How could Apple DO this to their BEST customers? - Studio Display

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  • QkotmanYT

    When Linus pulled the cable... oddly satisfying.

    • Austria-Hungaryball

      @Neb Yes

    • Reclines

      More satisfying when it clicked back in

    • Ollie

      @felix sommer Thanks

    • felix sommer
      felix sommer


    • Andre Cinelli
      Andre Cinelli


  • Justice Moody
    Justice Moody

    Apple always gives me a good feeling when they launch a new product. This time Apple made me feel AWESOME about my LG 5K Ultra-fine. Thank you Apple, I am now $3K richer cos I don’t have to buy this P.O.S.

    • Justice Moody
      Justice Moody

      @M I disagree. The price is 5x higher than the so called improvements justify.

    • M

      The LG Ultrafine 5K is worse than the Studio display in literally every single category, and is also ugly as sin.. but uh..ok.

    • Opytha

      @CamelSmokes23 Bro i have 2 AOC monitors since 2010.... No dead pixels, always on.

    • FADHsquared

      @Serenity Project Aha, straight to personal attacks. Insecure much?

    • Serenity Project
      Serenity Project

      @FADHsquared I'm surprised you managed to type that with THE MASSIVE DENT IN YOUR SKULL.

  • Rafael Antonio Diaz Amador
    Rafael Antonio Diaz Amador

    The "Wow" feeling with Apple before, was, "wow, wonderful easy to use versatile tech". The "wow" then became: "wow, really expensive". Now, the "wow" feeling: "wow, frankly stupid". Sad.

    • Gomam0n

      @Ryan Clouse thank you for proving my point, i couldn't have hoped for a better example especially when you bring "coding" as something a mac is good at. Now shush, i'm busy laughing at you.

    • Ryan Clouse
      Ryan Clouse

      @Gomam0n That is a very narrow, and terribly high horse view. Just because you don't see the value in it doesn't mean others don't. I own both mac and windows devices and there are certainly advantages. The m1 has built in video encoders, and punches above its weight for viewport performances, and draws little power in comparison to offerings from amd/intel. They also do have software that is only available on mac so some are also limited to that. Also you mention that it is only "stupid" creatives that are buying them is incorrect. The new macbooks are also highly recommended for coding. Please do your research and keep your biases in check before you start insulting people for no apparent reason. Thank you.

  • Jasher Fission
    Jasher Fission

    We literally need a compilation of everyone's reactions to the built in cable

    • Redox

      @Martin Ottosson Many, I have 3 cats and they have chewed through alot of cables. Luckily I don't use apple products with fixed cables, I can go on amazon and just buy a new cable.

    • Raoul Duke
      Raoul Duke

      @Martin Ottosson of course you are not an Apple fanboy since you suggested "simply" cutting / patching a damaged cable if necessary. nevertheless, Apple managed to use common power cables for all their iMacs in the last 12 years or so, most of my clients didn't even realize they can be unplugged from the case, so losing them was not an issue. Happened only once, imagine the horror when I replaced it with black standard cable...

    • Edg4rAllanBro

      @Martin Ottosson for one, it makes transporting it harder, you have to deal with a dangling thing when on any sensible monitor you'd put it in your pocket or a bag. and in the event it does get damaged, however unlikely it might be, you should have the option to replace it. it is actually removable, just not by consumers. there's zero reason for this, and all you're doing is justifying an awful user experience with "you weren't using it anyways".

    • Martin Ottosson
      Martin Ottosson

      @Sinus Lebastian I don't own a single Apple product and never have. I use an iPhone because I have to at work but I prefer Android by a margin. So I am as far from a fanboy as you can be. Comment here when you brake your monitor cable the next time so hear you in a million years or so.

    • Abdul Hadi Azman
      Abdul Hadi Azman

      @Martin Ottosson I agree with you.

  • Broken Ice
    Broken Ice

    Any cord can be removable if you pull hard enough

    • anindita basak
      anindita basak

      It can be easily removed with a special tool.

