Who does Samsung think they are?? - S21 & S21 Ultra
Samsung's S21 smartphones are finally here, and we are checking out both S21 and S21 Ultras. Which one are you thinking about getting?
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  • ShortCircuit

    Correction: S21 Ultra has a 5000mah battery!

    • Venus Gomez
      Venus Gomez

      Much better

    • Dark Phox Gaming
      Dark Phox Gaming

      I was about to comment this lol

    • Vega

      Also lpddr5 memory, not lpddr4x

    • Idiotic Monkey
      Idiotic Monkey

      Had it for quite a while

    • Idiotic Monkey
      Idiotic Monkey

      I have this phone now lol

  • Elitedestroyer00

    Anker having a blast becoming one of the mainstream unofficial official charger supplier.

    • BlackRaven

      Galaxy S8 gang 😂😂

    • Nick Ferrara
      Nick Ferrara

      @mx1701 Just because a company is Chinese doesn't mean they don't have quality control standards.

    • Bryan Cortez
      Bryan Cortez

      I fucken love Anker!!

    • FMZ-461

      If I’m being honest anker is one of the best and well renowned in the mobile peripherals world

  • Kyle Duddleston
    Kyle Duddleston

    I actually switched from the note 9 to the S21 Ultra and I am very pleased with it! The battery life is great, the screen is absolutely beautiful and buttery smooth with that 120hz. I actually looked at the difference between the two when I was transferring my stuff over and was like, how can I ever go back to 60hz. This screen has ruined me for lower refresh rates. Lol I enjoyed using the pen on my note 9, but haven't had a time when I was really disappointed that I no longer have it. It was convenient, but I don't miss it as much as I thought I would.

    • Glmzy

      How's the experience months later

  • Gavman's Workshop
    Gavman's Workshop

    Finally a review that tells the cons. No expandable memory is a deterrent for me.

    • Cyberic388

      @Sir Bibton don't think they mean ram

    • Anthony Lawson
      Anthony Lawson

      @Charlie Baker who takes that many photos? Unless it is part of your profession...that is entirely too much... I mean...you must be taking dozens of photos daily....that's a little absurd

    • Syn

      @Monke Le That's nuts. Why don't you just get a laptop? Seems like it'd be way more convenient.

    • Monke Le
      Monke Le

      @Syn its different for everyone. I dont have a pc and keep all my music, pics, videos, school stuff, gopro edits on my phone. Music alone takes up 30-40 gigs. IRglo downloads also. Not to mention netflix etc. For me, 128 is the minimum when it comes to a phone

    • Dimitris Jk
      Dimitris Jk

      @SilentxKillerx5 Nah.. I'm not a professional photographer. I just like to take photos and share them on Instagram 🙂

  • Phamtom y wayne
    Phamtom y wayne

    "If you are the kind of person who keeps his phone for longer than a year or two....." Laughs in galaxy note 4 still multitasking like a champ

    • Rainman

      I am still using my s7

    • Egg

      Note4 was a great phone. Still gonna miss mine.

    • Nicholas Wiewiora
      Nicholas Wiewiora

      I still use my 7 Plus for certain things while I now have my Pixel 6 Pro. Had that phone as my main phone from around Jan.-Feb. 2017 until Xmas Eve this year, LOL. Heck, I still use my crappy iPhone 4S for music on the daily xD

    • C P J Animations
      C P J Animations

      Did u not have to change the battery

    • Marc Fuchs
      Marc Fuchs

      The Note 4 was awesome, quite the premium phone for it's time. Sadly I wasn't so lucky, mine died right after the 2 years warranty ended. Smells like predetermined breaking point to me, but anyway, decided to get a Note 8 after it, and if it would break soon again, I'd leave Samsung. But it didn't happen. Got the Note 8 when it was released and it is my daily driver since then, for over 4 years now. Working perfectly fine, despite having gotten dropped several times, especially shortyl after purchase, where it smashed on stone hard panels from head height. Got a tiny dent in the corner, otherwise no issues. Great device, if it will last a few more years, I'll keep using it. What I like of the Note 4 over the 8 was the screen without stupid curved edges. Other things I like much more on the 8, especially the highly ergnonomic fingerprint sensor and the water resistence - this phone got dropped into the tub 2 times and is being used as a nav on the bike in any weather. No problems, ports and speaker still working perfectly. This phone is just a blessing and killed off any bad thoughts I had about Samsung after the loss of my Note 4. I think it's a rather stupid habit of people getting new phones every 2 years. To many people, a phone seems to be like a toy, they want to have something new, that they don't know in and out - while that is what I enjoy about having a phone for longer. I want to know it in and out, so that I can do everything without needing to search for functions or transferring contacts and data and all that stuff. I guess I will update my phone in about 2 years (solely because of software, I am still fully pleased with the hardware), but 6 years using the same phone is a very acceptable time frame I might say.

  • SM

    Removes headphone Jack, removes SD cars, doesn’t come with a charger. Do I see a pattern here?

    • Thomas Feser
      Thomas Feser

      @Curie what chargers do you use ? i still have my first usb to micro usb charger from 2016 thos from Huawei dont die .. like i have 5-8 lying arround if you want to i can send you one

    • Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
      Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon

      2022: no battery included 2023: no camera included 2024: no speaker included 2025: no screen inculded Some years later: no phone included, box only.

