OOPS, we took it apart! - Mountain Everest 60 Keyboard

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  • ShortCircuit

    Jono's Note: You can have the Numpad separated, but you'll need to buy this extension cable - mountain.gg/usb-type-c-to-type-c-cable/

    • Xesh001

      Indeed. I have the Max with this cable and it means I can move my numpad to sit above my keyboard, giving more space for my mouse.

    • OskyEdz

      My exact reason to leave a comment was today this.

    • BahamutBBob

      Did someone tell Plouffe that the numpad is the 10 key part of the keyboard?

    • bluedragonwolf83

      @Tyler Swidler On their main Everest board, it has to plug directly into the keyboard. Or at least it does on mine. That said, I haven't updated or used their software since I bought the board in 2019 , so I can not say for certain. It's possible it will work now. I just haven't needed to change my lighting or had any problems that would require using basecamp software.

    • Tyler Swidler
      Tyler Swidler

      Could a USB extension into a computer port work or does it need to plug into the keyboard?

  • NyQuin

    I love short circuit for getting to see the hobbies and passions of the LMG staff and it has definitely gotten me to do research into things I otherwise wouldnt

    • girlsdrinkfeck

      wow what a life u got for being so into keyboards

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      바비 소녀들.🇰🇷

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  • Konsticraft

    I can definitely recommend putting the numpad on the left side, gives you the mouse space of a TKL but you still have a numpad and the numpad is much more usable for hotkeys in games or programs with a lot of mouse usage.

    • Micheal Persicko
      Micheal Persicko

      @Viktor Reznov well the reason the keyboard always has the numpad on the right is because the modern keyboard layout is actually the same layout that the IBM introduced in 1985 and it's just been the defacto standard keyboard layout and only recently has messing with that layout has gained more popularity.

    • D S
      D S

      @Viktor Reznov I guess it's the same reason why qwerty is used almost everywhere. It's not logical, it's nowhere near being optimal, especially since different languages have vastly different properties, but it got popular, so it's likely never going away

    • Viktor Reznov
      Viktor Reznov

      @Jehty Well, maybe. I just imagined right handed people use a calculator with a right hand. But maybe you're correct. Also probably yes, you would need to relearn it. Maybe that's also why it has been always on the right? Because somebody put it there in the first place for some reason and it's just stuck there?

    • Jehty

      @Viktor Reznov why would most people use a calculator with their right hand? I am left handed and use my calculator with the right hand so that I don't have to put the pen down. I assume righties do the same just swapped. But anyways why does that even matter? You have to relearn your muscle memory either way. So just do it.

    • MONIC

      🆓🚾I really like this Bigbooty.OnLine Youngboy is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day. ESEXESEX

  • Nyxterius

    you can do extended numpad. I bought one of the original everest maxes, and one of the things that is marketed was that they give you a small usb c female to male cable to attach numpad at an extended distance. I've run it like this quite a bit

    • Jak _
      Jak _

      @DarkSide1305 I’m not sure from an engineering standpoint what differences there would be to making them work as a usb pass through/ two way power source but I’d like to imagine not much in terms of overall additional space being required. Due to it being possible on smart phones these days which are say half the size of the keyboard it surely can’t be that hard. This not knowing is the exact reason I posted my og comment. As a consumer or potential customer of this item its something I would want to know just as it wouldn’t make sense to me if they didn’t. As the markup for having 2 extra ports that might only be used to power the keyboard means as a customer we would be paying more money for a relatively gimmicky or niche feature due to additional components and/ or manufacturing steps.

    • DarkSide1305

      @rex Previously But there are only 3 USB C's?

    • rex Previously
      rex Previously

      @DarkSide1305 There is one, cause there is one connection to the PC, and there is also a USB A out on the back of the keyboard.

    • DarkSide1305

      @Marvin Westmaas Deleted my comment, realised they meant the 3 USB. Would mean they need to build a USB Hub into the Keyboard I think.

