I Forgot How This Felt... - Sennheiser IE 600 headphones

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  • crinacle+

    Easily their best IEM yet. And that includes the $1,300 IE900.

    • Aiden Cates
      Aiden Cates


    • Afriza Aulia Natakusumah
      Afriza Aulia Natakusumah


    • selectthedead

      So what would you use to drive them?

    • Jerry Mancini
      Jerry Mancini


    • Mike Blance
      Mike Blance

      The God has spoken

  • Jimi Viita-aho
    Jimi Viita-aho

    I just love how strongly the community here agrees that wired headphones aren’t dying

    • atif

      @Florian have u even tried budget/mid tier iems? ive got the sony wf1000xm3s and recently got the moondrop arias. the sonys dont sound bad, but the arias just are plainly better.

    • Niko Leven
      Niko Leven

      @Florian I'll keep my high fidelity sound thank you very much.

    • Something Different
      Something Different

      Some people have different preferences, I don't know why any of you guys are taking any of this so personally. The wireless people have their reasons, the wired people have their reasons, the importance you're going to put on those reasons is entirely on you. No one cares about how inconvenient you might find wires, the same way no one cares about how you MUST have the absolute pinnacle of sound quality while you sit on the bus and contemplate other ways you can feel special and superior through non essential things. Shut the hell up, enjoy what you want and move on with your lives. Headphones isn't the hill you want to die on, whichever end of the spectrum you inhabit.

    • Salty Maud
      Salty Maud

      @Florian Might I introduce you to our lord and savior replaceable cables?

    • Florian

      @Slapbass good luck repairing broken earbuds cables. They are so thin and flimsy. Meanwhile I am still waiting for my batteries to have any noticable degredation well after 5+ years. My last wired Sennheiser earbuds were ewaste after 2.5 years.

  • Matteo Plaxton
    Matteo Plaxton

    I gotta say. I usually skip through the sponsor messages and stuff. But when Durand does some stupid stuff like this I watch the whole thing. Love it.

    • Arne Hergesell
      Arne Hergesell

      @Hosty it's actually about people stopping the video. The video has better statistics and is therefore favored by the algorithm when people watch it fully, preferably without skipping anything. But since dbrands 15%off offer only lasts for 15 minutes many people will close the video to go on the link and buy something. That means many people stop/close the video, leading to worse statistics and the video being less favoured by the algorithm.

    • Gavin Chalmers
      Gavin Chalmers

      Classic Durand

    • PewPewLasers


    • GSSD

      Yes Durand is great! I like him too.

    • Lesedi Moleleki
      Lesedi Moleleki

      Durand is a great guy

  • adé

    Loving how Linus is basically just building a QA testing company for the people

    • Lüminism

      @Micheal Persicko what?

    • mrlithium

      seize the means of testing

    • colinstu

      That's kinda what PC part review sites did back in the day... but then YT happened and all the ad money went from forums and review sites to YT... and nobody in YT land has been comprehensive enough. LTT labs cannot come soon enough.

    • Micheal Persicko
      Micheal Persicko

      @Cypeq No it's not if it was he would have told you straight out of the gate like he always does. plus it's an FTC violation to mention or show a product that you were paid to feature in a YT video.

    • Qimchiy

      GamersNexus too

  • Ben Perry
    Ben Perry

    I'm actually very excited to start seeing headphone reviews with the freakish ears on a stand. Frank would be pleased.

    • CyberBOT

      Will there be a dingus though?

    • drewka42


    • Ben Perry
      Ben Perry


    • Coco

      Fellow Dankpods watcher I see

  • Miko

    Dbrand just gets me every time, legendary marketing team.

    • Daniel Winter
      Daniel Winter

      @icecube You say they need to, because you *think* they need to. They don't - they can do whatever they want. They're robots after all.

    • icecube

      It's becoming off-putting to me. Sometimes they need to turn off the act and just give normal, professional responses.

