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  • ShortCircuit

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    • xybp942

      nice hyundai vw e-golf you got there

    • Alan Sung Ki
      Alan Sung Ki

      @dfsdh432v This sounds like something insurance would cover if you have comprehensive coverage on your policy. Electrical issues can be caused by a variety of things rodents, poor manufacturing, and although unlikely but it is possible that your vehicle was struck by lightning if parked outside during a storm. Regardless these are all covered under standard comprehensive insurance coverage which are almost identical throughout North America. If you live in Canada it's likely that your premium wont be increased for comprehensive claims but that depends on the province you live so confirm with your insurance company before proceeding with a claim, either way you will likely need to pay a deductible and if it does turn out to be a manufacturing issue your insurance company will very likely pursue KIA to recover your deductible and the funds they paid out for repairs or settlement if your vehicle is not repairable. If your insurance company is successful in recovering the funds they will refund your deductible, this would be the easiest path to take as Insurance companies have departments dedicated to recovering funds from at fault parties and a lot of other resources and car manufacturers don't like accepting fault or any liability since this may cause additional people to seek damages as well as damaging the reputation of their vehicles which will damage their bottom line a lot more than just covering your repair cost. I would say contact the dealer if you bought the car new and it's under warranty and if they give you a hard time just file a claim and let your insurance handle the rest. It would likely be financially beneficial to go through insurance if KIA refuses or isn't responsible for your loss, as electrical issues are difficult to diagnose which means a lot of labour costs before repairs even begin. Hope this helps, I know it's a lot of info to take in so feel free to reach out if you have a question.

    • dfsdh432v

      own a 2013 kia optima and last week my husband was driving it when it suddenly shut off on him without warning. The smell coming from the hood was horrible! Smelled like sulfur and burning wires but no warning lights or anything to indicate what is actually wrong with it. It has been in the shop since last Wednesday.. I have never had issues with the car for the 2 1/2 years I've owned it. Probably a recall for something with the engine

    • Alan Sung Ki
      Alan Sung Ki

      The water build up is likely due to damaged or just improper weather seals on the hatchback door which results in rainfall leaking into the storage or trunk area. This is common in new vehicles of all makes as the seals often shift and move after being installed at the factory. This issue is common and often goes unnoticed as car owners may not use the trunk and don't notice any leaks as water is hidden under the carpet.

    • René Bernhagen
      René Bernhagen

      @IRglo Sans a car which you can't repair is what the world needs

  • Kevwe Patani
    Kevwe Patani

    Really loved Andy's integration into the review, he sounded like he knew what he was talking about and it was refreshing to be able to hear a different perspective

    • GEN175

      yea and its a real review and not a spec rundown

    • batt3ryac1d

      Honestly it'd be great if they did those with a few people who had a little go with it. A few more opinions makes it more interesting and probably more informative.

    • chip coint
      chip coint

      Isnt it not a review? XD

    • Javier Flores
      Javier Flores

      "a lot more force here in my upper arm and... here in my upper arm" that part made me laugh pretty hard lol

    • ReDGE

      Exactly! Kudoz to the editor! We need more, "elite minivan driver, former BRZ casual - also teleports into your video with no introduction" titles; felt like a fun Easter egg, great review bombing & different driver experience (being Asian is NOT the same as being 6ft tall)

  • anynigma

    This is the ShortCircuit car video that has me convinced you’re doing it right. Alex, your coverage is like a breath of fresh air. I really appreciate your dedication to showing hvac and media controls. Love Andy’s perspectives too, really good back and forth you had there. I was super impressed with how you’ve described, demonstrated, and explained the suspension issue…well done. Finally, I think what made this video click for me was how well you contrasted it with the ev6 and model y. You’re starting to have this library of car experiences you can point people to as they consider their options. Love this concept, love your execution, please keep this up!

    • Sai Vootukur
      Sai Vootukur

      @Little Jackalo chip shortages are causing features to be removed for 2022/23 models

    • Patrick Leszczynski
      Patrick Leszczynski

      @Little Jackalo ya it's a bit strange especially for the money that your spending

    • Little Jackalo
      Little Jackalo

      @ShortCircuit no wireless android auto in a 2022/3 model?

    • ShortCircuit

      Thanks man! We really love cars and while we respect how people typically cover them, we want to do it in our own way. - Jono

  • Doomy_Doomy

    I love seeing Alex with these EVs. All the other reviewers just gas the cars up and he goes through little details and says it how it is I feel like. I love the team Linus has built.

    • Nick Miller
      Nick Miller

      @Justin L I've never heard of any of them actually. I'm not sure which ones I watched because I didn't like watching them and I didn't continue doing it.

    • Justin L
      Justin L

      @Nick Miller I have no idea what car reviewers you've been watching. The ones that I watch (carwow's Mat Watson, TheStraightPipes, Jason Camissa, the boys at Throttle House) all focus a lot on the driving feel.

    • theninjamaster67

      @Will Lenovo is shit I dunno what to tell you just get better taste in laptops.

