I've been waiting 5 years for THIS! - Leica M11

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  • ShortCircuit

    Editor's Note: Metadata on the histograms @ 7:40 is incorrect and the settings on each camera were perfectly matched, The M9 & M10 did not read the stop on the lens correctly

    • SoulM4tt

      There is a weird channel using your logo and sending suspicious wining giveaway message

    • Manny W
      Manny W

      I am so out of my field that not only did I not notice, I did not understand the correction. Still enjoying the vid tho

    • SebRydahl

      To be fair, the Leica M cameras can't read any data from the lens other than what model it is. Each M-series lens has a 6-bit black and white colored code to tell the camera what lens it is. The camera then uses that information to know the different f-stops of said lens and uses a light meter in conjunction with ISO settings and shutter speed to determine what the f-stop would have been in the image. The f-stop value is purely a guess from the camera's side based on the light meter. So covering the light meter or if there's a shadow cast on it, will cause a different f-stop value to be saved in metadata. So in the Leica M series cameras you are very likely to not always have the correct aperture value in the metadata 👍

    • Panyk Felidae
      Panyk Felidae

      ...I have concerns lol

  • Neoxon

    I’m glad that Brandon doing camera videos starting to become more common on ShortCircuit. I’m actually starting to learn more about cameras thanks to him.

    • Sharath Satish
      Sharath Satish

      @Tony BenBrahim If you want the body style signature similar to Leica, take a look at Fujifilm. They make some great consumer grade cameras. I think this channel has made a couple of videos on them.

    • Prawn

      @Azaz to add who doesnt wanna shoot with a leica? im sure this was an excuse to get hands on with the m11, the sonys canons and nikons are so boring these days esp since theyre not photography central camera bodys anymore.

    • Azaz

      @Tony BenBrahim While I agree, it's clear they want to look at more "interesting" cameras. There is plenty of reviews and recommendations of lower end and more consumer focused cameras on YT.

    • Fried Egg
      Fried Egg

      cringe pfp

    • Tony BenBrahim
      Tony BenBrahim

      Maybe a camera that a consumer would purchase would be nice, not a $9000 camera

  • Isamu27298

    Watching Brandon talk about cameras is always a treat. Even for a non camera person like me

    • Ikxi - Forever a Tatsunoko
      Ikxi - Forever a Tatsunoko


    • James Hayhurst
      James Hayhurst

      Yeah agreed - I love seeing videos with staff geeking out over things for some hobby they have. And on the flip side, a video that sounds like a sales rep at a big box store selling me on something is not as good. You can just do unboxing videos of whatever you can get, but it quickly devolves.

    • Dorraj

      Same. I know jack about cameras, but Brandon just absolutely bleeds compassion in these videos, and I love it so much

  • TechTT

    To anyone watching one but who cannot afford it. Go look second-hand It's great and awesome way to get started in photography. Look around what fits best but choose something that you feel comfortable with. Some systems will last you a long time, got my FujiFilm X-E3 for 350 two years ago and I love it. Going first gen Fuji-X will be even cheaper, still make nice pics and get you lenses that you can use on their newest and upcoming stuff.

    • Hipster

      @CartilageHead Olympus bodies with pana/Leica glass for the IBIS and appearance

    • cutepinkbandanaman

      I feel a good, dedicated camera device just makes sense for a bunch of reasons, from having a fit-for-purpose UI for all the settings you want to fiddle with to the feeling of pressing a button with good feedback to shoot a photo. That said, a good photographer with a phone can still find a great angle and have amazing timing.

    • Nite Motorcycle
      Nite Motorcycle

      @lemster101 While true, I've come across too many elitists who did a complete 180 when I told them that the photo they just liked was taken from a smartphone and played around with whatever lighting was around to compose the shot. It didn't even get better when I told them about the shots they liked were from a Canon SD990 IS, a point and shoot. In the world of enthusiast to semi-professional photography you need proper equipment. Granted, things have changed once more pros started using their iPhone 6/ 6S phones to shoot as a supplement to their SLRs but that stigma still exists especially under the hashtag of "NotiPhonePhotography" or something along those lines.