    • subject-04


    • GreyWolf8

      Some of them only once...🤣🤣🤣

    • The River Acis
      The River Acis

      @Mr Artistimo I'm not saying you aren't. I just find it especially dumb that the plug is functionally perfectly OK to be removed, in terms of connection, but intentionally engineered to be impossible to do so without damaging the system. It's the worst of both worlds, in essence.

    • Mr Artistimo
      Mr Artistimo

      @The River Acis ...As far as I remember I was also on the side of this being a dumbass decision from Apple from a consumer point of view.

  • Nick G
    Nick G

    What really gets me is the cable isnt even hardwired, it can be pulled out and replaced. This is apple being apple thinking people are just gonna toss out a monitor that is already overpriced and buy another overpriced monitor to replace it and some will. What will happen is A. most people will avoid it or B. amazon will start offering replacement kits with tool to pull the cable out.

    • J Martin
      J Martin

      The people who buy Apple products are the type to throw away the monitor and buy a new one. Not because they are all rich but because they're stupid

    • Dimitrije Krstić
      Dimitrije Krstić

      "most people will avoid it" I hope so, but I don't expect it. Just look at all the bs devices people buy from apple

    • Regdu Geht
      Regdu Geht

      As w/ the LG Ultrafine displays, the single input is a non-starter, especially at this price. And a hard-wired power cable? Wow.

  • Flayed Man
    Flayed Man

    This was, obviously, supposed to be the redesigned 27" iMac. Apple must've changed direction halfway through designing this thing.

    • Dean0

      I think sort of standalone appletv / FaceTime device failed there, or coming later.

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    I love the drop in shots where numerous other staff members are disgusted with that hard-wired cable. It's such an obvious deal breaker, I have no idea how it got implemented.

    • Miguel

      @BlueB1C2 you transport your desktop display all the time? Tripping over the cord will bring any display to the ground anyway, that thing is removable, but it ain't loose

    • BlueB1C2

      @Miguel I do it all the time for transport and cable management. Also if someone trips on the cord you'd want it to come out instead of wangling the whole monitor off your desk.

    • Sammy Johnson
      Sammy Johnson

      @Miguel No I agree, a monitor power cable doesn’t get damaged very often. But there was just no reason for this monitor to have a power cable that isn’t supposed to come off. It’s just dumb

    • Miguel

      @Sammy Johnson when did you last see a power cord (that plugs in the mains) broken? People will break it from stupidly pulling it just to prove a point. Otherwise it just doesn't happen. Plus if it does, it's the easiest thing in the world to repair at home.

    • Sammy Johnson
      Sammy Johnson

      @Miguel The issue is that since it isn’t “supposed” to be removed, that if the cable is ruined or broken for whatever reason, the whole monitor has to be sent in instead of just getting another cable

  • Regdu Geht
    Regdu Geht

    It's honestly A LOT smaller than I thought it'd be for that insane price.

    • M

      Is it an insane price? Compared to what? Ok, let's play. Find me ONE other monitor that meets the below, at any price: - Built with glass and aluminum, not plastic trash - Has thunderbolt 4 and 3 USB-C connections - Has built in speakers which sound pretty incredible - Has 3 built in mics and a webcam - Has 5K resolution I'll be waiting.

  • Xanedan

    I love the drop in shots where numerous other staff members are disgusted with that hard-wired cable. It's such an obvious deal breaker, I have no idea how it got implemented.

    • Auracle

      This is how it got implemented:

    • Jeong-hun Sin
      Jeong-hun Sin

      "Ex-Apple engineer talks about the Studio Display". Engineer: Tim Cook said, "I've got an idea, let's make the power cord irremovable." (hits the desk) Aaaaaa..... Host: Imbecile.

    • Uzzal Carapit
      Uzzal Carapit


  • Corbin G
    Corbin G

    As a man who unboxes a ton of monitors in the course of business, I want every single monitor manufacturer to box them up like apple does. God that would be delightful.

    • Liquid Snake
      Liquid Snake

      Then you'd be paying apple prices for everything lol

    • Argeus

      Definitely not delightful for the environment.


