NOW You Got My Attention - Sony Xperia 1 IV

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  • User Of Google’s services
    User Of Google’s services

    The expandable storage is a must have for a "pro" phone. Really don't understand how phones can call themselves pro without expandable storage (looking at you almost every major manufacturer) . This phone is truly "pro" love it.

    • jonathan oxlade
      jonathan oxlade

      As far as I am concerned a smartphone should be destroying everything but its not that smart yet its technology advanced but its not advanced to that point

    • Haba Jaba
      Haba Jaba

      @Paul I guess that's the point right. Unadulterated raw files that leaves tremendous room for photographers to play around.

    • Sheen Valentine Li
      Sheen Valentine Li

      @KingOfCanada All fair points, which brings me to my question: How did the duopoly happened? There were lots of phone companies competing and innovating just a few years ago. How is that not a result of a free market?

    • KingOfCanada

      @Sheen Valentine Li your argument makes no sense. A phone is more than a single component. The sum of Sony's components and software is crap compared to Samsung's or Google's, so the phones don't sell. Coupled together with high prices, low brand recognition and low availability, they don't sell. It's really as simple as that. Phone manufacturers have, for years, continued to take useful features away, because they can make a buck doing so. Removable battery? Gone. Headphone jack? Gone. MicroSD card slot? Gone. All of these have a profit motive for removal. When the entire industry does it because the duopoly of dominant players does it (ie. Samsung/Apple) there is no consumer choice or free market involved. For a true functioning market, meaningful competition needs to exist, which isn't there in the phone space anymore. It's basically consolidated around two or three companies. I'll give you another example: I use to be a big HTC fan. Unfortunately, their phones fell sharply in popularity. Fewer and fewer models were produced, and they ultimately stopped selling in my market. I didn't have a choice in that. Also, you people in the comments, strangely defending the removal of features from devices (devices which are not coincidingly dropping in price) are really out to lunch. I worked for nearly a decade for a telecom company. MicroSD cards were very widely used and appreciated among clients. I can't tell you how many clients had their photo collections on broken phones salvaged, due to MicroSD cards.

  • Patryk Surzyn
    Patryk Surzyn

    I LOVE what Sony's doing with their phones. In my opinion, they are now the only company which is trying to make something unique and user-friendly. They take advantage of their experience in the camera industry and I think it's great. And hey, they're on the Bring Back The Headphone Jack team! Go Sony! I only wish those phones were actually affordable, but what can you do, right?

    • Pete Jung
      Pete Jung

      @James Cassar just looked up the sales figures of Samsung alone. Take notice that the foldable phones 86% is Samsung. They sold about 1.35 billion, with 1.02 million is foldable. So take Xiami and Apple and other brands. With Xiaomi topping in sales. Ad that the 1.35 billion. To make it easy multiply with 4 Let's say 5 billion and 1.5 foldable.... That makes 0.3 % of the it is. Mmmmmmm ok.

    • Pete Jung
      Pete Jung

      @James Cassar euhhhh.... I don't see them used to be honest. And I live in rich area, so price is not the reason.

    • Properso :D
      Properso :D

      @BudgetBoxer ????? Look at any moto razr review or first impressions. Stop being so dense

    • BudgetBoxer

      @Properso :D find me a source.

  • Taku

    Truly pro features for a pro pricetag - fair enough. Still would like to see a review, especially considering that it would finally shine some more light on a brand that many people are unaware of when it comes to selecting phones.


      Go to the Olle Nilsson account he already did a camera test video about this Xperia 1 IV

    • HJL1130

      It's a nice price tag that lacks enough OS update support.

    • Andrew R
      Andrew R

      @Taku 🤣🤣🤣 very very true

    • Jesus Barrera
      Jesus Barrera

      Yeah, pretty tiring to see reviewers complain about phones not having certain features but also not reviewing the phones that do have those features This is how LG stopped doing phones

    • Taku

      @Properso :D I'd like to see "an app" that adds optical zoom to your camera and an aux output at the bottom of your device.

  • Das_Unterstrich

    I really hope that more companies make more of those "classic" phones: small, good features like a headphone jack but still powerful enough to compete with other higher-end phones.

