This doesn't seem SAFE - Redmi Note 11 Pro + 5G

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  • The_Wiki

    It actually "only" runs 96W on 100-120V AC. This is the fine print on Xiaomi's site: *Maximum output power will be 120W with 220~240V input; Maximum output power will be 96W with 100~120V input. Maximum output power may not be 120W based on different voltage input in some regions." So charging in 20 min instead of 15 makes sense.

    • sanket baviskar
      sanket baviskar

      Thankfully in India we have the same standard as Europe.

    • Alex Mills
      Alex Mills

      @Mijc Osis I said suck it 230v 50hz which is common in Europe. I never said the US was running 50 hz off the grid, or implied anything close to that. Nice try though.

    • #TeamCreativity

      @Mijc Osis I do know that their homes have 240V but you only get 240V in Bathrooms and Kitchens

    • Mijc Osis
      Mijc Osis

      @bonnome2 ..... thats what i just said - US 240V split phases are at 180 degrees and add together - 3 phase stuff is at 120 degrees and does not

    • bonnome2

      @Mijc Osis they can also be 180 degrees. It differs per home. Recently electroboom showed that his hotel in hawaii was 180 degrees out of phase

  • Zac Childs
    Zac Childs

    120hz oled, good speakers, sd slot, headphone jack, and crazy fast charging, for $400? That's pretty tempting

    • Ahmadsyar

      @Salman torik i dont know. I dont make the rules, i dont make the phone. Ask them.

    • Salman torik
      Salman torik

      @Ahmadsyar bruh what kind of feature is this

    • Ahmadsyar

      @Salman torik no my previous phone was iphone. No there is no fix. This is a feature from the mediatek processor. I doubt they will do something about it.

    • Salman torik
      Salman torik

      @Ahmadsyar i see, why wouldnt xiaomi fix this tbh, especially when your previous phone was a samsung haha oh well, is there any workaround on this

    • Ahmadsyar

      @Salman torik yes. Don't worry about it, you'll get used to it

  • Axel Chill
    Axel Chill

    7:20 In fact, Xiaomi uses a trick in its software, which activates the maximum charging potential when the screen is off. This way you don't create overheating. This is repeated on all their devices with fast charging, starting at 33W.

    • Link SSZ
      Link SSZ

      Blackshark gaming phones can charge at 120 watt with the screen on because of how good the cooling systems they make are.

  • Luke Hero
    Luke Hero

    Marques did a really good video recently on how fast charging doesn't necessarily degrade your battery.

    • Katzelle3

      It is not a good video at all There was no extensive testing and he admits it himself that he took the manufacturers words for it So it has about as much value as a thinly veiled advertisement

    • Adam Gaming
      Adam Gaming

      yeah its the heat what degrades the battery. if a 120w phone has better cooling he may have less battery degradation than a 60 or even 30w without good cooling

    • Arch Angel
      Arch Angel

      @I couldn't think of a good name Agreed, but it's great for cars that have wireless charging.

    • Lksjusjwjwh Kkajhsjjs
      Lksjusjwjwh Kkajhsjjs

      it won't it depends upon the phone and quality of it's fast charging. there are some phones that even though it supports fast charging. it still heats up. that heat in the long run will ruin not just your battery but also the chip of your phone

    • Monado Mario
      Monado Mario

      @Kaveesha Karunaratne and yet now we have batteries with two cells that drops the heat lol. It is basic science but smartphone manufacturers aren't dumb to have phones with super fast charging and don't consider the heat it produces lol.

  • Ahanaf Taskin Ar-Rafee
    Ahanaf Taskin Ar-Rafee

    Great seeing Linus appreciate features like the headphone jack and microSD card slot! Phone companies will make these compelling devices and then keep taking away one features at an iteration and call those upgrades. Recently, this is what happened to Samsung Galaxy A50 series with the launch of A53...

  • Generic Gamer
    Generic Gamer

    When I was a kid this is what I dreamed quick charging was like.

    • Fortnroob Reacts
      Fortnroob Reacts

      @Alex thats great

    • Renz Dagz TV
      Renz Dagz TV

      When I was a kid I use to charge each 1.5v rechargeable battery for my tamiya toy cars with a diy 12v power supply and it seemed to chare each very quick til I finally blew up one and then that was the last time I tried it. Lol

    • AtomicMoviess

      You prob still a kid

    • Ratmonkey Fist Master
      Ratmonkey Fist Master

      When I was a kid you used a camera to take photos. Not a phone. If you used a phone people would look at you odd.

    • Adyka Yami
      Adyka Yami

      Not only u..

