Can this REALLY make bezels DISAPPEAR??? - ASUS ROG Bezel-Free Kit
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Companies have tried to make monitor bezels as small as possible, but it still leaves a gap. ASUS might have a solution to make them completely gone, but does it work?
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  • Named User
    Named User

    I honestly love this guy, hes so packed full of knowledge in a friendly kind form.

    • TheDude Lebowski
      TheDude Lebowski

      Anthony is the fucking best.

    • Morris Huang
      Morris Huang

      ikr i love anthony

    • Nathan

      really needs a hat tho

    • Jay Gatsby
      Jay Gatsby

      We all love Anthony

  • Mayank T
    Mayank T

    Anthony's voice is so calm that I didn't even skip the sponsor part. And his presentation really feels like a professor who is good at teaching you difficult concepts.

    • [̲̅๏̲̅]Flipman[̲̅๏̲̅] [̲̅๏̲̅]Bigbrain[̲̅๏̲̅]
      [̲̅๏̲̅]Flipman[̲̅๏̲̅] [̲̅๏̲̅]Bigbrain[̲̅๏̲̅]

      I ruined the 69 likes

  • T. N.
    T. N.

    I'd rather save up money and buy a wide screen curve monitor.

    • möbius belts
      möbius belts

      I think a wiser purchase would be apple sauce.

    • BalancedMusic51

      @Muxite That would be a pretty cool ltt video lol. Maybe they would have to use like a 4k projector and a globe lense.

  • Travis Walls
    Travis Walls

    “Yeah... yeah...” *stabs bot in face with knife* “Yeah...”

    • jerryballstein

      Lmao that part had me dying

    • The Occasional HaHa
      The Occasional HaHa

      Teddy bear kindness is just a facade

    • Basic Shapes
      Basic Shapes

      Came down to the comments just for this XD

    • Sai

      *"pErFeCtLy FiNe, KiNdA wHaT i WaS hOpInG fOr"*

    • Erikask

      Shadi Alahmadi wait that’s illegal

  • BluesDank

    Anthony the KING



    • John

      @Tiyberious hm yes, very interesting

    • interestingclips

      @Mr. Sarcasm I wasnt sarcastic, I swear

    • Mr. Sarcasm
      Mr. Sarcasm

      @interestingclips thank you but no sarcasm necessary.

  • Rares Petru Samartean
    Rares Petru Samartean

    I honestly did not expect these lenses to actually work that well, I'm impressed

    • me me
      me me

      it seems very clear how those work from the video. it probably works better irl because your eyes don't really register the corners of your vision. all it does is stretches the sides and blurs the bezel out. it does seem kind of pointless TBH because if you're working with 3 screens, you dont' want those since you WILL see the blur as you work around all three monitors but for gaming, you're probably only going to look at the middle one which also kind of defeats the whole triple monitor setups. not to mention that very few games support triple monitor setups or resolution so why even bother? i have an ultrawide and most of the time, i can't be assed to actively search out fan patches for ultrawide if the game doesn't support it natively and would rather just skip the whole game itself. seikiro is one such game that annoyed me without proper kb/m support, esp when most of the prompts are xbox controller button prompt

    • Just Jack
      Just Jack

      emilio robles $20 max is probably the price China would charge in maybe a few years when these really kick off (if they do) maybe $50-$75

    • Dizastermaster

      @Christian Marquez You can now buy a 240 hz ultrawide... For $1700 dollars

    • Music Releases
      Music Releases

      @Christian Marquez true, but they over priced.

  • Truman Groves
    Truman Groves

    Anthony is awesome. I know I'm in for some well explained knowledge and great presentation whenever he shows up in a video.

    • yammmit

      seeing all these positive comments about him makes me happy. hopefully ensures that they’ll have him stick around 😄

  • marco

    I think you can avoid loosing part of image by removing the bezel correction under NVIDIA control panel.

  • j m
    j m

    I feel like before hearing about this way back when it was announced, we never saw something like this, but man.....that's expensive for what it is. At $109 I figured it was a mini-screen or something to help hide the bezel but idk, that feels like a lot for what it actually is and like there should be a even cheaper option that does the same thing...

    • Vicarious Gaming
      Vicarious Gaming

      Get one of them clear rulers from school

  • Barsa F
    Barsa F

    Damn I just found these and I think I'm going to order them. I was going to pay like $500 for an ultrawide monitor, but this looks way better and then I'll have a super ultrawide!

