The Soundbar You Won't Regret Buying - Sony HT-A7000

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  • You Fail
    You Fail

    I'd like to see older gen high end speakers from each decade compete in a blind audio test. Each playing same thing. See if people can tell the Era by expected sound quality.

    • riothero313

      @drink15 Most of the large changes have been in better materials that affect use lifetime and durability. Not so much sound quality. Although some changes in efficiency, still nothing that drastic.

    • Azonic

      If you don't mind sacrificing a little more room, save yourself $830, buy the Swans M500 and thank me later

    • Dank Anywho
      Dank Anywho

      most older speakers offer far superior quality, even just a set of bookshelf's and a nice amplifier can give you far far better sound then these sound bar things with all that digital processing nonsense.....

    • Cameron Carnathan
      Cameron Carnathan

      I work in audio and if we go by decade I am pretty sure I could tell. That being said source material is WAY more important. Speaker technology hasn't made much advancements in a long time but source capabilities are another story entirely


    "They call it a textured surface." LOOK, we don't buy Sony products for their great naming conventions, we've given up that fight a LONG time ago. LOL

    • Fork

      @TDATA The product is probably decent, many people are saying that it has better sound quality than AirPods. Most “problems” are marketed as features, which makes it a pretty cool product. Too much external sound? That’s the point. Sound quality and comfort was the focus, and they nailed it.

    • TDATA

      @Fork Exactly they knew the product was meh, so they had to actually spend time thinking up a clever name.

    • Fork

      This is why I’m not getting Sony Linkbuds. The name is too good.

    • Mike Pawlik
      Mike Pawlik

      @Ajblue Sony PS-1000V4

  • Moritz von Schweinitz
    Moritz von Schweinitz

    Could you guys someday visit the engineering department of a tier 1 company like Sony, where the engineers are coming up with these kinds of products? I think it would be fascinating to se how these products are actually developed!

    • Muhammad Fuad Bogal
      Muhammad Fuad Bogal

      Let’s come to malaysia

    • viva la pachanga!!
      viva la pachanga!!

      Nothing special really.just lots of plastic.

    • Worat

      Yes and also teach them how to properly name their products

    • Cuttest Pomeranian Simba Friends
      Cuttest Pomeranian Simba Friends

      More likely tier 2 nowdays

  • Idky

    Sony Executives when their child is born: “He is beautiful, let’s name him CH-1000X…”

    • Core Dream Studios
      Core Dream Studios

      @Butt Knuckles Nice name LOL

    • Butt Knuckles
      Butt Knuckles

      Dying 😂

    • Judge Jeanine The Alcoholic
      Judge Jeanine The Alcoholic

      Don't give Elon any ideas.

    • Core Dream Studios
      Core Dream Studios

      Sounds like a new terminator robot.

  • alwaysasn

    Me: I am in the market for a sound bar. Clicks on sponsor link and sees $1,200 Me: I am in the market for the same blown-out speakers I've been using for years.

    • Tautvydas Drūts
      Tautvydas Drūts

      @Day this soundbar has very good build quality.... N it will last...

    • Tautvydas Drūts
      Tautvydas Drūts

      @swaggysack LG Sound Bars is way ahead of Sammy... N has better build quality...

    • Michael Van Zandt
      Michael Van Zandt

      @Daniel Stenger i believe sound bars are for people that are in the market to save space and not have speakers all over their room.

    • Rich G
      Rich G

      Seems like 99% of people who watch Linus video can't afford anything in the videos

  • Henry Atkinson
    Henry Atkinson

    Sony finally did what I've been saying they should for years with this unbundling thing. This price is far more compelling.

    • jinks plays
      jinks plays

      then they should add a bass eq on the subwoofers back or remopote or souundbar to adujust the bass. Like Bose did that almost 25 years ago.

    • Henry Atkinson
      Henry Atkinson

      @derf skittlers Absolutely. I'm not trying to vouch for this thing as a replacement to a full surround setup, but for people in really confined areas, or with a room doing double-duty as a bedroom and a TV room, or a kitchen and a TV room (etc), this is a decent option.

    • derf skittlers
      derf skittlers

      Some people slam one product over another without having personal experience. A really good soundbar does sound amazing but a good quality three speaker set will usually out perform and get louder. Both have their usefulness. And both do a good job.

    • khelge

      @ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ How am I going to fit all that into my 160 sf2 livingroom? Can you recommend me something that gives me surround but fits in my small livingroom? Also don't want a big receiver, want to control it all with my tv-remote. I watch movies, don't listen to music

  • lathiat

    I’m impressed that unbundling the subwoofer actually dropped the price. That rarely happens.

    • Jose R
      Jose R

      Just wish they'd let use our own subwoofers. I want to get into Dolby Atmos but I hate the idea of spending on another subwoofer when I've already got really good one

    • Ivan

      @Mech0z Exactly! I have got the HT-ST5000 and it's cheaper as a bundle. The Woofer on the 5000 also appears to be bigger than this new textured surface version

    • Mech0z

      Define dropping the price, the HT-ST5000 it replaces had an MSRP of 1500$ including a subwoofer, this with a subwoofer is a lot more expensive

    • ETO统帅叶文洁

      it is a subwoofer instead of a charger. after all

  • Real Cakez
    Real Cakez

    I would love to see dolby atmos setups at different budgets!

    • Appachie

      These companies are too greedy, instead of selling Five, and make more profit they would rather sell two not thinking that if you sell cheaper you'll beat your competitors anytime.

    • Maarten Bos
      Maarten Bos

      Same! Lots of potential!

