Look Mom NO WIRES! - AVA 4K Wireless Monitor

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  • Stuart Murray
    Stuart Murray

    "All SKUs are named 4K" well, I hope this company enjoys processing refunds.

    • Ginger Snaps
      Ginger Snaps

      There are people out there who don't know what 4K usually means.

    • Baba Blacksheep
      Baba Blacksheep

      They mean 4K ver.2.1a which is 1080p, if you want 2160p resolution you want 4K ver.2.1b.

    • tippyc2

      Wait, it's not 4k? I want my 5 minutes back that i spent watching before reading this.

    • Gerardo Padilla
      Gerardo Padilla

      I mean I watched the whole video thinking it was 4k even tho it was ridiculous for that screen size. Nevertheless, I feel clickbaited, refund!

    • Meap

      @KB Tibbs not the USB people....😱

  • M.J S
    M.J S

    Having the receiver only be on the back basically kills this product. It really should be in a chin bar that can receive a signal from either direction.

    • Thomas Barton
      Thomas Barton

      They should just make the receiver a dongle so you can plug it into whatever you want and also have multi-direction

    • Draco Safarius
      Draco Safarius

      It makes sense for having it on the little prop up stand with the receiver somewhere behind it, but that's way too limited a use scenario. Like at least five ways to do it better and not limit position

    • Mythical Dragon
      Mythical Dragon

      Yeah definitely 💯

    • Postman

      I think a bezel along the top would be the best option. Just give it black bezels all around and it'd blend in with the product design.

    • Reset

      Agreed. Being limited to only facing the direction of the transmitter feels like a really weird trade-off, over having to reposition the device your connected to. I can’t even really buy into the “gaming on the go” selling point, because you’re having to pack extra materials over using a similar monitor with a more typical connector. Cool tech, though. Hope it gets better.

  • falsemcnuggethope

    Can't really see this as a viable product, but it sure is a cool demo. For most uses, a tablet or a wired monitor is superior. To be viable, it should both have better antennae that can bounce the signal off walls, and a lower frequency signal for seamless backup.

    • Andrew Slovak
      Andrew Slovak

      @lmore377 Hey thanks for the suggestion. I currently use parsec and it is honestly really good but I do still notice the teeny tiny bit of latency. Though in wondering if that's moreso due to the latency of the controller input needing to be sent over the connection rather than it being directly connected to my PC. What's the best way to get enhanced range out of an Xbox controller?

    • lmore377

      @Andrew Slovak take a look at spacedesk. I use it for almost the same exact use case and as long as my tablet has a decent wifi connection it works great. Only problem is audio is a bit problematic still and only one way

    • Haskellerz

      Yeah, 5G tablet costs way less and has more features like cameras and microphones

    • FPM

      I'm willing to bet that this would introduce too much latency. Also the ability to "bounce" off walls is not a property of the antenna.

    • tommy karrick
      tommy karrick

      This tech seems most viable for wireless PCVR, it’s the main use I’ve seen talked about with it lately Most theoretical implementations place a few receivers and transmitters on multiple points around the headset so they always have line of sight with the hub, supposedly the Pimax 12k QLED and Valve’s next headset will have it.

  • Bob Sentell
    Bob Sentell

    This could work in a live entertainment setting where you want to give the person on stage a live view of what is being broadcast (or a mobile stage display) but also want the flexibility of not running yet another cable. Other than that, I'm not sure it is quite there yet. The line of sight thing is a deal breaker for consumers.

    • Mighty Panda
      Mighty Panda

      Surely yes. But definitely in at least a few generations when it can be reliable enough to be used live. What it could be useful for is focus pulling. Basically what they were doing in the end of the video, but the person with the screen would have a remote to control the camera's focus ring. That is done in movies, TV shows, and such. And the very low latency of this thing is actually very helpful. Current solutions for that still have some lag in the range of a few ms. It's not a lot, but it's noticeable and makes the job harder.

    • Phayth

      I feel like this tech is promising for the live entertainment industry, but it's not there yet AT ALL. Shit HAS. TO. WORK. Especially live.

    • Scepter01

      In a presentation in a small room, it seems like a person getting up from their seat in the line of sight would break it

    • Matt Snyder
      Matt Snyder

      I get what you’re saying. But the love entertainment industry absolutely cannot tolerate these levels of unreliability. We run cables.

