Linus let me spend $10,000 on THIS!!! - Pantone Plus Plastic Standard Chips Collection

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  • Starman Dx
    Starman Dx

    From building a computer next to a kitchen sink in a rented house to buying 10k worth of colored tabs in a warehouse. It's been a long road.

    • zyeborm

      ​@MaxMckayful nah mate, you need to work out what success means to you. I'm sitting here eating cheese while wifey plays switch on the TV and the dogs look on. my car is a decade old but it works well, my house is small but it's cheap. I don't need to worry about money too much. I call that success. remember that while successful (if you define success as being self made rich) people do generally put in a lot of work, putting in a lot of work doesn't mean you will be successful. There's a large element of luck involved.

    • Jürgen Erhard
      Jürgen Erhard

      @Theo Polis It was weird and unusual, and first I hated it. But in hindsight (also in light of what came after…)… it fits the setting, the context.

    • Triple Headed Monkey
      Triple Headed Monkey

      @Disu Pare Yeah actually. A huge number of people watch these videos solely for the knowledge and experience. So that, going forwards, we'll be able to implement the best affordable elements to our own homes/businesses.

    • MaxMckayful

      I really need to stop watching success stories. While I'm happy for them the continued failure to get there myself is destroying me.

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu

    Sarah emits so much positive energy, can watch for a whole day.

    • F.B.We.

      @Mike Patrona gigachadress

    • F.B.We.

      @Zhenya Looks at the "she is fun to watch" comment above your comment

    • F.B.We.

      @Zhenya Pfp checks out

    • D M
      D M

      And it's great to see her talking about subjects that she's professionally experienced in. She was a bit of a "fish out of water" when it came to the Secret Shopper series, for example, but she really has a ton to offer when Linus and Co. get her talking about the things she's passionate about!

    • Zhenya

      Yeah. And she looks like Lana Rhoades.

  • Nestor Rodriguez
    Nestor Rodriguez

    I have a friend that has that in his work, he actually said to me that if Pantone had made the slots in a 7% degree angle chips won't fall, that in his workplace they kinda recreated the base using a 3D printer with the 7% incline, chips drop into the slot instead of slide in.

    • zyeborm

      that might be a lot harder to manufacture in a moulding process. still for $20 a pop in the chips they could include a magnet and a NFC tag. magnet to retain it or attach the chip to things, NFC to fire up an app and tell you where it goes)

    • Samuel Dominguez
      Samuel Dominguez

      Yo that’s actually pretty cool. Linus could make a video 3D printing that.

    • Hannes Erwing
      Hannes Erwing

      Never send a designer to do an engineer's job.

  • Auzzy G
    Auzzy G

    I just love how much Linus treats his employees so that they enjoy the workspace they have. Sure there’s cheaper options but the fact that Linus gets the more expensive option goes to show how much he cares about his employees and the quality of work is done

    • Jimmy Jones
      Jimmy Jones

      @Christian B. They made 13k in a month on "the last build guide you will ever need".

    • ProfessorChaos

      @Nikko A. yes, a lot of businesses don't consider costs they can't easily put into a spreadsheet to calculate. Lunis understanding that there are areas where you lose money but it doesnt always show directly on a balance sheet is one of the reasons LMG is still relevant and will be for a while.

    • Christian B.
      Christian B.

      If the business is big enough, 10k is not really that big of an expenditure.

    • Iivari Mokelainen
      Iivari Mokelainen

      You can't be that dumb to think these were bought so Sarah enjoys herself.

    • Nikko A.
      Nikko A.

      As Linus said, it's also a matter of wasted opportunity cost where they have to keep going back and forth with the manufacturer and that will take weeks to do. So it's a very beneficial investment in the long term just to avoid the wasted time.

  • Eric Kauffmann
    Eric Kauffmann

    I watched the entire video without understanding nothing, this is how good Sarah is!

    • Jason Hudson
      Jason Hudson

      I was so interested in her enthusiasm talking about it that when Linus came in, he kinda ruined it. Until he left again. No offense Linus. ;)

    • MrBluePapaSmurfx

      ..Without understanding youre saying you understood everything?