    • TechTT

      @lemster101 true but a real dedicated camera helps a lot

    • lemster101

      Plus a good camera is zero guarantee for a good photo. It's all about the photographer. You can take great photos on even a smartphone.

  • TiMeJ34nD1T

    God, I love watching Brandon's camera videos even though I have absolutely no clue about any of the settings, hence I always try to get the best smartphone camera that just takes good pictures by pressing the shutter lmao. Any chance we'll get a quick beginners guide by Brandon on what setting does and what's important? With how interesting he can make any camera seem, a video like that would be amazing to learn with!

  • Dhruv Weaver
    Dhruv Weaver

    I’d be interested to see what Brandon (or anyone else there) thinks of the new Nikon Z9, especially with it being one of the first top end cameras with no mechanical shutter. Also seems like the video is fairly promising

    • Icarus

      As a Z shooter the Z9 is a huge upgrade in the nikon world not so much for Sony and Canon

  • Vinicius Ribeiro
    Vinicius Ribeiro

    I see Brandon holding a camera on the thumbnail I click the video. I don't care if it's the most expensive camera or a polaroid. He's gonna make it entertaining and I'm gonna enjoy the shit out of it.

  • Nicolas

    Looking at the price, I'm gonna wait 100 more years for THIS!

    • S

      Imagine spending 15k on a camera which does the same thing as a 2k one

    • AC

      @J M it’s almost as if people aren’t old enough to have experienced photography with the hassle of chemicals involved, when there is a more convenient alternative…

    • Fernando Dember Laguna
      Fernando Dember Laguna

      @J M that means I can't be a car guy because I never had a horse? 😂

    • cyancoyote

      Bruh it's not the film or lack of experience that's keeping me from photography, it's that this setup in the video literally costs as much money as I make in a single year LOL

    • This channel is for commenting
      This channel is for commenting

      @J M don't gatekeep photography with film bruh

  • Awesome Games
    Awesome Games

    Seeing all the changes in button behavior done in the field is awesome. Great demo!

  • Ke We
    Ke We

    I can't believe there was a time that i thought i would save up for a Leica. What was i thinking.

    • Massimo M
      Massimo M

      Leica's rifle scopes offer a lot more bang for your buck.

    • Aleksander Næs
      Aleksander Næs

      @Pupu Keyboards You think people will continue to afford the price hikes of film in addition to ever increasing film camera prices? In this economy? Nah, buddy. This is a hype wave, a bubble, a fad. The retro obsession fades and workers experience ever increasing cost of living and stagnating wages, prices will drop.

    • Pupu Keyboards
      Pupu Keyboards

      @Aleksander Næs they’ve lost value before, but not anywhere near what they gained in value over the last couple years. The price has doubled since 2019 and will continue to rise as long as the number of working examples goes down, which will happen more and more as the years pass.

    • Eirik Folkedal
      Eirik Folkedal

      @Aleksander Næs I know everything! /s

    • Aleksander Næs
      Aleksander Næs

      @Eirik Folkedal Lol, you don't know that. They have lost value before, and they might again.

  • Clifton Church
    Clifton Church

    While I never thought I was a high end snob, I'm learning to appreciate the difference between average quality and premium quality. These camera videos are really interesting, and you can instantly see the difference from taking a picture with your phone, and professional cameras that are for legitimate photography. I would never need a camera like this, as I never see myself doing real photography, but I can really appreciate the quality this camera captures.

  • Joseph Davis
    Joseph Davis

    Love these cameras. Hopefully find a good deal on a second hand model one day lol

  • Matt Arnott
    Matt Arnott

    More of this content please! Love Brandon talking about cameras

  • Henning

    I used to own the M8 (and M2 and M6) Seeing how far their digital cameras have come is crazy. No one thought they would provide comparable iso performance and dynamic range to the other major players. If I only could afford to get back into Leica.