    • SmokeTinyTom

      Dunno who you’re watching, but most reviewers are focused on useful facts, real life range, practicality and prices. So far, all the cars SC have “reviewed” are way too expensive, even before the Cost Of Living rises.

    • İbrahim Civanoglu
      İbrahim Civanoglu

      Yeah. He knows he will not overclock it at the end...

  • gameloser123

    I love the way you do car reviews. The focus on the interior and UX in a dedicated section, the practical considerations, the driving experience review... Also not reviewing the highest end model is a great move

    • e
      e Finally its here

    • Joel Wach
      Joel Wach

      @Little Jackalo the interior is 100% different between the base and limited trims. Every material is different. Ya the limited trim is nice but for cloth seats and plastic I was pleasantly surprised. (I own a SE, would highly recommend it)

    • Little Jackalo
      Little Jackalo

      Huh? That makes zero sense. They should review the one with every option. Why would you do an incomplete review. You can always pretend there isn't a feature, but you can't imagine what the review would be like on the version you would buy.

    • dtemp132

      Totally agreed on not reviewing the highest-end trim. Review the trim that you would suggest people buy!

  • RubyRoks

    I REALLY appreciated Andy's interjections. It's always good to get multiple perspectives on vehicles (hence why i'm watching this after seeing Doug Demuro's coverage) because everyone drives differently and has different preferences

  • Arthur Alford
    Arthur Alford

    Andy and Alex make a great team, with each having very valid arguments. I'm impressed that a "tech channel" does better car reviews than a lot of so-called "mainstream" auto reviews

  • nate berna
    nate berna

    For what it's worth, the EV6 has a way to set the passenger knob to permanently be volume. It also let's you set whether it defaults to climate or media. Those two things made the infotainment far less annoying to me.

    • A3 Radio
      A3 Radio

      @Lee Ward ... Really? He made it clear why he hated it, if its not a big deal for you that's great, i had a similar experience, i remember driving my partner car, a car that was 10 times better than my daily, yet my knee would always hit some switches when i got in turning on auto lowering suspension or turning off the parking sensor and a couple of more things and it drove me absolutely insane, i would not buy that car just for that xD so i get where alex is coming from, sometimes tiny things really annoy you and most people find it irrelevant

    • Beyond

      @Lee Ward Exactly! Car companies should use dials and good handles, not everything has to be touch.

    • Lee Ward
      Lee Ward

      @MP Lovecraft yeah, but how often would this actually be an issue? Also, the volume control is on the steering wheel...and that seems easier to use just leave it on climate, and control the volume on the wheel, and if a passenger needs to change anything one extra button press isn't really an issue.

    • Rem

      @Lee Ward yep, it's a ridiculous rant about something like that.

    • Lee Ward
      Lee Ward

      @patriotbarrow yeah, it really seemed like he was struggling to find negatives with this one.

  • Quinton Lawman
    Quinton Lawman

    The more of these that come out, the more I want you to do a roundup review, where you get them all and shoot a longer video on it . . . maybe on LTT? The ultimate LTT EV showdown where you test 'em, drive 'em back to back and then share your thoughts. I mean, I know that'd be REALLY hard given today's "it's hard to find a car" problems (having bought one in January, I can empathize), but maybe that's an idea for the future? PS: I still hate the climate controls in that car . . . everything else about it looks pretty sweet--except maybe the suspension. :-)

  • John

    Having watched both the EV6 and now the Ioniq 5 video, I feel like the positives/negatives that Andy brought up actually make the EV6 the more attractive car for me.

  • Daniel Ray
    Daniel Ray

    Love seeing all these electric car reviews! Still would love to see one on the Volkswagen ID 4 and the BUZZ when it releases later!

    • OweOweOwe

      @Sebastian P I doubt they will get that in Canada

    • Sebastian P
      Sebastian P

      Or the Cupra Born. That is what we ordered.

  • Daniel Baggett
    Daniel Baggett

    Just a slight addendum about the non-Tesla high-kilowatt level 3 charger availability situation: it might currently suck in BC, but at least in the eastern US, it's apparently fairly decent and continuing to improve. Robert Dunn and Alec Watson (of YT channels Aging Wheels and Technology Connections, respectively) literally just did a collab within the past couple of weeks to drive a 1200-mile road trip from Alec's home base in the Chicagoland area to somewhere in Florida in Alec's new Ioniq 5, using Electrify America's network: TL;DR: depending where you are in North America and where you need to go, it is indeed possible to not have (many) issues finding non-Tesla high-kilowatt level 3 charging stations.

