Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3: A Hater's Perspective

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  • Jacob G
    Jacob G

    I don't think dbrand actually cares about getting additional sales anymore. I think they buy ad spots just to troll Linus.

    • chase

      personally i hate advertising but i do usually choose brands that are willing to be creative with it, especially if it's something genuinely unhinged like this lmao

    • Kryan55

      @Issam Melzi What did he say??? his comment is gone

    • bluephreakr

      Frankly, dbrand has incredible advertising. I hate them for it, but I cannot deny the effect.

    • Adam Colgan
      Adam Colgan

      Its pretty brilliant advertising. I bought a JUUL skin from them and got this as a sticky note "its customers like you that make robots like us hate our jobs". I could feel the love

    • Bhoot

      @Taubhick Mitra You get the big pp with big brain award

  • DLDmaster

    I have one. Trust me, having used the good old folding phones during my early 20's, when you fold that thing and put it in your pocket, you realize that's how a phone should have been all along.

    • Carl Gunderson
      Carl Gunderson

      @Maciej P. Well let me rephrase that. It all depends on your definition on "bigger". Are you talking about screen to body ratio or are you talking about actual body dimensions? Because, for an example. A Galaxy Note 9 has a body dimensions of 161.9mm x 76.4mm x 7.8mm with a 6.4" display. However, the Note 22 (Aka the S22 Ultra) is measured at 163.3mm x 77.9mm x 8.9mm, even tho it has a 6.81" display. However, if we compared a Galaxy S8 with has a dimensions of 148.9mm x 68.1mm x 8mm with a 5.8" display. However, that's a actually abit bigger than the S22 which is 146mm x 70.6mm x 7.6mm with a 6.1" display. So, it all really depends on which specific device you're talking about and comparing it to in general. It's quite abit of black and white. If you knoe that saying.

    • Maciej P.
      Maciej P.

      @Carl Gunderson I don't think that's a contradiction, phones used to have a wider aspect ratio, but big phones also used to be 5 inch large, now we're closing in on 7. Going back to the beginning of our discussion when you said that it's not phones getting bigger but wider, I just think it's the opposite, the problem is them getting *a lot* bigger

    • Carl Gunderson
      Carl Gunderson

      @Maciej P. Well, you contractited yourself. If that's what you actually meant.Because, you simply can't say that a phone is getting narrower while also saying that it's getting wider at the same time. But, ok. If you say so.

    • Maciej P.
      Maciej P.

      @Carl Gunderson oh no no, i meant width, like what phone other than iPhone SE uses the former industry standard of 16:9 height to width ratio? What about formerly very modern 18:9? Nowadays everything is about 20:9, unless you're Sony in which case it's even slimmer. Width keeps getting relatively smaller and yet still gains millimetres

    • Carl Gunderson
      Carl Gunderson

      @Maciej P. Do you man "skinnier" the actual thickness of the phone? Because, if so, then eberything you just said isn't true at all, whatsoever. But, ok. if you say so.

  • poppindaisy

    Personally , the z flip 3 is a huge life saver for me as ladies bags are getting smaller and smaller these days. Love that it fits into most tiny bags out there. 🤣🤣

    • poppindaisy

      @Mikkaela Amor 6 mnths since I got it, still lovin it!❤

    • Mikkaela Amor
      Mikkaela Amor

      I am watching this video to discourage me on buying this phone and then I saw your comment T.T AHAHAHAHAHA that's definitely gonna change my mind

    • Solus

      No pockets moment.

    • Mr Amos
      Mr Amos

      There's a lot less hate towards the phone i guess

    • Steb Coloscos
      Steb Coloscos

      @doobie i mean, if it's for something like a party, the bag should accentuate your overall fashion, not compete with your dress. But if it's casual, totes are fine.

  • bubdrum

    "It's pretty much your old phone , but new" - Apples smartphone business plan

    • idontcare

      @Patroclus k

    • Patroclus

      @idontcare androids aren't ahead at all lol

    • Gergő Szabó
      Gergő Szabó

      @Eksteenius And it’s still supported by Apple today… That’s the feature that everyone overlooks, I had to upgrade from my Samsung Note 8 because they weren’t supported anymore. If I had bought an iPhone X, I could still use it for 2-3 years.

