Keep your coffee hot FOREVER for a price
Cold coffee sucks unless it's cold brew. But is it really worth $130 and your privacy to keep your coffee hot?
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  • mint gardener
    mint gardener

    That privacy policy is sus, it’s literally just a heater wtf do they need to be tracking??

    • Max Link
      Max Link

      In the world of big data you probably can sell any data and someone will buy it.

    • PsyDei Itzamná
      PsyDei Itzamná

      Yes, I’ve wanted one for the longest time, but I’m not installing a fucking shady app for it.

    • KrakenJM

      This is an easy answer: Privacy policies are required by law in both the US and EU with any website or app that requires a sign-in.

    • Ignacio P.
      Ignacio P.

      @Thunder Arch thats actually valuable data, if i wanted to make some thermal mugs i would want to know that

    • dman35

      In the words of John Pinette: "But I'm not adopting the toaster...."

  • Guillaume Joop
    Guillaume Joop

    "You have to sign in" aaand in the bin it goes

    • Unmei Tobaku
      Unmei Tobaku

      Fuck anything that wants more of your data just to use it for simple mundane tasks that don’t and shouldn’t require privacy?!? *BRAH*

    • Pro720HyperMaster720

      @Daniel Young even then you should consider that discontinuation of the product/servers, closing of the company or simply servers not working at when you needed and the expensive heated mug becomes a regular mug

    • Pro720HyperMaster720

      @Pirojf Mifhghek I’m not saying that J M is correct but, is not a pun to all lactose intolerants, you can simply take Milk without lactose instead of soy milk

    • Pro720HyperMaster720

      @Polak5677 easy, product discontinued or servers not online and you have a nice and expensive paperweight, so reasons are plenty

    • Pro720HyperMaster720

      @X Fade maybe, but the problem is that you must log in (and having an account of course) in order to use it, so if their servers are not online for some reason or simply the company discontinues it, there you’ve got a nice (and expensive) paperweight

  • Dino Dorkin
    Dino Dorkin

    “Your coffee is half way up to temp. If you want your coffee heated up fully, watch this 2min unskippable ad or upgrade to our Premium Plan”

    • Isaac Marquez
      Isaac Marquez

      @Avery freedom of choice, this is America

    • Avery

      @souradeep sil What if you want it to be 130 but the max you can set it to is 145... Why would they let you set the coffee to 260.

    • souradeep sil
      souradeep sil

      @Dino Dorkin No no he has a point...

    • orlagh

      @Dino Dorkin no u.

    • Dino Dorkin
      Dino Dorkin

      @orlagh You’re not the sharpest knife in a drawer, aren’t you?

  • Sinom

    "You have to sign in" "it has an app" well that's a product for the bin

    • pawala

      @Michael Daffin While you're at it maybe make it taller to store more liquid and slimmer for better handling. Then maybe drop the price to a more reasonable $20. Might be onto something here...

    • Technological Elite
      Technological Elite

      I understand the app, how else u gonna control it? But sign in, yeah that sucks.

    • OneWheel right to repair
      OneWheel right to repair

      @Patrick Blouin it's not supposed to be used to heat water it is used to keep your already warm liquid warm.

    • Michael Daffin
      Michael Daffin

      @Patrick Blouin All the other negative points aside (and it has quite a lot), it does not need to heat the water fully - only maintain the heat lost over time. So would probably work better than you assume. Even better if you give it a lid. And insulate the walls. Then you can probably keep it hot for hours without a battery... someone should invent something like that /s

    • Patrick Blouin
      Patrick Blouin

      Heating water takes a ton of energy, no way the battery is worthwhile. Also at this point in my life, if it's not dishwasher safe, it's getting used exactly once then it stays dirty.

  • felentus

    I'm waiting for the company to go bankrupt so the app stop working and it turning into a very expensive normal mug.

    • Maya Posch
      Maya Posch

      @ThePixel1983 From the teardowns I saw it looked like a resistive heating element. Meaning the battery gets pretty toasty too, even with the reflective foil they put below the heating element. Honestly, this whole setup seems to overcomplicate simple (USB-powered) heating pads you put regular mugs on.

