Can you Xiaomi the MONEY!? - 12 Pro

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  • lukaszgier

    Actually Xiaomi is very popular in europe so it's not a problem to get a case for it here ^^

    • Hiren Gamming_64
      Hiren Gamming_64

      In India too am replying to this on a Xiaomi lol

    • Vivek 🇮🇳
      Vivek 🇮🇳

      Its the most popular here in India

    • peachierose


    • STZ

      Ya, and the global variants support most north american/ Canadian bands. Obviously check your carrier before ordering an out of market phone.

    • Isah Johnsen
      Isah Johnsen

      I had the redminote 10 once, buying cases is really easy 💀💀


    Xiaomi is a huge company,and getting cases for that phone will be easy in many countries.

    • Shawn

      Americans, they live in a bubble

    • Did you missed me gobar eaters!kumars
      Did you missed me gobar eaters!kumars

      @sic e Bae they both seem to be from hongkong so yeah

    • Kame

      @mysticode well canada is in america, not in united states of america, but america as a continent, so they are americans.

    • Republika Dugave
      Republika Dugave

      @Tony Shen Any american who develops love for hockey and or maple syrup is deported to canada

    • One Of Zero
      One Of Zero

      @sic e Bae They used to be but now they have their own dictator that does what he wants.😛

  • Sushim Shah
    Sushim Shah

    Riley is pretty out of touch with smartphones things I've to say. Pixel-binning has been a thing ever since the IMX-586 was released with the Honor View 20 (I believe it was the first to use that sensor/tech) back in late 2018, so >3yrs ago! And literally all phones using a QB/Tetra/Nonacell sensor don't shoot in full-res by default. Also manual/pro mode (including manual focus) has been a thing in smartphones for even way longer (almost a decade ago). I don't know who did it first, but I would like to credit Nokia Lumias with encouraging (the use of) & democratizing the "Pro" mode (even though some "Pro" phones still don't come with one). It had the manual focus setting too (which helped with Lumias' generally shorter minimum focusing distance for macro shots), the only thing missing was a temperature slider. Heck my cheap $250 phone (with a SD820) from 2017 also had it (including the manual focus & temperature slider)!

    • Roy Olaniye
      Roy Olaniye

      @Jim Tamim wtf are you talking about?

    • TeamHahah

      He has been like this for over a year now. Absolutely 0 research or interest in even looking things up for the products they check out here. Most likely just whip something together in an hour for this video. And people with actual interest would still have managed way better given just an hour.

    • Jay Laurence Zamora
      Jay Laurence Zamora

      Finally someone explained. It actually made me quite stressed that he weren't able to tell what are the things going on, hahaha.

    • Jim Tamim
      Jim Tamim

      Because we are human. Don't belittle others passion because it doesn't align with yours.

    • Astroch

      Fed them with apple marketing and this is the result. They only know about apple's new filters

  • Xenor

    How the hell some Short Circuit videos go so much in depth showing that host knows their stuff, and then there's this one.

    • Illia Petrychenko
      Illia Petrychenko

      @This is a load of barnacles didn't watch video till the end, so just couldn't know about that

    • This is a load of barnacles
      This is a load of barnacles

      @Illia Petrychenko He pulled out his Pixel 3 during the video, are you blind?

    • Illia Petrychenko
      Illia Petrychenko

      he just uses his iphone, knowing nothing about what is going on between apple presentations

    • Unfortunate, really.
      Unfortunate, really.

      @Mark C no I think he's just a little lazy/clueless/careless

    • Mark C
      Mark C

      He's clearly hostile against Xiaomi

  • Datenschutz Datenschutz
    Datenschutz Datenschutz

    As usual, the Mi 12 series also has an infrared transmitter - useful in hotels to "hack" the TV in the hotel room 😅

    • ADKP

      In the box of Xiaomi 12 pro you will get an adapter from usb port to headphone jack so you can use that

    • Inservio

      Or to pair with your Nokia Communicator. Yes, it works, not kidding. I laughed my ass off.

    • Jack Kraken
      Jack Kraken

      I love the IR trasnmitter if only they had a IR receiver for remotes that are not in their repository.

    • zUltra

      @Devwardhan Kothari do you know how tiny an SMD IR LED is? they're about the size of a crystal of sugar

    • Government and Media divide the people
      Government and Media divide the people

      @Pixels yea your right my bad it only uses a c type earphones but the X3 NFC does so I assumed they all did. I get mixed up with the names some times because there's that many. Though I much prefer wireless but I can understand why some don't and prefer wired.

  • Syed Bilal
    Syed Bilal

    The only objection i have is about that case statement. Xiaomi is a pretty famous company in Asia and Europe. So cases would be readily available other than the one found in the case. Since they are not in the NA it doesn't mean that they are not famous in other continents. Otherwise the video is pretty good, appreciate the hard work.

    • Nic Ker
      Nic Ker

      @syedbilal are you a tech writer from Pakistan? I think we might have met on a media trip to Singapore for Facebook a few years back…

    • tsartomato

      also custom case makers will do any case for any phone for peanuts not super quality, but it exists and i used them

    • Evan

      Issa joke

    • NN O
      NN O

      @Clark Wallace not the point.

    • Tirtha Nag
      Tirtha Nag

      @One Of Zero maybe it's true that it could be only for india only rom. I've switched to arrow os a few months ago and will never go back to stock miui again.

  • krono

    Riley's lack of knowledge about smartphones and the market really showed in this one.