    As Linus brought up in the WAN show... engineers spent TIME to design that unremovable cable. It took MORE EFFORT to make it hardwired than it would have to go with an existing normal removable cable. These people went out of their way to give their customers the middle finger and take their money for what shouldnt even be a repair, but just a cable replacement.

    • James Ha
      James Ha

      @arjunyg Yeah, I don't quite understand the frustration with the non-detachable power cable. Sure, not having 120hz or HDR sucks ass in 2022 and those complaint are justified but people are actually upset about the power cable not being removable? Out of the 7ish monitors i've owned in my entire life, I have never once had any issue with any of the cables breaking. I agree with your reasoning though. Monitors are typically stationary, not like laptops. I mean you set it up and forget it unless you need to adjust the tilt/angle. Or at "worse" move it to an entirely new location but that happens how often? I agree that this monitor is overpriced but you guys are reaching.

    • arjunyg

      @91795jc I think my point is that there is absolutely no realistic probability that I am going to need to repair a monitor power cable. These things are very strong, and rarely stressed, since the monitor is largely stationary, compared to something like a phone or laptop. Their approach was probably “build the cable to last the product lifetime, and we don’t have to worry about expensive magsafe engineering, and we save everyone money.”

    • 91795jc

      ​@arjunyg Yes, definitely, it would have to be an external power supply. Magsafe would be perfect for this. They could even (quite easily) make it compatible with an iMac PS brick. External PS would also lessen the thermal load. If they really wanted that built-it PSU, I'm surprised they didn't create a proprietary mains cable with a more shallow contact, them being Apple and all. They could sell it separately at a ludicrous price and people would buy it, but I guess they expect to receive more from repairs.

    • arjunyg

      @91795jc magsafe would fit, but a standard C13 definitely wouldn’t.

    • 91795jc

      @arjunyg If its thick enough for USB-C, it's thick enough for a removable power cable.

  • Simon K.
    Simon K.

    it never ceases to amaze me how apple keeps fooling idiots into buying overpriced crap

  • nijuo joing
    nijuo joing

    Not gonna lie, this was one of the most entertaining Short Circuit videos in recent memory, with Anthony just tearing Apple apart

  • me99771

    The funniest thing about the cable is they engineered a proprietary connector and then made the plug non user removable. This is so they can attach cords for different regions as needed at time of manufacturing. Apple understands the benefit of modular design but actively chooses not to pass those benefits on to its customers.

    • M

      There is pretty much zero "benefit" to having the power cable on the Studio Display removable, for like 99.9% of users. If it makes manufacturing more efficient, then I can see why they made that decision as nobody really cares, except clickbait videos like this one fishing for views and outrage.

    • Eric Faulk
      Eric Faulk

      And yet everyone acts surprised, as if that hasn't been Apple's MO for literal decades now.

    • compaq deskpro
      compaq deskpro

      @Teth47 Correction, that was eMachines with the famous never obsolete sticker.

    • Hadgerz

      @Phi-Long Nguyen let's be real. They're going to have no problems meeting demand for this PoS.

    • DJ Sonic Higgs
      DJ Sonic Higgs

      @Real It never happened to me, therefor no argument. Uhhhhhhhh. Found the apple fan boy.

  • SMAJin

    I forgot how much I enjoyed listening to this man talk about technology.

  • Hunter Romanski
    Hunter Romanski

    I could never justify paying $1,600 for this display. Never in a million years

  • Jimbo Bimbo
    Jimbo Bimbo

    Amazing idea, putting iOS in the monitor. So now you have to update the monitor regularly as well. I think more devices should have an OS that needs regular updates.

  • Alex Demerjian
    Alex Demerjian

    I’m an Apple fan and even I have to say that they dropped the ball with this display. They should have added proper HDR support and a higher refresh rate. That power cord should be user removable (maybe magnetic like they did on the iMac) and the height adjustment upgrade should be much cheaper. Come on Apple, you are better than this!

    • Very Nice
      Very Nice

      @David Ribeiro were never*

    • David Ribeiro
      David Ribeiro

      They were.

