Do you REALLY want a Keyboard on your Phone??? - F(x)Tec Pro 1 Phone
The F(x)Tec Pro 1 phone might be the best (or only) option out there for people who want a full QWERTY hardware keyboard on their smartphone. It even has arrow keys!...much better than the Blackberry KEY2!
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  • codeHusky

    You guys forgot about the open source software capabilities. The bootloader is unlocked and it allows you to install pretty much anything you want (Linux distro wise or whatever) easily. Major feature imo that you guys totally missed, especially since they officially support that kinda thing.

    • Алексей Гриднев
      Алексей Гриднев

      @C:/Users/WindowsNT not anymore, they've added an official support of Ubuntu Touch

    • C:/Users/WindowsNT

      I literally just bought a pine phone. Now I'm looking at this one and the librem one. It's only taken 15 years, but phones are actually starting to get useable. What's really funny is while watching the video I was thinking "That's a cool concept, but it's probably so niche that things like lineageOS won't have support. Oh well" But on their website, they literally list lineage as a supported OS

    • Marian Claudiu
      Marian Claudiu

      oh that would make a great pocket computer!

    • mats852

      @codeHuskysearch for The Front Fell Off on IRglo

    • codeHusky

      @Naman Kohli that's totally false lol, plus hardware support can be really limited on flagships due to weird drm in the boot code or even just odd components.

  • Bruh..

    There's a new version of this phone out today that is partnered with XDA and runs Lineage OS right out of the box!! There's also a Ubuntu Touch variant. Please cover it Linus! 💙

    • Ed Kind
      Ed Kind

      any more updates with new versions? what’s the most newest ones name? thank you

    • TheFicktion

      looks like nokia n950 :)

    • Rexsovel Llejes
      Rexsovel Llejes

      bump to this!

    • Sapioit

      Advertising those as tiny laptops instead of smartphones with keyboards would make a lot more sense. Especially if they added two knobs/joysticks to the keyboard, one for mouse/cursor and one for WASD/arrows would truly make such a device a mix between a gaming smartphone and ultra-small laptop.

    • Sleepless Engineer
      Sleepless Engineer

      linus is just going to trash it because he hates anything that has an original design and isn't just a direct copy of an apple product

  • Isaac 1990
    Isaac 1990

    Advantage of having a sliding, physical keyboard on your phone: The virtual keyboard will not cover 90% of the screen when you tilt it to horizontal mode. This should be a good gimmick for 2020 phones. Make sure it is durable and buttons are big, clickable and easy to press. When the phone is vertical, virtual keyboard can be use. But in horizontal mode, virtual keyboard is off as you can use the build-in sliding keyboard.

    • John SAUTRON
      John SAUTRON

      @Colby Schlaht yes i s'illustre have my N900 ans actually i used To like it was very advance Phone back then with onboard Skype, Flashmacromedia, FM transmitter. Also i like thé sidekick keyboard!! Cheers!

    • Colby Schlaht
      Colby Schlaht

      @John SAUTRON ;). I actually have this phone and freaking love it. SailfishOS on it (linux), with an android container. Best of both worlds. Loved physical landscape keyboards since my N900 days. The tactile feedback is great, and the phone is smaller than the giant slabs all the major phone makers have been pushing these days.

    • John SAUTRON
      John SAUTRON

      @Colby Schlaht 😂🤣

    • MMQuck

      @Specular Psychogenesis trueeeeeeeeee. just a funny phrasing tbh

  • AlTheEngineer

    As a BlackBerry Key2 user, I think this might be my next phone since BB is now officially dead. Can't live without the physical keyboard, touch typing and responding to emails and messages can get really fast on the physical keyboard when you master the muscle memory of the layout. Also I manage code … loads of code … and I occasionally write scripts on the go, a touch screen keyboard is awful for that!

    • AlTheEngineer

      @Mariano Daniel hnnnm yes I do. What's your offer?

    • Mariano Daniel
      Mariano Daniel

      AlTheEngineer you still holding on to that BB key? Thinking of buying it.

    • Fremont Pathfinder
      Fremont Pathfinder

      Does anyone know if I can use this with T mobile

    • AlTheEngineer

      @Nerd254 I didn't buy it yet. I might wait for their next iteration, my BlackBerry Key2 is still working fine!

