I’m impressed so far!! - Apple M1 MacBook Air
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The Apple Macbook Air is one of their most popular line of laptops or rather Macbooks. Does the M1 processor make it even better?
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  • ShortCircuit

    Correction Note: Whoops, Linus meant Mac Mini, not Macbook Mini at 0:57

    • Bhavya Sheth
      Bhavya Sheth

      I was gonna comment that

    • Joshua95

      @Janaka Wickramage I just about looked it up

    • duckster

      if macbook mini was a thing it would be the ipad pro 11inch with full acsori

    • GuruTheCoder


    • Bennett Lachlan
      Bennett Lachlan

      @Alejandro Francis You are welcome =)

  • Fenrirthviti

    OBS Project team member here! Flattering that the first thing you think of trying on the M1 is us :) We're working towards full native ARM support, there's parts (all right now?) that are just emulated, but seem to work ok. Also, the CPU usage listed in OBS is in the context of the process itself, and not the whole system. It's... a bad metric, honestly, I wouldn't use it for any kind of real benchmarking as it's fairly arbitrary.

    • shorts

      without you guys streaming wouldnt be as accesible as is today compared to 7 years ago

    • Robert Modalo
      Robert Modalo

      I love OBS. thank you, thank you, thank you. don't make it a paid service anytime soon

    • gummibando

      @Fenrirthviti This sounds promising. Interestingly enough, if I interpret the OpenGL version string on the M1 correctly, can it be that OpenGL is actually running on top of Metal? As some aspects of OBS use Vulkan now, have you considered the Vulkan→Metal framework MoltenVK?

    • Fenrirthviti

      @gummibando Metal is being considered, but is still in planning stages. We'll have to do something eventually, as Apple has been threatening to just kill OpenGL at any point for a while now. Keep an eye on our GitHub org for any developments there.

  • Jesse Leite
    Jesse Leite

    "They should call it the Macbook Success" ...Didn't they try that with the iPhone 6S already?

    • ThinDirtGaming

      As a 6s owner in 2022, idk

    • GoofyRyan2020

      Watching on iPhone 6s lol

    • Flex

      @The Tree Overlord don’t u mean the 6+?

    • Leviathan


    • Mario Mastr
      Mario Mastr

      God this is good

  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller

    The “drag to install” option allows you to start an application without installing it. You don’t have to copy it to applications first. It’s a nice feature sometimes.

    • Sinus Lebastian
      Sinus Lebastian

      @trippyParrot interesting

    • trippyParrot

      @Sinus Lebastian it is not really installed ON the computer, like in windows, more like INSIDE of a directory, making it impossible for malware applications to mess with anything unless you give it access to it, and if MacOS/Linux hasnt yet noticed the app trying something bad in the initial closed directory (a unix folder btw), it most likely will not do any harm when in the more open applications directory. You may have noticed Windows asking you for permission that a program can gain access to a specific folder, thats them trying to do something similar, but definetly with less grace XD

    • Sinus Lebastian
      Sinus Lebastian

      @trippyParrot so it IS installed in the computer, then what’s the point of the song and dance of dragging it into the applications folder

    • trippyParrot

      @Sinus Lebastian its installed, just not in your applications folder, making it easier to find

    • Sinus Lebastian
      Sinus Lebastian

      wait actually? So if I double click on the application on that screen, it'll run but it's not actually installed on the computer?

  • Tom

    You can tell it's a PC user when using two hands on the trackpad :)

    • Osama Shaher
      Osama Shaher

      Not really. Windows does come with one handed gestures as well, it's just older people not being aware. I tried showing my father for example, how much better it is to use one hand, but he could never get used to it

    • Aleksandr Trohhatsov
      Aleksandr Trohhatsov

      @SixUnity yeah, truem. Still would not mind I'd you could purchase a replacement keyboard without the nibble mouse and with the FN and CTRL keys swapped back to how they are supposed to be

    • Dinkar Fowkar
      Dinkar Fowkar

      Huh?! I use One hand on trackpad

    • Abdulhadi Malik
      Abdulhadi Malik

      I'm one handed even tho I don't use macs

    • LegendarySkypenis

      Typical Mac user using cheap window laptops that are 500 under as the baseline to compare it to a 1k plus Macbook.

