I wanted to LOVE the KIA EV6!!!

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  • ShortCircuit

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    • Ian Robertson
      Ian Robertson

      @fffwe Yes, this is over a year old. Recall was done and batteries replaced. About 80,000 units were affected. Chevy did the same with near 70000 bolts. The vehicles recalled were not the same as the ev6 or ioniq5

    • fffwe

      Don’t park your Hyundai Kona EV inside because it could catch fire Hyundai is recalling more than 80,000 EVs over battery fire concerns The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a recall for 2019-2020 Hyundai Kona and 2020 Hyundai Ioniq electric vehicles after over a dozen battery fires were reported. The agency is also warning owners against parking their vehicles near their homes or any flammable structure.

    • Clark Kent
      Clark Kent

      doesn't the steering wheel have the volume controls? 🤔

    • Game Over Guy
      Game Over Guy

      @George R I agree with you. I experience the same thing. The company makes a lot of money and they can't invest in anything higher quality

  • James Bradbury
    James Bradbury

    It amazes me how good Alex can be at car reviews while still mispronouncing brand names. I really want an "Austin Martin."

    • Masculineish

      @flammablewater correct

    • Russell Smith
      Russell Smith

      They're really missing an opportunity here. The company could make an EV and call it the "Astin Powers".

    • QbRt

      I got the same lolz. But as far as car reviews go, they're just advertising. Hard to find honest car reviews that aren't sponsored

    • Kevin Perry
      Kevin Perry

      @flammablewater doesn't even sound strange to me


      Was it not on purpose? I thought it was..

  • Florian Fahrenberger
    Florian Fahrenberger

    Honestly, seeing how Linus has three kids about the same age as mine: What is sorely missing in these car reviews is a look at the backseat width. Does it fit three people (or three kids' seats) next to each other? Because there are very few EV mini vans, and this is something us families really, really care about. Other than that, these EV reviews are pretty cool, keep them coming!

    • The European Legacy
      The European Legacy

      It's not a review m

    • madnut666

      Every few months I research for an EV that can fit 3 car-seats. Have not found one yet except, Rivian looks like it might esp the 7 seat one. Ford Lightning will also fit 3 kids since its like the normal f150 and those fit 3 seats really well with one caveat, no anchors for the middle.

    • Gator NYC
      Gator NYC

      "Because there are very few EV mini vans" I assume you mean there are no EV mini vans.

    • 1Eddy

      From personal experience, this car fits three people quite well, and everyone has felt that the car has a lot of space, just not so much vertical space

    • Josh Carr
      Josh Carr

      I know the model 3 just barely fits 3 car seats so I'd assume this would.

  • Jason M
    Jason M

    Surprised with the UI issues as that is usually a Kia strong point. I love the UI on my K5. Minus the wireless charging which is pointless if I want to use CarPlay. I had wireless CarPlay in my last Kia, with no wireless charging… then the car with wireless charging does not have wireless CarPlay. That was not thought out…

  • a.v.p

    The one main thing I love from KIA at the moment is the fact they are designing EV's from what looks like the ground up, its not just slap into an existing model (Yes there are a few KIA's that are) but this and the Ioniq 5 are just refreshing with design and nice to see they are caring about the look

  • Atomgna

    I found it kinda sad that the whole charging situation was just an abstract "it's not a Tesla, lol", while the 800V system of E-GMP in the EV6 and IONIQ5 with (afaik) measured 234kW DC peak and a pretty good charge curve (unless you hit the charger with a snowy-wintery-cold battery, which will be fixed in a software update) is crazy and currently only matched by the Porsche Taycan. Might be that in Canada the cargers aren't really there yet, but please consider that viewers might also come from other parts of the world (or the future) with a working HPC network. As an European example, when I am driving long range between Austria and Germany, most of the chargers I need to stop at could already deliver 350kW DC - and I drive the OG 2016 Hyundai Ioniq EV, so that's actually a veeeeeery uncomfortable amount of chargers I am stopping at, esp. in winter... 😅

    • tbnzet

      @Ian Robertson Well, it's equally annoying when people are just stating that a Tesla's are "poorly made" without probably having any experience with them. I've had a Model 3 for 2.5 years now, without a single issue. And since there's no required service interval, I haven't even been at Tesla since I bought it. Interior still feels and looks like new, and doesn't have small squeaks like my previous BMW. I like the Ioniq 5 and EV6, but the control/UI issues mentioned in the video would kinda keep me from buying it. Well, if I needed the bigger tailgate I would get one of them, since I don't fancy the Model Y looks.