    • Menchitah

      I already see it...the iFlip

    • Jackie Burkhart
      Jackie Burkhart

      @idontcare im gonna assume that you use windows, correct?

  • CarthagoMike

    For me it is the opposite. I see the use of the flip for its pocketability, fitting in almost any trouser. The fold on the other hand is bulky, too wide for a phone yet too small for a tablet, and very pricey.

    • Bestalion


  • Bhaumik Shukla
    Bhaumik Shukla

    Kudos to samsung for actually putting in some innovation in the flagship smartphone market rather than just changing the camera positions and shrinking the notch 3 years from now Apple will also launch a foldable phone and will call it "The most innovative smartphone ever"

    • Avoid the Supervoid
      Avoid the Supervoid

      You're not wrong. Apple said they'd be removing the notch by 2024.

    • Reiki Maulana
      Reiki Maulana

      Samsung fanboy spotted

    • E S
      E S

      @Brandon Gonzales why are you replying to me with nonsense Motorola came out February 2019 and Samsung came out in September and the original release date was April so wtf are you even talking about

    • Brandon Gonzales
      Brandon Gonzales

      @Will Stikken Its always kinda annoying seeing new Apple products advertising "x times faster than before!" every single release, it's almost like they literally have no other reason to sell you a new phone other than to call it "new" and take your money.

    • Brandon Gonzales
      Brandon Gonzales

      @E S Motorola Razr was released in early 2020, Samsung Galaxy Fold was released in mid 2019. Samsung did it first, they also did it the right way. Motorola tried and failed

  • D

    From a girl's perspective, especially someone who always carries small purses/pouch/clutch, this phone is just PERFECT🤗

    • Germ5563

      @Billy Shea ah yes HUMAN

    • nas

      @Recon if it was just plastic you'd see warping in the screen, much like the folding motorola flip phone, not the shattering and cracking that youd see from the crease issues with current samsung folding phones. in one of jerryrigeverything's teardowns (or durability tests: i cant remember which), he peels the plastic from the glass and you can see it shatter into tiny shards.

    • Recon

      @nas "Ultra thin glass" It's just plastic.

    • nas

      @Recon you realise that dankpods video, iirc, was on the original z flip which is like,, two years old by now? while the ultra thin glass is the same, the new protector will likely assist a bunch with the durability and fatigue of the panel, especially with how much more sturdy it feels now. its even able to withstand pressure from the spen too, which is a huge step. 🤷

    • Katie

      Yeah no normal phone fits in the stupidly tiny pockets they give us as if it's still the damn dark ages 😑

  • Benjamin Gibson
    Benjamin Gibson

    I’ve cracked 3 screens by hitting the screen on stuff, in my pocket. So being able to fold it so that it protects the screens is a plus for me.

    • JEFISH

      You guys funny, just use a flipbook phonecase.

    • Mr Scott
      Mr Scott

      To avoid that I just put it in my pocket with the screen facing my thigh.. I've been doing that since I started using smartphones in 2008 and I've never had that issue.. I also usually put my phone in a pocket by itself and then other things in other pockets, that way I avoid any potential scratching of the display as well.. simples, if a bit tedious..

    • Picture of Someone's mouth I found on my phone
      Picture of Someone's mouth I found on my phone

      The outer display is still screwed though

    • J

      I’m looking at my iPhone 11 Pro Max rn and I see all these scratches and scuffs all over my screen. The foldy phone is probably something I may need

  • Marci-Betty

    This got my hopes up for the 4 gen! I was so crushed that the first flip was a huge dissapoinment. Im really glad they arent giving up on this and make it a one off thing, but actually do their best to improve it. I love this idea alot especially since im someone who has slightly smaller hands then normal, and i can already see ALOT of situations how and when i would use the foldability. And the fact i can have both big screen and a small basic use screen when i really dont need to open up the phone, seems amazing to me. I decided since the next gen MIGHT come around late next year when ill get a job, i can save up for it and for now surrvive with my current giant :,D

  • DrLimp

    I love Linus has access to all phones ever made, yet he still sticks with his Note9. Says a lot about the stagnation in flagship"s market (except foldables of course)

    • hman615

      @Paul Joseph well they ended doing that lol

    • Younes Derraz
      Younes Derraz

      @Paul Joseph dream

    • Shane Largo
      Shane Largo

      I just recently got this weird green hue in the middle of my Note 9 and it makes me sad 😥

    • In Aere Ediflcare
      In Aere Ediflcare

      @Carl Gunderson I didnt ask how much I said What does it mean for YOU (software upgrade)?

