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  • Renats V
    Renats V

    Give that man a raise he just came up with the brilliant idea. Merch we all like.

    • lol lol
      lol lol

      @RiGo latex with matching whip that doubles as a duster

    • MemzDev

      @augu0326 they don't make pc clothes

    • mrsepox

      U mean give that guy a hair transplant? Would be better instead of a raise

  • PKMNwater

    Origin: "professionally" overclocks and tunes the PC they give LTT to showcase. LTT Anthony: clears settings before even booting.

    • LtdJorge

      I'm pretty sure it doesn't reset the EFI unless powered.

    • Vismyname Freemen
      Vismyname Freemen

      Such a baller move

  • ReivecS

    As a 3080ti owner I HIGHLY recommend running it at 70% power. I save around 100W of power and heat, run without the fans screaming at me and only lose about 5% performance. And of course I can always bump it if I am right on the borderline in FPS in some game and think that 5% is going to matter. Nvidia is pushing the cards way too high to get slightly higher benchmarks to look as good as possible but it really isn't worth it IMO.

    • ReivecS

      @MalikNeedsYogurt The "funny" thing of it is that I would never have it without the GPU shortage. I was able to get several cards early before things got bad (for me and family) that I then was later able to sell and use the money to get this card also for MSRP when I won a shuffle. So I essentially paid 700 bucks for it. Still not cheap, but I wouldn't normally drop 1500 or so on a card.

    • MalikNeedsYogurt

      Why u gotta flex on us poor people

    • FastGecko5

      @Caleb Tracey I think Nvidia cards in general are given way more voltage than they need. My GTX1070 hits 1946MHz @ 1.050V or something from the factory, I undervolted it to 1926MHz @ 912mV with a 400MHz memory overclock and it actually performs better than stock because it doesn't run into heat issues. I think this is also the case with a lot of other Nvidia models as well.

    • Nooby SLAY
      Nooby SLAY

      I couldnt agree more. Undervolted mine and its working perfectly fine & consuming way less power and running at lower fan speeds & temps

    • Caleb Tracey
      Caleb Tracey

      RTX cards undervolt extremely well and I’ve had great results with undervolting ampere. With my 3080 I’m currently running 1935 @ 900mv and have been very happy with it.

  • WildTheoo

    the joy on his face when he thought of PC clothing, priceless.

    • empyrical

      LTTStore clothes for the Inwin Alice!

    • Index

      If LTT Store doesn't have a cardigan for my mid-tower by the end of the year, color me disappointed.

    • Crypto Arnold
      Crypto Arnold

      a box full of hamburgers

    • The Rogue Wolf
      The Rogue Wolf

      I want to see a picture of that expression in the dictionary under "eureka".

  • Max Fierro
    Max Fierro

    *Considering Origin PC's RIDICULOUS pricing, that packaging was more interesting than the product.*

    • Dimondminer11

      @Dr.Saima Masood yeah I wanted to get a 5900x but they were getting scalped when they came out so I settled with a 3900xt instead

    • Nah Imgudfam
      Nah Imgudfam

      @Christopher Pittman Dunno what you're talking about. Their prices are basically identical if you spec it out.

    • Dr.Saima Masood
      Dr.Saima Masood

      @Dimondminer11 Great Price, although a 2080Ti is around 3070, and 3900XT is not that strong in Single core, but anyways for the Price it is a good PC.

    • Chaschuky999

      @johannes wouldn't be surprised if its just to give origin the appearance of being "extra premium". Origin's pricing is insane for the products you receive.

  • robert linke
    robert linke

    could you undervolt that cpu a bit to get a bit more performance? given it seems to be thermally constraint

    • JoshJLMG Productions
      JoshJLMG Productions

      @blink182bfsftw Because each CPU has differing levels of silicon quality. To make sure they all work, chip makers need to adjust for the work possible example.