    • Ian Robertson
      Ian Robertson

      The tesla fan club keeps pushing on "the chargers" to try and dissuade people from buying anything but a poorly made tesla. I have a 200kw station 2km's from me if i ever need it and there are many other networks available. I had no idea until last year when i started to research an EV purchase. There's a chain in Canada that has chargers every 250km or less and some of them are even 350kw. I ordered a top spec Ioniq5, won't see it for a year though :( .

  • Thomas56

    Honestly, i hate touch controls in cars for commonly used things. My parent almost drive off the road in their car trying to turn down the heat. Touch controls are distracting and take drivers eyes off the road for no reason. I love 2019 civic hatchback and specifically didn't get the sport version cause it had touch radio controls. Imo it is much safer to have analog buttons that you can feel for and easy use.

    • Swedishchef11

      To be fair. It was a long time ago I managed the stereo via the stereo controls. I control it via the steering wheel. But I am with you on that.

    • Ro1

      or just make intuitive interfaces either or tbh

    • Maximilian Wimmer
      Maximilian Wimmer

      I can't add anything more to this statement. Using a phone while driving is not allowed, but an iPad to control your car is fine ?! Touch controls in a car are DANGEROUS.

    • Eirik Heggelund
      Eirik Heggelund

      @RedBeardedJoe "The like 73 and stuff"?

    • Wh0_Am_ 1
      Wh0_Am_ 1

      Knobs are the best! I think center console ergonomics peaked in ~2008

  • JWBlunden

    I always get surprised by a car review on shortcircuit. It feels weird, until I think about how much tech is in one now. And I absolutely love each and every one. I am nowhere near a gear head, but Alex has an amazing ability to explain the good and bad about any vehicle he gets in. Keep these coming!

  • Nexinator

    I test drove this the other day. To get the "out of car" movement to work, the car must be locked, then press the circle button for a few seconds, which unlocks the movement buttons. Then you can move the car forward and back.

  • Oliver Linder
    Oliver Linder

    Hey I am driving a Kia myself. About the Volume control, you can set climate control on the panel and just use the volume leaver on the steering. About the not presentet map in the display: I asked my dealer about the map feature and they answered they currently cannot integrate a map as there are patents in place by VW group and some other car manufacturers that prevent them from doing so. Else pretty neat review.

  • Herman Wooster
    Herman Wooster

    Great review, and it makes me feel better after second guessing myself whether the EV6 was a good car or not. I've heard the Ioniq 5 has a much more comfy ride quality, but the body roll is still significant. An EV sports car it is not, but you might like the comfort.

  • Shaun Young
    Shaun Young

    My takeaway from this video is that they have a pretty solid foundation and if they clean up the UI and other smaller things this could be a pretty darned good vehicle in a few years.

    • bhbae1

      @terry williams yes what a complainer for a mere thing

    • terry williams
      terry williams

      Alex should not be driving cars, he should just use uber.

    • DeFran Lucas
      DeFran Lucas

      @bhbae1 not relevant when I comes to measuring mechanical quality and customer support

    • bhbae1

      @DeFran Lucas I am pretty sure you have not driven any KIA.

    • Justin Seau
      Justin Seau

      My take away is this is a first generation product. Especially since it’s from a car manufacturer that’s catching up with other more well established ones (and rather fast, I might add) without much experience in the digital UX and software side of things.

  • LiveType

    From my experience, this feels like a bunch of teams that didn't really talk to each other except in review meetings making a bunch of new stuff and it turning out... About how you would expect. I expect the second iteration of this to iron out a lot of the inconveniences.

  • colorfulchew

    For how I use the cars controls, I actually really love Kia's choice to combine climate and volume. Most of my music and navigation is through android auto & Google assistant, and I adjust the volume on the wheel 90% of the time, so just having knobs for temperature instead of tapping on a freaking screen for that appeals so much.