  • Rafael

    0:00 "So you got a triple monitor setup." No. No I don't.

    • Nick Birnie
      Nick Birnie

      @Eddy Tru Nail on the head in my case Use the two good ones for whatever I’m working on (having a monitor for whatever reference, source, etc you’re using is really handy) then a crappy old one (pre-hdmi old, so pretty much dumpster/goodwill tier) dedicated for media (e.g. music, IRglo, etc) It works for me, but definitely has drawbacks to work around

    • Laundry Sauce 2
      Laundry Sauce 2

      @BrazGaz or don’t spend the money on something you still really don’t need. I understand novelty but still

    • Souljastation 5
      Souljastation 5

      @BrazGaz LOL, you mistaken the "/s" for something tied to reddit and *I* am the tard. People are amazing.

    • Michael O'Connell
      Michael O'Connell

      @BrazGaz Ah, alright. Your first response to him didn't seem to have recognised the satire, that's all.

  • ImmersiveGamer83

    These actually look really good!!! Not that I own triples ( I enjoy VR as well as 3d 4k TV gaming ) but if I did want triple screen for sure I would have these well done ROG

  • neoc03

    Love Anthony as a presenter!! So much knowledge and so down to earth.

  • Craig Davies
    Craig Davies

    I have been using a triple monitor setup for work for years. Highly recommend but I wouldn't use this device as I prefer the seperate screens to isolate particular tasks. Might be good for gaming, but I don't do this.

  • coal james
    coal james

    I can see monitor manufacturers adopting this as a feature, with removable side panel's on a series of screens and slide in connecting panel's that contain the lens's that orientate everything perfectly because all the angels and fine tuning are removed via a tight premade fit.

  • []

    Anthony is awesome, he’s like a tech support guy but who knows exceptionally well on what he does and what people want

  • William Eriksson
    William Eriksson

    i love this type of peripheral because 1) optics is somethings still very very out of reach in the DIY sphere 2) usually this type of peripheral is just useless but these dont appear to be.

  • Dónal O'Flynn
    Dónal O'Flynn

    This is really cool. It's a shame Anthony didn't spend a little more time setting up the left lens to perfection, but even that one looked a lot better than I expected.

  • Olly Roberts
    Olly Roberts

    Surely with a modification programme running,you could squeeze the bezel coverage image into edge of the screen, and the lense would then stretch it out again over the bezel, in correct aspect.

  • Alexander Groff
    Alexander Groff

    THE GOAT IS BACK. It hasn't been the same without Anthony.

    • Goat

      I'm back

    • Tony Neufeld
      Tony Neufeld

      @Soin Solih Greatest Of All Time

    • Bart

      @Aythami Espantoso Luis who? Jabba?

  • neurokinetik64ES

    Honestly, I'll stick with my overlapping monitor technique that leaves me only a single bezel width between each monitor instead of two. The monitors I use have a very narrow bezel to begin with (about 7mm), so it's almost nothing with the overlap.

  • Brandon Hollowell
    Brandon Hollowell

    I'm curious if any of these big manufacturers thought of using bezel reducing factors to add a selling point. Like maybe a curved display edge on the left and right like the Samsung S-10 has? In my mind I feel like you could reduce the bezel by alot

  • Charlie G
    Charlie G

    Shit thats actually pretty damn good. Great video. I'd watch more LTT if Anthony did more videos. He's really good. Well spoken, knowledgeable and entertaining.

  • Dr.Z

    I used to have 3xAcer27inch triple monitors. It was a great experience, but I think I bit over. I then bought a 49innch ultra-wide monitor (which is same width as 2 monitors) and seems much better experience, as well as being able to focus on majority of screen size. For my 4 years experience I'd recommend to whoever interested to use an ultra-wide monitor than triple monitors, it's mainly: - Cheaper - Better cable and desktop management - Better looking - And better experience after all

  • Dale Horton
    Dale Horton

    feels like Anthony is sitting there "This thing is supposed to suck, i'm supposed to slam it, I know that, It's dumb... but umm.. i can't find any reason to slam it... sorry?"

    • spooforbrains

      @Alessandro Cossu if they're paid to show a product they call it a showcase and make it explicit.