    • MrRom92DAW

      @Henning I don’t know if I’d go as far as to say 80 years. Maybe 30-40. There clearly was a point where they stopped being marketed as tools and more as a luxury or lifestyle product. Even so, they are still built well and made to last forever. Hard to call that a bad value.

    • Henning

      @Kenny Phillips Leica hasn't been a "good value" for 80+ years. Truth is that they're the only true rangefinder camera that are still being produced. People buy them for the experience.

  • Emerald13

    Amazing review, Brandon (and team) does such a great job, really engaging

  • Kyeori

    Always excited to watch these camera videos from Brandon

  • Samuel Mingo
    Samuel Mingo

    I knew it! When they moved away from CCD after the M9 I knew the M10 wasn’t going to be as good. Looks CMOS has caught up. I keep an old Olympus E-500 around because it has a Kodak CCD. Hardly use it. Maybe it’s time to let it go.

  • extreme8808

    That's the perfect camera/glass combo for bokehrama. As always, thank you Brandon - wonderful video 😊

  • Setser Smith
    Setser Smith

    I don't use camera's. But Brandon's excitement, passion and knowledge makes me want to get into it. Always great to see somebody passionate talk about a subject.

  • Ben B
    Ben B

    I would be curious about Brandon's opinion on some of the newer Nikon mirrorless bodies.

  • JodAetaem

    I would love to see Brandon testing the new Pixii, and to have a comparison with this Leica! Very cool video 🔥

  • Nathaniel Elias
    Nathaniel Elias

    I am not even into cameras but I like watching Brandon's camera videos. I don't know why.

  • Realities in the Raw
    Realities in the Raw

    It's fun watching these very expensive cameras getting features their much cheaper cousins, the lumix line has. I just got a used g85 for 490 and it has that exact battery mechanism.

  • Jesse Braughler
    Jesse Braughler

    Would love to see Brandon look at the new OM-1. The cult of micro four thirds would enjoy his opinion for sure.

  • Deepit Magee
    Deepit Magee

    Love seeing Brandon on camera! More Brandon hosted videos please :D

  • Carnage

    love your camera segments so much thanks :)

  • Ethan March
    Ethan March

    I would love more camera reviews!!

  • Guido SC
    Guido SC

    That moment Canon RF Lenses feel reasonably priced 😅

  • Synthetic_Future

    Leica: the apple of cameras. "It's all about the experience man!"

    • Synthetic_Future

      @riothero313 oh for sure. I'm not defending the pricing at all. It's crazy. But having a camera that only does black and white does have its advantages.

    • riothero313

      @Synthetic_Future The problem is when you realize you can buy two cameras with better specs for that price and just have the Bayer filter removed from one.

    • Synthetic_Future

      @riothero313 in all fairness there's arguments to be made for not using a color filter (don't forget: all sensors ARE black and white until you put a filter in front of them) but yes charging a premium for not including something and especially a 6 grand pricetag is pretty insane.

    • riothero313

      They even have one that costs over 6 grand and only shoots in black and white. smh

    • MrRom92DAW

      I’d say Apple is the Leica of electronics. They derived alot of inspiration from Leica products and accessories over the years. The iPhone 4 was explicitly described as Leica-like.

  • Zachary Mills
    Zachary Mills

    I would be Interested seeing more camera videos, but Specifically I would be Interested hearing Brandon’s thoughts on EOS m with Magic lantern for video.

  • johannes basuki
    johannes basuki

    I have M10P , M10R , M10 Monochrom and Leica MP film. The are all similar in terms of rangefinder experience apart form SL2. I think M11 will be similar too besides extra pixels and other features which I think you may not need it. To be honest I do not benefit extra pixels from M10R to M10P besides the ability to crop more. I found M10P is even better for low light situation. Considering that experience I think I do not need M11.