    • ThePixel1983

      @Maya Posch Oh right, and the battery is right next to a heating element! Or is it a peltier? That would cool the battery, but maybe too much?

    • scmstr

      I have an ember mug 1. All software connectivity died in two weeks. Works great on the pad so I kept it since that's still the most important part. Maybe the 2.0 is designed better.

    • Phoenix Vance
      Phoenix Vance

      @Conor Murphy they're just pointing out that it can still be partially usable once the battery shits the bed. I'm not saying the product is good by any means, though

    • Conor Murphy
      Conor Murphy

      @StuffAndMore so? It doesn’t change the flaw in the non-replaceable battery

  • Potatogenic

    Riley is my favorite ltt personality. Keep it up!

    • ShortCircuit

      Thanks! Will do!

  • Kiryu Kazuma
    Kiryu Kazuma

    >mandatory account for your coffee cup. Hard pass from me.

    • Romain Savioz
      Romain Savioz

      Reminds me of a juice machine

  • You are breathing
    You are breathing

    Title: "How to keep your coffee hot FOREVER for a price." Me: Oh, it can't be that bad. What, $100? $150 tops? Riley: "You have to sign in". Me: NOPE! That price is too high for me!

  • Work in Progress
    Work in Progress

    They literally coud have just added a knob to the base

    • Mat Bee
      Mat Bee

      @Pirojf Mifhghek I've got 3 and I have no problem justifying it

    • Pirojf Mifhghek
      Pirojf Mifhghek

      @Mat Bee On the contrary. The ember mug retails for $130. Even if you wipe your butt with cash that's a little ridiculous and hard to justify.

    • Mat Bee
      Mat Bee

      @Pirojf Mifhghek that's a silly way to say you're too poor to afford a mug

    • Pirojf Mifhghek
      Pirojf Mifhghek

      And they could have replaced the battery by making the mug out of something with a lot of thermal mass. Get a nice thicc enamelware cast iron mug, put it on any digital coffee warmer (they cost like fifteen bucks, people) and you get the same effect. You can even get _induction coffee warmers_ that will heat up the metal in seconds (twenty bucks). Besides, if it takes you an hour and a half to drink a single mug of coffee *and you have to keep walking around to do it* then I think it may be more important to re-assess your priorities as an adult. Or buy another coffee warmer for the other place you keep wandering off to.

    • chip coint
      chip coint

      Would be cheaper too xD

  • Global warming i̶s̶ h̶o̶t̶
    Global warming i̶s̶ h̶o̶t̶

    When "smart" tech like this need an internet connection and an account it's immidiately just worthless and dumb

    • Surya Kisku
      Surya Kisku

      @Sebtroop for me i am seeing this mug for first time i didnt even know if u get heated mug less that i use flask

    • Soundwave142


    • Sebtroop

      @Surya Kisku I wouldn't call it innovative There is a lot of heated mugs out there for a fraction of the price

    • Global warming i̶s̶ h̶o̶t̶
      Global warming i̶s̶ h̶o̶t̶

      @Fayyad Rahman exactly if it functions well offline too then I don't have a big issue with these things

    • Fayyad Rahman
      Fayyad Rahman

      @Cricket England he said he hate if it "needs" internet to be oprated not "can" be operated using internet. Smart tech like this is literally garbage if it can work by itself but the creator decide to restrain it using apps or anything similar

  • Oliver Saer
    Oliver Saer

    I’m so glad people are pushing back on the ‘companion app for everything’ trend. I would hate a future where every appliance in my house required a data-hoover just to operate it.

    • Oliver Saer
      Oliver Saer

      @Fluttershy Is A Goddess Irrespective of whether you register an account, an app can still collect your personal data and correlate that with your real-life identity. Unless you're especially careful about the permissions an app is given prior to installation (which, let's be honest, the average consumer is not), this is already a widespread occurrence. Don't be lulled into a false sense of security just because you haven't explicitly given your email address or telephone number.

    • Fluttershy Is A Goddess
      Fluttershy Is A Goddess

      The issue isn't the companion app, the issue is having to sign in to use it. It shouldn't be forced nor should you have to sign in even if you use the app.