    • blink182bfsftw

      Why aren't they undervolted from the factory

    • JoshJLMG Productions
      JoshJLMG Productions

      @H S The device wasn't plugged-in. Depending on the motherboard, sometimes the CMOS only resets if there's power to the switch.

    • diavolescaCZ

      And don't forget tossing those shitty RGB fans and swapping to some actually good ones while filling any empty fan positions (if there are any)

  • SpankMyFace

    For anybody wondering, the ITX case Origin is using for this build is a slightly modified Cougar QBX. They can be had for around $50, but feel like they're manufactured by Fisher Price.

    • Kieran

      Yea I noticed that too, maybe something like the nr200p would have been the one to go for

    • Sean

      Literally checking comments to see if anyone else noticed that. Good eye.

    • yousaidwinglikeabirdswing

      Fisher Price! so they are toddler proof, sounds perfect

  • VeryBerry

    It's strange. This case is a modified Cougar QBX, which is a 7 year old case. Which supports full length gpus AND 140mm ATX power supplies. It definitely looks like they've modified the psu mounting bracket to only accept sfx units. But the QBX only supports a 240mm radiator with one fan, rather than 2 because of the larger PSU. Interesting.

    • Fajar N
      Fajar N

      @synth15 dang, I used that video as a guide for my QBX build, the music was so good, I keep coming back to it just for the music.

    • Fernando Domingues
      Fernando Domingues

      @NeVMiku modified the top panel and the radiator mount, other parts are all plastic so quite easy to change... Funny thing is that the QBX is one of the cheapest SFF cases I know of (is quite good tho), and they use it in such expensive builds...

    • Net7

      Yep, modified QBX

    • Sérgio Araújo
      Sérgio Araújo

      The QBX can have a 240 with two fans if a sfx psu is used. Had a build like that years ago

  • Odin's Playground
    Odin's Playground

    It's worth noting that 12th gen has extremely high power draw at the maximum boost with diminishing returns. You could have applied a 175W or so PL limit and likely get same / better results, in combination with an undervolt. Letting it run just uncapped leads to higher temps, which throttles the clock speed, and then lower performance (when thermally restricted).

    • SweCreations

      @Nitidus It's a SF750. Optimum Tech tested a 3080 and 10900K pulling the same amount as that 12900K on a SF600 and even that was fine. Just because there are power supplies that trigger from sudden spikes in power that doesn't mean you can't use properly designed ones like an SF750. It's still pulling less then its rated power output running fucking Prime95 and Furmark simoultaneously, which would never happen in the real world anyways.

    • Odin's Playground
      Odin's Playground

      @tonnentonie 12th gen is essentially overclocked with extremely high power limits right out of the box. That’s why the cooling needed for stock 12700k and 12900k are significantly bigger than before - or you need to tweak it to work on smaller coolers.

    • Odin's Playground
      Odin's Playground

      @Nitidus As shown in the video, the PSU isn’t a problem. If might be using the Corsair SF750 which can handle it. It’s not just going to shut down, even under maximum worst case load as they demonstrated. With a power limit and undervolt, that’s just makes it even more true.

    • Nitidus

      Seems questionable to ship this with a 750W PSU considering the large audience they must have expected? Those system integrators are for people who don't know much about picking the right parts. They won't know why their PC keeps crashing at random times. Origin knows this, considering their pricing. They shoot for people who have no idea and just pay whatever. It's really sketchy imo and should have been underlined more in the video, but I guess they got paid to present this, so...

    • tonnentonie

      Glad to hear it's a tinker gen again!

  • JJK

    I just sent close to the same system back to Origin. Maxed out, close to 6k. I’m a competitive gamer and game for hours, this system ran so hot. But even worse it was way too loud to have next to me and after so many BSOD, I had to return it. Oh, my top fan was mounted upside down and cable management was so bad. Nothing like this one that’s sent to Pro You-tubers for advertising. I know this is a payed ad video, but I would love to see more honest review.

