Xbox Series X Controller: First Impressions
If it ain't broken don't fix is a motto that Xbox is taking with the controllers as we look throughout the iterations from each console launch. Xbox looks like they have another winner again with minimal changes.
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نظر: 5 427
  • Edward 2
    Edward 2

    I like the grip it will make it accurate to throw.

    • kaizer kong
      kaizer kong

      @StodgyCaesar I just


      @Ryan fr join a stage game and see what we talking about

    • Dozee


    • SkellyCool

      Ps5 for the win

    • SkellyCool


  • Kouki Munster
    Kouki Munster

    If you use these new ones on win 10 and are having connection drop issues you need to update the controller firmware through the Xbox accessories app through Microsoft store. I ended up with 3 extra controllers because I thought each one was defective and it turns out they just needed updating. Super easy to do on the app as well so try it out if you have issues.

    • Andy Jaramillo
      Andy Jaramillo

      Well I already broke both of them

    • Kouki Munster
      Kouki Munster

      @Daruru lol wish i was also rich, believe me it stung realizing that i wasted all that money on controllers when i could've just updated the first one and have been done with it. nothing sucks more than wasting your hard earned cash when you didnt need to.

    • Daruru

      wish I'm also rich enough to buy 3 new controllers before realizing an update was all I needed

    • Andy Jaramillo
      Andy Jaramillo

      Same problem but just updated it it will be good

  • Legendary Pillow
    Legendary Pillow

    The series controller feels amazing, I just bought mine today. The capture button is great too

    • Essa Arif
      Essa Arif

      @Konstantinos Kalogeras you can if you get rechargeable batteries. The included batteries are non rechargeable

    • Legendary Pillow
      Legendary Pillow

      @Konstantinos Kalogeras I’m not sure. Check with IRglo reviewers as I’m not qualified to give information like that 👍.

    • Konstantinos Kalogeras
      Konstantinos Kalogeras

      Can you charge the batteries when you connect it with USB? Or if batteries die you have to throw them and replace with new ones?

    • Pranjal Sharma
      Pranjal Sharma

      @Essa Arif yea i use it on my laptop. i did use it w the cells that come with it and that was awesome so im gonna pick up the rechargable ones soon

    • Essa Arif
      Essa Arif

      @Pranjal Sharma the cable isn’t really “annoying” as much as it’s an inconvenience lol. Buy it as soon as you can and you’ll pretty much never use the cable again. Especially if you use it on a computer with Bluetooth

  • shadowbreed29

    the fact that it dosnt change much between generations is one of my favourite parts of each gen... xbox controllers are near perfect. all they need is the small amount of refinement. n i dont wanna learn a new controller lol

    • Anrei

      @02091992able depending on how much you let them deplete before recharging heavily affects their lifespan but if the capacity is shit to start with then yeah that's pretty restrictive. Which is why I love these ikea batteries so much lol. The 2450mah life is rated 500 charge cycles and you get a 4 pack so if you charge them early they'll last a hell of a long time

    • 02091992able

      @Anrei Yeah the thing is with battery packs for controllers some will last forever some you'd be lucky to get 3 months out of them before they fail to hold charge. Some may not even take charge when you first get them. Disposable batteries are expensive as hell and then your stuck with a bunch of batteries you have to find a place that will take them for disposal. Then even those may of been sitting on a shelf for months and are dead in the package.

    • Anrei

      @02091992able I got a series X controller and as weird as it sounds some IKEA 2450mah rechargables, was worried i'd hate using batteries but shit lasts forever and is £13 for a 4 pack with a charger. Actually think I'd dislike a battery pack more now

    • 02091992able

      Never had much luck with 3rd party Xbox controllers. First 360 controller I got to play Skyrim mainly it shit the bed after about a year and a half one of the triggers stopped working. So I bought a microsoft manufactured one and it still works today only thing is I wore part of the head of the right joystick. I bought a xbox one controller built by PowerA and it started having joystick drift and the right stick button would not click properly after about a year of moderate use and to top it all off in a drop it landed on the face of the controller and now the right stick gets stuck if you push up on it. So today I bought a Series X controller Microsoft built with its USB cable and am going to use it as a wired controller, since what I have seen is that if you use it as a wired controller you don't need batteries. But I always have the option of getting a rechargeable battery pack and a dongle for it if I want to go wireless. Never buying a off brand Xbox controller again. Hope it doesn't end up being another waste of money.

    • Anrei

      I just came from a 360 controller and it cramps my hand *My hands got use to it. Also the horrible sandpaper grip, barely notice it now

  • Entemy

    The new xbox controller is kinda like a more smooth xbox one controller to me.