  • Anonymous Coward Insensitive Clod
    Anonymous Coward Insensitive Clod

    That comparison at 7:40 . . . when you do these comparisons you really want to use the same exposure, yet here the fstops have changed.

    • Akshat singh
      Akshat singh

      @Brandon Y Lee damn is that u ?

    • tatzecom

      @TechTT yes but the fstops should stay the same regardless because of consistency. You can add to that and explain "okay so this sensor performs better/worse at so and such fstops" or "we used this fstop instead of this because the camera only natively supports this over that" or whatever, but having it uncommented seems negligent at best and deceitful at worst.

    • Brandon Y Lee
      Brandon Y Lee

      The meta data wasn't reading correctly on 2/3 cameras I promise they were the same :)

    • TechTT

      fstop isn't everthing, it could be impacted by sensor perhaps

  • David Shields
    David Shields

    Brandon should do more videos on camera tech ♥️♥️

  • Nops

    I’d love to see you guys go on photo walks and do vlog style reviews and “shootouts”

  • Animaxtor

    Brandon was so amazed by this camera that he was like 'Am I dreaming? Somebody hit me' and got a slap in the face...

  • mitch271

    This is why I like Leica cameras. No fuss, just focus on the pictures. I'm never gonna use one though, because $15k will get me an A1 with a bunch of GM and Sigma primes

    • Rin Ishikawa
      Rin Ishikawa

      Shame you have to pay so much just for the body alone, Leicas are not accessible at all despite their simplicity.

  • PJ F
    PJ F

    Hey Brandon, do you know if they are going to release a monochrom version of the M11?


    I intend to change my Canon Rebel Two after 12 years of use. I'd really like to upgrade to a full frame, but the price is too high for a new model, so I decided to search the second-hand market, but THERE ARE TOO MANY MODELS! I would love if the LTT group made a video dedicated to the best quality / price cameras used!

    • StellarAudyssey

      Go a *low shutter count* Canon RP for mirrorless or a Canon 6Dii for a DSLR.

    • Jeremiah Kuehne
      Jeremiah Kuehne

      5D mk III can be had for like $500-$600 now. Fantastic camera that still absolutely holds up professionally for photos

    • BobTagac Photo
      BobTagac Photo

      If you need reliable AF, relatively fast burst and killer lowlight- go 5D3. If you only need it for street or family photos, go 5D2- the colors on that camera are just top notch! and it's half the price of the mark 3.

    • Tim Nix
      Tim Nix

      Canon RP can be found fairly reasonably, nice entry level mirrorless camera, and you can use your old lenses adapted.

    • Ben

      Fuji XS-10 is really hard to beat at the 1000$ price point.

  • iDoujin

    I know these don’t get a ton of views compared to your other videos but I love this series. Never stop.

  • molivil

    "Wow. It's actually very strange to have the experience on a Leica, not hearing the shutter"... Editors summarily proceed in adding the shutter sound to video anyway. 👍

  • Chris K
    Chris K

    Just a reminder for anyone reading - the electronic shutter above 1/4000 might cause some trouble with the bokeh this camera creates, as the slit that usually limits incidental light on the sensor produced by the fast-moving mechanical shutter is not there anymore. The camera will behave as if the f-stop is halved or so when it comes to the blurriness of th bokeh, so a 1.2 will look like a 1.8 etc. When using these high shutter speeds with e-shutter just keep this in mind when you're going for a particular background blur effect, as you will have to figure out a lower f-stop than you'd think, and if you want to take a 1.2 f-stop photo then forget about the butter in the background altogether. EDIT: It is a good tool though, when you want everything in focus and go f/8 and above.

  • Jon Mainhagu
    Jon Mainhagu

    Seems like you’re wearing an Oura ring. Would love a review of that device! I’ve been looking for fitness/sleep tracker that’s not a watch and it looks nice on paper. Getting the LMG take on this would be great!

