This doesn't look right.... but it's AWESOME! - LG DualUp Ergo Monitor

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  • Matteo Dohnalek
    Matteo Dohnalek

    Next video: Ultra Wide Monitor, but vertically and gaming on it.

    • The HUDless Horseman
      The HUDless Horseman

      *Ikaruga has entered the chat*

    • Rob Young
      Rob Young

      On a Samsung Odyssey G9

    • James Scholes
      James Scholes

      Giraffe Simulator

    • Pokiblue

      would be awesome to play older roms on it

  • Jess Patton
    Jess Patton

    I wish LTT and short circuit would pull in some of the devs from floatplane to evaluate some of these productivity products from a developers perspective. I think two of these could be pretty awesome for a developer setup, would love to see what they think about it.

    • Ren

      I think their devs are remote, if not from a different country. And probably contractual too so floatplane doesn't have so many permanent staff that can show up in front of the camera. Just an educated guess for working in technology companies tho

    • bruh

      You can fit a lot of lines in this bad boy

    • Connor Smout
      Connor Smout

      I was literally about to comment that this would be great for Devs... I'd love one of these

    • Hassan Mohammed
      Hassan Mohammed

      Exactly! We always get the perspective of gamers and video editors but rarely devs

    • Farid Nicolas Wakim
      Farid Nicolas Wakim

      I would love to see that happen, especially that a big part of the ltt community are devs, me included

  • thicc boi
    thicc boi

    This is actually a great monitor for web development or any form of coding to be honest. Reading a long code file would be nice in this.

    • sarcawan

      if it just had 120+ hz .. I would buy two right away

    • Yamiteru

      @AppleToaster Yeah that must suck

    • AppleToaster

      @Yamiteru bruh I'm not the smooth brain who wrote this 3000 line Java class with 400 of them being duplicate code that I now have to modify...

    • Yamiteru

      @Colby Boucher I understand the the reasoning and believe me I've tried a lot of monitor combinations and after all that I've ended up with just one 16:9 monitor and I'm happy.

    • Colby Boucher
      Colby Boucher

      @Yamiteru It's not like you're looking at it all at once, but you don't need to scroll so much. Generally something you'd do for a second monitor you leave most of your code on.

  • The_Wiki

    This is kind of a silly aspect ratio, but I would like to see classic 4x3 and 5x4 monitors return. They make great second monitors off to the side of a main monitor. A second 16:9 makes you turn too far to the side to see the whole screen. A 4:3 monitor also has more height, so you can match the height of your 16:9 monitor with a smaller display diagonal. For example, a 19.5" 4:3 monitor is the same height as a 24" 16x9.

    • Someone Else
      Someone Else

      Running my 30 inch 16:10 at 4:3 ratio.

    • Iori Tatsuguchi
      Iori Tatsuguchi

      Yeah I need vertical space, not width - especially when I'm coding. I wanted EIZO's 1:1 monitor and I can trust them on color precision and all, but it's too damn niche and it's always expensive. This one looks great but I bet it won't fly.

    • So Vo
      So Vo

      We live in the era of dumb aspect ratios. Even this video is made in the stupid 18:9 AR. I'm forced to see black bars up and down because of the idiotic notion that wider is better/more modern.

    • I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages
      I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages

      They didn't just decide to get rid of them, the demand was incredibly small once people started getting wide screens. The bigger issue right now is that non-standard aspect ratios would actually be pretty expensive even if the panels in them were cheap.

    • lesto12321

      @Qimchiy I disagree it wont fit. As reader/programmer, i prefer huge vertical space vs horizontal, to the point i rotate one monitor vertical, but that would fit only one app, or i can use the horizontal to split the editor but then i loose a lot of vertical. I think this LG monitor or a 4:3 would simply be a better solution, i would use it 90" off and still get 2 app side by side AND vertical space. Also for game like RTS or city building game, a square monitor give way better gameplay and i would say even advantage in competitive. In both cases stacking 2 monitor vertically/horizontally is a pain because you get the seams in the middle of your vision

  • RubyRoks

    This would be incredible for audio work. I get the host's comment about wanting more width to see the whole song/project, but with my setup in Reaper, this would be incredible for having the mixer and my tracks on one screen. I've never hurt for horizontal space, even on a traditional 16:9 panel, but have always wanted more vertical space

  • Sai Namuduri
    Sai Namuduri

    This is DEFINITELY a panel for engineering. CAD, FEA, CFD, or other simulation/analysis work would be WONDERFUL on this monitor.