    • Sid Golan
      Sid Golan

      He literally has zero knowledge about in-depth tech in general. He's not an electronics or computer guy and his ignorance was shown years ago during a build your own pc series that LTT had and Riley had no clue about the components to source. His primary role as a writer on the show seems to have been replaced by making him a host given his "comfort level" in front of the camera, but his ignorance does shine through in these short circuit videos. Some of the naive sarcastic statements are just plain rude. Another example is his behaviour in the Microsoft Surface Duo and Duo 2 videos. One would think his priority in such videos was amping up the comedic angle at whatever cost. It's really silly.

    • krono

      @UnjustifiedRecs quite late to respond, but I was revisiting this comment. Videos on this channel are usually matched to the host's area of expertise. Alex does 3D printers and laptops. Sarah does design-related products. Anthony does retro gaming and Linux-based stuff. They're hosting people who know what the devices do and are meant to achieve. So you're completely wrong, it's not that they want a layperson's perspective on this phone. They really should've gotten someone who knows more about the smartphone market.

    • Stevia hoenheim
      Stevia hoenheim

      He's trying too much to be funny it's pathetic

    • Sean Eckhart
      Sean Eckhart

      @dude Whats wrong with that?

    • Gochie

      @dude lolwut?

  • Georgy Thomas
    Georgy Thomas

    Got to love how North Americans can't understand how what's not sold in their country can be popular elsewhere.

    • Black League
      Black League

      Usa is the best now sit down USA USA

    • Petteri Otava
      Petteri Otava

      @Gurprem Singh And don't forget europe their phones are pretty popular here too

    • Marroquín Arias Carlos Alexis
      Marroquín Arias Carlos Alexis

      @John Buscher Well, Xiaomi is quite popular in México and México IS IN north america so...

  • Datenschutz Datenschutz
    Datenschutz Datenschutz

    By default, pixel binning is used to generate brighter images. 50:4 = 12.5Mp . This is now common with all manufacturers. Also with the Google Pixel 6 Pro

    • James Wirya
      James Wirya

      @AwolR limited maybe, but not knowing about pixel binning while it's already an 'old' tech is just weird

    • Baka Octopus
      Baka Octopus

      @Sean Buenavista samsung caps that to just 8mp for 3rd party apps 😒

    • Josh Girvin
      Josh Girvin

      @Visceras Riley didn’t say getting a case would be hard, someone else did. Try again mate.

    • Visceras

      @AwolR I don't know why you're so on the defensive, me and many other people are simply stating that it gives off a bad look when it doesn't seem they really care much about what they are talking about. Tho not all hosts behave the same, I love the camera videos by Brandon. I already knew everything about this phone before coming in so me personally just wanted to see someone else's opinion but we barely got any of it.

  • Fabio Mora
    Fabio Mora

    "No body is gonna make a case for that phone". This man probably has never leave north America (not even north America because I'm sure you can find stores with tens of different cases for this phone in Mexico)

    • Wolfgang goethe
      Wolfgang goethe

      @dark matter please go back to elementary school

    • 0AThijsL202

      Amazon: am I a joke to you?

    • NN O
      NN O

      @One Of Zero exactly, xiaomi is WIDELY popular in south east asia too since iphone and samsung is beyond a luxury brand because of the minimum wage of most people there, itll take 2-3 months of average workers salary in north america to get an iphone, while south east asian average worker could take up to MORE than 6 months of their salaries so xiaomi is one of the best option for them. considering theyre a tech channel they shouldve been more considerate of brands other than the popular brands in north america.

    • One Of Zero
      One Of Zero

      @NN O Ok i get that they can ignore Chinese population in their videos because IRglo isn't even a thing in China BUT this devices are big in Europe and Latin America etc. And they know IRglo videos get plenty of global views as well so shouldn't they be thinking that their audience is not just North America?

    • DooMMasteR

      @Romano some of which do not even sell products in Europe

  • Xerbly

    This video doesn't feel right, even tho it's short circuit feels like it had way less depth than other videos on the channel. Pixel binning, the case statement, the plug statement could be looked up in literally 10 seconds. Xiaomi might not be a big player in North America but it certainly is one of the biggest phone companies in Asia/Europe (aka most of the world). While I don't mind IRglors aiming for North American audiences, it doesn't take much time or effort to look outside of your bubble once in a while.

    • Bzake

      They don’t live in Europe so why should they care?

    • Jack Kraken
      Jack Kraken

      Also they are very affordable for their price. It's crazy how much you can get on even a budget phone.

  • bene 351
    bene 351

    I would wish for LMG to expand to Europe and build another channel there with a focus on products that are available in EU like Xiaomi Products and as well european laws and stuff and giving it another view to it. This video especially shows how different NA and EU Views can appear sometimes. Ik this sounds unrealistic but I´d love it. Thanks for all the content you deliver! Appreciate it.

    • DooMMasteR

      @Punpun3 even general tech differs, we have a lot of stuff that the US do not get, Laptop models, phones... Of course you can still buy them in the other markets... Just not that "easy". Also there is things like 2 years warranty and such over here...

    • Punpun3

      not much sense in them making an eu channel if this is not a smartphones channel, it's a general tech channel for a north american audience and other english speaking countries to a lesser degree. it shows they're not smartphone focused since the reviewer in this video didn't even know about pixel binning or the fact that cases for all xiaomi phones are pretty easy to get outside the us, and cases for flagship xiaomi phones are easy to get in the us. I bet all he ever used was apple branded like most americans

  • Weaseltube

    Seems like having a battery that can be charged to 800% should be the headline in this story

    • Justin Sijbolts
      Justin Sijbolts

      @brackis oh hahahah, completely missed that

    • brackis

      @Justin Sijbolts 5:02 in the video

    • Justin Sijbolts
      Justin Sijbolts


  • JustSomeRandomGuy

    I live in Europe and its normal for phones to come with cases. Also Xiaomi is very popular so the argument "who is gonna make cases for that" doesnt hold up.