  • J Boomhauer
    J Boomhauer

    Sign in to control temp??! If only lcd displays and buttons existed...

    • Skellious

      @John5HUN both of those would still require an app.

    • Drew Scrivers
      Drew Scrivers

      @Skellious imagine a company caring about long term compatibility ): damn man

    • John5HUN

      Or a simple Bluetooth interface... Or a local wifi capable interface. Anything but a mandatory account.

    • Skellious

      yep. in case it becomes incompatible with networking tech in the future, it should have at least a dial on the bottom so you can set a temperature and it will use that temp.

  • homeape.

    signing in to heat the coffee what has happened 😭

    • Rayirth

      @KirBäse Yes, so we can sync your chicken with the cloud

    • KirBäse

      @Soundwave142 do I have to sign in to consume dino chicken nuggies next?

    • Soundwave142

      Ridiculous. No justifiable reason for it.

  • Lucas Lac124
    Lucas Lac124

    Techmoan viewers know what's up. "You've got to update a flippin' mug!"

    • Daktyl

      I *KNEW* I saw this somewhere already!

  • FlamingScar

    "And to use it you need to sign up for a privacy policy" Great to see that even a random company wants my data

  • Methmal Dhananjaya
    Methmal Dhananjaya

    Ah Yes, the epidemic of. "DoWnLoAd OuR ApP"

    • Kaz

      And then also an epidemic of "why is Apple trying to get 30% tax from everything we do in our lives?"

  • guardian1102

    A coffee mug that asks for sign up can go straight to the landfill/recycling center.

  • Avendor

    Thanks for mentioning the privacy policy part. That stuff is very often overlooked on devices

  • Sebastian Engelmann
    Sebastian Engelmann

    I love my Ember Mug, even have 2 now, the original one in the small size and the larger new version. I never wanna live without it anymore. I usually let my coffee sit a while and so it stay hot :D

  • Troik

    it's silly and it's overpriced. But I love it, I have two of them. 80% of the coffee I drank was cold, but this product makes my day just better. I blame James Hoffmann, he introduced me to the Amber Mug

  • CoSta

    I’ve had one of these for a few months. It’s actually awesome. The app for the thing has been “set it and forget it” for me, and it has just worked after that. Though, it’s not designed to heat up your drink: it’s designed to keep an already-hot-drink hot. It’s great for a coffee nut like me.

    • CoSta

      @Cricket England I guess, maybe? I tend to drink my coffee pretty fast, but this thing just lets me slow down a little because I'm not trying to down the entire thing while it's "still hot".

    • Cricket England
      Cricket England

      Yea trouble is with these devices the heat plate is constantly hearting and reheating your drink and ends up stewing the coffee much like a hot plate on the actually filter coffee machine. What you really need is a thermal jug as it keep it hot for longer and doesn’t stew it

  • David

    Product had interested me until I needed to create an account to use it

  • BuildTime

    "Hold on I'll get you coffee in a second, I got to update my mug first"

  • Abbas-Ali Jagani
    Abbas-Ali Jagani

    My older bro got the first version for Christmas from work and he passed it down a generation to me. I use it everyday now and it’s worth it! Definitely a little bit pricey but at least you have warm coffee and hot chocolate with an ember mug! Must ‘invest’!!!

  • Andrew Wells
    Andrew Wells

    This is the perfect "Short" for shortcircuit. Actually reviews a product that doesn't need a 5 minute review.

  • Andrew Erickson
    Andrew Erickson

    i love this product bc if you buy it, it means you've run out of legitimate problems in your life

  • Fauxy

    There was a $20 version of this at Walmart. Lasted a few weeks before the pins in the coaster wouldn't come out and couldn't charge again.

  • Halko

    Or you could just drink the coffee while it's still hot.