    • speedracer123222

      @Driveformer seems pretty useful that you use somthing like nyrius Aries pro+ where it supports a good amount of distance and can go through walls at times. I’ve seen some people use it as one for cameras or hand held wireless controller with screen for consoles.

  • Emma Mitchell
    Emma Mitchell

    A small correction: 60Ghz is not necessarily 5G. Just as transmissions on 2.4Ghz are not all WiFi. Bluetooth, RC transmitters and wireless mouse/keyboard dongles also transmit on 2.4Ghz. Instead these frequencies are open for anyone to use without license, while sticking within defined power limits and without causing interference to others. In this case I am pretty sure that they are not using 5G, but using their own protocol instead.

    • DeepskyScorpion

      Probably 80211ay? 60ghz & all

    • Ξανδρος Peaches
      Ξανδρος Peaches

      @Fairyball Except it's extremely bad form to have a tech company's employees look completely clueless and be entirely incorrect about products and features, which leads to bad information. Even other unboxing channels will verify information via the manual or looking up basic things. This also isn't the first occurrence of bad information on this channel. LMG can do better, honestly.

    • zoladkow

      @Fairyball oh, makes sense... altought I thought they made another channel for having more outlets for sponsor adverts 😁

    • Fairyball

      @Ξανδρος Peaches The whole point of Short Circuit was for LMG employees to review products in front of cameras without planning/scripting, the LTT channel is where some of the more elaborate scripted reviews can be found. Still though, I agree, a little bit of research would go a long way towards more accurate product information.

    • Ξανδρος Peaches
      Ξανδρος Peaches

      Also doesn't know what USB OTG is, even though it's been around for a couple decades. I'll just start questioning credentials and presuming every short circuit episode has zero research beforehand, to the point they obviously can't even read a manual beforehand; which honestly just leads to bad content.

  • Scott Cosner
    Scott Cosner

    The best part is when they have others just crash the review and be like, "what about this use case?"

    • Natsumi dragneel
      Natsumi dragneel

      @ShortCircuit One of the best use case I can see this being is in schools and business

    • Kev711 2001
      Kev711 2001

      @Zermit ffs even the guy was annoyed over it As said its blatantly apparent

    • Zermit

      @Kev711 2001 bros trying to analyse someone from like 10mins of camera personality 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • zach gloade
      zach gloade

      Him popping in was so funny to me he just popped in like "what's this" "wireless display by who?"

    • Kai Slate
      Kai Slate

      When you thought no one could be more Riley than Riley. You were wrong.

  • Vishalendu Pandey
    Vishalendu Pandey

    Every time Horst walks in, I see my guy rolling his eyes, this is not the only video. 😂 On the side note, I have been waiting for true wireless for Monitors for ages, 5G or higher band technologies are most likely the solution.. I hope these guys keep on improving.. then one day we may have something usable.

    • Kaalihan

      @KitCat 100% with you on this one. Horst is probably my favorite in the Linus media group right now. He doesn’t hold back no matter what brand he’s reviewing but the other guy is ALWAYS positive and sucking the brands off. Horst came in like „so the speakers suck, you still need a wire, you need line of sight and it doesn’t work as well with macs as with windows. Yeah that product is trash“

    • jDally987

      @KitCat lmao couldn't have said it better myself. Horst was kind of a breath of fresh air, I didn't even fully realize I thought the monitor was stupid until he made it obvious

    • Doctor Howdy
      Doctor Howdy

      He is annoying though

    • KitCat

      @KilroyKilljoy In this case Horst would've been a better host. Plouffe spent 10 minutes basically speaking air trying to be as inoffensive and judging to the product as possible, meanwhile Horst gave it straight in 2 minutes that this is obviously such a dog shit product that no one would ever use. Even if short circuit isn't 'technically' a review channel, I'll never take Plouffe seriously. These short circuits aren't even short anymore, they're full length LTT videos with 0 effort in them. They're as trashy as react videos.

    • KilroyKilljoy

      that tends to happen when people who are annoying walk into a room.

  • Chad Franzen
    Chad Franzen

    The line-of-sight requirement is a deal breaker for me. IR connected devices were line-of-site, and the experience was so uneven that it just wasn't worth it. This feels like a step backward.