    • Little Jackalo
      Little Jackalo

      Garbage. Paying a subscription for something with such minimal functionality, that you just paid $300 ($400 for gold anodizing... LOL), is insane. Doesn't have O2 saturation yet but but but it can tell you when you get your monthly curse. Lol. Worthless. Who in their right mind would think something with almost no functionality, besides HR, monthly shame prediction, and sleep monitoring, is worth more than $100? Them there's an expensive subscription on top of the $300-400 ring. Man, they really struck gold judging by the amount of suckers that are buying it.

  • Amean Abdelfattah
    Amean Abdelfattah

    Hey LTT, give your camera professionals their own channel. Where they test out and review combinations of cameras and lenses.

    • Amean Abdelfattah
      Amean Abdelfattah

      @schenkov I feel like these guys know their stuff, it would be interesting to learn from them. There are a lot of camera reviewers on YT, but LMG has a good model on YT channels that i enjoy.

    • schenkov

      why would you need a dedicated channel for that?

    • Amean Abdelfattah
      Amean Abdelfattah

      @Bhume I'm sure they'll figure it out, they're already dipping their toes in the water on this and LMG has a pretty good business model system for their channels. I just imagined the possibilities for someone like them being in front of the camera as good as behind it.

    • Bhume

      @Amean Abdelfattah no shit it won't be easy, but they've stated multiple times that it is hard to justify new channels and having main people with jobs already go and work even more. They're not some spunky group getting out there with more channels, they're a business that already has multiple other feet in other doors and employs 50-60 people.

    • Amean Abdelfattah
      Amean Abdelfattah

      @Bhumeyou're right it wont be easy but not impossible.

  • Filmmaker Survival
    Filmmaker Survival

    One day I'll upgrade my M Typ 262...still love my M3. My one regret is the 262 doesn't have live view :(

  • David Ridge
    David Ridge

    That lense costs more than my PC in every aspect

    • Little Jackalo
      Little Jackalo

      @Citizen Four Apple is just Chinese junk that people buy because they think it's good. It's like when "new money" people go out and buy a Maserati, because they think it's a good, fast, high performance sports car, and it will impress people that don't know about cars. From what I can tell (and I'm not into cameras), this is an actual quality camera. Unlike some that is just expensive because they know there are people who are not too bright and will buy it anyways. So not really like Apple. People that think Apple phones are the most expensive, and buy them for that reason, are insufferable. I can see them die on the inside when I tell them that my Samsung costs more than any iPhone ever made... And it's not Chinese junk.

    • Evan Duffy
      Evan Duffy

      I could buy 4 of my PCs for the price of that lens!

    • F H
      F H

      @Citizen Four C'mon Apple is like 10% more expensive than non-Apple, this is another level :D

    • Citizen Four
      Citizen Four

      Welcome to Leica. The Apple of cameras 😉

  • Juan Ismael
    Juan Ismael

    Ooooh so interesting to watch a video comparing a bunch of cameras I really can’t afford lol, but great video guys

  • Pete

    Brandon is so knowledgeable about cameras and makes is so interesting for none camera people

  • Gregory Sutherland
    Gregory Sutherland

    You should try the Q2 monochrome next, it’s awesome!!

  • meadows_hands

    I don't know anything about photography but I love listening to this man talk about cameras.

  • Watchandlearn91

    I love the way they change hosts a lot on this channel and try to have someone host that is actually knowledgeable in the area of the product. Brandon does a great job hosting btw.

  • Leneal!

    Before you said the price of the camera I asked myself "wonder how much that costs?" and then a looked and nearly spit out my drink!

    • Leneal!

      @27 sixes guess i know now XD I just didnt think it could be THAT expensive!

    • 27 sixes
      27 sixes

      If you see Leica in front of it expect no less than 5,000 dollars

  • Brad ൠ
    Brad ൠ

    I see the similarities between professional cameras and Xperia's grow with every release 📸

    • backwardshalos

      You do realise Sony produces their own high-end mirrorless cameras?


