitors with 3/4" fatties, seeing a 2mm bezel get hated on. Kills me 🤣

    • A YouTuber
      A YouTuber

      @Paul we're talking about a monitor geared towards gamers vs professional work. You don't seem to understand who the monitor is targeted at.

    • Paul

      I actually want a visible black margin to make sure the borders of whatever I'm looking at are fine and there's not leftover pixels from a marquee editing or something like that. If there are pixels right next to the bezel they could be hidden or half hidden due to tolerances or they could be partially occluded by dust. Professionally this would be one of those infuriating annoyances. I just wouldn't use a monitor without margins. This guy even "asks" manufacturers to get rid of the margins, as usual reviewers being clueless and asking for the wrong things. Man, between this guy and Brandon. It's like the point of this channel is to get everything wrong by having people who have expertise on nothing talk about stuff that's over their heads.

    • NoBigDeal

      Your monitors must be old then. Even those Lenovo monitors at my office has 2mm bezels. Pretty standard these days

    • Minato

      Ikr lmao people r so picky with this stuff

    • Minato

      @Ramien The Silver it's 500 bucks if u want something bezeless it's gonna be more expensive to manufacture usually

  • Donald

    Wish you would do motion blur testing for this monitor. This looks great in most aspects but there are some blurry, smeary panels out there and $500 is a big gamble to take on this

    • Alex Nichols
      Alex Nichols

      Just look it up on rtings........ 9.1/10 for pixel response time at 144, about 10ms avg total response time.

  • Camilla	x_c_u_T_ee_@_@
    Camilla x_c_u_T_ee_@_@

    Well in my experience, gigabyte monitors are indeed excellent value for money

  • Camilla	x_c_u_T_ee_@_@
    Camilla x_c_u_T_ee_@_@

    Well in my experience, gigabyte monitors are indeed excellent value for money

  • Matthew Bartlett
    Matthew Bartlett

    I used an external KVM to swap between my Mac and PC for years- and LOVE THEM. I would love to do that again.

  • Dylan Guerrero
    Dylan Guerrero

    I've had this bad boy since November. It's so good for the price.

  • hitokn

    I love these (I have the 27 inch). The only caveat with the KVM is that the secondary device has to be connected via type-c, so just get a good cable depending what you're gonna plug it into. I can forgive the lack of power delivery because if I want to game with my laptop, I'm gonna be plugged into the wall nevertheless.

    • nOTpASS

      With the M32U you can connect the 2nd PC via regular USB. That's how i have it setup, and with an additional Display Port cable. This way it also works in extended mode, not jus duplicate, as shown in the video

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    For the money this seems very good. Sure some small caveats and few others small issues but not really that bad for all you're getting.

  • Kristaps R
    Kristaps R

    I have my two laptops (work, personal) connected to a Dell ultra-wide with a KVM, and then all my peripherals plugged into the monitor. With just a click on the monitor I can switch between my laptops and continue using my keyboard, mouse and headphones. It's amazing!

  • zaiwen3

    I've got my eye on a 32 inch ultrawide with the intent of having 2 or 3 tabs all at once to multitask with gaming on the side instead of having 2 or 3 monitors as i don't have enough room space to fit all. Any suggestions?

    • David Rothe
      David Rothe

      ASUS VG34VQL1B

  • Ben B
    Ben B

    I have a variant of this display. No Linux drivers for the Kvm though the physical button still works it does tend to get confused from time to time. Bottom line is I love this line of displays from Gigabyte

  • Philip Stone
    Philip Stone

    Yikes, no power delivery over the USB-C kind of kills it. Would also really like to see a KVM monitor with more than 2 ports.

  • Steve Velcev
    Steve Velcev

    I've had this monitor on my wish list for a while as its great value for money. The problem is that there is hardly any stock available here in the UK. Good luck finding it at an reasonable price...

    • sup3rcel1

      looks like scan is expecting this model in tomorrow

  • John5

    Gee, I'd love to be able to buy this monitor. I've literally been looking for one in stick for months now and have only found it available for scalper prices. I'm sure this video won't help...

  • TatVR Gaming
    TatVR Gaming

    I've had this monitor for 6 months now. Bought it as a temporary waiting for the Alienware oled but honestly, it's a good monitor and I need the KVM so I'm keeping it. Plus the software to control it rather than using the osd is handy

    • TatVR Gaming
      TatVR Gaming

      @Jordan Goudie I prefer flat monitors, curved monitors are a gimmick to me, same as curved TVs are.

    • Jordan Goudie
      Jordan Goudie

      What’s your thoughts on the flat panel vs curved?

    • hitokn

      @Superkoopatrooper it's a hub you can share between two computers without having to reconnect anything basically 😁

    • TatVR Gaming
      TatVR Gaming

      @widgetmaker no. You can use the OSD with nipple like any other monitor. The software is useful if you have wall mounted, as the nipple becomes hard to get to

    • Superkoopatrooper

      @hitokn Ahh thank you, its more of a built in usb hub than anything else. I was a bit confused as it seemed like a redundant feature the way its usually described.

