This keyboard is a $100 computer!!! - Raspberry Pi 400
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Raspberry Pi isn't exactly new but it has come a long way that is almost usable for everyday activities, especially if you need something for under $100.
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  • ShortCircuit

    Note: We found the power switch; it's F10!

  • []

    Anthony’s that one guy in every movie that figures out how a alien computer works in under 15 minutes and by the end of the movie, has a full space ship built.

  • Cameron Mills
    Cameron Mills

    Everybody loves Anthony because he actually knows what the hell he’s doing

  • Wasting Time
    Wasting Time

    I feel like Anthony needs his own show for the ultra-nerd community. "LevelTen" (feat. Anthony)

  • Games With Bob
    Games With Bob

    I love how you can tell someone is asking questions and he’s responding as honestly as possible, doesn’t seem super scripted/memorized which is refreshing

  • Johannes Lørup Buch
    Johannes Lørup Buch

    The GPIO pins are genius for learning to program. Having that physical aspect of code really clicks with most people trying to figure out programming for the first time. I would love to see Anthony tinker with this thing in another video.

  • LazySmurf

    As someone who uses Pis as a cluster server, having this as the “terminal” would be nice. Use it on the master Pi to SSH into the worker Pis over a local network via a switch that links all the Pis together. Saves you having to connect the display adapter to every single Pi to get a terminal out, and having to mess about with PuTTy on Windows.

  • Ethan Smolders
    Ethan Smolders

    Anthony is such a calm chill non dramatic reviewer. Honest and gets to the point

  • Mercedes Play_More_KOF
    Mercedes Play_More_KOF

    I would've killed for this as a kid. My first efforts learning to program was C on an ancient desktop that wasn't powerful enough to open Visual Studio in under 3 minutes and on an old monitor that was so old text was illegible without zooming way in. lol.

  • zigzagarisen

    Anthony is a treasure, absolutely love his presenting style and enthusiasm for tech and learning.

  • Traxeonic

    Overclocking this board should take care of some of the "lag feel" you get from a stock Pi. If this is the Pi 4, you should be able to OC it and make it feel a lot snappier. I think you need a Part 2 that talks about OC'ing this and checking the thermals.

  • Carl Joshua San Diego
    Carl Joshua San Diego

    I love how I can feel Anthony's passion with computers and tinkering.

  • theXfilez

    Anthony is the truly the most passionate geek in the team. I love his videos!!!

  • Anton Senia
    Anton Senia

    The more I watch SC and LTT, the more Anthony grows on me. Man seems like a genuinely kind, wholesome fella

  • JayVBear45

    It would be great for Elders/Seniors as well, especially those on a fixed income. You can even hook it up to a touchscreen monitor with a mod on the GPIO.

  • Tom Miller
    Tom Miller

    We need more videos with Anthony, he has this calming effect. Love how he can't find the words to say to describe just how much you can do with a Pi which is exactly how I feel whenever I use one, there's so much you can do with it it's similar to looking on Netflix for something to watch since there's so much on there you almost get lost.

  • Noi Ded
    Noi Ded

    I like how Anthony actually knows what he does and has done actual research. Something that i often miss when i see big tech channels reviewing Linux products.

  • John Best
    John Best

    I ended up getting a RBP4 kit that came with a nice little power button pass-thru cable from the Pi to the PSU. It seems dead simple to include a power switch.

  • Arizona Jewell
    Arizona Jewell

    As an IT major, I’ve always found the Raspberry Pi such a cool device. I’ve seen so many posts on Reddit with people making anything from home automation to media servers to smart mirrors. I’m happy to see that they’ve made a raspberry pi that’s in a more accessible form factor. I’d love to buy a raspi one day, I just have no idea what I’d make with it. There’s just so many options.

  • c90adventures

    I want to see Anthony play around with the RPI more