  • Luke French
    Luke French

    I'm surprised Linus doesn't know that double clicking the top of a window makes it full-size.

    • Rochit Gurung
      Rochit Gurung

      @Hobbit that’s some bias on last paragraph

    • Wargod Films
      Wargod Films

      @70du yea but no when you deal with so many devices and switching between ios and windows uou do tend to forget or use it differently 🤔

    • GuruTheCoder Shorts
      GuruTheCoder Shorts

      Bcuz it doesn’t

    • Vvmopz

      @GuruTheCoder lol, cool point is nothing I’ve found in Mac OS even comes a LITTLE close to window management on windows does like fancyzones for example. & mice like max master are worse on Mac OS ..in fact I’ve found everything outside of presentation/the ecosystem is worse on Mac OS.

    • GuruTheCoder


  • moonbastic

    Watching Linus work a Mac is one of the most boomer experiences I've ever had.

    • Frontyer

      @Why Google? Because its stupid. All his critisism I fully agree with, and I used macs for years before going back to windows

    • Frontyer

      @Hilal Younus I had a macbook pro and used it daily for 3 years. Still dont understand why eveything is so slow and impractical. Ended up installing windows on it.

    • Ali Abdallah
      Ali Abdallah

      @Le Random PC Gamer no, I just don't like apple, in general. I also hate the UI. But hey, if you like sniffing your farts, I ain't gonna stop ya

    • Le Random PC Gamer
      Le Random PC Gamer

      @Ali Abdallah poor boi

    • Hilal Younus
      Hilal Younus

      @Aleksandr Trohhatsov Linux is basically open-sourced, so you could customise anything.. However , I was referring to Windows and Macs , I think Macs are more easier to use, I may be wrong , but it’s my opinion , If we’re speaking about Linux , I think it would probably have the most steepest learning curve , Like some people have no absolute idea about code , So It would be a nightmare for them to write commands ... And in terms of security and reliability, Linux is obviously better than both macOS and windows , And since it’s open source , many could just download it onto their current PC’s which is what I do ..

  • Diogo Marques
    Diogo Marques

    Why you have to drag apps to the folder to install: You can actually run many apps off the disk image without saving them to your computer which is very handy.

    • Sinus Lebastian
      Sinus Lebastian

      @Marco Vargas ninite installs programs completely without any input, so I can understand why he would be annoyed they didn't choose to have the even more painless installation process. That said, apparently you can actually run the program like this without actually installing it yet, which actually sounds like a handy feature, so him getting upset about it not working the way he thinks it should is more just ignorance about its potential rather than stupidity

    • Marco Vargas
      Marco Vargas

      @Ale Zuvic something about not being like a 3rd party app named 'Ninite'

    • Ale Zuvic
      Ale Zuvic

      I didn't get that part, why he was complaining exactly? The lack of a setup wizard or what?

    • Manu Shanbhog
      Manu Shanbhog

      Don’t worry about having sense on an LTT video

  • Nitish Chaudhary
    Nitish Chaudhary

    2:15 Andy: Is that a charger? Linus: Yeah its a charger man. What a concept.

    • Jason Free
      Jason Free

      100th like lol

    • Devwardhan Kothari
      Devwardhan Kothari

      Apple be like:- Yes yes we are indeed revolutionary

  • Samuel L Jackson's Chameleon
    Samuel L Jackson's Chameleon

    Have to agree - by merging the iOS and MacOS experience on one device, the lack of a touchscreen almost makes it seem like the Air is broken. Have to wonder if we’ll soon see an iPad Pro be able to run MacOS - I think that would be a fantastic platform.