    • Nerd254

      AlTheEngineer have you bought the phone yet? How is it?

  • J

    Would be awesome for a company to make this design but with a second display instead of a keyboard. Would be skinner, more useful, and customizable. It could easily be made from a durable plastic and i know theres technology out there to basically allow a physical bubble to pop on the screen to recreat a physical keyboard, it just isn't the prettiest on the main display. But on a second hidden display which sole use is for productivity scaling .. well pretty display doesnt really matter.

  • Timothy Grant
    Timothy Grant

    I love that a manufacturer is still making these. Touch screen keyboards piss me off.

    • Others Sing puree
      Others Sing puree

      It has prevented me from a smartphone addiction.

    • CanadianB·O·W

      @realmoner Or you could be an example and not lower to such a childish level? But whatever lol

    • Feddb

      @VON28 did I assume something?

    • VON28

      @Feddb I read my comment again and I don't see how can you assume that, I'll never get hypocrites 😂

    • Feddb

      @VON28 nop I never owned a non smartphone phone sadly. I read my comment again and I don't see how you can assume that, I'll never get non-tech people 😂

  • Kagusaki Wolf
    Kagusaki Wolf

    That would have been my dream phone if they were able to implement an e-ink keyboard that morphs between different layouts like the Samsung Alias 2. The F(x)Tec Pro 1 is the Droid 4 replacement for those who have been keeping their Droid 4 for years xD

  • Massimiliano Cacciamani
    Massimiliano Cacciamani

    yes, i want the keyboard. no, i dont need 3+ cameras on the phone. yes, i want a 3.5mm jack. no, i dont care if its a mm thicker.

    • Volkier Neigh
      Volkier Neigh

      100% this. Really over how every phone is trying to be as anorexic as possible while removing basic functionality and features.

    • Massimiliano Cacciamani
      Massimiliano Cacciamani

      @Altair4611 i had the og droid when it came out, and i loved it. when the second one came out, my wife bought it. both devices were great. i dont like how the onscreen keyboard takes up space on the viewing area. i actually really like the real kb... and the 3.5mm jack... and the removeable battery.... and im not fussed if its waterproof or not, as i dont plan on taking photos underwater anytime soon. i do care about how much ram and storage it has and what proceasor its runnning.

    • Veikra

      @Altair4611 i want the keyboard.

    • Altair4611

      You think you want the keyboard, but you actually don't want it

    • Ethan Endicott
      Ethan Endicott

      It also has a unlocked bootloader

  • Stephen Denino
    Stephen Denino

    my favorite phone I ever owned had a slide out keyboard, best typing experience ive ever had still. Pretty funny that its been 15 years of phone innovation and the digital keyboard suck so much compared to physical qwerty keyboards

  • Ahmad Fawwaz
    Ahmad Fawwaz

    2008 : wow it's touchscreen 2019 : holyshit real physical keyboard

    • tekgeekster

      I miss having a physical keyboard. (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)

    • spaceman00

      Touchscheen was not about replacing keyboard.

    • sabith mk
      sabith mk

      I wish more manufacturers released these type (slider keyborad) of phones again..... missing nokia n97

    • E T H E A R N O S
      E T H E A R N O S


    • Persiphone is a dude
      Persiphone is a dude

      2001 9/11 > 2020

  • Mohamed Ali
    Mohamed Ali

    I still have my Motorola Milestone and surprisingly it's still functioning well with a custom Rom, the beauty of a physical keyboard shines where you can have your full keyboard along with the entire screen real estate at the same time, and yes, it's very convenient during an RDP session for example. to go around this other layer of keys I suggest having the switch button (equivalent to shift for example) on the other side of the phone where the shutter key is, but more accessible to the hand like in a game controller where the user can hold it using the index finger while typing with the thumbs.

  • Greg

    Touchscreen keyboards frustrate the hell out of me, Yes a physical keyboard is a huge selling point for me!

    • Raven Angel
      Raven Angel

      I miss a physical keyboard.

  • Well_The_Simulations

    I’m surprised that gaming phones don’t have sliding controllers under the screen. I wouldn’t mind the EXTRA THICC

    • Minarchist Trucker
      Minarchist Trucker

      This is an old video and comment but the real reason I want this is because when I plated emulated games I loved having physical buttons to play games. You can use the wasd as a small d pad and play snes games or nes games or scumm vm games with a full keyboard

    • oompaville stan account
      oompaville stan account

      True! I would love to have a phone that has physical controller, while still having a modern design

    • e=mπc²

      I remeber when some gaming phones and phones back in the day had a sliding keyboard or gamepad under. Those were sick back in the day. But it is disappointing to see them die out as a phone feature. I miss them.

