Much BETTER than Expected - AnkerMake M5 3D Printer

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  • Corey Hill
    Corey Hill

    12:35 The cylinders are a test of the tolerance, meaning that .5 .4 .3mm of a gap is repeatable. But a .2mm gap is too tight and fuses between the 2 parts.

    • Jeremy Tines
      Jeremy Tines

      @Brah, Trumpwon,bigly nope... Limited Kickstarter price is 629, MSRP is 759

    • Brah, Trumpwon,bigly
      Brah, Trumpwon,bigly

      @Jeremy Tines isn't it supposed to be $429 though?

    • Mikko Rantalainen
      Mikko Rantalainen

      @garramiro Thanks for the info. I'd love to have a printer that can print parts that can be snapped of with only 0.1 mm gap per side.

    • garramiro

      @Mikko Rantalainen per side

  • Scarletetete

    I love how Alex and LMG explains things a way that even people with not as much knowledge with tech have a slight understanding with these videos, so thank you so flipping for pushing these videos out every day no matter the situation or the day ❤

    • Random person
      Random person

      @ShortCircuit at first when you cut the filament that is a good way to jam your nossel

    • Florian

      @Tfin yes, microns - aka one thousandth of a mm. Metric all the things. Powers of 2 are great for computer science, in measuring real life distances they are horrible.

    • Tfin

      @Florian Yes. Sure, 1/32" may be a bit more precise than a millimeter, but it's much easier to use 0.X mm than 64ths and 128ths and 256ths of an inch. We know where to use what here. Microns!

    • taj1994

      @Florian This. *Especially* with anything related to 3D printing. Even nearly all the Americans I've talked to in 3D printing groups use metric for 3D printing related stuff

  • Zakaria Khamees
    Zakaria Khamees

    Few suggestions for future 3D printer reviews.. Include information such as Printing size, max temp of hotend and bed, drive assembly type and other important stuff. I know this is not a 3D printer channel but for a 17 minute video, i would've liked to know more about the specs and maybe more 3D prints.

    • FullThrottle099

      This is a sponsored video, not a review. But yes, those things should've been in the video.

    • Zakaria Khamees
      Zakaria Khamees

      @Lucas Carracedo Yeah it is common to misunderstand people's feelings or timbre without seeing there facial expressions with chat. But what you said was exactly what i wished for too. 😁

    • Lucas Carracedo
      Lucas Carracedo

      @Zakaria Khamees I'm very relaxed. Just pointing out that that's not the flavour of the channel. They barely mention numbers unless it's some crazy new cpu frequency or anything outstanding. It's a very valid suggestion. I wish they mentioned more specs instead of saying random stuff about products too. Harmless comment, not enough to get triggered.

    • Zakaria Khamees
      Zakaria Khamees

      @Lucas Carracedo It was just a suggestion so relax

    • Lucas Carracedo
      Lucas Carracedo

      When did you start coming here for specs? This is an entertainment channel. You don't really take it seriously. You clearly are already into 3D printing. You know exactly where to read about that I imagine.

  • Ernie Oporto
    Ernie Oporto

    As somone who has worked with 3D Printers for years now, I'm VERY impressed. For a company that had no foot in additive manufacturing, to come in swinging this hard, they're about to make their name known!

    • SDU-Tango

      @Reverse Necromancer I printed my first successful model without fail right out of the box with my ender 3 v2, you just need some basic knowledge before you dive into it. to be honest, this printer caught my attention when it was announced, but seeing it in action it's just another overpriced printer to me. not to be salty, but I did except something exciting about this.

    • SDU-Tango

      Most likely just hiring a company to do it and they rebrand it, it's not like they reinventing it themselves. it's all about money.

    • Jack

      @Devilik We'll see when it comes out. That seethe you are spewing is s lil cringe, my guy.

  • marsgizmo

    I’m also pretty impressed on the build quality for its price! Looking forward to review one 🤘😎

    • Hanzi2u

      Depends on if the price is gonna be 800 usd at standard, then I myself would just pick a prusa instead

    • iro

      @SuperBlitz22 holy shit is youtube buggy today or what? im writing this comment for the third time now.