    • Marvin Westmaas
      Marvin Westmaas

      @UCJBMbwYk05lipRyy2bRYPWw I think he meant the top 3 usb-c ports which are all usb-c because all can be used to connect the pc to the kb itself. Would indeed be nice if KB could act as usb-hub and you could plug in other devices there.

  • GudDud •_•
    GudDud •_•

    I think you should be able to get a usb-c cable extend for the numpad (usb-c female to usb-c male). Connect one end to the numpad and the other to the side of the keyboard.

    • Dagarath

      @VoidMarvel And when I want my numpad 2-3 feet away from my keyboard because of my desk design?

    • Ken Shaw
      Ken Shaw

      I checked Everest sells a 15cm female to male cable. 6 inches might not be enough, IDK.

    • Nameless _
      Nameless _

      @Little Jackalo yeah, connecting another usb to the motherboard sounds pointless when you could just have an extension usb cable connecting to the keyboard, letting you move the keypad anywhere but still being connected to the keyboard. But I just prefer a full-size anyway but having the freedom to move the keypad would be nice for someone interested in this keyboard

    • Little Jackalo
      Little Jackalo

      @Benjamin Cusack huh? It's already got a male USB C on the num pad that connects to a female USB C on the keyboard. Are you connecting the numpad to the computer on it's own? The complexity added to plug it into the keyboard is negligible.

    • CRÜMB

      @Benjamin Cusack the keyboard already has that function though ?

  • gaige21qw

    One thing I've learned from watching any video about keyboards (standalone or on a laptop) from LMG is that it's subjective as hell. You can see one person flex the s*** out of a board and say there's hardly any flex while someone else will barely flex a keyboard and say that there's too much flex.

  • nathan rios
    nathan rios

    Company: we want to target one of the pickiest enthusiast community in the world Community: NO

    • Ronak Parikh
      Ronak Parikh

      @JC There is nothing revolutionary here, it is a cheap $50 gaming keyboard with a 1 cent foam and bad lube job for $140. Many pc gamers have built their own computer so I think they are capable of doing a couple mods on their own. This is a really bad value when you look at boards like the gmmk pro or the recent qk65, I would rather save up for those. What I am trying to say is that there are budget $50-$75 gaming keyboards and there are $200-$350 entry level enthusiast keyboards and the $75-$200 range in between is a waste of money but that seems to be the price range this channel is focused on, maybe because that is the high margin garbage with the biggest profits?

    • JC

      @Ronak Parikh it's also a major step up for a "big company" to do something this decently. Obviously the enthusiast market is going to want to do things themselves, because that's the point of the hobby, where you have something you can really feel good about because you custom tuned it yourself and did all these mods and hard work to make a nice board. This is just for the gamers who don't want a shit board with super rattly stabs and stuff but can't be bothered to actually do a custom keyboard

    • neol '
      neol '

      @Ronak Parikh tbh it's still much better than what was coming out a few years ago

    • Ronak Parikh
      Ronak Parikh

      They know they are not fooling any enthusiast with this, it's just marketing to increase the price. It is not actually for keyboard enthusiasts, it's for gamers, and this channel is like an ad platform for this kind of stuff

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  • Ace

    +1 for voicing the need for numpads. I really hate the trend of removing them on laptops, even 15/17" ones. Even when you don't have speaker grills on the side or any other excuse.

    • Ace

      @Elliot Kaufman I've literally never had an issue with that, and I literally write and edit for a living.

    • jokke kashmir
      jokke kashmir

      thank you for saying this my new laptop dont have numpad and i use it lot for gaming and other stuff and it annoys me lot

    • Elliot Kaufman
      Elliot Kaufman

      @Macchi Strauss yes on a laptop a numpad doesn't put the keyboard in the middle which is super uncomfortable and un ergonomic. I'd say the same for desktop's since it then cause your mouse to be a million miles away and have no mouse pad space.

    • Victoria Nicole
      Victoria Nicole

      I ♥ Bigbooty.OnLine Youngboy is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day.