  • Miguel Macias
    Miguel Macias

    I've always loved Sony phones, I like how they decided to stay with a more classic style throughout the years. I prefer the bezels instead of a hole in my screen, the headphone jack is extremely useful and of course, the expandable storage/dual sim capabilities. I'm currently using the 5ii, I would love a full review of the 1IV but it would be nice to also review the others, the 5iv and the 10iv

    • Dr Bo
      Dr Bo

      I just wish they've made Compact phones too and not letting Apple to have all the market for smaller phones.

    • Miguel Macias
      Miguel Macias

      @mcflu That's basically what the 5 IV is, the same specs and functions as the 1 IV but the screen is smaller and it's 1080p. when I eventually upgrade I'll get another 5 model

    • black jack
      black jack

      I've got 5 ll as well. A really good phone, only complaint I have it that the screen has noticeable levels of dark level smearing from black to grey. Also Xperias last really long. My previous z5 still works fine after 5 years of daily use.

    • vgamesx1

      @FinnishArmy Yes, some people like being able to actually hold their phone in their hands rather than having to grab it by your fingertips, zero point in having a bigger screen if it makes the device annoying or uncomfortable to use. I found it mandatory on my most recent phone to put a case on because it's as if it wasn't designed to be held by humans, it had constant ghost touches, the edge is extra thin which hurt my fingers if I held it more than 20 minutes and even with a skin it still slipped out of my hand, I've dropped this single phone more than every other device I've ever owned combined, love the hardware, hate everything else about it.

    • Erenzilable

      @lol lol If you can afford it, you'd be way better off with 5 IV. As a 10 III user, i kinda regret not going for 5 III. the 5 has all benefits of 1 (i.e. top tier chipset, wireless charging and whatnot else), but uses a 1080 screen so it's actually a bit faster and has better battery life (at least that's true for Mk III 5 and 1)

  • Leon Everest
    Leon Everest

    really glad to see that Sony is keeping the headphone jack and the expandable memory in the Xperia line. I'd enjoy seeing a full review of this phone once it's fully released.

  • Arslan Khan
    Arslan Khan

    Definitely do a review. This kind of tech needs encouraging. Good job Sony for keeping it real and not buckling to trends.

  • Yury Shikunov
    Yury Shikunov

    This is one of the few phones that can justify their immense pricing. Definitely wanna see a full review from you guys.

    • Manveer Ghuman
      Manveer Ghuman

      Apple: " just pay us an extra $600 for the Apple logo"

  • Ilya Danilkin
    Ilya Danilkin

    Would love to see the full review of a final unit. Definitely a "pro" quality smartphone and it deserves more attention, even though it's not for everyone.

  • RamjeProductions

    As a Samsung Galaxy S10 user, I'm happy to see that there's *finally* a solid successor. I know that the Xperia 1 III exists, but I was stretching my three-year old a bit longer. If the S10 dies I will definitely hand over my money to Sony instead of Samsung. The latter really dropped the ball for me with their technical design decisions. A high-end Android phone requires expandable storage and a headphone jack, otherwise, you might as well get an iPhone...

    • mshfq

      I moved from S series to A series for the same reason. Flagship without headphone jack, expandable storage, and charger suck ass...

    • Ken Tan
      Ken Tan

      Me too! Have been taking great care of my S10 while waiting for the new Sony Xperia

    • Mica1124

      @Rich Bordoni pretty sure you are, official LineageOS roms are also made and maintained by community members, you just have to respect some rules

    • Rich Bordoni
      Rich Bordoni

      @Mica1124 I'm not an expert on custom ROMs but I don't think an unofficial LOS build ever "becomes" official. I think it's unofficial because it is maintained by one or more community members, but it's just not an "officially supported" device by the main LOS team. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong here but that's how I understand it.

    • Dharam Basi
      Dharam Basi

      The pictures the Xperia 1 IV can produce are mind-blowing. Watch Olle Nelsson's vid. They are the best photos a phone can produce - it's not point and shoot, you have to manually use the photo app.

  • Jon Evans
    Jon Evans

    I really think LTT should have a photography channel by now, focusing on IRglo vlogging and so on. You've got the talent in expertise and presenters. I definitely think a full review of this would be interesting because it's offering something that others manufacturers aren't. I'd probably go for the Sony ZV-1 or the Osmo Pocket 2 if I were upgraded to a device specifically for vlogging. I wouldn't upgrade my phone to this just to vlog to get started out but I found using a DJI Gimbal worked very well... except that it takes your phone out of action and is a pain to set up (I only used v 2 & 3). The pocket appeals because it's dedicated and easy to pull from a shirt pocket and immediately capture. My use case would be vlogging at conferences and events, so being able to stop and start quickly would be a huge benefit (but I'm not currently willing to invest the cash since it wouldn't generate income).

