Apple has MORE competition! - Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 Earbuds

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  • Weston Jones
    Weston Jones

    Maybe it's just me, but the color grading looks different in this video. Less vibrant, more true to life. Looks good!

    • ykahveci

      Meanwhile me, who has a shit monitor that marely makes a difference between black and white: Oh yes, of course, the color grading looks VERY different.

    • Weston Jones
      Weston Jones

      @Kirito 101 to each their own

    • Kirito 101
      Kirito 101

      a letdown imo prefer the vibrant look

    • Rieldans

      Must feel good to have an audience that will actually notice these things

    • LouisChiaki

      Didn't notice any difference at all 😂

  • irbricksceo

    Minor comment, regarding the screen about connections where you said "This screen has no reason to exist", thats to choose which device to connect to. It can only CONNECT to one at a time, but it can remember multiple (my MTW2 can remember 3 iirc), so I use that screen to move my pair between my Switch, Ipad, and Phone.

    • Richard Moore
      Richard Moore

      The momentum 3 also has that the software just wasn't ready on launch. I believe they have it now though.

    • Joe Gillian
      Joe Gillian

      Exactly :) Thank you

  • Carl Gunderson
    Carl Gunderson

    Honestly, I actually like having seperate volume controls on the headphones that doesn't interfer with the volume on the phone.

    • MONIC

      The legend of Bigbooty.OnLine snowquen's is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day.

    • Carl Gunderson
      Carl Gunderson

      @Sirius_b_13 That's might because "Disabled Absolute Volume" is turned on on your device

    • Utkarsh Mishra
      Utkarsh Mishra

      @TV4ELP Most of the Androids now a days already sync it automatically. What I meant is they are still separate from other volumes. For me when I disconnect my Bluetooth earbuds my media volume changes back to whatever it was before. So having separate volumes in Bluetooth device is not really required.

    • TV4ELP

      @Utkarsh Mishra on most androids you can force them to be synched in the dev settings

  • Ducj Duck
    Ducj Duck

    Never judge an earbud by its packaging.

    • Raycert07 channel
      Raycert07 channel

      Bwuetoof dewise is redy to pear

  • Arslan Khan
    Arslan Khan

    I had the first iteration of this product and I loved the sound quality, way ahead of anything else. However, BERWARE the case hinge sucks; within a year it broke down. There are plenty of users who have had the same issue, they need to make it metal.

    • Wilbur Lindoff
      Wilbur Lindoff

      My dog chewed on my case and it still works fine lol. Had them for about a year now

    • da911beast

      It looks like the $50 also cut the sound quality to be more in line with other products, so it's no longer ahead

    • Samson Fraser-smith
      Samson Fraser-smith

      @Arslan Khan that definitely sucks man, the experience in Europe is significantly better which I guess is a fault of the company

    • Arslan Khan
      Arslan Khan

      @Samson Fraser-smith Australia, It was a while ago. They told me I didn't buy it from an authorised dealer, but when I asked them for a list of authorised dealers they could not provide me one.

    • Samson Fraser-smith
      Samson Fraser-smith

      @Arslan Khan where are you based? That is NOT normal at all if you went through a proper warranty replacement service, I know multiple people who got sent free parts/full upgrades for free in/around Europe

  • Keith Mackey
    Keith Mackey

    *Love these **Newest.Technology** ear buds, sounds quality is great, the fit is great. Only gripe about them is the cases lid. It feels to lose. Other than that these are great headphones. Improved over last generation ear buds.*

  • Rhodderz

    For the seperate volume controls this is a setting within android you can change.

  • Kyle Kreates
    Kyle Kreates

    Some things to note, where this review kinda threw me for a loop, when deciding to purchase these headphones. 1. This does not have Multipoint loaded into the firmware currently, BUT Sennheiser has stated they intend to add Multipoint in the future through a FW update (that's great news) 2. The seperate volume controls isnt a Sennheiser thing. Its a Android thing. You can toggle the settings on your phone in android and not have separate volume controls. One thing I am interested to find out is how the Noise Cancellation stands up. Some reviewers are stating the noise cancellation is top tier, rivaling sonys, some say even better. This was the only reviewer that stated the noise cancellation wasn't noticeable. I suspect he didn't fit the tips to his ears to form a seal, which would effect noise cancellation. I don't know if these will be the best headphones. But as far as I can tell, they are the only headphones that have wireless charging, single earbud use, USB C, fully customizable touch controls, and then promise to add multipoint support (all of which are a deal breaker for me if they arent a feature). Jabra's are the only one that comes close, but they don't do single earbud use lol. Its almost like these manufacturers work together to provide ALL but 1 essential feature, and Sennheiser might actually break that mold.