    • John Weiand
      John Weiand

      @Wiyandri Luwisto 100% And not the first time they've done it haha

    • Wiyandri Luwisto
      Wiyandri Luwisto

      i checked the promo, it actually already expired now did they really just run a 15 minutes promo? lol

    • Ryan Cheevers-Brown
      Ryan Cheevers-Brown

      Seriously. They’re as good as the Wendy’s twitter account was like ~10 years ago

  • Tyler W
    Tyler W

    Can't tell if Linus is dumbfounded by the sound quality or that Encanto track hit deep. Dude went straight monotone. Rare and impressive, gg Sennheiser.

    • Makise Kurisu
      Makise Kurisu


    • John Weiand
      John Weiand

      Glad someone else noticed it! Getting Linus to chill for a few minutes speaks way more about this product than most others. Like he was in awe

  • Boba Vhett
    Boba Vhett

    "I forgot how this felt..." And "It was over 2 years ago" are right on the money for me Linus.

    • psycronizer

      well, if it's been that long I can give you a hand....(lol)

    • Topman22

      And the part about having a 3.5mm Jack :(

  • R. Zhang
    R. Zhang

    IEMS are far from being a “dying breed” - in fact, they’re arguably more popular than ever right now.

    • Ritesh

      @gambit201 I basically "cleanse" myself every Sunday with an hour's worth of listening on my HD650s after a week's worth of wireless earbuds listening. I have a few pairs of high end IEMs that I haven't touched in nearly 2 years since I moved on from the LG V series phones. No other smartphone has what the V series had in terms of DAC+amp.

    • gambit201

      After using wireless earbuds for quite a long time, I recently bought the moondrop blessing 2 wired iem. The upgrade in sound quality is just too great for me to go back to wireless bluetooth devices.

    • Jax

      Agreed, I just bought myself a pair of KZs and I cried at how much I was missing out

    • Silvano De Simone
      Silvano De Simone

      @Ananya Bajpai yes but even the Apple dongle cable has a decent DAC in it, that can drive almost any iem, so....

    • sui

      @Ananya Bajpai ignorance. people who arent getting iems now were never going to get iems in the first place, and vice versa. with the increasing number of brands and products with greater value, theres been an increasing audiophile community, more than ever before, even if they are beginners/entry level.

  • Doug Stewart
    Doug Stewart

    Two things: (1) there are other, admittedly smaller, companies still making wired portable headphones. Audiophile companies still exist and haven't moved to Bluetooth for obvious reasons. You can get some good ones still around $100-$200 too. (2) As an audiophile, there is one very legitimate reason to get a third-party cable when your first-party cable is not broken: Ergonomics. Third-party cables can be longer, more flexible and less prone to making noise when they bounce against stuff. But yeah, the "my cables are made of gooooold!" stuff is utter nonsense. I've spent more than enough money to know for certain.

    • Asgdhgs Fhrfgfd
      Asgdhgs Fhrfgfd

      @EpicBunty Cable isn't detatchable as far as I know. Letting you know how they sound will take a little while since Shenzhenaudio currently has 1-3 week delay in shipping them out. Unexpectedly high number of orders and so on. Add 2-4 weeks of shipping to my part of the world and it might be a bit until I can update.

    • Doug Stewart
      Doug Stewart

      @castform5 Yes, check out Schiit Audio. They are very clear about what their stuff is and is not. It's hilarious how they address it, actually. :D

    • Nyan The Burrito
      Nyan The Burrito

      @EpicBunty yeah the moondrop chu's cable isn't detachable, meaning if the cable breaks ur gonna have to buy a completely new one. but honestly with its price ($20), the iems are cheaper than a lot of upgrade cables so personally i don't mind

    • Engineeer

      That reminds me of the "coat hanger test", where audiophiles were not able to tell the difference between super expensive cables and coat hangers in a blind test. Though, long cables can act like antennas.¹ Therefore, appropriate shielding can help to keep the signal clean. When running very long analog connections (for instance in music studios, on film sets or with PA systems), balanced cables are often a good choice, as long as the hardware supports them.²³ But all this shielding and error correction stuff has nothing to do with the material of the actual cable. Using oxygen free wires, braded sleeves, pretty branding and gold plating won't provide any better audio quality than standard cables with properly soldered connectors. 1) This does not apply to optical cables. More about shielded cables: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shielded_cable 2) More about balanced audio: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balanced_audio 3) I am skipping over digital connections, where error correction is often part of the protocols used.