    • Maxime Daneau
      Maxime Daneau

      On the other hand, maybe you could use lower frequency with some compression

    • Hawxchampion

      @Marco Genovesi Did you even read my comment?

    • Marco Genovesi
      Marco Genovesi

      @Hawxchampion so you enjoy moving the display all over the place while watching a movie?

    • statixFEAR

      This isn't really a step backwards... it's more of an early iteration... bleeding edge tech, if you will. I'm sure more refinement in the future will find means around the whole line-of-sight limitation. For now, this little gadget will only be able to cater to a certain use-case, meaning it's not quite ready for prime time yet.

    • Kaz

      It's not step backwards because there was never a technology allowing raw HD video without latency at penetrable frequencies, because it's not physically possible. The only workarounds are compression and maybe foveation (based on eye tracking), but raw data is at its physical limits of the width of the wave. Even 5G already uses similar frequencies (as addition to the old ones) that also have occlusion issues for phones to achieve high bandwidth and it will only get worse in the future with 6G - expect antennas everywhere inside big public buildings. Physics won't change...

  • Gadget Addict
    Gadget Addict

    It seems too finicky on alignment. Surely it's going to give many users a hard time. Cool tech but not something I'd have the patience for.

  • Nick K
    Nick K

    OTG is a HOST port, meaning you can plug USB devices into the monitor.

    • Michael Pottmeyer
      Michael Pottmeyer

      @PiterFersin I don't know how many products are labeled that way anymore but a large number of very current products still use the protocol to allow communication between devices. Phones, Cameras, power banks... I use an "otg" cable (type c to a) to connect my phone to external storage devices or my phone to my camera for external monitoring. Perhaps it's the ubiquity of the standard that makes it so relevant some don't even realize how often and universally it's being used.

    • PiterFersin

      @Michael Pottmeyer Yep "has" been, haven't seen much tech lately using it. I remember when I had HTC phone with OTG and was king of the wolrd using mouse and keyboard with it ;D

    • Michael Pottmeyer
      Michael Pottmeyer

      No offence intended but OTG has been a thing (a really useful one, for that matter) for years and I assumed it was fairly ubiquitous at this point. It should be, if not.

    • Nick K
      Nick K

      @ASIR Don’t be mean. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses…things that they know more about etc. I could tell you what the inside of every single Mac Pro ever made looks like from memory, but ask me a question about HEDT PC motherboards, and I’ll probably have to look it up.

    • ASIR

      Yes thankyou, i dont know how one can review tech and dont know basic terminology? And this isn't the first time either. This guy belongs behind the scenes not infront of the camera. Most boring uninformed guy from LMG

  • Souchira

    I'd say this is still in the "Cool but too finicky for every day use" category. We just gotta figure out quantum entanglement then everything can be wireless!

  • M Wadud
    M Wadud

    Portable dual screen work set up would make a lot of sense with this. Also mirrored display purely for the touch is actually really useful in some use cases. That price tag though, a little steep.

  • tOSdude

    This would be great as an extra display for the alignment rack at work, line of sight is doable if slightly annoying, but I'm not sure about $600... As a shop expense maybe (the machine itself was definitely more costly) but I highly doubt the higher-ups would agree.

  • Shooter Q
    Shooter Q

    I'm happy to see the technology advancing. Would be cool to sit a full size monitor on your desk with your desktop PC in the same room and get at least 1080 60 Hz with no cables running between them. Could turn a small office of 3-8 people into a table of just monitors and periphs and all of the computers sitting on a wall.

  • Dylan

    I like that wireless tech is evolving so well, but I wont get a wireless display until I can use one reliably out of site of the transmitter.

  • Amitheous

    The main use case I would think of is like having a bigger portable screen for traveling with like a switch or something. But at that point the wireless seems kind of pointless

  • PoFryRice

    I backed this on Kickstarter cause I wanted to have this by my bedside in case I don't want to sit at my desk in my room primarily to use it as a laptop-type device. Lay on my bed and do some light gaming or YouTubing and whatnot while having the versatility to position it wherever I feel most comfortable in. Edit: Being able to use my desktop/laptop specs for gaming while comfortably looking at this screen on my bed is definitely a plus in my books.