    • Patrick Lesky
      Patrick Lesky

      I have them since Tuesday and I think the ANC is really good. Also the anti wind mode works great.

    • Tj Passig
      Tj Passig

      Snapping next to your ear while having noise cancelling on. Isn’t an accurate test. I have the new Bose active noise canceling headphones. I did the same thing. Had the same result.

  • Mo

    I think the separate volume control is a new android feature. I have the option to toggle it on and off on my Huawei with my Lenovo LP40 pro. I don't have it before on the same phone, but after an update, all other BT audio devices now have separate volume controls

    • TalesOfGod #
      TalesOfGod #

      @Psibug The point is so you can get the right volume level as it introduces more volume steps. Many phones have few volume steps so people tend to just bump up the volume and in doing so, they damage their own hearing permanently.

    • Vector7

      @Psibug 1. This allows for Bluetooth headphones to be put on a lower volume, thus increasing battery life. 2. This allows for the phone to always be the same volume for every wireless audio device you connect to. 3. It's a toggleable feature in the developer options on Android. It's default to single volume control for both, but can be enabled to allow for two separate volume controls. Now stop complaining since we both can have our ways and be happy.

    • Psibug

      That doesn’t sound like a feature, more like a fault. A hella annoying one at that! Two volume controls on a set of headphones that connect to one device, WHY!

    • Vector7

      Really? If anything, I thought it was an old Android feature that got removed with Android 10 iirc. I really hated the update, too, since it meant my Bluetooth speaker became pretty crap after I updated my phone. EDIT: It's a toggleable function now hidden in the developer settings. I'm finally happy again and no longer hate Android 10.

  • Kieran Brown
    Kieran Brown

    Man, I felt that ear wax thing... You are not alone, I can clean my ears at the start of the day and wear earphones fine, but by night forget it, let's just say I prefer headphones for a reason, even though they are a little more bulky...

  • Murti156

    the anti wind is for the anc and not calls. some anc devices cant handle wind hitting there mic and will create sióme wiered noises

  • Justin Bouchard 💜
    Justin Bouchard 💜

    I prefer having my wireless buds having a separate volume from my device. That way I can keep my phone volume on high and my earbud volume low, this has major difference on battery life of my earbuds. So when I'm cycling for 4 hours my earbuds last for 3 instead of 1. I was super pissed that either android update or earbud update eliminated this feature from my skullcandy buds and bound the volume to seemingly having the buds at max and only being able to adjust my phone volume either with the earbud or the phone volume.

    • Vector7

      @N0aaz THANK YOU. I got so mad at Android 10 (I think it was that update) because it made my Bluetooth speaker sound like absolute shit. I don't think this fixes everything though since the EQ still seems to be broken (since I think the update also broke it), but this at least makes my speaker worth using again.

    • Justin Bouchard 💜
      Justin Bouchard 💜

      @N0aaz Interesting!

    • N0aaz

      @Justin Bouchard 💜 np , i use the same settings with my Sennheiser headphones , it allows me to get higher volume overall (eu regulations i Guess for volume control?) And blow my eardrums off

    • Justin Bouchard 💜
      Justin Bouchard 💜

      @Vincent if my phone is sending a maximum volume out put signal to the output device then yes it does. I can run the output of my earbuds at a lower volume. Literally the same concept for any bluetooth speaker. If the volume is bound and the only volume you are controlling is the output from your phone or tablet or whatever but the speaker still goes to max volume it's because the speaker is always at whatever volume output the phone is at. If you can lower the speakers pre amp to a lower output it's using less power. I do understand what you are saying but if you test this you will find the results are extremely different running low phone and high speaker compared to high phone and low speaker, or having it bound to the phone.

    • Justin Bouchard 💜
      Justin Bouchard 💜

      @N0aaz OMFG I LOVE YOU

  • Permitted_

    I own both pairs. Just got my TW3s in today. Sound quality is much better, bass more intense and blue tooth connectivity is 10x better. The TW2s had poor Bluetooth. (At least mine did) sennheiser killed these new ones. 10/10

  • TheJaisah

    Sound is “good enough”? What earphones sounds really good in your opinion? I have the TW2’s and they sound better than any other Bluetooth earphone I’ve ever used. Assessing the audio quality should’ve been like 50% of this video, not 5 seconds of “it’s ok”.