  • kuhrd

    By moving most of the regulation and power circutry from the phone to the charger, it is going to move a majority of the heat away from the phone thus prolonging the life of the battery. Couple that with ultra low internal battery resistance with higher current handleing cell technologies and it may provide similar if not reduced cell degradation since the battery is charged faster and has less time to heat up and stay hot during the charging process. The biggest thing that would help prolong the useable life of the battery in almost any phone is to have the phone default to a long life mode out of the box that charges to 80% but reports 100% to the user and goes into low power reserve mode with a user reminder to charge at 20%. Then let the user decide if they want to have longer battery life or more battery capacity available. The other thing that would prolong the phone is to make it easy for an end user to replace the battery when it does finally drop into that 70-75% area of original capacity since below that area is when cell failure rates tend to increase. A good consumer cellphone should have a useable life of 5-6 years minimum and 10 years or more on the high end, professional, commercial and industrial side of things. Their is no good reason for the overwhelming majority of cellphone users to replace a phone more often than this since the cellular technology does not change all that often. 4G hasn't even been fully deployed in many areas and it will likely be a decade or more before 5G is available nearly everywhere in North America. Every cellphone company should be held to a minimum performance spec to even call something a smartphone at the time of sale and they should provide users the most efficient and stripped down versions of whatever OS is running on the phone so that they stay snappy longer preventing the need for useless upgrades. I think back to the not so distant past where feature phones were what most people had and they could go through 10-15 years of updates without really getting any slower. Granted they ran less crap on the whole but that is what current cellphones should be emulating, being as efficient as possible with the hardware that the phone has.

    • kuhrd

      @Arthur Hilado The issue below 70% is that the chance of catastrophic failure increases at an ever-accelerating rate for the majority of lithium chemistries once they start falling below 70-75% of their original capacity. That is why they are considered end of life by most manufacturers at or below this point. Some will develop partial short in the separator that increases the rate of self-discharge (heaters), some will develop a drastic short that causes them to heat up and expand or puff up breaking the short, some will continue to expand and heat up until the cell vents which may end in fire or just a bunch of gas leaving the cell depending on conditions and cell chemistry, and others will continue to work down to a point where the cell is just not very useful any more but regardless of the failure mode they will all eventually fail so it is best to replace them before they have the increased potential to fail in any of these modes. Fast charging could be pretty scary if you have a cell failure due to a short in the separator material while charging at such a fast rate.

    • Arthur Hilado
      Arthur Hilado

      Thing is, when the battery degrades to 70% capacity, as long as it still charges as fast as this, it still isn't a problem. Charging happens a bit more often, but it's in shorter cycles.

    • Brandon

      My xiaomi phones tend last 3.5 years on me. I have went the following... Xiaomi redmi 3s pro, 3.5 years, screen intact, upgraded due to switching cell carrier and needing lte b28, second phone redmi note 5, 3 years bought it used after almost a year from release. Screen still intact use it for Google authentication and crypto wallet backup. Upgraded due to mmc storage performance degredation. Bought a mi 11 lite 5g, have it for 3 months, love the oled. 33w charging seems grate and does not hear up phone. 64mp Camera is insane and pulls good shots and vids even it terrible light and stereo speakers are a game changer

  • The Cheshire Cat
    The Cheshire Cat

    I saw a video recently where someone proved that fast charging isn't inherently going to damage your battery, regardless of the speed. The issue is heat, which can be mitigated with a phatt charging brick.

    • Garfish

      A charger simply being larger does absolutely nothing for how hot a phone gets, that's not how it works. That only applies to the warpcharge 30T charger with compatible OnePlus phones, which MKBHD says is because they've integrated some of the battery management hardware into the charger so there's less power management happening in the phone itself. So that won't work with any other phone that isn't "T charging certified". It's all dependant on how the manufacturer has designed the phone and it's specific charger to work with it. Still a pretty cool concept though and I'm a fan of anything that improves battery life.

    • HolyDevil

      @Rubiconnn The bigger brick does help generate less heat in the phone. Go watch MKBHD's vid. He explains all this.

    • Rubiconnn

      A larger charging brick isn't going to cool your phones battery. I have a big aluminum bracket on my desk that I place my phone on when it is fast charge to pull away some of the heat.

    • Lukács Marcell Kiss
      Lukács Marcell Kiss

      Watch MKBHD video, very useful.

    • Bharath kumar
      Bharath kumar

      MKBHD - "Does fast charging actually ruin your battery life?"

  • Hacker Hacker
    Hacker Hacker

    0:50 Apple's all like : We don't need to sell you the power brick Xiaomi's like : We're gonna sell you the powerbrick. And Oh! There's might be a phone inside the box

    • Kris G
      Kris G

      the best part of it is, that with the same charger, but a different UBS cable, you can make it stop using 120W, bcoz the USB cable has a chip taht tells the charger what power it can take.

  • Souchira

    Battery testing and especially the effect of (quick) charging, power management features or recommend habits to prolong battery life would be a great research project for Linus Tech Labs. Batteries in general are just really interesting right now not only are they crucial to many gadgets and other devices but development is insane right now due to the demand EV's are putting on the industry.

