PS5: it's here. And it's huge.
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We finally got our hands on the PS5 and yes it's big. It's almost as big as Linus.
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  • Flowmasta Flam
    Flowmasta Flam

    Man I've never handled new electronics like Linus handles new electronics.

    • Isakay Yik
      Isakay Yik

      @Lil Death your opinion

    • Gleidston Filipe Santos Silva
      Gleidston Filipe Santos Silva

      To be fair, I think regular electronics should be mechanically resistant enough to be rough handled.

    • Ninja__53

      It helps he knows what it's worth.

    • James Wilson
      James Wilson

      Well, when it's free you don't need to be as careful of it. Lol

    • Owen Hunter
      Owen Hunter

      I handle new electronics like a live bomb

  • Anay

    PS5 design team: Let's make the most futuristic and unique looking console ever Linus: This just looks defective

    • Software Livre
      Software Livre

      @Bliss_Gore true poetry

    • Bliss_Gore

      @Software Livre remember, the omnissiah rates toasters most holy. We must remember the certainty of steel lies in the bread maker, first.

    • Software Livre
      Software Livre

      @Sgt Haddix true

    • Sgt Haddix
      Sgt Haddix

      @Software Livre at least the series s is tiny, things barely bigger than my graphics card, the ps5 is just ugly

  • Davee Dee
    Davee Dee

    He's definitely more comfortable bumping a device with an optical drive than I would be.

    • Davee Dee
      Davee Dee

      @Mike Suit yourself.

    • Mike

      Eh no disk in it

    • FatalKG

      Linus using an optical drive.......😂

  • SinrotoGT

    As an xbox player, i say the ps5 looks amazing. Great console design and ABSOLUTELY LOVE the new controllers. My only criticism is that of most people, its just a WEEE bit big.

    • Kingdom Of Arabia
      Kingdom Of Arabia

      @SinrotoGT usually consoles are placed on a table or a desk next to a tv so usually theres plenty of space. but i can see it being an inconvenience to people who like their setup with lots of free space.

    • SinrotoGT

      @Kingdom Of Arabia first of all, wow. idek how you found this comment lol. second of all, i still feel its big enough to be a hindrance. it wont fit in certain areas as easy as a series x/s or even a ps4/xb1.

    • Kingdom Of Arabia
      Kingdom Of Arabia

      i don’t understand how size is an issue.

  • Colin K
    Colin K

    Personally i’m really excited to see how this affects pricing of m.2 drives for my pc now that demand has grown exponentially

    • UltimateDillon

      To be fair, the speed of SSD you need for it is barely even available yet, and isn't really necessary yet on PC, so you'll be fine, just go for the step down

    • NoahFe

      @ytdlgandalf no I’m pretty sure he’s using that right he’s basically saying they amount of demand has gone up by so much it’s an exponent

    • ytdlgandalf

      I don't think exponential means what you think it means.

    • Bogdan Bogdan
      Bogdan Bogdan


    • Zale Xypher
      Zale Xypher

      @girlsdrinkfeck it probably will until they are forced to manufacture the drives in a more efficient way

  • John Plissken
    John Plissken

    I think the difference between resistive triggers and haptic feedback is that haptic feedback just uses a rumble function very precisely to create the illusion of some kind of resistance or texture to the input, while resistive actually uses motors to put pressure on the trigger against your input.

  • Jason Beard
    Jason Beard

    I'm with David. All-Digital since about three months after I got my PS4. I only had 10 physical games, and probably 30-40 digital titles. The physical games were eventually replaced during deep sales, and I've never looked back. Embrace the future, kids.

  • HeartFire

    For the ltt video I think a neat comparison could be comparing load times of a ps4 that's been upgraded with an ssd and the new "revolutionary" storage of the ps5 I've so far only seen it compared to the series x and just a regular ps4 with a hdd

  • Digital Warrior
    Digital Warrior

    I believe haptic are more related to vibration. Although, they might have added vibration to the triggers to make it more immersive.

  • BartTheTreeGuy

    Linus just beating the hell out of the thing.

    • SeAsTaR

      Just showing how well built the PS5 is.

    • Dylan J
      Dylan J

      @Josh Hust still has a disc drive, and I have an uneasy feeling about disc drives going vertical

    • Fun Stuff
      Fun Stuff

      i have created a compilation of him slamming the PS5, it's on my channel

    • Fun Stuff
      Fun Stuff

      i have created a compilation of him slamming the PS5, it's on my channel

    • BlueRaven89


  • N A R O
    N A R O

    Linus: "loud and proud" *slams playstation down on desk* Me: 👁💧👄💧👁

    • max idk
      max idk

      @TemmeGaming ew

    • GodOfNoice

      @Fun Stuff I watched it and click like. It's mad xD

    • Fun Stuff
      Fun Stuff

      i have created a compilation of him slamming the PS5, it's on my channel

    • Julian Cumming
      Julian Cumming

      @NubieNub Loz ok and

    • TemmeGaming

      @NubieNub Loz don't care

  • Tobias Brage
    Tobias Brage

    I think the PS5 looks great! Sleak and modern, will fit in nicely next to my tv.