    • Pieter Rossouw
      Pieter Rossouw

      Ember: our users are too dumb to do that

  • Jan Eli Padilla
    Jan Eli Padilla

    I bought something like this for my sister on Christmas. It's from a Xiaomi-affiliate that uses a wireless charging pad and a ceramic mug with an embedded heating coil. It doesn't have smart features so no logins (cool), but the thing can only heat and maintain drink temperatures up to 55 degC (boo). That's hot enough to be warm, I think. It takes about 10 minutes to heat a cold cup of water to the max 55. But if you're not careful, it'll keep pumping in heat to that mug (doesn't have an auto-stop function) and eventually cause evaporation. Although it's ceramic, I'm not sure if it can be microwaved since there's metal inside the mug itself.

  • Bosun Hawk
    Bosun Hawk

    Learned to love cold coffee. I'd end up so busy at my desk, my brew would sit for 2 hours before I'd drink it. It's also perpetually summer where I am.

  • Brian Baugus
    Brian Baugus

    I have one of these, and tbh my biggest gripe with it is holds less than a normal mug. I feel like I gotta refill this thing like 3 times to get my caffeine addiction at bay. Also the first couple cups I don’t really have a problem with them getting cold cause usually I drink them pretty quickly. I find it kinda useless in my opinion and I rarely use it.

  • MJ

    The whole logging in thing mixed with the no doubt hard to replace/ impossible to damage without damage battery mean that this thing will probably be e waste in a year or two...

  • JOStonr

    These things are awesome! Got my wife one and she loves it

  • boonies4u

    You definitely wouldn't want to use this to heat your beverage above the temp it currently is, best to use it to maintain and set a temp right after you pour it.

  • KilobyteKeith

    I have the original Ember mug. It's definitely "extra," but I like it; I just wish, for the price, it was bigger. It sucks at heating things up, but it's good at maintaining the temperature as it cools off from a boil.

  • james reder
    james reder

    I love my ember mug. You rarely need to actually use the app and it just works

  • Abraham Musalem
    Abraham Musalem

    I’ve had the first one for a couple years and it’s awesome. I don’t use the app. It still heats up, but you can’t dial it in.

  • Chris Blaise
    Chris Blaise

    I was gifted one of these recently and was immediately put off by the size. But the more I thought of it, it's entirely useless to me. My 16 oz coffee rarely lasts more than 20 minutes.

  • TeinMustang

    I have the first gen mug (got it as a gift). For the most part it works really well, but the bluetooth connectivity is garbage. You don't need the app for it to work, it'll just use the default temp of 135F.

  • Limerence

    “Want to heat your coffee?” “First let us know your browsing history and interests so we can bombard you with personalized advertising.”

  • William Yeater
    William Yeater

    "You have to sign in" they had me in the first half not going to lie it was cool till then

  • cheesefriesandgangsigns

    Man I'd love something like this but between the price, the app, the required sign in, and that I don't drink coffee all that often it's just not worth it

  • SeaJay

    I have one of these and I like it a lot. You just sign in once to set the temperature (if you don't like the stock temperature), and then uninstall the app. Now it's a dumb device that works just fine without the app forever. The app is just for if you need real time temperature monitoring, temperature presets, that kind of thing. It is pretty expensive, but the build quality is pretty solid so I don't really mind.

  • Mat Bee
    Mat Bee

    I actually own two. You don't need to sign in to use it. You can straight up use it without an app. The sign up and privacy policy is for the app and account.

  • Samuel Rodriguez
    Samuel Rodriguez

    "you have to agree to a privacy policy" Well, it's worthless now

  • Bill Sargent
    Bill Sargent

    I've had an ember mug for a long time now. I LOVE MINE.

  • j b
    j b

    I’d love to see what things it will recommend I buy based on how hot I like my coffee

  • Ten Infi
    Ten Infi

    Imagine drinking coffee for so long it manages to get cold

  • Ahmad Ghazali Ismail
    Ahmad Ghazali Ismail

    Somebody need to track the specific temp for coffee 🤣

  • Icαt

    I remember seeing a James Hoffmann vid on this like 2 years ago. He did a pretty good comparison for different methods of reheating too

  • Coffee Nerd
    Coffee Nerd

    I've always been interested in Ember mugs but I refuse to ever buy a smart product that requires any kind of subscription or requires me to sign a privacy policy. And I only accept to have to deal with an app if it's Homekit compatible and has actually useful features to toggle.

  • ChaseFace

    It won’t increase the temp as long as it has liquid in it. It just maintains the temp.