    • JustSomeRandomGuy

      @Eren x Mikasa Yeah i live in Bosnia and Herzegovina and i can say that Xiaomit started getting more and more popular over the last few years

    • Eren x Mikasa
      Eren x Mikasa

      Is Xiaomi popular there? Coz it is very popular in South Asia!

  • Raheel Dhanani
    Raheel Dhanani

    I have been using Xiaomis for over five years and I can tell you their strongest segment is mid-tier to budget phones where they destroy every competitor priced between $200-700 by offering every parallel spec marginally better for $100-350 (half the price). And that is exactly what Xiaomi is - a rugged daily driver for the masses. When you get into flagship category, for Xiaomi, things fall apart. No. 1) they absolutely cannot compete on camera performance. 2) their screens while being great cannot rival their top competitors. 3) other than bare-bones playstore, Xiaomi apps are more geared to the asian market to take advantage of the hardware. ROW has fairly limited software availability. 4) when you start touching that $1000 marker the additional 2-300 bucks make more sense to pay if only for the brands but you do also get the other significant performance advantages so you're basically not getting anything "pro"ish from Xiaomi. Just compare the s-pen and host of applications for +$300... Get hold of a Poco F3 (8gb/256gb), in my opinion the top performance cut-off boundary for Xiaomi devices. Beyond there the yield curve (performance/$) takes a steep dive... IMO... And man can we please start addressing the animosity towards the is a piece of hardware history that we would like to take into the future - give us our headphone jack! And another thing - please tell them to give us a resolution setting to put thin black bars along the curvature so we can have the screen both ways - curved or flat! I don't think it is impossible, they just won't give it to us...lest they make that perfect phone that we never need to change...

  • Sebastian King
    Sebastian King

    I know "this is short circuit" but how hard would it have been to just test the fast charging yourself? At that kind of speed that's very doable...

    • F.B.We.

      There would be a short circuit if they do that.


    I feel you, but the “regular plug” is the European one, no matters what you say: “the science is in”😂

    • Jeremias Korndörfer Souza
      Jeremias Korndörfer Souza

      @The Belpo fuses don't block the short at the time. They wait all burn to disable de energy.

    • The Belpo
      The Belpo

      @HPalma yeah i thought it was purely aestethic, those diamonds are as large as a schucko or even our Italian standard plugs, so i never questioned it 😅 Americans will probably never switch to something safer, they even still use fuses instead of differential interruptors in their houses after all 😆

    • xxxenricop

      @Manas Pradhan untill you step on one in the dark 😭 Then really the old fuse in the plug is outdated and would be completely redundant in Europe.

    • RelakS

      @Alias Anybody Schuko is used when the device needs ground (and you don't need the French, the Swiss or the Italian standard). That is the CEE 7/4 plug (Also CEE 7/7 to be compatible with French CEE 7/5 socket). If you don't need earth, you can use Europlug (CEE 7/16) or CEE 7/17 (This looks like a Schuko without earthing). Both of these unearthed plugs are good for 10 and 16A, but our vacuum and drill definitely uses the 7/17. The main advantage of the Europlug, that it does not make contact while you can touch the metal parts, but not as big as a Schuko sized plug. According to Wikipedia as I usually don't give a thing to it. If it fits, I plugs :)

  • az zahar
    az zahar

    I wish xiaomi still makes pop-up selfie camera. I felt like we prematurely jump the under screen camera too soon

    • Vinay Wadhwa
      Vinay Wadhwa

      @Vaman Kamath M bro, which GCam and XML do you use, can you tell me please? I have tried many, but unsatisfied with the result in low lightning specially for human faces, it produces either dark or oil painting like results. While Front Camera performs excellent in all conditions. So I believe the issue is mostly with XML.

    • ocudagledam

      ​@Nazmul Fahad I'm not sure on what you are basing your comment about the camera. The main sensor was pretty high end for the era and OnePlus used the same one as recently as last fall in a $700 phone, while the Mi 9T came out back in 2019. Also, it's the same one that featured in the Mi 9 that you had, as well as Mi 9SE, so Xiaomi had plenty of experience with it and the reviews pretty much unanimously praised it. I still have the baby brother (the non-Pro) and, while for night shots you do get better results with GCam, I seldom use it as it generally performs pretty well with the stock app too. Also, it ticked most of the other boxes: HDR AMOLED, Gorilla Glass 5 front and back, fingerprint reader under the display... It also lacked a couple of flagship features that already existed in the era, such as wireless charging and an official IP rating and thus I'll agree that it was more of a "flagship killer" than an actual flagship, but saying that it was "just the 855 with a sucky camera and the rest was poco-ish" simply doesn't hold.

    • no

      @Nazmul Fahad I agree Mi 9 was beautiful. Imagine if it had uniform bezels too

    • no

      @Nazmul Fahad I'd have to charge my Mi 9 2-3 times a day with heavy use. It only ever saw 4 hours SOT

    • Nazmul Fahad
      Nazmul Fahad

      @no Dunno about that, I switched to OnePlus 7t pro immediately after 855 plus launched. But in my experience holding both, I'd say mi 9 was much better and lightweight. 3350 mAh battery wasn't that bad as I charge phone every day.

  • Surya Prakash
    Surya Prakash

    Hey, just saying that you also have to enable the 108 mp sensor in galaxy s22 as well

    • DooMMasteR

      I mean, that's the idea of pixel binning, it increases/improves any other image quality other than resolution.