  • LiK

    Seems like the new monitors with new tech coming this year is making IPS prices drop and that’s great. $500 is a super great deal for the size.

  • 1403 gavin
    1403 gavin

    When they come out with a curved version I want it

  • tassadarforaiur

    Make it $600 MSRP, add 100w power delivery, include an appropriately specced USB cable, and the value proposition improves significantly. A true single cable solution is very valuable.

  • eLNeroDiablo

    1:25 - wait a second... *pause the video* "Zoom!" "Enhance!" *switches to 1440p fullscreen* That power cable is using AS/NZS 3112 "Type I" (I-for-Indigo) as the mains-end plug! That means that particular unit LMG got was shipped to them from a storage unit intended for Oceania (Aus/NZ/Pacific Islands) sales!

    • 31tangovictor

      @Douchenozzle McGee Most power cords are three pin with the angled pins being insulated halfway; the only cords that are two pin are usually plugged in to "low power" appliances i.e. hair dryers or battery chargers (AA,AAA that kind). The UK one is chunkier due to how its designed to have fail safes i.e. if you yank on the cord, the live wires come out first, and I think they also have a built in fuse.

    • Douchenozzle McGee
      Douchenozzle McGee

      @Jack Salem What exactly makes it better than US or UK or even Chinese power plugs? Is there any actual discernible difference in strength or something?

    • Jack Salem
      Jack Salem

      From an Australian and New Zealand electrician definitely not bias it is the best power connected in the world not as silly big as the UK plug but still as safe

    • pocketlint82

      I bought 2 of the FI27 monitors from them and they came with like 4 different power cords for other countries. I think they are all shipped with all of them lol

  • rob

    this lineup of gigabyte monitors is awesome in value. i really like them.

  • Noverkill

    I bought the M32Q 1440p 170hz monitor for $500 3 months ago and its amazing! Better part is somehow, when I hook my PS4 Pro to it, the 1440p monitor outputs at 2160p through HDMI... I don't get it, but I love it!

  • Joel Chambers
    Joel Chambers

    I was super impressed with my Gigabyte QC32 for $400 CAD. So impressed I ended up buying 2 more

  • Tim Sears
    Tim Sears

    I have been waiting for this monitor to come back in stock for many months now. BB says OOS, BH says discontinued, and Newegg keeps pushing back the back order date. Why did you guys just get this monitor in for unboxing? Can you send it to me? Lol

  • Sarah яєα∂у ƒσя ℓινє - ѕєє му ¢нαηηєℓ
    Sarah яєα∂у ƒσя ℓινє - ѕєє му ¢нαηηєℓ

    Monitors go to 143.856 because it's evenly divisible by the standard 23.976 framerate that has been used in movies forever. This means you don't have to use any pulldown which can create artifacts or frame drops although it would be really difficult to notice a duplicated or dropped frame at such a refresh rate.

  • Sarah яєα∂у ƒσя ℓινє - ѕєє му ¢нαηηєℓ
    Sarah яєα∂у ƒσя ℓινє - ѕєє му ¢нαηηєℓ

    Monitors go to 143.856 because it's evenly divisible by the standard 23.976 framerate that has been used in movies forever. This means you don't have to use any pulldown which can create artifacts or frame drops although it would be really difficult to notice a duplicated or dropped frame at such a refresh rate.

  • Sarah яєα∂у ƒσя ℓινє - ѕєє му ¢нαηηєℓ
    Sarah яєα∂у ƒσя ℓινє - ѕєє му ¢нαηηєℓ

    Monitors go to 143.856 because it's evenly divisible by the standard 23.976 framerate that has been used in movies forever. This means you don't have to use any pulldown which can create artifacts or frame drops although it would be really difficult to notice a duplicated or dropped frame at such a refresh rate.

  • Shane Bezzo
    Shane Bezzo

    Great review from Nicholas, covered everything I wanted to know.

  • CL Hong
    CL Hong

    Been WFH since 2yrs ago, got myself an Xiaomi 34 curved ultrawide (actually I think similar spec as M34WQ) for ~$350. my work life changed, much easier to do spreadsheet!

  • Isaac Cady
    Isaac Cady

    10:25 I think the point of ultra-wide for gaming is that the extra width is more for just your peripheral, to see stuff sooner as it comes into the field of view. I don't think during a typical gaming session you'd scan each corner of the monitor. Look at where the HUD is. But I've never gamed on an ultra-wide, so that's just a presumption.

    • A YouTuber
      A YouTuber

      You can just set the game to a 16:9 aspect ratio, and lots of games where the hud actually matters let you adjust it inward, e.g. WoW.

  • Lynn

    I'm using a software KVM called Barrier. I have 2 screens and I hook up my work laptop to my main window, then use software to move control to my laptop (PC = server, laptop = client). This way I can use my quality mic/headset for voice calls etc, while still retaining full control over my work laptop and no need to plug around stuff or deal with a physical KVM. Added bonus: you can game and work at the same time.

