Everyone gets an Apple M1! - iPad Air 5th Gen

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  • This is Tech Today
    This is Tech Today

    Riley's rant about USB totally made this video 😂

    • Ashton Wyss
      Ashton Wyss

      y'all really just want negativity huh

    • Bilateralrope

      @Ingram Fry Don't give them ideas.

    • Ingram Fry
      Ingram Fry

      He needs to review the Kingdom Hearts series's naming conventions.

    • ScruffyCat Micky
      ScruffyCat Micky

      Everything's better than a lightning port!

  • Shionne

    Will applying dbrand skins correctly eventually be a test for whenever they hire new staff?

    • Samuel Rodriguez
      Samuel Rodriguez

      It'll be on the job description now

    • Adit Jindal
      Adit Jindal

      dbrand pays 1/per hour of the salary for every employee /s

    • Jade Harman
      Jade Harman

      Was rather triggered by the camera application too 😂😂

    • Korumann

      If they do it correctly they fail the interview

    • Shikazu Yamaha
      Shikazu Yamaha

      They dont hire staff they hire more robots

  • SexyCaveman

    The vibe in these Apple unboxing vids has been very laissez-faire and I'm here for it.

    • WorldTravel1518

      Untrue, there isn't any slavery.

    • Smo_Lyne

      Mdr je connaissais pas cette expression

  • Neoxon

    I’m guessing this means that the upcoming iPad Pro will switch to the M2.

    • The Night
      The Night

      @Memphis Furman probably be limited at 15w.

    • Memphis Furman
      Memphis Furman

      @The Night 15w is what the current iPad Pro uses with the M1 the M1 pro uses more but the m2 will probably also be 15w

    • Carl Gunderson
      Carl Gunderson

      @sovo94 just because, the M1 Pro and the M1 Max is more powerfull than the M1 is. They could easily rename the M1 in the iPad Pro's "M1 Pro/Max" and call it a day. Instead of actually putting an M1 Pro/Max in it.

    • Carl Gunderson
      Carl Gunderson

      @sovo94 Do you have any idea what a guess and what joking is? 🤦‍♂️🙄

    • sovo94

      @Carl Gunderson do you have any idea how chip cooling and TDP work?

  • Randuski

    It's a lovely idea having high speed transfer rates on the ipads. Except every time i open the files app and use an ssd, everything bricks up. Files app freezes. It's been a constant problem, it's never improved, and i don't understand why it's never discussed. As of right now, transferring files to an external device isn't a functional thing. But maybe all my external devices and ipads are just broken.

    • Regan Brannigan
      Regan Brannigan

      @kmoecub If I'm making sarcastic jokes I would've thought it'd be fairly obvious that I wasn't intending on having any sort of intellectual conversation about it. Just stupid silly jokes. Silly sausage ya

    • kmoecub

      @Regan Brannigan Oh I do understand what it means. Should I have not clarified the issues with using the cloud in order to keep the conversation going? Silly goose.

    • OK1LAD

      I also have problems with Files being buggy. When you connect an external HDD, it doesn't give you an option to safely remove it. People on the internet say that once is the Files app done writing to the storage, you can just close Files and remove the drive. Except that's not the case. I had files corrupted by the M1 iPad pro multiple times... You have to completely shut ti iPad down in order to remove the storage. Also, it often just locks up when you try to manipulate with large files in any way. That's just sad...

    • Regan Brannigan
      Regan Brannigan

      @kmoecub It seems as though you don’t understand what the /s indicated

    • kmoecub

      @Regan Brannigan 1. The cloud is just using other people's computers. Security is relatively lax. 2. Cloud storage costs $$$ if you have more than a few MB of data to store. 3. Accessing cloud storage is entirely dependent on having stable internet access. I can only do my job if my files are accessible even if internet access is down.

  • WritingPanda

    Riley is excellent. I do miss NCIX's tech news channel, but with Riley at LTT, life is fantastic.

  • Emaad Dar
    Emaad Dar

    iPads were already powerful enough, what they need to do is make iPad OS less restrictive.