    • The delicate snowflake
      The delicate snowflake

      @Jeroenneman If the voice conrol was anything close to seamless why not. I've yet to see a car where it actually just works without me having to speak up like crazy or some other weird stuff.

    • Jeroenneman

      @The delicate snowflake Then set temp once when you get in the car? You can even do this via voice control: "set the temp to xx". No knobs needed.

    • Dhruv B
      Dhruv B

      @Andrew Rodriguez there's automatic climate control, so why do you need to keep touching it? I don't think the average driver has temperature that goes from 60 to 40

    • sandprism

      @Andrew Rodriguez why would you need to adjust when you've set it to the temperature you want?

    • Andrew Rodriguez
      Andrew Rodriguez

      @Jeroenneman Most people have this thing called weather. Where I'm at it can go from 60 to 40 quickly and its a pain. If the car gets too warm you have to adjust. Maybe you just don't drive a lot lol. You're clearly not the average driver.

  • Salt Nation
    Salt Nation

    Okay. I have an ev6 wind AWD ive never accidentally hit any of the seat heating or cooling functions. The display behind the steering wheel could have been a bit better. I had to adjust the seat and the wheel to fully see the display. Im 5"9 so it wasn't to bad for me. Taller people may have more problem's. You have an electronic child lock on the driver side door wich is nice if you have small kids. You also have two front seat profiles so you and your partner can get the perfect seating position and not have to worry about changing mirrors or adjusting the seat everytime you switch seat's. Overall im happy with the car. The heating and audio control switching isnt that bad. I normally just use my steering wheel to control the audio and i leave my heating on auto climate. Oh, one last thing. To use the key to move the car you have to get out with the car off lock it the turn it on with the remote start then you can move it. It kinda annoying. It dosnt take long only about 15 20 seconds but its a wait thats not needed. Probably something they can change in an update hopefully. Also you can lock the door from the outside if its on. Also annoying.

    • Chaos Corner
      Chaos Corner

      I'm guessing that the key moving is something that only people terrible at parking are likely to need to use and so they'll be happy to wait the 15-20 seconds. It annoys you because you could do it much quicker.

    • Linus Tech Tips
      Linus Tech Tips

      Yeah it seemed like the seat + wheel wanted me to be in a higher driving position but then my head would hit the ceiling. Makes sense it would be more comfortable for someone a bit shorter. -AC

  • Michael MacLean
    Michael MacLean

    You guys should totally review the ioniq 5 too. Had my eye on that one for a while, interested in seeing how it compares

    • MrLankyBastard

      Savagegeese has a good review on it, but he doesn't get too in depth about the infotainment.

  • Rusty Husky
    Rusty Husky

    It’s strange how companies making new EVs or just normal cars at this point are seemingly going backwards. The UIs look nice enough, but they are less functional. For example, Audi, for the longest time they had a pretty decent infotainment system that had a look that stayed fairly consistent over almost 10 years, it never looked the most modern but it was very functional. Most companies have had drive modes figured out for years to a basic degree at least and it seems like they all forgot how to do things correctly.

    • F.B.We.

      @Irwan Clark hardware is only half the story of a smooth ui. Powerful hardware with sith software would be just as unresponsive as sith hardware with nice software.

    • Salt Nation
      Salt Nation

      @Bilateralrope do you take your eyes off the road to turn on your heater or ac. What about looking in your mirrors. Lmao. As long as your constantly checking the road, something like changing the climate or switching to your map or nav is fine. The car stops you from doing anything that takes time. Most things you can just say it and the car will do it. Really not a big problem

    • MoZz

      i just tested a Audi E-tron 50 sline, and the UI were confusing and there were way too many menues. I couldnt even find lane assist menu. Tesla had a better ui for sure, but tesla seats is bad, small and you can only have it with leather where i live, whice i dont like due to the heat.

    • Cross J
      Cross J

      Exactly this, I want a good car/vehicle just that it's electric powered, and not petrol powered. The last thing I'd care is changing the infotainment system we already have. I think Tesla with their stuff made this trend happen and for some reason it's a thing now.... Things like touch screen are cool, but having 100% everything on your dash be a touch screen is pretty dodgy imo too. When I'm driving I don't want to swift my attention to the dashboard, and put more reliance on the haptics e.t.c.