    • Guus Klaas
      Guus Klaas

      @namAehT In Europe every Tesla has been CCS for quite a while now, and in return, the superchargers have been as well. They recently opened them up here (NL) for other brands as well (which works great on even my ancient 63KW charging Ioniq). In return, shopping a new car (ordered an Ioniq 5), I was pleasantly surprised to see that Tesla also includes non-Tesla "superchargers" (like Fastned, Ionity, Shell Recharge, and so on) in their trip planning list. It's truely both ways here. In part due to regulation mandating Tesla to use CCS. Compared to the Ioniq they are slow chargers though (capping at "only" 170kW -- you can charge a non-tesla faster at a tesla charger than a tesla now)

    • PhilGoodInc

      Just came from that video! Robert and Alec have been making awesome content and Robert has the best sense of humour.

    • Patryk Rubaj
      Patryk Rubaj

      Ok I had no idea that Alec bought a new car. I wonder if he'll do a video about it in the near future.

    • namAehT

      IMO Elon really needs to put his money where his mouth is and open up the Tesla Superchargers to CCS charging. He's all about the electric future, he should be willing to play nice with other manufacturers. And I say this as a Tesla owner. I love my car warts and all, but Tesla is far too closed-source for my liking.

  • ClimateCTRL

    I was hoping when Alex mentioned the cops we'd see that road rager pulled over. Never ceases to get a smug chuckle out of me when that happens irl.


      @NEEDbacon I don’t think it was a beauty shot as just before it overtook there was a car horn

    • NEEDbacon

      @Calowyn No, that allows for passing, but only for the side with the dashes so you are correct there. The solid side should treat it as a double yellow and can not pass. A single solid yellow is legal to pass on, but with extreme caution (Almost to the point to treat it like you shouldn't cross which is where confusion comes from). Dashed single yellow allows for passing whenever is safe. While Double Yellows is no passing at all. Edit: googled it myself and to quote Attorney Tom "It Depends". Newfoundland it IS illegal to cross over a solid yellow to pass. However in BC where this was filmed, it's legal. Only Nova Scotia is explicit about solid yellow passing being legal, and says "Only on highways".

    • Calowyn

      @NEEDbacon I See. Well Not here in newfoundland. there is a dash yellow on the side that is allowed to pass. figure it was a Canadian law.

    • NEEDbacon

      @Calowyn It's legal, just not advised unless you're sure it's safe to pass.

    • Calowyn

      @NEEDbacon and passing on a solid yellow.

  • dragonmunday12

    I love that you guys kept in the angry driver at 13:47 - 13:57. Classic.

    • A Todaso
      A Todaso

      @ekspertti More frustrating. I take it you always use a crosswalk to cross the street? In the UK tiny winding country roads have 100km/h speed limits.

    • ekspertti

      @A Todaso driving the speed limit is not a reason to rage though

    • A Todaso
      A Todaso

      @Scott Baitz I live in this area, its a 60 zone. But no-one drives that speed hence why he was honked at and passed. Its a straight country road.

    • A Todaso
      A Todaso

      @Voltaic Fire This is a country road, nobody does 60km/h (the speed limit), 80km/h is what everyone drives at.

    • Scott Baitz
      Scott Baitz

      @Voltaic Fire most of the areas they film in (I live in the area as well), speeds are 50km/h. They do show a few other roads that have 60 and 70km/h speed limits, but where the rager passed, that was a 50 zone.

  • Reece Plunkett
    Reece Plunkett

    I know it wouldn't be now with the lab expansion happening and all the money being put into this and other expansions like the LTTstore, but I'm loving the car videos and I think in the future an expansion into that sector with possibly a dedicated channel would be amazing

    • Daniel Kaschel
      Daniel Kaschel

      One of the issues is that they just don't perform that well (for LMG). But maybe that will change over time.

    • Gabriel M.
      Gabriel M.

      I don't think it would be worth a whole other channel, but Linus did mention on the WAN Show a couple of times (like a year ago, it was around the time of Taycan video iirc) that he'd like to bring more car videos to LTT, and they have definitely done more car videos (which I quite like even if, in general, I don't really like cars and hate driving, EVs are quite cool)

  • iKirin

    I loved the little 'nice' the editor put in, as Alex was accelerating the Ioniq5 in sports mode at 11:17

  • FAB1150

    Oh, Hyundai definitely has their interior plastics figured out! I have a 2016 Tucson, and it's freaking sweet! It feels way more luxurious than my other friend's cars, even in the same price range or slightly higher. Everything is so well placed too, and the buttons and dials feel great! It has also held up perfectly in the 6 years I've had it, and the design did too. Love it! Sad to see that they went the touch route on this one, the climate control dials and buttons on the Tucson are G R E A T. I'll never stop mentioning it lol. They clearly they know how to do UX right, so... Ugh The steering is the same thing on the Tucson though. It feels very light and at the same time weirdly heavy, after long trips my arms are tired! I've noticed that I'm not the only one, as when my mum drove on a trip I've seen her occasionally take her arm off the steering wheel and shake it lol. Oh well

  • The Sir Rolfe
    The Sir Rolfe

    I actually drove past one of these the other day. I was super confused at what it was at first, but seeing it now in more detail it’s such a cool looking car! And I’m not even a fan of SUVs.