    • Carl Gunderson
      Carl Gunderson

      @In Aere Ediflcare Also, you said "how much does software mean to you?". I'll give you a hint; I've been using a Galaxy S8 for the past 2.5 years now, and I'm still using it as a daily driver. So, that should be enough evidence to you.

  • Kevin Handy
    Kevin Handy

    I 100% want this form factor to eventually overtake the "standard" bar shape. It's not as much about using it, but about it taking up less room in a pocket or purse. Having a hinge that can allow the phone to be it's own stand is incredible for video calls. They've got a little bit further to go, but man I'm all about it!

  • Siegbert schnösel
    Siegbert schnösel

    Got mine for a week now. Its a great device and besides the Fold 3 the only SD888 Samsung device you can buy in Europe. Imo there are a lot of usefull tricks the folding mechanism brings with it. For ex. the multi window mode really makes senses with this device. In landscape mode you can make use of the full screen real estate and if you give the display a little bend you can perfectly enjoy a news article while not being to much distracted by the yt video that just plays on the other half of the screen. There is also a nice benefit for gamers going with a phone that consists of basically two halfs hinged together. The SoC sits in the top half which means the lower half will stay cool even under full CPU/GPU load. For me as a phone junky its also nice to have the second screen. Its perfect for a quick check of the time, weather and recent notifications. As long as you do not unfold the device you won't get into full blown smartphone zombie mode, which at least for me, significantly reduces screen on time.

  • Bobby Hinner
    Bobby Hinner

    The way he said “oh Dbrand” like a parent who’s disappointed in the mess their child made just killed me

    • Incendior

      lmao same here

  • Tish

    6:08 as a woman I was very jealous of the fact you can fit 3 phones into one pocket lol. I can only fit half of my Samsung galaxy note20 ultra. Will definitely be getting the flip 3!

  • Ukasa

    Being sponsored by Dbrand isn't just a segue message, it's an *experience.*

    • bluephreakr

      @naufalap It needs to be enabled.

    • Nalin J
      Nalin J

      @Mike Gorman I have IRglo vanced but I still watched the segue

    • Aleksei

      It’s like, “We gave you the money so we can do whatever we want”

    • Javier Naranjo
      Javier Naranjo

      Even buying from them is quite an experience. Top notch quality.

    • maruftim

      @naufalap ah

  • Nijiro

    the small screen is like the upgraded version of led lights in phones back in the days and im here for it cause i find those stuff extremely useful. not having to turn on your phone multiple times to see notifications

    • Bre Mue
      Bre Mue

      Even my s10+ I've used an app to mimic the LED. It's so nice

  • JessLiveGaming

    I almost preordered this because I love the idea of this folding phone. However. It's $1000 for a last gen camera and a small battery. It's better than last gen, but not quite worth the price yet.

  • Abilene Heichelbech
    Abilene Heichelbech

    There's the utility of the hinge aswell. Like being a compact or holding it self up for pictures and video. Being able to set your phone down when you video call, all with no extra equipment. Making it especially good for on the go. If you don't do those things all the time your probably not going to like the phone. Along with the portability it makes the phone very appealing to many everyday consumers. Especially women and older people. You don't have to sacrifice pretty much anything about a regular smart phone, and you get extra. It also cuts into the market of people who only have an iPhone for the size and the look. Its a cute phone with features those people actually care about. The only thing really holding it back (for the people who like it) is probably the price. It is new technology. Its a phone you have to buy with a trade in and a payment plan so people can't and won't just switch to this as soon as it comes out. I know when my phones due for an upgrade though the flip is what I want. And its not about having the best camera. I don't care about the best camera as long as it looks good.

