The best SELLING gaming mouse of all time has competition - Glorious Model I

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  • Henry Salayne
    Henry Salayne

    The G502 might not be the best gaming mouse, but for productivity it's a charm. Horizontal scrolling and a free spinning mouse wheel add to the weight (and make the noise while shaking).

    • 143 176
      143 176

      That tank of a mouse was probably the biggest factor in getting repetitive strain injury in the wrist at 16 yo which made me have to quit gaming, piano and is really annoying in daily life and school. Be careful with those things cause it is really shitty to have this condition

    • thenonexistinghero

      For productivity you're much better off with a smaller and lighter mouse. For gaming as well. It'll reduce chances of RSI problems through overuse.

    • Mr_Pike

      Yup, I got a g pro superlight a while back and it is 100% my choice for gaming. But I grab the 502 for normal work use.

    • tsartomato

      just like all logitechs 3 buttons just died

    • StarfoxHUN

      @Adam J Smith (sry for late answer yt notifications for comments s*cks) The software puts a line close to the right side of the 'Control' where you can Vertical scroll. If the mouse is left from that line, the scroll wheel does vertical scroll, if its over that line, the scroll wheel then switches do horizontal scroll. The line obviously moveable (And maybe customizable too) freely. You can find pictures of it in the internet. (Also there might be other non-hardware specific softwares that can do the same, i actually dont know how original idea this is, i never needed to look it up)

  • Riley Mannion
    Riley Mannion

    The 502 is just the perfect combo of gamer and productivity centric design without looking too gamery or too professional, they really hit the perfect balance and removing even one feature from it really fucks up the whole vibe, if you were to remove a feature from the 502 the absolute last one to remove is hyperscroll

    • Rin Rin
      Rin Rin

      @Summer1999, ok. Mad Catz (all of their mice are crazy) Cougar 700M G.Skill Ripjaws MX780 Asus ROG Spartha, EVGA X17 Corsair Scimitar PRO RGB SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse Sorry,I'm too lazy too continue. But I hope it's more than enough.

    • Summer1999

      @Rin Rin Oh really? Can you list a few "high end spiky edgy gamer" mice to this uneducated peasant here, considering that I listed so many as examples? Also, having many buttons doesn't necessarily make a mouse look more gamery, but having sharp and aggressive angles do (like the g502).

    • Rin Rin
      Rin Rin

      @Summer1999, which means you've never seen high-end gaming mice. Many of them look A LOT more cluttery, spiky, edgy, some with insane amounts of buttons (some have whole numpads on the sides). G502 looks a lot more classy compared to many gaming mice, with just a touch of gamishness with those index finger buttons and a very non-agressive rgb.

    • Mrfatmanjunior

      502 not looking gamery? In what office are you working lol.

    • Summer1999

      @Riley Mannion Idk I think "transformer looking design" perfectly describes the g502 design, they have like aggressive angles that screams gamer. It's probably one of the most gamery looking mice on the current market for sure, things like g303, g304, g403, g603, g604, g703, g pro, glorious whole lineup, most of steelseries mice, zowie, pulsar, xtrfy, endgamegear or even razer stuff like viper, deathadder or basilisk all look relatively tame despite what you say. I can't even list five mice that look more gamery than the g502 (unless you wanna include those cheap amazon "GAMER" stuff) To be clear, I think the g502 is a pretty special mice and it deserves the cult following it has, but "less gamery look" is definitely not one of its strong point.

  • Tomáš Orlovský
    Tomáš Orlovský

    For those that like the shape but do not want/need the features of g502 and like light mouses, this seems good, but I will never give up hyperscroll, buttons next to left button and even the g-shift functionality.

    • Tomáš Orlovský
      Tomáš Orlovský

      @Andrew Hunt if you don't need large mouse pad, the powerplay kit is great. I would probably not recommend g502 wireless without it because of it's very small batery sadly.