  • Donald Watson
    Donald Watson

    I find the rear seat review interesting, especially the head clearance (usually a problem for me), but it appears the front seat wasn't pushed back before attempting to sit in the back. As a somewhat tall guy that needs more leg room up front, I always test the back seat of new cars after adjusting the front seat to my needs, in order to get a more accurate reflection of what my passengers would be put through if I was driving.

  • Paul Kjoss
    Paul Kjoss

    You are owning these car reviews Alex - nice detailed overview. Good work team 👍🏼

  • kingphiltheill

    Amazing, right down to the colour scheme and the wheels that's exactly my wife's car. Luckily we got the higher trim. The tested one looks wierd. As owners, we can say that in everyday use this thing is absolutely great. Quiet, , comfy, roomy, fast, enough range, very quick to charge. The only issue I have with it is the colour scheme. All black paint, 20 millimeters lower, a wider stance and the 20 inch rims would make it awesome. My wife loves it that way though.

    • Rich Daley
      Rich Daley

      Lucky people! I might have to wait for one but this will likely be my next car. I have a Chevy Volt and I want to get a full EV in the next year. I am not too concerned with looks but other than the Mercedes EQS which is well outside my price range, this is the first EV in which I really love the outside design.

  • Phúc Nguyễn
    Phúc Nguyễn

    Super nice to see both Andy and Alex giving the reviews for the car

  • MrNic

    Hyundai has been absolutely killing it with their offerings over the last few years. The features and quality of thier vehicles at the price point at which they are able to deliver them is quite incredible. Really excited to see them getting into the electric market too.

    • Jack Swanson
      Jack Swanson

      @bajroevahahahaha you are very right only people who think hundais are nice never been in a new car before

    • bajroevahahahaha

      My old work got ~100 Hyundai ix20s and they had the worst quality of a car I've ever seen (2014-2019 models) so I'd never put my own money on one until they get proper tested for 3-4 years of daily use. Because after 4-5 years we were selling our cars for scrap value. Problems we had include 4 cars randomly losing brakes, total electrical meltdown, the inside of the wheelhouse would fall out (in same order on every car like clockwork) and much more. Incredibly cheap to buy though.

  • Will

    Just wanted to say that I always appreciate multiple hosts for reviews on products that require regular physical interaction, it's super helpful to see people with different physical attributes and even different cultural backgrounds interacting with products. I'm a 6.2ft lanky white boy, my Mrs is 5.3ft Creole, my in-laws are a mix of Asians, Europeans and Afro-Latinos, so one size literally never fits all in our family.

  • Mark Spurrell
    Mark Spurrell

    15:04 Hey, that's my video. Neat! Great review guys, I agree with most of your points here. It's not perfect, but it is a fantastic car. Get on that waitlist now!

    • Telegram-pokerev16

      Thanks for watching…you’ve been selected among our winners…send a direct message 👆👆👆

  • Mr. Marty
    Mr. Marty

    These reviews are so good, I hope LTT/ShortCircuit is trying to step up their get and get access to get the launch reviews. North America usually already gets non-Tesla EVs much later than Europe and China and then LTT waits to get the review car from a dealer. It would also be cool to get deep dives into new technology, like Mercedes' Vision EQXX. If Endgadget's mediocre car reviewer can get access, why not LTT?

  • Johannes

    I love everything about this car, especially its design, but I just wish they would release it in the size of a regular hatchback like a Golf or a Corolla instead of a crossover size.

    • Nicholas Salatino
      Nicholas Salatino

      The previous Ioniq hybrid also came in electric and is much smaller. Maybe that would be closer to what you are looking for.

    • Karl Dagenais
      Karl Dagenais

      They have the Kona for that.

    • Johannes

      @какой-то ребенок в Москве If they made a small hatchback and marketed it as a city vehicle similar to the Honda E, it wouldn't need to have insanely high range, so there won't be need for such a large and heavy battery pack as well.

    • Obi Dean
      Obi Dean

      This is just one car of the many member of the Ioniq family. There will be more models to come including the compact EV ...

    • какой-то ребенок в Москве
      какой-то ребенок в Москве

      My gut feeling is that they need to make the cars big in order to cram all the batteries inside; that way they can meet the advertised range and not look terrible when compared to a Tesla

  • Jens Erling Bråten
    Jens Erling Bråten

    Great video Alex, and I love that LTT has started with EV reviews. However, i'm a big tech and car nerd, so I would have loved to se a much more detailed review of the car, that other reviewers often forget. Since I live in Norway where it is cold, which models have a heat pump? How does the prewarming before charging work? What is the maintenance and service cost? What is the expected lifetime of the battery? How long are the warranty and battery warranty? How is the anti rust treatment? How is the pricing and availability for parts? And the last and most important question, is it possible to repair and maintain the Ioniq 5 yourself? Right to repair is important on cars too! This is because cars get used, cars break, cars gets old and all cars need regular care and maintenance.