    • Hansy

      @g w If you're a pro gamer, you don't play on multiple monitors :P

    • Alessandro Cossu
      Alessandro Cossu

      Sponsored videos at their finest, "yeah this particular thing ain't nothing special but they're paying us to promote it, so I guess you should buy it"

    • Rainman

      @Tech Freak most are like 2 monitors anyway(in size). They are expensive but not that expensive.

    • Rainman

      I think thats awesome. If I would dish out money for 3 monitors, I would probably get this one as well. And I feel like Chinese will make knock off versions for half a price soon.

  • over

    Anthony's dope, love his whole vibe and attitude. I hope he does more videos

  • dfwz33

    I like pretty much everyone at LTT, but Anthony is so much more relatable to me. I always get stoked when I see an Anthony video in my queue. I think he and Linus play well off each other, too, which makes for very entertaining videos. Keep it up!

  • m varez
    m varez

    as a former triple monitor user, I rather keep a single ultrawide and one in portrait . With that being said, if that came out in the early 10's i would've bought a set lol

  • Mexaverse

    This guy enjoy his job and I have to agree, he does know his stuff and that's a joy to watch.

  • Thomas Ning
    Thomas Ning

    4:27 That's a feature with Nvidia surround; it cuts out the pixels that would've been behind the bezels so it continues correctly. So in this case, you can turn it off and you won't lose any information (pixels displayed wise). And I know I haven't tried it, but I have a feeling it's an immersion thing, not a competitive advantage thing.

    • Nermy

      Was just about to comment this!

  • companyoflosers

    every time I see a 3 monitor setup reminds me nobody ever followed through on making simultaneous multi projection a thing and that was two gpu generations ago when they said they would. I just think it would be so neat to tell my pc that my outer screens are a X angle and have the image on them adjust so the edges of objects line up properly instead of looking like they bend or distort when it goes from one screen to another. but anyways, i never use three screens to game because of that so I settle for vr instead with a virtual desktop for games that aren't vr. no bezels in vr!

  • Stryker Wildfire
    Stryker Wildfire

    Its great that ROG has done this. However i dont understand why they dont have a 32" version... And they could make it for curved monitors as well...

  • Logan Fox
    Logan Fox

    this is interesting, cause on one side of it this looks awesome for gaming but then it makes me wonder how many times it would cause something on a webpage you are reading to be slightly stretched if it is near the edge of your screen

  • luong02

    whoa, this is definitely worth a buy if you're into racing simulator with a triple monitor setup. This mainly because VR Racing is not ideal with it's low FPS.

  • Mark George
    Mark George

    I think that if they made a software which comprises the width of picture on the edges would make this contraption much better and decrease the stretching effect

  • Luke Masten
    Luke Masten

    if there is info missing behind where the bezels would theoretically be, i would want to dig into any possible "bezel corrections" being done, either in the nvidia control panel or etc. i imagine this would resolve that mild QoL issue. just a thought.

  • TQ station
    TQ station

    Anthony explains stuff with so much care it feels great watching the video... Linus on the other hand...😂

  • T K
    T K

    I just received it today, but I feel there is a design flaw because it may damage the display frame.

  • Dresdon McCool
    Dresdon McCool

    Best presenter at LTT, he should do narrating of novels with that soft calming voice

    • Jefawe Gaming
      Jefawe Gaming

      Lol not if it’s an apple product

    • MTG


    • AniVAL

      Eric C lmao

    • EyesWideOpen

      yeah, voice is everything when it comes to product reviewing imo. Nothing worse than a cheese grater and/or dog whistle of a voice.

  • JuanP Lv
    JuanP Lv

    The question is how would it perform in a 2 screen monitor gaming where the vessels are in the middle of the "screen"

  • PanFried

    These can actually be really good if you compress the edge then when it gets streched out it looks normal

  • bcbudsz

    really cool! makes me want a third monitor, wouldnt work so much with a dual monitor :( but heck i play in VR most of the time anyways :D

  • junjun

    Wonder if it can be cut to size so that it doesn't cover that much of the actual screen. Bc it kinda created another problem which is 2 giant blurred spots, and it kinda bugs me the hardware is super visible at top

  • Robin Hugli
    Robin Hugli

    I'm sure he has heard it many times but Anthony just have "the thing" more, that not many people have that makes him so good as a host, the voice/tone just right, very interesting but not too much so not annoying and relaxing. I could listen to him for hours

    • MayoThe4thCS

      Please watch AnthonyTechTips then

    • Advil Lobotomite
      Advil Lobotomite

      Has*, have is for plural.