    • Ikxi - Forever a Tatsunoko
      Ikxi - Forever a Tatsunoko

      Same with all the camera videos, just very entertaining

    • Nikko A.
      Nikko A.

      Learning more about colors like this is INCREBLY interesting. Heck I'm all for more of these showcases

    • Omar Rizo
      Omar Rizo

      Agreed! Never knew how much detail goes.. well I know a lot does go into it but it’s nice to have a mental standard to reference! Really good video

  • Integer0verload

    In automotive we keep those inside a metal enclosure. They last longer not exposed to indoor light except when someone needs to use one. When a chip is checked out, it goes into light proof bag its supposed to be stored when not in use.

    • Jimmy Zhao
      Jimmy Zhao

      Good information. LTT should build a big plexiglass box UV shielded to store these chips in.

    • N33b0

      @the commenter Lightboxes typically have D65 for daylight, TL84 for fluorescents such as supermarket environments, darklight for comparing fluorescence differences and there's usually 1 more for incandescent. In the printing industry at least.

    • Dakota Mathewson
      Dakota Mathewson

      @Candi Soda why are colors so fkn complicated

    • Sotanaht01

      I can definitely see something like this being important in automotive, especially if you catering to enthusiasts and not your average person. When something costs 50-200 thousand dollars, customers can be expected to obsess about the perfect color. For a screwdriver though, not so much.

    • IroAppe

      But how do you then compare them and choose the color you want, if you only get one chip at a time?

  • The Beautiful World of Self Driving Cars
    The Beautiful World of Self Driving Cars

    Sarah has so much positive energy its absolutely amazing! It must be an absolute blast to work with her on products and projects. Her smile and attitude is very infectious.

    • Maradnus

      shes that positive because she has not had the positivity sucked out of her by windows

    • Bob Weiram
      Bob Weiram

      She looks just like Alanis Morissette.

    • Chris

      She also feels like one of those people who just naturally radiate chaos. In a good way. they're usually great drinking buddies.

  • LilacInTheFog

    Love how Linus has a background in painting and yet decides that the two greens being very slightly different is just not a big deal at all

    • LilacInTheFog

      @Jonathan Boisvert look for "the paint rant" you will be entertained

    • Jonathan Boisvert
      Jonathan Boisvert

      @Riverine Terrain Omg it's glorious

    • Riverine Terrain
      Riverine Terrain

      @Jonathan Boisvert the title is The Paint Rant. over on the LMG Clips channel

    • Jonathan Boisvert
      Jonathan Boisvert

      He does? Cool, are there any videos that touch upon it?

    • Tucarius

      Also how simultaneously he will go absolutely apeshit over the wrong finish (For good reasons obviously). But it is still a hilarious and weird thing to not care about.

  • Daniel Lara
    Daniel Lara

    Love Sarah being extremely passionated and nerdy about this, please more content like this! 🙌🏼

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      She almost dropped the expensive "hardware" several times... She's learning.

  • usual atoms
    usual atoms

    I'm so happy for her :D She's obviously having a designer nerdgasm from these cards.

  • Jøran Johnsen
    Jøran Johnsen

    She almost dropped the expensive "hardware" several times... She's learning.

    • The Knof
      The Knof

      lul my like was the 2K one XD

    • something like that
      something like that

      Sarah: *walking into interview and drops everything she's holding* Linus: Mood kindred.

    • André Mas
      André Mas

      @He1Io the clumsiness is strong in that one. Hired. Then again, it reassures us they are human 😄

    • Thomanson

      @Kelrune The 'pick it up and shake it' QA process. Risky but thorough.

    • He1Io

      Linus is teaching his ways

  • Bearowl

    I just love Sarah's energy in this video. She genuinely excited about these.

  • Trae Watkins
    Trae Watkins

    Growing up in an interior design business mixing paint in the paint store this just ticks so many boxes. And yes those were different greens.