  • MrLodinn

    11:43 Noooooo! Path loss increases with frequency. Pumping enough energy in is the reason it doesn't "get interrupted by a whole bunch of stuff" - it very much does. Higher frequency = higher bandwidth, higher attenuation. The power received is roughly proportional to the wavelength squared and the power transmitted in a free path scenario, and lower frequency waves diffract on more obstacles. There's a reason extremely high frequency (compared to radio, anyway) visible light doesn't go straight through the walls ;)

    • falsemcnuggethope

      I think he maybe tried to say that you can have multiple of these closeby without interference because the interfering signals would also attenuate and get obstructed.

  • Sully Chowder
    Sully Chowder

    I can see this technology working really well in the future once 1) They put receivers on both sides of the device (basically as many as they can) or they somehow improve signal penetration 2) Wireless power becomes refined and ubiquitous Right now, it is a cool concept but they could definitely add more receivers to stop it being so finicky and try to include a bigger battery in the screen.

  • Joe Marais
    Joe Marais

    Can't wait for this tech to be viable in a few years. This is an easy buy once LOS isn't a necessity

  • agentcrm

    Really disappointing to see it's using mm wave and requires line of site. Otherwise I could see a lot use cases. IMO, the wired version of the display is way better value.

  • Asterix

    the line of sight requirement is a way bigger deal than the vid makes it seem, you basically cant go anywhere with it and even if u wanted to u would have to go backwards... this thing looks like it would be quite painful to use. if u cant leave the room with it, its quite useless

    • Noz'aj

      When I've used 60ghz devices in the past, turning my back on the transmitter was not an issue. As soon as I left the room however, it broke contact

    • falsemcnuggethope

      I think the video demonstrated well that using this product feels like using a broken cable. It's a cool demo, though, but a lot of engineering is still needed for good antennae and circuits to become efficient and affordable.

  • justin smith
    justin smith

    This is the same wireless technology that is used on the vive wireless. Virtually zero latency in my experience. I dig it!

  • LiK

    I hope see more wireless tech like this as it grows. The day we can get rid of wires for displays without issues will be a good day.

    • Max Harmony
      Max Harmony

      I'm pretty happy with USB-C. You need a wire for power anyway (even if you have a battery-powered device, it has to charge), so you may as well use it for data.

  • Maxime Daneau
    Maxime Daneau

    To me, the real use case would be if they made it a real stationary monitor that you can put on your desk beside you pc and make you setup nicer by getting rid of a cable.

  • thePhantom242

    This is such a cool product... until the line of sight issue comes into play, what you really want is to have your gaming pc in your bedroom and the display in the living room, but if I cant have the signal interrupted the best way I could config this is both in pc and display in the living room and I can just move anywhere freely in that one room.

  • Skyler Brown
    Skyler Brown

    the line-of-sight aspect completely killed any interest i may have had in this product. it severely limits its use scenarios.

  • tmbchwldt

    No wires* *except the ca hundred wires on the dongle. That's a cool tech-demo for the wireless stuff, but why on *earth* would you not just get a display with a cable. Works 100% of the time, transmits power. That tech would be really sweet if built into laptops and for example meeting room displays, Zoom room controllers or sth.

    • TRXP RFT
      TRXP RFT

      That’s like saying wireless charger *except the wires on the charger dock.

    • Tarek Merino
      Tarek Merino

      Or a tablet/ipad?

  • Linux Streamer
    Linux Streamer

    i love the idea of going full wireless but I'm scared that when i need it the battery is empty stops me from going there

  • AlexTenThousand

    I'm not sure wireless displays are that great of an idea - replacing a transmitter sounds a lot more expensive than replacing a cable. That is, if future wireless monitors even allow you to replace the transmitter and don't just expect you to throw the old one away and buy an entire new product like with some of Apple's latest questionable products.

    • Marco Genovesi
      Marco Genovesi

      @Рауль Каримов see my other answer above, Logitech products that advertise "Unifying" dongles (the symbol is a sun on an orange square). Those can be paired to a new dongle easily (and a single dongle can be paired to 6 devices at the same time, so you don't need to waste 6 ports). No other wireless device can do that afaik, the device is paired to the dongle at the factory and if you lose the dongle it becomes useless.

    • Рауль Каримов
      Рауль Каримов

      @Marco Genovesi not really, Logitech sells replacement dongles for their wireless peripherals (except perhaps headphones).

    • 2ManyGoats

      How hard are you on your cables that this was your first thought?