    • Shane

      You mean like Anti-Linus???

  • ambientoccluser

    I'm still curious how no company didn't come up with 3 monitor combo in a way that two side panels would be smaller, but vertical pivot, and a center one big master panel that would fit together nicely. That way, one could buy just center, or center and one side panel, or just small side panel as a normal monitor pivoted horizontaly. That way, panel production should be way cheaper than one ultrawide, and also a way more flexible and capable of high refresh rates.

  • Durairaj Ramadas
    Durairaj Ramadas

    You know they could just send some drivers to massively reduce the stretch by software adjustment.

  • Scott Conwell
    Scott Conwell

    Interesting, prisms between to bend light to make things look at least a bit more seamless. I didn't hear you mention it during the video, but I'm wondering if you kept these & are using them on a daily basis? If so, what your experience is with almost seamless?

  • World Theory
    World Theory

    What someone *_really_* needs to make, is a device or software that takes multiple monitor signals, or virtual screens, and maps them into a virtual 3D space, to be viewed with a VR headset. Granted, we'll need to wait for that new display panel technology to go into production, and be used in a VR headset, to get the best possible experience. But it should allow you to have your bezel free experience. If the actual solution is a piece of hardware, you could even take display signals from multiple different machines, and map them to the same virtual workspace.

  • Jonathan

    I feel like the camera man should have done his best to go behind anthony when the games were in motion

    • Åge Kush
      Åge Kush

      Anthony should have moved out of the way and let the camera try to capture his perspective.

    • Nomadyogaman

      That would have taken him hours to reposition himself

    • itspossible

      Same! My eyes were about to explode from the distortion seen at that angle/vantage, but looking dead-on from Anthony's POV was dramatically better.

    • kimihyeon

      Chest cam



  • Skreeves

    Linus in videos he presents: "Oh not that Bot killed me!" Anthony in videos he presents: "Yeah... yeah... Yeah."


    i wonder if all the curved display tech for phones could be used to make monitors specifically designed for this kind of thing? there'd still be a seem obvi, but in theory itd be much less noticeable

  • James Sayer
    James Sayer

    They look like they’re made wide for compatibility with bigger bezzled screens. They look way overkill on those screens - would be nice if they sold different widths to avoid the over-compensation that looks jarring here

  • FSDraconis

    Wouldn't it be neat if they made monitors with bevel sides that actually allowed you to get the monitors to be screen to screen to screen across the glass.

  • Holt 0216
    Holt 0216

    Didn’t this come out like 3 years ago at CES?

    • maruftim

      @Giorno Giovanna i got cancer

    • ScandanavianMan

      Short circuit is about them releasing videos that they would normally release on their other channels, so I imagine this was one of those products that are cool but just would have never seen the light of day otherwise.

    • Giorno Giovanna
      Giorno Giovanna

      @maruftim i live in 2009 xd

    • Joseph Sebastian
      Joseph Sebastian

      LTT showed it at CES, I guess?

  • Chinamini Yumako
    Chinamini Yumako

    Great review! They should make it cheaper I think.

  • Robbert Lucassen
    Robbert Lucassen

    So I wonder, is this a way to do foldable screens on laptops?

  • Gedankenexperiment

    Couldn't this be improved by writing a program that warps the content shown in the screen regions below the lenses in a way that compensates for lens refraction? This way, you would still lose horizontal pixel density, but the proportions would match up. Or does he already do this here and it's just impossible to get it done perfectly?

  • Steven Wilson
    Steven Wilson

    I saw this video on my youtube home page and thought 3 monitors with no bezels. How is that even possible? I know given enough time anything is possible but no bezels in 2020? Doesn't seem likely this soon. So I watched and now it makes sense. The great illusion of no bezels. 😁 Thanks for showing us.

  • Nebarus

    Love to see the OBEIBUM technology implemented (OBEIBUM = Oddly Blurred Edges Instead of Buying an Ultrawide Monitor)

  • Sqw1dd

    I need to have a channel of just this man talking about tech. Love the video, keep up the hard work!

  • Russ Cooke
    Russ Cooke

    Could software compress the parts of the screen by the bezels that are then stretched back out?

  • Brandon Jackson
    Brandon Jackson

    This would be perfect for a dedicated simulation rig

  • Geek in the Garden
    Geek in the Garden

    Would tweaking the overscan resolve the small loss of information at the seam?