    • M. F.
      M. F.

      @Lucien Badoux I like having the entire code visible on a vertical monitor with my debug tools on a separate horizontal monitor

    • Sai Namuduri
      Sai Namuduri

      @Joseph Ho That's what having multiple monitors is for.

    • Joseph Ho
      Joseph Ho

      Wonderful right up to the point you hit share screen in a conference call to show your progress to the customer.

    • PortfolioPL

      @Steilkurbler When I was kid my father used to work with AutoCAD and they had a super expensive 21" CRT monitor. It took ~15 minutes for it to warm up to be used and they had a tiny other monitor for the log messages, circa 1991.

    • Steilkurbler

      I do CAD on a 32" 16:9. It's big enough in height, that this one would have no real benefit. with a 32" you'd still have a normal format when you need/want it

  • ratmdex

    "I'm right handed but i'm kind of busy" best quote on LTT

  • Vectrobe

    having three of these would actually be amazing considering it would be the same as 2x6 'eyfinity' but without the middle bezels, which also means in games you'll get the full UI unscathed. Even just two of these would be great for productivity, and even only one alone for a full streaming setup (game on bottom, chat etc on top) sounds good.

  • Alistair Blaire
    Alistair Blaire

    Would be interesting to see how LG decides to price this thing. It reminds me of those Eizo square monitors, there was one that was 1920x1920 1:1 aspect ratio but it had an MSRP of like $1500. It is pretty funny how more square-like aspect ratios are better for productivity but almost nobody makes them.

    • Klemen Verdnik
      Klemen Verdnik

      Couldn't have said it better myself. I've been eyeballing the Eizo's 1:1 monitor for years now, even contacted them to see if they're ever going to update it - the answer was: "Please be advised, EIZO does not currently have any new 1:1 planned displays to be released at this time.", so I had to give up on Eizo. At least the LG 28MQ780 gets it pretty close to what I want, but I'm also kinda disappointed that it doesn't have a higher resolution, or at least HiDPI mode (which I'm sure can be overridden on MacOS somehow). Let's see how the market react to this one and what LG does with the future models.

    • Galaxy S7
      Galaxy S7

      @fanstein What you're referring to is basically yield from substrate cost, which is true as long as the vertical number of standard aspect ratio panels cut from a motherglass is even. However, there's still at least two factors as for why OP has a point: a) reduced margins at lower production volumes and b) companies charging more for niche products without much or any competition - just because they can. So the "almost nobody makes them" part is exactly the crux of the matter; we can only hope others will jump on the hype train too, given it ever gets to be one.

    • fanstein

      i am guess the price won't be so crazy, because it is just two 16:9 stack together, still the usual monitor ratio, will not need a separate production line. I would guess why Eizo 1:1 is exspensive is because its non standard monitor ratio and need a whole new production line for it

  • The HUDless Horseman
    The HUDless Horseman

    Honestly, it looks like it'd be great for a second monitor in a set up. I turn my current second monitor in portrait mode and to have it slightly wider would be amazing. Also, from an artist perspective, it would be great for digital pieces and portraits, or magazine and book design as well.

  • Derek Huber
    Derek Huber

    I always love the impromptu visits from other members of LMG. It reinforces the non-scripted, casual vibe of Short Circuit, and it's always great to hear another opinion on the product as well.

    • Malice

      Seems they've started recently doing this considering I don't remember them doing it this much before. Honestly, it's very nice because I really do not like it when it *FEELS* scripted. New Old Top Gear UK with Clarkson, Hammond, and May, along with Monty Python, are the gold standard in how scripted segments should be, and thankfully LMG looks like they are trying something different, esp considering people like me don't like watching LMG content because the humor is often forced and cringe when scripted, and fucking hilarious when unscripted. Feels like they are really starting to hit their stride, which is a welcome change for someone like me who watches LMG content a few times a year.


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    • Matheus Carpes
      Matheus Carpes


  • Kyle Falconer
    Kyle Falconer

    I'd imagine this would be good for 3D modeling and design, and like y'all said, as a second or third monitor, this would be great.