  • Axs Sky
    Axs Sky

    It was so simple to not have any controversy, all they had to do was to put MagSafe like in the m1 iMac, and the same arm system as in the ProDisplay XDR

    • Jess Agpaoa
      Jess Agpaoa

      Just make it removable don't even need a magsafe because it's a stationary device

    • gior nikitop
      gior nikitop

      @Rahel Wijeyekoon still not that different, it's just round and carries also network, meh a few extra pins. the imacs use a power charger if i'm not mistaken. i don't think magsafe can be used in mains voltage, too dangerous, it's for low voltage ~20v.


      @illGottenGains Post Steve Jobs Apple has been progressing and regressing technology!! Some features should be left in the 2000’s and never revised!

    • Rahel Wijeyekoon
      Rahel Wijeyekoon

      @gior nikitop Not the MBP magsafe; I mean the magsafe in the new M1 iMacs. They specifically made a new and fancy magnetic connector designed to be low profile for a thin computer/monitor, and then chose not to use it in their new monitor.

    • illGottenGains

      @HEXAGON MAGNETICS yeah I’m sure the power cord was the dealbreaker for a lot of these ‘potential customers’. No they just found something to get offended by, it is 2022 after all.

  • NYC Person
    NYC Person

    I believe A13 was included in order to control over 2,000 mini LED backlights, but Apple could not put mini LED at the last moment.

  • Tihruytssgjjvsavcxtbvhj

    Anthony is the vibe that everyone who works in IT feels after exactly 10 years in the industry.

  • Patrick Finley
    Patrick Finley

    Thank you for the video! I love all of your tech videos and, with Apple's new Studio Monitor, there was a more affordable (but still offered a lot of great features like thunderbolt and resolution) monitor for graphic designers? I don't need a gaming monitor, but something with similar resolution as my 2021 MacBook Pro. Thanks!

    • misuyy fong
      misuyy fong

      I love how in a lot of Apple videos Linus media produces the packaging is generally the most positive thing they have to say about them 😂😂😂

  • Dhiraj Gawande
    Dhiraj Gawande

    This is what happens when you give too much power to one company😂

  • geebster

    As Linus brought up in the WAN show... engineers spent TIME to design that unremovable cable. It took MORE EFFORT to make it hardwired than it would have to go with an existing normal removable cable. These people went out of their way to give their customers the middle finger and take their money for what shouldnt even be a repair, but just a cable replacement.

    • Shanez1215

      @geebster Yeah, it's way to thin, using it with adult hands for long periods is just asking for carpal tunnel.

    • geebster

      @DRIS the bottom of the mouse is still the worst possible place they could have put the port. Linus isnt the only person who has complained about that. Also the ergonomics of that mouse are horrible. It's designed with only looks in mind and not function at all (I had one so this isnt just from watching reviews). There are far better mice out there for less money.

    • Carlos Rodríguez
      Carlos Rodríguez

      @Finalpk aaááá


      Imagine walking in to the apple store holding it and your like: so my cat ruined my cable, here you go can I get a new display 😂😂😂. Like what. I'm 20 years old and I've used computers from windows 98 days till now and I've never once had a monitor with unremovable power cord. The funny the is apple engineers had to design this from scratch. Apple went out of there way to fuck there customers over. I'm so glad I switched before I had an apple eco

  • brandoom989

    Apple Cinema HD 30" had firewire,usb,dual link dvi, and power all in one hardwired dongle... was a nightmare. I think it's msrp was like 3k too lol.

  • PushyPawn

    Every time Apple releases something I'm reminded of how glad I am to NOT own anything made by Apple.

  • Dee O' Mayall
    Dee O' Mayall

    It's honestly A LOT smaller than I thought it'd be for that insane price.

  • Cutchyuz

    I quit giving money to Apple. Thank you for the video and for confirming my beliefs.