  • Alistair Blaire
    Alistair Blaire

    Having 3 usb ports is brilliant. Now I want all keyboards to have this feature. It's great that all these options are available now. If I like unlubed linears and rubber dome capacitive keyboards then it's like hey, there's keyboards like that out there or I can just build or mod one.

    • Tony LaRose
      Tony LaRose

      the Happy hacking keed has USB ports, along with the rasp pi keyboard

  • Neoxon

    I’m really liking all of the keyboard coverage we’ve been getting lately.

    • 바비 소녀들.🇰🇷
      바비 소녀들.🇰🇷

      I Love Bigbooty.OnLine Youngboy is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day. The way his music flows and sounds is extravagant and pleasant. Youngboy is an icon, a legend, my idol, a king, an inspiration, a STAR. I could go on and on, understand this. I love NBA Youngboy.

    • Daniel Murray
      Daniel Murray

      This! I'd love to see some fully custom builds in the future was well especially with all that CNC gear they have now.

  • Zednik

    So there is a keyboard in the UK market called a Shortboard Leftie and i have a heavily modded one and its great. I replaced the switches with silent switches and put a removable usbc socket in the case so i can use my custom cables. It has the nav and the numberpad on the left side but in the same layout that youd expect, just moved. You could also just get a wireless numberpad for what you need especially if you dont use them all too much

  • Ox

    I use spreadsheets a lot so I really couldn't give up my numpad. Function keys are also pretty useful for me especially if for media control but I wanted a little more compact form factor vs full-size so 96% is really working well for me right now. But having the option to remove or have the numpad on the side but still usable like Plouf was saying seems like a pretty nice solution that I could see myself trying out in the future!

  • Perrin Fenix
    Perrin Fenix

    It reminds me of the Microsoft Sidewinder X6 that the num pad was removable and swappable to either side of the keyboard

  • Cameron O'Leary
    Cameron O'Leary

    I have the full size version, it's the best keyboard I have ever used. I love that I can have a numpad on the keyboard, but not have it in the way when I'm gaming

    • Ruebo

      @Trae Block I think they removed it a in one of the last updates. Only noticed that after I already installed it, a shame I liked that mode. Besides the lighting, the extra buttons on the numpad are not working all the time. Launching task manager, websites and all the general windows stuff (e.g. sleep) work fine but launching programms (in my case Discord doesn’t seem to work again, worked fine in the past.

    • Trae Block
      Trae Block

      @Burt Macklin The software is not good. It actually removed functionality from the keyboard, lol. Out of the box, before I downloaded Basecamp, the keyboard had a cool reactive lighting effect that alternated between RBGYOV on every keystroke. After installing Basecamp, it still has the reactive mode, but it's limited to one, maybe two colors. I really enjoy the keyboard itself, though! I did have an issue with the numpad a few days ago when it just shut off for a few minutes and wouldn't turn back on, even though the actual keyboard was fine. After trying both sides and using the extension cable a few times, it turned back on and has been working since, but I don't think anything I did had any effect.

    • Joey

      @Burt Macklin well if you're looking to spend that amount of money on a keyboard its best to ask people who have already done it what the experience is right? Just want to contribute to whoever it migut be useful to! And ofc, glad to help!

    • Burt Macklin
      Burt Macklin

      @Joey Cheers for the run down, I really appreciate it! To be honest it's users like you that make me think it's worth the gamble on certain hardware when I see how far you got out of your way to be informative and inclusive. Thanks again.

    • Cameron O'Leary
      Cameron O'Leary

      @Burt Macklin I haven't had any issues, but if you uninstall the base camp software the buttons with the tiny media screens don't work. It also gets dusty quite easily

  • Matt DiVito
    Matt DiVito

    Pretty crazy he finds their 55s heavy. I have MX Greys on my daily and want stiffer, but there aren't really any options outside of customizing manually.