  • Yeshwant Radev
    Yeshwant Radev

    Ironically, the Macbook Air doesn't have a fan

    • Midleno

      @XZagatoX man who hurt you?

    • Falcon

      Or appropriate, considering the surround air is all that is needed to safely dissipate any heat generated 😉

    • Diego Motta
      Diego Motta


    • Nostalgic Arrow
      Nostalgic Arrow

      @XZagatoX Wtf what does being Indian do with do anything about not being able to speak English?

    • Sandy BoleYT
      Sandy BoleYT

      The MacBook airless now

  • lexwaldez

    It would be interesting to see how much advantage the higher spec machine provides over the base model.

  • Dominic Hudson
    Dominic Hudson

    The reason you need to drag the application to the Applications Folder Shortcut in that small window is because on a Mac the program is contained inside a file that acts like a virtual drive. The application is then copied from the virtual drive to the Applications Folder and is then installed. If it was to be made simpler by having it install on click then the file would have to be executable from the get-go, which I believe is against the Macintosh Operating System. Even so, some applications you can download as a package and the package runs a setup wizard just like Windows where you have to select the installation location and agree to all the steps and keep on clicking Next, Next, Next, etc. which is more tedious than that drag and drop feature. At the end of the day its a small ask to drag the application to the Applications Folder Shortcut. Hope this helps Linus, and anyone else who read it.

  • Ben Driscoll
    Ben Driscoll

    Picked up one of these (the base model) last night and initial impressions are good... The battery truly does last forever. First time back on Mac in nearly a decade and man it feels like it hasn't changed a bit haha Got it for $900 since I had to wait an hour for Best Buy's curbside pickup. Still love you BB

  • Cameron F
    Cameron F

    I’m honestly so interested to see what the desktops and next Mac Pro are like, where the power comes from the wall and the heat goes everywhere. That’ll be somethin to see with how these already are.

  • Keegan Goerz
    Keegan Goerz

    Friendly note, the same behaviour as option-clicking the green button is achieved by double clicking the title bar

    • Keegan Goerz
      Keegan Goerz

      @Frontyer it’s an option. You can change it in system preferences between minimizing the window into the dock or expanding the window to fit your screen.

    • Frontyer

      Does not work for me

    • Isaac Walker-cox
      Isaac Walker-cox

      Thank you! That's been low-key annoying me for years

    • GuruTheCoder Shorts
      GuruTheCoder Shorts


  • 报纸

    I love the fact they didn't ditch the function keys but added the fingerprint button. Love it on my MB Pro 2017 bc i use an App for all my passwords. This new generation is a serious contender as my next purchase

  • Harry Byrne
    Harry Byrne

    If I wasn't in game development, I would probably actually buy this. The first apple product which is appealing to me.

  • Jamin Buckles
    Jamin Buckles

    This was painful to watch! Linus looked like he was in pain the whole time and never smiled or acted anything like his normal behavior. If this product would’ve been from a different company I have a feeling he would’ve been a little more upbeat with a more typical high energy review…

    • GuruTheCoder Shorts
      GuruTheCoder Shorts

      Lmao same, I hate apple and I noticed this

    • Vijit Chandna
      Vijit Chandna

      @Dhudong imagine calling someone a hater without knowing them properly :)

    • Rayan Malik
      Rayan Malik

      I read this comment before watching the video and thought "what an apple stan, surely linus probably just complained about one or two small things" but you're right, man was literally complaining about having to click one extra time for the install process

    • CloneMercy

      @Dhudong ok, not pretty much the same, EXACTLY the same, just a better CPU, boooring

    • Dhudong

      @CloneMercy So you're basing that on how the product looks more than what's actually on the inside and how it performs? And no, it NOT pretty much the same as the last one.