  • Trogdor

    What happens when someone mistakes the base for a wireless charger?

  • Jabob

    You could get a decent insulated mug for far less and it'd keep your coffee hot just as long.

  • J. Sparrow
    J. Sparrow

    You don’t have to sign in to use the mug, you don’t have to share data and it’s not designed to heat cold drinks.

  • Thomas Bonse
    Thomas Bonse

    That privacy policy is why I went with Mugg instead of Ember, both do the same thing.

  • Drew Naylor
    Drew Naylor

    I'm sure that someone will figure out how to reverse-engineer the communication and make open-source firmware and software to control it without having to sign in or agree to a privacy policy.

    • 《dobber 》
      《dobber 》

      If they did this would be pretty dope

  • Senkus Julius
    Senkus Julius

    Have a same thing from BlitzWolf for 40$, pad also serves for a wireless charging pad and does not require connection to the mothership.

  • Yeest540

    For that price you can get a microwave which can reheat your coffee and much more.

  • herbfst

    I have the travel mug and it doesn't stay on while on the dock consistently. For $179 I would think it would stay on while on the dock

  • Jason Allen
    Jason Allen

    Meanwhile, I can get a USB powered coffee mug sized warming plate for less than $30 US.

  • Tomas Bolek
    Tomas Bolek

    I have this and it's a game changer for me :D

  • Gerald Stengel
    Gerald Stengel

    lmao the editor who made the color temperature colder when he said it was cold for his taste. real shit.

  • Ryan Rheaume
    Ryan Rheaume

    This kind of heating kills the flavor of the coffee. Just drink your coffee before it gets cold.

  • Suzumi-kun

    you can make this yourself without an app: just fit an electric heater to the bottom of a metal mug, put a metal cap over it so it can still be put upright and then attacha knob to the heater cable to control the heat just make sure you get a prof to do this so it doesnt catch fire

  • politechjunky

    I can’t wait for the monthly subscription program!

  • Cory

    You know what I don't have to sign into? My microwave and a coffee cup

  • Dre

    Yeti or RTIC mugs will keep your drink cold or hot all damn day. I am sure other brands do the same.

  • A. S
    A. S

    "to use it you have to agree to a privacy policy" Why.

  • John Coleman
    John Coleman

    Signing in to an app and have to deal with privacy policy bs? No thanks! I'll stick to my ceramic mug. If I want it to be hot longer, I'll pour it into my LTT insulated bottle! :3

  • Neil Peters
    Neil Peters

    I love logging in to my coffee in the morning. This had better be my second cup, because I can't login before my first one

  • Nocturnal Nights
    Nocturnal Nights

    Microwave + 15 seconds + cold coffee = Hot coffee quick There, saved you $130

  • Tyler M.
    Tyler M.

    I was so skeptical, but have you ever had that perfect temp sip of tea? This mug makes every sip that perfect temp. Lame you have to sign in tho

  • Saddest Clown
    Saddest Clown

    Heating coffee after it is brewed destroys the flavor... has the world already forgotten how awful diner drip coffee that has sat on the heater for an hour tastes?

  • Thanny

    There are tons of cheap mug warmers. None of them work unless you put a lid on the mug to prevent heat from escaping. A folded paper towel works nicely. If you find it's getting too hot, either turn it off for a bit, or adjust how much of the top is covered. This approach - making an app and collecting user data - is just idiotic. Just like the price.

  • Rurik Luci
    Rurik Luci

    Me: *Uses a candle warmer because I'm cheap* My boss: Why is there a car battery hooked up to a candle warmer in your office?

  • Cooljosh3k

    Only clicked because I saw Riley. I know I’m not alone. We love Riley.

  • lusteraliaszero

    "let;'s heat it up" the entire point is that reheated coffee sucks, the appeal of the mug is that it doesn't let it go low

  • Reiwas

    never in my life, a coffee cup this small went cold before i drunk it.

    • Ubernaught012

      Congratulations, that is not the case for a lot of people.

  • lacrossev

    I set my ember up once for my preferred temp then deleted the app, it works fine without it unless you want to keep changing your temp.