  • U3DForge

    Linus, sony had standart, user upgradable hdd in form of standard 2.5" drive in both ps3 and ps4. And the story was not that different - one plastic cover and one screw on both of them.

  • Jabradle

    The PS4 pro had user upgradable storage too, granted it was a 2.5 inch drive but upgrading to an ssd still helped.

  • FrankValchiria

    PS10 AI will fight linus back

    • Rick Sanchez C137
      Rick Sanchez C137

      the ps11 will love you back.

    • Kaejuka

      @Rishab Joseph no the controller is pretty innovative. but the console itself is just a higher powered generic game system

    • Peter Hutchinson
      Peter Hutchinson

      i will never have a ps10 skynet will be part of it's operating system

    • Ultimate President
      Ultimate President

      Dang it i will probably be in my late 50s when the PS10 releases 😂

    • Fun Stuff
      Fun Stuff

      i have created a compilation of him slamming the PS5, it's on my channel

  • Rasma Chris
    Rasma Chris

    Just a thought but maybe it feels more weighted because it has all of its charging components in it? Typically any controller will feel more weighted when it has a rechargeable pack inside of it instead of just batteries.

  • Haroon Asmal
    Haroon Asmal

    Since the side panels are easily removed I wonder if there will be 3rd party custom side panels available. Its basically a cheap blow moulded plastic part. Personally I think mat black side panels that follow the curve of the main chassis would look way better

  • Thechainlard

    I love everything about the Series X (1440p mode just like my One X has) except the lacklustre controller 'upgrade'.

  • José Franco
    José Franco

    I was afarid he'll drop it, then he just smashed it

    • Misha M
      Misha M

      He's pre snipped

    • Machinehead01

      Don't be afarid man he's a professional

    • Troels Larsen
      Troels Larsen

      Linus Smash Tips

  • Alex Boon
    Alex Boon

    1997: The PS1 has a game called ray tracers! 2020: The PS5 supports a feature called ray tracing!

    • Euer Hochwürgen
      Euer Hochwürgen

      @Zeno Boi the normal versions of these all look good. They looked like real Japanese "High Tech". Where the ps3 looked best with the piano lacquer.

    • Zeno Boi
      Zeno Boi

      @Euer Hochwürgen what about 2 3 and 4

    • Euer Hochwürgen
      Euer Hochwürgen

      @Aniruddha Chatterjee yes

    • Aniruddha Chatterjee
      Aniruddha Chatterjee

      @Euer Hochwürgen No

    • Euer Hochwürgen
      Euer Hochwürgen

      1997: The PS1 ugly AF! 2020: The PS5 ugly AF!

  • TB

    They have enough to give away to influencers and reviewers but don't have enough to sell to actual buyers. Love it

  • MalyJohn3

    No. It should definitely be torx. They are much less prone to breaking and every screw set includes them already.

    • Misha M
      Misha M

      As long as it isn't hex I'm fine

    • Rainer Tristan
      Rainer Tristan

      @Altair TF it's hard to change bases, not alot of people have torx screwdriver most of them have philips

    • Rainer Tristan
      Rainer Tristan

      @Unbelievable lmao he's not dumb he cares about customer not everybody have torx screwdriver, Philips is the most used

    • Torpedo Hippo
      Torpedo Hippo

      @Unbelievable I would assume they are cheaper to make, and then there's the age old excuse of "everyone already has one". Also automotive industry uses philips/pizodrive because it has natural cam out, preventing over torqueing

    • Unbelievable

      @Torpedo Hippo whatever I just got a petalobe screwdriver no big deal, but ya torx seems like it should be used everywhere. I didn't know it was around so long. Why tf is north america still using philips and robertson? Ghetto.

  • yumri4

    To Linus's thing about the HDMI cable it is part of the spec to have it be that bulky. It is basically for shielding and signal integrity.

    • Frank Micucci
      Frank Micucci

      He knows it. He's just being picky as per usual.

  • Samuli

    Linus buys a new car, takes off bumpers, sideskirts and doors - "Man is this car ugly af"

    • RIPing PUMA
      RIPing PUMA

      @ImALefty08 as far as a gaming console it may not be cheaply made but as an art piece I think you can easily find or build more aesthetic ally pleasing things...