    • game games
      game games

      @Christian Schmidt then why even change a nintendo 64 controller? It also worked

    • Christian Schmidt
      Christian Schmidt

      Which is a good think. Why change something that works?

    • Poki is 3/10
      Poki is 3/10

      @Adrien C xbox one controller felt cheap and plastic, i got ps4 because of that

    • Zen Monk
      Zen Monk

      It's a piece of shit that can't even have consistent X and Y buttons

    • Dan

      I prefer the xbox original duke controller. I have large hands and the other controllers are very small

  • R White
    R White

    The break away cable was a requirement by certain territories - per XGM- like Japan- that classified the xbox as a children's toy and it was heavy enough to be required to have a break away cable (like an input device), so that this device was not pulled onto a small child's head. This was common with many consumer electronic devices, much like a grounded pin per UL, not sure if this was required here in the states, but would it be silly to have two different versions

    • R White
      R White

      @Uncle Ho I have no idea, like i said in original post, it was in an article in xbox magazine i read. It had something to do with territory code requirements, much like our UL for electricity. The article didn't go past what I said above.

    • R White
      R White

      @vaguedreams sorry meant xgMagazine, and again this was not for just gaming consoles but other devices also.

    • R White
      R White

      @vaguedreams sorry meant xgmagazime

    • R White
      R White

      sorry meant xgm

    • R White
      R White

      @Jamel Frazier This information was reported in PSM magazine and on x-play tv show, so take it with a grain of salt for the reporting during that time.

  • Shahar Korren
    Shahar Korren

    David is actually right about the Dualshock being a good controller in terms of the D-pad. I play a lot of fighting games and in most of them you have to input diagonals between directions for moves and it’s nearly impossible to pull off on any of Microsoft’s gamepads. It’s been easy with the Dualshock even since the PSX, before it had analog sticks.

    • Phuc Trinh
      Phuc Trinh

      Luckily i don't play fighting games, otherwise I never really like the feel of ps controller.

    • The Oiulkj
      The Oiulkj

      skill issue

    • Jesse Slack
      Jesse Slack

      @Shahar Korren The Dreamcast d-pad is a fucking abomination and I LOVE SEGA!

    • Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
      Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

      @Shahar Korren I'm just saying the left Xbox stick is mechanically placed in a position that allows for linear joint movement for forward/back and strafing. The positioning of the dualshock sticks means that your thumb is aligned diagonally across the left stick, meaning those movements are now offset from where your thumb joints normally move.

    • Shahar Korren
      Shahar Korren

      @Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster The XBox thumb stick also has a smaller deadzone, which is good for some games and terrible for others.

  • SKNY

    I love the type C charging because I already have it with my iPad Pro, skullcandy buds, Sony headphones, Sony speaker, and action camera. Sadly iPhones are stuck with lightning. The share button is great because gaming is from my iPad thru the xbox app, or mobile games which are compatible with controllers. I always have loved xbox’s smaller controllers as well. Sony’s ps controllers have always given me cramps, sweaty slippery controllers and zero grip thumbsticks. I’ve already preordered my xbsx controller! so excited!

    • Konstantinos Kalogeras
      Konstantinos Kalogeras

      Can you charge the batteries when you connect it with USB? Or if batteries die you have to throw them and replace with new ones?

    • demonpride1975

      kinda wish everyone would use it, so tired of having 10 different cables to charge this and that.

  • GrubMagnet Gaming
    GrubMagnet Gaming

    I love the feel of the Series X controller over the old Xbox One. The added grippiness on the handles is really nice. It's very comfortable. But I have two things I'd love Microsoft to sort improve. 1 - make the thing quieter! The thumbsticks clatter on the body plastic sooo loudly. Perhaps a rubber dampener that you just change from time to time on each stick? And I'd love to see a controller with a built-in charging pack like on the PS. It's such a pain hunting for new batteries when they run out.

  • Average Jack Media
    Average Jack Media

    I'm actually really happy they've kept a similar design.. I mean Microsoft is killing the controller game with design labs. would be a shame if you couldn't use your customized controllers with the newer consoles.

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson

    It also has lower latency which is needed for 120 fps games and slightly improved rumble. I like how Xbox went for functionality over immersion with high built quality. All that is missing is paddles 9/10

  • VirtuaTyKing

    You can button press on the top part of the bumpers now. Might take me a while to adjust after adjusting the first time though. First impressions is I love it. I'm hoping durability is better than before.

  • therealrodkimball

    Really surprised you didnt mention the series controller having a MUCH lighter left trigger actuation than the right. I just got mine and its driving me so crazy that I think I'm gonna return it and buy the older model.

