The First of Its Kind GAMING MONITOR! - Samsung G7 Odyssey
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A big crate arrives at the office and it's marked FROM SAMSUNG! Let's take a look to see what they've been cooking up this year.
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نظر: 4 553
  • NoOne

    1:47 a piece that has to be broken in half before being installed. Clearly samsung knew who they were sending this too, it is a new type of design school, it is called Linus-oriented design.

    • JJCyber

      @Andreas Kazakov 400$? No thank you

    • Andreas Kazakov
      Andreas Kazakov

      At first I thought he broke it😑

    • pro noobs
      pro noobs

      I was like wtf when he did that

    • Femboy_Wettuce-Harrypogger

      What about the lenovo 1440p*2560 240hz .5ms monitor

    • Corona Cure
      Corona Cure


  • Alorand

    The most revolutionary thing about this Monitor is the simple naming scheme.

    • Very Serious Lumbago
      Very Serious Lumbago

      @TheTurnipKing no... Depends if your a agreesive person while playing or not lol

    • TheTurnipKing

      @Very Serious Lumbago The average good monitor is going to long outlive your average smartphone.

    • Jackson Lewis
      Jackson Lewis


    • GoldenMale

      @Caretheis67 not now bro, G7 is the best out there, they updated and fixed this monitor

    • j danihdez
      j danihdez

      Do you know the difference between g7 75t and G7 C27G75TQSRXEN?

  • Muffin Space
    Muffin Space

    Him: this is so smooth 240 fps Me watching on a 60 FPS screen: hmmm i see yes very smooth.

    • Dylan Softley
      Dylan Softley

      Real original joke… ha ha ha

    • Bloodluster

      @Lime Varle You need OLED



    • E T H E A R N O S
      E T H E A R N O S

      @Purvesh fff

    • E T H E A R N O S
      E T H E A R N O S

      me with 60hz and 60fps

  • JMH Gaming
    JMH Gaming

    "We are struggling to break 150 FPS on this puppy.." RTX 3080 has entered the chat.

    • DárK WoLF
      DárK WoLF

      Yep got this monitor if you,re a online gamer and you play competive this is a great monitor its perfect however if you love single player games with beauiful graphics at 4k 120 then look no further than the OLED C1 48 inch.

    • Jenson

      laughs in 3090 ti

    • TheSlamDancer1973

      With no games even using it

    • Damian

      Cyberpunk has entered chat, and now ur still struggling to hit 150 on the 3080

    • Zeemanhuismerk

      @josh dobbins I’m gonna replace the gl850 with the g7 so that says enough. It’s the superior screen for single player experiences

  • DarkHaven

    The fact that this is 240hz, 1440p AND it’s a Qled with hdr and local dimming on top of DisplayPort 1.4 makes this the best gaming monitor you can possibly buy rn. Most monitors don’t even have a qled screen either.

    • mikerzisu

      @R Alexander you made the ignorant comment that the best panels in tvs are VA. That is blatantly wrong. You stay on topic chump.

    • R Alexander
      R Alexander

      @mikerzisu When did I mentioned OLED? I'm talking about LCD panels. Try to stay on topic.

    • mikerzisu

      @R Alexander you are 100% wrong. The best panel out today for tvs is the QD-OLED oled Samsung. By far.

    • R Alexander
      R Alexander

      @mikerzisu Considering the best LCD panels in TV's are VA I'd say your comment is completely false. In monitors for many years the same panel was in circulation which changed with the G7.

    • JJCyber

      @Adii S doesn’t matter G5 is budget G7. cope

  • Barthez

    Linus: "Look how smooth it is! And the colors!" Me: Yeah, totally seeing that on my monitor!

    • HolyDr1ver

      Besides video is 30fps

  • Kazrron

    as someone how has the 27" model. You dont notice the curve when actually using it, but then you look at it while not using it and think "wow that thing is curved." its really trippy

    • DSaVageKillaZ

      fam i got 32 model and iknow wtf u mean lol

  • Kind Old Raven
    Kind Old Raven

    I've got an old predecessor to these monitors (CFG73 line) and it too has a *very* good precalibrated sRGB profile. Like outstanding even. It came with a calibration report and so did the one I got my gf. Both vary slightly but tbh I think all monitors (and especially high-end TVs..) should come with at least one precalibrated profile. It can make a *huge* difference in terms of user experience if you're not willing to get it calibrated or can't do it yourself.