  • aditya bagve
    aditya bagve

    This is the exact config I was planning to go for. Thanks! Was tired of reviewers using the base model for all comparisonsz

    • Musiccer

      The base model is almost as good as this one lol

  • Michael Harvey
    Michael Harvey

    Watching Linus try to use macOS is like watching iJustine try to use Linux..

    • Aleksandr Trohhatsov
      Aleksandr Trohhatsov

      @Rochit Gurung wow, 13 yo levels of insult. What are your arguments for MacOS existing then?

    • Rochit Gurung
      Rochit Gurung

      @Aleksandr Trohhatsov okay gay

    • Aleksandr Trohhatsov
      Aleksandr Trohhatsov

      @runZER0bass and? Imo Mac is still proprietary garbage that shouldn't exist. I am for taking back our privacy

    • Mirek Fe
      Mirek Fe

      @John J True. My bad. I guess time will tell whether or not the port is legal. Although I heard that compatibility is coming from the Unix world. Maybe they got certain special rights from Apple. Who knows.

    • John J
      John J

      @Mirek Fe I never said you couldn't. Also I'd imagine that's not entirely legal to port apple's file system over. Apple's file system is still pretty unique I don't think you can say its that similar.

  • OSO

    @Linus the reason for dragging the app is that it's much easier to put this certain app to an external folder. It's not really an installation which writes itself into the OS. But real installations are often used by larger programs.

  • JSR

    5:42 You can swap it in system preferences or double click near the top. Magnet is a great app to bring Windows style window management to Mac OS.

  • James Jones
    James Jones

    "The vast majority of people pretty much just use their laptop like a Chromebook anyway..." FINALLY this dude says something I actually agree with. People are happy with these devices because the average person isn't compiling code, rendering video, or down mixing 120 tracks on Logic. They're loading up chrome and putting up a gmail tab, Facebook tab, twitter tab, Netflix, IRglo, and other regular people stuff.

  • Georgios Iatropoulos
    Georgios Iatropoulos

    Hi Linus. Great video as always! I'd like to disagree on wanting a touchscreen macbook. I don't like fingerprints all over my main screen. However, it would be great if they integrated a secondary touchscreen as a touchpad (with the same size, or a little bigger than the current touchpad), with pen compatibility. That would function as a small tablet and a small cintiq simultaneously, keeping my main screen clean. Of course such a machine would be more expensive, and more difficult to engineer. But that would be my dream machine Linus and please comment on this! I would really love Apple making my dream macbook come true.

    • Kimin Bin
      Kimin Bin

      Just add a usb port to it.

  • duarte pedro
    duarte pedro

    Now you just have to add the _Intel not Inside_ sticker, to make it complete.

    • Lasky Labs
      Lasky Labs

      Don't forget the label that is near impossible to remove. A disgusting business practice.

    • Spoopy Scary Skelebones
      Spoopy Scary Skelebones

      @Shakalya Kalangutkar lmfaooo 😂😂😂

    • duarte pedro
      duarte pedro

      @Ashraf Slamang Yeah, I know. That was just a joke

    • Ashraf Slamang
      Ashraf Slamang

      Macs never ever had those stickers

    • Devendra Rathod
      Devendra Rathod


  • Lasky Labs
    Lasky Labs

    I am honestly really interested in getting one of these ARM Macs but I'm scared I'll just complain the whole time I'm using it, like Linus does. Because that sounds like exactly something I'd do, because MacOS is something I don't know well, or have even really used. But man... They seem really powerful and good.

  • fernando Mazzon
    fernando Mazzon

    The drag is actually a copy. you can drag it any place other than the applications folder and it'll work as well (could have 2 versions of the same app installed like this)

  • bemersonbakebarmen

    I dont trust first gen Apple devices. However this makes me very exited for M2 chips. There is a bright future for Apple.

  • Rasalas

    That move into folder installation process helps with UX. This way people see that their installed software will be in the "Applications" folder. On windows it's the default uri and that folder is "hidden" in a folder structure nobody(normal) will open, ever. The "program files" and "program files(x86)" are confusing - and even more confusing in other languages.