    • Taekwoncrawfish

      @Irwan Clark I have a 2022 model 3 Lmfao 🤣 It’s still slower than shit It’s like comparing a 10100 with a 5 3300, they’re both trash.

  • 1Eddy

    I have this car, since November 2021, and I just love it! It's one of the first in Portugal, and in my case everyone looks at my care. Also, for the going back and forth with the key outside the car, you gotta have it locked and then click the lock again, then hold the "Hold" button for a bit and then you can choose to go forward or backwards, you can never do it by accident.

  • MetalDeathMusic

    I love how you were having fun and being silly while driving this. That's my one problem with basically all the EV's. The dash is very overengineered and just stupid. Everything is way more complicated and unintuitive than it really should be and for the average user it brings a steep learning curve or just hassle to do the simplest things.

    • danomitepoop

      You should rent a Tesla when Hertz has them or test drive a friend's and see how non existent the learning curve is. When you only need to look one place and it can show you different things based on situations, it is super intuitive. I borrow my wife's and hate going back.

    • christylbk

      that's when you get a leaf it still seems pretty basic inside.

    • MetalDeathMusic

      @Little Jackalo true, but it seems way more apparent or overdone in EVs.

    • Little Jackalo
      Little Jackalo

      Nah, you hear Haven been in a new car in a while. This is pretty much the same as most new cars.

  • Jason Jrake
    Jason Jrake

    In spite of my love for Tesla’s overall technology, if I had to buy a new vehicle soon it would be a Ford EV. I appreciate that they are sticking with as many physical/traditional driver controls. Until full self-driving, tactile dash controls are the only way to keep driving safe. Virtual and “novel” interfaces (see Tesla’s weird steering rectangles) are criminally unsafe.

  • Mr. Thicket
    Mr. Thicket

    I feel like this is the kind of car that a yearly refresh could REALLY help. The fundamentals are there, just the UI and wheel position could do with some changes.

  • Luca

    Alex has a special talent for car reviews. Straight to the point, right mix of general info/techical insight and not afraid to tell things as they really are...the "hey dieselgate ain't gonna pay for itself" quote about poor interior quality in a past VW group car reviews is the perfect example...in a world of car youtubers who just tell everything is great, this is a very refreshing take.

    • Lee Ward
      Lee Ward

      @Isaac Kvasager I honestly couldn't tell you why I don't like him, except for maybe exactly that. The way Linus talked about him, I was expecting AVE and got Alex....so yeah that's probably it.

    • Talking-Dragon

      @Aaron Thomas Who are you talking about? I've seen tech reviewers do that but never car reviewers...

    • Shark00n1337

      @Aaron Thomas like who?

    • Isaac Kvasager
      Isaac Kvasager

      @Lee Ward Yea, I like Alex so I don't mean this to harshly...but this idea that he was hired as some sort of metal shop engineer is a bit cringe. He is knowledgeable and willing to try things, but skilled at them...not so much.

    • Isaac Kvasager
      Isaac Kvasager

      @Marcel "you can't *spell* Porsche right after so many told you how to *pronounce* it"....fucking genius, mate.

  • bigboat83

    15:25 If the system is the same as the previous Hyundai and Kia cars that have this feature, I think you first have to press the lock button, then remote start the car, and then you can use the ghost ride feature by holding down the button for like 5 seconds.

  • Anthony Castanon
    Anthony Castanon

    This is a beautifully shot/edited video. Alex is talented enough to have his own car review channel. Great work all around, boys.

  • Nibelung Valesti
    Nibelung Valesti

    Respect for mentioning lc2i. Easiest way to grab speaker line output and convert it to a sub output on the cheap.

  • Jack Gibson
    Jack Gibson

    Very good review, identified pretty much everything I did on my test drive, I still ordered one though! Just one note, your car didn't have electronic dampers! They will come in the GT version later this year. Sport mode changes the throttle response (and maybe the steering?) but not the suspension.

  • Simalacrum

    When talking about the looks, especially about the rear lights and how cool the 'silhouette lighting' is, it would have been nice if the video actually SHOWED us the damn features instead of just talked about them. It was particularly frustrating cause the video specifically showed examples of similar rear lights on OTHER cars, but NOT THE RUDDY CAR THE VIDEO WAS TALKING ABOUT.