    • ImALefty08

      @RIPing PUMA how'd you know it's cheaply made, do you have one? It's an honest question, I'm just curious to know. And I only said sculpture to make an example. An art piece can be anything.

    • ImALefty08

      @Garfish That's right. I also saw one prominent reviewer spray painted his ps5 red and put Spiderman sticker in the middle and it looked great.

    • Garfish

      Actually the fact the sides come off means LOOOADS of aftermarket dress-ups. Can 3D print your own housings! Make it have texture or an embossed artwork. That'll be sweet

  • Callum Hay
    Callum Hay

    Playstation hard drives have been user-upgradeable since the PS3 days. Linus's surprise is surprising.

  • Martin Rios-Ayala
    Martin Rios-Ayala

    Ya know, I might just buy it for the controller, been hearing good things, plus it matches my setup.👌🏾

  • Eddie Bibby
    Eddie Bibby

    What stunned me was the amount of resistance the triggers can offer

  • Hunter DeSantis
    Hunter DeSantis

    It would be cool to see a NAS storage option using the Ethernet port and home network.

  • Joushou

    "X's, O's, squares, and circles!" Poor triangles.

    • LWTech

      @Zyansheep Decagon Supremacy!

    • BlueRaven89


    • Unbelievable

      Try actually playing a game on it Linus, you shill.

    • Elem

      This is racism to say the least /S

    • Un Disclosed
      Un Disclosed

      @Zyansheep Pentagons are just too angry

  • Micolash

    Sony has always been the more accessible console in terms of hardware.

  • Daniel Mether
    Daniel Mether

    2:50 I think most people associate thick cables with higher power throughput and durability, regardless of the actual performance of said "beefy" cable.

  • AR G
    AR G

    I think it looks badass. Hopefully I can grab one before Christmas.

  • Neo

    Wow Linus got 1 of 10 ps5s sold here in Canada. Congratulations Linus

  • KillahMate

    Yes, technically both the general vibration feedback in the controller and the resistive triggers are haptic - 'haptic' is a term that covers any kind of touch-based feedback. But calling them 'haptic' and 'resistive' respectively makes it clearer what each thing does.

  • Talisac80

    Hey can you test the load times of ps4 games from an external hdd on the ps5 comparison of the ps4? With the smaller ssd and some games already over 100gb it's a real question of worth putting on the ssd vs hdd

  • Justin Stewart
    Justin Stewart

    When I held the ps5 controller I was mind blown. It melted into hands, felt so nice

    • Frank Micucci
      Frank Micucci


  • Roman Koal
    Roman Koal

    PS5 design team: Let's make the most futuristic and unique looking console ever Linus: This just looks defective

  • MadlyGodly

    Linus review is so different from everyone else because he started reviewing it like a PC, it makes you notice things that most reviewers don't talk about

  • Neocaron

    Linus: (holding the console from the stand with one hand) PS5: (Sweating heavily) 12:30

    • Marcin Zdun
      Marcin Zdun

      I started to uncontrollably blink when he started the balance act...

    • Jiwoo Park
      Jiwoo Park

      @Hellz I really pay attention to that detail don't judge

    • Hellz

      @Jiwoo Park um ok?

    • Jiwoo Park
      Jiwoo Park

      @Guilherme Miranda make sure to capitalize the S small detail, l know but it triggered me so hard

    • Guilherme Miranda
      Guilherme Miranda

      Ps5: (chuckles) I'm danger

  • Nana Kofi Owusu
    Nana Kofi Owusu

    I love how you are finding things out as you're making the video.

  • klikkolee

    honestly, I've been appreciating the general movement from Philips to torx. Stripping is so much less common.

  • Buz Stringer
    Buz Stringer

    I don't know why you are surprised about the expandable storage, the PS2, PS3 and PS4 could all be upgraded with standard internal harddrives Xbox has always done proprietary expandable storage

  • Paul Newman
    Paul Newman

    I still remember the PS1, How time flies 🤭

  • Yousef Imran
    Yousef Imran

    This is how I know that I am will always be a PC guy, and have no hope in consoles. Little after 3:34 when Linus was talking about first gen console controller and they slept that scale on the table. I thought that was first gen ps and controller. I was like "damn". Minutes later I realized it was a scale 🤣. Double damn.

  • Firehawko

    As far as disk vs digital it seems like the biggest point of factor is getting used games cheaper but the ps store has some fantastic sales where I’ve gotten some of the most popular games for

  • Chanakya Umesh
    Chanakya Umesh

    You know he's got them suped up PC's worth thousands, so slapping around a 500$ console is no big deal. But man, it sure does hurt my soul seeing that console get handled so rough.