  • Linealo

    They did so much right with this phone. I just hope we will see the 5-line adopt a lot from it with a much more reasonable price. Finally, Sony needs to work on their update policy. Samsung doing 4 years OS and 5 security patches now is a good step in the right direction, but Apple is still better. Sony is still creeping on an official 2year update guarantee total, which is less or the same as a lot of budget options have from Xiaomi, Oppo or the like.

  • Seth Moyer
    Seth Moyer

    I have a 1 ii, and it's still going strong enough that I'm not really in the market for a new phone again yet, but it's good to see that Sony is still making good phones.

  • ShowXTech

    Stabilisation in the Vlog part looks quite nice. Haven't used smartphones (specially current flagships) or up to date action cams for filming but the Stabilisation has improved so much in the last years from my feel.

  • Barnabas Nagy
    Barnabas Nagy

    4:20 I actually prefer the sound of the Sony here. It sounds a lot less noisy but it might be more base-heavy, so it just comes down to taste. Though I'd expect the sound will be fully customizable on the Xperia.

    • dei est
      dei est

      True I think sony is better there.. I don't understand..

    • Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites
      Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites

      And the Sony almost certainly will allow the sound settings to be customized whereas we all know Apple doesn't do that

    • Dharam Basi
      Dharam Basi

      Yeah, I thought the Sony sounded better aswell.

    • Naoki Gonzales
      Naoki Gonzales

      Well, they use the same music app with some new music tweaks coming form their walkman product lineup but if you want more improvements like full control, Poweramp is your choice. i have Poweramp on my xperia phone and it gives me more freedom for music enhancements. =)

    • Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites
      Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites

      Too many people think "louder" means "better". The iPhone is just louder. The Xperia had far better mids and clarity imho.

  • Khaled B.
    Khaled B.

    The Xperia stereo speakers can get really loud when you turn on Dolby Atmos. Big difference in dynamic range and volume

  • Gedeuch Nixan
    Gedeuch Nixan

    I liked Sony´s speaker better, the extra mids over the iPhone bring more clearity and since 80-90% of music is happening in the mids anyway, yeah my pick is Sony.

  • RJ

    This one might be the one, man. I may finally have found a successor for my Note 9. I'm gonna miss my S Pen, but this thing's still got a headphone jack, a microSD port, the design is exactly for me, and there's no curved display. I really think it might be time.

    • Johnny Funes
      Johnny Funes

      Cudos to you my man, I held onto my s9+ until last year and got the 21 ultra. If it had the expandable storage and 120hz 4k video, this would have been the best phone in the market.

    • J D
      J D

      I got the Mark 3 as a Note 9 replacement and wish I'd waited. Leaving Samsung was hard but necessary.

    • San Jacobs
      San Jacobs

      Exact same situation here. It'll be weird leaving behind my baby, the Note 9, but this looks good. Depends on final pricing in my region.

  • Robert Lawrence
    Robert Lawrence

    I've had my original Sony Xperia 1 since it launched a few years ago and it has been extremely good. It still works great with really good battery life. I'm thinking of an upgrade to this new model but at $1,600 it is a bit too expensive. The original Xperia 1 was less expensive at launch and they gave a pair of stereo headphones that were a value of over $300 at the time. The original Xperia 1 was reduced in price pretty soon after launch to around $700. I'm not convinced that the IV is a good value at $1,600 even though it is a desirable phone I want but for very little sacrifice in features you can get something for way cheaper. I'll wait for a price cut before purchasing.

  • Ivan1941

    I'd love to see a full review, I am up for a new phone and a camera with a good zoom is a focus for me. But I need to know there are no trade offs (certainly at this price point)

  • Carbide Gaming
    Carbide Gaming

    Awesome presentation.i really loved the way he showed us opinions of other staff members as well.keep it up 👍

  • Joseph Cerini
    Joseph Cerini

    Yes, do a review. Sony deserves more love for what they are doing with their phones

  • The Laptop Lagger
    The Laptop Lagger

    Please can we get a full review of one of these Sony phones! They're so incredibly underrated for what they deliver. Especially their lower 5 and 10 ranges deliver impressive results for mid tier prices

  • RARE!