    • Jens Erling Bråten
      Jens Erling Bråten

      @Atomgna Thank you for the information. I didn't know there were that much difference between regions, so that would be something to have in mind when looking at reviews

    • Atomgna

      Hello to beautiful Norway from Austria! Having compared a lot of EV options over the last years, I learnt that some of the things you are mentioning can be very different in local markets due to different trims and price targets. So even I really second your thoughts, this is probably making it hard to fit in a review with international viewers - especially impacting the elephant in the room here which is the heat pump that might be omitted with EVs in warmer markets for cost savings. Heck, even when I compared some Hyundai/Kia specs of trims sold in either Germany or Austria, there were differences even though everyone would expect them to be essentially the same market. And with this video I was kinda shocked that even the second to highest Canada trim of the Ioiniq 5 does not seem have the front lightbar as standard, opposing to the Austrian spec where only the lowest trim doesn't have it. It's crazy how different the essentially same car can be in another part of the world.

  • miles torres
    miles torres

    I wanna see Alex review more regular cars because his knowledge of suspension is valuable in making purchasing choices.

  • Maurice Antenbrink
    Maurice Antenbrink

    Really well done car review. Nice overview with all the talking points of the vehicle. I'm really exited to see more car videos in the future like the ID.3, ID.4 or Polestar2

  • Shaun Guimond
    Shaun Guimond

    I am so happy to see this video! I've been on the waitlist since the end of February for the RWD preferred long range model! Such a good test drive experience and overall, some of the best EV technology. The 800V system seems to be becoming the standard for the foreseeable future which future proofs it and just generally I have nothing bad to say about it! Really looking to getting my Ioniq 5 in October to drive it around Kelowna and do some long trips!

  • CharlieOnTheMTA

    Thanks for the review! I picked up a mid tier (SEL) I5 in March. My first electric, and I had some reservations, but I find it's easy to do anything I was doing with my ICE car with this one. I do agree that the 'sound system' needs some work. Ugh. And I do miss seat memory. But I don't miss filling my tank with high octane fuel every week. The big difference between this and any Tesla down here in the states is that Tesla no longer qualifies for a federal tax rebate ($7,500 USD). That brings the price of the I5 down quite a bit. The rebate will stay in place until Hyundai sells 200,000 EVs, or when Congress finds out we're pocketing money they could have spent on their mistresses.

  • Ronnie RLD
    Ronnie RLD

    Great to see a review of the RWD LR version. Too many with the Ultimate Package that fail to mention many of those features are not standard. The standard features of this vehicle are still good and have many things not found in base models of other EVs like the Model 3 and is $20k less. I have put a deposit down at the beginning of April for the RWD LR with estimated delivery of 6-10 months, but was pushed back at the beginning of May to 8-10 months. So hopefully early next year I'll get delivery

  • Averdrity

    I love your car reviews. How you do it and what you see and care about is what I do too. The perspective you have is on point for myself! Please keep it up!

  • --

    Great video, however, if LTT plans on expanding on car testing videos, it would be nice if it had more hard data, instead of "feels". Using an accelerometer to show the 'rebouncing' for example, and then comparing said rebouncing with other EVs and ICEs of similar price. This would require a bigger investment on the video, since it would require a closed track to remove variables, but it would be a huge differential when compared to MSM's car reviews. Also, would be nice if the future-proofness of the software in the car was mentioned. It may work perfectly now, made for current phones, networks, and data, but in the future, if nothing was compatible anymore with the car's infotainment system, how useful would said infotainment system be.

  • BodenM

    Would love to see Alex's take on the Polestar 2, any chance you guys are getting one in for review?

    • Frederik

      Maybe wait until they can get their hands on the new and refreshed version they just launched

  • Sven Engels
    Sven Engels

    The most shocking thing to me is no automatic wipers in 2022😂🥴 Love all the car video's though, time for a car channel when you are able to obtain more cars🔥

  • FunkOverload

    I own a limited ioniq 5. It's so great. Aside from Alex's imperfections, it's a perfect vehicle.

    • FunkOverload

      @Ricky Andika nope! Nothing of the sort.

    • Domspun

      How do you live with the absence of rear wiper? Do you carry a rag and clean it up?

    • Ricky Andika
      Ricky Andika

      Do you have the water issue at the trunk like in the video?

  • GreenHeart

    Please more of that, your reviews point perfect to what's really important about evs!

  • Oliver Valente
    Oliver Valente

    Good cop bad cop with Andy and Alex was great. Great review! I have the 2020 ioniq hatchback hybrid. It's pretty wild to see this design change. I love my Hyundai and I'm excited for their future.

  • Drewbakka3D

    Great review, I'd love to see you guys do more of these. My 2c is that it looks cheap compared to Tesla, it's so bitsy and looks like a bunch of cheap Tao bao components stuck together...

  • The_Cosmo

    Kia and Hyundai share a lot of tech and in my experience, Hyundais using the same tech just put it to better use. Same for the styling, doing a lot with a little, i love the new Elantra, and that's just a regular midrange "beater" car.