  • Lavs.

    i wonder if sony or microsoft will input switches from keyboards to their controllers lmao idk just something to think about. like for buttons or the d pad, or maybe even the triggers.

  • Darrin Fehr
    Darrin Fehr

    I love how he just slams it on his table after unboxing and putting on the stand LOL

    • BlueRaven89

      he was being mean to Sony lol.

    • Omkar Shinde
      Omkar Shinde

      Spoiled man

    • Ace

      @YandreL Anyone can go down the line with this kind of criticism. Whens the last time you wasted food or water? Kids in Africa and India would die for that and you just take it for granted.

    • YandreL

      A lot of people would die having this while he just keeps slamming it like a mockery lol

    • Ace

      @CODINE80 You're out of touch. Perfectly normal situation to assume your 600 investment shouldnt need to be treated like it's made of thin glass. That being said.... he might be drunk??

  • Syed Saifuddin
    Syed Saifuddin

    Man the way linus handles the ps5 may give me a heart attack.

  • Ian Boddy
    Ian Boddy

    Man, taking the panels off improves the look immensely

  • Ricashayz

    Can only imagine what the slim and pro would look like

  • Leaflock7

    no matter if you like the design or not, what I do know for my home is that it needs to stay hidden . It is so , and I cannot stretch this enough, so out of place in my living room that it just needs to go behind the tv or something . Actually even if your house has some industrial or sci-fi design, it is still too huge to look good.

  • Peter Parkour
    Peter Parkour

    I'm impressed by how the Xbox managed to pack all its hardware in that small package. It's definitely better than most gaming CPUs at it's price point but it's just tiny compared to them. Honestly, if PS5 didn't have better games I would 100% be going Microsoft this gen. I'm just so disappointed at Sony's solution to improve thermals their jet engine console.

  • Mike B
    Mike B

    Linus: It's finally here Scalpers: We'll see about that!

  • Fat Penguin
    Fat Penguin

    Sony has been big on upgrading your storage with non proprietary storage for a while now, surprised he was shocked

  • KudostotheWiz

    Glad you mentioned it. I would be one of those people that buy a stock worth more than the console. Sigh. Buying that 1 tb card for the switch. Still worth it.

  • Claudia Funez
    Claudia Funez

    to be frank, i have never worried too much about how my systems look.


    The problem with not putting the stand on the bottom when you have the PS5 standing up vertically is that it is at much greater risk of tipping over. The stand isn't as much for ventilation as it is for balance.

  • TrashCaster

    We can look forward to 3rd party companies and the 3D printing community for side-panel mods that make the PS5 look really sweet though. I hope at least Sony decides to release an all black "low profile" edition that comes with an all black controller.

  • Dandin Dantalus
    Dandin Dantalus

    I wonder what the usbV speed is. There are usbC nvme drives that are relatively fast

  • Tee Bee
    Tee Bee

    I LOVE the look of the ps5 It looks more modern, vs the new Xbox that looks like a mini-fridge or an old school speaker box.

    • Sören Borchers
      Sören Borchers

      I personally think exactly otherwise. For me the PS5 looks like an outdated idea of what "modern" should look like, while the Xbox for me has an actually modern sleek and minimalist design. But it's all based on personal taste, so no offense here! Everyone can make up their own mind about it.

  • 9foot7beaver

    First youtuber that has actually went over the specs of the ps5 in one of these reviews

  • chris ruud
    chris ruud

    What do you mean "should be Philips"? I repair stuff that consumers break and you can break a Philips or a hex. But i almost never see broken torx. Torx should be the standard. And one more thing. Keep it up! You guys make awesome videos.

  • Evan5935

    The internal power supply was on lock since ps3 😎🤷‍♂️

  • James Hogan
    James Hogan

    My guy went digital because "im a collector"? What kind of backwards world am I living in?

    • SlavicUnion

      @Livid it doesn’t look right, Im kinda stuck in the between where i buy physical and digital... But this Virus has caused everyone to go digital :( thanks a lot china

    • SlavicUnion

      A collector would have physicsl copies, Digital games are not-collector

    • Freaky slime dude
      Freaky slime dude

      @Logan H. ah fair enough, didn't realise that could happen

    • Logan H.
      Logan H.

      @Freaky slime dude my ps4 disk drive broke so I have all my games online

    • Raveen Bikha
      Raveen Bikha

      @Rasen easy Sony can ban user account that happens recently with ps collection. Gone money and so called ownership on digital games

  • Rickard Jönsson
    Rickard Jönsson

    The biggest downside is the internal storage is chips on the motherboard so if it fails you need to send it away for repairs OR buy a new one!