    • EpicBunty

      @Asgdhgs Fhrfgfd let us know how the moon drop chu's are when you get them! their wire isn't detachable though right? (asking cos i have a bluetooth adapter which converts my iems to a tws)

  • Rhythmic Soul
    Rhythmic Soul

    IEM's are faaaaar away from dying, Linus. It's the wireless stuff that's dying. Not because they're not popular, but because they need to rely on a battery, which will inevitably die. Cabled Headphones and IEM's just work whenever you want, most likely for your entire life.

    • Right Wing Safety Squad
      Right Wing Safety Squad

      @Илья Витцев I'd argue the opposite (for phones vs headphones). If you have the dexterity, replacing the batteries in wireless headphones is easier than a glued together all glass phone.

    • Илья Витцев
      Илья Витцев

      @Right Wing Safety Squad Laptop and phone batteries are way easier to swap, even if you have a newer laptop with a non-replaceable battery.

    • Right Wing Safety Squad
      Right Wing Safety Squad

      Ok, but batteries not lasting forever applies to almost all tech. It's not new for headphones.

    • Илья Витцев
      Илья Витцев

      @TechfulThinking It's a struggle, thank you

    • TechfulThinking

      @Илья Витцев People are rude like that sometimes, aren’t they? I hope you get to touch grass in peace someday 🍀

  • Douglas Ceretta Hamerski
    Douglas Ceretta Hamerski

    I was thinking about wired buds yesterday, now that the hype around wireless buds is long gone, I started seeing more and more disavantages with it. The audio quality over BT, the degradable batteries that eventually goes to a landfill, the fact that you have to charge these things all the time, it's kinda more inconvenient than using wired ones, and oveall a worst experience. These things might seem obvious to some people, but till some time ago I still thought the pros of wireless far outweighted the cons

    • Ritesh

      @KnifelyBos Try harder because you have no idea what you're talking about.

    • Douglas Ceretta Hamerski
      Douglas Ceretta Hamerski

      @Weaver Games the wire getting stuck was never a big deal, it in fact saved my phone from falling once, lmao

    • Weaver Games
      Weaver Games

      This has been my reaction to wireless headphones since day 1. I've used wired headphones since the Walkman days and I've never had a problem with them. Pro-tip if you're always getting the wire stuck on things just run it under your shirt.

    • KnifelyBos

      And audio quality over bluetooth isn't as bad as it used to be. You get some neobuds pro for 100$ and you get dual driver wireless buds with the best ANC/transparency mode and audio quality in its price range with support for LDAC, and LHDC. Both support up to 900kbps bitrate, which is more than plenty for any music streaming service.

  • Hamza Saeed
    Hamza Saeed

    I really hope LTT gets back to reviewing headphones and IEMs.

    • Salty Maud
      Salty Maud

      @Tony Tran I mean, his rants can be entertaining and it's nice to hear different perspectives. But I wouldn't take anything he says as objective, I mean the guy praised R2R-11 and M1060 to heaven and they've both been my worst audio related purchases ever, never again will I let his word sway my purchasing decisions.

    • Streax

      @ayporos you mean the dingus man Dankpods?

    • ayporos

      @The European Legacy Huh? what you said doesn't even make any sense. Did you maybe go senile old man?

    • The European Legacy
      The European Legacy

      @ayporos lesbian boomer xdd

    • ayporos

      @The European Legacy Holy shit proper boomer take there. Hey grandpa, what's your age? 'Kiddo' and 'your generations'.. You talk as if LTT is a boomer company, they're not. So unless you're older than Linus himself yet somehow feel connected to his generation, the way you are talking makes no sense. Also, as the icing on top, I am about as old as Linus so your entire statement makes zero sense to begin with regardless of what your own age is.