  • DigitalIP

    For the record, Samsung and or Android 12 has a battery health option to max charge to 85%, so that type of fast charge protection is already available.

    • Mitzael Serna
      Mitzael Serna

      Yeah, but Lenovo has been doing it for years...

    • Phoenix Creations
      Phoenix Creations

      Not just samsung moat of fast charging devices has it named optimised charging

    • Vysair

      @Rodrigo Demaestri Tab S6 Lite one actually a little different. It does limit to 85% but for the s6 lite, they showed 100% when it's full by 85% capacity physically. Basically rewrite the percentage

    • Mitzael Serna
      Mitzael Serna

      yeah, too late in my opinion..

    • Lucas Da Ronco
      Lucas Da Ronco

      Motorola has that too

  • alexmad93

    Id love to see a long term test of ultra fast charging vs regular charging on this device and see what difference the battery capacity is after a while

  • Syzerix

    For those complaining about the OS, slap on a custom rom. Xiaomi makes it easy to do so. And relatively safer than the other OEM's. You can basically turn that redmi 11 pro into a beefed up pixel.

  • Marko Lacić
    Marko Lacić

    I got the same charger with my 11T Pro and it's very good, you forget about your charging habits you simply charge it for a little bit when you need to. I just hate how little recognition this is getting

  • James Cassar
    James Cassar

    Xiaomi not only shipped a beast of a charger, but it shipped the proper type of charger aswell! Kudos Xiaomi 👌

  • liquidmetal9015

    I believe there was also some talk of these chargers not working as fast on 110v as they do on 220v, which might be why they didn't send you an NA charger, because they don't exist.

    • Senπ

      Iirc, their chargers are all like this. Maybe NA chargers dint exist

    • Rex Sceleratorum
      Rex Sceleratorum

      @ajddavid452 Your 600w PSU that was specifically tailored to 110v alone, I assume

    • Rex Sceleratorum
      Rex Sceleratorum

      @Piotr Daniel Working on 110v requires the primary side to handle double the current compared to a 220v supply. Unless they specifically overengineered the primary for 110v it may put out less current

    • Overlooked Undead
      Overlooked Undead

      @ajddavid452 because your PSU is a little bit of a different machine than a phone charger, it has an active cooling fan and is like 6 times the size for a reason. Also its not outputing all those 600w on a single rail so its basically just multiple 100-200w powersupplys.

    • neilbradley

      @srg Not if you increase the amperage/ lower the resistance. Also, in modern switching power supply design, the input voltage/amperage should be a huge "don't care" by how little wattage there is to supply, and switching supplies provide more or less based on the load. Whether it's 240VAC or 120VAC on input should be irrelevant to the output wattage.

  • Etheoma

    Think I know what my next phone is gonna be. Although saying that I already had a Redmi Note 10 5G, so like it was gonna be on my radar because I was surprised at how not bad it was for like £180 for the phone, and I don't mind the extra £100 for 4GB vs 8GB of RAM and LCD vs AMOLED although the 4500mAh battery is a tiny bit dissapointing vs the 5000mAh battery in the Note 10 5G although due to the processor being built on a newer node the battery life probably isn't that dissimilar. And yeh I'm not all that hot on the 120W charging, damn even 22.5W charging was although for me, 45W would be about where I would say you are "good enough" 65W I can see the utility for some people, 120W, like I'm almost always near a plug so like sometimes I want a 5W charger so I don't charge my phone to 100% by accident when I am busy working or doing something... LIKE I DID JUST NOW!!! and thats just a 22.5W charger.

  • Jorge C. M.
    Jorge C. M.

    I want to hear LTT's thoughts on new battery technologies and charging them fast, I've heard production was starting in 2023 but idk whether it was delayed

  • DicerX

    Honestly, I would get this phone just because of the features it has, from a headphone jack, microSD, and actually decent speakers. These were the benchmarks for phones a couple of years past, and now we ignore that. If this thing had a customer-friendly replaceable battery, I would've just thrown my money at them.

  • Joshua 524
    Joshua 524

    Still happy to have got the regular 'Redmi Note 11' ❤️❤️ 33 watt charging is fast enough for me, even lasted a whole 31 hours before needing a charge ❤️😍🤟

  • σ

    as far as I understand it only charges 120w if you request it to but usually it defaults to a lower wattage anyways. also technically there are two cells in the phone which means that they are only charged at 60w each anyways which is not too vad

    • Marian Kis
      Marian Kis

      @kiss peter I also met dozens of people which repaired their smartphone and never knew if it's still waterproof.

    • Marian Kis
      Marian Kis

      @kiss peter xiaomi stated that they didn't made waterproof phones till xiaomi mi 11 ultra because based on their warranty / service stats, they've observed that less than 15% of phones returned for repair were water damage, so they said it's pointless to almost double the price to waterproof the phone for only a maximum of 15% of clients. We, consumers, should be more responsible for our actions, currently, over 85% of consumer pay the price for a waterproof design while in the daily life they will never use it. Just like "under water photography" which still needs an underwater protective case, even if the smartphone is already waterproof. But yeah, the comeback of replaceable batteries would be nice.