    As a professional and technical photographer i found the value of this product is total nonsense. But it has to exist.

    • Sven Asmussen
      Sven Asmussen

      I guess its like a expensive rolex. Objectively a 100$ casio is a better watch yet people still spend so much money on rolexes even though they are less accurate by a lot.

    • poochyena

      I was watching this thinking it was some new cheap camera with how he was describing it. Couldn't believe its 9k

  • Zac of No Trades
    Zac of No Trades

    These camera videos always make me think about just how amazing the cameras in nearly every smart phone are. 15k? Like come on.

    • TheMW2informer

      @JagdTeaguer exactly! A sensor the size of your pinky nail will never give the depth of a full frame sensor, these phones with a ton of MPs and advanced image processing will still come out behind an old 8MP Canon EOS 20D from 2004, just because of pixel packing.

    • JagdTeaguer

      Well how much bigger is the sensor compared to the 3 smashed together on a smart phone? 1/10th the size at least. And the only reason smart phone images look alright is because it has a ton of ai processing even before you take the picture, knowing that I'd much rather avoid smart phone photography

  • alveus

    You should definitely take a look at the Nikon Z9 next!

  • Rolfathan

    That seems comically low for built in storage in this day and age. A ton of phones even have double at this point.

  • weinerschnitzelboy

    I don't know about new cameras, but how about checking out used cameras? Like maybe a video on the main channel about used camera body and cheap lenses. During the lockdown, I got into photography as a hobby, so I purchased a Sony NEX-6 and a cheap Chinese prime lens. I think a lot of people would be interested in photography as a hobby if they didn't think it was so expensive or felt that it was necessary to buy good gear. In the past year as I've studied abroad, I've taken some of my most favorite photos on that thing.

    • IDK anymore
      IDK anymore

      @TechnoBabble Thats not true lmfao

    • IDK anymore
      IDK anymore

      @27 sixes thats what every redditor says

    • 27 sixes
      27 sixes

      @IDK anymore best camera is the one you have on you. Basically doesn’t matter as long as you have a camera from the past 15 years, unless photography/videography is your job

    • TechnoBabble

      @IDK anymore The NEX-6 actually has nearly identical dynamic range and slightly less noise than the GH5 when shooting stills... Physics, y'know.

    • IDK anymore
      IDK anymore

      eeww a NEX 6. Be a man and buy a gh5

  • Cartoonman154

    Leica cameras just remind me of Euro Trip

  • silly wabbit
    silly wabbit

    I would love a how to take photo's series.

  • Johan

    I would like to see a review of DSLRs with a stacked CMOS sensor, that's a technology worth the wait for those people who are thinking of upgrading, it's currently not widely available nor it is affordable. Here's some of the DLSRs that use the stacked sensor architecture: - Sony α1, α9 II - Canon EOS R3 - Nikon Z9 I'm sure there's more, but I've picked the most obvious and latest model I could find. In December of 2021, Sony developed a next-gen stacked CMOS image sensor with "2-Layer Transistor Pixel", that's something to look forward to!

  • Choco

    This is nothing compared to my disposable camera I've been using since 1987 before I was born

  • Rick E
    Rick E

    I'd like to see you guys compare point and shoot cameras from Sony canon etc vs the newest iphone.

  • Steph The Fox
    Steph The Fox

    I know it's an older entry level camera, but I'd really like to hear your thoughts on the fujifilm x-t200

  • Bigfoot

    Imagine just dropping this on a hard surface. $16K 💸💸💸💸

  • Seez Santos
    Seez Santos

    Is there warping with moving options when using the electronic shutter?