    • lettuce

      @curly dude the affinity suite is actually quite ahead of the adobe suite for photo editing purposes on the iPad

    • John Buscher
      John Buscher

      @curly dude I want normal web browsers for proper add blocking but that’s just me.

    • Jagad Cahaya
      Jagad Cahaya

      @curly dude I believe the dev team want to make it, but the marketing team wouldn't allow it, because thay still want to sell their macbook

    • curly dude
      curly dude

      it's less the OS, we need more desktop grade applications. I want the full Adobe suite on it. I want full versions of Word and excel. I want real apps. It's powerful enough so just gimme! Fucking developers

  • SamMAVRS

    those 2 need to do more videos together. that was the most I ever laughed in all LTT videos

    • SamMAVRS

      @Marc i completely disagree. the banter between him and the camera guy was fantastic and pretty hilarious. its an unboxing video. its very boring so you need to spice it up

    • Marc

      The mustache guy is the most cringe try-hard on the internet.

  • BlackSn0wz

    nothing I love more than a highly capable chip crippled by over restrictive software that can't take advantage of it.


      @Lee Stone Pretty close? With energy saving ULV CPUs and integrated Graphics? Not really There was only one iGPU i ever trusted to be capable, and it was the Geforce 9400M chipset. Intel iGPUs still sucks. And damn, is the new Intel GPU really better than at least a 1050 Ti? If not, its pretty much useless. And if you say "you can play GTA V"... 1) you talk about a decade old game 2) whats "playable" in your opinion? 15 fps? probably 30 at ultralow graphics and 800x600? no thanks, thats UNPLAYABLE (especially for people used to 90-144 fps without any noticable input lag) The HP Spectre 360 is pretty ok. I bought once for my mum a Lenovo Yoga with Ryzen 5 and Vega 8, its also pretty awesome for its size, but the problem is somehow the 14" screen, its easily too small for being a proper laptop. As i said, there are no proper convertibles/tablet-notebook-AIOs aviable yet, at least not when you want really advantages of both sides in a decent amount. Things probably change with Windows ARM edition and windows devices with ARM CPUs, but it seems its a long road to this day.

    • Lee Stone
      Lee Stone

      @GOAT OF DUTY You can get pretty close if you go for a 13" 2 in 1. All the benefits of a small laptop with the option to turn it into a tablet too. I have a HP Spectre x360 & can use if for watching content, productivity applications, pen input for writing equations in MS Word/OneNote, & the integrated graphics are good enough to play games like GTA V & Mass Effect LE. Pretty much all I need in one laptop/tablet hybrid with the functionality of a full desktop OS. The reason I don't have a dedicated tablet is for similar reasons @rdvgrd6 pointed out, they're too restrictive.


      @Talha Mukhtar You act as if other companies try to make a fusion out of Notebooks/"PCs" and mobile devices but they also don't do it

    • Talha Mukhtar
      Talha Mukhtar

      @RunForPeace 2020 all due respect friend, but… huh? Who said MacOS? MacOS is not the goal here. We already have a phenomenal MacOS M1 device. Several, in fact. I want an M1 iPad Air or iPad Pro that fully utilizes the hardware in a sensible manner. MacOS is not that, as you spent lot of time explaining sensibly, albeit in response to a point I didn’t make Right now, the M1 is simply better in a laptop. It yields better battery life, better real-world performance, and more flexibility in use case. I could understand if Apple wanted to dial down the performance of the iPad M1 to make it a better fit for portability. But they haven’t. They haven’t put in the work to make these two revolutionary advances in computing fit together correctly. And the main hinderance to that is the current state of iPadOS Maybe they need to split iPadOS into a consumer-grade and a pro-grade OS, maybe they need to discontinue support for the old, underpowered iPads, maybe they just need to work on cleaning up the back end. But for sure they need to do something if they want to pull the potential out of these devices

    • Mike L.
      Mike L.

      @RunForPeace 2020 an inferior desktop experience is better than no desktop experience. I mean, when I'm using desktop mode on my Surface Pro 99% of the time it's got at least the keyboard and trackpad plugged in, if not a mouse as well. If you've got an air or pro with a magic keyboard sitting on your desk there is no valid reason why that device shouldn't be able to run Mac OS.