  • David Nightjet
    David Nightjet

    I have the Everest Max myself (thanks in part to the review from you guys) and yeah... The Base Camp software is pretty garbo. It doesn't like it when you want to set up lighting. I got my keyboard looking the way I want in one profile and just accept that the rest of the lighting profiles have a few compromises until they improve the software.

    • Ghostly

      I got the max everest, same opinion there's a lot of great things but the software could definitely be improved, waiting for more lighting effects and more synchronization between softwares

  • Ze Thao
    Ze Thao

    BTW Mountain sells an extension cable for the number pad, but it's short for some reason and it has a very specific protocol I guess. You can't use any ordinary usb c to c cable, it has to be Mountain's cable and can only be used connected to the keyboard. I've tried on my own Mountain Everest Max, the full size version but maybe they changed it for the 60%.


    Awesome review big guy. That is a really nice little keyboard. You could use that usb-c female to male cable like the 1.5 foot one on Amazon, but can the other usb ports be used independently to charge devices or add a F-key bar etc? That would be cool to have even more modularity and customize your desk layout even more.

  • Luis Marquez
    Luis Marquez

    most hotswap boards dont give you the option to do other layouts like split spacebar and also tend to cost a bit more, soldering is a pain but i really find peace in it.

  • Earthgrand234

    I like it, I just wish they'd do the silicone and foam additions to the everest max, since would rather have tkl and a numpad extension instead of 60%

  • ilyanaa

    Plouffe mentioning how he likes tactility but thought the 55g switches were a bit too heavy for his tastes makes me think that he'd really like a 45g Topre board-maybe like a Leopold FC980C or something.

  • Targetlockon

    Modular keyboards and upgradability plus repairability 👍 would like to see more in this space

  • treborrrrr

    I still can't get over those gigantic coiled cables with giant connectors on them that have become so popular for some reason. I just find them so silly. Then again I'm a bit of a flashlight nerd, so I shouldn't judge.

    • intParse

      Those giant connectors can sometimes be useful. Unfortunately not all boards have a USB-C connector. Especially some older custom boards might have a Mini-USB or Micro-USB connector instead. Having there be an extra connector in the cable close to the device means that one can just change the device end of the USB cable from e.g. USB-C to Mini-USB instead of having to run a whole new USB cable when swapping boards. However, most of the time they are just used for looks.

    • BlackTears

      As much as I love the keyboard hobby, I think coiled cables look ridiculous and all the silly keycap sets with extra symbols or several colors and awful legends seem really strange to me, especially with the adamant dislike of RGB within the hobby. Like, you love these multicolor weird keycaps but hate RGB backlighting?

    • WhoAmIWill

      I really want to know about the flashlight enthusiast community now.

  • tame gaming
    tame gaming

    Loving the new keyboard guy! I actually don't mind the acoustics of this board for a pre built.

  • mimp

    When the keyboard has more IO than the actual front IO…

  • Gabe The Modder
    Gabe The Modder

    Left handed num pads are amazing, it's really nice for cad work. You don't need to take your right hand and leave the mouse to type a number in or use the top row numbers with your left hand.

  • Snikpoh 1390
    Snikpoh 1390

    I'm liking this. I just built a GMMK Pro (I know, everyone has one..) with Bobas, TX Stabs, lubed and filmed, foam and all that good stuff. I really enjoy it. It's nice to see you guys getting deeper into the keyboard hobby.

  • Natan Facchin
    Natan Facchin

    Pretty cool board 💙 I like the multiple connectors, sound dampening and PBT keycaps :)

  • Trae Block
    Trae Block

    I got the full sized Everest Max about a month ago, and I can tell you that the Basecamp software is hot garbage. I love the keyboard itself, but customizing anything is a huge pain. Also, I'm pretty sure that they said the numpad can only be connected with their usb c extension cable. I haven't tested it myself, since my numpad stays on the left side. Overall, I'm glad I got it, and the customization is nice now that I have it set up but I want people that watch the video to know that the software will likely not be any better after the embargo.