    • TheJaisah

      @Taistelu_pelto Really? I think you’re wrong. Sennheiser sound the best in this price bracket until you get up to Bowers and Wilkins PI7 or something similar.

    • Boo!


    • Taistelu_pelto

      Well you most likely are comparing them to 20-50 euro headphones. Sennheisers are only okay in terms of sound quality in this price range.

    • Nur Hakim
      Nur Hakim

      Sometimes I thought about this too, but then I also keep forgetting that this is an unboxing, not a review.

  • Chris Burt
    Chris Burt

    I was stung by the first True Wireless. The sound quality was good but everything else was terrible, Bluetooth wasn't great, app was rubbish and the battery life was just broken. They never truly turned off so you could fully charge them, put them away for a couple of days and they'd be dead before you get to use them again. I won't buy anything from them again after how bad my experience was. And I've loved their wired headphones for many years.

    • Chris Burt
      Chris Burt

      @Azaaran Isaac It's worth pointing out I'm talking about 3 months from release. So years ago, their support clearly didn't know what to say or do back then. I then contacted them again when the TW2's came out and they refused the idea of swapping them out plus it had now been so long any warranty I had was gone.

    • Azaaran Isaac
      Azaaran Isaac

      @Chris Burt No support? That's weird. I just sent in my TW1 because of Battery and connectivity issues and they just send me the TW2 for free. Same for my Brother and my GF. Overall, Sennheiser support has always been pretty good in my experience.

    • Nizar Noor
      Nizar Noor

      I had the same problem with the first MTW but the 2nd gen fixed all those issues. I'm glad they finally put wireless charging on this 3rd gen.

    • Chris Burt
      Chris Burt

      @Big Man It's Sennheiser, it's not like they have a bad rep when it comes to audio. Also, the MTW1's had only just released and the few reviews I could find online while I was waiting around all said they were amazing, I agreed at first, they did sound really good. It's just a shame everything else sucked.

    • Big Man
      Big Man

      @Chris Burt you seem like a person that makes good, level headed, well informed, financial decisions. Maybe dont buy overpriced shit at the airport, and maybe dont buy first gen products unless you read extensive reviews and know what you’re getting.

  • Tharmash Meric
    Tharmash Meric

    The controlls are exactly like the cheaper ones, the CX plus wireless, wich also has anc and trancparency mode. The sound quality is also very similar.

  • MephistoRolling

    I like the samsung ones i got years ago. good touch feedback, tiny case, similar shape to these.

  • -Mystic-

    The app looks great! I really wish that Sony was like that

  • Nick K
    Nick K

    Sound Zones is an awesome idea. Apple needs to Sherlock that, for sure.

  • Rynhardt Bester
    Rynhardt Bester

    The videos you do James have gotten a lot better! Props! Thank you!

  • MrAnerobic

    The ANC work on low frequency continuous sounds. The drone of an engine on a bus, train, or if you're walking around next to city traffic. Also, wind. It does zero for a room of people talking. But I assume that's a safety feature. If you don't like that, choose Sony or Bose.

  • Ubacow

    The issue with DSP on TWS products is that DSP is kinda limited based on the drivers power capabilities in it's FR. The onboard amps on the products are already not very good so you are at a hardware limitation. You have to find some really sensitive drivers that don't distort to get EQ to work effectively. Imo apple's managed to get it to work but they had to pour tons of money into driver development to get the DSP to not suck.

  • Crimson

    Love sennheiser. Still rocking a pair of 558s from 2015. Don't like wireless ear buds. Too easy to lose imo

  • lollis

    Have been having the gen2 for years now. Still is my favorite and no need to look for something else!

  • Hat Dag Cat
    Hat Dag Cat

    Got QCY T13 for 25€. Great sound, great battery life, great range, good fit. Maybe a smaller case than these. Much better bang for buck ratio.

  • Bill Tux
    Bill Tux

    I recently purchased the Creative Outlier Pro TWS and think they're fantastic. They have ANC and ambient mode as well as a better battery life. Please consider getting a pair so you can compare them against the Sennheiser

    • Ian Visser
      Ian Visser

      Anything sound, Creative is always a solid option. But they lack in clarity, which is where sennheiser shines.

    • The Echelon
      The Echelon

      Yeah they're not gonna do that.