  • bibbo

    can't believe he didn't go for the actual air joke and poke at the fact that it's fanless

    • Bibek Saha
      Bibek Saha

      Fan provides wind.. air is everywhere😂.. JK

    • Spoopy Scary Skelebones
      Spoopy Scary Skelebones

      @duck it really is

    • A Suprem3
      A Suprem3

      @wisico640 not really, Apple products have a high entry price, but they hold their value way better than any other brand, as once you pay the entry fee upgrading to the latest model is very affordable. My iPhones only cost me £250-300 a year (because I upgrade every year) and My MacBook Pro costed me only £700 back in 2018 after selling reselling my previous model 2015. The new m1 macs are not going to cost me anything over £750. in the long run they are actually comparable in prices or even cheaper than the competition when you factor in resale value.

    • Cybercery

      @wisico640 ok thank you

    • TheSlowFoodShow

      Every word sound with A bit of envy behind it. Maybe this mean Linus is in trouble but innovation can’t be stopped. Only embraced. Cheers!

  • Lava1 Rain
    Lava1 Rain

    What would really take the MacBook air to the next level would be to add a touchscreen as Linus says, but also make the screen detachable from the keyboard so it can be either a full blown laptop or a full blown tablet.

    • l4kr411

      It already exists. It's called iPad.

  • Eoin Moran
    Eoin Moran

    I think the reason the "drag" into applications exists is a mixture of A) ensuring you are installing something you want to install And 2) so that people see where it went, I know my parent# always ask "no where did that go"

  • Cody Knutson
    Cody Knutson

    I agree with you Linus on the touch screen thing. I am so used to pinch to zoom on PDFs from work that it would kill the mood so bad..

  • Infinite8

    can you also do a render test with it against the compensator, or an amd 3950x machine? just curious to where it stands against a high end machine.

  • Sd.Kfz.222

    You know, Windows could really use a package manager. Like a really good one. With optional CLI for automation. MacOS does have smth like that.


    The new M1 chip is insane! My Air M1 is smoother than my 16" MBP but doesn't have a fan and is hardly warm! Can't wait for the 16" M1 (or M2) MBP. Btw: I also did an unboxing and gaming test on my channel. Have a look! 😊

  • jolle snaas
    jolle snaas

    5:53 When I switched to MacOS (one year ago) I had the same issue. It isn't bad, it is not like windows. Once you get used to it multitasking will get so much faster. I can't live without it now.

  • guy M
    guy M

    Was wondering how much GB is the total Os system taking up the ssd with this new m1 ?

  • Dan Awakes
    Dan Awakes

    Can't wait to see Linus' face when he actually tests this thing.

    • Diego Motta
      Diego Motta

      @MastergGM lunatic.

    • nikos themelis
      nikos themelis

      @Aurum Faber it’s a proper desktop SOC with the same architecture as the mobile chips but with much more power and designed for desktop oriented workflows.

    • J. H
      J. H

      @MastergGM It is quite interesting how much potential it has. I suspect though, as usual, Apple will charge extremely high prices for those 16 ultra-performance cores. This 899$ MacBook is just so they can destroy that 899$ laptop market. I don't think they will be as conservative with their profit margins later on. (Especially now that everything is "in house", their costs got even cheaper) Prepare for overpricing galore.

    • MastergGM

      @J. H Yup thats perfectly true, ARM is power friendly and its amazing, but the performance (in general not just per watt) is pretty good, but i dont like that every apple fanboy just saying "its better than any other processor out there" because of geekbench, my hopes are in the next mac pro, arm is also core-friendly, so packing 32 or 64 (maybe 128? ) its possible, and in that range only epyc or Threadrippers will have any chance at all, maybe a 16 Ultra-High performance cores with 48 "normal cores" will be groundbreaking

    • J. H
      J. H

      @MastergGM Fair points all around. I was just pointing out that the MacBook's performance/per wattage is not normal or a common thing at all. The fact that there is only maybe 1 or two other non-apple laptops with the same performance in that chassis (disregarding the Apple Ecosystem and their optimization with Mac OS / the battery life with the M1 chip) shows that Apple did make something pretty special here and that it isn't just like "any other CPU in the $1200 range".