  • Hilariumosis

    The D-pad feeling more stiff and rough to gives me a sense of better durability, longer lasting before it get's soft and sluggish. That's a pro in my book. And most people prefer mechanical keyboards that is loud and clicky so shouldn't. I avoid mechanical keyboards myself. I want prefer low profile, smooth and silent keyboard buttons like on the Razer DeathStalker for example. Better for chatting with friends, quicker presses due to less button travel and barely having to lift my fingers but just slide between buttons just enough to feel the groves but not pressing anything as my finger move around. Comfortable, faster command presses, more swift button switches which benefits quicker commands lines/combos and no clicking noise coming through my mic so can have lower threshold so I don't need to talk louder.

  • Astolfo Fumagalli
    Astolfo Fumagalli

    I own an "Internet Cafe" but for Console Gaming and let me tell you that the AA batteries is a wonderful deal, not just for the convenience of swapping them to a pair of fresh batteries in the middle of a game but you can have the decision to use Microsoft rechargeable or use the ones you best like (Fun fact: AA rechargeable don’t go bad if stored for years). Another problem with Sony is that Lithium can go bad if you let a controller sit for a long enough time (depending on storage temperature and battery percentage they can go bad in 8 months easy). I also repair those controllers and Microsoft makes them way easier (and cheaper) to fix than the Sony Controllers.

    • RadimusCisco

      Any smart Xbox player gets rechargeable batteries. The argument about batteries is ridiculous. I have 4 rechargeable AA and 2 Xbox batterie packs. I use the AA in other stuff as needed, but when I forget to charge the battery pack, I use the others for that night. When my controller is running low on charge, battery swap. With PS4 I actually had to stop playing because I forgot to charge it and my tv is too far away to use a normal length cable comfortably...

    • DadAverage

      i bet this new controller will have stick drift after 3 months

    • Dee plays Gaming
      Dee plays Gaming

      @Carlos Laurel were using the term engineer loosely, im NOT an engineer im a hobbyist we say ebay because it can be got there and is reputable has protections, if your goin to the source then youre buying from china, and those website arent in english so ebays the logical place with protections in place to avoid being ripped off. anyone can find a site in china selling parts but what do you know about said company? ive found cheaper parts on aliexpress for instance on a replacement usb port for ps4.

    • Dee plays Gaming
      Dee plays Gaming

      @Necro Bomb yeah but if youre like 12 and own a ps4 and aint technical theyd rather just pester their parents for a new one , i should know its happened to me, luckily i can repair them sony made it this way to keep selling ps controllers to those that dont know better or just cant be bothered with the hassle. thats how they make their money.

    • Dee plays Gaming
      Dee plays Gaming

      @Lagod dude rechargables i bought 4 like 2 years ago and when one pair die i put them on charge and put newly charged ones in. no hassle and no need for wires. still gettin 8 hours outta them too, and using the charger i bought in 2006 for my 360.

  • Mad Bro
    Mad Bro

    I love the texture. The buttons feel good but are real loud. Its a little extra in a quiet moment in the game. I'm coming from Dualshock though.

  • Lukas

    I mean it‘s not that they didn‘t change it. The bumpers are aligned in a different, improved angle, and middle front part has a changed design. Added grip as well and way better D Pad. I mean, what else could they possibly change?! Nothing‘s the answer. It‘s really good imo.

    • I'm the Grinch that stole Christmas
      I'm the Grinch that stole Christmas

      @Raz Id good to know. I never thought about that until I read your comment. Thank you!

    • I'm the Grinch that stole Christmas
      I'm the Grinch that stole Christmas

      @nitind there are 6 total models

    • Raz Id
      Raz Id

      "I mean, what else could they possibly change?!" The packaging. It doesnt protect the thumbsticks at all and most controllers have some stickdrift already before the first use because of that.

    • Johnny Boii
      Johnny Boii

      Diurabity... needs changing

    • Jordan Chang
      Jordan Chang

      @Rocket Pencil haptic feedback existed in gamepads since the N64

  • A-Spec Reviews!
    A-Spec Reviews!

    I use the shoulder buttons (bumpers) for shifting in racing sims because it just makes sense. The left trigger is the brake and the right trigger is the accelerator anyway, and you are (usually) going to be upshifting when accelerating and downshifting when you're on the brakes.

  • Jackson Patterson
    Jackson Patterson

    I recently ordered a new controller because of charging problems. However, I didn't realize that the series x/s controller had usb c ports instead of micro usb. However, I saw this as something good. Because I totally agree with the idea that micro USB ports are utter garbage.

  • The_Cosmo

    I really like the more back and forth questions/answers Shortcircuits. I've seen it's started happening more and i'm all for it. It allows a lot more impressions and useful info without necessarily having two separate hosts. The fighting game dpad quip was great.