  • mattriarchal

    “The last of a dying breed” Audiophiles know around dozen IEMs are still launched like every month

    • Niko Leven
      Niko Leven

      chifi ftw

    • Chaz Zeromus
      Chaz Zeromus

      when he said that it hurt. linus should try the u12ts

    • Michael Corcoran
      Michael Corcoran

      Yeah it's a massive growth area.

  • Peeko

    Wired iems are in the best place they've been ever lol. They're getting more development wireless headphones these days lol.

    • Tams80

      @NeroXyn Sennheiser are still around. It's true that their consumer products weren't doing too well, but they were still selling. They just decided they didn't want to invest the money there. They still exist selling to (the much more profitable) business sector. The company that bought the Sennheiser Consumer Division and the right to use the Sennheiser name for consumer products, Sonova, are am audio health company. But they specialise in, well, hearing. And they've had a good shot at the audiophile world before when they were called Phonak. The Phonak Audéo PFEs were considered one of the best budget audiophile headphones.

    • Ajay Singh Grewal
      Ajay Singh Grewal

      @NeroXyn yeah as if parent companies branching out is always bad oh wait..

    • Adam Jackson
      Adam Jackson

      @NeroXyn sennheiser have yes, there are many many more companies than sennheiser

    • NeroXyn

      More like ear assistant devices because they have been acquired by ear assistant company for not bankruptcy i heard.

  • Oliver Guy
    Oliver Guy

    These will be around for a long while yet. On stage musicians either use wedges (speakers) or IEMs like this. They'll be around for years and years, Bluetooth is the wrong tech for stage monitoring

    • Anton Helsgaun
      Anton Helsgaun

      @Delvin William 1. There's lots of trustworthy reviewers who review chifi. 2. I said Ciems not chifi. It means custom iem. Also made by American and European companies

    • Delvin William
      Delvin William

      @Anton Helsgaun chi-iems or chifi is an untouched subject. most reviews just came from untrusted c outlet. it's annoying that all the time they review it, it was always sponsored by those chifi iem company. so you didn't know if they sugarcoat something or nor

    • Anton Helsgaun
      Anton Helsgaun

      Or ciems, if they're willing to pay for that

  • S. Marcey
    S. Marcey

    I heckin love dbrand. They are without doubt your funniest sponsor, and I constantly recommend them to people when anything in their product stack comes up in conversation. Great stuff guys

  • Nick Paul
    Nick Paul

    It would be cool to have LTT labs go over the language used in audio reviews. That way we can be better informed in what you're hearing vs what comes out of youtube.

    • Weaver Games
      Weaver Games

      Muddy = Bassy and I don't like it Warm = Bassy and I like it Sibilant = Trebely but I don't like it Clear = Trebely but I like it V-Shape = recessed mids

    • Steve Qi
      Steve Qi

      @Mäýüŕá Vïřůš Maybe not in Asia,but in the rest of the West, growth of wireless earbuds are massively outpacing wired headphones/iems

    • Mike Waters
      Mike Waters

      @Jim Vasquez DMS worked at LTT?! I didn't know that.

    • Ersyad Prathama
      Ersyad Prathama

      @Mäýüŕá Vïřůš of course i'm talking about Moondrop. who else popularized chifi waifus so much that other brands are starting to follow their footstep 😂

    • Mäýüŕá Vïřůš
      Mäýüŕá Vïřůš

      @Ersyad Prathama What you're talking about is Moondrop their box are exceptionally well made for something that cost under a hunge

  • Ebsolas

    It's always a sign when Linus goes to experience a product and gets absorbed into it.

  • Ivan Kostadinov
    Ivan Kostadinov

    Wireless just cannot compete with wired, when you want quality. Also, if the cable is fine and the small contacts inside the 3.5 mm jack - it just works! I've had more trouble with some bluetooth headphones than the wired ones. Still, I am loving my Soundcore Q30 - a nice combo between bluetooth and 3.5 mm jack headphones for a good price.

    • GonePh1shing

      @Asghaad That is certainly a fundamental flaw with Bluetooth. To improve on this, we'd need a completely new wireless spec to replace Bluetooth. Sadly, that isn't going to happen any time soon.