  • Jonathan Brutt
    Jonathan Brutt

    Literally, all of us here including my wife... saw Sarah was in a video and it was an instant click. Also... the missed opportunity here was to have Sarah match her nails to the Pantone. Also... I think a fair number of us here would watch a Sarah led LTT channel or set of videos that went through how she does designs.

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov

    Sarah is awesome, she definitely needs way more screentime ♥️

  • StruC

    The colors only being *slightly* different is exactly what's saving you money here, Linus.

    • Jussi Ahonen
      Jussi Ahonen

      They are not slightly different, they are totally different.

    • Thomas King
      Thomas King

      @id104335409 Consistency across branding, consistency in repairing/replacement, consistency in product launches using the same colour scheme etc etc... this stuff genuinely does make a difference.

    • mtl shdr
      mtl shdr

      @id104335409 congrats

    • freaktasticDan

      @Adam Vargo That happens all the time, consumers don't know the color code to order and its not on product specifications. So for your example the only way an end user could buy the correct 50 cent cap would be to spend 10 grand and hope the color is in the that small subset of possible colors

    • harveyscott

      @Jordan Schoneck like what she said in the intro, you want a real reference. Graphic Design wise, you want your colors get the same from your monitor to you printer output. Architecture wise, you want to have your paint with the same consistency as from your final design phase

  • Lars A
    Lars A

    I like how LTT have become so professional in every corner of the business, and i love that you guys make so wonderful videos to explain.

  • Daroff

    There are some major, major improvements that Pantone could make with this chip collection storage system given how much they charge for their products.

  • akidOne

    Sarah is awesome, she definitely needs way more screentime ♥️

  • magusxxx

    Side story: In the 1980's I took a color class and they made us buy this package of colored paper. It was thick coloring and you could smell it was a petroleum product. The first thing we had to do was write on the back of each page what color it was. Because if we got them out of order is was extremely difficult to put them back in the right place. This was proven by the instructor taking her set and mixing them up. We then each got a chance to put them together without looking at the back. Out of 300 pages no one got more than 270 right. Which shows you how different people see color. And how something like in this video is invaluable to those who need it.

  • Jay Stone
    Jay Stone

    As a designer it makes my heart warm to see the design team being treated to these pantone chips, its hard to explain to someone who doesn't design why these are so important

    • MrDucktastic

      @General Granger I did IT at a couple major UK department store HQ's in the past 10 years. The cheaper solutions kept running into pitfalls with the software and we ended up going with Pantone anyway. It was far more cost effective to pay Pantone then spend 3 months faffing with bikini samples and nearly missing the xx Summer designs window. It's a bit like Adobe. There's some alternatives but if you're a professional you will often end up going with the evil empire eventually.

    • mtl shdr
      mtl shdr

      @Chase The Hype FR, If I had to choose the lesser evil, then I prefer standardization. I've been in a few pipeline nightmare situations where the whole thing can be solved with fewer variables in software.

    • Shaun Young
      Shaun Young

      @T.J. Brooks That depends on what you are doing. If you are making products and you want to ensure manufacturers all around the world reliably produce the right colour as quickly and efficiently as possible and you can have a separate facility produce identical items, they (or something like them) are very important. And,no, just using the paper books isn't good enough for manufacturing to high standards because colours can appear different in plastic than on paper.

    • T.J. Brooks
      T.J. Brooks

      Cause they're not...

    • _Decadent _Descent
      _Decadent _Descent

      @Kelvin S I know. I could see it being a couple hundred or so, but 10k??

  • Donovan Brubaker
    Donovan Brubaker

    Genuinely I would love to see more videos about the design process on merchandise and stuff like this.

  • yuoop noke
    yuoop noke

    I just love Sarah's energy in this video. She genuinely excited about these.

  • Mink

    I love that this shows how complicated the design process can be and stop people from thinking designing is as easy as they think it is.

  • Jose Madrid
    Jose Madrid

    Yes as a designer this is heaven for us, I can’t imagine having those in my office, I still use the books but this is just WoW and my favorite Pantone at the moment is 226 wich is pink like Mexican Pink I love to work with it

  • Malbana Kwaly
    Malbana Kwaly

    As a colorblind citizen, this feels like watching the olympics while being paralized.