    Can I just say, everyone I've seen on this channel has been so likeable?? You have a great crew of people here !

    • Beau

      @Yuri Corrêa That can't be right. I don't see any maple syrup or hockey!

    • Pieter Rossouw
      Pieter Rossouw

      Don't know how things are behind the scenes. Anyone who's worked in a restaurant (or any service industry) knows how the sausage is made - and it isn't always pretty. LTT seems like a nice place to work but I'm sure there's the standard type of conflicts.

    • Newcious
      Newcious Finally it's here

    • Yuri Corrêa
      Yuri Corrêa

      They're called "canadians"

    • Vinicius Ribeiro
      Vinicius Ribeiro

      Yes you can.

  • TheKiman2

    Cool features. I hope Sony works out the kinds and weaknesses in photoprocessing before they ship. They should just poach a group of engineers from Google, Apple, or Samsung to work on their computational photography. Also, while cool, the blogging setup seems a bit too tele... it's a problem with ZV-1 too... if they just made it a bit wider...

  • Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites
    Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites

    The things I really like about what Sony is doing with their Xperia phones 1) They are genuinely listening to the feedback from the people using their phones. 2) They are constantly improving their camera system, and from what I can see they are truly getting closer and closer to melding their Alpha cameras and Xperia phones. The photos and videos from the mark IV are looking impressive. I honestly believe that in another generation or two (mark v or vi) SONY is going to have one hell of a camera system on their phones. Not only delivering the quality but also uniquely their own with a distinct approach and experience. Despite the smear jobs by idiots like Marque Brown and his ilk SONY is IMHO doing some of the most exciting stuff right now with smartphone photography.

  • luipaardprint

    I love that these phones are finally getting some recognition. I've been using these for s few years now, and they're amazing phones.

  • Arouraios

    I would love a full review since this looks like the perfect phone for me but damn, 1600$?!?

  • Dextro

    I'd love to see a roundup of the top phones from Google, Apple, Samsung, Sony, Etc. Especially comparing the camera experience. Pretty sure Brandon would make a very informative video comparing the cameras on them

    • Dharam Basi
      Dharam Basi

      @Madness1 exactly this. Xperias are not made for point and shoot.

    • Lucas Medina D'Abate
      Lucas Medina D'Abate

      Tossing in a sony zv-e10 in there just for comparison with a dedicated budget camera would be awesome too!

    • Mr Green
      Mr Green

      Their are many videos

    • Cruz de sangre
      Cruz de sangre

      Basically Google and Samsung are the best on photo (Google has better HDR, Samsung has better portrait if I'm not misremembering) and Apple the best on video

    • Ace

      I switched from a Pixel 3 to a S10e and I am absolutely appalled by the camera quality. I can't fathom how people put Samsung and Google in the same league. I am curious about Sony vs Google though.

  • Marcel Aoki
    Marcel Aoki

    Selfie video recording quality is amazing using this setup, pretty nice. Always glad to see Brandon's SC, keep them coming!

  • SNReloaded

    This phone seems really cool, & the vlogging setup is also neat. I'd love to see a more in depth, long term review. Daily driving + using for camera purposes

  • Trung Nguyễn Đức
    Trung Nguyễn Đức

    I definitely want a full review on this phone, I have been a fan of Sony phones since my xperia 3 compact, kind of a shame that they fell out of the race

  • amooosed

    I'd think it would be interesting to do a video seeing what Linus' take on the phone is. From the eye test it seems like the Sony Xperia 1 IV is a pretty compelling Android phone in a sea of relatively meh Androids recently. And if I remember correctly Linus has been looking for a phone to dethrone his favorite Note 9 and Galaxy Fold so it would be interesting to see how this fairs in Linus' eyes

  • Joel Conolly
    Joel Conolly

    Considering early software this has potential. I'd like to see a follow up on this phone so yeah, a "review" is in order. But maybe after all software, bugs and tweaks are properly adjusted. But that price though, wow. How is it so expensive with only a couple of upgrades than last gen? It's a very hard pill to swallow.

    • Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites
      Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites

      Well....surely the increase in raw materials isn't helping. As well as the general inflation. Most products have gone up in price. Have you seen car prices?

    • PairusDragonoid

      > How is it so expensive with only a couple of upgrades than last gen? It's a very hard pill to swallow. Well, Apple do this since the second iPhone and no one complain, ever since the whant this and even less feature outside that monstruous SoC (the only and really good thing)

    • Sai Namuduri
      Sai Namuduri

      @DC it makes a huge difference. You can't see it, but you can feel it. Especially when it comes to tack-sharp focus.

    • cyrkielnetwork

      Sony always want to make cool stuff for entusiasts, hence the price tag. They do products for normal users, becouse they need profit, but it's not thier goal. Also they can't compete on medium level market dominated with Samsung and Chinese brands, so they making best phones they can without cutting corners, and that's costly.

    • DC

      @Pixels I see(no pun intended), I couldn't actually notice any difference between 1440p and 1080p on a smartphone

  • Aizen Long
    Aizen Long

    Currently I'm using the Xperia 1 III. A review for the 1 IV would be nice to watch. As expensive as Sony phones are, they are pretty neat. So I'm curious about what improvements have been made for the 1 IV. Great first impressions btw. I'm hearing good things about it so far.

  • 1chi TheKilr
    1chi TheKilr

    I got the Xperia 1 III last year and I've loved it. I have loads of pictures and videos so the lack of an app as solid as the Samsung Gallery kinda sucks, as that app works exceptionally well, but I found a relatively decent alternative. Otherwise I haven't had any issues with this phone. The fact that it has an SD card slot and a headphone jack (while almost literally every other phone maker excludes them) makes all the difference for me. Games play extremely well, although I've had a few issues of games not supporting the 21:9 screen. They usually cut off the far left and right sides of the screen, but there's been a couple that squish the display. Ace Of Seafood (a goofy game about fish) doesn't show the full I'm game menus because they're cut off on the top and bottom of the screen. This issue is way way less common though. So far it's only really been that game that did that. Otherwise game performance is spectacular.

  • Jared Lacey
    Jared Lacey

    Always been a fan of the Xperia line from Sony and wish more providers had them as an option (Verizon did a while back) for new users.

  • C0d0ps

    I love my 13 pm speakers when I’m at home gets really loud indoors and has some decent bass for music 🎵 Coming from s9 plus the speakers improvement are instantly noticeable

  • GreatUsername

    Seriously would love more of a roundup of Sony's phones.

  • Jon Cusack
    Jon Cusack

    Really love these reviews as a former xperia user. Great work!

  • Rottytops

    My favorite feature is being a premium phone with an SD slot

  • Cameron Machi
    Cameron Machi

    Damn. That's a phone worthy of a pro tag. If I wanted to travel and vlog, I'd buy this in a heartbeat

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      Text me on telegram@Shortcircuit03

      🆙🆙🆙Thanks for the feedback, Expect more videos very soon Send a direct message I have something for you🔝🔝

  • Atomic Gearworks
    Atomic Gearworks

    I was considering the Pro i for my next phone, due to the really good cameras. But I was turned off by the lack of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 because I also need a lot of horsepower for stuff. Maybe this is the perfect mix of both. A full review would be great. I feel like we need more full reviews for phones besides Apple and Samsung.

  • Kyouhyung Kim
    Kyouhyung Kim

    I thought they were going to ditch the variable telephoto lens on this year's model. It's surprising (in a good way) that they actually decided to double down with the feature instead.

  • Lemon Tree
    Lemon Tree

    Love the narrow phones. So much nicer for small hands. They are basically an iPhone Mini, but taller. No other manufacturer still makes narrow phones. But I prefer my shorter Mini.

  • joethenerd2427

    Yes!!! More camera-centric phones and cameras from Brandon please!!

  • Silentmelodies

    This looks really good for people who want a mobile vlogging/camera setup in an all in one device. Although personally I don't really want my phone and my camera to share the same battery life.