  • Spencjon

    I use a vertical screen as a secondary to an ultra wide while working - this would perfectly fit and I’d prefer that aspect ratio to the vertical

  • ViXoZuDo

    I really like it as a 2nd monitor or maybe 3rd. I feel it's the best vertical configuration instead of having a 9:16 like a regular 16:9 monitor in portrait mode.

  • Anthony DA SILVA
    Anthony DA SILVA

    For gamedev it does sound ideal! Thanks for mentioning it, it's a use case often left out in LTT reviews, understandably as it's not something you do in your day to day. Just for that I might give this screen a try, WFH has made me on the lookout for anything that can help my workflow! Also that aspect ratio looks nice to play retro games without (too much) stretching or black bars!

  • Phillip Skimerhorn
    Phillip Skimerhorn

    It's not 4:3 but I'd love to run it through some retro gaming testing. I've found that even just a taller 16:10 makes a big difference so this 16:18 would be great, especially considering how big the panel is. Despite being a productivity designed product, I'm seeing reports that it's 5ms for response time so may not even be that bad for retro.

  • Andrew Lane
    Andrew Lane

    This is one of those "how did no one ever think of this before?" monitors. I think it would go great bracketing a stacked ultrawide setup or a single large panel if you needed that much screen real estate.

    • t1077

      That's exactly what I was thinking. Two of these 16:18 panels flanking my stacked Dell 38" ultrawides would be awesome.

    • lesto12321

      @Kevin Wells yes, i was talking about sim and strategic games that instead would be better served from a squared monitor for surrounding awareness. Also may be for 3d shooter like space sims, where vertical of the game is more important than normal shooter. Surely gonna take weeks to get use to that monitor before it does not feel weird

    • Kevin Wells
      Kevin Wells

      @lesto12321 Cinema yes, but also gaming. Anything that requires any amount of peripheral vision is so much better served by a 16:9 or wider aspect ratio as they found out using this one

    • lesto12321

      we did think about this, early monitor where 4:3, pretty close to this ratio. Then the Cinema nation attacked

  • Pedro Sereno
    Pedro Sereno

    This reminds me of an old 19" monitor I had that was 5:4, if I'm not mistaken. That almost square was weird for games.

  • Carnage

    seeing these weird aspect ratio screens is so cool and this is especially cool because it allowed for no bezel between two screens where one would normally be

  • Thomas Wijnands
    Thomas Wijnands

    Damn, this monitor is really the programmers dream, able to see your terminal and a decent amount of code🤣😎

    • Cris n Mary Fam
      Cris n Mary Fam

      @Slade Thornburg Which begs the question why not just a bigger ultra wide or 2? Or 3 samsung odyssey ark's?

    • Brent Greeff
      Brent Greeff

      I have been using 24" displays in Portrait for years. - I hate having to scroll PDFs or google-docs. - The ultimate imo - would be 3 X 22" 4K monitors in portrait. - so you get 6K on the horizontal and 2K on the vertical. - of course if I can get that as a single panel - even better. - yea - maxLineWidth=120 - newspapers have put text into columns for a reason. - unless you dont care about other people being able to read your code - which is pretty typical for programmers.


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    • TheScarvig

      @Brian Perrett if you have single lines of code that long on a regular basis i would dread your coding style... even with names that speak for themselves only very few logic statements and comments should ever be this long

    • shirro

      I got my ultrawide because at 3840x1600 I could comfortably have two full hd windows side by side (web page, virtual machine etc) and get more lines of text on screen than 1080 allows and there are several good ways to tile it. I like squarer laptop screens because I don't want to look at code through a letterbox but I don't know working with just one of these would compare with multi-monitor or ultra wide.

  • Bliznade

    I remember during the transition to 16:9 from square, I complained because I thought we were losing part of the movies/shows. Then everything moved that way and I had no choice but to move on. Kinda loving this (when on its side). I hope they make another with a higher refresh, oriented on the side!

    • Marko Vuckovic
      Marko Vuckovic

      @Malice The good old days, me and my friends always player cs 1.6 We were very young at the time and most of us sucked at the game but most importantly we had fun

    • Santiago Ramirez
      Santiago Ramirez

      @Malice I still do that with my friends on special occasions lol, actually decided to build an itx build just for it, that and desk space

    • Malice

      We were also losing a LOT of resolution when moving onto the 16x9 aspect ratio. I don't think we even had true HD (1080p) available for the general consumer market at *affordable* prices until somewhere around 2009-2010 area. Which, by 2005, we had CRTs displaying @1900x1600 and was just amazing to play on...if you didn't have to move your monitor (which me and my friends did for the LAN parties we used to host; another thing that's been completely killed by the internet and gamers now-a-days are worse off without knowing how it feels to have all your friends play in a massive room and running Quake III, UT2K4, CS1.6, etc. tournaments).