  • Lawrence Osborne Jr
    Lawrence Osborne Jr

    I'm really surprised how far they came and I'm sure they'll go further, and I'm sure they will get lighter and thinner and the hinge will allow it to fold closer to itself

  • Mazi 420
    Mazi 420

    At this point i'm totally convinced that Dbrand has a whole department in their HQ dedicated to trolling linus

    • nope…

      Wouldn’t you?

    • MonoType

      I once asked them in "Package Instructions" to cover the packaging in smiley faces and they did it :)

    • Dead Flies (Ammar ALAMEH)
      Dead Flies (Ammar ALAMEH)

      @tassadarforaiur Yes.

    • Jojo Bob bubble
      Jojo Bob bubble

      Starting to think the CEO or some other big wig is a close relative of Linus.

    • Nickey,exe

      Me: *See's intro* Also Me: Linus Drop Tips

  • Василий Васильченко
    Василий Васильченко

    I tried both Z 3 foldables in store and even though they felt nice overall, the hinge is still extremely visible and the feeling when you touch the screen can only be compared to old windows mobile PDAs from early 2000s. Nothing even close to the glass. But yeah, there's that factor that you can end the conversation by closing the phone and feeling the click which is super satisfactory. So i'll wait for something like Z5-Z6, maybe then they'll do something about the hinge and the glass feeling. Maybe they'll even add the third zoom camera and increase the second screen size even more. Then I'll be interested.

  • Milk

    I personally like the flip series, as it reminds me of a flip phone and a GBA SP. Another factor that makes me prefer the flip series is that it generally just takes up less space. I'd never switch to this kind of phone, though.

  • redstonegenius

    I almost got the flip because I thought that picking up/hanging up could be as satisfying as in flip phones, but then I realized that the fold's huge area would make reading Manga on bookwalker much better since you can't download to a e-reader with them

  • Scott Swain
    Scott Swain

    SO for me, I really like the compactness aspect of that vs. my S21, which is actually adequately compact. But yeah, the next flip may win me over IF it has (a) better camera; and (b) better battery. That said, I understand it may require the phone be slightly bigger.

    • Eve Sheen
      Eve Sheen

      I feel exactly the same way! I'm so glad other people have the same reservations.

  • Jose Farias
    Jose Farias

    I wouldn’t underestimate gimmicks like this, a couple days ago my grandma confused the entire family chat when she declared she wanted “the one that folds”.

    • Carl Gunderson
      Carl Gunderson

      @CrunchyWolf But, folding phones didn't exists back in the day, tho.. Because, there's a big difference between a old school flip phone to a new folding phone (even tho, they're both a clamshell like, not uncluding the folding tablet).

    • Carl Gunderson
      Carl Gunderson

      @Eojin's Reviews Well, that's because 95% of people don't give a shit about what companies are doing. 95% of what smartphones have (like Samsung's) are nothing more than a useless gimmick that, they'll literally never use in their ownership of using that said device. Which, is why the vast majority of people prefer's iPhones. And, that's why Apple doesn't take risks in stupid ass gimmicks that Android companies do.

    • Linked Devices
      Linked Devices

      It's a gimmick until you use it. Isn't that how all things are? Flick scrolling was a gimmick and then became a dang lawsuit. The problem with the surface neo / duo was their lack of software hardware integration. When you switch to flex mode not only is it a nsa, mi5, etc certified Alexa since getting an Alexa or Google home is creepy as hell, getting your own personal device that does the same thing and more is just way better. My only complaint is that I guess they just focused on fun and if you wanted to up cycle it you can have a lot of privacy conscious Alexa replacements. Ideally no one would buy Google max or alexas. Even e Schmidt admitted he'd like to be warned if he was entering a house with a Google home plugged in and were working on a guest mode. Also on case you haven't noticed... 2 of those side by side = a fold.

    • Shashin D.
      Shashin D.

      @Anderein For a thousand bucks, I'm sure this is the only touchscreen phone you'll find in the world that can just be bent in half

    • Anthony Lawson
      Anthony Lawson

      As a works great...for a heavy user who wants a screen that is going to last for a couple of years...this isn't the phone you are looking for...

  • Monkeyofdoom44

    I personally found the flip 3 when I was researching small form factor phones. Most modern smartphones are too large to fit into my purse. The folding capabilities are perfect for that application. That said, I think I'll be going with a pixel 4a as I'm on a budget.