  • Ed's Xperience
    Ed's Xperience

    I bought the TW1 back in 2019, and I have mixed feelings. The sound was great for me, but the earphone itself was a buggy mess. It often turned on inside the case and drained the battery constantly. If it hasn't been fixed yet, it is hard to recommend Momentum TW.

    • Samson Fraser-smith
      Samson Fraser-smith

      Momentum 2's are excellent in pretty much every way, however if you are susceptible to white noise there is definitely some widely reported humming even when noise cancellation is turned off

    • Ed's Xperience
      Ed's Xperience

      @Moon Light damn, now I want one

    • Moon Light
      Moon Light

      @Ed's Xperience yea I have the mw2’s they’re brilliant, but I bought them for half price so I really got a good deal

    • Ed's Xperience
      Ed's Xperience

      @Diego Morales well, I guess that's the consequence of being an early adopter of a new product. Thank you for the information!

    • Diego Morales
      Diego Morales

      That was a huge issue with the TW1. They fixed it for the second model

  • Limp Wibbler
    Limp Wibbler

    My True Wireless momentums just broke, I been hoping these came out soon. I also like Linus sleep with earbuds in, that is what I'd like to know about most. These look bigger than the originals, which scares me.

    • MONIC

      The legend of Bigbooty.OnLine snowquen's is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day.

    • Emre Ken
      Emre Ken

      @Limp Wibbler how about the bose sleepbuds?

    • Chris Ridd
      Chris Ridd

      Another first review said they're 16% smaller than the MTW2. Google might tell you if the MTW2 was smaller than the MTW1.

    • Graeme Johnson
      Graeme Johnson

      @Limp Wibbler ah the pillow speakers work even lying on your back.. the sound is vibrated through the pillow and into your skull.. they are stereo.. as long as your head is on your pillow, doesn't matter what position, you have stereo sound.. Brilliant for what you need.. Australian hospitals have them for patients to use.. as long as your head, no matter what position, is on the pillow, you get, sound, music.. I was 3 months bed bound, rolled around couldn't find a comfy sleeping position.. But AC/DC PUMPING through my pillow helped.. you don't have to have your ears on the pillow too hear the sound.. just your Thick Skull.. I am a disability pensioner..

  • Lando

    I had the first gen true wireless buds, they were great for music, not so good for calls. If they fixed the call quality issues I’d more than happy to pick these up.

    • Samson Fraser-smith
      Samson Fraser-smith

      Second gen is much better, I'm sure triple mics will be even better

    • gouf_respecter

      I still use the first gen, everyone I talk to on the phone hears themselves and no setting can fix it unless I mute myself when they're speaking. I believe the microphones don't turn off and when you hear the other caller the microphone picks up the speakers

    • TalReviews

      @TeddyBear Gaming well duh, but I’ve managed to test whole lot of wireless earphones, and none came close to AirPods/Beats(again essentially the same)

    • TeddyBear Gaming
      TeddyBear Gaming

      @TalReviews I have airpods and use them every day. Making a call drops the audio quality since bluetooth only supports 2 channels. The mic itself is ok, wired mic is still better

    • TalReviews

      @TeddyBear Gaming have you used the AirPods ever? They also use Bluetooth and you can make great phone calls. It has nothing to do with the stems either, look at the beats buds(essentially stemless AirPods)

  • dinckelman

    I was gonna get a pair of TW2 earlier, but decided to go with another pair of Jaybird Vista instead. The extra price premium doesn't feel worth it


    My biggest complaint is the sound quality degradation when in a call. The only ones that seem to sound event enough are my beats fit pro.

  • Dave is me
    Dave is me

    hwat i've been interested in is whether you are able to listen to just one earbud wthout the other being needed as the momentum 2 could only play from the right one singularily and would disconnect the left one if the right was put inside the case... it would help to have longer battery time if you could swap them when the other dies.

    • PheonixRise666

      If the latest CX true queries have mono mode I would assume these do too, iirc it's a codec thing not a hardware limitation

  • Lukáš Mackových
    Lukáš Mackových

    Not sure if this is the case but with my pixel buds 2s i had to change some setting in developer mode or something to change the volume setting into one slider

  • Kevin Bhasi
    Kevin Bhasi

    (3:14) I too hate when apps force tutorials on users without options to skip them, especially if the user were to reinstall the app on another device and get forced to go through it again!

  • lRufflez

    What if someone made earbuds that have CRAZY touch customization ? essentially turning them into a wearable "remote controller"

    • MONIC

      The legend of Bigbooty.OnLine snowquen's is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day.