  • Yukinoinu

    I would absolutely love to get an Ioniq 5. My father and I both really like the car and both of us want to get an all electric vehicle. Both of us are a little hesitant to get a tesla regarding their security with updating the car and a few other things related to the company. I cannot see myself ever wanting a car bad enough to pay the local 15K markup for the car. I really want to swap over to EV and make this my first EV, but the mark up is absurd. Maybe a tesla isn't all that bad. Hopefully the EV market can stop being like the GPU market, but I do not see that happening anytime soon.

  • Don Day
    Don Day

    I just knew you'd prefer the ioniq 5. It's just a more settled and self aware car, and that rocks. Love mine!

  • Zombina Waifu
    Zombina Waifu

    ive driven probably like, 10 of these IONIQs at my work, and god i love them Beautiful cars, elegant interior, just an overall futuristic vibe to them that you dont see often. it also feels almost luxurious. Very glad ive had the chance to drive these and the Mach Es.

    • Zombina Waifu
      Zombina Waifu

      @Connor Leschinsky IONIQ personally, cheaper yet still feels premium, looks cooler imo. Ive only had limited driving with them, but so far, IONIQ wins aside from speed, those Mach E are insane on how fast they are, almost as much horse as the new Corvettes

    • Connor Leschinsky
      Connor Leschinsky

      Which one would you choose? The Mach E or Ioniq 5?

  • Jheewan Park
    Jheewan Park

    Before comparing to Lancia Delta, Hyundai Ioniq5 was modeled from Hyundai Pony produced between 1975 to 1990.

    • Dee plays Gaming
      Dee plays Gaming


    • Ding Chavez
      Ding Chavez

      I'm gonna support the Pony mention because this car was designed specifically as an homage to the Pony, where the Pony is significant because it was Hyundai's first mass-market ICE vehicle and the Pony-looking Ioniq 5 is Hyundai's first true mass-market EV (the smaller Ioniq EV hatchback was an EV built on an ICE platform). I mean, these are historic markers in Hyundai's history. The similarities are intentional. Reducing the significance of that with "Some people say it looks like X. *derp*" doesn't do the car justice.

    • Le Sexy Fish Horse
      Le Sexy Fish Horse

      Pony and Lancia Delta were both designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, so not wrong to compare by either, since thats where Hyundai drew their inspiration.

    • Dee plays Gaming
      Dee plays Gaming

      @Jheewan Park " If you are making a video about something, then mostly you do research on that something" you said this right? and they are theyre making a video about the ionique not a pony, thats what they researched.maybe if they were the same name but no, and the people that watch tech quickie dont need to know about a 1970's car to know whether this one is any good.

    • Dee plays Gaming
      Dee plays Gaming

      @Jheewan Park this isnt top gear only that show goes into those things, this is a car review by someone who either doesnt need to know about the pony to review this car, neither do the people that watch it. if you want to make your own video go ahaed but im watching this for THIS car the IONIQUE not a 30 year old PONY that ive never seen before and i was born in the 70's so that information would mean nothing to me, never mind these youngsters.

  • David Ayotte
    David Ayotte

    The main reason ( in Canada at least) to upgrade to the higher trim in my opinion ,is to get the AWD

  • prodhrider

    That "nice" under the speedo when Alex floored it past 69 was hilarious 🤣

    • prodhrider

      @Jordan Hall I thought I was loosing my shit but sure enough was there lmao

    • Jordan Hall
      Jordan Hall

      So I wasn’t the only one who saw it 🤣

  • Josh

    Charging infrastructure is the biggest problem IMO. Superchargers are everywhere, they are always working, and the majority of new ones are 250kW (and truly give 250kW) - rarely do I see a stall out of order.

    • Chauncey Philpot
      Chauncey Philpot

      Yeah, I know they aren't fans of tesla, but that's tesla's biggest advantage. They are the apple of the charging networks. They "just work". And that's huge when you do eventually take a road trip.

    • Krystina

      And here I'd have nowhere to charge it but at home

  • Ryker Tong
    Ryker Tong

    As a BC IONIQ 5 owner, I've been waiting for this for a while! I think you guys did great job covering the car, only thing I noted that you sort-of got wrong is that you can reorganize the apps on the screen, so the ones you use most can be moved closer to the steering column. Otherwise, everything else was pretty spot on. Absolutely do not regret getting this thing, feeling pretty satisfied with that pre-order I placed back in July. Especially the way gas prices have gone!

    • Telegram@official_ShortCircuit

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  • Aditya Mahesh
    Aditya Mahesh

    Problem with Hyundai and Kia charging is, as of now, there are issues with thermal management (thermal throttling and, more commonly, “cold-gating”) which greatly decreases kW at fast chargers. Got to hand it to Tesla there (and Polestar and Lucid, maybe a few others) with their preconditioning before fast chargers. It’s fantastic on my Y, and fully automatic with the built in trip planner.