  • The_Wiki

    A13 in the base iPad is the iPhone 11 Pro processor. It's still veryfast. Can easily edit video, etc. on it. It's the same speed as the Snapdragon 8 chip in the latest $1000+ Samsung Tab S8 tablets.

    • Cassie

      I love how Riley is basically real life Cherdley dad, a middle aged hilarious dude in a 20-something body. We love you, Riley

  • Viet-Anh Tran
    Viet-Anh Tran

    Thank you, USB Forum, for making USB names complicated as hell

    • MegaManNeo

      You are a couple of years late.

  • Zach Salmi
    Zach Salmi

    Them including the deep cut of when James accidentally started to stream is why I love LTT

    • Mirko Elbers
      Mirko Elbers

      When was it? So... not the moment in the video, but when James accidentally started to stream :)

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I love how it ends with Riley basically recommending 99.9% of regular people you just get the current cheap iPad instead. Which I feel like is probably totally true. An absolutely a cherry on top of this not review, review.

    • John Doe
      John Doe

      @Ano Muumit Yep, I feel the exact same. I still very much like tablets but I couldn't agree more as far as their functionality goes. We still haven't gotten a true replacement for a desktop/laptop though we keep getting closer and closer. It's definitely going to be a software thing and I can't help but wonder will it be Microsoft,Apple or somehow a third company that I can't think of that has a ton of money to pour into software R&D. The way I am looking forward to it being much better in the future though I can't help but wonder how long it's really going to take.

    • Ano Muumit
      Ano Muumit

      Tablets have been criticized for lacking functionality over the years and it hasn't changed. iPads (and tablets in general) are still overblown phones and laptops beat them for actual multipurpose use. Would love to see a tablet-like user interface and battery life with the added functionality you get with a full fledged OS on a tablet.

  • Thewaterspirit57

    Well luckily, Apple is slowly making iPadOS more intuitive while keeping that simplicity that Apple devices have. They finally unlocked the ram a bit more for the 16GB pro. Maybe soon we’ll get some sort of 12GB ipad Air? XD

  • Michael Skinner
    Michael Skinner

    That would make it the cheapest M1 you can get, wouldn’t it? The only problem is you can’t get Steam, or Wow, or anything else. That’s what sets this apart from the M1 MacBook:-/

    • Michael Skinner
      Michael Skinner

      @jackedup447 it can. That’s called the m1 MacBook. Considering that they already have macOS running on the M1, it’s only a matter of time before someone just installs macOS on an iPad. You can’t do that on other platforms, hardware, or OS’s because the code isn’t there, and it’s usually done piecemeal by the community. If it runs at all. Apple already did the heavy lifting

    • jackedup447

      tbh thats what pisses me off so much more. It has a M1 what the fuck do you mean you cant make it run MacOS?

    • V-shanViews

      Mac mini is the cheapest to play games

    • Steven S
      Steven S

      @ADee SHuPA BTW, I use Arch

  • Kiwi Monster364
    Kiwi Monster364

    Funny that power adapter are still shipped with iPads although "this has a significant impact on the environment"

    • Alej Sumit
      Alej Sumit

      @Kiwi Monster364 iPhone does not require a 20W charger. Anyway, another dimension to this is that the iPad is a separate device you might not buy as often as a phone and have as many chargers for. Also, Apple sells *significantly* more iPhones than iPads, so it makes for the biggest and most obvious reduction in e-waste

    • Kiwi Monster364
      Kiwi Monster364

      @Alej Sumit Both are 20w lol (Official Apple chargers). Inform yourself before talking bs

    • Alej Sumit
      Alej Sumit

      @Kiwi Monster364 Still not the same wattage as the iPad

    • Kiwi Monster364
      Kiwi Monster364

      @Alej Sumit Right... And what about fast charge on the new iPhones?

    • Robert T
      Robert T

      Also… 20watt charger for iPads vs wireless and all the 10 watt chargers that are out there.