    • Eric Powell
      Eric Powell

      @Frank Diehl 1st World assumptions.

    • Just2Cool

      @Kjuure Nah I will rather go with the Samsung nothing, it will last longer

    • Kjuure

      @Just2Cool Yooo samsung just released their knew phone. The Samsung Air. Just imagine you have a phone.

  • James Baggott
    James Baggott

    More like if Apple actually cared about the environment they'd make their phones more repairable

    • stiggy12


    • jiayaw

      Or the fact that when you buy the charging brick separately you actually end up with more wasted material lol

    • Nicholas Wiewiora
      Nicholas Wiewiora

      @Bella1995 This guy's complaining about having to look for a knife... you don't EDC one? xD

    • Mukhammadali Ochilov
      Mukhammadali Ochilov

      @James Baggott Apple switched to adhesive stickers with iPhone 13.

    • James Baggott
      James Baggott

      @Ahmed Akram it's not that simple. in a store lots of people share the same inventory and boxes can get tossed around when there's 10 customers in a store with 2 reps and the safe wasn't properly organized by the closer. Sometimes the boxes will just get damaged in shipping and nobody will buy those.

  • Yerbamatey

    I love the back on the Ultra. I've only ever owned phones with glossy glass backs which feel awful so I've always used a case. The back on the Ultra is so nice to feel

    • MJ

      @Angry Bob I hope that you realize that hotter surface to touch isn't necessarily hotter surface. If anything, metal back helps to cool down device.

    • Flying Pig
      Flying Pig

      @MJ wireless charging doesn’t work, and metal conducts heat which makes your phone hotter, which is dangerous especially with a case that traps the heat.

    • Angry Bob
      Angry Bob

      @MJ heat

    • MJ

      If glass and Plastic suck, why not just put metal back?

  • IncertusetNescio

    When it comes to charging my One+ 7 Pro, I more often than not charge it on a standard QC-spec charger (5v3A, 9v2A, etc) instead of the 30W warp charger that came with it unless I need my phone charged fast. I figure it has to be better for the battery that way. Interesting to see I'm not alone there. As for getting this phone, since One+ is fumbling their ball this is the nicest alternative to the One+ 9 I've found. May well get.

  • Jens H.
    Jens H.

    Seems like Ill keep the S10 longer than expected. Headphonejack, microSD, remapable Bixbibutton..

    • iamphil159

      I'm using S10+ right now and I'm planning to get S22 Ultra even if it will not have headphone jack and sd card support. You can find headphone jack adapter for cheap and it's not a good idea to charge and use headphone at the same time anyway. For storage I heard the 22 ultra will start at 258 GB so it's plenty for me who doesn't use half of my 258GB sd card in S10+.

    • A guy with a camera
      A guy with a camera

      Same. I will never NEVER understand the removal of the jack. So many times my headphones are low on battery and I can just bring out my cable and use them wired

    • Krush GamerLife
      Krush GamerLife

      I'm keeping my s10 as well

    • kaosine

      @ThemeParkUnited it might but I'd rather not pay a premium for built in storage and is why you back stuff up anyways(also don't cheap out on what sd you get....)

    • Кеша

      @Niv Patel realme is from bbk electronics, its oneplus oppo and etc, the chinese company you wont buy phone from is xiaomi, their os is ass

  • Yoshimatsu414

    I didn't even know there was a pen case for a S21 Ultra. I definitely want one now. Have a Note 20 Ultra (my first Note device) love the pen but actually kind of hate the curved edges. S21 Ultra might be my side grade.

  • malebolgiasatan

    If they really cared about the environmental aspect, they would make phones where you could replace the battery easier and have longer software support.

    • Carl Gunderson
      Carl Gunderson

      @Ben That's not even remotely related to what I was talking about. And, I never said it that it makes it better. But, ok. If you say so. lmfao

    • Ben

      @Carl Gunderson that makes it better? My iphone se is still supported and now running up on 6 years

    • Shayax

      Bro samsung battery is the best iPhone battery tho I can say the same

    • MiDLiFE CRYSiS
      MiDLiFE CRYSiS

      My Samsung's have lasted me 4 years with no issues in terms of software. I always ended up changing from simple battery degradation or charging ports beginning to fail. Those have been partially fixed by better batteries and wireless charging though

    • Carl Gunderson
      Carl Gunderson

      Just an FYI: The longer software support, isn't a "Samsung only problem"

  • Ryan

    Just changed over my Note 9 to a S21. So far I'm happy with it. I went with the regular S21 because the Ultra is too damn big. It's way too long.

    • Zuks

      “Too damn big” that’s what she said 😈

    • Jakub Strýček
      Jakub Strýček

      I did had note 9 before andbnow i have s21 ultra .. they are the exact same size but the ultra is a bit thicker

  • ProFumi46

    Your phone's RAM works optimally when using as much space as possible. Empty space - working memory that is not used - will lead to a decrease in performance and an increased battery consumption. So i think 8Gb is good in my opinion :)

  • CoreTaku

    Super happy with my S21+. 120hz is great w/ 8GB of ram, and the Snapdragon processor is perfect with Retroarch.