    • Aditya Mahesh
      Aditya Mahesh

      @Wilson Calvert could be. EA in Ohio is a hit or miss according to friends with EVs. Still planning on getting the CCS adapter when Tesla releases it for “backup.” EA is a bit more expensive than Supercharging though, especially in the Midwest. Supercharging here is quite cheap. Need to keep that in mind as well. Also heard EA has some charging losses between the bay and the car, but that I’m less sure about.

    • Wilson Calvert
      Wilson Calvert

      @Aditya Mahesh US owners are getting two years of free 30 minute charging at Electrify America stations, and honestly, they have been hit or miss on charging rates for me. The same station some days I'll get 150 kW (the station limit) and some days I get 60-80 with the same external temps. Basically, it is probably more of an EA issue since I read that they are dealing with a lack of replacement parts.

    • Aditya Mahesh
      Aditya Mahesh

      @Wilson Calvert good to hear. Curious how well the software will be optimized. Also saw comments from owners (including someone who lives nearby) about throttling after multiple fast charges (ie long distance). Don’t have personal experience with Ioniq but curious why that’s the case as well.

    • Wilson Calvert
      Wilson Calvert

      European models got preconditioning via an update a few months ago, and all '23 models in US and Canada will have it, so they are making the change. Only AWD models in the US came with the heat pump and we are hoping that they enable preconditioning for us as well :/ They did just enable widescreen Android Auto via update a week ago, so they are trying to support us early adopters.

  • Leon Kluthausen
    Leon Kluthausen

    It's crazy how many of these I've seen around me already (Amsterdam). Must mean it's a good car for the price. I keep reading the logo on the tailgate as IONIOS instead of IONIQ5, but I assume that is something they went for. Same with the whole design of the car, it's so different it makes you do a double take

  • Tim Rochte
    Tim Rochte

    Best line ever "It's a car that understood the assignment". Understated and so right. Both a complement and a 'meh'. All at the same time.

  • Andrew

    Personally I've been really interested in the IONIQ hybrid sedan. For around $23,000 USD you get a nice car that gets a combined 60 MPG. So if you're on a budget and still not ready for a full electric car I would try it out. Also it's a Hundai so if you take good care of it it'll last you 200k+ miles!

    • Cypress Thunder
      Cypress Thunder

      That's being discontinued very soon and it's hyundais most outdated model atm I would go for a sonata hybrid myself but those start a bit higher I I believe. Decent car for the price though

  • Joel Wach
    Joel Wach

    I bought the Ioniq 5 a few month back and have absolutely been loving it. Best car I have ever owned for sure.

    • Moduga Sarang
      Moduga Sarang

      Good choice and good luck... Ioniq5 is the world best ev car.

  • Wilson Calvert
    Wilson Calvert

    I managed to buy a Digital Teal SEL AWD and it is truly one of the best cars I've ever driven. It is a shame that you got the SE equivalent to review because the SEL or Limited is definitely the way to go. The button that has the star on it beneath the infotainment is for a custom function and I have that set to launch Android Auto. Overall, this is a great review of a great car! Nice work, Alex.

  • CirrusCapo

    We've been buying and driving Hyundai's since 2002, the progression of quality for the price has kept us with them since. We are now on our 3rd one and we plan on continuing to purchase them...

  • DeatheCore

    Great review guys, thoroughly enjoyed! Hopefully you're considering doing more in the future. It's so crazy to think that we basically don't even have EVs in my country.. I mean we even have scheduled power outages almost daily in efforts to keep the grid from collapsing... 😂 Any fellow South Africans?!

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  • Guus Klaas
    Guus Klaas

    Thank you for taking the bullet on the charging bit there -- from an European perspective these reviews are also very interesting. As usual, the EU has mandated chargers for cars as well. Most fast chargers (they literally are every ~50km here around the highway, and most bigger petrol stations also have fast charging up to 175kW now) here now are CCS/Type 2 (as opposed to North American CCS/Type 1. Now that Nissan also went to CCS, CHaDEMO (which can only do 50kW) is on its way out. Only the huge amount of "old" model-S cars are struggling here, outside of superchargers they rely on CHaDEMO adapters. Even Model3/Y is sold with CCS/Type2 chargers here now. Opposed to North America, where Tesla still gets away with their own proprietary charger. All in all, I have quite a lot of coworkers who frequently take their EV's to go all over Europe. Everything from Polestar, Kia, Hyundai (driving a 2019 Ioniq EV myself, but looking to upgrade halfway next year) is what we drive -- I think about half my coworkers are on the EV-bandwagon now, but our employer sponsors a lot, which helps with adoption (and honestly most of them never want to go back to dino-juicers).

  • weinerschnitzelboy

    I was in Korea for the latter half of last year, and it was so weird seeing a bunch of these and Kia EV6's roam around while it had yet to landed in the US. Korea is popping off hard with automotive design and engineering. I can't wait to see what they do next.