  • Formiam Gotten
    Formiam Gotten

    As a Flip 3 Owner what makes me love this phone - Fits nicely in pocket (Best feature) - Doesn't sacrifice much for the folding screen - Front display prevents me from evening opening the phone and wasting more battery. - Front display shows people what your taking

    • Chris Choi
      Chris Choi

      here were the things i liked 1.very versatile camera function. u can fold it at any angle and so the phone becomes its own tripod, and u can use the outer cover display for pictures and you can hold it like a camcorder 2. you can bend the phone a bit to make it fit with the topology of ur head, and u can close the phone shut to end the call like with the old flip phones 3. you can close the phone and therefore protect the inner display 4. you can close the phone to make it a lot more portable and it fits in pockets and purses better and stuff 5. it just looks cool and its bleeding edge tech. ik all phones that are coming out these days have bleeding edge stuff, but this is a lot more visible, and its a total chick magnet cuz so many people ask me about it

  • Steven Jacobs
    Steven Jacobs

    I wanted to get this specifically because I rock climb and raft and kayak etc and having less pocket space taken and not being worried about bumping the display was a great bonus. -sent from my z fold 3... because I also feel that there are just too many compromises on the fold overall.

  • The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures
    The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures

    I had my zflip3 for 4 months now and I love it the screen is actually durable I dropped it once and no scratches except for a small non noticeable crack on the back of my phone you can only see it when you look closely it's that small but overall the folding screen it 10/10 condition

  • Millax

    Main reason I got the 5G version was because of my active and mobile lifestyle. It was way easier to have a phone that got smaller than operating with a massive phone and having it be more difficult to move or run around with it in my pocket.

  • Alan Downey
    Alan Downey

    I like the Flip, and even got used to the 1.5" outer screen, so the larger 2nd screen on top of the lower price interests me.

  • Cygnus.

    I had the Flip for less than a week when I upgraded from my S9+ a few weeks ago. Then I traded it in for the S21 Ultra, I'm so happy I made the switch! I really liked the idea of the flip.. but in the long run I just couldn't do it.

  • bluephreakr

    OKay hold up Linus. The external screen and the capability of seeing certain things on it is a _big_ game-changer for battery consumption. Why light the whole display just to show the time? Why have some graphic representing the time on a big screen when it can be on a smaller screen that's _just_ as informative? _It works._

    • Anthony Lawson
      Anthony Lawson

      @Who Dat safety and hygiene? Please explain...this is the most interesting thing in the whole comment

    • Zain

      @Who Dat don't purposely take away convenience and then act like u care about it

    • Lawrence Osborne Jr
      Lawrence Osborne Jr

      That's exactly what I was thinking

    • Who Dat
      Who Dat

      @tp except a lot of people like myself stopped wearing watches ages ago. no thx

  • Speed Racer
    Speed Racer

    The only con i had was the lack of water resistant on the 2nd version, this phone is literally king lol I'm sure apple will start making foldable phones sooner than later

  • Vincent Streep
    Vincent Streep

    The big advantage of the bigger cover display is that u can use it to make selfies with the rear camera!!!! That is just one of the best things ever in a phone. Finally u can make pretty good selfies with a proper flash in dark environments.

  • thedarkdream

    I've played a little bit with it, here are my two cents: The back screen's advantage is that you actually have a nice preview of main-camera selfies (including ultra-wide camera selfies, which are awesome). Also the battery is totally shit, it doesn't even last a day. It also lacks any kind of fast charge (probably intentional, as the battery is total shit anyway, they don't want to wear it down even more)

  • Tyler B
    Tyler B

    I love this thing so much. After using one I don't think I could go back to a regular phone that doesn't fold again.

  • Oek Foh
    Oek Foh

    I like a sleek look at work, I had the note 10+ with a massive battery pack and bulged out my pocket. Decided to get the Z Flip3 just for work, and it's great because not only will I only use it during specific hours but I take pictures of stock which infests the camera roll and is piss annoying to look at and cbf deleting so it's nice to have it for that too

  • Michael Ford
    Michael Ford

    I almost got one but chose S 21 ultra instead. Thought it'd be cool to have it fold and then be a little smaller to carry around

  • Nick_Kelv

    I bought this as my second phone as I work at a phone retailer and my only experience for 6 years has been iPhone. I'm enjoying it so far.