  • Psychx

    I got a Poco F3 5G 8/256 GiB with 120Hz AMOLED for less than 300€ last summer. The hardware is great, so is build quality. The device has the latest Android version and has been recieving updates regularily. The only annoying thing is that the last few software versions contain an annoying bug that sporadically makes the UI animations glitch out. This applies to Xiaomi, Poco and RealMe/RedMi devices since they are all using the same software. Anyhow, besides having to restart my phone occasionally due to this (it's not a biggie as the device is blazing fast), I am very satisfied. For people wanting to take matters into their own hands - the bootloader is unlockable free of charge and there is a vivid custom-ROM community. And yes, getting a transparent case included with these phones is normal. There is also tons of third party stuff on Amazon EU, where these phones are sold aswell.

    • Azwad S
      Azwad S

      @Joe_Anroy Poco is a beast of a brand! You stick with your Samshit/ iPhone fan boi phone 🤦

    • Amine Larbi
      Amine Larbi

      @Vaz G Huawei used to do that, or still does it i think

    • Raw Forces
      Raw Forces

      @Vaz G It just warns you that you will be disabling security and phone tracking as well as warranty void in case the phone is bricked when flashing. And fun fact after requesting unlock bootloader you have to wait 48 hrs before confirmation, enough time for you to realize the risks🥰

    • Vaz G
      Vaz G

      The bootloader is unlockable free of charge? What manufacturer makes you pay to unlock it?

  • RelakS

    6:25 "Make this a regular plug" Dude, that IS a regular plug. At least, in Europe :D

    • Illia Petrychenko
      Illia Petrychenko

      eastern Europe, all post sowiet countries. this standard ends in China

    • RelakS

      @ReinaldoJAF Actually, universal adapters (100-240VAC 50-60Hz) are not a rare sight, and also I had usb chargers with interchangeable prongs. So, I don't think that it would be very expensive to make even these adapters with interchangeable prongs even if the manufacturer encloses only the country specific ones, and make all the others as an optional accessory which you can order.

    • O_O

      most of the world so do my country we use europe plug ,uk plug as common while american and other are rare sight

    • ReinaldoJAF

      @Some Dude With A Sexy Kiara Cosplay Pic the thing is, at this point, everyone should have an adapter, so yes, having an already your country plug would be nice, but having to create so many differents plugs may create some cost ups

    • Some Dude With A Sexy Kiara Cosplay Pic
      Some Dude With A Sexy Kiara Cosplay Pic

      @ReinaldoJAF Hell, Xiaomi must start sending out phones with plugs from different countries, like the Philippines with a North American plug included

  • Akira the Archibald
    Akira the Archibald

    Just because you dont see the xiaomi brand everywhere in your area doesnt mean nobody uses it, the brand. Dominates in Asia and is like 80% of the global population

    • tristan

      @Stiegelzeine nope If you're talking about Japan then yes, but everywhere else? No.

    • Stiegelzeine

      @JustSomeRandomGuy they didn’t apple has a marketshare of 17,89% in February 2022 and Xiaomi 16,61%

    • JustSomeRandomGuy

      @Stiegelzeine I think Xiaomi overtook Apple and is now at second place just before Samsung

    • Joseph Cheung
      Joseph Cheung

      1. Xiaomi is quite popular in Asia but definitely does not “dominate” 2. Asia’s population takes up 59.76% of the world population

  • Krzysztof Dolecki
    Krzysztof Dolecki

    One thing that I dont know if they considered is that at usa voltage so 110V it charges with "only" 96W. Charger requires 220-240V to give 120W, its on xiaomi website

    • Justin Sijbolts
      Justin Sijbolts

      @Raahim Hadi Not either

    • Justin Sijbolts
      Justin Sijbolts

      Xiaomi doesn't sell their devices in the US officially, so it's not that big of a deal for them

  • DorylPlz

    Went from a POCO F3 (a xiaomi sub brand) to a Fold 3, and it was WAY easier to find cases for the POCO than the Fold, i had to go to aliexpress to get a decent and not ridiculously overpriced piece of plastic in the shape of a case to get one.

    • Isam Marji
      Isam Marji

      Is Xiaomi worth upgrade from oneplus 7 pro. I mean my OnePlus 7 pro it's just great

    • soniccdx

      i went the opposite though got a redmi (another xiaomi sub-brand)for curiosity purposes , and yeah your right , finding a case for redmi/xiaomi is easier to find then a decently priced fold 3 one..

    • Nick Miller
      Nick Miller

      Are you kidding? You went from one of the most common phones in the world to one of the most rare phones in the world, of course it became more difficult. I know in the video he said Xiaomi would be harder to find a case for, but harder than a common phone, not a unicorn. And he was talking about a Xiaomi flagship, which sell so much less than the budget Xiaomi phones.

    • EliteReviewsYT

      @Mister Sebaa I own the Indian version of the Poco f3. It's been good for my 10 months of usage

    • Михаил Михайлов
      Михаил Михайлов

      @Mister Sebaa As for me I've had a €200 Poco X3 non-Pro for almost 1.5 years now and it's still fantastic, the Snapdragon 732G paired with LPDDR4X and UFS 2.1 storage is still fast (as fast as the iPhone 11). But I also have a 256GB card inside and F3 doesn't have a TF card slot so that would be a problem for me if i had the F3

  • Howard Stark
    Howard Stark

    In addition to what everyone else already said, its also worth mentioning that compared to the speakers on these Xiaomi phones, iPhone 12 series and 13 series sounds horrible. It is very misleading to say that its "very good" then somehow worse than iPhones(they really should do a side by side like they do with laptops).

  • Norman Eshuchi
    Norman Eshuchi

    I would honestly carry that plug for both my laptop and my phone. 1 travel charger to rule them all!!!!