    • SuperBlitz22

      @iro as someone who has absolutely no idea about 3d printers,an app could be very useful.Also,what advantages does a prusa have over this?

    • Machinist 72
      Machinist 72

      @TheMidnightSmith I was thinking the same thing - it looks like it's trying to compete with the Ender 3, but the price says it's actually competing with the much larger Ender 5...

  • Paul Kjoss
    Paul Kjoss

    Alex has got progressively more comfortable with hosting and he is now one of my favs - he explains stuff well too and doesn’t drop stuff all the time like some other hosts 😀

    • TheMoonGoddess11

      He was German in a past life during WWII. I don't mean that in a bad way.

  • Computer97

    I haven't messed with any 3D printers in about 7 years... Seeing one that actually works (that a regular person can afford) is very nice.

    • Hanzi2u

      @ThiloTech prusa is King of printers that just work without any fiddle , only first layer and It works. But pricey. I have a prusa myself mk3s , but also a CR 10 max , and I can walk away from my prusa without any concern but my cr 10 max , I'd have to be actively there in case it just mess up which is often even calibrated correctly

    • NEXIN

      @Trollobite ok, so $hit loads of cash? yes ,maybe.... Yes, I am an Apple user, after 6 years of Android, I switched to an iPhone? Does that make me less human? And yes, I'm still a maker, but I like making stuff with my 3D printer, not tinkering with it. I still love challanges, but an Ender still can't beat the ease of use that even my 5+ year old MK2.5s has.

    • Trollobite

      @NEXIN Yeah and many people don't want to shell out shit loads of cash on something they ain't sure about, maybe they can't afford it all in one hit or it could be the case that they really are *makers* and love a challenge. I bet you're an Apple user too 😃

    • Hillforther Studios
      Hillforther Studios

      You can afford a good one. You just don't want to pay for one.

    • Max C
      Max C

      @Dave download anything like Cura or Prusaslicer. Setup your printer in the options and then just use the default profiles if you are a noob and slice and print Or just spend a few hours a try learning more

  • Dallin

    Put a preorder in for this the first day it was announced. Very excited about it and happy you guys are making a video on this one.

    • Anthony Kearney
      Anthony Kearney

      I love anker devices and their customer service. Just sent me a new USB cable that had a lifetime warranty because my cable from years ago broke

  • Adam Solano
    Adam Solano

    Yes, absolutely more "makery" type videos! Maker projects would be a great addition to the company's repertoire. Think of the near-limitless creative possibilities! Thanks for this video. Makes choosing an affordable 3D printer a lot easier.

    • Caleb Ryan
      Caleb Ryan

      honestly their lack of social media even though it is mentioned at the bottom of their Kickstarter is a little concerning.. Kickstarter says they are in WA but I found a Instagram that says UK is their location.. be careful this is starting to smell like a scam

  • Daniel Benda
    Daniel Benda

    I've been doing production 3d printing for a while now, and while the speed looks great but for doing a reasonable amount of printing the biggest problem looks top be the serviceability of the print head. It is inevitable that you'll have to clear a jam, change the nozzle, etc. for me at least that would be a complete deal breaker at any price.

    • Alexander Halt
      Alexander Halt

      All you do is making assumptions. Maybe there is just one screw to open the case and service it all easy.

    • Thanny

      @B man Print with PLA. Now change to TPU. You can't without adjusting the feed gear tension. And if you forget to adjust that tension, you'll get a snarled mess of springy filament inside the feed gears that you need to clean out.

    • hellterminator

      @tiestofalljays Yup, that's exactly the small market segment I had in my mind: people who need a reliable (unless you're printing large, super detailed models in PLA) printer, but don't want or cant afford to spend extra on an actual professional printer. Hobbyists can afford to print slow and even lose a long print every once in a while, so the final quality and cost are the most important. Here, a well tuned Ender 3 wins. Or if they are willing to spend $1k, they can build a Voron and get a _much_ better printer. Big companies would rather spend extra and get a Stratasys or something (and not necessarily even an FDM one) than deal with this weird hobbyist/pro hybrid. So all that's left for Prusa now are small pros, such as yourself.