    • Marian Kis
      Marian Kis

      You guys are really arguing here about this shit? It's literally a 20-30$ per 1-2 years for battery replacement. It's literally a 30min wait time on a repair shop.

    • kiss peter
      kiss peter

      @nukularpictures you know that you can disable the ultra giga hyper fast charge mode , right ? 2 or 3 power steps exist for sure , if not , you can limit it with a 33W charger (or 15W or 50W , whatever) . Altough charging that fast all the time cannot be good for sure .

  • Kamiskub

    This phone feels like Samsung A52 5G- it has all of its cool features. I wonder if almost all smartphones manufacturers release very similar phones the same year. 🤔

  • A. M. I. E
    A. M. I. E

    I use a Xiaomi 11T Pro since the first week it got released and charged it every 1-2 days with the 120W brick. It has no problems so far, the only time it got hot was when I was using it while charging.

  • adecree

    For any doubters - I had a OnePlus phone over a year ago that full charged in under half an hour. Now I have a galaxy device that takes over an hour "fast charging" and it kills me.

  • Blake Reilly | Ekyllier
    Blake Reilly | Ekyllier

    Okay, headphone jack and expandable storage is actually insanely awesome. As Linus said, I have no idea either why it is that the budget phones come with both these in 2022 phones but flagships dropped them years ago..

    • Pixels

      Not all flagships, Sony Xperia still got them

  • Antonis24

    I think it would be interesting to see Linus to use this phone as his daily driver for 1 month.

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude

    Xiaomi has gone absolutely mad, love to see it!

  • Psychx

    Xiaomi phones are great. I have a Poco (Xiaomi subsidiary) F3 5G 256GB with a Snapdragon 870 and I'm super happy with it. Paid 269€ (nice). It does even have a 120Hz AMOLED screen instead of the TN or IPS panels that are common for this price tier. The only thing that could improve is the software, but since the bootloader is unlockable, this is not a biggie for me.

  • Hendrik Czirr
    Hendrik Czirr

    This was already included with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 last year (in the chinese market version anyway) and I could not believe my eyes when I pulled the charger out of the box 😂

  • Jake Watkins
    Jake Watkins

    The key feature for me that barely gets mentioned that is so important to me is a flat screen!! Curved screens are the worst I hate accidentally registering touches on the edges when watching videos

    • milos obrenovic
      milos obrenovic

      @anindita basak i can deny it, curved screens are good

    • MsDestroyer900

      I've got a note 9 and I honestly haven't had an issue with it in the many years I've owned it. I've also owned a XIAOMI note 9 (their names are similar lol) which has a flat screen and honestly the extra screen space is kinda nice for media consumption occasionally.

    • L u c a s
      L u c a s

      @c r i have a oneplus 8 which was never above 700 usd and it has a curved display, although the curve is less pronounced than on the Pro model.

    • c r
      c r

      @Nicolas Ct Huawei honor do they still exist? I haven't seen a single person in Europe use Huawei since google ban🤣

  • Scott2k44

    I had some hands on with this device yesterday and I have to say very very impressed with this for a budget device. It will sell well!

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  • billkill37

    I have the Redmi Note 10 Pro and I have to say it is great value for money. I feel like battery life is the same as the first day, one year ago. It gets me through the day easily (social media, IRglo, ~1 hour of talking, data on throughout the day, a couple of work related apps, location and Bluetooth always on). Hardware specs are great for the price, but MIUI is a problem. It feels laggy sometimes, especially when in Settings. If Xiaomi manages to improve MIUI without changing the pricing of their models, their Redmi Note line will be the absolute best value for money phones out there.

  • E.S Anoop
    E.S Anoop

    Slow charging is actually good for the battery in the long run. Will not add too much pressure and stress by fast charging. 😎😤😤😎

  • xPiggsyx

    I have the Xiaomi 11t Pro with 120W Power Charge as well, and i must say, its amazing. Havent had any problems or anything like that so far.

  • Daniel Praison Kirubakaran Rajasingam
    Daniel Praison Kirubakaran Rajasingam

    I used its last gen version Redmi Note 10 pro and I can say it does have a great stereo speakers output for the price it's the best Bang for buck smartphone.. Exchanged it for Iqoo 9 it too comes with the 120W fast charger

  • Ingaouhou

    2:31 So true and it's still a deal breaker for me even though I begrudgingly bought an Xiaomi Pad 5 even though it didn't have expandable storage. I've started to come around on the headphone jack - sacrificing the audio quality of my Sennheiser IE8 (though USB-C to audio adaptor is a solution) for the convenience and noise cancelling of bluetooth headphones. However, I'm still a dinosaur with 100+GB of weeb music on an SD card which won't all be on Spotify so expandable storage is still a must for me.