    • Black League
      Black League

      Lord of the rings yasss daddy 😘

    • Siraj_jr_

      This is too beefy to be considered a travel charger. Look up truly compact 120w chargers

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      Thanks for watching 🤗 Send a direct message right away,I have something for you 🔝🔝🔝

  • soniccdx

    common for most chinese phone makers (the legit big name ones) to have a case for thier phones in thier box , some include a screen protector already on the screen

    • Text me on 1⑤①⓪-⑧⑨⑨-⑨⑦③⑥
      Text me on 1⑤①⓪-⑧⑨⑨-⑨⑦③⑥

      Thanks for watching 🤗 Send a direct message right away,I have something for you 🔝🔝🔝🔝

  • 0AThijsL202

    I have a see trough case for my Redmi note 10 pro, I absolutely love the finish 🥰

  • Vedy90 G
    Vedy90 G

    I still have my Xiaomi Mi 9T, and I just love it. It has an IR blaster that goes with the Mi Remote App. Apart from not having wireless charging, this phone is brilliant. The software they have for taking pictures is awesome, the granularity of the settings allows you to do basically whateveryou want with it, I only use apps from google for calling, messaging, pictures, mail, etc. So I disabled everything from Xiaomi, because anyway I don't need those in Romania. The Mi 9T is 3 years old, but I love the fact that it's bezelles and has a pop-out selfie camera (that still works flawlessly after 3 years btw) and if I break it, I'm just gonna buy the same phone if I can still find it for sale... I'll only switch to a new phone if they make one with IR, pop-out selfie cam, and jack at the top...

    • ocudagledam

      Dude, this is weird, but AFAIK, and I'm typing this on one, the Mi 9T hasn't got an IR blaster. Do you have a Poco F2 or something?!

  • Xtrems

    From what I can tell the photo taking app looks exactly like the one on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro, co splitting the 50MP and smaller picture modes to save space might've been a move designed for their phones with less storage and it just wasn't removed on this one. Either that, or the fact that the full pictures take longer to save which can be annoying if you're like making lots of pictures and immediately operating on them in some way

  • Ultimate President
    Ultimate President

    I switched fully to Xiaomi since the Mi 9T Pro came out here in Europe because of their fantastic price / performance and even got Mi Buds 3 Pro and a Mi Watch 2 now alongside the Mi 12 Pro😅

  • Violante

    the day a xiaomi phone is launched there is already a flood of cases on aliexpress, i got caught in between 6 different cases for my xiaomi phone to decide on just one to buy, and those 6 were after i already choose only the ones i liked more.

    • Newblesse Obblige
      Newblesse Obblige

      @One Of Zeroit is an urban legend for you. And not all branded cases are expensive like Ringke and Im not saying all cheap cases aren't good enough but my experience with cheap ones isn't the same as you do. Cheap ones I bought didn't last a year because the silicone or rubber that holds the phone somehow detached from the polycarbonate and like I said, it didn't hold the phone well like it is very easy to take it off after a year

    • One Of Zero
      One Of Zero

      @Newblesse Obblige Lol, the phone ejected from the case? That seems more like some crazy urban legend to make people buy expensive phone cases. No way that is happening. Did you really had your phone get ejected? Because i have never seen such a thing. Nether for me nor anyone in my family(i buy cases from Aliexpress for all of them). They do their job just fine. The few times i dropped it they saved my ass. Is just some plastic thing around your phone for Christ sakes. is not high tech. This brand manufacturers pretending like they engineered some overcomplicated thing are full of shit. There is nothing to it. Even the cheap guy isn't making anything much worse.

    • Newblesse Obblige
      Newblesse Obblige

      @One Of Zero Fashion cases are fine to bought anywhere but idk about those "shockproof" cases though. I mostly buy protection focused cases and the cheap one's protection is like there no cases at all. Also, cheap asf cases, in my experience, doesn't grip the phone well like it will mosty likely to eject when the phone hits the floor knee-leveled and their design will wear off easily.

    • One Of Zero
      One Of Zero

      @Newblesse Obblige I get not wanting to buy a Pc or something from Aliexpress but a phone case? Is just some plastic thing, how much better does anyone think the branded case will be? Is not some complex device that needs great engineering or anything. I buy all my phone cases for cheap from Aliexpress and they are perfectly good for purpose, some of them are damn right fine looking as well. I can't see what more i will get by a branded case really.

    • DooMMasteR

      @Newblesse Obblige you cannot even officially buy the phone in the US... Why cases... That said, Amazon will ship them anyways.

  • Juan Vidal
    Juan Vidal

    Okay, I know that these videos are just about a fast unboxing and overview of specs, but come on guys, the amount of knowledge you guys have and give about samsung/apple/google phones compare to all the other brands is huge. It makes you guys look like fanboys of the big brands and haters or simply not having any interest on the rest (which I know is not the case). Xioami is a massive brand and has even surpassed samsung in many regions of the world in terms of sale numbers so they definitely need more atention. Give ALL brands the same love you guys give to the mainstream ones.

    • PoneJuice

      @Juan Vidal what I’m saying is it’s a waste of time to spend any more resources on this brand. No one here cares about a brand we can’t buy from our cell provider.

    • Juan Vidal
      Juan Vidal

      @PoneJuice This channel is not for in-depth reviews, that is why giving in-depth reviews to some brands and crappy reviews for others doesn't feel right, and the fact that most of their audience is from NA doesn't mean they can't try to reach other regions (of which they certainly have some auddience). BTW any NA user can have a xiaomi phoone, sometimes you can find them on Amazon or just buy it from EU, they come with a western rom, google services and everything an android phone should have.

    • PoneJuice

      Most of their audience is US and the big brands dominate sales here. Why give in-depth reviews to phones their audience will never see

  • Railgun

    This phone has an audio zoom feature, shame short circuit team didn't know.