  • BockworschtSoldier

    I wanted a G9 at first but after a little bit of research I came to an conclusion. The G9 is awesome but a little bit too much for me and the Resolution is not natively supported by many games. Then I saw this one and decided that I want the G7 and keep one of my old Full HD displays as secondary together on a desk mount.

  • RM

    I yearn for the day when I mistakenly think I have a 2080ti, and end up having a Titan RTX, instead.

    • hotwuk212

      for me this would be a 1050ti instead, not cos im poor, but becos my luck is shit

    • Colby Thibodeau
      Colby Thibodeau

      @Andrew Upp it's really not, the titan has never been intended for gaming, its an enterprise development card it's meant for rendering, production and CAD development lol, sure, I mean you CAN game on it, but it's not it's intention and in a lot of benchmarks the 2080ti and especially now the 30 series score much higher than the titan or any variant of the titan. They were designed for different purposes.

    • Alumlovescake

      @Naphilim666 yeah but titan is better for some things ti is better for gaming though

    • Jyoti Sharma
      Jyoti Sharma

      @Abhishek Rathod What do you feel now 😂😂

    • HyperBot

      @Kate Wolf did you really just say vram isn't an important factor in gaming? oh how wrong you are

  • theSullied

    I'd be very interested to hear how they've circumvented the issue that 5120x1440 @ 240Hz doesn't fit the bandwidth dp 1.4 or HDMI 2.0 can muster.

  • Simply Gaming
    Simply Gaming

    I normally wouldn't budget a monitor that cost this much but, doing the 3080 build should allow to have a monitor of this quality. Really curious what the fps would be on it then :D

  • Keith Simpson
    Keith Simpson

    I am about to switch away from a VA panel and was under the impression this was more of that tech. The motion blur and slow response really was noticeable to me in shooters.

  • pmochals

    Not sure if I should try to sell my 34" Alienware Ultrawide for the 32" G7 ...IDK if going back down to 16:9 would be beneficial. But overall the specs on the G7 are superb. G9 is just too much for me to even consider.

  • Marty

    Interesting looking monitor. I had decided on this one: LG 34GN850-B, which is a 34" beast of a gaming monitor, but this samsung is making me rethink things.

  • Joseph Martineau
    Joseph Martineau

    That monitor is a thing of beauty, but I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a 27" of similar specifications that's available/cheaper?

  • lunsmann

    I watched the G9 video first. Awesome intro to what is likely to be my next major purchase. I think my 1080 can handle the G7 which retails here in Aussie for around AU$1200 but I really want the G9 (AU$2900) which will also need a GPU upgrade (2080Ti at least). Close to AU$6,000 may be a bit outside my budget. LOL

  • Cody Schlenker
    Cody Schlenker

    That G7 would have been the perfect display if it was HDR 1000 and had HDMI 2.1

  • TheRealDerohneNick

    3:40 Linus: "You can see here..." Me on an old IPS panel with terrible pixel response time: "No, I cannot."

    • Atomspalter

      @CheapBastard1988 Im sry for you but isnt it all about linus being obsessed with da monitors?

    • TJ L
      TJ L

      @CheapBastard1988 the AMOLED panels inside Samsung tablets have a response time of about 6 ms, which is average. Plus you get really vibrant colors and viewing angles

    • Nathan The Collector
      Nathan The Collector

      All I see is 60 hz

    • CheapBastard1988

      I'm on a Samsung tablet with AMOLED screen which has awful pixel response time.

    • Runway Incursion
      Runway Incursion

      @Fuge Yeah but the old ones especially those that I've had since 2006 have gotten worse over time...

  • Ramon LaCour
    Ramon LaCour

    I Love your videos. I'm crossing over to PC gaming. My question is: Can I use a 60 hz monitor for my streaming PC for chat etc.. And for gaming, go all out and buy a 165 hz for gaming PC, or do they both have to be the same or equal monitors?

  • Dru670

    I pre-ordered this 32" version on Father's Day. I already have an LG32GK850G-B and Samsung C32HG70 monitor. Thinking about getting the 27" version tho for the pixel density. I used to have the Dell S271DG and I like how much sharp and crisp text and things were.

  • SnapShopVisuals

    Fun Fact: If you have a power outage, then your monitor may accidentally change your aspect ratio to Super Wide with no way to change it via windows settings! The fix for this is to turn the internal PIP/PBP mode on and then off, which enables multiple displays on one monitor. This should fix your stretched desktop problem. :)

  • BullzEyE17

    Has anyone tried to dual wield these vertically? I'm curious to see how that would work out lol

  • Tadi

    Would love to see monitors being tested for response time and color accuracy in a similar way to Hardware Unboxed.