  • Felix

    I actually love this phone. Sadly my local mobile carrier only provides the Fold3 and not the Flip 3

  • Augusto Ramirez
    Augusto Ramirez

    i'm surprised that dbrand is still able to find new ways to surprise me every time i am not sure if it is getting more cursed but i am excited to see the next one.

    • NightDoge

      @I couldnt come up with a name so i used this ...i like ur username

    • michel333alfa - kun
      michel333alfa - kun

      @NightDoge exactly

    • I couldnt come up with a name so i used this
      I couldnt come up with a name so i used this

      Honestly I hope next they send a SFF PC with a skin that makes it look like a cardboard box, and then put actual tape over the side to make it seem real.

    • michel333alfa - kun
      michel333alfa - kun

      Saaaaaaaaame. The only ads I dont skip

  • Elizabeth

    I was so offended seeing him be able to fit all those 3 phones in his pocket when women's jeans COULD NEVER, not even mf MOM JEANS. Just wow. Trading in my note 20 for z flip 3 asap.

    • Eleth

      This is why I buy so many men's clothing items lol. Haven't found jeans that fit me well, but hoodies and tees and sweaters with normal useful pockets and still look cute have been amazing! And they fit nicely.

    • Chocrush 11
      Chocrush 11

      That moment when you own a single pair of jeans that fits your phone in the front, 3 are sewn shut, and one fits halfway to my knuckles. It's just hecking annyoing at this point. Ive stopped trying to use the front pockets alltogether

  • Peepers 47
    Peepers 47

    Personally, I was a lover of my Z Flip 3. Now, it is a love/hate relationship. Love the small form factor. The little front screen can eliminate the need to open the phone. The watch 4 helps too but when I need to open the phone, it takes two hands or some skill I don’t have. Closing the phone is actually too easily. Other than that, I’m enjoying the flip.

  • Luca Colonnese
    Luca Colonnese

    I think the point of the notification screen when folded is to check discreetly when on a desk for example while in a meeting or tabletop while having dinner, etc.

  • Marty Moose
    Marty Moose

    I've been waiting forever to find a phone revolutionary enough to upgrade from my Galaxy S8 and Z Flip 3 hits the spot! I orderered mine on Monday and it should arrive today! I'm so hyped! I ordered the Cream Color Linus is playing with in this video! With Verizon they will give you $500 credit towards a new phone with trade in so I got the Z flip 3 for $500! Fucking amazing deal!

  • Mondher Abounour
    Mondher Abounour

    "I think I can tell when there's a phone in my cake", linus 2021

    • Zilse

      Linus Cake Tips

    • AzizT5M

      Take that out of context

    • CheapBastard1988

      He should inspect cakes in prisons.

  • Inconvenient Facts
    Inconvenient Facts

    I mean every criticism this video makes about the Flip 3 can be similarly applied to the Fold 3: You are getting a phone replacement to replace the candy bar model but you get the exact same candy bar experience except it is twice as thick and bulky? The external screen is gimmicky when you could just unfold the phone and leave it there. Why get a phone that functions as a small tablet with a short battery life when you can get a real tablet? The Fold 3 does not even completely fold close. There is a small gap where all the dust goes in. Complaining about needing to move the Flip 3 in your palm a bit because it is too long? Well, with the Fold 3 you need two hands to handle it. Seriously, Linus can be watched for entertainment, but not for informed reviews.

  • Yuki Ogawa
    Yuki Ogawa

    I love smartphones and an impulsive buyer of things. And now whenever I think of buying a new smartphone evn though I have a still perfectly-working phone (currently using Note 20 Ultra), I just have to watch your videos and be contented with what I

  • Vojtěch Vokoun
    Vojtěch Vokoun

    10:15 I mean, it’s nice that they offer this, but Apple gives you a pretty similar option (Optimized charging - charge to 80 %, keep it there and top it off moments before you pick up your phone) for years now. Don’t see it as a groundbreaking feature.

  • Thrackerzod

    While the fold uses foldable technology for a more practical purpose, I think the flip seems to me like a total nerd project and more of a novelty.