    • UltimateDailga12

      *with the Steam Deck review

    • UltimateDailga12

      You do know that just cuz it's sponsored doesn't mean that they can't tell the truth/their own opinions? Linus made a point on this recently on I think LTT

    • Christopher VanZetta
      Christopher VanZetta

      I built my own with the same specs for under $2.5K 🤣 prebuilts are a ripoff

  • PiñataDonkey

    That’s actually pretty impressive that the warranty includes customizing parts.

  • Sven Christian Oppenhäuser
    Sven Christian Oppenhäuser

    0:14 LOLed my butt off. I was running a playlist through my TV while software-tweaking my PC. Paused the playlist, now forgotten why, and I was thinking *what is he doing there?* Got the reference a moment later - now in tears 😂 Made my day at 8am.

  • Nicolas Saavedra
    Nicolas Saavedra

    As usual, great video Anthony. That Half-Life crowbar action at the start made me laugh more than it should have.

  • Lead Foot
    Lead Foot

    Run hitman 3's Dartmoor benchmark at 4K, that was a guaranteed instant OCP shutdown with my 3090 and SF750 regardless of core voltage. Furmark is limited by ampere's memory controller and throttles before you even hit the power or temp limits.

    • Sneed Sneed
      Sneed Sneed

      The SF750 has a very weak 12v rail and the rail voltages will drop before 11.4v guaranteed over 400W even when only pulling 650W total. Very disappointing PSU

    • poipoi300

      My 3080ti reaches 400W sustained in quake RTX, so I'd imagine the transient loads are quite a bit more.

  • Edward Green, Jr
    Edward Green, Jr

    How did you NOT have a killawatt meter on the outlet to see what the max total system draw was?

  • Xion Eternum
    Xion Eternum

    @OriginPC - Not sure when you did, but thank you for adding AMD graphics cards back into your options. Would still like to see your custom cases sold separately in some way.

    • Xion Eternum
      Xion Eternum

      @ImTheDoctor He's "threatening" you with an apple to keep you away... Cause you have "doctor" in your name.

    • ffwast

      @ImTheDoctor 🍎

    • ImTheDoctor

      @ffwast origin doesn't make apple computers...

    • Xion Eternum
      Xion Eternum

      @ffwast I said their *custom* cases, not their obviously supplied off-the-shelf cases.

    • Xion Eternum
      Xion Eternum

      @ImTheDoctor They pulled AMD graphics cards from their customization options some years ago in a rather controversial move that made it seem like Nvidia bought exclusive distribution rights from them. Publicly they claimed it was because they were getting too many service calls regarding AMD graphics cards in their systems. This was before the noted driver issues involving the RX 5000-series that have long since been resolved. I've been a custom system builder longer and had no such issues with AMD or Nvidia graphics cards other than the cost to performance differences during that time other than the aforementioned 5000-series issues that lasted maybe 6 months. AMD graphics cards have been relevant since before AMD acquired ATI and rebranded them. Of course an Nvidia fanboy wouldn't know that and only cares about the top end they could never afford on mom and dad's allowance, yeah?

  • Juan Pablo
    Juan Pablo

    I expected the case to function as a boombox.

  • Ms.Shakaka

    considering how similar in price it is when compared to a Maingear turbo I would pick turbo, maingear's customer service is immaculate the other day I had an issue with mine called them no holding the phone straight to a person and my issue was solved within 5-10 minutes!

  • Stefan Kachaunov
    Stefan Kachaunov

    OMG, limply whacking the crate with the crowbar HL style made me laugh so hard :D

  • MiisterShane

    With a glass panel, that could've been a very handsome oven

  • MrZani90

    Mesh ftw! On my SFF chassi I've made my intake from the front and top and exhaust fan located at the top of the back and removed the shimmy things that cover the pcie slot connectors making the lower front intake fan push it through, so far I haven't managed to get a package temp above 60* Celsius, and that was at continuous boost :P

  • Taijifufu

    Holding that beast like a boombox and I love it.