    • microteam

      @Thunder Arch I'm guessing it's because you don't work on your computer. Having the hyperscroll when you need to go through thousands of pages of data sheet or code and you don't know exactly what you are looking for is a god send

    • SixelAlexiS

      @Juliett A same here as well, got double click after only 8 months on G502 SE, I "repaired" it with the usual click cleaning method (total pain compared to G500, had to replace mouse feet ad well) and after 4 months is double click again. The switches they use just can't handle their mice and they keep using them by years and years with always the same problem, really tired of them. I'm gonna look at this one but as you said in comments I like the shape and functions of the G502...

    • Juliett A
      Juliett A

      This is exactly where I'm at. I hate logitech's terrible switches, but t he hyperscroll is one of a kind and I love it.

  • marcus call
    marcus call

    This review skips over the best part of the G502, which is the scroll wheel and its infinite scroll mode. I’ve been using a Glorious Model O Wireless and can say that the Logitech G502 is worth the extra money if you ever use the scroll wheel. I frequently find myself wishing more mice had that Logitech scroll tech.

    • Reisen Udongein Inaba
      Reisen Udongein Inaba

      @marcus call it sure will void it, yeah. If they're already on their third mouse and are starting to have issues again, I think it's worth it to switch them regardless of any warranty. Especially since any switches a consumer will buy is likely to last much longer than the stock ones. The stock ones feel alright but their build quality is depressing. Sadly even the G Pro wireless has low durability switches. Don't know if G Pro Superlight swapped them, but I doubt it.

    • marcus call
      marcus call

      @Reisen Udongein Inaba Keep in mind that this voids the warranty, but I recommend upgrading the switches. The stock ones are "fine" but I love to upgrade my own stuff.

    • marcus call
      marcus call

      @TheMonkeyButte But they performed a comparison in the video without doing a full comparison of features, indicating that the Glorious Model I is better in many ways. You can't state this fairly without including the scroll wheel in the conversation. I don't mind if someone doesn't care for the wheel, or wants a lighter mouse and feels that the scroll is a less important feature, but not including it in their discussion points feels unfair IMO. It could lead a buyer to make a purchase they may regret. Many people watch these videos to research products they may want to buy, so whether it is a review or not isn't the point. The point is hundreds of thousands will watch a video where an incomplete comparison is made.

    • marcus call
      marcus call

      @Dennis Hermogenes Ferreira I fully agree!

    • marcus call
      marcus call

      @LMS9000 I agree with this 1000% minus the RGB part. RGB has almost zero functional value. The Logitech Scroll wheel has tons of value. I often scroll through hundreds of pages in PDFs or Word Docs for work. This scroll wheel is infinitely more comfortable and user friendly than the Glorious Model O. I find the Model O scroll to be abrasive for work purposes.

  • Lorphex

    PSA Glorious has previously made wireless versions of MOST of their mice, so you can expect a wireless version of this one in the future as well

    • Pallav Bhardwaj
      Pallav Bhardwaj

      @Ty J I have been using wireless model O wireless and it sucks, Just can't get another at the moment so am using it

    • Ty J
      Ty J

      @Pallav Bhardwaj That's not true, the wireless performance is on par with anyone else. I've seen people complain about the software not being the best but I've never seen anyone imply that the software hinders the wireless performance lol.

    • Pallav Bhardwaj
      Pallav Bhardwaj

      Wireless from glorious sucks especially due to bad software

    • Meatsweats

      yep, i'll get a wireless version, not a wired version. but for those who like wired or want this and don't wanna wait. a neat little thing I use so i don't have to have a cable bungie is use a 'small 3M clip' put that in amazon's search bar. and stick that little dude to the bottom right of my monitor. boom cable bungie without needing a brick on my desk.

    • rzalegend

      not MOST but ALL

  • Corey Wilson
    Corey Wilson

    Hoping they bring a wireless version of this. I love my glorious model D, but this looks like a better fit for me

    • marcus call
      marcus call

      I will buy the Model I once it's wireless. I don't think I will ever own a wired mouse again.

    • HelloThere

      @InterGalacticWood that one is lightweight but isn’t as ergo as the g502 or similar mice

    • InterGalacticWood

      Get a Glorius Model-O wireless?