  • Jim Wentworth
    Jim Wentworth

    Pretty pleased so far with my S21. Always had LG G series phones. And loved them. But given the future of their phones and the availability of them now I chose to go with this. Now I gotta say it does have less features but I don't know that I really miss them all that much . I suppose that's what happens when you buy the lesser of the 3 flagship phones by them. My only big complaint with the S21 is the battery. It's pathetic. I charged this at 4 a.m. and turned it on at 5 a.m. 100%. It's now 9 : 30 a.m. and I have had the battery saver on and it is ready at 65 %. That's not nearly as good as my Lg's. They really need to use a bigger battery in it. I would still recommend this phone. It's plenty fast and the sound is way better. Deep and rich in tone. The camera I think is better. I would say it's a pretty good buy for the price.. but that darn battery !

    • Derek Beaucage
      Derek Beaucage

      @Can Polat actually its great! i LOVE this phone!!

    • Can Polat
      Can Polat

      @Derek Beaucage how is it now?

    • Derek Beaucage
      Derek Beaucage

      LOL I just bought the S21 Ultra today and I've noticed that it seems like the battery power goes down pretty quick. Oh No! Haha good phone otherwise. Screen looks nice and the speakers are louder than my Google Pixel

  • Concept Creator
    Concept Creator

    Someone said it!!! NOT about the bloody environment!! it annoys me so much that that excuse is used! just pisses me of! Have the balls to just say as it is: Money! Also no MicroSD... pfff

    • RandomCommunist


    • 18spara

      @Concept Creator Yes of course, when you introduce a new standard such as C-C people will need to update charging blocks. Every transition has this issue. Apple can't prove it before it has happened, it will come after the fact. But you can draw conclusions from user data, such as many users having several charging blocks laying around at home that isn't in use. Apple sells around 200 million iPhones a year. Samsung isn't far behind, not to mention every other carrier there is out there. Not to mention all the other mobile devices such as ipads etc that share charging solutions. Looking at changes in connectors compared to those numbers, you can't in good faith say that producing 500 million+ units of something as standard isn't wasteful. Also I am well aware that Apple etc makes money off of this, you're not some kind of genius for figuring out that it improves their margins. But that doesn't really make the environmental claim false. And the chain is longer than shipping. Manufacturing of goods is very detrimental to the environment. It takes decades of driving a conventional car for it to emit the same levels as it took to manufacture it.

    • 18spara

      Producing 500 million unecessary charging blocks is bad for the environment. Ontop of that it nearly doubles the shipping volume. There's a fuck ton of environmental gains from not including it. But it also does save them a bucketload (or truckload) of money. Basically everyone is a winner here.

  • Mula Trading
    Mula Trading

    We were all excited to get our hands on the release of the S21 series. You showcased all its features during the unpacked event. The display and the new adaptive refresh rate, large capacity of the battery life and the great camera. I myself have pre-ordered the S21 ultra. When I received it I immediately set it up. Excited to use all its features, I tried playing games, and taking photos and videos but the phone gets uncomfortably hot. Sadly, a lot of people have been experiencing fast battery drain, and overheating. A few members of a Samsung S21 group on Facebook have shared getting the overheating warning after a few minutes of camera usage. I myself have experienced the camera shutting off after 20mins of camera usage in the Microsoft Teams app. This kind of phone should not have these problems, a flagship phone should be better than those middle range phones. The ultra is said to be the best, but the phone battery drains so fast and the camera can't even be used continuously. Samsung Live Chat isn't even helpful with these concerns. The ultra, should be the flagship model but it's not being the best. It's supposed to be the beast of all smartphones and dominate others, but even middle range phones can do better. The phone isn't cheap either, hence it is very disappointing to have these problems. Samsung, your customers/consumers deserve better than this. Fix this problem.

  • Nagy Levi
    Nagy Levi

    Good review. It helps Samsung realize that we're alright with getting screwed out of every single accessory and slot/port on our phones while paying over $1000 for the privilege.

  • Brady Sheeley
    Brady Sheeley

    My S21 Ultra charges so fast (with the Samsung block) that I almost feel like charging is a thing of the past lol. So I think 25 watts is plenty. Also, I've had the phone for about 5 months now and my battery still lasts me almost 2 days without power saving mode. Only phone I've ever owned that hasn't disappointed me after a few months of using it.

    • Had1_awresomboss

      @Thomas Herr that is what I said you will mostly notice in the photos That is not the biggest problem because 60hz is even worse than 720p

    • Thomas Herr
      Thomas Herr

      @Had1_awresomboss yeah, i can't stand 720p lol i got the s21 ultra because i came from the lg v30 which had 1440p and i didnt even wanna take the step back to 1080p because i can notice the difference, i don't like being able to see pixels easily

    • Had1_awresomboss

      @Thomas Herr yeah just a fun experiment but I will admit you will be able to notice the differences if you look at your photos on 720p they will look trash

    • Thomas Herr
      Thomas Herr

      @Had1_awresomboss with light use and 1440p at 120hz/adaptive turned on i get two days, usually one day though with my normal use, i'm sure at 720p and 60hz with light use i would probably be able to get 4 days but i dont see a reason for trying it, i'm a power user for sure lol

    • Had1_awresomboss

      @Thomas Herr my s20 once lasted almost 3 days when I turned off 120hz and set it at 720p it has 4000mah and an older cpu imagine how long an s21 ultra would last if you used 60hz and 720p. It also has 5000mah with a less needy cpu

  • Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
    Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

    My P20 Pro has had no battery fade in 3 years due to my use of a third party 10w charger instead of the standard 25w from the box. My wife had the same phone and had to switch to the S20 Ultra last year due to the battery dying. I have to say this is the first phone I've seen in 3 years that's made me want to replace my Huawei.