  • NightVision Official
    NightVision Official

    i have the 4g version, 128gb, got to say its really good. I'm coming from a Redmi Note 8T, and even then was good. it's a 33w charging on the Redmi 11, but still really quick, in about 1 hr/2 hrs, it's fully charged from a 5% battery or less.

  • nexxusty

    As long as the phone stays cool, there will be absolutely no issues in the long run. Period. Temperature is the only thing that matters when charging a battery, as long as its been designed to charge at that wattage.

  • Niels

    The longterm effects of heavy supercharging like this might be useful to test in the Lab?

  • hok3ge

    been using 65 watt charging for more then a year now always try to keep it between 20 to 80 , battery health is very good and it charges in like 16-17minutes from 20 to 80 .

  • Bram vandenbroeck
    Bram vandenbroeck

    I know now what my next xiaomi phone will be, such a beautiful device! I am now rocking the Redmi 9 Power, which has such good batterylife. My phone has a 6000mAh battery, rivaling some smaller powerbanks, i can top up my iPhone X with my Redmi and still have enough juice left in my 9 Power to make it through the day

  • MagicRice

    Ah, I miss Linus' savage honesty. Never change 😄

  • lee hamilton
    lee hamilton

    Been using the 120w charger on the 11t pro for about 6 month now, still alive. The battery health hasn't changed so far.

    • Harish DEV
      Harish DEV

      6 months😭😭

    • az8868

      @Paul Stierle you're talking xiaomi 120watt phones vs iphone xs 18watt. 120w = 6.66 times more power than an iphone xs. more power = more heat. more heat = quicker battery degradation. you're comparing oranges to apples, in this case you're comparing xiaomi 120w to apple 18w. it's like saying all cars are fast because ferraris are fast. they're not, and it's stupid to say so.

    • Andrea

      ive been using the 33w one on mi 11 lite and after a year I'm at 86% health :/

    • Tobi

      I am using the Mi 11 Pro with 65W of charging power for a year now. The 5000mah battery is full in under 50 minutes. Still 100% battery performance, charging every or every 1,5 Day

    • Paul Stierle
      Paul Stierle

      @Jorge Aura it’s great when a phone gets used for awhile, say 5 years. But the average length of ownership for a smartphone is about 2.75 years. Most people usually replace their phone around then so that’s what manufacturers cater too. If a phone works great and you don’t need any new tech put in the phone, just spend a little and replace the battery and it should be off to the races. In your case, that’s money well spent. But I definitely wouldn’t worry about charging my phone to 100 and running it low.

  • Tyler N
    Tyler N

    This seems like one of those devices that you can charge for a minute, and then use for a few hours

  • zajdima

    Nice overview! Watching this on Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G! (chinese version, same as this Pro Plus but with 5160mAh battery and 67W charging) great phone! 😁

  • Volvith

    I really still believe that the OnePlus7 Pro's front facing camera approach is the flat out superior choice among all available. Notch, holepunch... all of it encroaches on screenspace.

  • Wo.

    I've recently got Redmi Note 10 Pro. If you don't need 120w charging and 5G it's a better choice IMO. Dual sim AND microSD is another plus.

  • Jamie Fitzpatrick
    Jamie Fitzpatrick

    I wonder if the speed advertised is for an EU home wall socket (230 volts), vs the American standard (120 volts). Thank you diligent people in the comments. The charger is listed as “Maximum output power will be 120W with 220~240V input; Maximum output power will be 96W with 100~120V input. Maximum output power may not be 120W based on different voltage input in some regions." Proprietary software and hardware in the charger and phone with a strict efficiency limiter is perhaps the cause. (speculation from others in the comments)

    • simone gallavresi
      simone gallavresi

      @Error989 i done this researc, i dididn't see anything like this plug before, is strage looking, but is only jugoslavian 380v plug, i'm italian and for 380v and very old plug i see only the standard plug 5 or 4 pin in red plastic. For standard civil application in Europe is 1 fase, but if you have some thing that is in 3 fase and you need it you can have it.

    • 0x243CD9F5

      murica L

    • Samuel Aditya
      Samuel Aditya

      ​@eLNeroDiablo it's not the capacity of wiring, but the wire of the transformer and semiconductor itself. the transformer designed for 220v with thinner wire, so with 120v it will generate more heat as more current through, then the charger will throttle.