    • danomitepoop

      I didn't see the HUD in action during the complaints of the screen.

    • iamtheoceaniamthesea

      @James B they could've just cut to some b roll of the rear of the car

    • James B
      James B

      @Chaitanya Sindagi they did show the back of the car. wtf are you on about.

    • Chaitanya Sindagi
      Chaitanya Sindagi

      Yeah why didn't we see those pictures of the car? I had to go to Google to figure out what the back of the car looked like lol

    • James B
      James B

      Could possibly be that they couldn’t keep it over night…?

  • Bushido Brown
    Bushido Brown

    This is going to make for a great entry level EV when they hit the used market

  • Quantum Lab
    Quantum Lab

    The problem is that the non EV Hyundai and Kia cars have such a good UI that these loot terrible. Honestly my favorite UI in a modern car is in the Elantra N with the Veloster N being right behind it.

  • MeadyOgre

    The first time I saw an Ioniq 5 my jaw hit the floor. Such a cool looking car, even if a little chonky. I'm surprised the EV6 doesn't look quite as aggressive as the rest of their lineup. Hell, their minivan looks better than this thing.

  • ermatthe

    Ride quality to me when I drove one felt very similar to driving a Stinger. Not talking high speed curves or anything, but normal commute driving it has a lot of the same feel as a stinger. It would be a very fun commuter.

  • ThePizzaDevourer

    Alex, great job! You hit on all the points I've seen bigger car reviewers talk about while still finding a few unique things to touch on. Really enjoying your guys' car reviews.

  • That Channel
    That Channel

    Honestly most touch interfaces I've used have been pretty clunky, I think LTT having a tech background is a good reviewer for things like that and the industry could really use some critique

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B

    I have a Kia Cerato and for the price, it's awesome. Looking at this, I could live with those "issues" and even get used to them. The only thing that I fully agreed with was the middle of the dash display. That absolutely should be able to have your speed and other constantly useful info. I'm 6'3" so the sides of the steering wheel always get the way of dash displays for me. Other than that, excellent first attempt at an EV.

    • Joe

      I am confused, because my EV6 does show the speed in the middle screen, also in the HUD as well.

  • Thomas Janssens
    Thomas Janssens

    To be honest, it is a win that the middleschoolers where impressed by it. I mean, they are the future after all and it's hard enough to convince a person who's daily ride is a petrol car to switch to half/full electric.

  • Endemoniada

    I'd love to see a vide on the VW ID series, and also a round-up of the different dashboard and control systems. My biggest source of anxiety at eventually buying an EV is all these awful, slow, clunky and stupid all-touch controls. I want my electric car to be *smart*, but I don't want it to be a *smartphone*. Give me clear, tactile buttons, give me a solidly designed interface, give me proper customization. I can't believe how stupid so many of the interface decisions are in these extremely expensive cars. Honestly, I can't wait for Apple to do something with cars. When they do, at least I know they'll have thought about most of this stuff and designed it towards its actual application.

  • kartikk

    Great detailed review! Called out everything that matters while living with a car. Looking forward to see you guys review the BMW i4.

  • Cglan_974

    Awesome review, so glad to see these ev vids still coming on short circuit

  • Game Keys
    Game Keys

    Current EV driver here. One of the most important pieces of information I look for in these reviews is how many kW a car can charge at when you plug into a DC fast charging station. My bolt can only charge at 50 kW, the Ioniq 5 will do 350. Big difference. Quick and easy thing to include in your future videos.

  • Stuart Murray
    Stuart Murray

    Absolutely detest touch panels in cars...I need to be able to FEEL what I'm using since I can't look away from the road. And yes I have spoken with my wallet on this issue, I ordered my new car based on the fact it has physical buttons. Essential!!

  • bubbaattack

    Thanks for doing these car videos. Really I think they are going to be so useful as electric vehicles become more and more available and affordable for the general public

    • Little Jackalo
      Little Jackalo

      $60k is still really expensive, especially for a Kia.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Every reviewer complains about media/AC controls bar. To me it seems to be completely fine, because I use media controls on the steering wheel (on my current car, different kia model) and then AC controls can be on that bar 24/7. This is like the most insignificant thing that could possibly exist and I couldn't care less about the media bar.