  • Madix124

    Everyone else: "We have improved the bokeh algorithm in our latest phone" Sony: "Hold my beer!" *Slaps a periscope telephoto lens into their phone*

  • Axel Stone
    Axel Stone

    To test the speakers, be sure to enable the dolby app, it makes a huge difference in speaker performance

  • Ranting Raymond
    Ranting Raymond

    My brother and I have been using a 1 III for six months now, been an awesome phone. Good to see there's an upgrade if we want it, as I had no upgrade from my Pixel 3a

  • vladstarr27

    Great looking phone, seems to be a great camera on an Android finally. Sony is wrong for the price

  • Ultimate

    The headphone jack and general design really interested me since last years, but $2291.67 AUD is ridiculous.

    • Sam Wallace
      Sam Wallace

      Crikey mate!

    • CreativE

      @B K few reasons. Sony currently doesnt release the Xperia line in australia. In order to get an Xperia, you need to go through grey market exports. These grey market exports often charge an additional amount to account for shipping and to make a profit. Because sony doesnt ship or advertise to australia, typically people that WANT this phone, WANT this phone, which means these grey market exports are able to charge a lot more because they can. I know because I got a Xperia 1m3 into australia at launch.

    • Jack Wilson
      Jack Wilson

      Yeah it is way overpriced. If it was best phone on the market, maybe it would be worth it, but S22 Ultra wipes the floor with this... It is not even a real 4K (2160p) screen, but 1620p with a stupid aspect ratio.

    • DC

      @TheNiteKid I see, I got confused better aud and usd. In that case, Sony isn't as expensive as it seems to be.

    • TheNiteKid

      @DC nope, S22 Ultra is around $2150 in Australia, so same price. Check JB Hi-Fi website...

  • Art Eastridge
    Art Eastridge

    As a happy owner of the 1 MKiii, I can say that Sony seems to be taking the long game approach on their phones. I didn't see anything that makes me regret buying the MKiii, BUT if I didn't already have it, I'd be very compelled to buy the MKiv. It seems like a nice update to an already solid phone that's not so much of an upgrade it gives MKiii owners buyers remorse. I refuse to upgrade beyond my GoPro Hero 7 because it seems like they release a new model every 8 months. It doesn't make sense to spend $400 on the latest and greatest GoPro when it'll be antiquated and half the price in 6 months.

  • Chris Watson
    Chris Watson

    I would love to see an in-depth review of this phone, especially if you had a production unit.

  • Rogelio Gimay
    Rogelio Gimay

    Would love to see the full review if the retail version is out.

  • Arsonist00

    I would love a review comparing this with all the Xperia 1 predecessors

  • John

    Apart from the price, that's one hell of a consumer flagship. Now I'm really curious to see what they do with the Xperia 5 IV. 1080p 120hz, smaller less narrow form factor, same battery size, could be a very interesting phone indeed.

    • Ezgera

      @Telek Godhog If the 5 would have wireless charging it would be pretty much perfect. But a phone wwith a 1k pricetag and no wireless charging (and Sonys bad software support) is sadly a nogo for me these days, even if the other hardware is really great.

    • Telek Godhog
      Telek Godhog

      Yeah, i'm still waiting for xperia 5 iv the 1 lineup is kinda overkill for myself

  • Chiral

    As someone living with the Experia 1 iii since it's launch last year the camera definitely has issues that I'd want to see fixed before upgrading. Low light performance is abysmal. Everything turns into a grainy, smeary mess. At max "ai zoom" it also show a completely different preview than you actually get. Great promise with Sony's devices and the screen is really excellent just from a day to day use but as a "pro" device it still leaves a lot to be desired

  • Get Rikt
    Get Rikt

    Definitely want a review of this! I'm still using my LG V40 I've had since launch and this looks like a phone that'll finally be a worthwhile upgrade.

  • Brandon Obe
    Brandon Obe

    Would be awesome to see the main OLED power-off when using the VLOG setup to improve all those battery minutes. Solid replacement if there was some drop protection.

  • UnknownHost

    Would love to see a tier list of cameras. I want a good camera with clean output, but I don't want to spend a arm and a leg for something that might not be as good as something else. I remember seeing a camera you said was a best in it's price but It was not for sale. Also what's the difference in the lens standards and witch one should I go with. Overall you should make a video on basics of good cameras and a list of cameras you have already reviewed.

  • Raph Like the Turtle
    Raph Like the Turtle

    I would definitely like to see a review, I'm looking to get a new phone and from the first impression this looks like something I may be interested in.