    • Marco Genovesi
      Marco Genovesi

      @Fedyx 1 I prefer to buy Logitech stuff that uses the "Unifying" dongles. Those dongles can be bought separately and re-paired easily (also a single dongle can pair up to 6 devices at the same time)

    • Freddy Westside
      Freddy Westside

      It's definitely not for everyone and a device like this is so complicated that 90% of people would be just as happy with a more standard solution like screen casting to a tablet. I can imagine some use case where you want to stream directly, like a director watching camera feeds directly or a portable display synced to a screen in an open space, but most of the examples I can think of start with "legacy hardware" and it's hard to innovate when your most valuable market is people running old AV equipment.

  • Annonimity

    If line of sight wasn't an issue I'd love to have this connected to a desktop so I can just take it places or give it to people

  • Justin Houle
    Justin Houle

    OTG is “on the go” for display through USB. Some smartphones use this feature

  • Job van Tuijl
    Job van Tuijl

    I think it's best use case would be for someone who uses his desk or table for other stuff to. You can just pick up the display and a bluetooth keyboard and put them to the side without having cables running all over your desk

  • VeeGeeA

    I really wanted to test this monitor with my Time Sleuth to test this "No Lag" display alongside the RetroTink 5X and an Analogue Pocket. Hopefully I get to someday!

  • Craig Mr.Record
    Craig Mr.Record

    So interesting 🤔 can't wait to see what is next in wirelessnes

  • Ken Wiebe
    Ken Wiebe

    Love the loose feeling of these videos, anyone coming in from the office to look/talk about the item, feels nice and organic and friendly..... Love it

    • _--

      @Little Jackalo you good bro?

    • Ken Wiebe
      Ken Wiebe

      @Little Jackalo go be hateful elsewhere please and leave us civilized kind people to enjoy

    • Little Jackalo
      Little Jackalo

      Big red coming in with his fruit voice was so painful that I had to skip it when he kept disregarding the host and talking over him. It's so cliche... "I'm gay, so I have to use a Mac, and I HAVE TO talk like this."

    • Riley Mannion
      Riley Mannion

      @L G yeah the Mac address guy seems to be like that

    • L G
      L G

      Proper try hard, the guy who came in and took over.

  • mc st
    mc st

    I can totally see this (the 4k more pricy version) as an apple product! No cable display for your mac! No more messy cables! Just plug in one cable(power) , turn on your mac and done(wireless mouse, keyboard and stand of course are not included). AKA less cables, more green product!

  • Hezekiah Domowski
    Hezekiah Domowski

    This is getting closer... What I'm waiting for is a screen with a keyboard and mouse pad, so you unfold it like a laptop and have a gaming experience on the couch, but it's actually streaming from your desktop without going through the internet. You could leave your desktop in a bedroom, or even just behind the couch. But I don't want to game on my TV, I want to watch TV and game.

    • Allan Kroskin
      Allan Kroskin

      It already exists, and it's anything over lan such as steam deck, Nvidia shield (or experience, something like that), moonlight, parsec, and most probably many more alternatives that mainly help you stream your screen over lan (and internet) allowing you to connect external keyboards mice and controllers

    • Driveformer

      Or… a laptop running steam in home streaming

    • Luis Villanueva
      Luis Villanueva

      So.. a steam deck?

  • That Sodding Gamer
    That Sodding Gamer

    Really should have an extendable receiver, or at least make it work from front and back (put it on the corner and dual-sided?). 5G is very much line of site as the video clearly pointed out, so making this wireless display have such limited options for positioning seems like a design flaw, especially at the asking prices.

  • DctrGizmo

    This is pretty cool! They just need to work on the receiver to not lose connection when you lay the tablet down.

  • Tech

    neat. would be nice for a workbench or maker space. have the pc setup and can access the PC from the 3D printers or at the work bench without having to walk back to the desk. The Direct line of sight issue is a huge killer at least for me tho.

  • Global warming i̶s̶ h̶o̶t̶
    Global warming i̶s̶ h̶o̶t̶

    This kind of tech is best left to a seperate device. I could see a few use cases but it would be far more if it was simply a cable replacement that could be used for anything.

  • Léo Gervet
    Léo Gervet

    I'm having a hard time trying to figure out the justification of choosing that thing over the ROG Strix XG15AHPE for portable gaming. Maybe if you REALLY need it to be wireless but I don't really see the point ?