    • eLNeroDiablo

      I mean, 120W at 220-240V is at minimum 0.5A (up to 0.55A on 220V), whilst 96W on 110-120V is 0.8-0.87A. If the phone told the brick "Hey, gimme 120W, I dun care it's 110-120V mains! I want 120W!" then the brick would be pulling 1-1.1A (or double the 220-240V line's amperage). [note: The amperage ratings for 110V and 220V are rounded up to a round multiple of 5, despite what calculators would tell you if you actually crunched the numbers yourself.] Most buildings are wired with like 10A or maybe 15A fuses (for high-draw circuits) for each circuit, so that brick pulling 120W on 110-120V mains (yes - I know that houses in the US and Canada are actually 230-240V from the transformer, but most circuits in houses only use 110-120V in the breaker box as a breaker for a 240V circuit takes 2 slots in the box! I have seen that video by Alec on Technology Connections!) is using up-to 10% of the circuit's amperage capacity on a 10A circuit whilst on a 220-240V pains with 10A breaker and fuses that 120W brick is only 5% of the capacity.

    • Validole

      @Piotr Daniel SMPS are not all alike, and a charger optimized for one voltage will be slightly less efficient on another. And that can be the difference between crossing and not crossing your thermal budget limit.

  • NekoOkto

    For anyone looking to buy this, make sure you're getting the one with the 120w hypercharge and the Dimensity 920 and NOT the version with the Snapdragon. Xiaomi had already released a phone under this name in India. This phone was released as the Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge in India (which imo is a much better name than the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G). The link in the description does not lead to the correct device.

  • Dale Horton
    Dale Horton

    I've been using redmi note phones for years now, love em. The battery life is pretty damn impressive even without the fast charging too!

    • Thabo Letanta
      Thabo Letanta

      Does it get annoying bugs and ads?

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  • Herkimer Snerd
    Herkimer Snerd

    I have a Xiaomi T11, "only" charges at 67w but it's shockingly quick, no pun intended. Came with a 67w charger in the box, plus an additional standard fast charger. Great phone for the money.

  • Radosław Orłowski
    Radosław Orłowski

    I just want to add that you have battery protection in place like @DigitalIP mentioned BUT if you don't care at all, you can set battery to YEET mode, which extends full speed charge time, and will slow down later (not completely off). there is a warning about lowering battery life, but if you want this for at most 2 years, it should not break it, and you will have incredible charging most of the time. IMHO 150W is great feature when you are in rush and your phone is absolutely dead. Connect it to laptop charger and get it back to life within few minutes. its not like we use that ALL the time, but at least few times in 2 years you will need extra 20% battery like RIGHT NOW.... 5/12/20W charger overnight and 100W+ for emergency, when you overslept to work, and your phone was running HBO whole night and now is 5% battery.... I am using 30W older version and comparing to my wife Iphone, that's already superbly useful. I literally don't use power banks anymore, while she have to keep charged one in her bag all the time... I really consider those, just for big battery and fasteeeeeeeeeeeeeer charge combo.

  • WelshDdraig

    Been using the 120w charging on my Xiaomi 11T Pro. It’s amazing tech and apparently the effect is fine. But if possible I do try to fast charge it at a slower measly 31w with my Anker charger. I only use the 120w if I really need a super quick top up.

    • Nguy Hiểm Nhân
      Nguy Hiểm Nhân

      @Gonçalo Batel I use Black Shark 4 Same

    • QinJ G7
      QinJ G7

      I've been using my realme with 55w vooc charge for almost 2 years. Lately i soft bricked my phone because i jumped update through recovery mode. Possibly because of OS difference, it actually hard stuck on recovery mode until the battery dies. BUT it doesnt die though it already show 0%. And it still going for like 1 hour+ until it truly blacked out. Man, im proud of my phone battery still way healthier than i expect though been using vooc quick charge for years.

    • Pher-

      Also the 11T Pro that we use have a dual cell battery setup, so its basically juicing it up with 60 watts for each cell in parallel, not really that worrisome compared to 67w single cell phone batteries. I use 120W daily and on accubattery my health is still 100% after 2 months of using it, I just dont abuse my phone when gaming (I maintain battery temperature to 40 degrees and below) and 120W doesnt heat up the phone (up to 40-42 tops on a hot day in the Philippines) but it does heat up the power brick since thats where most of the fast charging shenanigans take place

    • Saeren D
      Saeren D

      @Dean N have you actually read how some of these technologies work? Rapid charging based on voltage like Qualcomm's QC increases heat in the cell much more than rapid charging based on current like Oppo/OnePlus use. My OnePlus 9 is cooler when charging with 65W than my iPhone is with 12W. The electronics are in the charging brick instead of the phone so the heat is mostly there instead. Oppo has a video that explains how their tech works, it's worth a watch. Also their 65W tech uses two batteries of the same capacity. I hardly ever hear anyone complaining about battery degradation with OnePlus devices that use Warp charging.

    • Dean N
      Dean N

      @N C that’s just straight up false. Yeah, there are some measures to reduce the damage that fast charging causes to the battery, like cutting off at 80% SoC, but if you charge a lithium ion battery at 4C, there is going to be damage no matter what. Every time you fast charge a battery like that, you reduce your battery life by a number of full cycles.