  • bryant nonya
    bryant nonya

    It might actually be more realistic in a racing game to have a little bit of bezel because in a car you have the frame of the vehicle around the front windshield obstructing your vision and those blind spots might actually add immersion under that use case..

  • nin6246

    Is there a good monitor that makes it easy to physically remove the bezels and mount the monitors next to each other?

  • Tracy LF
    Tracy LF

    It would be more impressive if the bevels ended at the top and bottom of the actual screen and didn't stick out both ends.

  • Tony Morton
    Tony Morton

    "You cannot currently get a high resolution 240 hz ultrawide" Come on Samsung, we need the G9!

    • Saphire Throated Carpenter Ant
      Saphire Throated Carpenter Ant

      @Alex Leov well now that we have these we need a GPU that can run 3... Seriously though I am going to get one when they come out and I'm pretty sure my 2080ti FTW3 can push it...

    • __

      Benjamin Fraeyman I’m waiting for way way better graphics cards before leaving 32:9 1080p 144Hz

    • sugonmaballs

      @Benjamin Fraeyman I have a Alienware 34" 3440x1440 120Hz Ultrawide and its been great the last year or so I've had it. They only thing I wish it had is HDR. If LG or someone made a friggin 43" or so 4K OLED 120Hz TV, I'd def prefer to have that, but it doesn't exist yet. Asus makes an 43" LCD Freesync monitor with those specs, but I want OLED and G-Sync. LG just released a 48" OLED too, but I don't want to go over 43" for a monitor, as I think that's the perfect size for me.

    • DAK_1337

      @Real Cobby big F

  • SριĐеRмăИ -
    SριĐеRмăИ -

    I'd like to see one side with this kit and other side without for direct comparison.

  • Jolan XBL
    Jolan XBL

    Vision is really just light after all so bending or smudging the light to get rid of what's behind it sort of makes sense

  • 1337Frederick

    Actually kinda amazing for gaming. Way better than I expected.

  • musicismypseudonym

    I see Anthony, I click like. This man is pure knowledge! I wouldn't be surprised if he's actually a prototype of an android.

  • Larry Ganz
    Larry Ganz

    Well, I was impressed by this hack for gaming. Would not use for productivity, but for games yeah.

  • Riasat Salmin Sami
    Riasat Salmin Sami

    His skill actually improved a lot. He seems very confident, calm and natural now which is great.

  • Charles Tripotin
    Charles Tripotin

    Isn't there a software making the image near to the bezels compressed ? I mean not compressed in quality of course, but putting more horizontal informations just under the area where you put the product. That way, when you put these things, it expends the compressed image that are near the bezels so we don't have stretched image in this glasses and we don't lose details... I'm sorry for my bad explanation, I'm not English btw, but I hope you get my idea

  • Ashton Polley
    Ashton Polley

    What a great person on the LTT Team. I love this guy.

    • Edmund

      @Ashton Polley oh thats a cool channel ill check it out

    • Ashton Polley
      Ashton Polley

      Edmund Ng Linus... Tech Tips...?

    • Edmund

      whats ltt

  • c99kfm

    Linus: *shoots wildly with machine gun, misses, dies* Anthony: *smoothly knifes guy trying to shoot him*

    • HackanHackerGames

      the situation in the video still was funny who care its not a gaming compet video calm down you all ... we are here for tech

    • πravin

      @FRIEDSTEW it's just a comparison, anthony probably isn't the world's greatest player and linus definitely isn't


      @Ryan Doan I mean yet but knifing a bot isn't very hard

    • Ryan Doan
      Ryan Doan

      Linus was also against a bot LOL

    • c99kfm

      @FRIEDSTEW And Anthony's boss. What's your point? ;)

  • J S
    J S

    Anthony you are awesome dude. It does a good job, better than expected. Very workable.

  • Seth Larson
    Seth Larson

    Nice review. No sensationalized moments, just a “I feel like it works, maybe consider it.”

  • beef yogurt
    beef yogurt

    i thought that these might need some sort of hdmi connection but this is pretty neat. now i just need two more monitors

  • WhiteHawkUK

    So, turn off bezel compensation and you'll have a continuous (if slightly distorted) image without losing anything behind it? I couldn't see myself using myself using these for every title, but what a cool idea. Works better than I would have thought.