  • fusey

    Thank you guys! There is a HUGE issue with how this s**t has been reviewed so far - they are trying to move it as passable, which is plain ridiculous. No HDR, the most idiotic non-removable cable, unutilized chip (where is FaceID???), no variable refresh rate, moron approach towards stands and mounts and they charge 1400+ for this crap. Tech journalist must hold Apple accountable for such excuse of a product, otherwise they will keep pulling this over and over again. The audacity of them calling it 'accesible' is beyond me - it's a pure money trap for the less tech savy users. Verge gave it 6 out of 10 even though they mentioned it's old ass backlight technology - 6 out of 10 doesn't do justice for such prefatory tactics towards their consumers. To replace your cable, you will ship the whole thing to Apple Care, for which you pay of course, and not be able to use your product whole it's getting 'fixed'. There is a power cable standard for monitors that's being used for years, they didn't had to ducking reinvent the wheel, heck, use the magsafe if you wanna blood suck more cash. Apple needs to be held under the same standard, as other brands, for what they release and media should remind them that. You guys, are the single best review of this display so far and I'm 99% sure it will remain that way. Thank you Andy and all else behind camera for doing the right thing, instead of eating the rotten Apples.

    • Joe Mama
      Joe Mama

      Just don’t buy it…

    • Barad dur
      Barad dur

      MKBHD's review is same as Linus Tech Tips'. He doesn't recommend this shit. Not the case of the others that even claim that it's awesome.

    • Anton Müller
      Anton Müller

      Why would you actually need iPadOS and face id on a display?? Every new Magic Keyboard model features touch id. Ridiculous rant about the A13 Bionic

    • Daniel Zduniak
      Daniel Zduniak

      "You don't bite the hand that feeds you".


    Always loved Apple products but they give me more and more arguments not to upgrade my current products

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose

    "Excuse me, I need you to design a display in a way that hands over all business to LG and other companies in every way you can." Apple: SAY NO MORE

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    So strange, you'd expect the product designed to have a great screen, great speakers, and camera would be better than the laptop; but no.

  • P barny
    P barny

    Imagine the shock and suprise that Apple made lessor product, and charged more for it, and still people will line up to buy it.

  • Camell513

    I love how everyone stopped by just to hate on apple's decision to make a HARDWIRED power cable

    • Lawrence James
      Lawrence James

      @B5152 ah sorry read that from the other view point

    • B5152

      @Lawrence James I am pointing out the reason that "it should be removable" not that it shouldn't..

    • Lawrence James
      Lawrence James

      @B5152 and how is that a reason to make something non removable you can burn down your house with a stove or microwave yet we still have them and anyone can use them

    • Izaias Schaefer Jr
      Izaias Schaefer Jr

      @Retrogame Puppy clown

    • Aaru

      @Retrogame Puppy Hello??? Where are you now? lol

  • Wolfman

    “This is unacceptable” 👏 Well said, on so many design choices. I hate how the Display connector is just a thunderbolt cable on the back side, not centrally located and tidy. Most photos hide the cable connecting to the Mac, same as they hide the notch on iPhone. Jobs would have never let this pass.

  • misuyy fong
    misuyy fong

    In a world where war rages, this man makes me laugh. Antony is one hell of a tech guy. Just love his videos.

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo

    This was, obviously, supposed to be the redesigned 27" iMac. Apple must've changed direction halfway through designing this thing.

  • Nathan

    I am starting to suspect that Apple puts more effort into designing their boxes than their products.

  • Yav Ne
    Yav Ne

    Hope Apple someday starts using their chip to image processing and actually make a TV to heat the competition. 😍 They already improved regular OLED with their XDR Displays. xd

  • Tahibur Alom
    Tahibur Alom

    I just love the reactions 🤦‍♂️ he makes everytime he finds a annoying feature or fault lol.

  • Dougie Mason
    Dougie Mason

    I expect there will be updates released soon to "Add more features" and make Apple look like heroes

  • Pendaran Roberts
    Pendaran Roberts

    I have been an Apple user my whole life with my first computer being a Mac. I give Apple a lot of passes, but the non-removable cord is just too much. Normally I'd pick one of these up to compliment my MacBook Pro. I won't be buying this monitor though.

  • Danny Martial
    Danny Martial

    I feel like this month’s event was Apple’s way of using up their leftover chips that they made too many of.