    • Hubrah

      A wireless version that is one par with logitech's or corsairs wireless offerings would be an insta-purchase for me.

  • [C]

    2:15 I had my glorious mouse for half a year, and I thought the blue was just the color of the pads.🤣🤣🤣Today, they are being removed.

    • Meatsweats

      doesn't it say 'REMOVE' on them?

    • Minutenreis

      @alex yes, you are suppose to remove the blue stickers on mouse feet as they are just for protecting the relatively soft ptfe feet during transport

    • alex

      @[C] wait.. youre supposed to remove that?

    • [C]

      @Started Nah, it was still smooth with the stickers 🤣I can certainly tell the difference after I removed the stickers though.

    • Mr. G
      Mr. G

      i did this by accident, it glides much better with the blue removed.

  • Nik

    looks like it lacks most of the features that make the wireless 502 pretty much ideal for my use case. Looks like a decent mouse, but it's unlikely to be a 502 killer.

  • jumbshd

    Man, hes just on a whole other level when it comes to energy and I love it😂

  • sonickiller360

    They’re missing too many buttons for this to be a g502 replacement.

  • fngryboi

    I'm a huge fan of the G502 personally, however, having to trade in using warranty every time the buttons flake out on me is annoying. I'm so used to the wireless G502 so can't really bite the bullet for this but the moment there's a wireless version I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

  • jubuttib

    7:24 I wonder how the weight will match up between the wireless ones, seeing how the G502 Lightspeed is lighter than the wired version, and the Glorious is likely to be heavier. Might even out the gap a fair bit.

  • Quettesh

    Holes are such a dealbreaker for me - I sweat a lot and it looks disgusting after a month of use and cleaning is a such a chore. Wired G502 is $45 and Wireless $85 where I live and we usually get all electronics more expensive than the US.

    • Eniff

      @Meatsweats Why would you want to do that when you can buy a proper mouse that doesn't need fixing? It is like buying jeans that already have holes in them from the factory. Idiotism.

    • Meatsweats

      @Eniff ppl who also sell griptape that covers holes and weighs like 1 extra gram. believe it or not. you can cover holes.

    • Meatsweats

      get the grip tape and cover the holes. I've done that with 2 of glorious mice. works great. 502 was my 2nd love. the 1st was the logitech mx518. so I have 1 brand new in box of each, just incase I have an emergent micing need.

    • Plumokin

      Yup any mouse with those cutouts is a no go for me

    • Dillon Youngquist
      Dillon Youngquist

      The holes help me not sweat. My 502 looks way worse than my glorious

  • Ian Fullen
    Ian Fullen

    I've had the Model D for over a year, and It's just about the perfect mouse.

    • Ian Fullen
      Ian Fullen

      @marcus call I personally have kept my old G502 with the hyperscroll for productivity. The Model D still has that same jelly scroll wheel. One of the few flaws of the mouse.

    • marcus call
      marcus call

      Do you use the Model D for productivity ever? I use the scroll wheel a ton in my workflow and find the Model O scroll wheel to be a bit abrasive when used repeatedly over a work day. I understand the Model D uses the same wheel, so I was wondering if my understanding is wrong, or if you have a different use case with less use of the wheel.

    • mpirc

      @Phero what problem

    • Phero

      I've also been using the model D for a while an I really like it. I have a model I coming soon because I have a problem

  • tulsatrash

    Interesting mouse. The host did a good job of destroying my ability to trust him to competently review things though so I'm going to have to go elsewhere to see if it's actually something I should look into.

  • Brandon Peterson
    Brandon Peterson

    I loved my 502, upgraded to the wireless version and loved that as well. But I knew it was a heavy mouse and wanted to try something lighter and just switched to the g pro wireless. Overall the g pro is a great mouse but I miss the utility of the extra buttons on the 502. If they made an ultralight 502 wireless I would buy it without a doubt

  • Mark Niemann
    Mark Niemann

    I have quite liked Glorious' products and I am looking forward to when they, hopefully, make a wireless version.