  • imprezatt

    This seems like the best possible second display. I have a 48" C11 and this would be a great companion, more suited to web browser stuff, discord, even a youtube video on top and a browser on the bottom half or something. Very cool.

  • Tayo Hatch
    Tayo Hatch

    I'd love to see them in a triple monitor setup

  • s8wc3

    This monitor turned sideways is exactly what i've been asking for (in my head) for ages. LG are telepathists. I don't think it holds up to my U2413 in terms of colour gamut, though, but still great for CAD and most video work especially in AfterFX where on a widescreen monitor if you want to see a decent amount of things in your timeline you end up with a tiny viewport window with a lot of wasted space.

  • MayaYa

    this would actually be a great replacement for my left and or right monitors seems awesome to have next to my gaming monitor for discord, obs, twitchcat, ect

  • JernauGurgeh

    I see this as a side screen, to complement a 32" 4K display, especially when doing web dev and game dev. I've tried using a 27" both in landscape and portrait and it's too much, either too wide or too tall, but this would be ideal. I want one.

  • ExpectDragons

    I might actually get this for my third monitor, I've always had my second monitor or tv to my left and so want as much as I can on it. Had thought it'd have to invert a monitor and split screen, but this seems way better.

  • Volactic

    In my experience that flickering happens when the main controller that connects to the video inputs is trying to sync its output to the panel with the driver chip inside the panel itself. It usually happens for a few seconds after turning on a monitor and can happen in older projectors after connecting a signal as well.

  • commandtheline

    Being an arcade guy I'm always interested in monitors that hit closer to a square. We really need a large format 4:3 monitor. Something around the 25 to 27 in. What would be really great if a manufacturer would make a retro panel that includes some really good scaling for retro gaming

    • Matthew C.
      Matthew C.

      I imagine someone might be able to get this to run Mame from a pc with halfway not bad results. Forget running mister or any HDMI console since these conjoined monitors need to run in vsync which introduces hella lag.

    • Omega Mark
      Omega Mark

      Some old 19-20" Dell LCD monitors have 1600x1200 (4:3) native resolution. Yeah, it's not 27", but still pretty decent... and they are cheap, if you can find them. Some of them may need recapping (at least the power section).


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    • jadedandbitter

      @shadowtheimpure I get that, but after a CRT filter, those distortions will be minimized to the point of not being visible. As long as you have it set to scale 4:3 with black bars and not have it stretch to some other ratio.

    • jadedandbitter

      @lilly Lotte's looks pretty good. You just have to put the work into customizing it to resemble the type of CRT you are familiar with.

  • Cheese God
    Cheese God

    More plouffe content pls! I love seeing everyone in short circuits! I think "we need more of this person" about everyone tho! I've never seen someone host a short circuit and not liked it! The vibes are always amazing! LMG does such a good job

  • Geoffrey Lyons
    Geoffrey Lyons

    It would be great if LG could let your pc recognize it as two monitors to let you sanp windows and play windows to each half screen.

  • Al13n1nV8D3R

    I remember playing Mechwarrior 2 on a Sony CRT in that same ratio as this monitor. And it was perfectly fine. We are just use to wide and ultrawide monitors that is all.

  • Ralph Klein Guevarra
    Ralph Klein Guevarra

    Wow, as a web developer, I think this is the perfect monitor for me. My neck sometimes get tired because of dual monitors so I switched to a single ultrawide, but I still want to reduce my neck movement more so I think this is the monitor that I've been looking for!

  • GatoPaint

    this monitor but 144 hz I'd totally buy it , and a option that u could separate the monitor in half so its being recognized as u were connecting 2 monitors instead of just 1

    • Willem

      @Kuzushi42 ok. Anyway most old games are low fps to begin with so 100+ Hertz should not matter

    • Kuzushi42

      @Willem If you know any monitors with squarish aspect ratios and 100hz+ point me at them. I admit I haven't looked that much lately, but my understanding is that taller aspect ratios are almost nonexistent.

    • Willem

      @Kuzushi42 ohhh so this aspect ratio is beneficial for you? But anyway I bet there are better options as a main monitor besides a monitor that is actively not ment to be a main monitor.