    • girlsdrinkfeck

      @Young Jacuzzi my phone is as fast as it needs to be. What can iPhone do my phone can't? My phone has iris scanner I win

    • Justin Leahy
      Justin Leahy

      @Young Jacuzzi he’s saying that they use cpus which were rejected for the iphone 13 and instead of just throwing them out they’re used in the iPhone SEs. Throwing out perfectly good cpus whose silicon quality wasn’t up to spec is a waste of money.

    • Guilherme Gabriel
      Guilherme Gabriel

      That’s basically how you get a better performance for an incredible price, you dingus.

    • Young Jacuzzi
      Young Jacuzzi

      @girlsdrinkfeck what does that have to do with how Capable the phone is lol, just admit ur phone is slow. It’s ok buddy.

    • Ekaterina⚡💫

      Bitte teilen und abonnieren, wenn dir unsere Videos gefallen: VK.SV/LHONTHAY

  • Philippus Viridi
    Philippus Viridi

    I love my iMac but loathe apple as a company. Just imagine the power cable gets damaged and what Apple will charge to fix it.They are hoping it gets damaged to screw you over.

  • Matt Sanchez
    Matt Sanchez

    Thanks for this, I always enjoy taking Apple down a few pegs, note I am writing this on an IPad Air which is a great tablet, oh except for the simply awful amount of storage you get and not SD card slot and no USB-C

  • Daniel Chatham
    Daniel Chatham

    I love how in a lot of Apple videos Linus media produces the packaging is generally the most positive thing they have to say about them 😂😂😂

  • CamelSmokes23

    I love how angry Linus got, it translated well on the WAN show.

  • TheSaviorSix

    Apple: "We're all about the environment" Also Apple: Building a huge corporate office, can't replace parts on your products, have to pay extra to get less, etc.

    • Twiceexceptional _
      Twiceexceptional _

      the Apple oval building don't even have heating or cooling, so everyone just brings in a space heater/portable ac unit which is way worse then just getting heater/AC unit for the building lol

    • Serenity Project
      Serenity Project

      @il biggo ࿓ just like your counter argument lmao

  • Rupretio

    Love your reviewing style Anthony, keep it up!

  • Mogster2007

    Wow. I haven't seen a non-removable power cord on a monitor since the last century. How the hell does Apple think this is a good idea?

  • Chris aka Schulbus
    Chris aka Schulbus

    In my mind i would do something like this because my life is ending and i just wanna see how shitty my product could get until people stop buying it. Guess i'd be dead before my company runs out of money... For real, if people don't stop buying it after this, what does a product have to look like to be actually rejected by the community??

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt

    Apple Cinema HD 30" had firewire,usb,dual link dvi, and power all in one hardwired dongle... was a nightmare. I think it's msrp was like 3k too lol.

  • Kamen Kunchev
    Kamen Kunchev

    It's really frustrating how it's not full screen with the iPad. You have all this computing power inside the monitor and the iPad and you get a boxed image. That's just sad.

  • Naota Kenichi
    Naota Kenichi

    Anthony is in a constant state of appreciating Apple hardware, but hating literally everything else about the company; cost, pointless engineering, regressive engineering, invasive services, locked software, etc. and it speaks to me.

  • Felix

    When it comes to displays and monitors leave it for Samsung, try the Samsung smart monitor M8. You'll be amazed by this product

  • no1unorightnow

    If I had to guess, the internal justification for the permanent power cable, is all the problems with the ~2007-2015 era iMacs that if you tilted the display forward, then backwards, it would frequently disconnect the power cable *just enough* to kill power while still looking/feeling "plugged in", and this design cuts down on those tech support calls.

  • AbuBakr Akram
    AbuBakr Akram

    I’ve been daily driving the LG 5K for the past few years. I was hoping for the same thing but with miniLED/ProMotion. Instead we got the same thing with a $300 markup… after 5 years. Nice.

    • batsonelec C
      batsonelec C

      @Dave Amazon has the LG version for 1499. The 3 other places I looked, the LG was out of stock. I get your points but the LG is also 60Hz and is not much cheaper. Get the VESA version for the same money and buy a desk clamp mount, or buy something else. There isn't much choice in 5K displays so you either deal with what Apple offers or you don't. I am not saying you are wrong in your wants, just saying Apple decided they wanted to sell something else.