    • lRufflez

      @Vector Pacer not really i'd still use them with my phone I just mean extended control even beyond whats already possible

    • lRufflez

      @Phillip Anselmo that's kinda my point, if someone dedicated to it they could make it better ... tbh it's just an idea it could also be shit

    • Vector Pacer
      Vector Pacer

      so you want to controll your pc with an earbud

    • Phillip Anselmo
      Phillip Anselmo

      touch controls are already terrible tho

  • Daniel Woodland
    Daniel Woodland

    I've had 2 pairs of the true wireless 2 and both broke in less than 6 now getting a free upgrade to thies now for my there was a common issue with the true wireless 2 with the receiver/inductor becoming lose but they have rectified this in the 3rd gen they said.

    • Daniel Woodland
      Daniel Woodland

      @fionnsda if it's warranty try it.

    • fionnsda

      My sen 2 also packed in last week, love it if they send me the 3s

  • WhiteTylerPerry

    I want more wireless earbud that are similar to the Sony Linkbuds. You can hear the outside world _while_ hearing your audio. My only complaint about the linkbuds is the quality of audio. If a company can improve on that I'd be willing to fork over more moneys. These Sennheiser wireless buds look a bit too bulky for my liking but I might feel different after using them for a while.

    • Samson Fraser-smith
      Samson Fraser-smith

      @WhiteTylerPerry I guess wait for linkbuds v2 then LOL

    • WhiteTylerPerry

      @Samson Fraser-smith I don’t wanna hear the world via an amp. I wanna hear the world from outside straight to my ears AND hear music.

    • Samson Fraser-smith
      Samson Fraser-smith

      Good thing basically every in-ear bud on the market has a transparency mode, can hear my music/podcasts fine and hear the world around me the only thing that suffers is bass

  • HulkinBrent

    I thought about sennheisers but ended up with jabra’s def good buds id still take over the apples

  • Devwardhan Kothari
    Devwardhan Kothari

    I think apart from the price these earbuds almost got everything right if not better than the competition. Amazing!

    • Samson Fraser-smith
      Samson Fraser-smith

      @Gospelofrye same, got mine as a free upgrade after my momentum 1 case broke, best in-ears by FAR

    • Gospelofrye

      I have the MW2s and I have to say... it was a big spend but one of the few I absolutely do not regret in any way.

  • TheJaisah

    I think the separate volume thing is just an android bug. I have had the same thing happen on my android devices when using Bluetooth headphones. On iOS it works as you’d expect, 1 volume control regardless of whether you change it from the earphone or from the phone.

    • Carl Gunderson
      Carl Gunderson

      It's not a bug. It's either set defaulted on or off, depending. You have to go into Developers Option scroll down until' you find " Disable Absolute Volume", turn it on. And, now you have 2 seperate volume sliders that are independent of each other when wearing headphones. However, you obviously can't do that on iOS for some stupid ass reason.

    • ScruDover

      Specifically, iirc it's a setting called Absolute Bluetooth Volume control on Android.

  • Gospelofrye

    "It's weird that it has to look for the device when it's already connected to my phone" - no, it isn't. The app is asking the phone to pass it the ID of the device - the phone could have any BT audio output connected, as far as the app knows, when it starts up. The app has to ask the phone what earbuds are connected, the phone has to respond, and then the app has to decide if those are MW3s. An app is not your phone, and this is a good thing for security.

  • Christopher Hallett
    Christopher Hallett

    Lmao, Sennheiser have been making class-leading headphones for longer than Apple has existed.

    • avinash negi
      avinash negi

      He is an Apple fan boy 👦

  • Oliver

    Personally love Sennheiser. I even consider to buy the headphone instead of Sony.

  • TheXGamer

    I’ve always been a fan of Sennheiser, even after they are acquired by Sonova, so the release of this makes me wanna go out and buy it right now.

    • TheRealGhost

      @Miles sure, sounds like a good plan, I tried the sony earbuds too the expensive ones but they had to much emphasis and not too much on vocals, idk senhessier is a brand I can always trust with the customer support, everything

    • Miles

      @TheRealGhost the twos sounded kinda crap (for what you'd expect from Sennheiser) in the beginning and only got good after a few firmware updates. So I'm going to wait for the threes to mature a bit and fall in price. My twos still work great.

    • TheRealGhost

      Personally I've had the true wireless 2 for almost 2 years, now, they are fantastic dunno abound the new one though

  • rain puppy
    rain puppy

    i like how the phone in this video goes from 72% battery to 5%🤣

    • Boo!