    • Sleepless Engineer
      Sleepless Engineer

      It wouldn't even have to be extra thick, the blackberry priv is a slider that's only 9mm thin.

    • RacistPixel

      Dude if i would get gaming phone with stats they have now + xperia play gamepad layout but formfactor and hinge like this phone.... I would drop some big money on that shit

  • Rob Creel
    Rob Creel

    How do you spend ten minutes talking about this phone and not mention the alternate OS options?! Out of the box support for Lineage or Sailfish is huge!!!

    • Pepper Saltman
      Pepper Saltman

      He is going to use it and put it right back in the box and send it back. He just needs it to make content for the channel

    • Iris Dogma
      Iris Dogma

      @Yomom12388 I'd say a high portion. As many people interested in such a phone are after more of a PC in your pocket experience (ie linux), and many others a google privacy option (ie lineage). It's an overlap of niche markets.

    • Faithful Nation
      Faithful Nation

      Exactly. He acts like people are only buying it for the physical keyboard. Terrible review.

    • Aaronious Airlines
      Aaronious Airlines

      @Ivan Lazarevski people care about cameras thanks to the narcissistic social media age we live in

    • Bob Collinge
      Bob Collinge

      Too bad he didn't talk about the privacy advantages running Linux phones have

  • Nerdom

    Reminds me of the old days with "classic unboxings", just Linus' pure reaction to a product. Nice and refreshing

  • Volkier Neigh
    Volkier Neigh

    Yeah I'm still using a bunch of Galaxy Captivate Glides I bought in 2008-2010 or so because it has a physical keyboard, removable battery, removable sd cards (basically all the functionality we used to have and which got taken away). Was really looking forward to this phone when I saw it advertised a few years ago - but the price is definitely a hard pill to swallow for the low-end hardware, even for someone like me who has been waiting for literally a decade. Not that it's unaffordable, but what you get for that price is just painful hardware-wise, and maybe a slightly more durable mechanism to that hinge (like what old Droids or Captivate Glides had). No matter how durable it is, it's still a massive point of weakness. On that note - still using the Captivate Glide until it completely crocks it. Two out of three already died, so I'm using those for parts to keep the current one going.

  • Havok

    Man, this takes me back in the day when the galaxy pro was a thing, first smartphone I had and I loved it, was so good for gaming in emus for the gba and writing was smooth, it was a pain to move from a physical to a touch keyboard and I mean, you get used to it but still... Anyway, wish more phones where like this, I honestly don't mind the extra bulk

  • Hay no Sekai
    Hay no Sekai

    It reminds me of my first android phone. The HTC Desire Z, that had a physical keyboard with a very weird hinge design.

  • lena viitanen
    lena viitanen

    My husband used to have a phone with that kind of keyboard and he was CRAZY fast on that thing. But then again he basically grew up on a computer so...

    • Broke Guy
      Broke Guy

      I was faster on my Blackberry Bold than I am today on a touchscreen.

    • Cp Gautam
      Cp Gautam

      @velkoon u can switch it off

    • velkoon

      @Rip Steakface my predictive text hinders me. AND, sometimes, when i move on to the next word, the predictive text thinks I've changed my mind about a word it previously got RIGHT (based on the phraseology), and changes the RIGHT word back to a WRONG one. Touch screen typing is the ultimate 1st-world dystopia and I don't know how anyone lives with it. It's moving backwards. (At least iphone predictive text. I remember liking my Android's from years ago...)

    • Flaze07

      @Rip Steakface touchscreen typing limits me to 70 wpm, I can easily get to 100 wpm on physical... *well, I guess you did say that physical keyboard for phone makes someone type slower, don't know if that's true*

    • Justo Alvarez
      Justo Alvarez

      @Rip Steakface I just hate predictive text xD And also don't understand people who are faster typing on touchscreens xD

  • Julio Jimenez
    Julio Jimenez

    I love this. It's like Unbox Therapy, but made by someone that really knows his stuff.