    • Dave

      @batsonelec C inflation is up 10% in 2021, i am by NO means defending apple. But, the build quality and billet aluminum body is not cheap. It really needs some smart features that take advantage of the currently useless A13, and it also needs thunderbolt 4, a removable fucking power cable, a removable stand for christ's sake, and at least 75Hz refresh rate for $1499. That would make a little more sense.

    • Dominic

      Buy the Apple Pro Display XDR, then.

    • AbuBakr Akram
      AbuBakr Akram

      @Tom Boss That’s the problem: it doesn’t show all of those 5 options perfectly. Only the 200% option looks perfect, and anything bellow that looks blurrier than it does on Windows.

    • Tom Boss
      Tom Boss

      ​@AbuBakr Akram Because of Retina, Apple doesn't need subpixel Antialiasing anymore. Apple usually gives only 5 different scalings because of "Apple simple". But shows all of them perfectly. In 2012, they used 200% as standard, so that (unlike on windows) no software would break, and everything worked perfectly. The color accuracy and sharpness makes the studio display the best screen on a Mac. Better than the disappointing Pro Display.

  • Humble Eagle
    Humble Eagle

    It sounds to me like Apple had trouble getting parts which resulted in making a lot of compromises to make sure they could release it.

    • jpdemer5

      Industry-standard power plugs and sockets are NOT in short supply. This is sheer idiocy.

  • EZG

    As the title says... Apple can do this and their customers will keep begging for more of this treatment!

  • William

    Apple customers at every releases : this is unacceptable ! No more! But... they are STILL buying.

  • Robert Dahlberg
    Robert Dahlberg

    In a world where war rages, this man makes me laugh. Antony is one hell of a tech guy. Just love his videos.

  • K3dzi0r

    Funny thing is that cable is removable by Apple authorized service providers, but of course you need a tool in order to remove the cable, which the repair centres need to buy :) the ball keeps rolling

    • SnakeMaster

      @AaronD12a they wanna make cautious and inexperienced ppl pay 100$ to replace the cable at an apple shop :)

    • AaronD12a

      This power cable is similar to the HomePod. It is "not removable" either, but a strong pull will allow you to remove it. Why, Apple, why?

    • SnakeMaster

      @Paul EldersonGood Wired earbuds are way cheaper than wireles ones. for the price of ultra cheap wireless earbuds you can get premium KZ wired earbuds (25-50€). Proper wireless ones cost 200 to 400 €. Cheap but usabe wired earbuds cost less than 10€. Wired ones also dont have batteries, hence longer lifetime (especially when the cable is replaceable) and no maintainance needed by user. And having a jack doesn't stop anyone from going wireless. Also who TF has pockets THAT small that a s7 cant fit in so they need the extra 2 mm of thinness ...

    • ThePortuguesePlayer

      @Paul Elderson Ignoring the existence of 2.5mm jack that has been used in mobile phones and radios since the 90's...

  • Hugh Norman
    Hugh Norman

    Try the mac mini or studio. I thought these screens had pretty good video quality and are much nicer in person.

  • Joonha Shcal
    Joonha Shcal

    I just thought that, if something destroys the cable you can fix it yourself...then I realized anybody who can DIY a cable fix would NEVER buy Apple products, because repairing their stuff is excruciating.

  • DctrGizmo

    When Linus pulled out the power cable during the livestream, it made the most unpleasent noise ever and it started to bend too!

  • a beer from here
    a beer from here

    Apple: Have a iMac with easy to removeable cable with magnets also Apple: Have a monitor with a NOT removeable cable. Because you need to go to the Genius Bar

  • ThexBorg

    Their MagSafe is so good it’s mind boggling as to why it’s not widely implemented.

    • F.B.We.

      @Tim Hitchins The external PSU can stay at the back of the display.

    • F.B.We.