    • ssg2991

      @Seventh Taco MSI, AOC, and LG have some flat VA Panels.

    • xicklovescookies

      @Martin S there is..

    • ALU and Cache
      ALU and Cache

      HDtv would be better

    • Seventh Taco
      Seventh Taco

      @Derek The Magnificent Bastard Then you're looking into wrong types of monitors. Exclusively VA monitors are curved, IPS and TN - not. The curve is meant for great viewing angles whereas VA is superior to other tech panels.

    • Nimbus

      I mean, just go to hardware unboxed? I too am a big fan of their monitor reviews.

  • Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
    Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin

    I'll take the G9. The G9 is basically two G7 that has been morphed together without ruining the original 16:9 aspect ratio format. Easily my favourite all the way as I can split the screen for two 16:9 QHD window.

  • Sede Vacante
    Sede Vacante

    I also noticed how the blur busters alien is noticably more crisp then even my previous 1080p 240hz monitor (Acer XF250Q). Very impressive!

  • Abhishek Deb
    Abhishek Deb

    I do like to know one thing that how does the QLED panel on this display compare with an IPS one. Does it really makes difference ?

  • TheDarmach

    Is 1440p enough for 32" font/cleartype wise on Win10? Also for sniping long distances, how well can you spot that point 300m further in an fps?

  • Nicholas Hadweh
    Nicholas Hadweh

    Great monitor, and I would save up for it, but that curve is such a turnoff 😔

  • adac7786

    i would really love to get this monitor for my 3080 but based on user feedback this monitor is broken every other week based on drivers im not sure if i want to put up with that

  • Luke Braddford
    Luke Braddford

    A wicked feature, when the monitor is off it puts off a low blue light onto your keyboard and desk, looks great at night.

  • Brenton Mobley
    Brenton Mobley

    I think I’m gonna buy this when I do my very first build. You convinced me on the nitro 5, I am happy with it, my first ever. And now I’m going all out on a build.

  • Shadow banned
    Shadow banned

    Linus: showing me how much better the screen is Me: watching on my old display and thinking "wow that image is better the the screen I'm watching it on....wait.."

    • Halusin Jackbow
      Halusin Jackbow

      RobertsE Butthurt is one of the weirdest phrases I know of... and yet it so aptly works when used well

    • saas soos
      saas soos


    • ButterBertha

      @Qiaoxuan Ji I think you mean psychology

    • AQ 101
      AQ 101

      Anyone who doesnt get the joke doesnt know what a meme is

    • 八雲黒崎

      PinFlix ➊ no u

  • Silas Pipson
    Silas Pipson

    Is it just me or does Linus seem genuinely happier than he was before quarantine? Maybe I’m just thinking about it a bit too much, but he really does seem like he’s enjoying making videos a lot again. Either way, I hope big man’s doing okay :-)

  • fadi6149

    i don't know but i think having two titan rtx(s??) should still boost your frame rate oh and you should definitely make a video about the g9!

  • Feiro

    what i wonder is, do these monitors still have VA lines? monitors from 2017 was horrible with that.

  • Josef´s Everyday life
    Josef´s Everyday life

    Is 32" too big for FPS? Or is it perfect for gaming?

  • ZenMuffin

    It"s actually quite affordable, for a monitor that can question if an Titan is enough.

    • Marco Yaque
      Marco Yaque

      Eren forced me to write this it’s not 1080p, its 1440p. That’s 2k, and it’s running at almost 4x the hz as consoles.

    • Daniel

      PlayStation 5 😄😁

  • Warren

    Did you test the monitor with Gsync or adaptive sync enabled? Early reviews on Best Buy's website indicate that there's a flickering problem.

  • Bogdan Stefan
    Bogdan Stefan

    This clip was such a tease: Linus showed the G9 in the background, all the time. For anyone interested in something more affordable, try the Samsung CRG90. It's only 120Hz, but same resolution and aspect ratio as G9.

  • Cr Hu
    Cr Hu

    Apple did a lot of homework before settling on 1440p 27" for iMacs when they came out. The larger ones they have now are 2160p or "5K' or "8K' at 32"... But a 40-43" 4K is still a good monitor. At a third of the price.