  • Fake Giggles 666
    Fake Giggles 666

    This unboxing is great and all but where in the world did you get that screwdriver?

    • Alisha liah
      Alisha liah

      Flimsy and cheap looking. I think I’ll stick with my slim, very very disappointed about this ! :(

    • Lefty Bronson
      Lefty Bronson

      You know your around nerds when one freaks out about a ratcheting screwdriver the rest of us all own..

    • Brandon I
      Brandon I

      @Den IM I didn’t say anything about sides either, just fancy packaging. Personally, I wish there was a “send it to me in a paper bag” option for everything I buy so I could save a few bucks. XD

    • Joey Kissinger
      Joey Kissinger

      @Christopher Wiley the orange one is a Snap On. The item number is SSDMR4BO

    • Den IM
      Den IM

      @Brandon I I never said anything about sides it was just a statement about packaging how each one was different. I hope everyone gets whatever they want whether it be PC parts,PS5, or Xbox I mean just enjoy gaming. 2020 sucks so just have fun.

  • Trix

    Imagine most games being over a terabyte in size in the future

  • Zypperhhh_

    Linus holding the PS5 with one hand. Me having my heart skipping a beat.

  • Daniel A
    Daniel A

    can't wait to buy one in 2 years when they're available to the public

  • Kareem Ahmed
    Kareem Ahmed

    "It always comes down to games" this sums up the whole consoles experience, and I think Play station did very good with the games for the last generation , and of course with Ps1 , 2 and even 3 had very good exclusives, most of the 3rd party games are already on both consoles in addition to Pc, but maybe Xbox does something with their exclusives this generation ?!!!

  • Rainier van den Berg
    Rainier van den Berg

    It's a bit sad that Linus didn't know how to handle the stand given that Sony released a video showing exactly how it works and a lot of people who are interested in the PS5 will have seen it. But hey, kudos on not dropping the PS5 when you were holding it up on one hand with the flimsily mounted stand!

  • TechPimp

    Can you please test out different NVME's to see if it works as of now. If not when they update it to work can you please test out non supported NVME's to see if you get others to work? And what would be the largest option? 4tb?

  • Tompie913

    That slot screw is awesome. All you need to screw/unscrew it is a nickel.

  • dgamefather

    @Linus Where did you get that kind of screwdriver!? Me and my dad have been trying to find those ones with the magnetic changeable tips with racheting for like ever and nobody sells them all in one anymore from what we could find. 😭

  • Renato

    side panels look so easy to pop that i see a huge market for customization, trading and stuff

  • Daniel-Pablo Rossner
    Daniel-Pablo Rossner

    Linus: "it's got Os and circles" Me: "my keyboard has I and |”

    • joekenorer

      ᚹᛖ ᛊᚺᛟᚢᛚᛞ ᚨᛚᛚ ᚷᛟ ᛒᚨ ᛏᛟ ᚢᛊᛁᚾᚷ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚠᚢᛏᚺᚨᚱᚲ ᚱᚢᚾᛖᛊ᛫

    • llouis

      @Thienji lol tru

    • Toru the Red Fox
      Toru the Red Fox

      @Epic Gamer this symbol was literally added to be the OR operator, so it is the OR operator

    • Shlok Pandey
      Shlok Pandey

      @joekenorer 😂😂😂😂👌

  • Part Stupid
    Part Stupid

    Most likely there will not be any real big difference between the two. DF testing already shows they both perform very simialr and have their own strengths. I think the higher clock on XBX makes up for some things like audio load and such that PS5 does not need as much of a load to handle having a separate chip for that.

  • Brent Fraliex
    Brent Fraliex

    Just would had been nice if the new generation consoles would of built in high-speed thunderbolt 3 usb ports. Then we could have higher speed external storage

    • Oh Wow!
      Oh Wow!

      PS5 has 3 ports with 10 Gb/s bandwidth!

  • Efreeti

    That feel when the PS5 I ordered is for the equivalent of $550... for the digital edition. Thanks a ton, Norwegian electronics price markup and value added tax.

    • VidarCR

      @EffectHunter yup, A ps5 here (Costa Rica) is like twice the minimum wage. It's about $1080 in stores.

    • EffectHunter

      That's not too bad, most third world countries have salaries of just a quarter (if that) of developed countries, which means in most european countries you'd need to work just a month to get a new console while still satisfying your basic needs, meanwhile, in a developing country you'd need over 4 months of work to achieve the same thing.

    • Kent Westergaard
      Kent Westergaard

      $670 is the equivalent to the Danish disc version price :D