      It’s shot over two days.

  • David

    Having the volume of the Bluetooth device independent from the source volume is much better IMHO, I always decouple them in the settings when possible. Doing it that way gives you much more granular control over the volume, and it lets you set either the source or the sink to a good level and make fine adjustments with the other device.

  • Anibal Perez
    Anibal Perez

    They're competing against Sony at that price the only good ANC earbuds you can get

  • weinerschnitzelboy

    I feel like in the TWS audio space, many of the traditional audio companies just aren't really competitive enough. For one, I think they're trying not to cannibalize their own wired audio lineup, so they're not really incentivized to tune the drivers to the best they can offer. On top of that, they're not used to making good human user interfaces. As much as reviews like to say that they want insane touch control combinations on each earbud, what you get is a convoluted mess of asymmetric touch controls that this thing has. Honestly, You're most likely better off with the Samsung Galaxy Buds. And for Apple users, AirPods Pro is pretty tough to beat. It's a neutral sound signature, but very well balanced.

    • 171reko

      @Ernesto Williams Also what about Sony though? Their wf1000m3 (I know stupid name) basically blew everything out of the water. A lot of other traditional companies have released rather good tws, the issue is that the regular doesn't care about akg, audio techica, m&w and many other music brands. Audiophiles have their own massive systems and would rather just use a cable. So not really much of the market for them to take over. Also airpods pro are nowhere neutral.

    • Ernesto Williams
      Ernesto Williams

      To an extent you're correct but none of the galaxy buds are above average in sound quality at best. I think really ANC and app implementation are where the traditional audio companies suck but some have some really good drivers like the last two iterations of the Jabra elites.

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser

    Volume is actually normal, it's in developer settings, absolute volume for bt devies. When you turn it on, it'll be single volume dial, if you turn it off, most 'chip on' devices will have separate volume dials.

  • Kapsyz

    They already had lots of competition. Oneplus, Razer, Samsung, google and more have all been making tws earbuds for years. I personally use Razer hammerhead tws pros and think they are great! Edit: they chaned the title of the video to "more competition" now lol.

    • andy

      @xX Golden Darkness Xx - Konjiki no Yami yeah everything depends on the person, it is very sad

    • Tech Freak
      Tech Freak

      @andy open back EARBUDS? What will they think of next?

    • xX Golden Darkness Xx - Konjiki no Yami
      xX Golden Darkness Xx - Konjiki no Yami

      @andy I personally hate the fit of this kind of TWS; they fall out and the fit hurts my ears so badly that they’re just uncomfortable to wear. That’s where AirPods, Huawei and LGs come into play and fill the gap. Sound can be great, but when comfort sux, than there’s no way around those or wired in ears… ;-;

    • RedSakura

      Not really competition those are good but not for the price

    • andy

      @Tech Freak no. noise isolating. i use open back headphones and the sony linkbuds are open back earbuds. look em up, they reviewed them

  • Tarso Sousa
    Tarso Sousa

    I kinda like the separate volumes, i leave the phone at max and using lower volume on the headphone itself saves a bit of battery

  • Daniel-Pablo Rossner
    Daniel-Pablo Rossner

    It feels like only yesterday when everybody was like RIP Sennheiser. I guess being owned by hearing aid company doesn't mean you can't still make good audio equipment.

    • Sennheiser

      Sonova acquired our Consumer division to keep on keeping on (headphones/earbuds-wise). Nothing changing under the hood.

    • Flabbergasted

      @Daniel-Pablo Rossner I see, thx!

    • Daniel-Pablo Rossner
      Daniel-Pablo Rossner

      @Flabbergasted they were worried the hearing aid company was going to gut Sennheiser and just used the tech for hearing aids instead of actually innovating in headphones

    • Flabbergasted

      @Daniel-Pablo Rossner why everybody was saying RIP Sennheiser? Isn't a good popular brand?

    • Daniel-Pablo Rossner
      Daniel-Pablo Rossner

      @Zebedee Summers lol it's not arguing if you're agreeing with me😂

  • Marcus Yee
    Marcus Yee

    Were there improvements made to the max volume? The Momentum 2s had a very low volume for its max volume, had to max it out to really hear something substantial.

    • alfred

      Mine can make me deaf if i turn them up to max, you sure you have the seperate volume turned up by holding the right earbud?