    • Unknown

      Just dont buy the apple ones. They are crappy as hell

  • Samir Duran
    Samir Duran

    reckon they excluded ALOT of their market making it curved, especially such an intense one.

  • TechyBen

    Samsung "Can we have a curved power supply?" Engineer "Yes, but no."

    • Pwnstar

      What about RGB?

  • Ben Hamilton
    Ben Hamilton

    Thank you for the look at the G7. I've got the 32" coming from Amazon tomorrow! I haven't updated my monitor in about five years.

    • Ben Hamilton
      Ben Hamilton

      @Ádám Szabó It is for me but I'm old and my eyes suck so someone with better eyesight might notice. I think if you sit the proper distance away, it's just right.

    • Ádám Szabó
      Ádám Szabó

      @Ben Hamilton Thanks for your answer! Good to hear they sorted the flickering issue, it was a concern. Another thing, is the PPI enough with 1440P on a 32" monitor?

    • Ben Hamilton
      Ben Hamilton

      @Ádám Szabó I have to say it's been great. They updated the firmware a while back to completely get rid of the flickering. The only minor nit is that when returning from sleep the G-SYNC compatible monitor notice will pop up sometimes.

    • Ádám Szabó
      Ádám Szabó

      I ordered one yesterday, whats your experience after a year of use?

    • Ben Hamilton
      Ben Hamilton

      @yungplague G59 It looks really great! Colors and brightness are superb!

  • SabortoothDonkey

    Crazy how some of these monitors are more expensive then some people's PC's

  • Hook's Hollands
    Hook's Hollands

    Would the G7's curve be too aggressive for video editing purposes or workable? I'd like to use it for casual gaming and editing.

    • TheAmberGryphon

      If you still need the answer, the curve is fine.

  • Vsoundelend

    This is my first curved monitor. I was waiting for Samsung to make this one for years too. Warning for first time users. Certain types of wallpapers and games, ie; Platformers and ARPG's can make you very dizzy. Took me a few days to get used to it, but now I don't think I'm ever going back to flatscreen PC monitors. First Person perspective games like Destiny 2, ARK, Fallout 4 and Satisfactory feel amazing, nearly like VR. I strongly recommend any of the 3 Odysseys! This is just a beginning for Samsung. Their next great goal(hopefully) will be to make Odyssey 2.0 but with In-Plane Switching panels. It might take a couple of years and those might be twice as expensive, but it will be worth it!

    • laskin riubn
      laskin riubn

      When i saw the crowbar i thought they finally made screen that's unbreakable for people that get mad and start punching their screens... but i guess i was wrong

  • Max Power
    Max Power

    3:37 "You can see here..." No Linus, we can't because the video is at 30 fps.

    • Alumlovescake

      @Argus10q still looks smoother than my 144fps monitor

    • Raiju7

      the brain doesn't see in frames. so limiting our sight by an fps is just absurd. personal experience though, if my games drop below 144fps into the 100-120fps range I can tell.

    • honesty gamer
      honesty gamer

      @KrepinTV intill u get 10fps on a game then ur saying lagg lmao

    • Lukáš Voců
      Lukáš Voců

      60hz to 144hz is night and day, but tbh, 144hz to 240hz, i think i did not see difference. My friend has 240hz and i was trying cs, we had our rigs next to each other so i tried to compare them, but i did not see any benefit. Id like to try it lets say on that forza, if its any better

    • Lukáš Voců
      Lukáš Voců

      And in real life, as long as you can track fast moving object with your eyes, it is not blurry, yet on 144hz lots of things still looks blurry, and they dont have to move that fast. I noticed it mostly probably in forza, when you turn, background starts to move. You can deffinetly track it but it looks really blurry.

  • Ian Mar Satur
    Ian Mar Satur

    I love the design look at that back design so futuristic.

  • Ian Mar Satur
    Ian Mar Satur

    I love the design look at that back design so futuristic.

  • Sean Sean
    Sean Sean

    Mine arrived from BB today. I had the last gen 144 HZ Samsung curved monitor. The curve takes a minute to get used to (maybe two minutes if you never had a curved monitor before). Everything is extremely similar to the last gen, BUT the colors do seem nicer and when you get something running 240 HZ it is butter smooth. The VA/G-Sync flicker is real-- I am returning mine today

    • Aditya Chaudhary
      Aditya Chaudhary

      @Sean Sean ohhh okay. Thanks

    • Sean Sean
      Sean Sean

      @Aditya Chaudhary The last gen model had 2 modes of adaptive sync. Mode 2 did not play well with g-sync card setting. This newer model only has the one mode of adaptive sync and it behaves like mode 2 from the last gen. I had to return it.