    • AlreadyFemboy

      ​@Supreme TheOne some people have said the colors aren't really like "realistic" to what they actually are, they're weird.

    • AlreadyFemboy


    • Tabouna

      what?! u walk on your face ?

    • Mike Fung
      Mike Fung

      There's paralympics for you. This is like Beethoven going to a rock concert

    • Arachnotron

      @Supreme TheOne Tried em being a protanop(red/green) and they didnt work at all. Just looked like a pair of polarized sunglasses.

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi

    I’ve become really interested in what this designer does is there more content showing design process and what kinda stuff they make? I really would like to know more

  • NateTheShocker

    4:38 Well in all fairness I can completely see the difference in color through the video. And yes Linus, colors look different depending on how the light hits it. The actually how color works.

  • Brent McDougall
    Brent McDougall

    This was a great video. I really enjoyed learning about Pantone from this and would love to see more merch side videos

  • belmarduk

    I'd love to have one of these for my miniature painting space just for shade matching but holy crap $10,000 is an entire hobby worth of money to spend on a thing

  • Lawrence Osborne Jr
    Lawrence Osborne Jr

    They definitely need to be able to email you those pdf without a cd... and they should make that tray a little more secure because that is crazy for $10K

    • BodgeMaster

      Using a CD is not as bad of an idea as it seems like on the first glance. Flash storage will eventually start "forgetting" what is stored on it and flip random bits (aka. "bit rot"). This usually happens after a really long time so, depending on how long you can use these color chips, it may be not an issue worth considering, but optical media can theoretically hold up longer than a flash drive. Putting the PDF files on a CD may also help work around operating systems deprecating old file systems because the file system on a CD will usually be ISO9660 which is a standard that is unlikely to go away because everyone is still using it (.iso files) where FAT is generally considered deprecated and other file systems have a tendency to not be supported on all platforms. Again, this is - in most cases - a non-issue and only matters if the chips are supposed to hold up for decades.

    • Robstrap

      This is a business and manufacturing product, not a consumer product. Business and manufacturing products are always astronomical prices because they have to be perfect so loads of money goes into that. The difference in price between manufacturing something that’s 98% right and that’s 99.9-100% right is probably over 10-20x

    • Lawrence Osborne Jr
      Lawrence Osborne Jr

      This comment went crazy lol

    • Sarim

      @PrograError Having it be in physical media is good, because if the company goes bankrupt or whatever, you still have your reference. It should be an sd card or thumb drive tho

    • The Watcher
      The Watcher

      what is an .iso file....?

  • Mikko Rantalainen
    Mikko Rantalainen

    13:25 the Delta-E between those to chips is still about 7.2 so your average IPS monitor can show colors closer to sRGB spec without calibration than the difference between those two chips are. Just use the color picker to select the sRGB color matching the color you're looking for and the results are closer than the difference between two closest chips in this set. And if you want to measure color of an existing product or a manufacturing sample, you should get spectrophotometer (e.g. something manufactured by X-Rite with a real calibration) instead of trying to eyeball the sample against chips. That allows you to record the actual spectral response of the material instead of measuring or eyeballing how it appears under current lighting.

  • Eona

    I think pitching the color chips as the "lifetime" versions of the books might help him, at least they can't update the colors just release new ones I guess 😅

  • Kirby Honeycutt
    Kirby Honeycutt

    Love seeing her geek out over that stuff. It's always awesome watching someone get so interested in what they are working with, especially if it's something that doesn't necessarily interest you.

  • Andrey Koens
    Andrey Koens

    I love her energy so much I'd watch like 5 videos more of them playing with the thing lol

  • David Lawrence
    David Lawrence

    My family has been in the paper printing industry for about a century. I could not tell you to what lengths we go to make sure that our prints are color accurate. We have separate presses to do proofs on to make sure that the color and paper combos looks perfect (we did that more when we had the 40inch offset press as that was harder to do proofs on. The industrial inkjet we know use can spit a proof out in a couple minutes with little waste) we have tables that have pure (edit: exceptionally untinted, neither warm or cool) white light coming from overhead so that intermediate pages can be checked, we have a glass light table to check bleed and such, we have a device which measures the number of dots of each color present in a unit area. Color accuracy ain’t no joke. Edit: I should have clarified that I do not own or work for the company in a technical capacity. I only run some of the post press machines on occasion. My dad, grandpa, and great-grandparents put a lot of work into the company and I am proud of what they have accomplished, although I believe this came across as attributing it to myself, my apologies.