  • Yucky Rory
    Yucky Rory

    I'm so torn with this controller. Texturally it feels amazing and the design improvements minus the dpad are really cool, but for some reason it feels overall less ergonomic when playing for around an hour. I have developed extreme wrist cramps and pain where my finger tendons meet my wrist, and this was after playing Sekiro for a while. It seems to be the placement of the bumper buttons, because in Sekiro or Dark Souls you really end up hitting those bumpers a lot. The smaller controller means theres a weirder angle for me to hit, i sort of have to curve my finger to press down the RB button. It's sad but I will have to go back to an Xbox One controller as I haven't ever experienced that type of pain after long sessions with that or the 360 controller. just my 2 cents here! Microsoft, please just make it the same size as the one controller! lol

    • Ian Rivera
      Ian Rivera

      @Joshua Cabanillas weirdly, my new ds4 model had this loose crummy feeling dpad but my old (i think first gen) ds4 has a nice and stiff dpad

    • Joshua Cabanillas
      Joshua Cabanillas

      That happens to me with the Xbone controller when I play fighting games because of the d-pad. PS4 has a much better controller for me since the buttons feel softer to press.

    • Rasool Booley
      Rasool Booley

      That's interesting, I pretty much have the opposite feeling with ergonomics. The new controller feels quite a bit more comfortable for me. (I still have the very first Xbox One controller) At least on the bright side you have the option to use either controller for both consoles

  • Daniel Lisy
    Daniel Lisy

    Well one thing is missing both in the review and controller - gyro aiming, it's a shame MS has not added it to this gen controllers. They even allow it on xcloud. Hope MS will learn and improve.

  • Stashdragon

    The beauty of the breakaway cable was the long plug. Most of the time if something is going to yank the cord it's going to yank at a sharp angle not straight out. So if you make the plug long it will anchor itself when pulled at an angle. So this allowed them to make the breakaway connection a strong hold, even when pulling straight out. This of course is just my theory about the cord. This is in reference to the original controller. Not 360.

  • Anci

    From the impressions on hand's on DualSense experiences we've seen so far I wanna see if Linus changes his mind if he tries it.

  • TheAdamGore

    Linus: "What do these black and white buttons do ?" James: "In Halo, one of them turns on your flashlight, and the other changes grenade type." *That's actually precisely correct*

    • Saveyor

      You obviously searched this up

    • The Boss Stage1
      The Boss Stage1

      They were also used to change radio stations in GTA

    • cosmosofinfinity

      It was funny to me that it took till 2005 for Microsoft to implement something that had already become standard in the 90s. (two sets of shoulder buttons) Those black and white buttons were dumb as hell.

    • Tyler And Leah Canadian
      Tyler And Leah Canadian

      @Frosty. the bumpers are better then Xtra face buttons

  • Dlones

    Got mine two days ago. Amazing thing, i love the way it grips to my hands. Buttons and Dpad are also comfortable to press, I'm coming from Dualshock 4 and it feels like a huge upgrade.

    • Dlones

      @Dragos Yeah, but keep in mind that I am coming from Dualshock 4. I have not used Dualsense but I bet it also feels amazing. Been playing DMC 5 with Series controller and it just feels great.

    • Dragos

      Would you say this is much better than a dualshock controller ?

  • KevoZebo

    I just got the blue series controller. I beat gears 2 with it last night and I have to say. It’s a good controller. At first I didn’t like the texture but when playing for a long time. I noticed that my hands didn’t get sweaty at all. I think that texture helps your hands breath while playing. Also it’s heavier. I like that. It also looks like you can use the Xbox one controller charging packs in the series controller. I’ll have to check to verify but also with the Xbox one x. The controller needs an update to use. Also says you have to keep the controller still during the update.

  • Burgzz

    I love the controller its just like a perfected version of my xbox one version feels more sturdy as well every xbox one controller felt like it were gonna fall apart

  • Airworthy

    If Fisher-Price ever decides to partner with Microsoft to design/manufacture an Xbox Series controller for small children, Linus will have himself the perfect input device. I'd also suggest maximising the drop resistance and minimising the input latency so he has no further complaints.

  • Mc_Fly

    I really hoped that Microsoft wouldn't change the controller for the new generations and they didn't. Xbox One / Xbox Series Controllers are just perfect as they are in my opinion. With my size of Hands i always get cramps when using the playstation controller.

    • lilkwarrior

      Having the PS5 & Xbox Series X at launch, the PS5 controller is way better, without a doubt.

    • Van Thom
      Van Thom

      @TR What are you talking about firstly and why do you keep using suggestive emojis in every response?