  • Josh Raju
    Josh Raju

    i think the point of having to drag the app into the app folder is so that you dont have to actually"install" the app to use it, you can open it and see if you want it, then add it to your library after.

  • Brandon

    Apple: *Achieves world peace* Linus: But it was so unnecessary!!!

    • Megachad Sixty nine
      Megachad Sixty nine

      Apple would cover the world with e waste before they did that

  • Darko Tomic
    Darko Tomic

    I would behave the same when I got my first Macbook as a Windows user for like 20 years. It took me a year to get used to a MacOS and now I like it more than Windows.

    • Sinus Lebastian
      Sinus Lebastian

      as a long time windows user who has been getting used to macOS... I still like windows more, but macOS is more useful for basic tasks because of how simple and clean a lot of the stuff is. For real work though.... windows is still better in a lot of situations

  • nitrowad

    45% of one core. Theoretically for 8 cores(for example I have an i7 with 4 cores, 8 threads) it could go up to 800%, not sure about M1 though (does it see it as 4 or 8 core).

  • ま1たけ - maitake
    ま1たけ - maitake

    5:40 Instead of doing that, you can just double click on the area on top of the window (where you can drag the entire application window) and it does the exactly same thing.

  • mehedi hasan
    mehedi hasan

    Everyone is so much hyped about this M1 chip!so am I.This hype is legit cuz everyone knows how smooth user experience can get on Arm based processors used in the smartphones. This is a new revolution in pc processor.

  • Usman Aslam
    Usman Aslam

    When Linus is impressed with a mac, you know it's damn good

    • Diego Motta
      Diego Motta

      ahaha. lol

    • Aymenka

      @basshead like what? I used windows and switched to mac. Any software on windows has alternative in macOs

    • Brownie Sundown
      Brownie Sundown

      @basshead Wait until you find out you can do the same on MacOS 4head

    • basshead

      @Brownie Sundown Windows is freedom. You can run everything on Windows.

    • Brownie Sundown
      Brownie Sundown

      @basshead Windows only edges out MacOS in gaming. For literally everything else (IMO) MacOS kills Windows.

  • Don. Timeless
    Don. Timeless

    This is actually as the moment as first iPhone released! I had once MBP & I hated Apple products because of the price, heat, fan noises & slowness every OS update & capability issues. I didn't know in those times it was intel fault! But know I'm pretty sure not only me going to change to MacBook later this year when MBP reveals the beast inside, it's everyone & the industry of PC if no one cach the ARM PC version race! All ports from now & on should be usb c thunderbolt & it should have been before! Old ports should be stopped! I only agree with doubling the ports of usb c thunderbolt. This port is so amazing that you can only by plugging external monitor that supports usb c thunderbolt you can plug to the monitor the mouse, K/B & headset to the external monitor!! The only thing upsetting about it in current laptops that depends only on it is, it doesn't come with 4 ports!!

  • puppetx

    Watching Linus struggle to dislike the macbook air is some of the best marketing I've seen for the product.

  • exia989

    I love watching Linus struggle with MacOS, i go through the same frustration when i'm forced to use a mac

  • JaylowLP

    They shouldve made an Edge to edge display. No one has it yet and it would look ULTRA cool!

  • Mr Umph Phone Repair
    Mr Umph Phone Repair

    It makes you drag it so it doesn’t install any apps that you don’t expect, like chromebar+ with forge download

  • Hammy

    LTT Store needs to make a "Whatever.. I'm Canadian" linus tshirt.