    • David Lawrence
      David Lawrence

      @Daniel Barnes I believe we had something similar on our machines (we had Heidelbergs but I forget the models) although my dad (the owner and the reason I am so proud of the business) has always insisted on a proof once digital design was approved and then I believe a couple proof sheets once the press was setup for the job. Of course with the inkjet we only do a first proof. I love finding people that worked in the industry, I’ve worked on all the post press machines except the cutters so I only have memories of watching the pressmen down their job. It always fascinated me.

    • David Lawrence
      David Lawrence

      @ApiolJoe I mean, a single wavelength would result in all but one color being visible on a print. I never changed the bulbs so I don’t know the exact light temperature, however I would have to say that the light produced by those bulbs are about as close to a pure white as I can imagine, they certainly didn’t have a dominant blue or yellow hue to the luminance. My apologies if I sounded as an expert, I should have clarified that I do not run the company

    • David Lawrence
      David Lawrence

      @Shinra Middle Manager I don’t mean to, it’s a family heritage that I’m quite proud of (in the sense that someone who is passionate about a topic or research area is proud of their studies). While I don’t run or work for the family business I have always admired my dad for what he did with the company and the passion he has for it.

    • McDingus

      @Maxwell Long In the printing industry, the usual standard is 5000k bulbs that are used. Most printers nowadays use this for visual inspection, but they also use spectrophotometers (which can be set to different D-illuminant standards, the most common used being D50). Funny enough, the biggest manufacturer of spectrophotometers is X-rite, which is the company that owns Pantone. Quite the racket, if you ask me.

  • QuantumBraced

    Sarah's energy is great, have her review more stuff.

  • Aaron Henderson
    Aaron Henderson

    I can't remember what it was called, but there was some "scanner" thing I used to use in quality control that would "scan" the material put beneath the sensor and return very accurate color values and was used to detect subtle color differences that could not be seen with the naked eye. I only mention it because it's a little more "tech-y", and maybe Linus could do something stupid with it.

  • mmpj twod
    mmpj twod

    I'm so happy for her :D She's obviously having a designer nerdgasm from these cards.

  • Simplicity

    Sarah videos are always so much fun. She has such a bubbly personality :) I learned a bunch about colors and design i never thought I would or even cared about!

  • Evan Tebay
    Evan Tebay

    As much as I love the "Tech People" Reviews, seeing someone as bubbly and just excited about something as Sarah is about these is refreshing and a nice break from the norm.

    • Billy W
      Billy W

      True, tech people are too jaded after a few years.

  • PerkinatorFPV

    I did a lot of prototyping when i was involved in product design and boy did i hate having to find the correct pantone code. This would have been great to have.

  • Lou Berry
    Lou Berry

    This was pretty interesting. I could imagine actually trying to pick a color for something though 😵

  • Silvia Corona
    Silvia Corona

    This was such an informative video I surprisingly enjoyed it. Awesome job

  • Kitanne

    My god, I am so jealous. I work in multiple substrates that need matching colors and having plastic chips would help me so much.

  • Rob Valentine
    Rob Valentine

    Love it when Sarah presents something she's really passionate about. It always makes for a super enjoyable video.

    • Exarch Gaming
      Exarch Gaming

      yup, it's why everyone loves brandon reviewing cameras, or anthony reviewing retro gaming tech. They have passion for those kind of products, and so that passion makes for a highly enjoyable episode. Short Circuit is quickly becoming one of their best channels hands down

    • mds9185

      If she isn’t cheery like this, something is very wrong, stay away. Maybe give her a snickers.

    • Na8o.

