This $200 phone can do ANYTHING!!! - Pine64 Pinephone
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Since we did the Librem Linux Smartphone, we were FLOODED with comments asking to do the Pinephone. Well, here it is, and of course, we had to get Anthony to check it out.
Check out the Pine64 Pinephone at
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نظر: 4 668
  • askopte zero
    askopte zero

    Turn on the phone 1st time

  • Harira Normal
    Harira Normal

    Gentoo on phone:

  • championchap

    I really want a good linux phone to come out. I’d never look back.

  • Foofer Bob
    Foofer Bob

    If I ever develop a product I will make the box super difficult to get open. Then, I will include instructions on how to open the box inside the box!

  • Psychol

    This is what I expected nowadays phones to be, imagine having a phone using outside and later pluging in to a monitor and use it as a desktop.

  • Arjun Singh
    Arjun Singh

    Damn, this is really impressive, I have a feeling that the Pinephone and its successors are going to become the raspberry pi of the phone market in terms of being awesome for tinkerers!

  • New Moon
    New Moon

    "I have an SD Card with 30 operating systems on it!" -Anthony, LMG, 2021

  • Hanya Utama
    Hanya Utama

    Remind me of the struggle of old Linux in Desktop in 2000s, but be patient 5 years from now you can have decent full linux experience in Smartphone.

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee

    I know its not everyone's favorite thing, but I certainly appreciate the enthusiasm and coverage for some Linux topics even if they arent quite for the masses :p

  • novhack

    The development continues and the Pinephone operating systems are much faster these days. There is still a lot of space for improvement though and hopefully the whole ecosystem will be ready once Pinephone 2 hits the market. I kinda don't expect Pinephone 1 to ever come out of the beta stage.

  • Avraham Hollander
    Avraham Hollander

    I really want a Linux phone that has good specs.

  • Braden A
    Braden A

    I think privacy/security is what this is for and I'm so glad it exists. I can see more like this becoming a thing as time goes on.

  • Alpeyy

    Anthony...the God of Linux is back once again to bless us

  • Digital Moonlight
    Digital Moonlight

    The eMMC module is removable and can be put into a USB caddy to use as a thumb drive if all else fails. It's also replaceable so it is impossible to brick it in software and if the storage dies you can still get reasonably fast replacement storage and even larger storage.

  • Steve's teacher
    Steve's teacher

    I would love Linux mobile to become more of a thing, have more focus on the OS, better hardware etc.

  • Roland Rosso
    Roland Rosso

    The six contacts on the back are pogo pins, for accessories: keyboard is in the works, wireless charging back case, IR cameras, etc... it’s a cool tinker device but really cool community to check out. I’m going to try Sailfish OS next on mine which appears to be a decent experience

  • The Aroused Eunuch
    The Aroused Eunuch

    Think of it as a compact Raspberry Pi with a touch screen, and it starts to make some sense. Ubuntu Touch helped things a lot on the performance department. However, I feel like those toggles should be on the outside, with a plastic or glass cover over them. It would make sense for someone to want to enable/disable those in a hurry, with as little stuff getting in the way as possible.

  • IrelandVonVicious

    They offer a 3gb ram version now.

  • thesaltonsea1

    Please make a series that has Anthony teaching Linux to Madison :)

  • Sam

    This honestly looks like something I might consider once it gets a little stronger.