  • gary reardon
    gary reardon

    I really like the smaller form factor PC.

  • Felipe Figueroa
    Felipe Figueroa

    That design reminds me A LOT of an old Cougar QBX I used to have.

  • realbadTech

    Running Furmark on my undervolted 3080ti FE 76.8c max, 350w Prime95 Small FFT on my 5800x hits 90.4c instantly @4.4ghz. System is in a Sliger S620 with a 240mm AIO + 4 noctua case fans, same layout as the Origin case but quite a bit smaller. Can't imagine trying to squeeze another 140w out of the CPU, still impressive what Ryzen can do with half the power draw though.

    • realbadTech

      @Xavier Hébert you're right it may be clock stretching or trying to boost the CPU too high, I think mine is set to max booster override, maybe 200mhz. But it doesn't seem to be applying it at all to single core. I'm not too concerned about it all though, I need the system stable for work and I've got plenty of retro setups to tinker around overclocking :P

    • Xavier Hébert
      Xavier Hébert

      @realbadTech have you tried messing with the boost override setting? 4.85 is the base max single core boost speed and you need an override for it to go higher. Mine is set at 175 MHz and anything higher leads to clock stretching.

    • realbadTech

      @Xavier Hébert that's something I can't get mine to do. Single core I get 4.85, I was never able to get Ryzen Clock Tuner 100% stable and I probly just don't have the thermal headroom in this case for more anyway

    • realbadTech

      @Brett Combs I don't think it's that curious we're talking about a 16L case, and the 5800x will run hot I think regardless of what you cool it with. I can see how you'd get 750w at the wall if it's measuring the whole system + monitors and peripherals and all. My UPS reads 650w with everything plugged into it and torture testing and thats undervolted

    • Xavier Hébert
      Xavier Hébert

      @realbadTech yeah I'm around 4.7 all core with custom power limits and per core CO. It also hits ~5.03 single core.

  • omgitssupercheese

    For anyone interested, that case is based off of the Cougar QBX. retail floats around 70us

  • shep husted
    shep husted

    welcome to chonktown! so glad to be seeing you get more into the new hw banquet we enjoy this year - it is going to get better - do a refurb cluster - the best bang for your buck - prices on old junk will fall with advent of new pc masterrace parts - for smb they want nvme, ram and faster networking - scale is where it is at and if you love iops well you are in luck - basic state of the art iops stats for smb should continue to burgeon and prices should normalize #efficient chonky scaleable smb budget cluster

  • Typical Nerds
    Typical Nerds

    I wouldn't be surprised if the cooler wasn't properly ramping up in response to the CPU temps as from my experience, Corsair AIO Coolers will rely on the water temperature inside them for fan control, not CPU Temperatures. It also appears that Anthony didn't take this into account.

    • vegeta meister
      vegeta meister

      ​@Garrett Reyman @Tom Tom That's an entirely correct design. You can basically design for such and such worst case maximum water temperature, with the fan at 100% speed, the CPU running at whatever worst case average power you are designing for (set it as PL1 if you like), and the ambient temperature as hot as you'll let it get in summer before accepting that your computer might not work right. Then under normal conditions, use PID feedback control of fan speed to keep water temperature just below the worst case design temperature. The water has so much thermal mass, relative to the power output of the CPU and how fast the fans can spool up, that you can get very very close without danger. That way your fan speed is very close to the slowest it can possibly be.