  • Walter

    Really good video. Although I still really like the car it’s good to have the negatives highlighted so I know what I’m getting into and don’t feel suckered into a vehicle

  • lil washu
    lil washu

    i really love these car videos, i do kinda wish you brought along maybe a couple other people like anthony to talk about how the car feels as well, as it would show a wider size comparison in the seats? i love alex's reviews, but itd be nice to see multiple peoples opinions or issues?

    • David

      you callin anthony fat?

  • JM1111

    It's genius for LMG to get into car reviews. The IRglo car review space is really underutilized.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Should have gotten the ioniq5 instead. Sure, looks "chonky", but solves a bit part of the issues you mentioned. It's larger inside. More headroom, not shaky at low speeds, separate media and a/c controls...

  • Robert Nancarrow
    Robert Nancarrow

    10/10 great filming. Even though I'm not the demo for this vehicle, the video made for a very appealing watch as Alex talked about features.

  • CyAn

    Thanks for the review. My own mini review: I have had this car since November, and while I think it has plenty of weird quirks, it is mostly positive. A few pointers from my own situation. In my driving position the steering wheel doesn't cover anything that he mentioned, I got used to the climate/audio situation in a few days, About the Tesla thing: i appreciate that the car is more comfortable and quiet than a model 3/Y, and on top of that the EV6 is about 5-10K euro cheaper than a model Y where I live. This is comparing top trim vs "base" model y. Add a color, nicer wheels and enhanced auto pilot (no auto cancelling lane changes nonsense) and you have a car that is 10-15 K more expensive, noisier and less comfortable. Not to be overlooked. A few other things I like: I appreciate the seats being heated, ventilated and alcantara, which is exceedingly rare in the car industry (by far the most ventilated seats are leather, which I dislike), excellent cameras, decent drive assists, good room for the sporty looks, not super tall unlike most cars nowadays, excellent charging speed (230-250 kW up to 50%) which leads the car industry for avg charging speeds, good performance, decent range, unique looks, ride that is a bit firm but never harsh or unrefined (IMO), decent sound proofing.

  • peepal

    Thanks for an excellent review. Seen many EV6 reviews, but none to the point like this. For me to buy a car at this price point, it has to have a good ui and drive assist features. Same reason I cancelled my id4 reservation. Do you have other car reviews? Any recommendations for a plugin?

  • NNP FFFn.
    NNP FFFn.

    Alex .You are my inspiration.I like the way you explain everything about technology I hope you will make awesome video like this because In my country is no one can do like you and I’m not fluent in your language but I try to learning English to improve my skill to listen what you said and feel how you want to give viewers feel. THANKS YOU so much Alex . God bless you man.

  • deDatdus

    I low key like shortcircuit's content and presentation more than the main channel. Keep it up!

  • Deon Spates
    Deon Spates

    I love when Alex covers these electric cars!

  • Lukas Biehler
    Lukas Biehler

    Hey I love your video, as a driver of a EV I can say, if you are in Germany charging doesn't suck everyone is using the same plug even Tesla so you have at 90% of the supercagers other ways to charge your EV, and Tesla is opening up the supercagers for us soon.

  • OfficialLukeD

    This video was interesting to watch. I test drove the EV6 (UK variant) and returned it after 10 minutes. Hated it. Felt like an SUV trying to be a boy racer car. Not to mention my head banged against the edge of the sunroof surround (I'm 6'2) in my usual driving position. Moving the seat lower and further back meant I was unable to reach the infotainment system, and visibility was worse as a result. That same day I also tested the Ioniq 5 and the Mercedes EQB for giggles. For those wondering, EQB is great but only if you have more money than sense. I ordered the Ioniq 5, after test driving it for nearly 2 hours. I didn't want to give it back. If you're the sort to read comments of car reviews, here's my two cents for you: The Ioniq 5 and EV6 are the same car (hyundai and kia are sister companies if you don't know), buy the EV6 if you want something that looks and feels a little sporty, buy the Ioniq 5 if you want something the same size as a Hyundai Tucson (actually a smidge bigger, I have a Tucson) or a family car that will impress the kids.