    • TR

      @Van Thom bruh, once again, like I said to the other guy (idk if you know how to read or not) i LOVE how ppl assume i play on the Playstation. Where da hell did I defend the "other console", it's aight tho, u ain't perfect 😜

    • Van Thom
      Van Thom

      @TR Also the same person defending a console that doesn’t have a good UI and has overheating problems and didn’t even have quick resume

    • Van Thom
      Van Thom

      @TR The same person who uses “😘” when typing to a random in a IRglo comment section

  • Russell Senpai
    Russell Senpai

    Having the dpad be clicky is actually super important for fighting games. Its not just about memorizing inputs but also doing them accurately which the tactile and noise feedback from the inputs helps with. Tekken for example is a game that largely benefits from this mainly because how precise movement is key to playing that game at higher levels. You need to make sure you're getting your inputs done proper and well this provides more feedback in how learn those more advanced inputs. This is the reason why pads such as the Neo Geo pad, or even the Neo Geo Pocket Color's D Pad are held in such high regard in hindsight.

  • Dark

    1:43 How fast the motion is makes a big difference too. If its someone just pulling on it slowly then yeah its strong enough, but if something quickly yanks on it then it breaks away would be much more annoying if it were too loose lol

  • Snow Hawkthorne
    Snow Hawkthorne

    I really wish Microsoft added some gyro/motion support this time. Switch games that use it well (Splatoon, Zelda BOTW, Overwatch) make aiming much easier.

    • Sgt Haddix
      Sgt Haddix

      @Scorpion don’t smash your lb then. it’s a flex switch that’ll survive forever as long as you don’t fucking slam it.

    • Scorpion

      I wish they would actually make them durable, was playing apex and my LB breaks. these controllers fucking suck

    • 猫

      @Eduardo Monsalve Ariza damn, i just prefer manual, it feels more raw to me.

    • Eduardo Monsalve Ariza
      Eduardo Monsalve Ariza

      @猫 It's nice having the option tho

    • 猫

      nah i prefer manual bow controls for botw

  • British Soundboard Pranks
    British Soundboard Pranks

    Nice controller, no connection or lag issues ever. However, same old with durability. RB button lasted less than a month of moderate use in fighting games and is now loose and only responsive if you push hard.

  • XFreedomPrimeX

    I can confirm that those old breakaway cables did work. saved my xbox many times during my 16 man lan parties with alot of drunk morons stumbling around.

  • Mariano Franco
    Mariano Franco

    Tengo el mismo, por USB anda joya, pero por bluetooh en algunos juegos estan mal mapeados los botones :(

  • Adam Richmond
    Adam Richmond

    I went big on an elite 2.... it's the best controller I have ever seen/touched/dreamt about.

  • Free4554

    7:00 the DS4 d-pad actually pivots at the center, it’s unlike the switch joycons which actually a separate set of 4 buttons

  • Brandon Reid
    Brandon Reid

    I bought the series x 20th anniversary controller for my pc for elden ring and man does it feel good. I used to have an xbone and I liked the controller but the new one FEELS better in my hand. Plus the texture on the triggers and buttons is a nice added touch. The share button doesn’t do anything on pc though i dont think

  • Make Money Now
    Make Money Now

    Your videos are splendid! Thank you for giving me a new perspective to contemplate!

    • Meduz Arbuz
      Meduz Arbuz

      bruh what😂

  • David W.
    David W.

    agreed with everything stated in the video... its a good controller, but for retro gamers, a dpad that ressemble the ones from old gamepads its the way to go and for the ones shown in the video, ds4 takes the cake.

    • Thomas De Guzman
      Thomas De Guzman

      I personally prefer the 8 directional dpad like the one on the Xbox controller. No dead space when doing diagonal inputs.

  • Terrobility

    I bought one and noticed you didn't mention: - The Bumper mould has changed. It's now matte and better shaped. - The Trigger mould has also changed. It's grippy, corners are less rough, and it's also matte. - Trigger Rumble already existed on the Xbox One controller. It's only a mild improvement between generations. - Dpad is great, not "too crunchy", perfect once worn in. - Coloured ABXY buttons exist on the most popular SKUs (like black) for both generation versions.

    • Terrobility

      ​@Steel Bear To me it's so much better than the old Xbox One D-pad. It may be louder but it's less mushy overall. Super easy to hit the direction you want

    • Steel Bear
      Steel Bear

      The designer of Series controller D-Pad deserves a nut punch. Like what the hell is that

  • Jamie Lake
    Jamie Lake

    I've been using a wired 360 controller for 8 years now and just learned today that it can seporate like that.