    • tiestofalljays

      @hellterminator Used an Ender 3 for two and a half years. Got it to print just about as well as my current MK3S+. The Ender even prints at about the same speed. The difference with this Prusa though - I can literally let it print for 48-72 hours and know it will work. Filament runs out? It’ll stop. Something starts to crash? It pauses. Power goes out? It can resume. For a work machine that’ll be used to print prototypes basically daily, I have no issues recommending one of these newer i3s. I haven’t adjusted the bed/releveled in 6 months lol. Tbh I don’t even calibrate flow anymore (adjusting e-steps when switching filaments on Creality machines gets old FAST). We’ve also got a Craftbot FLOW IDEX XL in-house, these Prusas produce more consistent results.

    • hellterminator

      @tiestofalljays Prusa is past its prime. Maybe up to 3 years ago, they still made sense for a lot of people, but today, with the slew of much cheaper printers that print almost as well and comparably priced printers that print much better, Prusas only make sense for a very small segment of the market. They make some straight up bad decisions that screw over their customers, like putting a drilled out version of the E3D V6 heatbreak, which is very prone to PLA jamming during detailed prints, into all their printers just for the sake of compatibility with their multi material addon, when they easily could have used the original heatbreak and only include the modified one in the addon kit. This issue BTW is well documented and has been know for years, but Prusa continues to do it, because it's easier and cheaper for them. Then there's the lack of innovation. I mean, they're still selling an 8bit bedslinger for $1k in 2022, FFS! And instead of developing new printers themselves, they just buy competing companies and rebrand their products (neither the SL1, nor the upcoming XL have been designed by Prusa). Honestly, at this point, fuck Prusa.

  • Thunderturbine88

    Jolly good show guys @ShortCircuit Alex's presentation style and in depth knowledge on the subject of 3D printing makes the video informative and entertaining. Seems like something I'm likely to get into sooner or later. Keep up the awesome work guys 🙂

    • ShortCircuit

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Iavor Hristov
    Iavor Hristov

    Thank you for letting Alex do this. Last time Linus did a vid on 3d printers it was sadly uninformed, but that's understandable - let each cover their strengths

    • CyberSpidey

      @Adam Wasniewski okay, I presume you're an LTT fanboy but I'll bite: can you list the common weak points associated with 3D printers that you learnt from this video? Feel free to source them with timestamps because I definitely missed them. Number 2, build quality and here's the kicker: nearly ALL 3D printers have metal constructions. For FDM printers (like the Ankermake), you need a sturdy frame else vibrations from the movement of the printer introduces print defects, especially at high-ish speeds. Literally any FDM printer at any price point is a metal frame construction - even the bargain bin $100 Ender 3 clones. So again, how was this any informative to the viewer? Anker actually cheaped out on the motion system by using V-slot wheels on X axis, the same thing you'll find on $150~ printers. Those wheels eventually wear out and therefore I personally wouldn't pay $750+ shipping for a printer that had those. Coming to the last bit: 3D printers aren't exactly like regular printers. A lot of moving parts are involved, which means they need maintaining over time. I wish it weren't that way, but it's just physics. Friction will always cause wear and tear, and it is very manageable when things aren't behind a black box. I won't even talk about the motion system, let's talk plastic: You know that you can use tons of cool filaments which are very cheap, to make prints that look like wood/marble/copper/glow in the dark? And all these are entry level materials, cheap and very easy to print. Those filaments also wear down the printer nozzle very hard, which is why you'd need to replace the stock nozzle in a month or two. My point being: You'd know these things if this video weren't an advertisement, which is exactly what it is and it portrays a carefully constructed image of the product which will mislead the customers and get them impulsively backing something on Kickstarter which they know very little about. FDM printers WILL need maintainence no matter if you buy a $3000 machine or an ankermake, this advertisement implies that this printer just works and will do so always without any user intervention. Enjoy watching an ad by all means, but that doesn't make it informative content. Anker doesn't need to use Kickstarter, they're a multi-million dollar company but kickstarter doesn't come with any obligations to ship so it's a 0 risk option for them. Viewers will get duped into preordering something that they have incomplete knowledge about because they misunderstood an ad for expert opinion.