    • OfficialLukeD

      @willemmkuipers I wish I could afford a Tesla I really do, but the M3 is just too small for us as we travel with 2 kids and a large dog regularly. MY/X are out of my budget lol.

    • willemmkuipers

      I have an identical experience to yours. I really felt like I was the only one with these complaints as the overwhelming majority was sooo positive. I really hated the car for it, will definitely keep my Tesla M3

  • Kian Grey
    Kian Grey

    I actually think the AC and media controls are in an interesting spot because it makes the front more minimalistic tbh. I feel like you get used to something like that over time. It's kinda the same way with Tesla on how everything is on the screen Infront of you unless you buy a mod or get a model S but I think this was gonna be the EV to buy tbh and most people do agree that this car is amazing, waiting to be the 500+ horsepower option

  • jebathga

    It looks like an electric car from the 90's on the inside with the flat dash and 50-degree corners. The outside looks good to me.

  • Cristian Notaro
    Cristian Notaro

    This is a good car review video. You can tell Alex likes this type of stuff. Once critic though..why is this filmed/uploaded at 24fps? It's so stuttery at times on a normal 60hz screen.

  • c1

    Nice honest review. Great job; I found it highly informative and useful. Thanks

  • ermatthe

    Volume controls/next track are always on your steering wheel so you will not be reaching for them on the dash 90% of the time. Just leave the AC controls displayed.

  • GayNeek

    I bought an EV6. I absolutely love the car. I do agree that the i-Pedal turning off is annoying. It only seems to turn off when the car gets "parked" and put back into drive. Which I actually found to be a great thing overtime as I want it to crawl and stop with break, but drive out on the street with one pedal.

    • Edu hehe xd
      Edu hehe xd

      @Quantum Mechanic Thanks, also what's your opinion on the space of the back passengers? I got see the car in person and did a test drive but I noticed there was too much unfilled room for the back passengers, putting them so "far away" of the front passengers and making it harder to talk to each other, for example. I know that on the Ioniq 5 it is possible to move the seats back and forth but not on the EV6

    • Quantum Mechanic
      Quantum Mechanic

      @Edu hehe xd I have an EV6. The top trim has a reverse camera, 360 overhead view, and parking sensors. These three things make the car very easy to park.

    • Edu hehe xd
      Edu hehe xd

      What do you think on back parking? having a long wheelbase makes it harder to park?

    • JQubed

      @1Eddy 1 pedal driving is sub optimal with the EV6 if you are driving in Eco mode. Normally in Eco mode the front motor is disengaged. While in 1 pedal driving mode the front motor stays engaged. I now drive in level 3... and just use the padels to turn on 1 pedal driving as I come to a stop, then back to level 3 when I start moving again.

    • 1Eddy

      I also have the EV6, but I haven't actually noticed the i-Pedal turning off, I don't use it all the time, but the times I've used it it hasn't turned off on its own

  • M. Made
    M. Made

    Seems like a great car, especially for Kia’s first all electric. I would agree with some of the button layouts and placements, they seem like they would easily get annoying. I’m not surprised the UI needs work, doesn’t seem like the worst to me, compared to others. I look forward more to what Kia brings out after this model.

    • Its About To Be Legendary
      Its About To Be Legendary

      It isn't Kia first EV The first one was the eNiro afaik

  • Pockify

    Being not really into car reviews, I must say seeing Alex review them makes it really interesting! :)

  • DJDekgit

    Can really see ALOT of the hyundai in the interior and features. Which makes sense and is good because it's a good software system.

  • Black3ternity

    Ah the good old "steering wheel occludes tach info". Peugeot solved it by having all the information ABOVE the small steering wheel and everyone cried and moaned about it "because it's dumb". I'm happy with it and can see all the info I need.

  • GetOffaMyLAN

    The one thing I want to see in every new car review is how well the cockpit stuff works with gloves. I don't mind pushing two buttons to do something, but if I have to take my gloves off first, I'll stick with my Leaf.