    • Andrew Reeves
      Andrew Reeves

      I know the wired 360 controller had that along with both versions of the OG Xbox controllers. Though I don't remember if the USB cable for the play&charge kit for the 360 wireless controller did.

    • Nick Miller
      Nick Miller

      @Péter Lukács I don't love the trigger "ports" on the XB1, there's a weird gap where your finger can go and it's distracting. But I do prefer the dpad and general feel personally on the One controller

    • XeSpace52

      I learned about it, when i tried to hook it up and it didnt have an usb

    • ikt

      Learned it when I brought my controllers to a friends house and discovered I didn't take the USB ends.

    • Péter Lukács
      Péter Lukács

      I still use my 360 wired controller even as I own a one controller. It feels much more comforatble for me, the one is too light, not a good balance, at least for me. But Linus' Dpad is looking junk, on mine is full working and no mushiness at all.

  • Ryan Daniel
    Ryan Daniel

    Linus' hand size: "Small adult, large child size"

    • Turnt SNACO
      Turnt SNACO

      same tbh

    • warham

      @Torsten T megan fox hands

    • Torsten T
      Torsten T

      I felt like he has just a pair of short thumbs.

    • Renovence


    • Fallen Ose
      Fallen Ose

      Norm Macdonald size

  • demonpride1975

    i love the series controller, i know it's not a leap like the ps5 cont4roller. but the differences are subtle, textured trigger buttons are a godsend. the double tap record that is awesome, for those moments that you just want to record that sick move you just pulled off. i don't need an oversized select button that most game developers don't even use. haptic feedback doesn't make me feel like i am any more immersed into a game. you get shot in the shoulder haptic feedback rumbles in your hands, that's not immersive.

  • ZUM

    I still think the 2 best xbox controllers are the xbox360 wired controller and the xbox one elite controller if you prefer the xbox one ergonomics. (the xbox one elite controller is better than the other xbox one controllers is because it has a exceedingly better grip with the help of the rubber on the grips).

  • Raf Fabi
    Raf Fabi

    Hey Linus, Could you do a benchmark xbox vs ps5 of the audio quality coming out of controllers to a headphone jack headset as well as the quality of the dolby atmos on the xbox? Thank you!


    The system is amazing but the controller could of been better, Sony really has an amazing controller.

  • Wesley Wheeler
    Wesley Wheeler

    The Dpad on this version is a huge improvement.

  • C K
    C K

    They should just have different models for different hand measurements - maybe make it adjustable when/if they get bigger

  • Niya Kouya
    Niya Kouya

    Let's see if the "new" d.pad finally fixes the issues the older iterations showed after a random period of time... My first-gen XBOne controller is pretty much unusable in certain games because the d.pad either registers twice or not at all most of the time. And my 3rd gen(? separate headset jack but no BT yet) controller is starting to show the same problem...

  • Mitchell Thomas
    Mitchell Thomas

    I really like how they got rid of the awful glossy plastic.

    • Skermigleflop

      @TheGreenSlayer77 Reading through this comment stream I was getting more and more angry, and then I saw your comment and it remined me of Dunkey therefore, making me laugh, thank you.

    • JuanLilG

      its jello omg you’re sooo funnnyyyy

    • LuxuriantCarrot

      @its jello this is a comment section

    • ночной ястреб
      ночной ястреб

      Glossy is for people who dont gorge on greasy shit food

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi

    The switch pro controller D-pad isn’t good, I press left and the cheap plastic piece they have for the D-pad allows the down button to be pressed, meaning if I press left the wrong way it presses left and down. Idk how to fix it and I honestly just want a controller that’s actually perfect out of the box but, overall it’s a nice controller and it does feel pretty solid.

    • Some guy on the internet
      Some guy on the internet

      Same here. I have to use my Joy-Con when playing any 2D games because the Pro Controller D-Pad is unusable. I actually prefer the clicky split D-Pad because it never misfires like joint D-Pads do.

  • The Suicide Of Sanity
    The Suicide Of Sanity

    It's actually AWESOME for retro games. Yes, even platformers.

  • MrFallen1ne

    Fighting games is where it'll make the biggest difference. Xbox one controller dpad's although very accurate are incredibly hard on the thumbs if you're doing highly repetitious movements like half circles etc on them. Where as series x/s controllers are much more subtle edges on the dpad cross as it's more like a crater pot the thumb comfortably sits into.

  • Dennis

    Now that consoles actually have some sort of cool graphics, the screenshot button looks like a cool thing to have. Gj macrosoft!

  • Martito101

    Two instant reactions for me: I agree with Linus that micro-b is the absolute worst port ever, hooray for type C And I'm soooo happy for the share button so you can clip something without having to press home

    • Deliläs

      I didn't mind pressing home that much, but it does avoid a laggy menu, so it's a pro in my books!