    • weeks weeks
      weeks weeks

      Lew: WILLY DO!!1!1! camera points at will Will: *coughs*

    • UnknownUser

      @Gausts same shit lok

    • Gausts

      @UnknownUser Mr. Whosetheboss is way worse.

  • Mike Sidelka
    Mike Sidelka

    "Do you REALLY want a Keyboard on your Phone???".... Yes, VERY MUCH SO YES.

    • toshineon

      @Altair4611 Not everything people like is because it's the most optimal thing that exists. People value different things, some like touchscreen typing, others don't. Neither of these groups are "right" or "wrong". Just like how some people prefer bluetooth headsets, and others like wired ones.

    • Mike Sidelka
      Mike Sidelka

      @Altair4611 No, I for sure want it.

    • Altair4611

      you think you want it but you dont

    • r8di8

      I really don’t care that much. It’s like adding bulk to your phone without a real purpose

    • CottonFries

      Bigger screen to see

  • ShinyMajor

    I dunno, the keyboard takes up a lot of screen real estate when you're in remote desktop or teamviewer. This would be a game changer if I did it more than once a month

  • Charles Alden
    Charles Alden

    Yeah, I tried this as well, wasn’t super impressed with the keys, I prefer the Cosmo, which I own. Also, no, keyboards still rock for remote servers, it’s why I own the Cosmo, that and it has Debian Linux and Sailfish in a dual boot setup.

    • Colby Schlaht
      Colby Schlaht

      Cosmo's battery life is terrible, and their software and product support is terrible as well. I switched to the Pro1 and couldn't be happier with Sailfish on it. Yes I own both.

    • Iris Dogma
      Iris Dogma

      Depends on whether you do a sit down, or more standing/mobile typing. Thumb typing with full keys don't really work.

  • saturn

    When I was in middle school I had a phone with a sliding keyboard. I honestly loved it; I vividly remember telling a friend how I preferred having a physical keyboard over just the touch screen one. Anyway idk what happened to it lol.

  • Mike Lanphear
    Mike Lanphear

    I like the more unscripted feel of this. Looking forward to more.

  • LadySeraphineCC

    I think if they improve on the design and make a touch screen keyboard an option too. That'd be great!

  • BitBam

    reminds me of my old HTC G2. i liked having a keyboard over now having to use the on screen keys. you save screen space while typing and i could map keys to macros and keybinds for games.

  • N colvin
    N colvin

    The last phone I had that had a physical keyboard was the G2, back in like 2009/2010. I really do miss it. Especially for typing longer emails or responses as it just increases the chances of mistypes and autocorrect issues.

  • Kent Hambrock
    Kent Hambrock

    I heard about that before it was officially announced (specs and all) and honestly didn't think it'd get released. I'm still not going to get it, but I'm happy to see a okay-ish keyboard phone still being released.

  • neoasura

    As someone who has to wear gloves 24/7 at work in a dirty factory. I would love the idea of a physical keyboard again. It's why I have the Note 9, at least I can use the stylus without taking my gloves off.

    • Der Doctor
      Der Doctor

      I just use a Caterpillar, Nokia 3310 style phone when we‘re in Field Exercises (I‘m in the army) and we‘re allowed to take a phone. It cost me like 45ish Euro and I had a Jeep drive over it, still works.

    • Nitin Katiyar
      Nitin Katiyar

      @Mrpiraterias Which one?

    • Sergio Méndez
      Sergio Méndez

      Didn’t think about it that way omg

    • Mrpiraterias

      I got a Mini Bluetooth keyboard off eBay because of this

  • Shane Hanson
    Shane Hanson

    The second I saw the video title, I though I am buying it. And after seeing the video I am definitely buying it. I had phones with physical keyboards till they stopped making them and I held on to my last one till it couldn't hold a charge for more than an hour. I am VERY glad to see them again. It is very annoying to have to find special characters in keyboard apps. And mobile webpages are garbage. I am looking forward to being able to use a websites desktop version, as I can easily use the phone rotated horizontally. And I really don't get the problem with things being a little thicker. Everything has gotten stupid thin (and flimsy). I remember cellphones (and portable PC's) from the 90's. If they we are as thick as that they would be insanely powerful and your battery would last well over a week. I say make them thicker there is absolutely no harm in it.