  • Daedalusspacegames

    Like the concept, like the form factor, but mm-Wave 5G seems like the wrong choice for this, requiring line of sight. I would be more on board if this display used something like 5Ghz or 6Ghz Wi-Fi. Would enable me to wander around my house with it.

    • Daedalusspacegames

      @Michel van Briemen The simple answer to your questions: Band allocation and existing hardware. 19GHz, 23GHz, and 26GHz are all allocated for satellite communications in the United States. For this use case, you would need something allocated for Amateur or Mobile use. And while the *idea* of using a frequency in between 6GHz and 60GHz is sound, in practice to keep costs down you would want to find something for which there is already existing hardware. 60GHz is well-supported for WiGig and mmWave 5G, 5 and 6GHz is well-supported for Wi-Fi. In the IEEE 802.11 spec at least (which covers WiGig, mmWave, and Wi-Fi), there isn't really anything between 6GHz and 45GHz, again due to those frequencies being *extremely* busy in other uses.

    • Daedalusspacegames

      @Skirata My issue isn't with the protocol in use (mmWave 5G, or WiGig, or whatever), it's specifically with the frequency, because when you get as high as 60GHz the ability for your transmission to penetrate objects drastically decreases.

    • Michel van Briemen
      Michel van Briemen

      Why stick around 5Ghz or 6Ghz? There are so many frequencies between it and 60Ghz, we're bound to find one that's suitable for a 1080p60 lagless display without having to microwave oxygen on the side, or causing other resonance issues with other atoms and molecules. That resonance issue with oxygen is why this seemingly small transmitter has a heatsink and cooler attached to it. The power needed to overcome the energy loss is just that obscene. But 19Ghz may be perfectly safe. Maybe 23Ghz. I know that 26Ghz is in use by Starlink right now, perhaps devices like this can tag along that frequency... if the bandwidth is sufficient.

    • Skirata

      @Daedalusspacegames I don’t think this is using 5G it’s far more likely to be WiGig which would have enough bandwidth and also use the 60GHz spectrum

    • Freddy Westside
      Freddy Westside

      I think that most users would be better served by something wifi based more like screen casting. The latency would only matter with things like gaming, so media streaming would work fine on wifi, and I just don't think there's a big enough market for portable wireless gaming displays.The benefit of this is that it's freestanding so it's portable (think video production on site) and interoperable (should work with any device that has an HDMI port) for legacy or "locked down" devices. It's a niche market, but it's a cool niche and I suspect this is going to be a proof-of-concept for commercial applications. The bandwidth issue for wifi can be reduced even more through compression, which shouldn't be too difficult for any device running wifi 6.

  • Zero Tech
    Zero Tech

    "Hey check out this cool wireless display that can only be used as line as you have a direct line of sight" Maybe one day we will finally have consumer technology that can support this tech but unfortunately this ain't it chief

  • Kluckie

    Everything is going wireless and many companies are pushing it and I'm here having to search even harder for wired devices.

  • Clayton Carter
    Clayton Carter

    It’s really, really cool, but I can’t think of a use case where this would be better than an alternative.

  • Jonny Nero
    Jonny Nero

    You guys should attach the puck to the osbott auto tracking webcam then the line of sight thing would be better

  • breenzy

    Struggling to see a real use case for this. At least the other product can be used with any screen, this seems way too limited.

  • MidnightVR

    I'd love to see more options like this, but geared for VR. The Vive wireless adapter hasn't been updated, there's no other option besides the TP link that's a whole kit with way more parts to go wrong. But I get how complicated it is so I shall remain patiently impatient until a product is out that fixes what Vive won't fix/update, or an opportunity to work with a company to give feedback from someone who is very physically active in VR with dancing, battle discs, ect. But I'm so gonna get this display cuz I need this XD

  • lone.faerie

    That's such a confusing name. I feel like it was specifically chosen to make people think they're getting a 4k resolution display.

    • ShortCircuit


  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown

    I want to see WiFi 6 support 60GHz, and phones support it as well (since phones that support mmWave can quite easily also support 60Ghz WiGig; since mmWave uses the same frequencies [mmWave uses 37Ghz to 57Ghz I think, while 60Ghz WiGig is 57Ghz -> 63GHz]). Since 60GHz is what this AVA product uses, it would be good to be able to have miracast / IP based mirroring, rather than using this HDMI -> wireless dongle ---- AVA Tablet (dongle -> TV/Monitor) I also do wonder, what would the lag be like if it was a WiFi 6-E frequency

  • Matt Gibbia
    Matt Gibbia

    Neat product but I struggle to see a use case with the connection being so temperamental

  • Dan Simms
    Dan Simms

    Pretty cool, need more wireless tech.