    • Martito101

      @Munjee I've used hdmi mini before and it's not fun but micro b is worse

    • Nick Miller
      Nick Miller

      @Fart Smella Oh really, true serious "hardcore" gamers don't like fun? Because what motion controls offer is fun. Do you want motion controls in Call of Duty? Probably not. But that doesn't mean they don't work well in other games. Good use of a gyro in a controller can really enhance the gameplay experience. I don't understand the point of being so elitist.

    • Nick Miller
      Nick Miller

      @Munjee I have used all of those (btw, mini HDMI isn't a charging cable, weird inclusion) and microB is the worst IMO. Mini B was sturdier, mB3 is big, but it's really secure in the port and offers a lot of power. mB breaks easy, feels flimsy, after a month of use it's falling out of something like a controller. My last mechanical keyboard used mB and after 6 months of use sitting on my desk it started randomly disconnecting. Literally the weight of the cable broke the connector. The keyboard was fine but I got a new one just because of the cable.

    • Decitronic

      @Fart Smella I agree about gyro but if you think VR is a gimmick then you obviously haven't tried proper VR.

  • It’s Nogia
    It’s Nogia

    Thanks for covering the triggers and bumpers (practically a third of the controller) great video 👍

    • It’s Nogia
      It’s Nogia

      @Adam Jensen yeah I know I was being sarcastic lol, though it doesn’t really matter now

    • Adam Jensen
      Adam Jensen

      He didnt mention the triggers or bumpers on the new controller at all. Which was the entire reason I was here haha

  • Arturo Olivo
    Arturo Olivo

    I like the Series S controller more than the Xbox One controller. It just feels more comfortable and Microsoft made the triggers and shoulder buttons feel different. I remember my nephew's having problems with the Xbox One controller as the shoulder buttons would get stuck easily. Must have gone through like two controllers.

  • Trey Bohanan
    Trey Bohanan

    I love the new series controller! It’s just a nice refresher from the one controller

    • Wolfiez

      @I'm the Grinch that stole Christmas 😐

    • I'm the Grinch that stole Christmas
      I'm the Grinch that stole Christmas

      @Wolfiez I don't care what you said or didn't say. Why does that matter? Answer: it doesn't. Nice comeback

    • Wolfiez

      @I'm the Grinch that stole Christmas never said it was

    • I'm the Grinch that stole Christmas
      I'm the Grinch that stole Christmas

      @Wolfiez it's not even in the way

    • Wolfiez

      Yeah I just don't like the share button

  • Froyo

    One thing you have to give Xbox credit for is that you can have been using a really old Xbox controller and then switch to a new one and still more or less know the layout

  • Mr Whitecoat
    Mr Whitecoat

    The Break away cable was great, specifically if you accidentally shorted the usb/connection end of it. All you needed was a replacement breakaway cable, and you controller worked again

    • AaronScott64

      For me I straight up lost the break away and still can't find it lmao

    •  Alec

      Seems like something learned from personal experience.

  • Carbonated Turtle
    Carbonated Turtle

    The 360 had a perfect controller. I have no idea why Microsoft thinks it's a good idea to go back to the massive original Xbox controllers. It's a good thing PC gaming is all that matters and I can continue using my 360 controller for many years to come.

  • Crazy Harry the Muppet
    Crazy Harry the Muppet

    The 360 Slim had a control revision with a whole new d-pad - remember how it rotates to and goes up and down - it has a great click feel. I still use mine from the Reach edition 360 when playing games on the pc.

    • thunderbolt10031

      That was exclusive to special edition controllers. The stock controllers never had this. My UNSC Halo 4 controller has it and it's a night and day difference from the stock D-pad. That controller with domed thumb sticks is absolutely perfect.

  • Aleblasco39

    If you like the Xbox 360 controller, you'd love the WiiU Pro Controller as it has the same form factor but with the right stick up and the ABXY buttons down, also, the Battery is amazing on that controller.... although it used Mini-USB as charging port(remember that the WiiU was launched on 2012, a whole year before PS4 and Xbox One released) but it came with a long-ass USB cable to charge. Oh and you can use it on PC games and even on the Switch with the help of an adapter

  • Roy Tore
    Roy Tore

    360 controller was very comfortable in my hands, hoping the series x controller feels more like that one

  • RadimusCisco

    Our problem with the PS5 controller as a mandatory thing for third party games is that those same games will play on other platforms without those features, but whatever.

  • philipp

    Be aware if you intend on using these over Bluetooth on a Win10 PC, you lose audio over the Controller's 3.5 audio jacket. If you want to use the inbuilt jacket wirelessly, you still need the Microsofts Wireless Adapter. I was hoping to get rid of the dongle, yet at least I already owned one.