  • Unik Mandakh
    Unik Mandakh

    also if Apple cared about environment they would've switched to USB type C long time ago. Instead they are making Gazzilion of money on their proprietary lighting cables

    • Ethan Ross
      Ethan Ross

      USB C is the same copout bs as an apple cable. if any of these companies gave a damn they'd go back to macro usb, which had universal compatibility and never broke.

    • Serenity in silence
      Serenity in silence

      I switch back and forth between android and apple phones fairly regularly. I honestly prefer the lightning cable to type c. It’s significantly easier to plug into the phone in the dark. On an unrelated note, EV cars are going to have this same problem. There will be companies making proprietary chargers for their cars. Making it harder for the consumers to power their vehicles.

    • dxtremecaliber

      ​@DaveOTech so? ofc its usb 2.0 even usb type b uses that lmao

    • highlander

      @Zyon Hickman they never said it of course they won’t say it but they’ll do it in the coming years.

  • Matthew H
    Matthew H

    Some thoughts from someone who has had an s21 ultra for a few months now: -i thought I'd miss my s pen. I really don't. It was a novelty to begin with for me. - the battery life is sweeeeeeet. 5k battery ftw - the lack of a physical SD slot isn't really an issue. The phone has a lot of internal memory, and if I'm interested in swapping the photos to another device, there are plenty of free cloud services to use(google, OneDrive). My main complaints were -having to search for the power button. It's not physical anymore unless you mess with the settings. -the "Free" software, which is what pops up when you swipe left on the home screen, is blah. I haven't tried to remove it yet via settings, but I wish it wasn't there. Overall, great phone. If you're an Android user, it doesn't get much better than this at this point in time.

    • Chase Turpin
      Chase Turpin

      A bit late but you can remove the add screen. Hold on an empty space in your home screen and then remove that screen.

  • Sunew Jenkuzo
    Sunew Jenkuzo

    For the 21 Ultra I love it but I still hate the fact that I can't put an SD card in it to expand memory also still don't like how they never brought back the headphone jack but oh well just a couple things I can learn to live without.


    Went with Apple this year and went running back to Android, with Apple it felt like I was citizen from a communist country with a leader that told me where to put my apps and how restricted I was in doing anything, and the lack of customization was horrible, but I guess is nice for people who want to be part of the cool crowd 🙃

    • ThePowerOfTheGodHand

      Yeah I hate ios. Also no apple products in my house . So it's kind of dumb to have an iPhone


      I love my Razer Phone 2 but to make online purchases and using the wallet, I rather use apple but enjoy my Razer Phone 2 more for gaming, movies, and since its got dolby atmos , i have a blast listening to music

    • XContrygirl chevyx
      XContrygirl chevyx

      Same I ended up getting the 12 pro max within a month phone screen started flickering while playing a video ....I thought lets wait it out maybe it won't do it as time goes by welp it got worse, speakers are bad no one can hear me with or without AirPods and frozen screen and all apple could say was factory reset on top of factory reset to solve everything ... when honestly all that did was just over heat the stupid thing end up being a malfunctioning problem....Fiancé was like I told you to get an android welp im listening now lmfao the fact that within a month so much issues is crazy apple needs to stop reselling the same phone and fix issues at hand.... Like factory reset won't fix everything I was stuck on the phone for 3 hours till I decided to come back home to Samsung ....wasted a good Sunday Back to android I go I got my eye on the note 20 ultra or z flip 3 gonna trade my watch in for a Samsung one and cop me some Samsung buds apple is truly running out of ideas

    • Panzer32

      One of my friends who got the new iPhone 13 is already frustrated as you can't download Spotify songs in the background. He had to put the phone on a charger and keep the app open to complete the downloads lol. For me iOS is unusable, don't know why so many love it.

  • ꪻꫝꫀ Cosꪑiᥴ ꪮꪀꫀ
    ꪻꫝꫀ Cosꪑiᥴ ꪮꪀꫀ

    The S series used always to be the default choice for Android users but now with that many comprises, oppo oneplus and xiaomi seem so tempting to switch to (if they only had better cameras), yeah I guess there's no complete phone anymore 😢

  • Abhishek Javali
    Abhishek Javali

    "Only 8 gigs of memory" Watching this from a laptop having 8 gigs of memory.

    • Had1_awresomboss

      Ps4 has 8 bruh ps5 has 16

    • Andre John
      Andre John

      @LyQu0r ram bro

    • John Citizen
      John Citizen

      You must mean Ram.

    • Shiba Inu
      Shiba Inu

      Only 8 gigs memory 4 gigs laptop 2 gigs phone

    • John Citizen
      John Citizen

      8 is plenty.