  • Dark Lyght
    Dark Lyght

    The receiver being on the back kinda makes it hard to use it as a 2nd screen for a laptop (the only viable use case i can see for it)

  • ProjectAzar

    My new favorite part of ShortCircuit: Waiting to see what LMG characters will stop by to marvel at the technology.

  • MrBurnZ

    I've never heard anyone working in tech not know what OTG means.

    • Martin Dimcevski
      Martin Dimcevski

      Yeah, I mean, really..? Has to be joking...

  • Alex

    Definitely needs an omnidirectional receiver

  • Kai Slate
    Kai Slate

    The coolest part about this is that it might actually also do wireless USB, but we'll never know from the video.

  • Hasi105

    What i wish for that... a second version, normal battery support AAA for example, 2.4Ghz support even if it is jankie but it supports better blocked areas (i can see this as a serverroom tablet) and maybe a network variant of this instead of a company made dongle thingy

  • Sebastian King
    Sebastian King

    Not sure about this but the idea of a wireless monitor sounds lovely! Losing an extra wire on my work desk is always a welcome change

  • wam731

    Would love to see a short circuit on the xebec 2

  • Karspankey

    That price is def a bit too steep for its capabilities. You can get a portable OLED monitor, 16", for around $300 if you use a wire. Curious to see how the tech progresses though!

  • Ra awesome
    Ra awesome

    I want to get wireless HDMI 2.1. That would be the dream...

  • BLuE MaGoo
    BLuE MaGoo

    I actually travel quite a bit for work and built a sff pc that packs into a backpack (kb, mouse, pc, monitor w/stand, etc.) this would be great since cabling can be an issue....but I'd want the 17" and I just don't know that I could justify $999 for that. If they had a 17" 1080p 120 or 144hz model, I'd consider spending up to $599 for that 🤔great review though!

  • Pijen

    it is a clever idea to use it as a wireless viewfinder for your camera though. yeah this product is still not for your everyday use only because of its line of sight requirement

  • Pidkka NMZ
    Pidkka NMZ

    let me ask a question they call it 5g mmWave but it looks like more WiGig 802.11ay and it is already used for other things like the wireless adapter for htc vive headset.

  • Pieter Rossouw
    Pieter Rossouw

    Cool concept but clearly needs more iterations before it'll have mass market appeal.

  • 0AThijsL202

    Hardware accellerated video streaming like nvidia geforce now/shield and parsec in an monitor would be great.

  • Claudio Wunder
    Claudio Wunder

    I wish this product was just two dongles. One I connect to my monitor and another to my computer. That’d be perfect.

  • Jhon Shephard
    Jhon Shephard

    OTG is On The Go, basically USB devices that can connect to phones

  • Kytetiger

    U can plug a smartphone directly into it with the OTG port, and access the files on your phone

  • Justen Bontekoe
    Justen Bontekoe

    I'm having trouble imagining the use case for this.

  • boringTpp4

    I could see a floor supervisor using one of these while walking the floor. Instant access to their computer while at other employees desks

  • SOVA Rides
    SOVA Rides

    60ghz is the only MM wave opened for general use (in the US at least, which means for you too essentially)

  • TheHipsterCow

    That is cool, I cant think of a single situation where I would want to use that.

  • Maurits Verrips
    Maurits Verrips

    This would be great paired with a series s

  • Enrique Alcazar
    Enrique Alcazar

    You can always just use steam link in any smart device with a nice antenna

  • MaverickBlue

    Thing is, they need to have it run in dual band if they want to eliminate finicky cutting out. Higher latency secondary channel that it falls back to whenever corruption is detected on the low-latency high frequency channel. You might get occasional lag, but for the most part, most people probably wouldn't notice. Of course, that would probably cut into battery life as both channels would need to be broadcast and processed simultaneously or you'd still get a big lag kick during the transition.

  • Brent Roberson
    Brent Roberson

    Would love to see you get ahold of the APC2 to review.