  • Peter D
    Peter D

    I have a Kia Seltos and love it. I'm sure I'd like the EV too but it's a little too spendy for my budget

  • Lucas Foster
    Lucas Foster

    Ah man the suspension in an EV is often an issue. Because they'e typically very heavy, the suspension has to be stiff enough to handle the weight, which means a harsh ride. It wasn't an issue in cars with similar weight back in the day, because they were all big trucks with long suspension travel and where rolling and pitching was fine but in a modern car, to achieve acceptable stability they have to make things surprisingly stiff. It gets even worse with very eco-focussed tyres fitted, the stiff sidewalls and run-flats in most new EVs make things even worse. And, obviously, death to all touch controls in cars. Have them on the main infotainment display, fine. But not for things I'm likely to use often while driving. Cars move around, a lot, and trying to hit touch buttons with an outstretched arm is impossible. If anyone hasn't had to suffer that experience, next time you're driving, hold your hand out and hover it roughly where the central screen in this Kia would be. Guarantee your hand will be waving all over the place

  • usaevo8

    KIA is making awesome cars, have a 2019 Sorento high end for a reasonable price

  • Thomas Gentilhomme
    Thomas Gentilhomme

    That would be awesome to do a short circuit on the IONIQ5 ! As always top content!

    • Ian Robertson
      Ian Robertson

      The car reviews are not great.

  • Onefrkncrzypope

    Howdy, I own the rwd gt-line. Couple things: I average 320 mile range in the spring(in Texas). Volume has a dedicated switch on the steering wheel. UI takes getting used to. Ipedal for me turns off because I reverse out of parking. It can park itself (sometimes) and you missed the best thing in not exploring the engine sounds. Cyber engine sounds is the best.

  • Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    Ah this is what I was behind on the highway this morning. That tail light is weird for sure. It seemed to have decent enough acceleration 60-80 mph and went around a slower driver.

  • madnut666

    Really nice review Alex the kind of insight you only get after having the car for a few months and regretting it.

  • frozentattertots

    Considering that Canada plans to ban the sale of gas vehicles by 2035, this series is getting more and more relevant, I think you guys were early on this, but totally not wrong about the idea. Hoping for more and more content like this later on.

    • Stuart Morgan
      Stuart Morgan

      ​@Frog Slayer Then you'd buy an EV with that range if that's what you need and use your phone to defrost the windows before you get in? Or buy one that has close enough, which many of them do now and use a rapid charger half way there while you get a coffee and use the amenites, which if you're driving 300 miles you're going to find.

    • Andrew Rodriguez
      Andrew Rodriguez

      @2KDrop You can't do that indefinitely lmao

    • 2KDrop

      @Frog Slayer Nothing stopping you from buying a used gas car after that, or owning one.

    • skifree

      @Frog Slayer As a Canadian...Realistically speaking, unless it's perfectly implemented, the ban will just keep getting pushed back. It's just how politics works here, 1) have a bold idea. 2) realize the bold idea requires incredible infrastructure upgrades. 3) realize Canada has crap infrastructure to begin with. 4) quietly roll back the plan and hope no one notices. 5) Repeat as necessary.

    • Frog Slayer
      Frog Slayer

      This can't be true? What if its winter outside and you need to drive 300 miles while the windows are defrosted? You guys bringing dog sleds back or what? Does the 98 percent of Canada that is rural not exist to the Canadian government?

  • Lawal Hakeem
    Lawal Hakeem

    I disagree with the climate/volume control issue I think its nice actually

  • TheOneStuff

    It would be great to know, what BMW's new EVs have to offer. I hope, that they have a better sense of intuition than Kia.

  • Jens Erling Bråten
    Jens Erling Bråten

    If a heat pump is included the Kia EV6, Hyundai ioniq 5 and the Tesla model 3 is some of the best EVs on the marked for the price. Can't wait for all those cars to have a long lasting LFP battery

  • TeddyManGuy

    Love the video, great review of the vehicle itself. I seemed to notice an FPS issue in the Trunk and tailgate impressions chapter lasting till around 5:05. As I said the review was great but the framerate issue definitely was hard to watch for me personally. Keep up the quality content and I hope to see more of these videos in the future!

  • Mahesh Velayudhan
    Mahesh Velayudhan

    They should have taken styling cues from the KIA Stinger. The back look amazing on the EV6, the front not so much.

  • AnthonyMastMusic

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  • Caleb Benningfield
    Caleb Benningfield

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