  • bumble

    M2 must be around the corner if Apple is slapping it on everything.

  • Bobby Van Gilder
    Bobby Van Gilder

    "Everythings better than a lightning port!" You should make this an actual jingle and submit it to the iTunes Store. Lol

    • Cassie

      M2 must be around the corner if Apple is slapping it on everything.

  • S C
    S C

    I liked this video just because I enjoy watching Riley, I miss his crazy brother too.

    • Daraul Harris
      Daraul Harris

      Barret was fun, I miss him too

  • Tai lumis
    Tai lumis

    I would love to see FaceID and TouchID in Combination or only FaceID, and Landscape Camera or put two in itopposite in the corner so you can't cover one camera by accident.

    • J Heads
      J Heads

      *laughs in samsung* But yeah, i don't know why Apple can't use both

    • Markus Glesnes
      Markus Glesnes

      @Iku Turso they should have both. Especially phones

    • Iku Turso
      Iku Turso

      Yes. It is idiotic that macs and iPads have TouchID and phones have FaceID - it should be the opposite.

  • Trane Francks
    Trane Francks

    I highly approve of letting Riley go off-script. Best parts of the video.

  • Brenton Ekstrand
    Brenton Ekstrand

    Riley is amazing, he always makes me laugh so hard

  • Zoidberg

    Like they're well made tech, but after using a few over the years, tablets are just not super useful for me. I'd rather have a laptop in almost every scenario and dont want a touch device and a laptop instead of just a 2 in 1.

    • Daniel Kaschel
      Daniel Kaschel

      @Bilateralrope everybody is different, of course. The value proposition for me is how easy it is to get started. You pick up a light device that doesn't require you to change position and you can start doing things instantly. Without squinting at a tiny phone screen. Laptops feel very ungainly by comparison.

    • Bilateralrope

      That's a discussion I've had with my dad a few times. He wanted to send me a tablet as a birthday present, but neither of us could think of anything I'd use it for. Oh, he had ideas. The closest he got to something I'd do was games, but I don't enjoy playing games on a touchscreen.

    • Spooderboi

      @scout tf2 I know that now lol

    • scout tf2
      scout tf2

      @Spooderboi that’s why you read specs and know laptops before buying

    • Spooderboi

      @Daniel Kaschel same. I think I was screwed over because I bought a “gaming” laptop that didn’t even have a dedicated Laptop GPU, and ran like shit even for small art stuff. Bought me a Ipad Pro and it already has replaced it perfectly (Games run better too ironically)

  • Mike Pawlik
    Mike Pawlik

    I love how Riley is basically real life Cherdley dad, a middle aged hilarious dude in a 20-something body. We love you, Riley

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin

    I highly approve of letting Riley go off-script. Best parts of the video.

  • Johannes Scharf
    Johannes Scharf

    11:10 you can actually use the iPad Air with the bigger version of the Magic Keyboard. You just have to press the connectors from the iPad and the Keyboard together, just like the magnets would. It works, but it doesn’t holds onto the keyboard at all.

  • Michael L
    Michael L

    I swear the A12X from 4 years ago is still plenty fast enough

    • Prateek Panwar
      Prateek Panwar

      @Shaun Kellison It's problem of game itself. Pc version is buggy.

    • Maotio

      Right now I’m on a iPad Pro 2018 with the a12x and seriously it’s faster than I need right now

    • Loop

      @JBlu 2018 iPad aged like fine wine, such a great deal, getting cheaper and cheaper

    • My Real Username
      My Real Username

      @James Cooper I still have a 4th gen but I don’t really use it, it’s basically just used for like recipes and stuff.

    • JBlu

      yeah I dont see ever replacing my 2018 11" it still does exactly what it needs to do

  • Stan Lee
    Stan Lee

    Damn, still remember buying an ipad 2 32GB Cellular version for OVER $800! And then buying an ipad 3 (retina) 32GB Cellular version 2 months later for ANOTHER $800 because I was stupid and didn't know the updated model was being released a month after I bought the 2... Funny thing is, the ipad 2 STILL WORKS! While the ipad 3 (retina) stopped charging and will no longer turn on.