  • Pockify

    About putting the numpad on a different location. It does allow an extension cable to go in between. The Mountain Everest Max has this, and I assume the 60% version would as well.

  • TheRasmusdc

    Surprised me how far you can get with a kbdfans r3 lite with gateron oil kings without lubing (well lubed stabilisers) ok that kbdfans has gaskets, silicone mute and plate in plastic but the thocc is insane.. so you can get far without krytox

  • Beth Targett
    Beth Targett

    My old keyboard was a 60%, and the reason I changed away was because I found myself wanting the number pad back. Something like this would be ideal so I could have more space on my desk most of the time, then snap in the number pad when I need it.

    • Gaiiden

      Honestly if you already have a good 60% I feel like you'd be better off getting a separate numpad. They aren't that expensive and you can get some wired or wireless ones.

  • Pirojf Mifhghek
    Pirojf Mifhghek

    This is vaguely related, but I've been looking for a way to make use of some old macbooks that are either dead or starting to show their age. Rather than throw em in the e-waste pile, I was looking into turning their keyboard/trackpads into an external USB device. Apparently the internals all use USB signals, so if I just find the right chip and the right pins to hook up to a USB cable I'm good to go, right? I haven't gone much further into the project than looking up the schematics and making sure I have the correct pins identified, but I'm guessing as long as I've got the 5v and 3.3v power rails sorted out... I should be able to pull the outgoing +/- data signal right off the PSOC right? I know you're out there, Louis Rossmann. Pls notice me, senpai.

  • Algenhirn

    Thanks, now I got a new keyboard on the way. I was thinking about a new keyboard for a while cause I only have a membrane keyboard but I never found one with the same featureset but the everest max is exactly what I was searching for.

  • Josh E
    Josh E

    I want to see reviews on enthusiast grade full size traditional layout keyboards.

  • OP17 Gaming
    OP17 Gaming

    I would love to see Logitech making a revamped, mechanical version of the Logitech K120 (a 100% membrane keyboard that I use from like 2014/2015)

  • DctrGizmo

    The modularity of the keyboard is pretty cool. Hopefully this becomes more of a thing.

  • Phyllis Edwards
    Phyllis Edwards

    ❤️ Hermosa eleccion 4.FO/Elizeid de mejor 1 (elecciones ) 9.9/10 2 ( culturales ) 9.7/10 Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no-puede-ir-pero-de-tan-solo verlos desde pantalla,, se que estuvo Sorprendente .

  • Sam Fedorka
    Sam Fedorka

    Thank goodness they have so many keycap sets available because the kb has nonstandard key sizes (+0.25u on the right) so nothing else will fit.

  • Simon Bauer
    Simon Bauer

    for the numpad as a seperate connected thing you could get a usb c extension cable with a male and female type c to make it work. as for desktop keyboards ill pass and stick with my trusty old fujitsu siemens kbpc sx d. no rgb, off white and a ps/2 port but durable as hell and very well working.

    • zodoGames

      lol my thoughts exactly on the cable. I use my Affermative / lexmark model m battleship for work still

    • Konsticraft

      The original everest max actually comes with a cable like that, but really short at i think 15cm.

  • Chris Caberte
    Chris Caberte

    I really wish you could use the knob they used before, or atleast provide it as an optional accessory. But a good looking board

  • thejackal007

    Looks interesting, but neither 60's nor TKL work for me. What would you say is a good choice for hot swappable full size?

  • Chadwick Burdick
    Chadwick Burdick

    for a factory keyboard under 200 (and well under), it sounds absolutely awesome in my opinion

  • Evan Pilkington
    Evan Pilkington

    I've had an Everest Max for a while now and I absolutely love it. Swapped out the Reds for Durock T1s and clipped and relubed all the stabs. Sounds and types great, and the build is solid

    • Chase Irons
      Chase Irons

      Love the Everest Max

    • Joey

      @Evan Pilkington oh okay, thank anyways!

    • Evan Pilkington
      Evan Pilkington

      @Joey I'm still using the cherry stabilizers that it came with

    • Joey

      what stabilizers would you recommend for this board?