  • Herbivorous Cyborg
    Herbivorous Cyborg

    The main complaint I have with the Xbox One controller is how flimsy it feels compared to the Xbox 360 controller. The front and back half of the controller feel too thin and you can feel them flex against each other if you hold the controller with anything more than a baby's grip. Does this new controller fix that?

  • Kent Coleman
    Kent Coleman

    Great video. Unpopular opinion with many: it needing batteries is dumb. The controller will NOT last long enough for anyone to see the batteries degrade enough to be replaced.

  • Kenthis15

    Didn’t even mention Xbox’s best controller, the Duke.

    • mugger


    • Povilas Kuznecovas
      Povilas Kuznecovas

      @Cliff M It is a brain hurting layout, i tried to like it many times but i just., can't.....I am a pc user and most games support xb controller right out of box. If this was made with right stick up higher and left lower it would work for me. Now i am using steam controller but i would love to have some rumble like for rdr2 fishing. Please anyone who think same thumb it up. Hope microsoft wil hear me one day.

    • FemmyFoxxo

      @Cliff M I hope you realize that the analog sticks are offset, while the buttons are not. Because a lot of games use the ABXY buttons. Which is better if you need to say jump or button tap. You can prefer different controllers. They are all preference anyway. But don't call someone wrong for liking something mate. Also for YOU, you have to hold it in a weird way. Sorry to break it to you, but people also hold and use things differently. Some people like myself have NEVER had an issue with the controllers. Granted the last time I even touched a console was in like 2013. Long story short, people have different preferences for what they use. You may not like one thing, that doesn't make it bad or anything. It just means YOU do not like it.

    • Gnilretsam

      Hell Yea

    • Jeroen

      The Dukes was a redesign of the Dreamcast controller. But they took the VMU out. That was the main reason it was so big (and nicely ergonomic).

  • Slimecrazy234

    Sony's controller strategy is not dumb, the dualsense is shaping up to be a big part of the next gen experience.

  • D B
    D B

    I got the new xbox controller for pc to replace my 8bit controller and have to say it is really good and having to not re map the buttons is very nice lol.

  • Cs Scott
    Cs Scott

    I really love the new XBox controller, feels so good

    • seife41

      @James Lewis I really like, really small controller. I can do better hardcore gaming with it

    • Jared Chan
      Jared Chan

      @James Lewis whats a good one you recommend?

    • James Lewis
      James Lewis

      It's too small for me and I feel like I have small hands

  • Kirusei Nagisa
    Kirusei Nagisa

    The PS4's d-pad sucks imo. The switch pro has an ok d-pad, but it also suffers from inaccuracy to inputs (pressing down may input left or right etc.) which is weird since Nintendo's previous d-pads don't suffer from that and are pretty nice to use

  • John 7
    John 7

    In video Linus: I can’t technically call it the Xbox series x controller Title : NEW XBOX SERIES X CONTROLLER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CS YT
      CS YT


    • No Banshee
      No Banshee

      @Joe Joe. You get glasses :)

    • No Banshee
      No Banshee

      @Joe Joe. He literally calls it the Series X controller.

    • Joe Joe
      Joe Joe

      not remotely the title. buy some glasses.

    • Xoras GFX
      Xoras GFX

      he bought the controlla from design lab xbox I think because ei saw it there

  • thenonexistinghero

    Not sure how it not clicks when you try fighting game motions. I can do a circle or half a circle and there's a click for all of the up to 8 of the directions that are pressed. I don't think there's a better Dpad out there for those motions (though I think an arcade stick would still be better for most fighting games).

  • Itz Jacob
    Itz Jacob

    I feel like you will have to play with the controller for like a week or 2 to get the natural comfortable controller that you want

  • Yang Liu
    Yang Liu

    I really like the Xbox Series controller. It has a better texture, and more than that, backward compatibility. I already have an Xbox one controller so technically I don't have to buy another controller for friends coming over.

  • 64_bit

    Linus: my choice to this day is still the 360 controller Me: Nods in extreme agreement

    • NvanRoblox

      @Dargo Hypezar I have one too and it’s really nice I used the controller for xcloud when i still had the xbox game pass ultimate subscription and some of my steam games

    • Dargo Hypezar
      Dargo Hypezar

      @John McCall In my case, there's a lot of knockoff for the 360 and most of these scam sellers will say that it's original. So I had bought the Xbox Series controller instead. One of the best decision in my life.

    • John McCall
      John McCall

      Seriously yes. If I could actually find a new one I would get one but all of them are used and asking ridiculous amounts of money.