    • Adam Wasniewski
      Adam Wasniewski

      @CyberSpidey i dont see why this video cant be informative to a casual viewer - it lets you know the common weakpoints that 3D printers often experience and the general nature of the process. besides, its not, strictly speaking, an ad, its sponsored by anker, sure, but it still is first impressions of unboxing, general build quality, and operation. by no means like, the be all end all source on the matter, but i think a useful video if youre either not too terribly informed on 3D printing and just want to see this new piece of tech, or someone who is informed and want to see, ya know, a video of the new piece of tech. i wouldnt call LTT "hardly more than an unboxing channel," but thats literally what shortcircuit, the channel this video is on, is. i think your comment is just confusing me because im not exactly sure what you expected.

    • CyberSpidey

      @Adam Wasniewski 3D printing can be very fun; and this video is an ad - not a review/first impression. Not a very useful or informative video, also be vary of Kickstarter campaigns.

    • Adam Wasniewski
      Adam Wasniewski

      @CyberSpidey what?

    • CyberSpidey

      This one isn't too useful either imo, but then LTT is hardly more than an unboxing channel. I hope that prospective buyers do their research elsewhere, 3D printing is a bliss.

  • g0ggy

    ShortCircuit has become my favorite LMG channel. Each time you show something new. A car, shoes, watches, printers, pro cameras etc. Keep it up guys.

    • ShortCircuit

      Glad you like them!

  • TechyBen

    That "out of the box print" makes me want this far too much than I should. :P

  • Unlucky

    I love content like this, I'd enjoy more maker style things being covered.

  • TheUallis

    The build construction looks pretty solid (Hard to tell with all the unneeded plastic in the way!), which would help with speed, but I'm most concerned with the closed slicer and the promises of advanced AI that is supposed to work from a fixed position. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh

      I'd love to see a budget 3D printing video - taking a budget printer, then upgrading parts until it rivals a much more expensive printer.

  • Felix Wiseman
    Felix Wiseman

    The mystery print os the Kickstarter x Autodesk Standardized FDM 3D Printer Benchmark. Each of the features is a test that you need to score according to the grading sheet, maxing out at 30 points. For context, a Prusa i3 MK3S scores roughly 22.5 stock. An Ender 3 Pro scores around 15 Stock, but I've modified one for a college research project to reach 25. The speed is also something interesting. It's not standard but I usually go "x pounts per hour" to give an idea of speed for quality. A CR-10 does roughly 4 points per hour. The E3P I modified gets to 14 points per hour.

    • ulayera

      thanks! found it before reading this comment, but you should be higher, took me awhile!

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh

      I love content like this, I'd enjoy more maker style things being covered.

  • B Liska
    B Liska

    Excited to see head to head against similar priced printers, many deltas, ender7, snapmaker 2.0 etc can all hit that speed but often have bigger build volumes so we're going to have to see if non-preloaded projects work as well.

  • Simon L
    Simon L

    at msrp of 760$ it has very little to offer. This printer uses well known open source software features that can be implemented on pretty much any printer with an added computer. Basically, this is an ender3 with Klipper firmware and a 20$ webcam

    • Grim Gaming Tv
      Grim Gaming Tv

      Yeah honestly just get an ender 3 with a bl touch auto leveler and a $20 webcam and it would be not only way cheaper, but way better imo

    • Simon L
      Simon L

      @Tacoh That's true, setting up and tuning Klipper is not for everyone. If their level of polish provides repeatable hands-off printing, it may indeed be worth the price.

    • Simon L
      Simon L

      @O_O lets you tune the crap out of your printer and get speeds like the ones advertised here.

    • Blooest

      ​@Ofek O. There's always a reason for a failure. Whether that's cheap parts, poor design, or whatever else. I always know what's wrong if any of my three printers (Prusa, Ender, ancient Prusa clone) act up. You're paying for idiot-proofing here, yep. Like I said, nothing new here for a Cartesian, though it does look like a reasonably well put together kit. At the KS prices I can see the value, but they're asking $760 MSRP. I don't think it's deserving of quite that much, mechanically -- you're paying for that ridiculous cast aluminum, if they could get it down to $500-$600 it starts to look a lot better imo.