  • Mattia Conti
    Mattia Conti

    My first smartphone was a Motorola Photon Q 4G with my italian SIM soldered in it. You know, the damn thing didn't have a SIM slot. Well, I LOVED it, and I probably would have ordered the F(x)Tec if it didn't cost a freaking arm and a leg. I still miss a mid-tier smartphone with a physical keyboard.

  • Elroy Vrehen
    Elroy Vrehen

    I would be one of these people who really liked my HTC Desire Z back then for the folding keyboard and would have screamed "YES!" to the question. However, phones have grown in size considerably and I think my thumbs wouldn't be long enough anymore to reach all keys comfortably. Also, I had not thought of the ease that is special character access on virtual keyboards these days. Another thing I really liked about my Desire Z was that I could have a full screen in landscape while chatting and when I was watching youtube I would fold out the keyboard for a handy and sturdy way to hold my phone while watching and not accidentally pressing the screen. All in all I thought I was missing it, but upon second thought, maybe not as much as would be practical these days. What I'm more excited about are the seeming return of flip phones, like the Motorola Razr or the Samsung Flip. I'll be looking forward to possibly buying a flip phone in a year or two/three while hoping they keep developing these further. :)

  • Ruslan Gunawardana
    Ruslan Gunawardana

    I think this phone might be handful for people with vision disabilities. They actually love physical keyboards on laptops a lot. They use VoiceOver to read the screen contents (including buttons and so on). You can watch how they type on the phone with touchscreen: they usually use 8 fingers to type and hold their phone upside down.

  • Dump Assh
    Dump Assh

    Damn this is like old school Linus, but with modern production values. Love it.

  • $plendid Ninja
    $plendid Ninja

    Imagine if Samsung did something like this, and added a touchbar or something on their too it would be cool for dex mode on the phones. But we got folding glass.. cool I guess.

  • Eric Norcross
    Eric Norcross

    I actually really love that style. The screen keyboard that appears never seems to work for me.

  • Dandoldenyus

    The loveliest phone I've ever used design-wise was HTC Desire Z, if it could have better battery life and processor performance I could have used it for decades, so we might say that I'm really into physical keyboard phones :)

  • Sad Turn
    Sad Turn

    Had a phone like this as my first phone, I LOVED it and I had been begging for it for awhile. I cracked the screen 3 months later and my dad pulled it apart in an attempt to replace the screen and save a few bucks. It never got back into one piece. I still miss it to this day. RIP

  • oopsimdead

    Yes, yes I do want a keyboard on my phone. I miss slide out keyboards. Typing was so much easier. I've been doing it for years now, but I still can't stand typing on touch screen.

  • Be Happy
    Be Happy

    I love keyboard phones. I wish there were more options.

  • Robert Ewing
    Robert Ewing

    The best phone I've ever owned was an HTC with a fold out keyboard. It was 10/10 and I miss it dearly.

  • Brunnen_Gee

    I was actually really disappointed when physical keyboards started going away and everything went on the screen. I HATED typing on a screen for the longest time. Can't say I'm a a fan of it now either.

    • Sean Ortigoza
      Sean Ortigoza

      Off topic. I like your profile picture by the way.

    • Jasper Janssen
      Jasper Janssen

      Deral Fenderson LPT: add Mr Fucking Fuck to your contacts. Instant autocorrect unfail.

    • Nomadjackalope

      I really hated going to everything on the screen too but I look at my old phones and the keyboards were wearing down a lot and would probably have failed in a short while. Between that and my switch to swipe-to-text recently, which has improved a ton in the past few years, I don't think I'd want to go back. Maybe the keyboard is better than I remember though...

    • Scott Vanderzanden
      Scott Vanderzanden

      I have an iphone 11 pro max i love this phone aloooooot but id love to have a blackberry curve again the keys were perfectly placed but it’s not supported at all so it’s a big waste

    • Zsigmond Kara
      Zsigmond Kara

      I still mourn the loss of my Blackberry PRIV... It was the perfect smartphone.

  • Jon Londrezos
    Jon Londrezos

    This would make 100% sense as an 8”+ device, where the keyboard would be big enough to use comfortably.