  • BlackBullPistol

    I was almost screaming at my screen when he started to talk about the low watt fast charging and than he said the right thing as all techs should say about fast charging how it's better to use chargers with lower amps to expend your battery's lifespan, this important information should know all non tech people. I as a PC and Phone tech always give to my clients the right information that benefits them even if it's not going to always benefit me, this is how it should supposed to be but sadly it's not in many cases.

  • Alexander George
    Alexander George

    I still have my S10e. It came with a charger in box, it has a headphone jack (I listen to high quality IEMs) and it has a micro SD slot. Plus a great form factor at just 5.8".. I'll keep it, thanks.

    • D Lee
      D Lee

      I just read this and the only thing I don't like about the s10e, is the speaker volume, the small screen to text, the speaker for verbal texting. But, other then the s21 is going to be basically free, I probably would have kept it my phone.

  • ShadowLord562

    I still have a note 8 and my screen doesnt detect my touch anymore. It does detect my pen though and when I was messing with the fingerprint thing, apparently I can open my phone using iris scan. That has helped me during the pandemic so much. I'll buy the ultra if it has the iris scan as well.

  • Ballyantyne

    If we had the Snapdragon version in the UK, I'd go for this. Unfortunately, I prefer the iPhone, partially for that reason

  • Ryan Walsh
    Ryan Walsh

    If apple really cared about the environment, they would make their phones and devices repairable, instead of replaceable.

    • AndyZULUL

      negligible difference, is no different for any other flag ships.

    • Krane

      @GH0STST4RSCR34M Sarcasm bub. Based on the marketing speak to support greed.

    • Lord V1LE
      Lord V1LE

      @JT Owensby III well apple removed the headphone jack and used the space for the Taptic Engine and what’s the other desired port?

    • JT Owensby III
      JT Owensby III

      @Lord V1LE that more space isnt a real thing, this generation removed 2 EXTREMELY DESIRED ports and replaced that cost and space with, wait for it, NOTHING

  • joe gonzalez
    joe gonzalez

    I like the dual sim card. Either for a work phone or canceling your service provider for whatever reason. I also like using this as my modem for my pc. You connect it with the charging wire into your pc USB and just like plugging into a phone jack. You now have internet access. Great phone.

  • Hunter Charaba
    Hunter Charaba

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 that I've had since they came out and honestly it does still run like new. Sure I've had to go into the BIOS and play with some sort of battery setting at one point but other than that and some cracks on the back from being dropped it's still the best phone and camera I've ever used. Also the microphone is a bit clogged with lint and it can still pick up me whispering across the room

    • J H
      J H

      Same for my Oneplus 5T which is a couple months older. Also no cracks on the screen or anything.

  • TyTystick

    honestly I'll keep the S10 for as long as it gets updates. It has an AMAZING 1440p amoled screen, also of course the headphone jack and SD card slot. probably a year or two longer?

  • ZetsumieX

    Between my Note 9 512GB and 256GB SD card, I'm using 703GB of storage. Though I was hoping to upgrade this year, I'll wait until their new note line-up comes out before ditching Samsung like I did Apple...

  • Nosrah

    Losing the microSD hurts something special. Guess the S9’s staying a few more years or until I give up and move onto another brand.

    • LvL3

      You can use a type c external USB stick

    • David Harrison
      David Harrison

      Oppo same specs better phones And 2 sim and micro SD upto 512 gig

    • bumfuzzle_gardyloo1337

      honestly jua buy mid range phones they even still have the headphone jack

    • F ABD
      F ABD

      @Traveler Now that's a more reasonable response.

    • Traveler

      @F ABD Bc this is an old comment and I don't know why you care about my opinion.

  • Javier Castro
    Javier Castro

    The 8K looks good, it just has a very hard time autofocusing, so it looks like supersmoothed out if you don't manually focus

  • Sean Bates
    Sean Bates

    I still like my note 9! The battery life is losing a little after all this time but its still doesn't leave me wanting much. I keep hoping for a new galaxy worth upgrading to lol

  • DaysofKnight

    I still use my S7 Edge from 4.5 years ago, still a pretty decent phone. They did however stopped updating my generation of phones like a year ago. But it's still chugging along. All it needs is a back glass and battery replacement, and it's a new phone again

  • Merry Harry
    Merry Harry

    Ive had my note 8 since it released and I think its been 4 or 5 years and Its been a loyal working phone. Its been through way to much for it to be working like it has been for this long but alas its finally time to upgrade. S21 Ultra here we go man.

  • v12tommy

    I love the S pen capability of my Note 10+. Never use the included pen though. I have a Galaxy S7+ Tablet, which has its own, bigger pen. I switch back and forth between devices all the time with the larger tablet pen. It wouldn't bother me one bit to not have an included pen with the Ultra, as long as it has the capability.

  • Rayyan A
    Rayyan A

    It's unbelievable, I know, but I still have my S10+ from the beginning of 2019. Battery life is still great, cracked the screen so that's not great, but the performance STILL feels like a flagship and I STILL get updates. It's left such an impression on me, I ended up getting another S10+ (worked out cheaper than a repair and who's complaining about having 2 flagships) and I tell you now, the screen and speaker combo still make it better than most flagships in my opinion. I think it still holds the highest pixel density and they worked some magic on the speakers, it sounds like things are actually to the left and right of me when I watch Dolby Atmos shows/movies and even s21 users are still surprised. Bought the S20 Fe last year, huge disappointment, the camera was terrible compared to this beauty. Next step, pixel 6🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Leslie Solorzano
    Leslie Solorzano

    Awesome vid. I decided to stay with my S9 too. I can keep my s-pen. Works super smooth. I just wanted a better front camera. But it's not work getting rid of my S9 I've had it for 2.5 years and it doesn't have a scratch. Only that battery drains a bit faster.