  • Jack Kraken
    Jack Kraken

    I like MIUI, it has some 'special features' like a quickball making it easy to take screen shots and a video toolbox that can switch off the screen when watching you tube videos.

  • Deshi

    "Who's going to make a case for this phone?" - as if Xiaomi isn't one of the biggest smartphone companies in the world. Really need to get out of your NA bubble.

    • ProkRinds

      @MBSK Riley moment

    • MBSK

      @ProkRinds It was far from obvious, and if was indeed so, it wasn't funny or added anything to the video.

    • ProkRinds

      if it wasn't obvious it was sarcasm

    • LlamaCraft

      Oh no ignorance feigned by ignorance is this bliss? No one gets satire around here

  • Disco Jellyfish
    Disco Jellyfish

    Yeah, I could use cases on my phones. But I almost never drop my phones somehow, and so far I have always been lucky in my life. Not having a case doesnt only make the phone look much better - it also makes it feel much better, imo. Some people hold their phones as if the were a hammer grip. I touch mine as if it was a banana that must remain in its shape even after using it.

  • yesvee

    Yo dude xiaomi has its own dedicated fan base! We here in india love xiaomi's redmi series

  • Your Friend
    Your Friend

    I have the 11T pro model. It charges fully in 17 minutes, with its mighty 120watts adapter (which comes in the box). So happy with the phone and its performance so far, and the fast charging changed my usage of the phone, I never connect to the charger while i sleep, it fully charges while you wash you face and brush your teeth lol. And for 700 euros, and robot-vacuum as a gift, it was a steal imo.

    • Your Friend
      Your Friend

      @Traxtan same, old phone took like 90 minutes to fully charge. So it was an insane change. "What a time to be alive"😭😅

    • Traxtan

      I have it too and I'm very happy with it. My favorite feature is the extremely fast charging compared to my old phone.

    • Your Friend
      Your Friend

      @Joe_Anroy ccp?

  • Cun Xu
    Cun Xu

    It's more of an S22+ competitor Since Xiaomi has their own Ultra phones now

    • Did you missed me gobar eaters!kumars
      Did you missed me gobar eaters!kumars

      @Karan Dhabalia contex pls man🤣🤣

    • BrainSpillerYT

      @Karan Dhabalia 💀

    • Karan Dhabalia
      Karan Dhabalia

      @aprofondir hmmm then why Linus takes his wife seriously sometimes?

    • aprofondir

      @Ho Wee Chuen because they'll never take Chinese companies seriously

    • Ho Wee Chuen
      Ho Wee Chuen

      amazing how seemingly little research goes into this video.

  • Brady

    i've been caseless since my first phone. i tried using one on my oneplus 3t but it was just too much. they dont slip in and out of my pocket as smoothly. i drop my phone off the side of my bed ~3ft onto the hardwood floor at least once a week and have never shattered a screen.

  • Olf Hansson
    Olf Hansson

    I noticed on my (poco) phone as well, that because some people just make hundreds of photo's, for those random photo's xiaomi defaults to 1080p. You CAN make a sharper picture, but if you are just randomly taking unimportant pictures it really doesn't matter. Also, xiaomi doesn't use american bricks because they are affraid they'll be put into the same bag as huawei, with a lot of the us being extremely negative about china brand.

  • Jakub-E1

    4:38 have in their smartphone an additional thermal engine "mi_thermald", which causes the CPU clocks to be lowered to lower temperatures(when CPU or battery heats to 40-45°C) and slows the charging speeds to safe battery

  • Takkun

    In my country so many cases you can buy online for this phone even before the phone was launched.

  • Alphawolf

    I've been using Xiaomi for atleast 4 - 5 years now but they lost my interest when they switched from a hardware proximity sensor to a virtual one which is slow compared to the hardware one, i think it started with their 10 pro (which i bought and tested, then returned it.)

  • Peter Falcon
    Peter Falcon

    Hope we get a Poco F4 review whet it launches . "High end" devices are a joke to me .Anything above 400 just isnt as realistic as companies want to force you to believe .

    • Georg Warhead
      Georg Warhead

      @Mewzyc if i want THE best camera, i BUY a camera...

    • Mewzyc

      If u want the best camera, u need flagship/highend

    • RYou

      @Flash v28 I have a mi 9t, gcam literally transformed the phone, the camera is so good now Im running out of excuses to get a new phone

    • Flash v28
      Flash v28

      @RYou funny you say that, got my F3 in october, and installed some gcam Mod without looking into it, main camera was better than the Xiaomi app, also nightmode Yesterday I was wondering If there a new mods, so i searched a bit and installed the current MGC by BSG mod Oh boy, now its a great camera for a 250-300 € phone

    • Hundvd7

      Same, I have the X3 and I'm am incredibly content with it. It's basically on par with flagship >1000€ phones but for like 250€

  • BTGM25

    Can’t wait for the Oppo and Xaiomi phones in like 2 years time, where their fast charging is like 1 megawatt for some dumb reason, and apple will have just created the in display finger print scanner or some other dumb technology that every other company ever will have had forever lol

    • text me on telegram 👉@maxtech00
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  • Siddhesh Sharma
    Siddhesh Sharma

    I think i am not the only one who is unhappy for the case statement. Xiaomi is bigger company than many North American phone company. I bet you could find more xiaomi budget phone cases leave aside flagships than you could find google pixel covers and please get some info about pixel binning and why it's done.

    • Terry's Video Zone
      Terry's Video Zone


    • Dinkar Fowkar
      Dinkar Fowkar

      Your pfp😂😂😂

  • Ace Lasers
    Ace Lasers

    I always love that Xiaomi gives you the PREMIUM experience when you spend this amount of money. So what if you dont use the charger or case. they give it in case you want to. its called OPTIONS. not giving you nothing and selling back to you the options. you can always use a spare case and a spare charger.