  • Chucky Dickens
    Chucky Dickens

    I used to have an old hand-me-down Samsung Genio Slide, and I loved it. I think I'm definitely the kind of person to prefer a physical keyboard where possible. Also for the reasons of saving screen real-estate. Sadly I never got the smartphone features such as internet browsing working.. (think that was more an issue with my network provider than the hardware itself though) But it was a great multi-device for phone calls, texts, quick photos and my music player, when I was like.. 12, in School. I still have it beside me, but it's kinda bricked now. Tried the keyboard out again and I think it's a little cramped for my adult hands, but I remember Schoolkid me loved that thing for texting friends. Rest in peace, Genio.

  • Van Rivier
    Van Rivier

    I used to have a HTC that had one of those keyboards. The keyboard was actually really nice but the phone seemed to have a lot of issues since I even switched it out because of malfunction and the new one had the same problem. 😅

  • Sherry Armstrong
    Sherry Armstrong

    Actually i think i would make less typos with a keyboard for my phone , plus be able to play games a bit easier if it had key bindings for games

  • chadbailey30

    I've had Galaxies, iPhones, and my latest OnePlus. All great phones but I've always missed my Samsung Epic 4G. I miss that slide out keyboard and physical feel. If this phone had the specs of a flagship I would 100% be 1at in line

  • Somekidwithanm4

    This reminded me of the good ol days when I had my Sidekick. Man as crap as that thing was with functionality sometimes (no touch screen, eh battery life, internet functionality was laughable) this made me miss the keyboard. It was a breeze

  • Rocky San93
    Rocky San93

    I really want to get my hands on a modern remake of the Sony Xperia X10 mini pro. Best phone ever created in it's day. So I'm all for keyboards if the size of the phone isn't too big.

  • Empath Vibe
    Empath Vibe

    Makes me miss my G2. Still have it tucked away, and it still turns on and works. On screen keyboards have come such a long way though I don't know if I could go back.

  • Wistbacka

    I'm surprised to how unserious Linus is going at this. The nudges on F and J are good for typing with thumbs too, so you always find the starting position for your thumbs. Also, is Linus unaware of all the Nokia phones with this kind of angled sliding hinge?!?

  • kourii

    Used the Blackberry PRIV for years (this was after the old-school Blackberrys, and after Blackberry had switched to Android) and loved it. Big fan of physical keyboards

  • Metalhead 1966
    Metalhead 1966

    I sorely miss my old chunky slider keyboard phones! Easy to hold, some weight to them, keyboard access vs T9 (which is what I currently have), and pretty indestructible. I want them back! And wait, I thought Linus quit IRglo?

  • Madalin Muntean
    Madalin Muntean

    I have seen this design on very old smartphones from Nokia: 1. Nokia E7 - 2010 device 2. Nokia N97 - 2008-2009 device Nokia was so ahead of time compared to others in those years...:)

  • Varad

    2019: Real Keyboard 2099: Full Cherry MX keys in your Watch

    • Varad

      @Hafif Syukra no I'm Varad

    • Hafif Syukra
      Hafif Syukra

      Are u doing Yu Gi Oh?

    • Jack Julius
      Jack Julius

      Holy Panda has entered the chat

    • milp

      @Varad yes but in my laser watch. i refuse to believe anything in the future will function without lasers

    • Varad

      @milp nah complete nano mechanical switches right in ur watch

  • Gagan VS
    Gagan VS

    It's so wierd looking at such a high production quality video, without an intro, outro, sponsor segment, etc... Especially from Linus! No Sponsors!

    • Gagan VS
      Gagan VS

      @Gabriel Zallum Noice

    • Gabriel Zallum
      Gabriel Zallum

      You know what else has no sponsors? This video brought by....

    • japzone

      @SasskeeperXanth Unfortunately this showed up on Floatplane, so it isn't. Bummer

    • Kaenishk


    • SasskeeperXanth

      Wait, he didn't even mention LTTSTOREDOTCOM. Are we sure this isn't a deepfake channel?

  • superfragilisticatexpialidoshmur

    3:04 I legitimately don't know if Linus was actually startled by that or not but just thinking that's the case is making me laugh SO hard

  • Nicholas Xayasith
    Nicholas Xayasith

    Yes, I'd love to have a physical keyboard on my phone....just not this style of layout. Truth be told, the fastest and most accurate keyboards I've ever used on ANY phone bought, was on the Blackberry Curve series... I could write paragraphs of text on one of those in no time with my eyes closed. Every single touchscreen keyboard used since is hot garbage in comparison of speed and accuracy. But yeah, fat chance I'll ever see something like a Samsung Note with a slide-out keyboard in the style of a classic Research in Motion design from 2010.