  • A Clever Name
    A Clever Name

    The thing with the seperate volumes is kinda a bt bug, it's supposed to be bonded to your phones volume

    • Tim Strömberg
      Tim Strömberg

      Having the phones and the devices volume connected is known as Absolute Volume. On Android phones you can turn it off or on in settings, but yes it's probably a bug that makes it be turned off on the headphone side

  • Nicholas Spencer
    Nicholas Spencer

    Weird to compete with the Airpods when the Pro’s are discounted to like $180 on amazon and best buy now

  • Riley Blair
    Riley Blair

    The case is still the worst thing about my TW2'S, its freaking massive.

  • T-Bonerism

    If I remember correctly, their typical consumer stuff basically just traded hands and that was about it. Their pro-sumer and studio stuff is all still Sennheiser and not EPOS.

    • Miles

      At the moment is still the same staff working there so nothing much has changed, but the whole headphone devision does have new owners.

  • Jak _
    Jak _

    Dear LTT/SC fam any recommendation for air pod like earphones/pods? Looking for a similar form factor to Apple as I don’t like silicone ear tips. However I also don’t like apple 😂 what’s a good set to look at thanks?

  • tng dwn
    tng dwn

    They look interesting, now I'm waiting for some audio youtubers to make a in depth sound analysis, but this was a good overview.

    • tng dwn
      tng dwn

      @Samson Fraser-smith Thanks!

    • Samson Fraser-smith
      Samson Fraser-smith

      @tng dwn bass roll off at the low end, good mids and a weird trough at the top end which personally sounds great to me but maybe not to others (obviously can be somewhat changed with EQ) I'd check out rtings or another reviewer site and have a look for yourself. People complained about accuracy but if it sounds good I'm not that fussed personally.

    • tng dwn
      tng dwn

      ​@Samson Fraser-smith I think it's normal that some people like it and others don't, just personal preferences. Do you know in which way they tuned the curve?

    • Samson Fraser-smith
      Samson Fraser-smith

      They sound (and use the same drivers) as the momentum tw2, which is great but some may not like what sennhesier did with the frequency response curve

  • LLoose

    They lost me when you need to have an account and download an app. Especially with it didn’t look like anything in the app worked well. There’s a good reason Apple AirPods are so popular and these headphones showcase why.

    • MrAnerobic

      Nothing in the app works. Changing the equalize does nothing.

  • John

    I had Sennheiser wireless cx earbuds. They were the best sounding wireless earbuds I have tried. Better than airports pro

    • John

      Walking through the TSA lines is my kink. I didn't know the LTT community kink shamed

    • Rommy Soeli
      Rommy Soeli

      @rustler08 yup, 0/10 wouldn’t want to stand beside of a running jet engine without ear muffler ever again.

    • rustler08

      Airports definitely don't sound good.

  • Brandon

    I had the TWS 2s and man they were unreliable and slow to connect. Even for the $200 price I got it at the time man they were a disappointment.

    • Miles

      Never had any problems with mine.

  • Karlo Schallibaum
    Karlo Schallibaum

    I recently saw a teenager walking around with some older momentum wireless model, my god they looked enormous in his ears

  • BromTeque

    I own a pair of TW2's and the sound quality is amazing. Everything else however... Not so great. I bought them because I didn't want to buy airpod pros. Guess what, just get airpod pros. It's bluetooth, you're already taking a hit to quality for convivence, so why not take another minor hit to quality for a major increase in convenience. I've returned mine 3 times so far because they keep breaking. Next time I'm getting my money back. Thx EU law.

    • Graeme Johnson
      Graeme Johnson

      My mate is a Look at me wanker.. has a Tesla.. he bought latest Apple earphones, pooped themselves in 2 weeks, went to the Noddy bar in the store.. they quoted a 3 month waiting list for repairs... whilst he was waiting, I lent him my Overear JBL Harmon Karden Bluetooth headphones.. He has bought a pair, and still waiting for refund from Apple Australia..

    • Miscl

      @bs000 they’re fine, but you could prolly get something cheaper

    • CashK Enterprises
      CashK Enterprises

      I had the same problem. 3 times. Luckily I got a full refund. I got the Beats FitPro, and I love them.

    • bs000

      are airpods good if you don't have an iphone

    • BromTeque

      @Neil Clarke They’ve all broken the same way. The right piece stops producing sound. The left piece still works in slave mode, so I know the circuit is working. My first pair lasted about 18 months, my second pair around 6 months, and the third pair around 3 months. My current pair I’ve had for 12 months, but I’ve barley used them.