  • Nelson Batonghinog
    Nelson Batonghinog

    G502 Wired feels great in my hand. Been using it since 2019 and no clicking issues so far. I use it for RTS and Open World games and the Pro X Wireless for FPS and work. Amazing mice! Not sure yet with the Glorious ones but I might try.

  • Souchira

    I know fits the "but I like like big mice and I cannot lie" category I do feel we are under represented in reviews here. I want to see reviews for alternatives for my Roccat Tyon which is almost 400 grams and I love it. I got big hands and man the thumb button on that mouse is so great I would never switch to a mouse without it. Anyways, enough rambling from me. More non "pro-gaming" mice reviews please :3

    • Stephen Salas
      Stephen Salas

      I’m with you. Unless I missed something they didn’t mention the added weights that come with the G502. I have them all in and it’s a dream.

    • TheMYTHICjedi1208

      @SpecialEllio maybe he weighed the cable?

    • SpecialEllio

      where'd you get 400 from? it's 126g

    • g00gle1sw4tchingme

      Same. Like big mice.

  • kleini3

    Love to see the competition and the customizable buttons but a universal software would be nice to Programm all the different brands hotkeys and extra keys. Over time I got my setup from logitech and gHub just runs nice and fine on the background

  • Kevin

    As popular as the 502 and clones of it are I found myself the perfect mouse in the xtrfy m4 rgb. It’s the only mouse that feels natural so far and I don’t have to consciously think about it or adjust my grip mid game much. Also the honeycomb design actually helps my hand not get sweaty unlike my HyperX fps pro and g403 which made my hand sweat bad. I also have a HyperX haste as a back up but it’s just a little too small for daily driving. I find heavy mice to be a chore to use now after being used to a sub 70g mouse.

  • Dracekidjr

    I feel like power play is something that the g502 will have over every mouse. Wireless charging over an entire mat is insane

  • Ty J
    Ty J

    The 502 was my first mouse when I built my first gaming PC. I still miss the infinite scroll even though I stopped using that mouse years ago.

  • V Λ S O
    V Λ S O

    David’s energy here is on a whole new level and I’m here for it! 😂

  • Dan Simms
    Dan Simms

    Love my G502, especially when I got it after tax for about $50 CAD, like $40-45 USD. Am starting to get double clicks though, so may move to a Glorious soon.

  • MikeyX9

    I've been using Glorious' Model D for a long time and I've enjoyed it a lot. I personally like the White with black buttons on it but its good to see they made a competitor for the G502!

    • Meatsweats

      had a D, got a D-. I don't have linus hands but my fingers aren't very long. my thumb is oddly long, and my palm is rather chunky from working on farms and tinkering with cars for all my days. it's like 1 big callus hammer and some phalanges hanging off of it.

  • Ian Sterling
    Ian Sterling

    I'm mostly happy with my Model I. The biggest problem is that I can't configure the extra buttons as mouse buttons; they need to be configured to specific keystrokes or combinations.

  • Ilitsa Samariya
    Ilitsa Samariya

    Thanks for this. I've been looking around for a reliable, good mouse and think I'll get this one.

  • Stephen Maher
    Stephen Maher

    Also competes with Steel Series Rival 5, I feel like that mouse gets overlooked.

  • Aerilic

    The rattling of the scroll wheel on the 502 bothered me a little, but it's a fair trade for the amazing infinite scroll mode. And 502 has a wireless version so 👌

    • Quettesh

      I didn't notice the rattle until now - thank you David :D

  • Iron Fan
    Iron Fan

    Great job by editor, love it. I also like David's personality. Could you all do a 2022 roundup of best kb and moose combo videos? David saying that the mouse cord really gets in the way, it really struck a co..(yeah no, sorry xD) with me. I've been a wired-only as a MUST boy for decades, but maybe it's time to change.

  • Paul Hagseth
    Paul Hagseth

    Man, this editing is on POINT!

  • Chrome Rims
    Chrome Rims

    G502 daily driver, love the mass. Before getting G502, I used the Glorious Model D for a while trying to like it, but it was just waaaay too light-weight. Nice👍video.

  • Chymira

    Great review! Just wanted to say that there is a very good mouse of similar style by Roccat and I would like to see a review on it too. It's called the Roccat Kone XP.