    • Neopulse00

      The GtG is too slow though for my taste personally.

  • newkfromrotterdam

    i love square screens.. still have a few 1280x1024 for daily use.. would love an upgrade in resution. For Air Traffic Control they use square screens traditionally. One thing they forget about fps games.. you notice enemies quicker on the vertical axis.

  • Shabols

    Would've loved to see how some native 4:3 content looks on this thing.

  • Altemur Çelikayar
    Altemur Çelikayar

    Its amazing for coding. Feels like two vertical 27" monitor

  • rjh00

    Game creation and Civilization are exactly two use cases I thought of seeing this crazy monitor. This is weird but at the right price I can actually see it selling decently well to make it worth it. They should definitely consider getting rid of that bottom bezel though.

  • MonsterSound

    They should have made the top and bottom bezels the same width so it would look good when rotated 90.

    • iris

      @Tehemister you might want to read that back and then reconsider it, maybe delete it.

    • TheScarvig

      @iris hell no.... i would rather jump out of a window than having to use an apple device.

    • Tehemister

      @iris did the mac attack you at night or? Imagine attacking a person because he shares his opinion lmao windows sheep

    • linjix

      @iris lol

    • iris

      @TheScarvig ??? found the mac user.

  • maop

    This will be a sweet monitor for coding ! hopefully more companies build them in this aspect ratio

  • Swilly Swoggiston
    Swilly Swoggiston

    I need one of these for an on-location live streaming setup. Having access to levels and other objects on the bottom half with the main preview and scenes above on the top half would be greatly beneficial, as my current workflow relies on a dual stacked monitor set up. Taking one monitor to a job would be far more desired.

  • G. Blackburn
    G. Blackburn

    This is so weird, and cool, I love it! We need more unusual stuff. I'm here for it

  • Dan Perry
    Dan Perry

    it might not be exactly 4:3 but it's close, so retro gaming would look pretty slick on it I feel. Also, imaging if they did a triple monitor setup with another pair of DualUp monitors!

  • ChampionBob

    Oh man, I would love this thing as a second monitor. For both productivity as a secondary screen during gaming, I think it would be awesome! Think about the amount of lines of code I can see... If I did a 9:16 aspect ratio, the lines would get cut off, but this has the width to make up for it!

    • anoname

      a split 4k 16:9 monitor would give you 8:9 per side which is the same as the monitor in the video. works wonderfully especially if its a large panel.

    • Iceman259

      @The Round Table you should slash their tires tbh

    • SubSpruce

      @Shrumpf 2:3

    • Shrumpf

      Thats why 10:16 is the best aspect ratio

    • RiggedBanana

      This would be awesome to have at work for coding

  • A Y K
    A Y K

    I’ve been looking for square-ish aspect ratio monitors for my multi-monitor setup. I work a lot in Excel, and I feel like this monitor is exactly what I’m looking for!

  • reggiep75

    I remember seeing a 1920x1920 monitor and thinking 'Must have! Don't know why, but *MUST HAVE!!'* But my head calmed down and figured it offered 1920x1200 & 1920x720 windows that would've worked perfectly for a load of programmes I used. Still want one too and there are a few more manufacturers who make them than when they first appeared.

  • Global warming i̶s̶ h̶o̶t̶
    Global warming i̶s̶ h̶o̶t̶

    I would love this as a secondary display

  • KrossPath

    Watching this reminds me of what Samsung showed in CES? I forgot if it was this year or last year, but it was a giant curved ultrawide TV that you can set up vertically so you essentially have 3 curved monitors.

  • Young

    this is actually so perfect as a second monitor. Just waiting to see the price..

    • Dum Dum
      Dum Dum

      Judging by the stand, my guess would be >1000$

    • Silas Phillips
      Silas Phillips

      Yeah looking for that info as well. Can’t wait!

  • m h
    m h

    I would love this monitor just slightly smaller as a secondary monitor to my 28-in wide screen main. I've been looking for 3:4 ratio monitors to fill that role but it doesn't exist. For me, two widescreen monitors is too wide and a widescreen monitor in portrait mode next to my main wide just looks ridiculous to me!

  • VN Rays
    VN Rays

    This seems to be the perfect ipad-docking monitor, especially when iPadOS hasn’t support monitor scaling LOL!