    • tonnentonie

      @Jim Gokus that's... Actually one of the big selling points of water cooling. Because water has a big thermal capacity, you let it heat up first and then when the water hits a threshold, you start the fans. Think about it like this: the CPU goes from idle to 100. On air cooled systems, the processor heats up the air-cooler instantly, so the fans also ramp up instantly. We all know it. On watercooled systems the CPU will instead slowly heat up the water in the loop (slow, because it can store a lot more heat in itself -> high thermal capacity). When the water hits a threshold where it is too hot for your liking, you can start the fans slowly, because you have much more time to dissipate the heat that is now in the water. Also: the hotter the water, the more heat gets dissipated just by the whole loop itself, because dt (the difference between room temperature and the water temperature) is bigger. This means a system with a threshold of 35°c will have much slower running fans than the same system set to maintain 30°c water temperature, while the performance in software will be the same! A big waterloop doesn't even have to be cooled by fans if dt is high enough and the loop has a high surface area with cool air (more radiators). Hope this clears up your misconception. This is by far the coolest technical aspect of waterloops if you ask me. I hope you could understand what I mean, have a nice day!

    • Garrett Reyman
      Garrett Reyman

      If that's true that's an idiotic design

    • Jim Gokus
      Jim Gokus

      Thats interesting and pretty stupid.

  • Douglas Korytkowski Jr
    Douglas Korytkowski Jr

    Well we also know a PSU can also go above the rated limit for short times like spikes maybe even some sustained as long as it's not a lot higher for too long.

    • SweCreations

      @Ademir Avdić The SF750 can handle it, lots of people run 3090s on them, Optimum Tech even managed to run torture tests with a SF600 on one.

    • OutOfNameIdeas

      I think its like at least 150% for super short spikes. The new 3.0 "standard" is 200% i believe.

    • Lead Foot
      Lead Foot

      SFX PSUs have less capacitance. Asus even measured a 3090 drawing up to 940W at times and a 3080Ti has nearly as many cuda cores so it's not going to be much better. I have the exact same PSU and it tripped OCP in a bunch of games at 4K even when my 3090 was undervolted with the power limit dropped to the minimum.

    • Ademir Avdić
      Ademir Avdić

      considering that Intel's extreme tech upgrade guys who got 850W PSU are actually showing issues, (while running 3080s) I would not get theese specs for this PSU

  • whiteandnerdytuba

    It’s easy to get a sff with no compromise, you have to try to get a case that big to deliver sub par performance

  • Caleb Tracey
    Caleb Tracey

    As a SFF enthusiast I can assure you that a SF750 is enough PSU for this build especially with a modest undervolt on the GPU which with ampere often renders better results than standard or factory boosts while also saving you 100w

  • MadManMoon The Gamer
    MadManMoon The Gamer

    Prior to the AGESA BIOS updates last year my 5900X/RX6900XT spiked on Time Spy (on full 4k - downscaled) as the avatar turns from the first giant in the whole. This (without fail) caused the system to just shut down ungracefully ... on a 1000W PSU.


    Tried to configure one to my taste (i7 12th gen + 3070) reached $3k lol..... Thank god I don't live in US and Canada else I'd be $ 3k short right now hahaha

    • ffwast

      @Zane White but what CAS latency?

    • Zane White
      Zane White

      @TeCh ExPlOiTs 32gb 3600mhz

    • TeCh ExPlOiTs
      TeCh ExPlOiTs

      @Zane White I hope you have fast ram with that for 3k ;)

    • Zane White
      Zane White

      That's how much my 5800x/3080ti nr200p build cost. Crazy overpriced

    • Joey Keilholz
      Joey Keilholz

      Although us gpu pricing is hopefully gonna get better

  • Justintiger9

    Exactly the joke I expected Anthony to make. You never disappoint, Anthony! Love from Penang

  • Aaron France
    Aaron France

    Hold up. PC clothing can definitely be a thing. Like those clear vinyl covers that would go over CRT monitors and keyboards at schools, but modernized colored fabric/elastics.

    • Jack

      Scarves for your tower PC

  • Aaron Leclair
    Aaron Leclair

    That case looks like a Cougar QBX with custom plastics. The metal components all look nearly identical. I wonder if they sourced it from the same OEM as Cougar

  • Pandaren Death Knight
    Pandaren Death Knight

    The 0 degrees C thing is a 12 gen intel issue, same thing happens to my 12400.