  • John Garvelink
    John Garvelink

    I'm still on a Note 9 as well. Works like a champ. Streaming music and a decent amount of other useful features while working. Then a decent amount of social media browsing and mobile games after work

  • BigPapa

    If they really cared about the environment they would make chargers that didn’t break

    • Rave

      Are you kidding? They don't even make macbooks upgradable

    • Ethan Ross
      Ethan Ross

      @Dodo Nn You have to be joking...any slight misplacement of the micro cables will render them useless {Myself and those around me have all gone through at least 5 each per couple of years as far as i can tell} - And the USBC cables connect incorrectly out of the fucking box. With any samsung device a user will have noticed that the 'fast charging' feature only works after multiple re-plugs, at least 50% of the time.

    • Idiotic Monkey
      Idiotic Monkey

      @Chris MILLERmy Samsung charger is still going very strong after a whole year, my old apple cables would be done by now.

    • Pipeslice101

      i only find that apple cables and plugs break all the time but my samsung plug and cable last forever no breaking

    • BigPapa

      Dodo Nn it’s not a apple cable so

  • Jesse G.
    Jesse G.

    I have a Samsung S8 and I notice some tiredness of it but I still get software updates and other than the slightly noticeable tiredness it works perfectly fine. Now I'm slowly approaching a new phone and think that the normal S21 will do the job nicely xD Edit: nvm got my eyes on the Asus Rog phone 5 now xDD

  • David Guest
    David Guest

    Currently rocking the S20, absolutely love it but the S21 as far as I can tell is more or less a downgrade? Could you compare the two generations to see if there's actual improvement or just budgeting?

    • Dogmo Satchmo
      Dogmo Satchmo

      They priced it lower than the S20, but don't let that confuse you.. Its absolutely not a downgrade. Side by side comparison here. The price and performance of the S21 Ultra, is absolutely better than the S20, not a matter of opinion.. www.tomsguide.com/news/samsung-galaxy-s21-ultra-vs-galaxy-s20-ultra-whats-different

  • Jordan Joestar
    Jordan Joestar

    Had my note9 for 4 years and it was under water, in lakes, fell out of trucks and more. Worked flawlessly its entire life. Got the S21 Ultra, and still miss it. The ultra BETTER be as good as the note was.

  • theNimboo

    Lol I'm so glad you tried a Note 9's S Pen. I still use my Note 9 as a daily driver. I'm only going to upgrade when it breaks down, because it's still an amazing phone, and it is still the best phone out there with no notch or hole punch. I did want to see what the new generation had to offer, but I'd say that I'm not that impressed. The Hole Punch is ugly as fuck and I can't stand it, and otherwise the only upgrades I see are the refresh rate and the 5g, and the camera. Definitely not worth rushing out to buy until I absolutely have to. The Note 9 really is an amazing phone, I fucking love it. Why the fuck did they decide we would rather have holes floating in the middle of the screen instead of just a slim bezel like the Note 9 has? Wtf samsung/apple? Edit: lol well I finished the video, and I realize you are also a Note 9 user and hate notches. Epic bro, glad we agree. I'm definitely not a naked phone guy though. I have had a case on my Note 9 the whole time, and it has no scratches at all after over 2 years of use. Still though, I also love my s pen. I feel your pain. I'm gonna hold out until the next gen, I don't see anything worth upgrading for yet.

  • dalton wildes
    dalton wildes

    I'm pretty positive the 30x example photo here is using the primary camera with a digital zoom because of the aperture of the 10x optical. I have seen other people talk about this. You need alot of light for that 10x lense.

  • Wouter van Tiel
    Wouter van Tiel

    I wonder about the labeling of the two selfie pictures. I think you have it backwards - already it is extremely hard to tell the difference because the is some coloration difference may be to the lighting. Both pictures are really sharp, but it seems the 10MP is a better picture to me. Then I checked back and saw you held the ultra in your left hand and so yes you did get them switched and the better picture is indeed the 40MP, but not by a whole lot. Then again my eyes are 60 years old....

  • Diwa Alejandro Galvez
    Diwa Alejandro Galvez

    Been super happy with the S21+. The last Samsung I used was the S3, and I'm glad how much, much better their UI is now. Hell, I like One UI more than the OxygenOS now

    • Ethan Ross
      Ethan Ross

      @Diwa Alejandro Galvez OneUI and Oxygen both appear to be manufacturer UI, not custom.

    • Diwa Alejandro Galvez
      Diwa Alejandro Galvez

      @Ethan Ross of my S3? I didn't. I flashed it. Of my S21+? Because OneUI is better than stock Android imo.

    • Ethan Ross
      Ethan Ross

      why would you use the default ui anyway....