  • Sleepy Dobe
    Sleepy Dobe

    I have a question though: For brand new phones, do we still follow the manual and charge it fully first to 100% before using, or charge it up to only 80% before using, in order to help protect the battery and ensure battery longevity?

    • M.K.

      I usually topped it to a 100% then drain it till 0. After that, continue using it by charging to 80, use it till 15 then off again to 80 and repeat.

  • RapidDU

    Question is can it charge laptops that supports PD Charging? 🤔 That would be useful to be honest. There are laptops which can take 65w/95w input but they only provide 45/65w charger in box.

  • Loki's Tech
    Loki's Tech

    So far xiaomi has best value for smartphones... First xiaomi i had is redmi 3s ... and after that I always buy xiaomi since the previous samsung and asus I had is really disappointed for the same price point.

  • the drifter
    the drifter

    yeah its really weird that budget phones come with more features then the really expensive "ground breaking" flagships with the best ideas and tech

  • Smokeyninja

    6:40 The upper limit depends on the designed function of the battery, the higher the max charge for the cell, the lower the percentage you want to stop charging at. A peak 4.25v charged to 90% will have similar wear to a 4.35v battery charged to 70%. The reason manufacturers charge their L-ion cells to higher voltages is that it inflates the total charge to discharge time, but the higher voltage results in instability within the cell reducing usable lifespan. But since reviews focus on charge to discharge time and max capacity, but rarely analyze battery design and the long term ramifications, manufacturers aren't the only ones to blame. Please team add "At 100% charge the battery hits 4.XXv" to the script for all L-ion battery powered devices.

    • Smokeyninja

      @HAWXLEADER No. If the peak voltage is higher then it reaches the same voltage at a lower percentage of its designated total. *Sorry, think I misread your question the first 8 times... Anyway since the chemical reaction process is highly voltage dependent, in both cases (4.25v@90% & 4.35v@70%) the voltage charge of the Li-ion cell should be roughly equal (near 4.2v), you'd get similar wear.


      Wouldn't it be the reverse? 90 out of 4.35 will have same wear as 4.25 at 70?

    • hojnikb

      @Glen McGillivray This might be the case for the current, that comes before the cell. Actual cell will always charge with constant current (if temparature permitted) and switch to constant votlage after ~80% SOC. You can't otherwise chargea lithium cell fully.

    • Glen McGillivray
      Glen McGillivray

      @hojnikb my understanding is the idea that the phone avoids having to step down voltages while charging the battery. So in the phase when it fills the battery the phone keeps itself as cool as possible while allowing maximum current to feed the batteries safely. As opposed to being fed a higher voltage and having to step it down in the phone and the phone getting hot while the batteries are fed voltage also getting hot. The goal being cooler batteries, cooler phones and better battery life. It clearly behaves differently to the QC devices I have this encountered. But that could simply be because of different charging curves between device brands

    • Smokeyninja

      ​@Snakke Li-ions voltage induced chemical reaction, much in the same way that the degradation process isn't a linear effect, is not linear, it's parabolic (which is why a 0.05v increase causes a ~40-50% reduction in lifespan) If you really want to compare Xv @ 100% to GPUs you're best comparing them to the capacitors, which get rated X,000 hours @ XºC, like Li-ion battery degradation the problem is chemical reactions breaking down. With a capacitor every 10ºC reduction yields an approximate doubling of capacitor life. Any additives to the mixture that would prevent certain chemical reactions at higher charge would likewise inhibit those reactions at lower charge (protective effect may even compound with lower voltage to result in further longevity benefit than either individually). In the end if you have a device that you can charge to 4.2v or 4.3v, charging it to 4.2v will get you less run time per charge, but you'll get more charge/discharge cycles, and it'll degrade via chemical reactions slower (less capacity decay). Or charging it to 4.3v you can get longer run time initially, but degradation will reduce capacity relatively rapidly until no longer functional. Imo higher voltages should only be used for devices that require them

  • Gakomi Urago
    Gakomi Urago

    I read the title and the moment I heard "it is freaking going 9 10 11" I knew for certain what he is talking about cause I have an Realmi GT 5G and yes it charges just like that ! (Realme and Redmi are part of the same company so yeah that's why ! Yep the charger looks pretty much the same as mine.)

  • GraveUypo

    this might be my next phone. checks all the boxes. which honestly aren't many for me nowadays. i just want it to be cheap, perform well, an amoled screen, headphone jack and if possible a pen, but that's kinda optional.

  • gabberfe

    I got a 2019 RealMe X2 Pro, and I received it with 94% battery when I purchased it on 2020... This thing has 50W charging... 0-100% in 37 mins... So far, I used the method of 20-80% charging and the batt life still in 89%... not bad at all... love that 50W charging!

  • Ryan Cipriani
    Ryan Cipriani

    How safe is that charger on other devices? With that many watts, it had to be raising the voltage output quite a bit. Is there a fast charging standard, or is this charger potentially dangerous on another device?