    • Asghaad

      @GonePh1shing well at least on my Souncore Liberty 3 Pros LDAC does get signal loss every so often . Other than that its flawless experience and mindblowingly good sound out of those earbuds. I cant recommend them enough.

    • GonePh1shing

      @Chocoretto Perception is everything, and the placebo affect is very much real. Services offer lossless because people will pay for it, not because it makes a difference. In double blind testing, the vast majority of people cannot tell the difference, including audiophiles and audio professionals. Most people simply do not have good enough or trained ears, especially those over the age of 25-30.

    • GonePh1shing

      @Chocoretto There aren't any drawbacks to LDAC other than licensing costs from Sony. Aptx also isn't implemented at the hardware level, it just requires a Qualcomm chip as a DRM measure and to push manufacturers towards using their silicon.

    • PintSizedPinata

      @Crestfallen Plinth bro nothing he said was complicated is this a self own?

  • Jean-Philippe D. Leighton
    Jean-Philippe D. Leighton

    IE80 owner here. I'm keeping those for years to come. They're just too good, and the replaceable cable means they will last for a ridiculously long time without needing to replace them, barring the cable, of course.

  • Daniel Amuedo
    Daniel Amuedo

    I love how sassy dbrand is. Always makes me giggle

  • Micah Cottrell
    Micah Cottrell

    I’m excited to hear there is an audio person coming to LMG! As an audio engineer I love diversity of reviews of products and keeping up with them, just to know who I’m mixing songs for!

    • Kashmiryy

      yeeah I can't wait

  • Charlie Chaplin
    Charlie Chaplin

    Honestly I would love for them to delve into general audio equipment like desktop speakers, subwoofers, DACs and AMPs. Hoping they take a wider audio direction with the lab

  • Keiz

    I'd love to see more IEM stuff from LTT. If they did more, I'd love to see them do a collab with Crinacle, it would be absolutley amazing!

  • Stephen Mohan
    Stephen Mohan

    Oh man, I'm excited for their audio labs. I've worked with the Binaural heads for many years and it's such a cool sensation to play back binaural recordings through headphones. Shoutout to HEAD Acoustics for their HMS series.

  • Embeth Argent
    Embeth Argent

    I really love my wired headphones, and am excited to see reviews that help me find the good quality ones. "Proper audiophile product" is what I'm hoping to start moving towards, so this was great 😊 Also lmao DBrand killing it as always

  • Right Wing Safety Squad
    Right Wing Safety Squad

    I'd love to switch back to wired headphones. But one of the secondary benefits of wireless is the battery allows for beam forming microphones and background noise removal (wind), something I've grown dependent on.

  • Maria Hotgirl Vlogs
    Maria Hotgirl Vlogs

    It's always a sign when Linus goes to experience a product and gets absorbed into it.

  • Grievous

    Love your work Linus. Your reviews are alway insightful and entertaining.

  • C L
    C L

    There's really nothing going away about quality wired IEMs and headphones. The vast majority of "normies" won't get them, but that's not the same thing as saying no one will get them. Getting good music hardware for good music listening isn't going to go away. Hell, it doesn't even need to be "getting GOOD music hardware." For instance, people like the vibe around vinyl just because of the way it is. They like the nostalgia and imperfections unique to it. If you meant it's going away to mean "it's plunging in popularity," then not even then. Only in NA and maybe Europe is that happening, rampant consumerist sheep in audio product development are pushing wireless earphones to be made and marketing HARD to sniff the snail trail of Apple as it butt scooches across audio device evolution.

    • Redthirst

      There's always going to be a market for high-end audio equipment, so those headphones aren't going away. And unlike vinyl, the difference between cheap and expensive equipment is massive, compared to the difference between a lossless digital file and a vinyl record. So even people who don't care about fluff or style and won't bother with vinyl will look for high-end equipment.

    • Florian

      @foodhatesme I am

    • foodhatesme

      @Florian if you're going to try and correct someone at least try to be right...

    • Florian

      @foodhatesme you have a very bad understanding about interference. BT is digital with fault tolerant protocol stacks.