  • George Bellamy
    George Bellamy

    The Everest Max actually came with a little Female to male USB-C so you can move the num pad away from the keyboard

  • Alan Ramirez
    Alan Ramirez

    I really wanna know what happens if you connect it to three computers using all of the USB-C ports!

  • 𝕽𝖆𝖛𝖊𝖓

    You could use the numpad separately from the keyboard: get a USB C extension cable and run it as long as you wanted to have it still usable, but out of your way.

  • blank blank
    blank blank

    i would replace the normal 60% number keys with function keys, reconfigure, and just use the numpad for numbers

  • Shmueli Englard
    Shmueli Englard

    Got myself an Everest Max a month a go and I'm in love

  • gnarf

    Can you please test if a USB-C extension cable would work for the numpad being detached. Both in the side ports and the top ports to see if those would accept the numpad.

  • MunifTheGreat

    Finally someone who gets it. Numpads are great. Do you have any idea how much of a pain it is to type a lot of numbers

  • Rick Seiden
    Rick Seiden

    OMG! I HATE lights under my keys! I know I'm the exception, but what you're showing would drive me crazy!

  • Fryderyk Król
    Fryderyk Król

    You could connect the numpad like you wanted with a usb-c extender cable (male and female connector).

  • Lance Zimmer
    Lance Zimmer

    I actually like my numpad separated. I have the same setup, with the keypad above the mouse.

  • ViXoZuDo

    Pretty sure you could get a USB-C extension cable to plug it in and use it in the config with the numpad over the mouse.

  • Zelda's Fox
    Zelda's Fox

    The keyboard I got is a 1800 Compact version which I like. Only downside is the right control is 1.75u so cheap keycap sets doesn't accommodate.

    • PaklekJ4

      Theres a lot of cheap dye sub keycaps that has 1.75 u shift

  • Eduardo Gonzales
    Eduardo Gonzales

    Love this keyboard reviews, many thanks.

  • Thomas Welch
    Thomas Welch

    You can definitely have the numpad separately. Mountain include an extension cable in the box. You just hook the usb c's together.

    • Javier N.
      Javier N.

      He said that at 7:28, doesn't seem like that big a deal to me. I would much rather have it plugged to the keyboard than direct to the PC since the cable managing would be much harder.

  • techienate

    TKL stands for Ten KeyLess. It's what you have before you plug in the keypad, not after. This guy misuses the word a couple of times. If you want a compact mechanical keyboard with the numpad, get the Akko 3098B. It has all the features this thing does except that it sounds better and has significantly better stabilizers for the tradeoff that the numpad is integrated. All for significantly less money.

  • harbl99

    60% keyboard (modular attachments to restore the lopped-off functionality also available). That just seems self-defeating.

  • Matt

    You know what we really need? Split board tkl with thumb clusters. You can get overpriced split tkl or split 60ish with thumb clusters.

  • Vilmar

    You could use a MTF cable and have the numpad in a different position

  • Ken Shaw
    Ken Shaw

    I have spent so long typing on a full size keyboard that trying to work on a 60% throws my muscle memory all out of whack. Even a TKL doesn't really work for me. So the whole enthusiast KB world has really not been available to me until these modular kb's started coming along, and I fully get why they only do 60% and TKL. But they still only rarely do things like function keys or they put arrow keys in the wrong place, like this kb does. If someone makes a fully hotswap kb with modules that lets me make a full size kb that is decent quality, that isn't thousands of dollars, I'm going to be all over that. I'm sick of having to replace kb's over one dead switch, no I'm not getting out a soldering iron to do a switch swap I can but that amount of time and effort is way more than a new kb costs.

  • Ben Willock
    Ben Willock

    I feel like a right-angle usb-c extension cable would help to solve the not being able to detach it issue

  • Sijonda

    What's stopping you from running a cable between the num pad and the keyboard?