  • Chillin

    this is just an amazing phone in general. The cost seems very resonable for all the good you are getting without having to deal with mainstream phone brand bs.

    • [;'

      @Joe Bananaplenty of iphone models are not made in china and is instead in other asian countries. although irrelevant, I didn't say iphone.

    • Joe Banana
      Joe Banana

      @[;' It is funny because the main manufacturing facility of Apple is in China. Why is it in China?because of the low labor cost. But nonetheless, both apple and Xiaomi are made in china. One is much cheaper than the other though.

    • Saad Muhammad EFE
      Saad Muhammad EFE

      @[;' I wholeheartedly support your decision & doing the same :) good day to you

    • [;'

      @averageplayer21 of course you should still use it, hasnt even been 3 years yet. I use my redmi note 7 yet and I plan on using it for multiple years more. Nobody benefits if I just throw it away now.

  • OutOfNameIdeas

    This actually saves the battery life. Heat and time charging is the real killers. And keeping it in the optimal range ofc

  • Williow2079

    I've been rocking one of those fone's! It's a mi 10 lite 6gb 128gb fast charger. The best thing about the fone is the charging and the OS after around 5-6 update fone. Still runs fast and not slow like most Samsung and other brand fone encounter after so many updates. Multiple drops with temper glass installed gone thru 11 temper glasses, atm with original gummy case which is provided. I highly recommend these fone just 1 time to consider make sure you check 5g antenna compatibly with your provider. 3yrs and runs good.

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      🆙Thanks for watching 🔝🔝message right away I have something for you 🆙.........

  • Majeed Ahmed
    Majeed Ahmed

    Thank you for the nice explanation. Can a device ring in silent mode for a specific contact?

  • Jason w
    Jason w

    I have a 11t pro that does the 120w I love this feature it's saved my arse more times than I can count when I'm about to go out and realise my battery is low.

  • David Binenfeld
    David Binenfeld

    I would love to see power bricks(or on screen switch) to select the power of the charger, to make the battery last longer and to have the ability to charge fast when i need it, but if i had this phone i would probably have two power bricks

  • Witchfinder Gothic
    Witchfinder Gothic

    Works brilliant. Everyone should use 120w charging.

  • Cyberguy42

    With all the of shenanigans cellphone manufacturers have been up to, I was surprised that Linus didn't try to verify the 120W charging claim by measuring the actual power being drawn by the phone (which, based on other comments, was likely less than 120W due to 110V outlet).

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    I love IR transmitters on phones, can remote control literally anything.

  • Leo Peter
    Leo Peter

    I have actually already been looking into buying one of these, because of the fast charging. It is exactly as Linus said: I travel a lot and i sometimes need to charge my phone real quick. Also it has good value.

    • Anti-Narcissist

      @AztecaYT what Xiaomi recommends?. that i find it very Hard to unlock the bootloader and wait for 7-8 weeks for what and then getting an error message

    • Marahuyo

      @Hhiz I've been trying to find a gcam port for my redmi 11 but can't find any, do you have any links perhaps sir? Thanks

    • Hhiz

      @Daniel Helfrich the global version will work anywhere. Contact your provider

    • Daniel Helfrich
      Daniel Helfrich

      where do you live? Do you know if it will work with your provider, 5g especially?

  • D.A.R.K

    Been using black shark 4's 67w charger... So it has 2 batteries in which is about 30w each... Pretty good, also 15-20mins 0 to full, i measured so im wondering how the 120w differed...

  • Str4t0sPh3rE

    My Xiaomi Black Shark 4 that comes with a 67W charger is all I need. Such a life changing phone. Have always been a fan of Xiaomi since I got their Mi4. They create the BEST budget phones.

  • Samuel Bañuelos
    Samuel Bañuelos

    Man, I low key fear my 33W brick, that 120 looks like it might need some help to not sag on the prongs.

  • Nics Trendy
    Nics Trendy

    I hope 600w charge will be a standard in a few years to come.

  • Alezo.

    You need to manually turn on the turbo charging toggle under the battery and performance section. It by default charges at a lower wattage. So yes it take me around 17mins from 4% with turbo charging on.

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers

    Love xiaomi but they need to step up the UI including bloatware and camera needs a good software for color optimizations and proper sensors and lenses.

  • Milan Gavrilov
    Milan Gavrilov

    Just want to say that I had Xiaomi phone on vivid for ~7-8 months and just now saw it. Never noticed at all, would never see it if I wasn't curious when I saw this one was on vivid by default

  • Seph Bane
    Seph Bane

    Will this work in the US after the 3g network shutdown? I have (had) a Mi Mix2 that I was forced off of because of this network change, even though it can use 4g. I was told that it did not have the required features, but could not be told what those features were. Seems like a big ploy for Qualcomm to catch up on chip sales after being late to the 5g game to me.