    • Florian

      @Kyro Slangen all we are discussing here is listening on the go..

  • Ferinzz

    Man, every time LLinus puts in some quality headphones and listens to music, at the end he's just so in the zone. You can feel the stress and any forced excitement leave and it's just raw. I don't know if we'll get that with 'data driven' reviews of these. Yeah it'll be cool to know that info for some audiophiles, but simply seeing the change in demeanor after listening with these earphones would have me sold if I had that kind of money and use case.

  • kmoecub

    Of all the devices I've owned over the last 40 years, I've never gotten tired of a good set of earbuds and an iPod. The only thing better was a pair of Over-ear headphones (I forget which brand) and a Sony turntable. I still have my first CD player (from '87) and while it's awesome, it's just not as portable as I'd like.

  • ShmubDub

    Linus u were the reason i bought my ie80s years ago, still love them and they're still the best earbuds ever. They got me into sennheiser products and I've never looked back from their amazing quality. Thanks so much and I'm probably gonna buy these when the 80s eventually kick the bucket haha

  • Ryou Emerald
    Ryou Emerald

    I have galaxy buds and also normal headphones. I also have a pair of FA9, and every time I use those for music I'm just astounded at how much better it is than my other options. Bluetooth is amazingly fine until you actually compare it to something else.

  • Shani Ace
    Shani Ace

    More headphone/audio videos! And yeah, Sennheiser are pretty great at giving their headphones a neutral and balanced sound, that has been my experience too.

  • Taijifufu

    Personally I love the curve as it prevents tension and wear and tear on the wiring. I hate fixing headphones and the wiring around the jack and ear pieces are always what breaks.

  • Hydrochoerus

    I literally just took my IE600s out of my ears to watch this video. It is a stellar headphone that works well on 3.5 out of an iPhone dongle as well as how i use it with a dedicated dac/amp withe the 4.4mm balanced cable. Despite many comments here, wired IEMs are far from dying.

    • Daniel

      @Hydrochoerus probably yes, thanks haha

    • Hydrochoerus

      @Thezftw Depends on the source material and the dac/amp. I would say that going balanced would be the last step in the quest for great mobile audio. The balanced connection opens up the soundstage and you can hear just a tad more separation between the instruments . It makes the imaging clearer. I would say that unbalanced 3.5mm works great with this easy to drive headphone, but 4.4mm makes it a tad more 3 dimensional.

    • Hydrochoerus

      @Daniel The IE600 is a new IEM and was released about 1 Month ago. So there is no refresh but an entirely new headphone in the line of IE300/600/900. I think you might confuse them with the IE800.

    • Thezftw

      Are there any real benefits of doing balanced?

    • Daniel

      Are they relatively new, because I've only heard of the ie600's which are refreshed to be really good. You might even be missing out on better sound if your pair is really old.

  • Eivind Dahl
    Eivind Dahl

    I'm incredibly hyped for you bringing measurements even further into the public evaluation of headphones. (And incredibly hyped for these).

  • Vijey Kumar
    Vijey Kumar

    Senn's mid-range and high end wired lineup is solid. Absolutely loving my HD560S I got a week ago.

    • Tho 66
      Tho 66

      Have my HD600 for years now. Still such a good product to get

  • Rony Mishchuk
    Rony Mishchuk

    This feels like something people will be using on stage, which in my experience is what most in ear headphones are used for.

  • Rajhona Dávid
    Rajhona Dávid

    Man what a chill video. Good job Linus! Be more like this 😅

  • pakiw2

    I use kz in ears with Bluetooth addons, they still sound great. Any time you can rehook them with the wire. Overall this sennheiser is a type of in ear monitors not your usual in ear headphones. Price and sound quality equals at that price range.

  • My Experimental Life
    My Experimental Life

    Dbrand is by far my favorite sponsor simply because of the interactions between LMG and Dbrand. Sick headphones too, but we're really here for dbrand.

    • Yamagatchi

      @Frank maybeee true, but I'm not sure I'd call then one of the worst if they're not actively doing anything harmful like a bunch of other companies out there 🤷

    • *✯CLAUDIA。*゚✯*

      The legend of Bigbooty.OnLine is the best ! snowquen's is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day.