    • richtea78

      @Ruebo I got a couple of different cables from Amazon to try out. A 30cm and a 60cm. Neither of them work. Several other people had the same experience when I asked on the Mountain discord. That might look like a regular cable it isnt.

    • Ruebo

      @richtea78 What do you mean by normal usb-c cable?

    • richtea78

      @Ruebo yes that cable will work but a normal USB C cable won’t work

    • Ruebo

      @richtea78 That’s not true. I got the Everest Max and there was a small female to male usb-c cable in the package. You can use that to connect the both. It shows up in the software as if were directly attached to the main part but otherwise works fine. I think it’s something about needing a cable with all pins.

    • richtea78

      @Sijonda I have the Everest Max. It doesn't work because the software doesn't allow it. If you want to waste your money then be my guest

  • LimitedWard

    This is one of those concepts that's really cool in theory, but in practice doesn't really make sense. I can't imagine there are that many people who would want to switch between a 60% and full size often enough to warrant a modular device like this. 99.9% of people would sooner just keep their setup static, and at that point there are other keyboards that can fit the bill for less. I'm sure there will be at least one person who disagrees.

  • Kazuto

    7:20 why shouldn't you be able to do that? Just get a female to male USB-C cable and hook the numpad to the keyboard, like an extension basically.

  • MadManMoon The Gamer
    MadManMoon The Gamer

    Can't help but feel if you're going to put those cool magnetic feet at the back, adding a space for them at the front and including a few extra would be awesome for those that want to tilt the other (correct?) way.

    • zodoGames


    • 바비 소녀들.🇰🇷
      바비 소녀들.🇰🇷

      Eres La mejor Bigbooty.OnLine respuesta de Balvin, ignorar malos comentarios y demostrar lo que vale sin tirarle la mala a nadie.. Enseñanza..

  • Dank Dopths
    Dank Dopths

    They do have a cable that comes separate for the numpad. It connects to the keyboard and you can move the numpad elsewhere. But that's with the Everest Core that I'm using. I dunno how they're doing the 60.

  • Dagarath

    I like my 72 key Drevo Calibur v2 (60% with Fn F-keys), I just wish anyone made really nice low profile numpads without completely breaking the bank or having to solder stuff. I am constantly looking to find a decent numpad to expand my 60% to a TKL, but frankly the options are all horrible, including this.

  • Damian Greenwood
    Damian Greenwood

    finally ltt has a video with a keyboard enthusiast i would love to see more of this. I belive that it is a part that is missing for me

  • Micheal Persicko
    Micheal Persicko

    You can get a 60% with a numpad it's called a 96% keyboard and so far the only keyboard manufacturer i've seem make them is Keychron.

  • KeonXD

    Imagine if they can get their hands on a keycult to review lmao.

  • Ian Does Design
    Ian Does Design

    Editing note - Its nice to not have music when you are trying to hear the the switches. Great video though as always though

  • Michael Skinner
    Michael Skinner

    Thank you for the tips. Always use common sense👍

  • Thomoose

    Heads up, this company is known for taking forever to deliver the product and has horrible customer support.

  • Vek

    60% isn't the physical size, rather it is the amount of keys on the keyboard. As that keyboard has arrow keys, it is a 65%.

  • Jimmy

    I thought TKL stood for "tenkeyless", as in "without numpad"

  • Levi Creeger
    Levi Creeger

    Personally, I like to experiment with cases when building a new keyboard. I keep thinking a dedicated NumPad would be a fun build but the times I need a full size keyboard for editing or accounting, ill just pull out the old logitech. Keyboards feel like a weird venn diagram of NEED TO WORK and FUN TO MAKE. Yeah I prefer to use my 65%kbdfan case with lubed tactile switches, but I also appreciate how useful a $50 logitech fullsize is in the stable. I hate to be that guy but this prebuilt is a bad deal.

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  • Artur

    I have a USB C extension at home...I wonder if You could plug the num pad to the keyboard with this extension and have it anywhere zyou want 🙃 not the most elegant solution but still...why not 🤟