    • RetroDestroyer

      @Sreejith KS Also, I would like to mention that a 120 watt charger is a amazing and all, but that's gonna affect the battery in the long term , so its a trade off between FAST CHARGE and longevity

    • RetroDestroyer

      @Josuke Uchiha that's great to hear! Hope more phones from then also follow suit

    • RetroDestroyer

      @Sreejith KS I have no doubt Redmi makes great phones! At an unbelievable price too! I am just stating the fact that keeping ads on operating systems is not great as a user.... Always remember, when something is free, YOU are the product, in this case, it's your data. Also, I am confident that most users won't even disable those ads because most people just use their phone for the default experience instead of fiddling in the settings

    • Josuke Uchiha
      Josuke Uchiha

      @RetroDestroyer I have note 10 pro, I don't have any ads.

    • Sreejith KS
      Sreejith KS

      @RetroDestroyer last time you used a flagship mi device?.. Ads are only present in the budget phones,especially from the redmi and poco sub brands.. not the mi series. Plus, you can disable it with like 1 minute on even the redmi phones, and EVEN THEN, I GET A 120W CHARGER ON A 250 DOLAR PHONE

  • Aditya Jena
    Aditya Jena

    Xioami really improved MIUI with their MIU 12.5 Enhanced Edition... Really,, it's starting to become better than OnePlus slowly...

    • Nazmul Fahad
      Nazmul Fahad

      @MBSK I know OnePlus, vivo, realme all under oppo but oxygen os till 11 were lit and only second best behind pixel's os. These xiaomis, oppos, vivos were like 🤮🤢

    • MBSK

      @Nazmul Fahad > OnePlus went shitty oppo route They always were a part of Oppo. Even the really beloved Oxygen OS was a cleaner and reskinned ColorOS.

    • Blue man
      Blue man

      Some of the comments here are complete BS, had redmi note 5 pro, redmi note 8 pro and now Mi11t and the experience has been flawless. 12.5 was running great but MIUI 13 is a completely different story, it runs even better. Battery life has been great with all of them. And there are no ads on the 11T, note 5 and 8 do have them tho And you can absolutely remove default apps that come with it (which is not many to begin with). Probably one of the best android "skins" out there.

    • Aloy

      there are still bugs, like how my facebook messenger became square instead of round lol

  • trinadh thatakula
    trinadh thatakula

    In India we get for 57000 after discounts and offers so it's around 710 euros At 700+ euros this device is a beast and after latest update throttling issue are also fixed

  • george thomas
    george thomas

    most phones in india come with a case inbox including the budget options

    • Jack Kraken
      Jack Kraken

      And dual sim.

  • win one soon
    win one soon

    i got the poco x3 pro for like 279 on walmart such a freaking beast phone man and comes with 8gb ram and a snapdragon 860. oh and a 120hrz screen there is no other better deal or at least at that time i got it.

    • Black League
      Black League

      Moto g power the best

    • SemproCarnage

      @One Of Zero I am actually a bit sensitive to display quality that's why.. But the funny thing was that all else were top notch in that phone

    • One Of Zero
      One Of Zero

      @SemproCarnage I have it as well. I admit the screen is a weak point but you are exaggerating. even if i look at it from the side i can still see what is on screen just fine. Besides when exactly are we not looking at our phones directly? 99% of the time we hold them in our hand in-frond of us. Is mostly the brightness in the sun and the nice colors of an Oled that are missing but is not a big deal.

    • SemproCarnage

      @Polak5677 I mean... The viewing angkes of that lcd is simply horrible

    • Polak5677

      @SemproCarnage it just doesnt have amoled, I wouldnt call it shit

  • Dany Talks Music
    Dany Talks Music

    "Who's gonna make a case for a Xiaomi??" Any smart company, considering Xiaomi is the largest phone company in the world!

  • Paolo Ariedo
    Paolo Ariedo

    I hope it doesn't have the same motherboard issues that doomed the *Mi 11,* causing it to die in a *bootlooping cycle that never ends.* Apparently, that problem is so prevalent, authorised service centers in the Philippines (and other Asian countries) stopped accepting Mi 11s with broken motherboards for repair and just started issuing REFUNDS! 😧

    • Some Dude With A Sexy Kiara Cosplay Pic
      Some Dude With A Sexy Kiara Cosplay Pic

      What are we going to do with the refunds? Use them for a new Xiaomi product?

  • Muzalli Sam
    Muzalli Sam

    A medium price option is the xiaomi redmi 11 series. Has 2 camera options a 50 and a 108 megapixcel and a 5g options. And they are cheap

  • frzsks

    There are lots of cases for Xiaomi phones, you just have to be in the Xiaomi markets for it.

    • Mauro Mendoza
      Mauro Mendoza

      Which is like, almost all of the world except for US and Canada. lmao they really dropped the ball on this one

    • no

      Let me introduce you to a site called Amazon. The US is the farthest country from being a Xiaomi market and I had no issues getting a case for mine

  • AwakenMagic

    Xiaomi is doing a really good job with their phone Performace, they are fast, The camera is pretty good (Night Camera is not the best, still a bit junky), but It's exactly the opposite with the Software, I've owned two last generations of phones from Xiaomi (Mi 10T Pro, Mi 11T pro which I currently use), and I did run into issues like, the screen getting pressed by itself, screen scrolling itself up & down, But I think the worst thing, is the microphone, Literary, from the time when I bought the phone, after just a couple of days, I started to have issues that the Microphone just stops working in the middle of a call, I am not sure if it is the Hardware, or the Software issue but They should have already fixed it, which they did not. On other hand, a REALLY good thing the Xiaomi Smarphones did a really great job, is the Charging time, MAN, around 25Mins to have the phone fully charged from 0-100% is a game changer, you forgot to charge your phone before work? No Problem, Just plug it in, and before you manage to eat your breakfast, you have it fully charged and ready for the day.