    • Aditya Chaudhary
      Aditya Chaudhary

      So u r having problems with the Gsync?

  • Michael M
    Michael M

    Being that I paid $571.00 for the monitor for the 32in, I'm happy with my purchase and can't wait to get it. Replacing my Dell 144hz 1440p gaming monitor.

    • Bruhnsy 1995
      Bruhnsy 1995

      i got it replacing my 144hz 1080p monitor and probs get a 4080 when it eventually drops

  • Farmy

    Linus: “It matches the curvature of the human eye” Me with an Astigmatism in both eyes: 🥴

    • Harish Fx
      Harish Fx

      i’m squint in one eye

    • Bobbies Againn
      Bobbies Againn

      @Rylan Storm not the eyeball, the cornea is just an abnormal shape lol

    • E T H E A R N O S
      E T H E A R N O S

      @whozthisguy what ever he is just asking

    • E T H E A R N O S
      E T H E A R N O S

      @Jeffrey Thompson oh ok nice to know lol I learn something new

    • DarKnightMike • 10 years ago
      DarKnightMike • 10 years ago

      I have Astigmatism in both eyes too, but mostly in my right eye though.

  • zaheer aslam
    zaheer aslam

    Everything about this is way beyond my budget, the pc, the screen. Ahh, I think I'll stick with my phone.

  • biggabenne

    It seems Samsung wanted other companies to pay for the development of gaming monitors. In 2010 I bought a 1ms 1080p Samsung, and it was the only one they made for ~ 5-6 years.


    That's what everyone should do when comparing games : Just take it on camera ! It's useless to do a split screen video when you have an iPhone, or a PC less powerful graphically. At least, on camera we have an idea.

  • John Best
    John Best

    3:30 wow that looks oddly smooth on our end watching that window move on the screen.

  • Erik Pantzar
    Erik Pantzar

    CSGO: You need higher than 300fps for consequential mouse input due to how the engine handles the input. I think V/G/Free-sync is bad for performance if the engine needs higher FPS in order to handle the input, and or if your computer cannot achieve your monitors max refresh rate.

  • Josh Benton
    Josh Benton

    I wanna know how many local dimming zones this thing has, I’ve got the last model CHG70 and it’s great in many ways but only has 8 zones which is essentially useless for local dimming :/

    • Josh Benton
      Josh Benton

      @Brummie Deano well that’s a bit disappointing lol

    • Brummie Deano
      Brummie Deano

      Josh Benton 7 lol

  • C N
    C N

    I really wish they had a non curved version.

  • Potato Girl
    Potato Girl

    Can't wait to get all these features at 4k resolution for the same price in about 5 years :D

    • GoldenMale

      You think so, i hope that's the case

  • Cherneazy

    Linus, honestly tech would not be the same without your channel. You have provided so much for this community. Thank you for that.

  • Mike J
    Mike J

    Linus, I'm drooling- waiting for my G9 to arrive! (few more days!) If you can release the G9 video you might just save me from a heart attack. Then I can just watch that video over and over and over and over again (with the delusion that it's here already) until my G9 actually arrives! So cough up the video already, save a man's life! :-D

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee

    Honestly, except for a certain handful of games I would limit my refresh rate cause all it really does is make my CPU temp skyrocket

  • Enrolled Agent
    Enrolled Agent

    Silly question but what kind of cable do you need with this for the quality?

  • Howling Mad
    Howling Mad

    Samsung should really make a 21:9 version of this monitors. It would be epic.

    • Joe khangman
      Joe khangman

      @Howling Mad sorry i didnt realize you meant like this monitor specifically, but they do make 21:9 displays

    • Howling Mad
      Howling Mad

      How? Dont see any news :(

    • Joe khangman
      Joe khangman

      your wish came true

  • ridge

    As a wise man once said: *money is not a problem, the problem is that i don't have money*

    • Switch Clips
      Switch Clips

      @H_21_Nitesh Sarkar bro my name is Hitesh and my brother's name is Jitesh 😅

    • Soultaker93

      You know what they say, no money - no problem.

    • Scragg

      the same man also said red sus

    • Brandon Porter
      Brandon Porter

      If he's so wise, why doesn't he have money?