      @Ryan Hamstra facts

    • Ryan Hamstra
      Ryan Hamstra

      @Tyler Waltz oh totally! I can’t tell you how many videos I’ve watched for stuff I’ll never afford or want to buy, but they make it fun to watch so I do

    • Tyler Waltz
      Tyler Waltz

      @Ryan Hamstra Tbh it was done well though. They made me interested in learning about the topic and I'm glad I did because it's something I didn't know before.

  • Alexander Moreau
    Alexander Moreau

    I could spend hours just finding matching pantone chips for fun. I wish I had a reason to own this. It's always amazing how specific colors are and how small changes totally change the look of something.

  • Mikko Rantalainen
    Mikko Rantalainen

    4:45 those chips look pretty different. The Delta-E (the difference in color as a standard measurement) for that specific combination is about 15.6. An average human eye should be able to see difference between two colors next to each other when the Delta-E is above 1.0. (The Delta-E is defined so that when the difference between two colors is less than 1.0 then 50% of the population cannot see the difference.) If you cannot see difference in color when Delta-E is over 10, you should probably get your eyes checked. Most IPS panels come from factory with Delta-E difference of less than 4.0 to standard sRGB colors so arguably you should be okay with just sRGB color space and a good quality monitor if your chip selection doesn't include colors that are closer to each other than this sample of 2 chips. Actually the most important part of those chips is to check how they look under artificial lighting. An average calibrated ink jet photo printer can print any colors just fine as long as you only view the results in daylight. If you look at those prints under CFL lights or cheap "white" LEDs the colors of the print will be off. Pantone chip should have color pigments with *really* wide/smooth spectrum and the colors should look very stable even when viewed under low quality lighting. If you don't plant to use those chips under low quality lighting, you're wasting money.

  • Ihtesham Emon
    Ihtesham Emon

    This is definitely a good video on understanding how the product color process works.

  • Pazifistisches Plätzchen
    Pazifistisches Plätzchen

    I know they have other stuff today, but I would love more content about the design process in the creator warehouse!

  • feeish

    I kind of want to see a series where you give a particularly knowledgeable employee a budget of 5-10K and ask them to acquire/use it in a manner similar to this. I'm just imagining Taren and Ed getting some crazy expensive rigs for various projects.

    • `

      This didn't age well

    • Matt Shea
      Matt Shea

      @LimPu bro they literally explained why in the video

    • OlivGaming

      I could totally see that for Labs

    • LimPu

      In camera stuff, 10k is really not that much actually. And I do get why they need proofed colour wheels for some reason.

    • ayush112000

      im imagining someone buying a 10k soldering station and the only thing they can say is that does the job wel

  • Mark Belain
    Mark Belain

    This video makes me want to work for LTT. Geez, just being EMPLOYED there would teach me everything I want to know to run my own projects on a commercial scale.

  • Vitalius 211
    Vitalius 211

    A question: How is this not a tech product? It's a system for colour gradients. What a fantastic improvement to the workflow. Tech isn't just electric doodads.

  • Elias Rayan
    Elias Rayan

    I'd be happy to create a desktop app for finding colors more easily ! I believe it would allow you to not waste time searching in the pdf files, and it'd make a nice student project for me.

  • Hafolify

    OMG! I've been working in many corporations with a dedicated design team where we still didn't have budget for these. You're in a good place!

  • markman278

    That’s a *butt* ton of colors!

    • Relic FN
      Relic FN

      Well said

    • أبي منديل
      أبي منديل

      That’s a Sarah ton of colors

    • Mr. Iqbal;
      Mr. Iqbal;

      Lmao that's a very specific pun

    • Thrive-IT

      We see what ya did there...

    • Todd Lower
      Todd Lower

      @BlueCollar Metric of course.

  • DriftingMunki

    Used to work in the printing industry, I miss the overpriced Pantone products. Pantone and X-Rite are owned by the same company, I think. May be worth looking into. 🙌✨

  • Sav

    Okay at first I thought this was hilarious.. but when you're making prototypes and communicating with different people, departments etc, this is a clear way to communicate that.. It will pay itself off soon enough.