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere

    I would love to try this, but my G502 is just too reliable and fits my hand perfectly. As someone who broke their hand badly ( 4th and 5th metacarpals more than 2 months in multiple casts with aluminum splints to boot), it's hard to find a mouse that doesn't make my hand ache. I also love the weight, it's comforting. The holes on the Glorious for someone who sweats, like me, might be an issue too. Side note: For anyone interested the G502 is on sale at amazon for $39.83 as of today 4/22/22.

    • EmissaryGW2

      yeah g502 is pretty fantastic for comfort. I recently got the Hero version though, and the sensor keeps going crazy. I think it doesn't deal well with the cat hairs on my desk, whereas the older proteus core version seems to have no issues. I ended up getting a razer basilisk v3 to replace it, and that is very similar in shape/functionality but without the sensor issues.

  • Kaz Mo
    Kaz Mo

    Would be nice to see how they compare to clones like the ones from Dream Machines which seem to be at least decent considering cost difference.

  • macbitz

    Great presenter - humorous and natural. LMG wins again 👍🏼 Oh and computer accessory manufacturers - no more single use plastic packaging please!

  • Schweine Timmel
    Schweine Timmel

    Still searching for mice that feel as ergonomically good as the g700... my first own mouse and still my everyday-gem tho i now have 4 other mice.

  • DJAndy

    OH Gosh! Finally a perfect shape (for me personally) Glorious mice! THANK YOU BTW #Heavy_Mice_User Currently using Dark Core Pro SE, because it is perfectly fit in my palm mice. I am so glad that they did this model i!

  • Blanca Cecilia Ortiz Perez
    Blanca Cecilia Ortiz Perez

    The mouse looks cool and I love glorious products

  • Lumi

    The g502 is incredible, especially for the sometimes 30 dollar price tag. Above the GPro, Model O, death adder, viper, and g303, it's been my absolute go to, despite the weight, despite the wire. It's lasted for what is basically my entire time gaming (8ish years) and had had no issues at all. Realistically, the mouse buttons will fall off before you go out of rated spec, and the mouse is plenty strong enough to withstand more than a little gamer rage

  • Eli Jarvis
    Eli Jarvis

    I love my g502, and for solidworks its makes all the shortcuts for camera movement sooooooooooooooooo much easier. Also, rpg games is where it shines a lot better than with fps imho.

  • Kyo Takashe
    Kyo Takashe

    I'm really into the RedDragon mice from Amazon cheep price but solid hardware

  • monawoka97

    I have had super mixed experiences with Glorious. I want to love their products but there is always at least one thing that goes wrong. I've had much better experiences with Razor/Logitech in terms of longevity, consistency, and reliability. I really want Glorious to come up because more competition is always better. But I feel like they're still ironing out the kinks in a lot of their products.

    • Arcangel0723

      I have been using the model o pretty much since it was released and I have had zero problems with it. It works just like the day I got it.

    • TryfleMC

      I've had two model os and they both broke within 3 months. Some of my friends broke theirs within 2 weeks. I just used it normally, the plastic became slippy and glossy from being used within 2 months, I hate the honeycomb shells, I just don't like it. I don't trust Glorious after these experiences. The mouse was great at first but then it just all fell apart, twice in a row. I buy a Viper Mini for just 30 dollars and it lasts me over a year still going strong with no problems. Razer's Viper line up was perfect for me.

    • Joris Mak
      Joris Mak

      Experience is different for every one. I don't own my glorious mice long enough to give a remark about reliability. But from the old mx518 of which I had multiple , the G5 of which I had 2, the steelseries ikari , to the Logitech g305 of which I owned 4.... They all have issues within 2 years. Cable issues , switches going bad and clicks not registering or registering multiple times , connectivity suddenly dropping (g305 turning off while in use )... I've never had mice live long I'd i use them daily . I have a Roccat wireless that lives good and some older Logitech non gaming travel mice... But I hardly ever use them , so it doesn't count that they still live :)

  • TheWarmWind

    I had the mouse the 502 is based on ages ago. I loved it but in retrospect I realize it was terrible for gaming. The weight feels right and comfortable initially, but it wears on you and definitely holds back aim potential. The shape is also super comfortable initially but it promotes bad aim. The most dramatic improvement to my aim was when I gave up the mouse. I understand why Glorious wants to take a swing at it but I think this is a case of consumers prioritizing the wrong thing. Initial comfort seems to trump all in a lot of consumers eyes, and it's creating flawed products that are terrible compromises. I will admit though, when it comes to productivity, the mouse does shine. It's a productivity mouse in gamer clothing.