    • Cy Mill
      Cy Mill


  • Tryp Schaffer
    Tryp Schaffer

    I just bought this monitor a week ago. 😍 Edit: I set it up and it works great, but I can’t manage to figure out how to turn on the light on the back. Any help would be appreciated Edit #2: it’s in the monitor settings 🤦‍♂️

    • Abdullah

      Yooo how do u turn on the light??

    • Mark

      @SN4K3 AK It has only HDMI 2.0 tho. So not perfect for the new consoles.

    • Javier Alejandro
      Javier Alejandro

      @SN4K3 AK It'll most likely support it, and if this moniter is anything like it's predecessor (CHG70 which I own) it'll support 4k but locked at 60hz. Higher refresh rates will set the resolution at 1440p.

    • SN4K3 AK
      SN4K3 AK

      Do you happen to have a PS4? I'm thinking of buying this monitor for my PC, but I plan to get a PS5 as well; I'm not sure how that would look (PS5 might not support 1440p which is silly).

  • Alejandro Alartiz
    Alejandro Alartiz

    Companies should do gaming monitors from regular tv's.

  • Neil Tonks
    Neil Tonks

    Wouldn't it have a separate power brick so the monitor can used all over the world. Regardless of voltage. Cheaper to make a power brick than a new monitor for every country

  • John Keane
    John Keane

    "His control stick is very well defined" - Linus 2020

  • Chip Linck Griffin
    Chip Linck Griffin

    Looks good, but it's curved. I need a flat monitor. Looked it up on Samsung's site. Saw the G9. It looks great. I'd get one if they had a flat version. For now I'm stuck looking for multiple flat monitors.

  • Cap RonaTe
    Cap RonaTe

    would you recommend having GSync enable? I’m getting way lower performance rate when running userbenchmark when enable, not sure why?

  • Erwin

    Great video Do you turn the monitor off manually at the end of the day or you have it in sleep mode? Thanks

  • Maco091

    For those out there wondering, the 32in G7 has about the same pixel density of a 24in 1080p monitor. You get the added screen size, but the image looks the same. If bigger is what you want, go for it! For me, I like a high ppi as well.

    • Maco091

      @Leon not everyone can push the monitor back further though. I am somewhat constrained by space and don't have the ability to push a monitor back further. There are many others in my position here, which is why I lead with "for those out there wondering" because PPI is a spec that matters to some people. Not everyone though.

    • Leon

      @Enzo G I highly doubt people will actually stay at the same distance from a much larger monitor though. You're really likely to sit a bit further back when you have a much larger display in your FOV than you're used to. For TVs I get it more though since both the seatings and TV are stationary, but at a desk you usually have a movable chair. In the end a larger display gives you more possibilities in watching, although of course the size increase comes at a price.

    • Enzo G
      Enzo G

      @Leon well the assumption is you got the bigger monitor to have it at the same distance and enjoy the increase in size. I for one will stick with the 27 inch for desk size and PPI. I’m getting one just for fighting games and overwatch as I hate the black bars on my ultrawide.

    • Leon

      That is a somewhat dumb metric. This assumes that you'll stand just as close to the monitor, whereas you may just as well push it further behind the desk, stay a bit further from it, or a combination of the two. Therefore, the screen gets smaller in your vision and pixel density is higher.

    • rustler08

      No one cares.

  • Amzar Nacht
    Amzar Nacht

    Cute. Now, why don't they make these small enough for high res VR headsets or even HUD visual elements.

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo

    Samsung "Can we have a curved power supply?" Engineer "Yes, but no."

  • JohnnyNismo

    I prefer external PSUs for monitors. If You've ever had the internal one fail in you then you'll know why.

  • MuscleNutzz

    I want to see how this works on the Series X.

  • Jack Mosgofian
    Jack Mosgofian

    Does he not realize that we can’t see the smoothness of the monitor, unless we have the monitor

    • Fanste Boy
      Fanste Boy

      if anyone should know that info it's Linus, I mean he's a tech guy how couldn't he know ?

    • samuel yeet
      samuel yeet

      Technically a recording 244hz and watching it on 60hz would be better looking then watching 60 hz on a 60 hz display

    • A13X

      Not even then

    • Ther Ther
      Ther Ther

      What do you expect him to do than? He's trying to describe how he sees it, what else is he supposed to do?

    • Alumlovescake

      @Arkenas 20 to 30