  • Decenium

    that plastic fabric case from Inwin basically was a pc with clothing, and imo, it was pretty cool, so go for it

  • Jack

    Anthony is so awesome, hands down the best host for sure, maybe Linus is a lil better

  • Sinus Lebastian
    Sinus Lebastian

    anothony's eyes lighting up when he came up with another merch idea was hilarious lol

    • Luminatrix FanFiction
      Luminatrix FanFiction

      @DEATHSTROKE Plot twist, you're actually talking to Linus ^^


      i thought your name was Sinus infection lol..

  • Ginger Snaps
    Ginger Snaps

    I also prefer mesh over glass. For stability and cooling reasons.

  • sTrax

    When he started hitting the crate with the crowbar it just instantly reminded me of Half Life and the such lol


    😭That moment when he realizes this lil pc might burst into flames 💣 He begins to realize he must attempt to save the things life by cutting the tests early 🤣

  • KKG C
    KKG C

    I'm a big fan of this sized itx pc, i'm using the NR200 with a 212 cpu cooler. It's been the most reliable and silent pc i've ever built!

  • Kage Song
    Kage Song

    As robust as iCue but with 3rd party support. SignalRGB is AMAZING, works fully on WhirlwindFX products, pro subscription allows use with most 3rd party and open programming for your own lights. So, whatever you want it to control, really.

  • Fırat Atalay
    Fırat Atalay

    honestly, i don't have much interest in this product but i watch andy, keep up good work 👍

  • TedBWild

    That one fan sticker being off-centered would drive me insane lol

  • Gregor Baumann
    Gregor Baumann

    A comparison between this and a mac studio would be very interesting

  • FellTheSky

    I would like to see the power consumption in battlefield 4 (or 5), 4k ultra settings in a 64 players map. I dont trust that PSU

  • m9

    HI! Did you happen to check the thermals on the PSU during operation, that would be a good stat to check in the future. Prolonged running at max will cause heating that could also reduce the PSU output power and cause damage to the components in long-term. Also, It would be good to mention what the thermal throttle range/settings are for I9s or whatever CPU , GPU etc u are using. While some users might be aware, newbies etc could learn alot from more your videos with such extra info. Thanks!

    • Text me on telegram👉@Mrwhosetheboss06
      Text me on telegram👉@Mrwhosetheboss06

      🆙Thanks for watching 🔝🔝message right away I have something for you 🆙...........

  • Max

    i want that top mesh for my nr200. the default one is too fine for exhaust fan setup.

  • Steve D
    Steve D

    always wondered why case companies never tried using perspex plastic with drilled holes, that way you get the best of both worlds, mesh cooling a clear panel. just a thought

    • Guillaume Joop
      Guillaume Joop

      @Steve D I would prefer a case with a perforated tempered glass, although I don't know if it is possible to make holes that small or if it's even worth it considering it would weaken the structural integrity which is the whole point of TG (not to mention it would be insanely expensive to make)

    • Steve D
      Steve D

      @Guillaume Joop years ago pcs didnt get as hot or need as much cooling, maybe its something someone should look at bringing back. id be interested in a case with all perforated perspex panels, look good, good cooling. seems case companies all follow 1 idea, maybe some should try something new and diferent thats all i saying. creative input.

    • WayStedYou

      Welcome to 2000

    • Guillaume Joop
      Guillaume Joop

      they did, like 20 years ago

  • Ulrik Strand
    Ulrik Strand

    Anthony is the goat! 👌 Great hosting as always! 😊

  • DctrGizmo

    I want a small form factor PC one day but those temps are reaching gaming laptop territory.

  • The Dragon Awakens
    The Dragon Awakens

    I would definitely consider buying PC clothing.

  • Nibelung Valesti
    Nibelung Valesti

    Furmark and p95 at the same time? I don't know many computers that can survive that. You're brutal, but not crashing is seriously impressive.