    • Solarbird

      Mmm.... I'm a little more generous? But not much. I don't think it's price competitive - my 3V2 printed about that well out of the box, too, and that's without auto-levelling. But I brought some knowledge with me that had to help, plus I did a couple of immediate upgrades (bed springs, bowden tube clamps, the basics) and that probably helped too, and while those things aren't expensive, they aren't free either. Plus it comes with an auto-leveller and is clearly a hell of a lot easier to put together. That's legitimate value. Not enough for the price, but meaningful. My main disappointment is that at $760 it should have a hell of a lot larger bed. When I saw the base I was ready to pay attention, but a print area that small? At $760? C'mon. That's bullshit.

  • Oliver Douglas
    Oliver Douglas

    dang this looks cool - I feel like 3D printers are actually starting to become approachable consumer gadgets now? this is the first time I've seen one that looks genuinely super user friendly thought idk if this is the kind of printer I'd want if I wanted to print minis for TTRPGs

  • Thing King
    Thing King

    That’s what i love about the ShortCircuit videos they just feel so natural and improvised. For example how they always wanna take it apart and it doesn’t matter if that’s even a good idea they just yolo it.

  • deepblue812

    "I know people that kept the warranty on their things... They're all dead now" might be the best one-liner LTT quote ever :)

    • David Elliott
      David Elliott

      Delivered almost deadpan, as well.

  • Dark88Reaper

    What I am realy hoping for is that the final version will also perform as well as this unit. What would also be nice is if they would have an encoder as a Filament Sensor. Not only would it detect if filament is running out, but also if the extruder is jammed. What would also be important to me is that you can easily tension the belts and do basic maintenance without tearing down the whole machine.

  • Martin Jones
    Martin Jones

    This looks really impressive. Its beautiful, and seems functional with no configuration needed.

  • Paweł Kucmus
    Paweł Kucmus

    Yes! More makery type content, help us promote maker thingies and push the world forward a bit - cool things happen in the maker space. Thank you!

  • Der Rahm
    Der Rahm

    The biggest question is if the acceleration also scales with the multiplier. I guess in reality the printhead won't even reach 100 mm/s cause it can't accelerate to this point.

    • Der Rahm
      Der Rahm

      @Eidetic Ex Will be interesting, how solid the motion System actually will be. And if something like pressure advance like in Klipper or at least linear advance will be in place so parts still look good.

    • Eidetic Ex
      Eidetic Ex

      If it's running Marlin with hardware acceleration curves, then no. If using software acceleration, which is an option in the popular slicers, then it will affect it. However 100mm/s is absolutely doable just after a corner. Mine is currently set to make travels moves at 120mm/s which slows rapidly to 80mm/s as it approaches the part until it slows again to the print speed. Even cheap NEMA knockoffs have got really good, good enough to rock the table the printer is on if you go too aggressive.

    • Steven S. Smith
      Steven S. Smith

      you'd be surprised how short of a line it takes to get to full speed at a modest setting of say jerk set to 10.

  • Andrew Combs
    Andrew Combs

    It's great that Anker is getting into 3D Printers. I'd love to see y'all review the Prusa Mini.

  • Emilyshabang

    I love Anker products, they always work great and are offered at super reasonable prices

  • Ozkdritt

    Really glad I found this channel. I love reviews and unboxing, and mixing that with your amazing review style, quality and humor is always damn entertaining, keep up the good work

  • Metallica4Life1995

    Can we all just agree that almost everything Anker makes is great? I have had their powerbanks, cables, chargers, heck even their audio stuff under their sub-brand soundcore. All of it has been seriously good for the price. Edit: Forgot to include their security stuff from Eufy (Anker sub-brand), also great stuff

    • Sonosus

      I don't like how they're using crowdfunding as a risk-free loan, especially for such a big company with enough budget to develop the printer without it.