    • S.L.S

      @xoxo NY state taxes. Hello

    • xoxo

      @S.L.S canadian taxes: Bonjour

    • Yago S
      Yago S

      another shirt eh

    • S.L.S

      @Tubby J -How true. I just had an x-ray, CT scan, PET scan,MRI, breathing tests, whole body ultra sound = $ 0 cost

  • Akash Pandya
    Akash Pandya

    We need more of Anthony on screen(not that I don't like others, but he's just like a cool breeze)! Guy's a gem...

  • Raghu Veer
    Raghu Veer

    Its like watching my grandpa operating a computer. Man, tech reviewers shouldn’t be this bad and be this opinionated about tech they have very little experience of

  • Austin McNair
    Austin McNair

    I was expecting a follow-up on Linus's conspiracy theory of Apple intentionally thermally crippling the macbook air by not including a useful fan (like it wasn't connected to a heatsink, it was just there). He said he believed Apple intentionally designed it this way to make their new silicon processor look great.

  • Daniel Hausrath
    Daniel Hausrath

    Watching Linus use macOS is like watching a cat on a hardwood floor. Graceful and adept on any other surface but...

  • Gavin Woodgate
    Gavin Woodgate

    The joke he should have said was “why do they call it a macbook air when there is no fan”

    • wooosh bait
      wooosh bait

      because it was from last gen, last gen macbook air use air instead of heatsink to connect their cpu and fan together which work really well for the first ever heatsink make entire out of air

    • BeyerT1

      Because it's air cooled, obviously.

    • Chetan Shet
      Chetan Shet

      I also thought the same.

    • Tai Dee
      Tai Dee

      @Heckie Cormack you sir are very good

    • Vignesh Kannan
      Vignesh Kannan

      Reviewers: The new M B Air doesn't have a fan like the last generation. Me : What? Was the fan on the last-gen M B Air even useful?

  • Code_Jake

    Super happy with my hp envy x360 but I kind of wish I would of spent the extra 200$ and got the m1 MacBook if only for the terminal and no fan noise

  • Roberto Isca
    Roberto Isca

    What’s the difference between the M1 with 8GB and the M1 with 16GB performance wise?

  • Abhishek Reddy
    Abhishek Reddy

    That M1 chip is basically more powerful than even my Gaming laptop's CPU and just as good as its GPU... Can't digest that even a Macbook Air can perform that good in a thin and light with that insane battery life... A lot of unexpected plot twists in 2020 damn...

  • Nilaksh

    I think the advantage of the drag system instead of the double click feature is to prevent accidental installs! I mean, it's easy to accidentally click 'ok' or 'cancel' but you can't accidentally drag something..

  • Krishnakumar

    I think in 3 - 4 years time, Apple will find a way to integrate the SSD along with the SoC.

  • flymovies

    I've sent my Mac mini M1 back to Apple - too many issues in the network stack: SMB super faulty, AFP works, but not reliably. It got neither the job as a Plex server nor as a FTP client done. Jumping from 1G to 10G connectivity with the OWC TB3 adapter did not help. Last but not least I hoped for a 5k image on my display, but with my LG 49" 32:10 monitor I only get 4k (issue acknowledged but not solved by Apple). Sorry - I need this machine to do more than FCPX....

  • Ryan King
    Ryan King

    The mac install experience on homebrew is pretty good.

  • Dilpreet Singh
    Dilpreet Singh

    I used Macbook Air 2017 with 128gb for my engineering degree, I used AutoCAD, PyCharm, Chrome and circuit simulation and other IDEs softwares. It's on its 4th year now and I already had to swap the battery at 317 cycles, despite using Macs Fan Control. Actually, I thaught light weight design and an i5 with 8 gigs of ram would be enough. But, after 3 yrs I realised I should have bought a laptop with dedicated GPU which would have added the CPU performance and more storage, Since I have to rely more on external storage drives.

    • TheFourthWinchester

      @Matt Cuz Apple made it available and people don't get Apple products on loans like in USA?