  • ANDEbad Gaming
    ANDEbad Gaming

    They should have configured at least a -.100mv undervolt in a config like that tbh.

  • PistolPoet

    I have a 3950x & a 3080Ti on a 850w PSU. Works like a champ.

  • George Luscombe
    George Luscombe

    Would love to see what beam n g drive looks like on all the computers that are built it is heavy graphics

  • DJ Wither
    DJ Wither

    I own a 3080, not the ti version... Im aware of how much power that thing draws

  • Hoooo33

    Thank you, RGB Fan, for the great art directing. 👌

  • ab2tract

    field of view on doom was set to 119 might want to set that to default 90 if youre testing performance of hardware

  • beep boop
    beep boop

    I haven't watched the video yet, but I saw the thumbnail and just gotta say it. I love seeing Anthony on thumbnails like these cause he just looks like he's having such a blast. #AnthonyAppreciationComment

  • Passive Aggressive Platypus
    Passive Aggressive Platypus

    To sum up Anthony's review: It's a computer.

  • Jedimika

    "we should do PC clothing" Now I wanna see them make a denim PC.

  • cutepinkbandanaman

    I'd totally buy a hat for my PC.

  • Targetlockon

    I Love LTT Anthony and the content 👍

  • Jay Stavenes
    Jay Stavenes

    I would like to see his (anthony young's) personal systems, (I at one time had 14 servers running in my living room, used to do software testing and my ex and I had seperate homes so mine I let become a mad scientists laboratory) I would like to see what his and Jakes are like? home labs?

  • zgoaty92

    The only SFX-L power supplies I’ve seen that go above 750 watts are a Gold rated Cooler Master 850 watt power supply and a Silverstone 1000 watt Platinum rated power supply.

  • Evan Johnston
    Evan Johnston

    I like the way the lighting plays across the mesh.

  • Ericorg

    I have that zotac trinity (3090) and it is a pretty noisy and barely adequate cooler for 350w. That 12900k unrestricted is also ridiculously power hungry and hot. A small system like that would really benefit from undervolting and power limiting.

  • JohnnyKanuk

    I'd be curious to see how the long term test of the PSU is. It has to be getting pushed to it's limits or dang close. Can you do a 1 year test of it? Someone that games regularly?

    • SweCreations

      You know that PSU has a 10 year warranty right? And it's rated for 750 watts. Like what are you talking about?

    • SweCreations

      It's a SF750. Optimum Tech tested a 3080 and 10900K pulling the same amount as that 12900K on a SF600 and even that was fine. Just because there are power supplies that trigger from sudden spikes in power that doesn't mean you can't use properly designed ones like an SF750. It's still pulling less then its rated power output running fucking Prime95 and Furmark simoultaneously, which would never happen in the real world anyways.

  • s26

    That case looks suspiciously similar to the Cougar QBX.

    • Ferdhian Akbar
      Ferdhian Akbar

      because it is a modified QBX

  • Lautaro Quiroga
    Lautaro Quiroga

    It could be cool if you could make a more technical video about how and why Doom is so optimized and every other game is not.

  • MalTheGentleman

    It would be an awesome computer if it wasn’t $4,000 for $2,000 worth of hardware.

  • ShowXTech

    You can also get the 12900KS... maybe the 12900 would be a better fit (like in the Nuc Extreme) Everthing is Rertail Hardware, but I don't get why you would choose the Domiator Platinum RGB, because you won't see them...

  • Gerald Jacobs
    Gerald Jacobs

    That case looks so much like a Cougar QBX with a different front cover

  • jep ulis
    jep ulis

    Just shows that 750W is plenty even if spiky gpu used. Dont use small caps and its fine, or do something weird with protections that make your psu:s trip over noise.

  • rustler08

    These prices are more laughable than scalper GPU prices.

  • pauleyc

    Wow. You totally *should* do PC clothing. Great vid, Anthony!