  • Len

    I have a 1 II and it's still a very good phone, whith most of the important features this new version has. So if anyone thinks the new version is too expensive, consider getting a second hand older version.

  • YacSae

    They ve lost credibility when they said iPhone sounds better. Crazy 😅. Even Xperia 1 III had the best front facing stereo speakers. But that mark IV is an other level with full stage speakers 🔥.

  • Coda

    I own the 1 III and would definitely want a full review of this even though I won't be buying this one (already looking forward to next year as that'll be when I'll most likely will upgrade).

  • jayzo_sayers

    I am so relieved it still has Bezels, I have the Sony Xperia 5 ii at present and this is as far as I'm aware the only mid-high end phone range which doesn't have holes or bits of the screen missing in the form of some shitty notch.

  • Matt D
    Matt D

    Beautiful phone. The headphone jack, dedicated camera button and finger print sensor are the main things drawing me towards this but I think 4k display is overkill for me and that's a shame.

  • Francis Yuweh
    Francis Yuweh

    Vlogging setup approved, looking forward for more videos like this Really helpful

  • The Utility of a Rubber Ducky
    The Utility of a Rubber Ducky

    If this phone holds up well in production I could definitely see myself snagging one. That headphone jack and expandable storage seems to be a luxury they are capitalizing on which is pretty sad.

  • fcfdroid

    I love Sony innovation on phones. I stopped buying them for lack of durability and frequently overheating issues. Other phone's don't have that issue.

  • joolibreakingmore

    I'd love to see you guys compare the camera results to an iPhone. Maybe a video for ltt about best smartphone vlogging setups?

  • Jurriaan de Jongh
    Jurriaan de Jongh

    Sick phone! Finally some clear progression in the market.

  • Yash Vardhan Tanwar
    Yash Vardhan Tanwar

    Yes. I really want a review! Also, would be great if you could focus on the audio capabilities and the music listening experience for the audio guys. Would be just great.

  • fretboardrunner

    Really excited to see what they'll do with the 5 IV. This phone with a 1080p screen, better battery and a more compact foot print sounds amazing.

    • fretboardrunner

      @Think Lap my 5 ii has a 1080p display and the 5 iii has one as well. Don't know about the first or the new one

    • Think Lap
      Think Lap

      all xperia 5 series are 4K display, how you get 1080p display?

    • fretboardrunner

      @Caloooomi that's my biggest gripe with Sony phones. I tend to use my phones as long as it's feasible and just 2 years of feature updates really makes that unnecessarily hard. If they would just go up to 3/4 I think that would completely justify the price and fit the 'pro' marketing.

    • Bas

      @Caloooomi 0 Gg

    • Villager

      @Caloooomi just wait a few years and you'll see xperia phones (japan variant) for dirt cheap on online shop I got my xperia xz1 only for $86!

  • Stephen Kiser
    Stephen Kiser

    I'm super stoked. I bought the Mark 3 as soon as it came out last year, and after all that time my ONLY 2 gripes, were that the selfie camera was ass, and the fingerprint sensor was TOO quick (good problem to have, I got used to it and the issue went away)

    • luipaardprint

      I've developed special pocketing techniques to not accidently unlock when putting it away xD

    • H31MU7

      ikr? you accidentally brush it and it unlocks

  • Manjushri

    Those photos and "vlog" setup are some of the best I've seen. The fact you could replace getting a camera helps that price, even if it's just replacing one of multiple cameras. I'd love it for video my animals, including online market photos and stuff. Price is hard to justify over some other Android phones that still have solid video and stuff, but no expandable storage, less versatility, video, no add-ons etc. It's not a crazy price in a "why the hell does it cost that much and why would I pay it over another phone."

  • Milonso

    i think these super wide and super high resolution displays would be great for these vr lenses. are they still a thing?

  • Tommy Luu
    Tommy Luu

    Could screen recording affect camera quality? Like in the 4k 120fps test

  • RudeGerbil

    Always love a ShortCircuit with Brandon! I would definitely like a full review of this phone in the context of it being for professionals, and whether or not it could replace the need for a full fledged camera?

    • Newcious
      Newcious Finally it's here

  • black jack
    black jack

    With Sony I always feel like the Xperia 5 is the more interesting product for the average consumer. It retains most of the features while being only expensive instead of insanely expensive.