  • Exmachinagamma

    I already preordered. I'm a huge Sennheiser guy, and I love the TFW2 Buds😄

    • Joe Gillian
      Joe Gillian

      Well i bought the grell audio tws/1 and sold my MTW2 instead because i am a big fan of Sennheiser higher end products

  • Jheewan Park
    Jheewan Park

    After reading and watching about 3rd gen Momentum TW, Sennheiser did good job lowering the price because it doesn't look like it can compare against Sony's 4th gen that has been released over almost a year meaning I really don't see the upgrades from the 2nd to 3rd. It feels more like updates.

  • 80's kid 4ever
    80's kid 4ever

    I’ve had the TW2 almost since they were release and…I regret buying them deeply. Just my personal experience of course, but they are very low and honestly don’t sound very good. I prefer my fiio FH5 with the BTR5. 3 months ago I bought the Sony W something something 1000s and they blew the Sennys away. Gonna pass one the brand for a good while. Again, just my opinion

    • 80's kid 4ever
      80's kid 4ever

      @Artifact Really miss my headphone jack😞

    • Artifact

      @Daniel Chatham no worries boss.

    • Daniel Chatham
      Daniel Chatham

      @Artifact great info thank you!! You’re so right, it’s hard with earbuds because everybody has different taste! Haha that why I ask what you had before. Thank you for the info!!

    • Artifact

      @Daniel Chatham I was using a pair of Sennheiser MX 471. Not sure if you can still find them. I got them 8 or 9 years ago and used them regularly up until early 2021., when they finally gave up the ghost. Though I have always had a pair of headphones that I would split usage with. I had the Razer Electra V1 which I used at school and the MX 471 were for working out or errands. Hard to go wrong with just the basic Apple earbuds though (if you have iPhone). Though I swear by 3.5mm wired earbuds. It is always a bit of a crap shoot as everyone likes different sound and different music or content in general. My IE80 get used for podcasts, all kinds of music, youtube, movies, gaming when on the go, chatting with people and just about everything else under the sun. I wish you luck in your hunt. Maybe something like the Momentum In-Ear, I have heard mostly good things about them.

    • Daniel Chatham
      Daniel Chatham

      @Artifact what earbuds did you have before that? I’m searching, thanks!

  • Encaged314

    Regarding earbud reviews or unboxings, an important feature that I think should be mentioned is if they can be used mono/one at a time. To get the most out of buds and still hear what's going on around me well enough, I use one at a time throughout my work day and swap as the battery gets low. The first gen Momentum True Wireless buds were unable to do this well. The right bud is the primary device so it controls the bluetooth connection to the phone and to the left earbud and could be used by itself. The left could not be used by itself since it is considered the secondary earbud and receives signals from the right bud.

  • 0mega1Spawn

    By default bluetooth devices have a separate volume bar. That can be disabled tho.

  • Roopert

    Lmao perfect timing, my pros broke today so I’ll have to consider these as a replacement

  • Dan3a

    Wireless headphone manufacturers really need to work on the charging case's size.

  • mini

    James had some really chaotic vibes in this video, I like it.

  • Dusty S
    Dusty S

    Hope they're better than the Momentum True Wireless 2. I have a pair and the right earbud started cutting out and becoming unusable after only a few months of use.

  • En Lighten
    En Lighten

    it felt like, they put so much energy and development around ANC but none on the ANC itself XD

  • EveningOfficer

    This unboxing/review video feels 100% like a TechLinked to me and I don’t know why

  • Ymi_Yugy

    I don't find the price going down that surprising. I mean compared to $200 AirPods Pro, they don't seem very competitive. These small bluetooth headphones are also dirt cheap to manufacture. All the money goes into marketing and software.

  • Bonchego

    I have the CX’s and they are super uncomfortable for me. But I like them.

  • alset333

    "That's weird you have two volume levels that are decoupled" *looks at my Sony headset which is the same* this is... not considered common?

    • Nathan Pickering
      Nathan Pickering

      If u have Bluetooth absolute volume disabled, you can adjust the headphone level seperate from the phone level. When it's enabled, both devices volumes are synced so you'll get max volume out of both.

  • Secret Hero
    Secret Hero

    You should include information on whether an account is required for the app. Not needing to login to use the app was the deciding factor for my current earbuds.

    • Ghost out of the box
      Ghost out of the box

      I have tw2 with sennheiser smart control app. You don't need an account for most of the things

  • imoldovann

    that thing with the additional volume adjustment that is decoupled from the phone, I have that also on my Nothing Ear(1)s