    • Dilpreet Singh
      Dilpreet Singh

      @Matt I had a very tight budget considering the 4 year college fee and Macs have a very good reputation for coding. Also, here in India every laptop and phone is much more expensive, so we get base 128gb varient for the price of 512gb

    • Matt

      Why the hell would you get a 128gb model for all that shit lmao

  • Ariel Garcia
    Ariel Garcia

    my last excitement for an apple product was in 2012 for a 5th Gen iPod Touch, I've Never used Mac, since Early December I've been rocking this M1 Macbook Pro and i can say i am an 80 percent casual mac user, after being 100% with my 10850h rtx 2080super, the future of SoC seems exciting overall performance and tree hugger ideology happy

  • just-a-waffle

    the CPU percentage is percent of a single core, an app can show something like 189% cpu usage in activity monitor, but that could mean it's using 63% of 3 cores

  • Daemon247

    it would be a great idea for Apple to put fingerprint reader on Apple logo,and call it ‘Apple Touch’.

  • Rakes Chen
    Rakes Chen

    The fanless design is too good for such a laptop.

  • Richard Servello
    Richard Servello

    I think you made a great point Linus. There is no point to have anything besides a chromebook for a portable. I have a Pixelbook Go and use it for ALL small pc needs.

  • Battlecry45

    I find the installation process to be very nice and reassuring that the program is really just copied to one place and that it doesn’t create files all over your hard drive. There is something elegant to transparency.

  • Infinity

    Apple M1 MacBook Air vs Lenovo IdeaPad S540 (13", AMD) would be an interesting comparison

  • bsdpowa

    So is it really 6x faster over the 3x of the previous 50% increase of the 2x?

  • Barbzy

    two things, you can turn true tone off in display, second, double click top of window to go full screen without immersed

  • John Pesich
    John Pesich

    Believe it or not... I think I found out what the figures were in relation to at the Mac Show. They're Xcode related. It can build Xcode 2.8x faster. But that doesn't mean it can do other things faster or better.

  • SeikoFPS

    This is actually something for students who constantly use Office products. Battery life on notebooks with small sizes were always a issue especially if you work more than 8 hours in a high school.

    • Xx-----------xX

      @Kiatti M 1k is nothing if you value your time. Plus, if he didn't buy a Macbook, he'd probably buy something like a Dell XPS anyway.

    • moddingspree

      @Kiatti M not everyone is a poor jobless hobo lmao, 1k is nothing for a laptop

    • SeikoFPS

      @Julian Lopez yep sometimes less is more

    • stac

      Spoiled kids

    • Kiatti M
      Kiatti M

      @Julian Lopez You're spending 1k to use those thing?

  • François Drouin Morin
    François Drouin Morin

    I by far prefer the Mac installation process for apps. Open the DMG and drag the .app into the Applications folder? Much simpler than Windows, and uninstallation is just as easy by just dragging the app to the bin, where you should NEVER do that on Windows... True, it could be simpler, maybe defaulting to doing the dragging-to-applications-directory step yourself, but all in all it's a massively, massively better software management scheme than Windows.

  • Sco1t_

    Linus, I use apps on my Mac full-screen most of the time. Swiping between apps is a super easy way of getting around. I understand that coming from Windows that’s not what you’re used to, but I think it’s better. That’s clearly a matter of preference, but to suggest that anything that isn’t the way you’re used to is stupid is pretty shortsighted. As for drag-to-install, I like it. It means that you can choose to install it wherever you want it. Many apps default to giving to a shortcut to the system applications folder, but I install many in my user applications folder. That’s the point. Yes, you can specify different installation locations on Windows too, it’s just a different way of doing it. Just because You aren’t used to it doesn’t mean it’s bad. I was born and raised with Windows, I much prefer MacOS in most ways.

  • Lequu

    Let Alex do these first impressions vids on laptops, pls.