  • Superslash

    Gaming is OUTSTANDING on a monitor with real vertical resolution because you're finally not starting through a mail-slot at the game world. You can tell who used to game on 4:3 CRTs because they actually know to look up and down for things instead of running through the game forgetting that an entire axis exists.

  • exturkconner

    I work in a medically related call center. And we often have two monitors. One with research and one with our tracking/call monitoring program. This would be killer for it. Having your research on the bottom half where it's easier to read but still having the top half fully accessible would be great. The fact that it's not super high refresh would be fine. It's higher pixel density then 1080 would be nice as well. I dig it.


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    • aleks138

      Two monitors stacked on top of each other have the correct aspect ratio

    • exturkconner

      @Arkadi De Proft Because a regular large monitor doesn't have the aspect ratio of two monitors stacked ontop of each other?

    • Arkadi De Proft
      Arkadi De Proft

      What's stopping you from doing this with a regular, large monitor?

  • Little Viener
    Little Viener

    This would be a great addition to a streaming setup!

  • Kevin Kaminski
    Kevin Kaminski

    This monitor would have been perfect like 10 years ago when AMD had their multi monitor advertising going where you’d rotate 5 16:9 monitors 90 degrees and line them all up together. With this monitor, that would have been amazing.

  • Geoffrey Lyons
    Geoffrey Lyons

    Honestly, what I'd be interested in is a monitor designed for 3 monitors with the outer two set with this aspect ratio, but getting the dpi matched up would be crazy. Either way I'm looking forward to bezeless microled that allows the used to set their own custom aspect rations on the fly.

  • Jeremy Pajot
    Jeremy Pajot

    Theoretically a square screen makes sense, it uses the most of your usable vision at one time. Gaming on this with games designed for it would give you a lot of peripheral vision, not normally used.

  • LimitedWard

    This is one scenario where having windows 11 would be really advantageous since W11 supports top and bottom window snapping for vertically oriented displays.

    • LimitedWard

      @Jason Fadelli for sure. I use powertoys on all my W10 machines. Still, having that functionality supported natively is better imo. Sometimes I find it takes a while for powertoys to start up, and I'm waiting a while to be able to snap my windows. I believe also W11 makes improvements on remembering how you like to organize your multi monitor setups, which is useful if you plug your laptop in.


      Son unos HOTGIRLS18.FUN de los mejores ❤ Mañas no se la, n,uu

    • Galaxy S7
      Galaxy S7

      There's a ton of free window snapping tools out there. Personally I use WinSplit Revolution, which can not only snap half width/height to left/right/top/bottom, but also to all corners and even 1/3 or 2/3 width utilizing intuitive NumPad shortcuts, plus it works with multimonitor setups. I believe it's customizable on top of all that, but didn't even look into it further since the basic functionality is already plenty.

    • `

      That or a tiling window manager would probably be amazing on this aspect ratio.

    • Jason Fadelli
      Jason Fadelli

      Win power toys provides an incredibly easy way to snap windows into any configuration. Check it out for real

  • Intelligenz Bestie
    Intelligenz Bestie

    so here's an interesting video you guys could do: this monitor and the 32:9 odyssey g9 series have the same amount of pixels just distributed differently(this is like 2x1440p stacked vertically on top another, while the odyssey g9 is 2x1440p side-by-side horizontically) so if you took 2 of each and either put side-by-side(LG dualup) OR on top of each other(samsung g9) you'd get a giant 5k either way, but which one would be even less practical?

    • Brent Greeff
      Brent Greeff

      I think two dualups would be pretty good actually.

  • James McDaniel
    James McDaniel

    I feel like this would be really good for emulation

  • Anarkey

    I'm definitely interested in this monitor as I'm doing data visualization where I need to access large datasets. The size is right enough for me to arrange everything on one screen.

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  • Synthetic_Future

    Could you game 16:9 / 16:10 on it though without stretching? If so I would be fine with that for sure 😁

  • DEJ915

    Pretty close to an old 18" 5:4 panel but turned sideways, would be nice to run two of this sideways I would think that was a really nice update to the old setup I had.


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    • Kristian Alvestad
      Kristian Alvestad

      Correct 18:16 is a convoluted way of saying 4,5:4

    • Robert T
      Robert T

      What about a double vertical 21:9 making a 7:6

  • Aidan Shorts
    Aidan Shorts

    Sideways is definitely best, in work I use 2 24" monitors stacked and its the most ergo setup, no head turning required.