  • Pierre Weee
    Pierre Weee

    What would really help the environment , would be an optional charger if i need one. Otherwise i buy a new charger which is seperately packed.... And what purpose has the foil on the back of the phone🌿🌿

  • redX111t

    I don't like the fact that the sd card slot is gone, but who really cares about those 60 watt chargers? Don't they just ruin the battery much faster? Don't really care if the phone charges 5 minutes faster if it results the battery degrading 2 times faster. Edit. Linus did mention that, good job Linus!

    • Thomas Feser
      Thomas Feser

      huawei has an intelligent charger like if it has 40-50% at night when you got to sleep it will slow charge and will take about 2-4 hours .. but if you charge it mid day when it only has like 10% it will fast charge ... honestly huawei would still build the best phone if they didnt got fucked by not beeing allowed to use android/google

    • Zozzinator

      With oneplus for example, you share the charge between mmultiple cells, so every cell is only fed half of the wattage, which is really not bad for the battery

    • Lachlan Geier
      Lachlan Geier

      I've got mine setup to turn off fast charging at night and turning it back on during the day using bixby routines

    • Joshua F
      Joshua F

      @DB Water Not every brand does this. Apparently Samsung is not trying to join the fast charging war. Admittedly, that might be more out of concerns about heat than battery lifespan.

    • Michael Corcoran
      Michael Corcoran

      @phuture 90% of people who purchased a phone this expensive are going to upgrade within 2 years so the long-term battery life doesn't mean that much.

  • Grizzly

    I'm still rocking the Note 9 also, works perfectly to this day.

    • Kurt O'Myer
      Kurt O'Myer

      Me too

    • RandomCommunist


    • a_helpful_friend

      my note 9 has been the worst phone i ever owned, sadly. I think I got a lemon

    • KaptainKwad FPV
      KaptainKwad FPV

      Same here. Got mine on launch day. Best phone I've ever owned, no new phones really have any features that make me want to upgrade, I don't need 5 different cameras, the note 9 camera works fine and takes great pics. Hell if anything they take features away. Not giving up my aux port

    • Newo ♤
      Newo ♤

      Note 9 was peak samsung

  • rolls _879
    rolls _879

    damn, it feels weird thinking about how many more features my s8 has over the s21... Samsung I thought you were better than this 😪

  • Daniel Sasseville
    Daniel Sasseville

    I have the s21 ultra and honestly it's the best Samsung phone I've ever owned. I truly have nothing to complain about. No micro SD slot? Wasn't using it on my prior phones much. No headphone jack? Bought wireless ones and I like them more.

  • Kai

    The iPhone will forever be the phone with beautiful hardware that does 75% right, and literally cannot not do the other 25% at all.

    • Kai

      Then again Samsung flagships (at least until now hopefully) try to do too many things right, and it ends up being a cluster.

  • 93MM483N50N

    Nice to see someone finally calling apple out on the "eco friendly" choice of not including a charger. I mean sure it may do something to help but it would be miniscule. Especially when you're a company that manufactures hundreds of millions of devices a year. It's clearly just because it's cheaper, and if it is genuinely is for the environment it's a pretty hollow gesture lol

    • Krane

      So their Jedi mind tricks don't work on everyone. Its still work on enough people (aka Apple bots) to sell a lot of product.

    • tom

      I don't think I've seen a tech youtuber that HASN'T called out Apple for the no charger thing.

  • Pnkj

    Love how Linus is still using Note 9 and featuring it in newer product videos.. Note 9 was best phone i ever owned..

  • Mr.HobbyMan

    I still have the S5 and am finally looking to upgrade that's why I'm here. I just want a large memory capacity and real nice camera. not liking the lack of micro SD slot. shoot i think im the only one that can still remove the battery and SD card. LOL

  • Vapor

    1080p on my S21+ looks grainy, a bit pixelated to me compared to the magnificent display on my Note10+. I really wish Samsung hadn't kept the + model at 1080p.

  • Arthur Diamondhands
    Arthur Diamondhands

    I bought the s21 and I'm already having buyers remorse and taking it back to get the s21 ultra, and I'm going to be that guy that gets the pen holder case.

    • 古明地恋

      same but also with iphone 13 pro lmao there are always something better off the corner

    • dozerthecat

      @Arthur Diamondhands agree about screen protectors.

    • Arthur Diamondhands
      Arthur Diamondhands

      @dozerthecat I can't say the same. I actually didn't get the a pen holder case. I got an otter box. Good protective cases are totally worth the money. I actually think screen protectors are a gimmick. They don't do what they are marketed to do, they do break but not because they are protecting your screen from breaking, They just break easier than your screen so you can go buy a new one.

    • dozerthecat

      But as for the front glass... the s21 is way too easy to break. Doesn't scratch, but easily breaks. Very disappointed with the glass.

    • dozerthecat

      @T o k i . . . - ト キ plastic backs are far better than the heavier breakable glass backs. Silly reviewers think glass is premium. It's just apple marketing.


    Two times now they mocked Apple just to copy the same thing a year later. Headphone jack and now charging brick. Samsung need to just keep their mouth shut lol

    • Logan Duncan
      Logan Duncan

      @GH0STST4RSCR34M it is but ok lol

    • LaidBackDeveloper

      Also at least samsung made their phones cheaper after removing the charger. and they made the charger prices on their website cheaper

    • LaidBackDeveloper

      Samsung removed the headphone jack several years after apple to increase the battery size.