    • Robert T
      Robert T

      Must have hurt when they released the iPad 4 like 6 months later.

    • O_O

      God will

    • xRoyalStevenx

      Parents iPad 2 still works, just can’t update anything lol

    • Youtube Kullanıcısı
      Youtube Kullanıcısı

      And the funny thing is, the iPad 4 came out 6 months after the 3, so many people experienced the same thing with the 3.

    • kmoecub

      I just replaced the battery in my iPad3. It was running great until the digitizer cracked, which why I opened it up. Putting in a new battery was just a bit of preventative maintainance.

  • mateus HUN
    mateus HUN

    So, Apple basically cut production price by using essentially the same casing.

    • Talha Mukhtar
      Talha Mukhtar

      Yes. It's a sensible, consumer-friendly decision that allows for backwards compatibility with many different accessories while allowing Apple to sell an M1-enabled device for $600. This is not a given for Apple, and we should encourage them to do this more often with more devices

    • rdvgrd6

      And how is that a bad thing?

    • kmoecub

      All sucessful manufacturers do whenever they can. Even saving a penny-per-part by using it on multiple products can potentially make the difference between earning a profit or taking a loss. It all comes down to volume and maximizing use across the product line.

  • Sam

    I do think the m1 is a weird position towards the air as it feels oddly similar to the A15 being in an SE. I think they should have pushed to A12X instead and pushed with more fluid screen such as 90hz. It feels confusing to whats left of improving the air but its screen. I mean I'd probably choose the 10.5 iPad pro over this regardless of its chip advancements but usb c sure is a catch

  • Caden Churchill
    Caden Churchill

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I actually like Logitech’s Folio Touch case for my iPad Pro better than Apple’s Magic case. So much more flexible plus I just think it looks nicer.

    • Caden Churchill
      Caden Churchill

      @Talha Mukhtar 100% agreed! Plus for my usage, the kickstand is actually far more useful. Even when using it on my lap I’ve never found it to be a problem, and I love how I can prop it up comfortably next to me in bed to watch TV.

    • Talha Mukhtar
      Talha Mukhtar

      I bought a Combo Touch for myself and a Magic Keyboard for my artistic sister. I thought I was being the nice older brother, but it turns out I may have gotten the better end of the deal! I mean, don't get me wrong, the Magic Keyboard is pretty awesome. But while it's the absolute perfect keyboard experience for a tablet, it is a distressingly subpar case. The Combo Touch offers a phenomenal keyboard experience, though the Surface-style stand has as many cons as pros. Its case experience is easily superior, and it's half the price

  • srg

    i think its funny how every tech channel ridicules USB and HDMI naming in a merciless way just like it needs to be because even as a tech enthusiast its freakin confusing.

  • Vlad Racolta
    Vlad Racolta

    Most of Riley's videos have good, sometimes great humour, but every now and then, he is LEGENDARY! 🤣

  • willum223

    The USB Implementers Forum need a clip around the ear and mandatory attendance at a basic numeracy class. Madness.

  • Sam Schaltenbrand
    Sam Schaltenbrand

    Really need to hear the rest of his free style about lighting ports.

    • Peter Hallman
      Peter Hallman

      🎶Every thing is better then a LIGHTING PORT 🎶🤣🤣🤣 need more

    • rdvgrd6

      But this iPad has usb C so what’s your point?

  • Cassie

    I love how Riley is basically real life Cherdley dad, a middle aged hilarious dude in a 20-something body. We love you, Riley

  • ADVENT Avenger
    ADVENT Avenger

    I am not an apple user by a longshot. I'm team android and google through and through... EXCEPT if anyone asks me for a tablet specifically, I feel like the Apple iPads is where it's at. There is simply no competition in the sleek look and great usability feel. My mother's iPad 1 still works today.

  • Zachary Castagna
    Zachary Castagna

    Wish they would have put mini led or oled in this. Rather a nicer screen and the same guts as iPhone.