  • Anonymous .A
    Anonymous .A

    I have an ultra wide 1080p ontop a 1440p monitor giving me 2560x2520 and I really think a 1:1 aspect ratio would have been better than a 8:9. Not that it hasn't already been done with excellent results.

  • Kell

    If they make cheap ones of these, I'd buyyyyyyy the heck out of them. Awesome side monitors.

  • Micco Tay
    Micco Tay

    I like his host. He always bring cool stuff to the show, reminds me of old school LTT videos.

  • Raza Nathani
    Raza Nathani

    I remember when I saw the old square monitors in my graphics design class and joked about it with my professor, it was at that moment when I found out that monitors like these are meant for autocade and others like engineering and modelling work stuff like that, I'm probably not saying the use case properly but man when we did furniture modelling on both the wide and the square monitors I could see the difference so yes as its for work only

    • Nicholas Vinen
      Nicholas Vinen

      @Superslash that's why 2560x1600 is so much better than 2560x1440 although I prefer 3840x2560 over either of those.

    • Superslash

      Because the monitors aren't "wide", they're "short". so-called 1440P is only just now getting back to the vertical resolution we used to have on 1600x1200 screens in 2001.

    • KIRAN MS
      KIRAN MS

      @camjkerman yeah agreed. I would love to give it a try at least once for design work. Sm posts, print works in any a3, a4 sizes, brochures, flyers etc mostly are still square or portrait. I can't be 100% sure whether I would like ps or ai in this screen format but would be very interesting to try.

    • camjkerman

      Imo they'd also be great for graphic design. Think about it, you're working on a document that's an A-format rectangle, on a 16:10 display like all the MacBooks in this damn industry, you're document in Illustrator will be pretty small on the screen, but there'll be a tonne of dead space around it that just isn't suitable for anything. With something like this (or even just marginally more square like a 3:2 a la Surface products) you've got a lot less of that dead space and you can view your document larger on the same screen size.

    • Carl Siemens
      Carl Siemens

      Also great for other productivity programs. Word and Excel are great, website scrolling is better. Man, those 5:4 monitors were great.

  • slizgi

    It is great concept as a production of the content monitor, for, editing, music composing, VFX, 3d etc., all the toolbars expanded and accessible etc. on one screen, or for coding. I remember correctly EIZO or NEC has 1440x1440 what is great for pro work. Awesome.

  • Rothang Liana
    Rothang Liana

    A three-monitor setup with this display would look so cool.

  • Eric Karczewski
    Eric Karczewski

    You can get software to treat different portions of the screen as secondary monitors, and just full screen a video on one half, with a seamless boarder to the next.

  • Freefox Xof
    Freefox Xof

    I´ve been tracking this monitor for quite a while and I love ths squear resolution, so much real state, indeed not for gaming but amazing for 3D modeling, I would love to use it for drawing but all digital drawing tablets, not monitor tablets, have an already fixed ratio.

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  • Psychx

    I'd love to see some new 24' high refresh rate, high density panels utilizing new technology. My AG241QX is beginning to show its age.

  • RobDiesALot

    I absolutely love and need this idea. I just need to be able to plug 2 separate PCs and have them like 2 screens on top of each other without a bezel. And 120Hz please. THE DREAM!

  • Stéphane Mignot
    Stéphane Mignot

    I would like it, I always use 4/3 ratio in games, more fps and easier on my old eyes!

  • Hugo Morales
    Hugo Morales

    For my coding it would do wonders i can have the vscode window fullscreen with the console and linters on the bottom side and then have a lot of screen real state for the actual code, that would look much better vertically

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      Signal app no(➄0❷) ➃❾6-❸2❷ʘ

      Congrats you have been selected among our shortlisted winners, Contact the number above ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^✅

  • Suq Madiq
    Suq Madiq

    I love that you bring in Virtual Japan for some monitor content. Great channel. He and Rambalac both.

  • KhanalSush

    I actually really like this. I feel like editing music will be so nice on this monitor

  • Andrew Bahls
    Andrew Bahls

    This monitor would be amazing for in-person D&D with a tabletop monitor! I'd just have to try to justify it's likely very expensive price with the intention of dismantling it and putting it in a custom tabletop case.


    I can see myself having a 2-3 monitor setup with this monitor for my graphic design work