  • Daniel Kennedy
    Daniel Kennedy

    That Sony imx455 is a great sensor

  • huhmz

    I don't know jack about photography but I enjoy these videos unreasonably much

  • Ben

    And here I am with my m3 still wrking up to finally getting a real digital camera

  • Depressed Keebs
    Depressed Keebs

    Leica taking features out for more money, that's nice

  • S

    15k for a camera that has the same quality of photography as an expensive Canon for a fraction of the price. You can easily get a great camera for 2-3k and even lower. It’s actually a scamera

  • Ryan Orboresh
    Ryan Orboresh

    You should review a Hasselblad camera, would love to see your take on it.

  • Intet Mane
    Intet Mane

    Would love to have one if I would ever get rich xD

  • Place Holder
    Place Holder

    I didn't know much about cameras until I started watching Brandon on ShortCircuit. Just give him his own dedicated camera and photography channel. Call it Snapshot or something.

  • Icarus

    Imagine buying a leica to use crop sensor setting 😂😂

  • microbuilder

    I wouldnt mind seeing more film cameras.

  • nopin7

    Brandon, I would be interested to see you review the Nikon Z9. I know you might not be much of a Nikon guy, but it would still be awesome to get your perspective.

    • Brandon Y Lee
      Brandon Y Lee

      You're in luck that's the next video!

  • Daniel Murray
    Daniel Murray

    A whole 64GB on a $9000 camera built in! You'd think for at that price they'd toss in a 1TB. Would have been great to mirror all files incase of an SD card failure you have a temp backup.

    • Niduroki

      To be fair, no other camera from Sony, Nikon or Canon has any built-in storage. Even the 6000$ high end models. I don't really get that though, and 64GB being quite a lot more than ... none, in interchangeable lens camera land, probably allows them to get away with just 64GB.

  • Gare

    I just wish Leica's cameras weren't so absurdly expensive. I do enjoy Brandon talking about cameras though.

  • ShAp

    Leicas are the most limited and most mystically branded camera's I have ever seen. They just don't do anything special except for looking a bit old. If people want a vintage experience, then just get a real film camera and develop it yourself, or use a Fuji.

    • timfop

      Somehow they've marketed the "experience of taking photos" with a camera that pays homage to the analog era for the price of a used Tacoma. I don't really get why the camera guys at LTT have such a raging hard on for them, but I'm also not a member of the bottle service class.

    • Sven Asmussen
      Sven Asmussen

      Im always a bit torn on this. On the one hand, if you want the best camera get an a1 and it will outperform the leica in every measurable way. On the other hand, photography is a creative activity, so it doesnt just depend on a measurable good image, a lot of iconic photos got taken on old film cameras and still look better than what I take on my sony. But then again saying better gear doesnt mean better fotos doesnt really induce spending a lot on a leica, it should maybe be an argument for getting a cheap camera because the gear doesnt really matter

    • Raymond Zrike
      Raymond Zrike

      The allure is the glass, not the camera. M lenses, if you don’t care about autofocus (I haven’t in ten years), are the best on the market. And they’re not even all that exorbitantly priced-Voigtlander for instance has been putting out extremely high quality, small lenses recently. Fuji gets close, but for one, they don’t have a full frame option (and their medium format camera is a whole different beast), and two, the user experience is very different. Though personally I just got an M4 and shoot film like you mentioned. But some people prefer the advantages of digital, and I won’t take that away from them.

  • Matjaz Walland
    Matjaz Walland

    Super camera, however, I'm interested in how I can send such large image files to a friend without having to buy anything on social networks. Because let's be realistic Even a simple photo with a new phone makes a huge image file that can't be shared with friends.

    • Divesh Rampal
      Divesh Rampal

      @Matjaz Walland Compress the file using software.

    • Matjaz Walland
      Matjaz Walland

      @Little Jackalo This is specific to samsung devices. Am I talking about social networks like Discord, whatsapp and the like that have file size limits? Email addresses also have size restrictions.

    • Little Jackalo
      Little Jackalo

      Samsung Link Sharing. Up to 5 GB per day, and it's one click to do it.