    • A

      😁❤🎶Esta otra canción también va ser un Hit! 🎶🎧irglo.info/from/dMphp4uTqa3RZ58/fy-lm-h-y.html

  • Joe Dombrowski
    Joe Dombrowski

    I own Westone's similarly priced UM Pro 50s, and, no, you were right. As much as I love audiophile quality gear, I mainly have them plugged into the adapter right into my Pixel. I have the whole external DAC, headphone amp setup for my PC, but when I'm at my PC, I'd be using my studio monitors or Sennheiser HD-650s anyway because I'm not worried about sound isolation.

  • JohanRR

    I love when companies don't take things so seriously like this sponsor spot with DBrand or Seasonic at Christmas

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    I just love how strongly the community here agrees that wired headphones aren’t dying

  • Yūrei Otaku
    Yūrei Otaku

    Imo I recently switched back to wired earphones (being moondrop arias) for everything. And man, they just sound better. Wireless still isn't "there" for quality unless you pay alot more. Wireless is great for features and convenience. Purely sound wired still takes the cake imo. I still plan to get some wireless buds in the future again, maybe whatever melomania releases next since their sound is great, but at home wired is still what I run with.

  • SneakyJoe RUS #StopWar
    SneakyJoe RUS #StopWar

    2 days ago I forgot my bluetooth headphones at home and used my fiio f9 pro with a usb dongle. It was a breeze of quality music after 2 years with bt. And in fact those dongles can sound better than in-phone 3.5 port.

  • Mike Cunningham
    Mike Cunningham

    I've found Sony phone eq and audio customisation is so good and sounds amazing with my Sennheiser headphones.

  • EAN2016

    3:45 sometimes you get new cables because the originals are too tight or too stiff, or they transmit alot of microphonics (the rustling noise you can hear when wires and/or earbuds are moving around)

  • Oleg Kozlovskii
    Oleg Kozlovskii

    I'm one of the stubborn ones who keeps using the wire (Shure SE846). I tried dozens of bluetooth headphones, even premium ones. All of them sound like from inside of a well compared to my Shure's. I'll take headphone jack to my grave, marketing be damned.

    • Oleg Kozlovskii
      Oleg Kozlovskii

      @Eric K thanks for the pointer!

    • Eric K
      Eric K

      Get a Fiio BTR5. I have a set of 846's I daily drive with a BTR5 for dac/amp and it's absolutely perfect. BTR5 has power to drive much bigger cans, so these 846's are effortless. But my BTR5 lives in my shirt pocket so it's effectively wireless for me - phone is completely separate. This of course means you can use phones/devices that don't have headphone Jack's in them, and opens up newer devices. But the BTR5 is just awesome- better sounding than my previous phones with jacks.

    • GonePh1shing

      @Thomanson It really doesn't vary that much, not audibly. Even the universal Bluetooth codec (SBC) can do 320kbps, which the vast majority of people cannot tell the difference between that and lossless. You also don't need a full Tx/Rx radio setup unless it's for stage use, and that's really only for range and reliability, not audio quality. There's nothing stopping any competent audio manufacturer from making any of their products wireless other than market demand.

    • Thomanson

      @GonePh1shing It varies WILDLY depending on the wireless type and implementation, too. Lots of 'wired' IEMs are used with wireless packs, but that's a full transmitter/receiver setup, not a tiny bt chipset pair with random protocols/compression

    • GonePh1shing

      The reason almost every wireless audio product sounds like crap isn't because they're wireless, it's because they're mass market junk. The best thing about wired headphones is that you can make them wireless. The SE846 uses an MMCX connector, which can be used with something like the Fiio UTWS5 to turn it into the best TWS headphone you've ever heard. I use the older UTWS3 with my Moondrop Dusks and they sound just as good wireless as they do wired.