    • Metallica4Life1995

      @metrotorful That was not Anker, Anker has never been into posting fake reviews, look at their score on Fakespot to confirm. Once amazon kicks you off you don't come back, Anker is still there and has been there for a long time, so you're thinking of the wrong company Pretty sure you're thinking of Aukey, who 100% did get kicked off of amazon for fake reviews.

    • Metallica4Life1995

      @Tyler Dean I have their soundcore life P3's, fantastic earbuds, got all the bells and whistles for literally a 1/3rd of the price of the big names

    • Tyler Dean
      Tyler Dean

      Im watching this while using the Anker Soundcore wireless headphones. They were 60 bucks and sound really good.

    • Metallica4Life1995

      @Wayne Bird I have their Eufy cameras as well, completely forgot to mention them, also a great product

  • Emeraude

    Dang, I'd love to have a 3D printer but was always hesitant with all of the work it would take to get it working properly. If the price of this is within my budget, I might just yolo and get one

  • Guus Klaas
    Guus Klaas

    Overclocking 3D printers is totally a thing. It involves 48V steppers, there's high end mainboards for it all, and it also involves a lot of (sometimes unorthodox) temperature management. There's even benchmarks. Such as the speedboat. I'd totally challenge LTT team to tackle the speedboat challenge.

    • Guus Klaas
      Guus Klaas

      @Coty Collins Same on the RatRig. I already have 2 dedicated PSU's in there (I am aware I could technically use 5V of the board). The Pi has its own mains > 5v brick. I am tempted however for a 48v tertiary system, just to learn. 3D printing to me is the same as PC overclocking: nice to get great results, but in the end you want it to be everyday useable as well. Those LDO mofo's can be a pain to acquire (not expensive, just a pain to get, esp in a mainly amazon-free country). And drivers are perhaps even harder, though 3DJake carries those as well now.

    • Coty Collins
      Coty Collins

      Agreed, the mainboard on my voron supports 48v to the x and y steppers. But i would need a 48v psu for it, so i just run 24v to everything.

    • hellterminator

      Yup, I still remember my jaw hitting the floor when I saw a sub 2 minute Benchy on an overclocked Voron Zero.

  • 2nd_place

    I’m an old school Anker fan and I was super excited about this when I got an email about it a couple months ago. They are a great company that makes affordable tech that is solid and if you have a problem they make it more than right. I’ve had them give me free gear because of an issue. I’ve wanted my own 3D printer for years and finally decided to get one for my birthday and then this came out so I did! I got the early bird deal and even though I have to wait until later this year I’m patient. It seems way better than the Prusa Mini I was gonna get and the price wasn’t far off either in early bird. This will be an excellent first 3D printer and I believe this device will kickstart (heh) a 3D printer revolution in the consumer space over the coming decade.

  • Ted McFadden
    Ted McFadden

    Great looking unit! I'll wait for the production version though -- hate the "early adopter" issues. 😁 The editor's comments were hilarious, BTW. 👍️

  • Connor Bunch
    Connor Bunch

    I 100% wanna see more 3D printer content from you guys!

  • demonicexile

    Would love to see a whole series on 3d printing!

  • FleetAdmiralMatteo

    This is an impressive first effort. Anker looks to have made a solid machine. I will be curious to see more on their slicing software.

  • Lost in Art and Magic
    Lost in Art and Magic

    Backed it as soon as the Kickstarter went live. Love Anker and love that you guys are getting to play with it already to show off what it can do.

  • Jeremy Sherrard
    Jeremy Sherrard

    I’ll be interested to see a comparison of pre-production units sent to reviewers vs what customers actually receive later in the year. If it checks out come that time I’ll happily pay full price.

  • Ante Šarić
    Ante Šarić

    For the Mega roll, try flipping over the wire holder, so that the roller bar faces away from the aluminum columns that were getting in the way of the roll

  • hellnawnaw

    This is exactly the kind of printer I wish were available when I bought mine 3 years ago

  • Meraki

    Being a machinist makes me love these videos more

  • Mitchel Achino
    Mitchel Achino

    I would love a full review on this when its official released.