  • Fun Session
    Fun Session

    Dbrand has some sort of a love-hate-relationship with linus in general.

    • Jewels Fern
      Jewels Fern

      @Snuse Mcgoose That's not what this is?

    • Nathan

      Yes, as in they love to hate him 😂

    • I couldnt come up with a name so i used this
      I couldnt come up with a name so i used this

      @RaCl I mean they had some serious changes to the build, which understandably were quite annoying when it was pretty much ready and done.

    • Max Myzer
      Max Myzer

      with everyone

  • Chinmaya Singh Rawat
    Chinmaya Singh Rawat

    I agree. While this device is great in execution, it literally looks the same as any generic non-foldable phone.

  • Lucifer Arc1
    Lucifer Arc1

    How long will the crease last though? Heard they wear out on the previous models rather quickly which ends up leaving the phone busted in the middle

  • Laiane Peixoto
    Laiane Peixoto

    It's cuuuuuute :3 I use ambient display, so the zflip would be awesome for that. Now that the price is down I'm really tempted to have one.

  • Robert Kaler
    Robert Kaler

    Might actually grab one of these used when I start my business for a second line, the fact it gets so small means I can carry two phones without it being /too/ awkward

  • kainenable

    This is the first time, ever, I was more entertained by the sponsor than the actual content.

    • David Smith
      David Smith

      Wanna bet?

    • Snacksy

      @Defect yeah i can't watch it, but it sounds like you guys liked it!

    • GredyStar

      I need internet historian to be sponsored by these guys. The chaos that would come from that

    • Nicholas

      It was a nice laugh

    • GeekSheekNerd

      oh if u like dbrand in this episode u should go through nearly every dbrand sponsor on this channel

  • sv6m

    Making some great points! I think that you should review the moto G100 which contains all those features that where removed (Headphone jack, SD card, large battery). that would be an interesting comparison to "flagship" phones.

  • Abir Hossain
    Abir Hossain

    I've seen the Flip 3 at my local Best Buy and it's so satisfying to keep on flipping the phone open and close. And you can barely see the bend on the screen when u use it.....u have to be looking for it in order to see it.

  • Always Bolt the Bird
    Always Bolt the Bird

    For me the flip makes more sense. With the fold it turns into a big square. The square is weird it doesnt make watching media any better and even reading is kinda the same. At least with the flip it turns into a wide-screen for movies and such. Either way I really want a foldable but still waiting for one that makes sense


    The Fold is just so much cooler. It turns into a mini laptop, you get 3 screens, it makes a mini tablet. Oh it's just so awesome and has so many good uses, I can only find a couple real uses for the flip.

  • Darren Falconer
    Darren Falconer

    My wife loves the idea of this size phone. She misses the clam shell phones. It's about having a normal size phone and being able to keep in hand bag with out all the covers and protectors for them. So yeah these do have a small purpose.

    • Chan Woo Park
      Chan Woo Park

      @Lucane it definitely appeals to the female audience due to its size. Ladies' clothes are all designed with tiny pockets nowadays

    • Joci M.
      Joci M.

      @Lucane Yeah, I guess it really depends on what you what features you want on a phone 🤷‍♀️

    • Lucane

      A female colleague of mine said she's thinking of getting one because it fits into her pockets better (she basically never wears a purse). IMO that's the dumbest reason to buy a phone like this, but then again I can't think of anything else that might persuade a person into getting one. For me the cons far outweigh any pros this phone might have.

    • BlackCroft666LP

      I would recommand the matt black version then.

    • Nick Dubbin
      Nick Dubbin

      @Sofia Dragon I use a old style non smart phone for when I'm off camping, fishing or on a building site, purely because it's very durable and cheap with a long battery life. Smart phone will stay in the van or a waterproof bag. I had a very old and battered Nokia 3310, dropped a lot over the years and it only died after being dropped in a river. It took over 10 years of abuse from me and I got it second hand. I did replace the battery a few times and the case. Touch screen phones aren't nearly as tough as a 3310 apart from water damage.

  • Alex Larsen
    Alex Larsen

    Just wait and see what happens with that crease after a hundred folds. I still haven't recovered from the first gen, and I've seen a lot of folks had the exact same issue with the second gen

  • trouncerrredits

    I love the Galaxy Z Flip 5. The previous models don't have a big enough outer screen.