  • Oscar Vásquez
    Oscar Vásquez

    The best part was the one about USB standards

  • Kristen Cross
    Kristen Cross

    *I bought it for my daughter with **Newest.Technology** special needs. So far she loves it. She previously had a tablet . She likes this because it’s a bigger screen and easier for her to see.*

  • TheXGamer

    Now we‘ll wait and see which chip Apple is gonna put inside their next iPad Pro. My guess is the M1 Pro for the 128GB and 256GB and the M1 Max for the higher storage options.

    • Justus Sponbrucker
      Justus Sponbrucker


  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown

    I was actually shocked at how good the speakers on my mom’s iPad Air were, especially compared to my iPhone 7 Plus.

  • Martin

    It's still the same limitations of the OS as the iPad Pro's use and the base model iPad use.

    • PetrixZ SeVeNz 2
      PetrixZ SeVeNz 2

      @Grey Lawson I own an iPad Pro M1 myself the smooth elegant simplicity is impressive where it shines best in certain applications. Yet the closed nature where I have to jump through loopholes to manage local 📂 and files, the blocking of sideoading 3rd party apps or emulators. It is decent but it could be better by being more open and complex in other key areas like file management and document/art creation. True ownership of Adobe & Microsoft Software rather than subscriptions money grubbing. Thankfully I do own a High Spec Personally Built Windows 10 PC for the real pro stuff while the iPad serves as a supplemental simplied portable on the go additional tool.

    • Talha Mukhtar
      Talha Mukhtar

      @curly dude wellllll... it is also Apple's fault. I mean, it's their product in the end, and they set the ground rules for what constraints developers have to follow. For instance, the fact that iPadOS refuses to let an app take advantage of the full 8 (let alone 16) gigs of RAM on an iPad Pro fundamentally limits the device. Like, one of the innovations of the M1 chip is its unified memory, which is wasted on an OS that doesn't trust apps with any more than a smidge of memory

    • Grey Lawson
      Grey Lawson

      @PetrixZ SeVeNz 2 dude it either doesn't work for your workflow or you're just not a professional, because I know plenty of people that use an iPad Pro to its full extent. One is a realtor using an iPad Pro to construct 3D models of homes as she walks through them and the other is a video editor that travels frequently for work. If it's not for you, it's cool

    • Grey Lawson
      Grey Lawson

      @Dicey Yes, there are. One of which is the lightning port's horrendous USB 2.0 speeds on the base model iPad, but that's not the iPad professionals buy, they get the Pro model with the 40Gb/s Thunderbolt 4 port. I can go on about the screen, battery life, and other hardware limitations but the points already clear

    • curly dude
      curly dude

      @PetrixZ SeVeNz 2 Well that isn't really apples fault. Developers could put the entire Adobe suit on the iPad, they could even make it identical to the Mac version. Hell they run the same hardware now. They just....don't. I use my iPad pro for lightroom mostly, and then lumafusion and affinity photo. Fantastic and very powerful apps. Other than that and note taking I don't have much use for it. Sometimes I connect it to the TV to mirror the screen. Or just for watching videos or reading. If the iPad didn't have those three apps and the pen I wouldn't really see any use in the device tbh.

  • C A
    C A

    I'm done with Apple. Having routinely purchased it's high-end suite of products since about 2008, everything over the past 8 years has failed dramatically and the standard of support has waned to a position of non-existence. The last gen iPad Air I purchased for my wife developed a single hairline crack across the screen due to a manufacturing/materials flaw (known issue); however, despite being in warranty Apple support were deliberately adversarial and refused to assist. I have had the same experience with the previous batch of 'Pro' tier products, from iPhones to Airpods to Macbooks. Awful degradation to what was once a very respectable and innovative company with decent business ethics.

  • Jason Last
    Jason Last

    I REMEMBER Riley's iPad reviews back in the day. God they were so good.