    • Dario Mladenovski
      Dario Mladenovski

      @GH0STST4RSCR34M how is it trickery all the reviews are saying that the S21 is a solid phone while Apple is charging more and they are still using 60HZ displays on their phones and they still have that ugly notch in the front also no fingerprint sensor so now you have to take off your mask every time you want to unlock your phone

    • Zyon Hickman
      Zyon Hickman

      @Mrfunny ima be honest ima total apple fanboy but i appreciate the quality in samsung phones. i just don’t like when samsung fans won’t stfu about apple and appreciate a phone.

  • Benjamin Pavel
    Benjamin Pavel

    I love how people are "shocked" that Samsung threw shade at Apple since they did these stunts many times before. They did it with removable batteries, 3.5mm jack and now this...like they have no honor anymore lol.

    • Benjamin Pavel
      Benjamin Pavel

      @vermont drone Just to put out here that I'm not an apple fan at all, quite contrary I'm even planning to get S21 Ultra this Monday. But yeah even apple does it few things. It's just annoying and childish thing to do from such big companies as you lose respect to them....

    • vermont drone
      vermont drone

      no honor just like apple

  • Annibals

    Xiaomi didn't charge for a charger? Pretty classy considering they're even a smaller company Xiaomi's damn good btw. I've used two of them and they're such quality ones

  • Casie

    The Airpods are compatible with the S21 right? I use them with my S8 and I'm kinda disappointed about it not having a headphone jack, but I'll deal with it once I get the S21. 💛

  • Dominic

    started using samsung note 9 on 1st May 2018. having screen discolouration since Apr 2020. such a pity. loved it. overheats, wifi drops too since then. and Linus be like still using Note 9. what the heck LOL

  • Dale Snoloje
    Dale Snoloje

    Didn't feel like much of an upgrade from my aged S7 that finally have up after 6 years. Better camera, slightly bigger screen - great. No SD slot?? Argh...

  • The Fifth Generation
    The Fifth Generation

    My S20 FE will be my last Samsung for a while, the exclusion of the micro-SD slot makes this too Apple-like with capped storage limits.

  • Paul T Sjordal
    Paul T Sjordal

    I can live with the loss of expandable storage, the loss of the power brick, and a lot of the other compromises, but the loss of MST on Samsung Pay is a deal breaker for me. I actually use that because I live in a technologically backwards nation (America).

  • Dainis Cakuls
    Dainis Cakuls

    Thanks for telling me go charge at 5w! I didn't know it ruins the battery. As I want my phone to last 2 to 3 years

  • Parth Soni
    Parth Soni

    the brand who made your beloved second wife, Galaxy Note 9.

    • Ville Wintermaul
      Ville Wintermaul

      The note9 is indeed still the peak of smartphones. Definitely not worth upgrading yet as its not really possible 😅

    • Casperwinde

      Hv no regret ordering note 9 on day 1 and still rocking it

    • Ameer H
      Ameer H

      i don't know maybe it's only me but note9's fingerprint became so bad after 2 years, battery is even worse , but what makes me really want to buy an Iphone 12 is the note9 decreasing performance, it stutters every once in a while and sometimes it get stuck for a second

    • SilPhate

      @Travis Van Keuren note 7 was peak samsung

    • Sahil Meena
      Sahil Meena

      @Travis Van Keuren design was definitely peak. A thin top bezel looks much better than a stupid notch or hole punch.

  • WickedRed1

    Just picked up a S21 Ultra today to replace my Note 9, happy with it and love the camera

  • Flow_ Easy
    Flow_ Easy

    I have a Pixel 3 XL. And I want to upgrade and although I like Apple I like different variations of Android too. I wish I could just pick a phone without having to give something up and still enjoy it.

  • Danny's Tech Experience
    Danny's Tech Experience

    damn, i finally ordered an s21 ultra but as soon as i opened the box i noticed right away that the back feels VERY cheap... as soon as my nail hit it, it clearly sounded like very cheap plastic... the phone felt incredibly hollow by it. can you tell me if this is also the case with your unit ?

  • BakaOppai

    I just upgraded my note 9 to s21 ultra. Im in love, mostly for internet speeds tho -- tmobile gave me $913 credit on my trade in so this phone was cheap

  • 70du

    *Linus in every Every samsung video : " This is why I'm still sticking with my note 9"*

    • JT Owensby III
      JT Owensby III

      @Unbolted TV the notes arent just the pen, notes are almost always better devices in every category from phone to raw specs, im on a note 8 waiting for a new phone to actually offer features i want again

    • Rainbow Dash
      Rainbow Dash

      @Unbolted TV They rather should remove the S series instead... I couldn't use a phone or tablet without pen anymore as it's just too versatile. It's never wrong to have it there even if you might not really need it. There are cases where it's just amazing to have, like being able to take notes, quickly write on a photo or image to point things out, signing a document or simply having something to be able to click more precisely in the browser on that small screen without having to bring a BT mouse.

    • El Pinto
      El Pinto

      @Unbolted TV I use the pen for school, so I don't need to use paper and I can find my notes easily.

    • SICEM_Rex

      @Unbolted TV with S Pen functionality now on the S21 line you're probably going to get your wish soon enough

  • JK's World
    JK's World

    You should check if the esim functionality works as promised in the phone. US version does not support it.