    • Alex Nichols
      Alex Nichols

      That's neat, definitely going to check it out. But I think you're missing the point here, you have two screens. I get the purpose of the KVM to share mouse and keyboard, but it's not necessary for you to be able to work and game at the same time since you already have two monitors, unlike the example they demonstrated. Also, hardware USB KVM is $20

  • Robojim

    This monitor is indeed great but I'll note that ideally you want a TB3/TB4 cable to get the KVM properly working. My laptop can also handle the ultrawide but you have to make sure that Windows is extending the deskop and not duplicating it.

  • bruhpoid

    honestly it's kind of unfortunate that so little content comes in a 21:9 aspect ratio compared 16:9, yeah its the standard but I just wish we had more ultrawide content

  • Camilla	x_c_u_T_ee_@_@
    Camilla x_c_u_T_ee_@_@

    For anyone interested in similar value products, Gigabyte's whole M series for 1440p and 4K is really good quality - performance ratio. Check out some of the reviews done by Hardware Unboxed or RTINGs as well

  • Stephan Bouwer
    Stephan Bouwer

    I have the previous version of this monitor. Damm I wish I had this one instead. I mostly use it for work, it's amazing, best value for money in this size. But, I am still a bit sad that I did not get a better looking Samsung screen, since I actully had the money to buy a higer end, better looking monitor :(

  • Marcel Mathes
    Marcel Mathes

    Thank you gigabyte, for naming your monitors the way you do

  • Cameron Lincoln
    Cameron Lincoln

    Side note - if you want similar functionality the M27Q is a standard 1440p res at 170hz and has the same KVM functionality for much much less money

  • Chris Ames
    Chris Ames

    I did the same with my dual monitor set up with 2 x 2way hdmi adapters. One click of the button on the splitter for each monitor and I can swap between work and gaming for £12

  • Camilla	x_c_u_T_ee_@_@
    Camilla x_c_u_T_ee_@_@

    I have this monitor and it's mostly great... BUT about a month in I had a line of pixels fail and now Gigabyte wants me to pay out-of-pocket to ship it to California to have it repaired. Ridiculous. QA on monitors these days is absolute trash

  • Flo Rolf
    Flo Rolf

    The UW Monitor I bought 8 years ago has KVM and I have yet to find a suitable replacement because it's getting quite old now. Hope more manufacturers build this in soon!

  • KingKadem

    Man, I wish that came out two years ago with the beginning of the pandemic. I mean, I myself a got one at that time too for 550€, but the joystick and the KVM button on the would have made so many things so much easier

  • Heyl

    I would pick Acer X34GS over this anytime. USB-C with powerdeliver, G-Sync, great IPS panel and 180Hz is living a dream ;)

  • yogrrt

    so about that weird slight under/overshoot on refresh rates: the processor in the monitor isn't clocked at an even division of 120/144/240 or whatever you set. when the processor goes to make a subclock for the display's refresh rate, it gets as close as it can, but sometimes it doesn't get exact. some manufacturers probably do some firmware tricks to get the refresh rate displayed as a whole number, while others might just have the processor designed to clock at harmonics of the desired refresh rate. tl;dr: the clock of the monitor's processor isn't evenly divisible by your refresh rate, so you get decimals.

  • Lightemupp

    I have the M27Q and love it. I'd probably buy this is the screen had a curve.

    • Christoffer Lund
      Christoffer Lund

      @richardsim7 does not have a kvm unfortunately

    • richardsim7

      @Christoffer Lund Gigabyte G34WQC ?

    • Christoffer Lund
      Christoffer Lund

      Yeah I would buy this *instantly* if it had a curve. Oh well. Someone else will come along and fix that

  • Chris H
    Chris H

    I use their 43” monitor with KVM and it does up to 60w of power to the laptop connected to it. It also supports my iPad Pro over usb c.

  • Belch Master
    Belch Master

    I got a very similar monitor for less a few months back. Acer Nitro XV340CK Pbmiipphzx 34" $480 after taxes. Though I noticed it is no longer on Amazon, and may no longer be in production, as Acer has replaced it with an identical, but curved version.

  • Bones

    Gigabyte's monitors has been killing it in the reviews lately, I got both the M28U (2160p 144HZ) and M27Q (1440p 180HZ). there isn't really a specific thing they do better than everyone else, its just a good balanced package at really really good price.

  • Simon Cleret
    Simon Cleret

    I legitimately want to see an ultrawide laptop. That way they have NO EXCUSE to not give it a numpad.

  • TheRogueNob

    I like my g32qc but me and a few of my friends that all own new gigabyte monitors and we all have a problem with the nipple breaking after a few months. Mine I was playing and heard a springy twang and I checked around then felt the nipple which was slack. Also I hear quite a lot of cracking noises when I turn it off which is especially annoying when I had it in my room before I moved it. That being said it does look great

  • kennygrandle

    I have this monitor and it's really nice. I love it