  • Modern Classic
    Modern Classic

    Almost a guaranteed purchase once my iPhone lease is up... I've been waiting for something like this since my Epic 4G. And yeah, I can type about twice as fast on a physical keyboard than a touchscreen. I make so many errors on a touchscreen that no software auto-correct can ever figure out what I'm doing. I have literally thrown my iPhone 11 across the room because I couldn't type on it.

  • Yonder Bagel
    Yonder Bagel

    Having an on-screen keyboard block half of the view of what you're supposed to be typing onto is an anti-feature. So are most touchscreen controls for the same reason. Just because you're used to it doesn't mean it's good.

  • The Keeper
    The Keeper

    "Kinda reminds me of those horrible belt-holsters people used to have for their phones." I seem to recall *you* having one of those in your vids a while ago.

    • Anthony Mendez
      Anthony Mendez

      I really like belt holsters, hate things in my pockets. But today’s phones are too big for that now... limit mobility

    • Thomas

      @jakub b holy shit lol I remember those times

    • Pravda

      @The Rambling Ranter lol you're the one being salty, have you tried NOT dropping your phone

    • jakub b
      jakub b

      the belts didn't quite have the same appeal as the low waisted jeans and a charm thong with a flip phone skillfully placed on the waistband

  • Circuitsoft

    I still miss my original Motorola Droid (Milestone elsewhere). I don't remember ever having double-presses on that keyboard. This looks okay, though I'd prefer an actual D-pad over the arrow keys.

  • Steven Attila
    Steven Attila

    It looks great, I hope more and more Full QWERTY phones will come in the future.

  • Dorky Dicken
    Dorky Dicken

    I'd called it the successor the HTC TP2 aka the Touch Pro 3, but a lot of reviews show that the screen is super sucky. Hopefully the Pro1-X is better, but it appears to be only minor hardware updates. I wish I could combine the Astro Slide 5G with the Pro1-X cause I love Astro's hardware and software features and F(X) Tec's HTC'ish keyboard.

  • Nitin Katiyar
    Nitin Katiyar

    We should have the sliding keyboard as an attachment for the flagship.

  • David Gray
    David Gray

    This thing looks wonderful. Other than that camera. I really hope there's an updated version at a reasonable price. Touch keyboards still piss me off. I'd rather have modifier keys and I've never typed faster without mistakes than on my Desire Z. Not to mention, I could actually touch type on it and feel my way around the keys without looking once. You just don't get that on phones these days.

  • Hasan Al-Ammori
    Hasan Al-Ammori

    I want that! Physical keyboard is one thing I have been missing for many years now

  • Lucius Heit
    Lucius Heit

    This kind of phone might be useful installing linux on, and using it for programming/pentesting/etc.

  • Mola Diver
    Mola Diver

    Watching this on my brand new Pixel 4a that just replaced my Fxtec Pro1 and I couldn't be happier. 😉 I used the Pro1 for about a half year and I'm glad I replaced it with a Pixel 4a. The Pro1 is very bulky, way behind with Android software and security updates and the keyboard actually doesn't type fast for me at all. I think modern smartphones are simply too wide for typing when held in landscape position. My thumbs were constantly reaching for the keys in the middle area and I don't even have small hands. I was longing for the old days when I owned a now ancient Qtek 9100 made by HTC. It also had a landscape keyboard and it did type really fast. Too bad the Pro1 didn't work out for me but at least I tried so no regrets.

    • OPtimal

      try installing alternative OSes on it, like Salifish OS or Lineage OS or something else entirely

  • kupaN9

    When using the phone for remote access, the special characters are less of an issue than the amount of screen real-estate the on screen keyboard takes up. Especially if you are trying to see everything in landscape mode while RDPing onto something. If I could have that keyboard set up built into a flagship for an extra 100-150 bucks I would probably do it.

    • C:/Users/WindowsNT

      I've probably never gone more than a day without using SSH on my phone for the past couple years. This COVID-19 social distancing probably has decreased that because I like sitting in bed all day away from my desktop.

    • Gork Skoal
      Gork Skoal

      Ah good points. I still cant see how you'd be able to do remote help on a small fickle touch screen. Unless it's a surf, or one of the guys with a real fucking keyboard.