  • DuckHeadNL

    damn this looks amazing, wish it was wireless

  • Geoffrey Lyons
    Geoffrey Lyons

    I watch IRglo at 1.5x and the on screen action is mildly humorous. The primary thing I look for for mice is number of programmable buttons. 4 side buttons seems pretty nice, but Logitech has their infinite scroll wheel and their lightspeed wireless is pretty nice. I'm currently rocking a G604 which honestly has more buttons than I've needed in most games, despite the atrocity to UI that is the G software.

  • Nathan kennedy
    Nathan kennedy

    I left my g502 for a glorious model O, now i have a glossy model D, never looked back, might have to pick this one up too

  • King J-Perez
    King J-Perez

    I'll for the wireless version, i love these type comfort style of mouse perfect for my small-medium hands.

  • MrBurnthetrees

    The LTT store crew should make a EDC knife so ShortCircuit can actually open packages.

    • iWin Rar
      iWin Rar

      Pretty sure that's the whole point not having something to open the box so they have to use something weird

  • Brady Sully
    Brady Sully

    I’ve had both, once I went glorious lightweight I couldn’t go back to a heavy lg.

  • ProkRinds

    I've been using a glorious mouse for a long ass time. It's a work of art

  • Zeta Darus
    Zeta Darus

    Deal breaker for me is the scroll wheel that's too far forward

  • Stephen McGregor
    Stephen McGregor

    Would absolutely instantly go and buy right now a wireless version of this mouse

  • Renewed Life Media
    Renewed Life Media

    I love how the editors are making comments in the videos now. Really adds to the experience.

  • PurplProto

    I really would like a lighter mouse and a wireless version of this would be cool, but I can't let go of Logitech's PowerPlay now I've had it for over a year. Never having to plugin a wireless mouse is just something I can't let go of 😀

    • PurplProto

      @Spencer Rugg Yeah! It's a real game changer, truly wireless experience and I've never had any latency issues either. Hands down best mouse I've ever had the pleasure of using. I don't think Logitech is marketing the Power play pad as much as it should be. Honestly a killer feature to have. I probably won't ever move from wireless charging mice now and this is the only pad I know that can do it. I think some other mice in the Lightspeed line up work as well, but I love my G502 😍

    • Spencer Rugg
      Spencer Rugg

      Someone else bought a Power Play mousepad? Nice!!! For real though, it is great and I have no regrets. Never remembered to charge my nice before.

  • Jacob Eaton
    Jacob Eaton

    I think this comparison is pretty unfair considering you skipped over a few very cool things about the G502. There’s a reason the 502 has been the most popular mouse for the last 5-10 years or however long it is

  • Naturalhighz

    if there's a wireless version I really like both the button layout and lightness. Might replace my g403 hero.

  • Eric Nielsen
    Eric Nielsen

    I genuinely am a fan of heavier mice. But that's just because it's what I'm used to. Willing to bet it's a detriment to me in games, but light mice just don't feel right in my hand.

    • Mud Kip
      Mud Kip


  • TatVR Gaming
    TatVR Gaming

    I play competitively and use a heavy mouse. I'm 6'3 with hands the size of dinner plates and my job involves lifting 120kg all day. A 200g mouse literally feels like there's nothing in my palm. Although for the average person with average size hands I can understand how a smaller lighter mouse is preferred. I'm just glad not all companies are going down this ultra lightweight route.

    • TatVR Gaming
      TatVR Gaming

      @riothero313 current generation of uwu saying mofo's is what it is.