  • Eric Baker
    Eric Baker

    While I have a Neptune 2 and am pretty happy with it for the money I spent... This thing looks absolutely sick. My ONE FEATURE that will absolutely be a make or break for me in a future buy is auto bed leveling.

    • mistaecco

      Grab a Prusa mini, then. Auto leveling, costs less than this one, more liability than a Kickstarter, and vendor support if something doesn't work. They're worth the hype. Oh, and gummy bears! Can't forget the gummy bears.

  • zapl80

    'Overclocking' a printer by increasing the voltage does work to some extent. Stepper motors have more torque and can run faster on higher voltage. Most other components in a 3d printer won't survive this though.

  • Dane Roschen
    Dane Roschen

    It's concerning that major companies using Kickstarter to fund their products has been normalized.

    • Cameron Juresich
      Cameron Juresich

      I would do the same thing in their position. It makes sense to gauge the demand for a product before you start to produce it.

    • Dane Roschen
      Dane Roschen

      ​@spartaman64 Their "goal" was setup at $50,000. Their company is worth at least $1,100,000,000 and they made over $4,000,000 on the Kickstarter alone. They are that big a company and yet, according to a comment from Short Circuit below, decided to use Kickstarter, rather than their own website, because they have chosen not to create their own e-commerce insfratructure. On the funding side of the issue, they can make any claims they want now about making the product regardless of the Kickstarter without backing up said claims. This is because they have now "proven" that their product will sell, even though in order to do so they passed on all the front-end costs of production to their customers.

    • spartaman64

      they said they are making it whether or not it hits the goal. its just for advertising

    • Dane Roschen
      Dane Roschen

      @KJ McLaws That is exactly the normalization that is concerning. Just because something isn't a scam doesn't mean its origins in crowdfunding are acceptable, considering that Anker clearly has the funds to make the product while also incurring the risk of production. It has simply chosen to bypass said risks and pass them on to the consumer instead and it has been so normalized that no one sees it as a problem anymore.

    • KJ McLaws
      KJ McLaws

      But they aren't scams at least

  • Neoxon

    Is this the 3-D printer that Alex was excited about during the recent sleeper build video? Either way, this looks awesome.

    • NEXIN

      @Area Zaft The Ender is the original design (even though it loosely copies a RepRap/Prusa Mendel) it uses Aluminium extrusions and V-rollers for movement, uses a bowden extruder. Since its open source, many companies just made clones, with little changes to the core design… As for your purchase; its a decent one, infinitely better than the piece of crap reviewed in the video, but its not as high quality as something like a Prusa…

    • Area Zaft
      Area Zaft

      @NEXIN would you mind explaining? I have it backed at the $499 price but bought the Ender 3 S1 pro on sale figuring that one would be better in the long term. What’s your reasoning?

    • NEXIN

      No it doesn’t look awsome, this is a low effort Ender 3 clone

    • BigTitMaster

      That one was the Phanteon

    • Nolan Manning
      Nolan Manning

      I think he was excited about the 8,000$ one he mentioned, but not the one featured

  • redavatar

    They probably use something similar to the CR-6 SE namely a strain gauge sensor which detects pressure on the tip of the extruder. It has positives & negatives - if the tip is dirty, it can detect the Z level poorly but on the positive side, you don't need to screw around with Z-offset.

  • Ivo Vass
    Ivo Vass

    Well this is a nice looking 3d printer you got there. Impressive base structure, even casted then mashined should be great. And looks like it's quite fast which is great to see, the most annoying thing about 3d printing is the slow execution times... Thanks for showing definitely would like to see more maker stuff

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    Karl Chedrawi

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    Secret Hero

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    Bushido Brown

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    Carlo Carnevali

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    • Cine Zone
      Cine Zone

      @Artieficial maybe we could get an LTT 3d printing channel!

    • Artieficial

      @Cine Zone I already have it running for my Prusa. Just figured it may be an interesting topic for LTT to cover for viewers who are new to 3D printing and may not be aware of it. Plus there are lots of cool integrations you can set up with plugins that may be neat to showcase considering all the other IoT stuff covered on various LTT channels.