    • Accelement

      @Michael Livingston roger

    • Michael Livingston
      Michael Livingston

      @Imperial So I've heard. Such as shame as both countries definitely look nice

    • Imperial

      @Michael Livingston Japan is the same way

    • Michael Livingston
      Michael Livingston

      @Accelement Ask her if she faced any racism. My buddy is stationed there and has said that they don't like foreigners, regardless of what country you are from. Even Korean-Americans are treated poorly there

    • Accelement

      my niece has taught english in s. korea for last few years she just got back and should be in my area in a few weeks i cant wait to hear her stories i know she loved it there until the lockdowns but that was anywhere so

  • Neal Chauhan
    Neal Chauhan

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  • zodiacfml

    liked this more than reviews from car channels, i guess the camera and 4k video showed more of the car. this has to be significantly cheaper than the Model Y, Tesla feels like better in software and software updates.

  • MHeitz93

    Really glad you guys included the comment about the US rebates, I think it makes a big difference for those considering an EV in the US right now. It’s up to $10k off which can make a car go from out of someone’s price range to definitely considerable in the long run.

  • Robert T
    Robert T

    Love the design aesthetic. That moisture in the back is bizarre. I wonder if the dealership cleaned it up before giving it to Alex/Andy to review and just did a sloppy clean up job 🤷 who knows. Can't wait to see a follow up by Hyundai to see if they tweek some of the fiddly stuff

  • Dean

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  • joshua nine
    joshua nine

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  • Patrick Rea
    Patrick Rea

    I took delivery of my EV6 2 weeks ago and it is the best car I've ever owned by a mile! And yes, the Ioniq5 and EV6 are bigger than they look. The EV6 is maybe 8" shorter than my Telluride

  • Cecil

    Will LTT cars be an actual thing? Please let Alex do more of these.

  • Pokerus

    I drove an Ioniq when my main Tucson needed an engine replacement. It was the hybrid car version and honestly loved how it felt. This suv version looks really nice. If I was looking for a new vehicle this could very well be the one. I know my next one will be another smallish Suv, and something eigher hybrid or full electric. If Hyundai had a truck version of the Ioniq, with a similar look it could be what gets me into a truck

    • Telegram@official_ShortCircuit

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  • emperorblade

    Ioniq 5 also have solar panel roofs as option. Would have loved LTT to take a look at that as wel.

  • Artur

    I have an 2021 i30 Wagon and I have to admit I was soo surprised how great it looks/feels/is built :) For its price it's really perfect!

  • Jorge Bustillos
    Jorge Bustillos

    I really like that you're not reviewing the fanciest version, it gives a more down to earth perspective

  • Coffee Nerd
    Coffee Nerd

    This video came just at the right time! I'm currently shopping around for a new car and potentially my first electric one. I like the Niro for how cheap it is for the quality, the Sportage hybrid and of course, the Ioniq. Just wondering if the latter is worth the big price increase of the other 2.

    • Coffee Nerd
      Coffee Nerd

      @danomitepoop I just don't want to drive a QC nightmare like a Tesla and I find them to have a bad interior and boring exterior. The Solterra looks much better and potentially for much less. But so far since I'll only be leasing for 3-4 years, out of the cars already out released, I'm most interested by the Tucson Hybrid. I also can't wait to see what the PHEV Sportage will be like. A good Tucson competitor. The only EV I really like besides the Solterra is the E-Tron but that's a little out of my budget.

    • danomitepoop

      @Coffee NerdKeep in mind there is a lot of FUD with EVs, If you look at customer satisfaction surveys Teslas are some of the best cars out there.

    • Coffee Nerd
      Coffee Nerd

      @danomitepoop Interesting. I just refuse to buy a Tesla until they make good cars, no matter how good their batteries are. Anyways, as you've said, I do plan to charge at home and therefore only use a station charger in case of emergency but I'm usually quite the nerd when it comes to tech and making sure everything is at 100% all the time just incase so I really don't need Tesla's superior charging network. One car that intrigues me quite a bit is the Subaru Solterra but that one is only supposed to release this summer so my interest is only based on very little info. After looking at all the available EVs, I'm just not sure about any of them. I find them all lacking in some way. The Sportage is closer to what I'm looking for but yes, it's only a hybrid. The Solterra might be the one but I won't know for a while.

    • danomitepoop

      BEVs are great, assuming you can charge at home, you'll never know how dumb going to a gas station seems until you experience it. Take you max normal daily driving distance and multiply by 1.6 and choose a vehicle with equal to or more range than that for no charging daily trips and healthy battery practices. Niro is not purpose built EV, I don't think highly of those. Personally not interested in Hybrid (more complex, more to break and maintain) Demand is high, so are prices. I recommend watching Sandy Munro for quality assessment. My choices for currently available entry level BEV: 1 Tesla Model 3/Y 2 Kia EV6 3 Mach E 4 Ioniq 5 5 VW ID4

  • Klasse B IP
    Klasse B IP

    It's great to see some car reviews on a techy IRglo channel.

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      The Midgardener

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    • ShortCircuit

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    J G

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