      "Protegent Yes." - Apple

    • MuzikJunkyAES

      Or being licensed to other manufacturers! Peace.

    • lpez

      Apple Care is a subscription now

  • James Allen
    James Allen

    I'll never understand how we can fit 8k video cameras with several lenses and sensors on the back of a tiny phone, but not in the bezel of a monitor...

  • kursemaster

    You can activate Siri? Wow. I've always wanted a monitor that can spy on me. I'm definitely buying this.

  • Mistafishman

    You know this one is a miss when even those more in favor of Apple aren’t overly impressed.

  • EclipsaMyrtenaster

    The real question is: Why wouldn't they? I'm surprised they didn't do this earlier

  • Patrick Robisch
    Patrick Robisch

    How could they put such a capable chip in this display and not even use it

    • F.B.We.

      @Ohh Crap Guy Im sure there are chips made just to do video/audio stuff. You dont even need to use the processor in attached device.

    • F.B.We.

      @Matthew Bovenkerk You dont buy something based on Coming Soon™

    • F.B.We.

      @Tim Hunter Cant that be done by other chips?

    • F.B.We.

      For marketing

    • TheNewGreenIsBlue

      @CaptainApathetic I thought of this as well. Would be a great value proposition. However, they'd also have to add Bluetooth/Wi-Fi for the remote control and internet connection in that case and if they're doing that, they might as well enable AirPlay... which means they'd need a Wifi Antenna as well... they'd also likely have to add ethernet to the power adapter. There could be other implications too. It's not a bad idea... but I assume it's not as simple as loading up the software.

  • rahavd

    I've been appreciating Apple design for many years and was willing to pay for features and architecture style. However, these recent decisions by Apple are an atrocity - The undetachable power cord. - Not being able to change the stand. Paid or not. - Not being able to rotate by 90 degrees. I think that Apple lost significant revenue with this decision. How nice it would be to have an XDR in the middle, and two Studio displays… - Having only one Thunderbolt port = no daisy chain (hey Apple, I was willing to buy a few of those displays). Makes me feel for the first time that I will be satisfied only if the Apple product manager will be politely asked to go and work for another company. I don’t really care if this was Produced or Engineering bright ideas, or if neither didn’t resist an executive directive, they should all go home for this atrocity.

  • Daniel Del Aguaro
    Daniel Del Aguaro

    Game changing. Apple didn't make you spend 1000 for the stand this time around

  • Just a SydeFix
    Just a SydeFix

    Since customers love buying overpriced apple products, they want to test their customers' patience

  • macbitz

    I watched the Apple keynote and thought hey this is something I might buy, a great quality picture with smarts built-in. Then I watched Anthony and did an about turn so cheers Anthony, you saved me a ton of money! Now I'm waiting for LG UltraFine monitors to become available again.

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  • B. Winky
    B. Winky

    No Airplay? That would have been a killer feature to anyone in the ecosystem.

    • RavenousJoe

      @c0mputer yeah, if you leave your laptop or ipad plugged into it.

    • c0mputer

      @BismoB I understand I think. Maybe I’m just not thinking hard enough. I will keep an eye out for examples that other displays can do.

    • c0mputer

      @RavenousJoe Sorry, I’m still not onboard 100%. I can very easily screen mirror from my phone to my MBP or airplay audio. This would then show up on the studio display.

    • BismoB

      @c0mputer I don’t know, for reference samsung M7 has airplay and it’s resolution is 4K. But your initial question was the need of airplay in this monitor… it’s convenient to have airplay if you have multiple apple products. For example if you want to connect your macbook you don’t have to unplug the cable from mac studio. There’s always a use case for that.

    • RavenousJoe

      @c0mputer lag or not, it is functionality that SHOULD be there given the powerful SoC. Even just a means to quickly throw some content up on the screen should be a simple task

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith

    I find it hilarious how the box shows no cable in the back of the monitor, almost as if Apple wanted to piss people off but hide it before purchase

  • Abe Dabous
    Abe Dabous

    I haven’t watched a LTT video in a while and I have to say Anthony’s is definitely more natural on camera now than he was in the past. Happy to see him front and center