    • kupaN9

      @Gork Skoal Personally I use RDP on the go for any number of reasons. Hop onto my home computer and check my octopi for how my 3d print is doing? check. Family having computer troubles and I have been voluntold to help? RDP on to their computer and take care of it. Program gonna take a long time? go out and take a walk with my dog or get something to eat and still be able to keep an eye it's progress or restart it if it fails. Professional needs for RDP aside, there are plenty of reasons a mildly techy person would have to want that functionality. These examples are just the ones I have personally used it for in the last week or two. I always have my phone with me, but I often don't have my laptop.

    • Existant

      This. Additionally, said keyboard layout on another android would be ideal for me as I like to stream PC to my phone when on the go for gaming and other fun. Too bad this one is sorta meh.

    • Gork Skoal
      Gork Skoal

      LOL SSH? n00b, it's all about telnet. LOL and then getting the fucking TTY strings right. So fun. Said no one ever. My favoring was when SLowaris segfaults...thank fucking god Ubuntu is so much better then that. LOL I dare you to ust SCTP withc chicken of the VNC on your next trouble ticket (unless that'd slow your pad or chromebook down to much) Did you ever have the "fun" of getting a IPX,TCP, SIP, and AppleTalk network (LAN's usually) to not have one giant clusterfuck of a hissy fit, because none of the mainstriam market wanted use one bog standard network protocall? it was "fun" . (in that there isn't enough asprin in the world for my headache) kind of way.

  • Christian Mohr
    Christian Mohr

    A keyboard really helps, if you a have a blurred view due to misplaced contact lenses or if you had a drink too much . You also have the whole size of the screen. Most might not know that the first Android smartphone (HTC Dream) had a keyboard and a trackball. I liked it a lot. Unfortunately the battery was way to small.

  • Aliens

    The reason it uses SD835 is to support Linux out of the box. It has a variety of alternative OS options like sailfish and Ubuntu touch. It also comes with a USB-C to HDMI cable so you can use it in desktop mode easily. You also missed out on the multitasking features included.

  • Derek Blankenship
    Derek Blankenship

    I feel like there is definitely a market for this if iphone came with a physical keyboard I’d be all over it

  • Humphrey Horsehead
    Humphrey Horsehead

    I like my Key2LE as someone who likes having a keyboard, but honestly the new RAZR has more appeal than this. I dont mine the compromise of screen to have an ever-present bottom keyboard on the Key Series. For this its not the hinge, which sounds great, but the need to reorient the screen to use the keyboard that I suspect would bug me. Maybe not.

  • ImPDK

    Finally. Unboxed Therapy except I actually want to watch it.

    • Kombian

      Nobody cares. It's IRglo...

    • Zap Man
      Zap Man

      @The Poltical One idk but he takes 5 hours to get to the product sometimes just chatting with the editors and wasting our time like he's a celebrity.

    • Das Boot
      Das Boot

      It’s an unboxing but without the Toronto accent lol

    • Yodel Man
      Yodel Man

      This comment is still relevant

    • Karl A.
      Karl A.

      @Blablabla bruh that’s he’s not trying to hate it’s just his honest opinion. I agree Linus isn’t perfect and sometimes is too critical of little things but he’s definitely better than unbox therapy

  • Hazy J
    Hazy J

    You're forgetting that touchscreen keyboards lose calibration over time, thus losing efficiency and accuracy. This problem doesnt not exist on a physical layout

  • minameise

    Hearing that hinge open and close brings back nostalgic memories from my HTC google g1 days. What a great phone it was.

    • Chris Brazier
      Chris Brazier

      @minameise name rings a bell

    • minameise

      @Chris Brazier oops I think you're correct. Maybe it was the HTC Dream?

    • Chris Brazier
      Chris Brazier

      @minameise magic was the phone after, i had that one. No keyboard but it did have a rollerball which was good

    • minameise

      To some people that may mean the HTC Magic. I believe that's what it was called in other markets.

  • caddilacbob

    This phone would be amazing with a full sized USB-a port

  • Deesh Dileep
    Deesh Dileep

    Reminds me of my (classy) nokia E7. It was a good phone with OTG and mini HDMI in 2010. I think it was thinner too. It was awesome except for the horrible Symbian OS.