  • gudetography

    I have the leather skin on my 12.9” iPad Pro and can confirm it disables contact with the Magic Keyboard… apparently there’s a blurb at the bottom of the leather skin purchase page that says it won’t be compatible with the keyboard anymore once you use the skin lol 😪

  • chrikke

    "we will stop including chargers to be climate friendly" *includes stickers people throw out*

    • Jeremy Crocker
      Jeremy Crocker

      I think you mean *forces people to use proprietary parts and accessories*

    • rdvgrd6

      People rarely throw out their Apple stickers. And if they do, it’s much easier to recycle them than chargers

    • Robert T
      Robert T

      You saying sticker cause the same climate damage as stickers…. Ok…

    • MaybeThisIsMark

      Who throws away the apple stickers??

    • Abd

      what kind of monster throws away the apple sticker?

  • mbsfaridi

    7:52 Wouldn’t that cause problems with cooling?

  • Erik Schneider
    Erik Schneider

    The iPad was good, but I'm really wanting the full version of "Patina" by Riley.

    • Presto Wing
      Presto Wing

      Same. What's his artist name? Also nice Robin amiibo, Riley!!

  • cheese

    From my experience owning an iPad Air generation 4, I would not be calling it a computer. It is, however, the best Chromebook as it can actually do everything a Chromebook can and more. So if all you're doing is using a word processor, the web, and Spotify, it is close enough to a PC to be very good.

    • DARAE om
      DARAE om

      @Adam Chu I wouldn't leave SSH open

    • Adam Chu
      Adam Chu

      @DARAE om My PC is not your off site render node FFS

    • Steve Jobs
      Steve Jobs

      to be fair, it still is a computer by definition

    • ຸ

      Professionals: we need more usability for ipads Apple: heres another overpowered chip, take it or leave it

    • DARAE om
      DARAE om

      Yes I agree, however, I have been using mine to SSH to my PC to quickly run something, so technically you can code on it

  • Alexandru Chiciuc
    Alexandru Chiciuc

    Got that skin on my note 20 ultra. Actually ordered from Romania, wasn't disappointed, fully recommend

  • Lightning Gamer
    Lightning Gamer

    I say Riley’s rant about USB is justified 😆

  • Shoff 29
    Shoff 29

    One of my favorite LMG movements was Riley’s little b roll skit where he’s talking an iPad picture in public and is soo excited

  • Thewaterspirit57

    I think all day battery means, you can use it between hours, and it’s standby battery usage is quite low. Like, even on this iPad 5th Gen, it can last all day on a full charge, because sometimes I have it idle and locked for 30 minutes between some usages

  • Jieren Zheng
    Jieren Zheng

    The back case felt thinner, even though the iPad Air kept getting heavier and heavier over the years.

    • alysdexia


  • Artur

    Riley, You should try reviewing a Galaxy Tab S8 with Dex Mode - seriously I have switched from an iPad Air to a Tab S7 and it's freakin great, especially that I can make calls from it and use it mounted as my infotainment system for my car! And I can make calls and text from it without my phone on me unlike Apple iPad bullcrap

    • Eno

      Because you can tailor Android to your needs. It feels like YOUR device, as opposed to using Apple products: it feels like it's still theirs and you're just dealing with how to use it.

    • Artur

      @Doomy_Doomy Pro or no? :)

    • Doomy_Doomy

      I am the opposite. I switch from the tab s7 to the iPad.

    • Artur

      Aaand TBH I loved the iPad, but it felt to me like an always limited device...Connecting to monitor, multitasking, copying files from my dslr - waay better on S7. Phonecalls also were a deal breaker to me as 50% of the time I didnt get any on my iPad from an iPhone.. and in Samsung I just have a sim card and it calls like a regular phone but with bigger screen :)

  • ADVENT Avenger
    ADVENT Avenger

    The USB and HDMI standards are getting really screwed up name wise. Is it HDMI 2.1 VRR? Who knows. Does it support USB 3.1 Gen 1? Gen 2? 2x1? 1x2? 3.2? 3.3?

    • Talha Mukhtar
      Talha Mukhtar

      and this is before we throw the number 4 into the mix

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    Bob Sentell

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      1 ❤️ Hermosa eleccion loveme.uno/AGNEZ de mejor 2 ( elecciones ) 9.5/10 3 ( culturales ) 9.3/10 Son unos de los mejores conciertos. .

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      Bhuvan Kumar Gunessee

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