  • Maria Hotgirl Vlogs
    Maria Hotgirl Vlogs

    I just love how strongly the community here agrees that wired headphones aren’t dying

  • Maria Hotgirl Vlogs
    Maria Hotgirl Vlogs

    IE80 owner here. I'm keeping those for years to come. They're just too good, and the replaceable cable means they will last for a ridiculously long time without needing to replace them, barring the cable, of course.

  • Maria Hotgirl Vlogs
    Maria Hotgirl Vlogs

    IE80 owner here. I'm keeping those for years to come. They're just too good, and the replaceable cable means they will last for a ridiculously long time without needing to replace them, barring the cable, of course.

  • Maria Hotgirl Vlogs
    Maria Hotgirl Vlogs

    IE80 owner here. I'm keeping those for years to come. They're just too good, and the replaceable cable means they will last for a ridiculously long time without needing to replace them, barring the cable, of course.

  • Maria Hotgirl Vlogs
    Maria Hotgirl Vlogs

    IE80 owner here. I'm keeping those for years to come. They're just too good, and the replaceable cable means they will last for a ridiculously long time without needing to replace them, barring the cable, of course.

  • Christian Behnke
    Christian Behnke

    I love the relationship between dbrand and LMG. ♥️

  • Johnny Webb
    Johnny Webb

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    Kaya Saffryn

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    Maria Hotgirl Vlogs

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  • Novur

    It's been so long since LTT did this sort of product video that I've found alternative sources, I kept expecting an "AH, my PKCELL!"

    • Quark


  • Gregg DiStefano
    Gregg DiStefano

    But also. when I’m doing sound work, I had started off with AKG (the model was either 191/2 or 101/2) but then I upgraded to the Sony MD 7506 which I have owned since 1992 and still have them in my possession. But for casual listening, I have owned dozens of headphones & ear buds.

  • nebuchadnedzzar

    I am truly hyped about the btr5 from fiio. Turns these and any other items with detachable cables into true wireless.

  • Michael Baldwin
    Michael Baldwin

    Remind me of my old RHA MA750 in ear's from back in the day.Those were made of Molded metal as well.However , they were fitted with Captive cords , which means if you break the cord or there was a break in one of the wires , you were buggered !

  • Maria Hotgirl Vlogs
    Maria Hotgirl Vlogs

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  • Hendrik Schepkens
    Hendrik Schepkens

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  • wes008

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  • Maria Hotgirl Vlogs
    Maria Hotgirl Vlogs

    I gotta say. I usually skip through the sponsor messages and stuff. But when Durand does some stupid stuff like this I watch the whole thing. Love it.

  • Maria Hotgirl Vlogs
    Maria Hotgirl Vlogs

    I gotta say. I usually skip through the sponsor messages and stuff. But when Durand does some stupid stuff like this I watch the whole thing. Love it.

  • Robin

    I love dbrand's descriptions for their products on their website hahaha - "AirPods: Goodbye dental floss." and "AirTags: Losing your shit has never been more expensive."

  • halodub

    been rocking the etymotic er4xrs as a daily driver for a bit now. to hear you reference these as a better version of those is outstanding, because the etymotics are far and away the best ive heard in the sub-500 price point, which means this is a logical step for those wanting to get into the next "tier" of audio gear.

  • shardsforme

    To have DBrand be so close to comfortable to roast Linus, then have Linus flip them off is magical to watch that relationship happen

  • Lawrence Osborne Jr
    Lawrence Osborne Jr

    I like headphones that can double as wire and wireless so if one doesn't work hopefully the other does

  • toshineon

    I think Bluetooth can be handy, until you have several different devices that you use the same headphones on, where it suddenly become an unbearably slow pain.

  • Farhan Khan
    Farhan Khan

    I wonder how long Linus's stuff last considering how roughly he handles every piece of tech. Really!The way he handles GPUs makes me go 'Wtf'!

  • Barrel Titor
    Barrel Titor

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  • T C - Blade Of Grass
    T C - Blade Of Grass

    Decent video, I'm a huge advocate of IEM's I'm glad to see them getting some mainstream love. I know you're paid to review them so you couldn't really say it in that video but it's an accepted fact that Shure make the best IEM's 😜

  • Mohammad Nizar
    Mohammad Nizar

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