  • Liam Collinson
    Liam Collinson

    After the mix 4 I was expecting more from the design most android phones are starting to look generic

  • MoonbowJelly

    Every "big MP" camera merges either 4 or 9 pixels into 1

  • Person

    Xiaomi phones are baller bang for your buck. I loooove my Poco F3

  • Br00kly

    I love Xiaomi. My Mi 11 5g does a great job

  • Tayek Wahab
    Tayek Wahab


  • callum riding-smith
    callum riding-smith

    Great review as usual guys, wondering if you could take a look at the jireno cube 4 projector, most reviews on it are a bit iffy for a tech nerd like us, for USD300 It seems great for the specs including HDR10

  • ChaseFace

    I love how I can never tell what level of irony Riley is on.

  • YouTube Airways
    YouTube Airways

    A speaker fidelity test against the Xperia I mk III or Pro-I would be good. Quad vs. front-facing Stereo, which one provides the better experience?

  • Alex

    I wouldn’t wish MIUI on my worst enemy. Xiaomi phones have good spec hardware, but the OS is the dirt worst.

  • Michael Carr
    Michael Carr

    I can say that in the last year having my OnePlus 9 Pro with 256GB of storage, not having expandable storage is starting to become an issue.

    • Michael Carr
      Michael Carr

      @Ch33zOmat where are you getting your information from that you can cast only up to 20mbps? It sounded very wrong, and I have searched and can't find any information on speed of which phones cast their screens at.

    • Rob Whitmore
      Rob Whitmore

      Xiaomi CEO said years ago they won't put expandable storage in flagships because people will buy cheap SD cards and blame the phone for the poor performance. Which is pretty fair.

    • Hotlog

      @jgn If you're taking that much 4K footage and don't have a computer. Invest into a thumbdrive or an external drive with a USB-C end on it.

    • BenBenOy

      Yeah sd card support is a must for me.

    • Ch33zOmat

      Hahahah. Cast can only 20mbps. You loose too much with Cast and 4K. The 9pro records 4k60 with 100mbit 😉 U see. 4k and Cast is useless AF 🥲

  • Adam Wang
    Adam Wang

    I am surprised and disappointed by how little this crew knows outside Apple eco system! No one make cases for Xiaomi?! No idea what stock android looks like?

  • Aman Pasrija
    Aman Pasrija

    Riley takes his own sweet time enjoying the video while being in one and I enjoy the video too because of that!

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime

    I guess the 12 pro competes more with the s22+ rather than the ultra - The Mi 12 Ultra is meant to compete with that behemoth...

    • Marwin

      Yeah 12 pro is for s22+, the price already makes that clear

  • Crazy Kalmo
    Crazy Kalmo

    Mimix 9t pro was realy good and also no camera hole on the screen, that i like. Still wating on a new non hole punch mobile. I went to Asus zenphone 8 flip for now, cool mecanic and packs good performance 💪😎

  • Bliznade

    Can you get US bands working on this, the Honor with amazing cameras, or the P50 Pro??

  • Keerthesh V
    Keerthesh V

    I got the Mi 11X pro for 485$ It's a good phone it has SD 888 5G, 120hz AMOLED screen, 108 mp camera with a wide and a macro, has like 30W charging in the about phone section it says 8+3 GB ram only 8 GB is there 3 seems like a new implementation of using the ROM as RAM and then it has the fingerprint on the power button which is really convenient. although there is the exact same phone with 120W charging i got the lower one because i don't really use the phone that much and this phone easily goes 2 days without charging which is good and also it will charge back up to 100 in like 30-40 mins

  • Nenad Caric
    Nenad Caric

    Bro, 12 pro comes in 8/128 8/256 and 12/256 variants starting at 880 $. Also keep in mind that this is competitor to S22 plus not Ultra. Waiting Xiaomi 12 Ultra later this year for that. Also there's possibility that it will come with 200w charger in the box. All things considered i would pick this anytime over Samsung or Apple. But unfortunately not enough upgrades to make me change my S21 Ultra...

    • text me on telegram 👉@maxtech00
      text me on telegram 👉@maxtech00

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  • Bruno Lopes
    Bruno Lopes

    Thankfully that is a regular plug for us over here in Brazil and most places in Europe 😮‍💨

  • チュimoc

    Yeah sure, no one making case for hundreds millions sales phone.🤯 Strange to me Xiaomi/Redmi is a spec enthusiastically centric brand. Unlockable bootloader and tons of ROM/MOD to choose, just not available in NA/CA huh, really not covered enough.😌

  • Bailingo

    "If you want more videos like this, subscribe to this channel but if you want other videos about other things, subscribe to other channels." Thank you, Riley. Edit: 69 likes AND the channel hearted it. Epic.

    • Bailingo

      Edit 2: so uh I have just learned that the heart disappears if you edit a comment. I guess that makes sense and I wish I had known this before I made the edit.

  • Luchezar Tsvetanov
    Luchezar Tsvetanov

    Every Xiomi phone comes with a case in the box. It`s cheap but at least you have one until you find something better

    • Luchezar Tsvetanov
      Luchezar Tsvetanov

      @TheShamefurDispray Here they come just with a charger

    • TheShamefurDispray

      Samsung phones come with the same type of case in the box. At least the ones sold in Asia.

  • Frankie in Japan
    Frankie in Japan

    Last time I had a Xiaomi was the Mi3. No reason other than they're hard to get into Canada, and back in those days I had an opportunity for a cheap one. Man time flies 🤣

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