    • riothero313

      Every single mouse is lightweight. ALL of them are lightweight objects. I don't understand this "light weight mouse" nonsense. There must be lots of streamers and pros with twig arms like toddlers

    • Arcanum

      Me have small hands

    • Nathan Delahunty
      Nathan Delahunty

      I am the same but also after nearly 30 years of playing shooters muscle memory is used to heavy mouse. I tried a light mouse once and kept overshooting

  • Parminder Jaura
    Parminder Jaura

    The G502 is regularly available for $39 or less.

  • Moldy Shishkabob
    Moldy Shishkabob

    The editing in this vid is on point. I appreciate the sass greatly

  • Zephyn M
    Zephyn M

    They have a wireless O and D, I'm pretty sure they'll eventually come out with a wireless I.

  • Vihara2

    Do one on the EVGA x17, i dumped my still working perfectly fine razer deathadder because i fell in love with the handling of it, its my perfect mouse, i honestly cant conceive of how anyone can improve on its design.

  • Net Info
    Net Info

    I'm excited to get g502 I had a generic mouse a while back and I lasted me a long time it was a really good mouse so that's why im going get that logitech mouse

  • SamM

    Love or hate the G502, Basilisk, and Model I, there’s no denying the design language of this mouse form factor of is spot on for ergonomics

  • Jaykstah

    As classic as the G502 is, I feel like these days a G703 would be a better stand-in. Especially considering the popularity of its big bro the G Pro X.

  • Disturbed Angel
    Disturbed Angel

    I'd like wireless, but honestly, the bigger issue for me is I like 6 buttons on the side, and with out another 2 on top like the Logitech G604, the issues really start to stack up for use for me.

    • Disturbed Angel
      Disturbed Angel

      @IAmBear. nope, but it has a ~240 hour life from a AA, so even at the 20% warning, you still have ~24 hours of use to swap out? 2 rechargeable AA's have served me well. YMMV

    • IAmBear.

      is the 604 rechargable without having to take the battery out?

  • rob yeomans
    rob yeomans

    I put all of the weights in my 502 wireless. The software and hyper scroll wheel are things I need in a mouse now. This move to super ultra light mice has saved me a lot of money.

  • James

    on the note of the thumb on the table, one of the reasons I like the 502 so much is I *DON'T* drag my thumb. Once I start dragging it I'm awkwardly holding my thumb up. Also the weight of the 502 is a major plus for me, light mice are harder for me to use, they fling too easily. I have stronger wrist I guess, but I like the resistance from the extra weight.

  • Maximus Crown
    Maximus Crown

    Not enough buttons to beat the G502 in my opinion. I do all of my gaming with a controller but use the G502 for productivity.

  • theblindspot985

    The 502 comes with removable weights by the sensor if you want to decrease the weight.

  • Useful_Radish_117

    To be honest every mouse "competing" again the g502 should match the main features (sensor, hyper scroll, weight customisation and side scroll). This is a very nice mouse, but a direct comparison feels a bit empty(?)

  • rjh00

    The honeycomb, weight and "low" DPI kills this as an option for me.

  • Maurice Tsai
    Maurice Tsai

    Love watching David as a host.

  • Jamie Ficken
    Jamie Ficken

    I went on a buying spree awhile back and now have 15 Cougar 550M mice as they were being blown out for $10-$15. Why...because I have big hands and I like the way it feels. I'm not a huge gamer though (programmer by day) so the DPI it offers is fine with me. Considering I've been using my original for several years now so I'm never going to use all of them 🤣

  • ThroughFallenEyes

    502 is frequently on sale here in Canada for $39 while the glorious would be more than double that

  • Penguin Red
    Penguin Red

    Could you guys maybe review more mice that are useable for both hands? Sadly i cant really use the majority of mice due to being left-handed

  • kalmtraveler

    always liked their designs but their mice are too small - would be nice to have something for those of us with larger hands

  • Nikolas Efthimiadis
    Nikolas Efthimiadis

    Until more companies start implementing infinite scrolling I think I'll stay with Logitech. I would sacrifice extra weight for that every time.