    • Cine Zone
      Cine Zone

      It is very easy to setup. Just lookup a video. Basically you flash an sd card, plug the pi into your printer and you are off the the races. Install something like spageti detective for remote monitoring.

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    Anthony Castanon

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  • Greg Gallacci
    Greg Gallacci

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    Michael Tan

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    James Rounding

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    Zachary Drake

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    • CyberSpidey

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    • George Allen
      George Allen

      @TheMidnightSmith well yeah but ypu were comparing it to an ender 3

    • TheMidnightSmith

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    • George Allen
      George Allen

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    • TheMidnightSmith

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    Max Oakley

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      Grim Gaming Tv

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    Mark Davenport Jr

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    • Grim Gaming Tv
      Grim Gaming Tv

      I've had an Ender 3 for years have spent very little on upgrades glass bed, bowden tube, motor dampers, quieter fan, and aluminum extruder assembly maybe $50 total and a few 3D printed mods. Most were not even to upgrade print quality, but qol, to make it quieter, or just because I felt like it. The Ender 3 can print just as good as this overpriced printer out the box with no upgrades so not sure what your talking about needing $400 of extras for that's totally untrue.

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    Stefan Jensen

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    • Stefan Jensen
      Stefan Jensen

      @Mac10goesBRRRT from the perspective of a quick 3D printer i would definitely say they are comparable, sure the Voron's are a absolutely beautiful piece of engineering, but it has it's issues as well. but i do agree a prusa is more comparable, which is why i used a prusa for comparing :P tho ringing is almost always a tuning issue and not a machine issue

    • Mac10goesBRRRT

      The voron isnt really comparable to this. This one looks like it'll have Tons of problems with ringing, wich your voron shouldnt have. Itll be a cheaper, easier to set up, but not as cutomizable. I think it ia goos to have a rival to the prusas, but ill stay with my v0/v2

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name

    There is no way that is actually 250mm/s. Sure, you can set the max speed to 250 but if your acceleration isn't set high enough it'll never hit it. Take a look at hevort/vez3d/voron speed runs. That thing ain't doing 250mm/s.

    • Alec Bersch
      Alec Bersch

      Yeah, I've got a creality CR20 pro, and I've extensively upgraded and switched out parts to make as high quality of a build as I possibly can - and I still only get a fraction of that. And It's still a great printer featuring work I'm super proud of! At the same time though, I personally feel like reaching the fastest possible speeds isn't always necessary, since in that type of range you will absolutely be trading speed for quality - there are times when you need to test a part, and you don't care how it looks so long it's done quickly, and other times when the quality is by far the most important factor. In any case, that just shows how incredible those voron and rat-rig style printers are, and the sheer achievements of the people who build them. When you watch clips of those printers running, the footage is so insane, it just doesn't seem real.

  • mambobro

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  • B. Winky
    B. Winky

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    • Thanny

      @Eyeborg314 Just based on this video I can say that the filament feed system and filament detection are considerably inferior to a Prusa MK3S. I also don't think your notion of complacency holds any water. You can buy a $50 kit from Prusa right now to turn a MK3 into a MK3S+. So not only is the design being refined, but you can take advantage of those refinements without buying a whole new machine. You don't buy a Prusa if you just want a "value" machine. You buy a cheap Ender 3D clone for that. You get a Prusa to avoid the headaches that going for "value" inevitably procures for you.

    • alphastratus

      @Eyeborg314 Prusa are reliable af. It's the same with cars: BMW and Mercedes are nice, but if you want something that works you go to Toyota. We will see how Anker will make it.

    • Eyeborg314

      It looks much nicer and the build quality seems much better than a Prusa. The Prusa i3 Mk3 is a design that has been around for a long time, and through iterations and strong community support is relatively solid but IMO Prusa has gotten complacent and it’s not really as great a value proposition anymore. This Anker product looks really promising but time will tell how reliable it is.

    • B. Winky
      B. Winky

      @Dubious Prusa Research makes 3D printers that are excellent quality for the price. The same printer used in LTT video “3D Printing 300 Face Shields… PER DAY”

    • Dubious

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    Jaheebin Knobius

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