  • Patrick Riley
    Patrick Riley

    This tech is awesome. Imagine in 2006 your razor all of a sudden became an IPhone but then flipped back to a pocketable device that doesn't stick out of every girl's jeans ass pocket. Kudos Samsung and Motorola, now Apple needs to release the scribe or headchip sunglasses and bring ios into the mix. Either way, thank God forward thinking like Steve Jobs is going to prevail

  • Loot Lord
    Loot Lord

    Never been super brand loyal, but a 21:9 aspect ratio and a smaller frame for at-a-glance notifications at work makes this a definite upgrade from my iPhone 11. Definitely the next phone I buy

    • Chris Choi
      Chris Choi

      22:9 actually, but yeah definitely consider this as your next phone. i upgraded to the z flip 3 from my 3 year old lg g7 and omg its so amazing

  • Jerri Kohl
    Jerri Kohl

    When it's folded, the main screen would be off, and the small screen would use *far* less battery power. So, having it sit on your desk folded, and being able to look at the small screen is a huge advantage. Linus completely missed this at 9:51.

    • Owen Gallagher
      Owen Gallagher

      The AOD on a typical Android device gives most of the same info and also drains very little battery, so I find it hard to see what the advantage is of having the little display show that same info

  • daniel saltvick
    daniel saltvick

    I just got mine the other day and love it. You didn't mention using the front display as a camera preview.

  • Vicky

    Weird ! Some brands just change the placement of the camera and call it a revolution! While Samsung goes out of the line and makes a flip phone but still gets compared to the previous model.

  • bribri 420
    bribri 420

    First 26 seconds you said exactly what I've been asking lol I'm getting the fold soon and super excited but I can't wrap my head around the fold

  • Ralffe

    D-brand: Makes great skins Also D-brand: Apparently makes fire cakes.

    • Nix dskilly
      Nix dskilly

      @Ralffe May I ask where I could get the recipe for said cake? Ty in advance

    • Last

      @WirableCrown ok i love that till this day, avatar is still being remembered

    • nope…

      @Tridiots that’s not what he meant, he meant fire cake, because Samsungs are bombs and the Samsung phone was in a case

    • nope…

      @Masterrobsen Samsung already did that

    • Lawrence Osborne Jr
      Lawrence Osborne Jr

      I'm glad that that cake actually didn't catch fire lol

  • Liam G
    Liam G

    Got my zflip3 from AT&T for a total of $300 when they had a deal going on. My favorite phone so far besides the battery life.

  • Ray Chen
    Ray Chen

    all in all that sounded like a pretty positive review from a "hater" perspective. just switched to the flip 3 3 days ago, and loving it so far. coming from an iphone. its been great.

  • Science Dog
    Science Dog

    I have the same exact issue. With the fold 3 you're sacrificing screen durability for the ability to turn your display into Basically a tablet display. The crease is a sacrifice for having the ability to do that. But yet the flip adds the crease and actually adds no extra utility to the phone that a standard smartphone doesn't have. It makes no sense.

  • Alejandro Vallencci
    Alejandro Vallencci

    I imagine it would be a nightmare to find a good case for these folding phones too. Until they become durable enough to be on par with todays flagships, then I’ll be sticking to my candybar

  • qwertyui90qwertyui90

    Absolutely sick of phone screens breaking. perhaps having the screen on the inside will stop it breaking ?

  • Emily Brock
    Emily Brock

    Its so i can put in my tiny pockets . I like the length of a regular phone but love how compact this phone is.

  • Weslley

    10:10 I wish to have this functionality in my S10+ as for years, I've always kept my batteries between 40% and 80%.

  • Skeptical Caveman
    Skeptical Caveman

    Right aspect ratio but too small. 8" screen would be nice. The point of foldables is that you can have a much larger screen in your pocket, so why so small. The other model have a big screen, yes, but the wrong aspect ratio. 8" and at least 2:1 aspect ratio for foldable phones.

  • Ventsislav Georgiev
    Ventsislav Georgiev

    Looks great, but the s10e is still the best device they've put for the past couple years imo