  • Nils Ruggiero
    Nils Ruggiero

    Damn I can just imagine how awesom a giant room with hundrets of thousands of these chips would be

  • Quentin Gastaldi
    Quentin Gastaldi

    i love sarah, she's lost in all this tech but she's a pro when it comes to design marketing

  • Kierogonal

    I can understand why spending $10k on colour accurate reference chips would save time (therefore money) and money. I am appalled at the indexing being that slow and clunky. There are so many ways that could be done to speed up finding the correct slot for the correct chip. Secondly, the quality control for the tolerences for the stand (with some chips being really hard to pull out and others just accidentally falling out) mind bogglingly crap, especially for $10k. I'm wondering whether that stand is actually intended for use, or if it is intended to be a "In case you have nothing else but otherwise use your own UV-blocking storage system.

    • Jürgen Erhard
      Jürgen Erhard

      @theKWOKA You're not a designer, right? Because a designer would have some choice words for you if you'd make them restrict themselves to a tenth of this selection. "That's good enough!" Start looking for another designer to hire, because this one will quit.

    • Kierogonal

      @Skyhound I feel like you didn't read my comment fully, because the last sentence was literally "I'm wondering whether that stand is actually intended for use, or if it is intended to be a 'In case you have nothing else' but otherwise use your own UV-blocking storage system." If you read my comment then you'd have seen that I understand it is for commercial use. I understand that for commercial use $10k for something like that is nothing, infact it's probably a sound investment. However that does NOT excuse the inconsistent tolerences for the storage slots in the stand. And I'm going to channel a bit of Linus here and say, it is included with the product so it SHOULD be useable. It should not have chips fall out by just spinning the stand a bit too fast. And when you bear in mind that this is a commercial product where time is money, slowing down a worker by having them use an archaic index when there could simply be a reference number on each chip and by each slot in the stand. If a business was to use its own storage system, they could then use the reference already on the chip, or cover it over with a sticker. In a commercial setting, you aren't going to be using a single chip at once, which means that being able to put back multiple chips in as quick a time as possible is important. If that cannot be done then chips are going to be misplaced which will worsen the work flow. Now whilst Pantone could probably assume that a big business will be using their own storage/sorting systems and whilst I say that $10K is an acceptable price for commercial use, that doesn't take away that $10k for a small business is still a significant investment. For those businesses you cannot expect them to accept to have to swallow up more cost in a better, more usable and efficient stand on top of the investment in the chips.

    • theKWOKA

      Seems like a selection of 1/10th this number would be more cost effective. All the benefits of the chips exist in having a true example to quality control to, not in having a perfectly nuanced selection of colors.

    • Mixeddrinks

      Not only about saving time and money sometimes it just needs to be right. I work in QA/QC, we spend quite a lot of money making sure our equipment works the way they should, and the products come back the way they should for branding purposes and making sure the product meets our quality standard. There are quite a lot of tools for it that to happen but most of those company don't innovate or treat their customers too kindly because they are the industry standard. Take temperature sensors that are internet connected, they cost a few hundred dollars each, but the software they use looks like trash, and I can't even get a chart in the software, have to export it out as a csv. Plus you can't even customize who gets temperature warning at what time. They assume everyone works 24hrs, 365 days, where you would want specific people warned at certain time or the ability to change the warning depending on schedule. Nope not a chance. My favorite is the yearly NIST traceable certification for all the probes, sensor, calibration weights etc. You would think for the money you pay these labs they would do their best packaging, they don't even bother putting in packing materials. Once you have no competition in a niche space, you end up not innovate or caring about your quality as much I guess.

    • Lurac

      @The other John Smith Dvorak is more ergnomonic/better in theory, however in practice QWERTY is still the fastest layout- be it through wide adoption, or superiority of placement on keys. Whilst there is less movement for the Dvorak or Colemak, typically the QWERTY lay out of placing keys apart from eachother is better for hand dexterity and long-term use, as larger motions are better for your health. Think of it kind of like Cursive vs print writing I guess? Anyway that's just my view, not indictive of anything else.

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      Jürgen Erhard

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