  • Total plonker
    Total plonker

    I've had several soundbars and a surround sound package but it was only when I purchased an budget AVR and a pair of budget stereo speakers that I realised what I had been missing (stereo imaging, thumping base) besides going down this route one can always add to it overtime! subwoofer, surround speakers you could even get height speakers to get the full 'non-virtual' Dolby Atmos experience. Nowadays AVRs are so simple to setup, they even walk you through the process! "Remember movies are made up of 50% visuals and 50% audio and there are occasions when the audio out does the visuals"

  • Rim Crisken
    Rim Crisken

    *I installed these in a 24’ x 24’ great room **Newest.Technology** with a ten foot ceiling. Installation and pairing was easy peas and the sound fills every corner of this space. I could not be happier.*

  • Yogarine

    PSA: You should usually plug the PS5 into HDMI port 4 on most Sony BRAVIA’s because on those TVs only HDMI ports 3 and 4 are HDMI 2.1 compatible, and since HDMI port 3 is the only EARC port, that only leaves HDMI port 4 for other HDMI 2.1 devices I.e. the PS5.

  • Darth

    I bought the st-5000 two years ago, it was super heavy compared to my Vizio sound bar. My viewing experience on my tv had definitely gotten better.

  • That Sodding Gamer
    That Sodding Gamer

    Wow, the fact that it was able to bounce sound down from above with that setup you have bodes well for me. Where my TV is set up, the ceiling is a low and with the popcorn ceiling texture. Tempted to get this device, TBH. Not right away mind, but as an option for the future.

  • Michael Huber
    Michael Huber

    Optical Audio is heavily used in the audio industry, and I personally use it with my older 5.1 receiver because I can connect my computer and my TV to that receiver and have it work. It can still do lossless, however, it doesn't do Atmos, but not many things even have that currently, as 7.1 standards (which is the most optical can carry) are still high cost to produce

  • Twin Turbo
    Twin Turbo

    I'm still using a Sony HT-Z9F from 2017 and that setup screen looks exactly the same. this would definitely be on my list for my next sound system. This soundbar alone looks like a win.

  • Eric Hays
    Eric Hays

    I've been hoping for more soundbar content! Would love to see a roundup of a few top ones comparing features, sound quality, ease of setup/daily use, aesthetics, etc.

  • Peter Kollen
    Peter Kollen

    I still have the ST-5000 which has an amazing sound quality. Problem with Sony speakers is, I switched from a Sony Brava to an LG tv cause LG simply delivered a better tv.. And here the problem starts.. The two systems clash all the time! When you start the tv you always get directed to the homepage of the soundbar to select the port channel you'd like to use. Okay, fine.. However, a lot of times it ignores that step and freezes which means you'll have to reboot both the tv and sound system. Worst case the soundbar freezes completely and you'll have to unplug it! Did some research on this and Sony wasn't going to fix this because this problem doesn't exist when you use a Sony tv :) So if you don't have a Brava.. skip it for this amount of money!

  • zgoaty92

    This soundbar is very forward thinking from Sony. They put in an integrated sub for the smaller spaces where separate subwoofers might not make logical sense, and then added the capability to use an external one when the buyer has the soundbar in a larger space. Granted, Sony isn’t the first one to do this. Yahama has done this plenty of times with their more low-budget options and even with a couple of their higher end options like the YSP-1600 (an all-in-one 5.1 soundbar), and I think LG and Samsung have tried it a few times as well. Then there’s the Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar which is crazy expensive but from every review of it I’ve read, it’s a damn good sounding piece of audio kit. I might be looking into this a couple months down the road.

  • Jeff Clark
    Jeff Clark

    I’ve got 5.1.2 in my living room and i don’t see myself going to a sound bar ever. But these do look pretty nice for a addition to the Sony tv or really any tv. Would love to hear one and see just how they sound.

  • David Lp
    David Lp

    The price for these devices came up to a bit less than what you said (I bought them at ABT) but I'm loving it. You should try flight sim with it. Thanks for the demo. It was all I needed to get me to buy it.

  • shemsureshot

    It’s a shame it doesn’t support VRR or ALLM as this a pretty major omission for anyone who wanted to connect their PC or latest console to it. I know you can still connect them to the TV but this soundbar supports a wide range of audio formats which your TV doesn’t and you will be missing out on them.

  • Ron Black
    Ron Black

    Looks like a nice bar. I have the ST5000 in my bedroom and use it with a Sony 4K TV, and I have a ZF9 Soundbar and sub connected to my computer (yes I do have the backs also, but not installed), in my PC room. I found that sound solution on my PC better then my former Logitech sets (not the cheap ones). Although it was a hassle to look for a soundcard that could connect them, and all modern ones I have (from Logitech to Creative), didn't had those connection. So I had to search the net for one that was made more then a decade ago. Luckily it was brand new, and it works perfectly ;) Oh .. and we live in apartment (as a comment on the subs Linus made). I have no issues with both bars. I think Sony makes good products. Maybe you can't compare the ST5000 to a Sennheiser Ambeo (which is a option on my wishlist for the Livingroom), but very good never the less. I prefer them above the LG's and Samsungs of this world. So I imagine the A7000 is of the same quality.

  • Brian Sobb
    Brian Sobb

    I love this channel, but when I see this kind of review it makes me question how seriously I should be taking them. The A7000 is getting pretty trashed by most good home theater reviewers. The upcoming A9 system, though, sounds very promising.

  • B

    Optical has the potential to support any number of channels that may be needed at home now or in the future. They just need to upgrade the standard to increase the bandwidth. I wish they would!

  • Sami Hanski
    Sami Hanski

    I got curious when Linus said you can add your own subwoofers, but it’s actually just those two Sony models that are compatible? This could otherwise been solution to my current situation and limited space for surround audio, but I’m not willing to discard my subwoofers.

  • Sumeet Aggarwal
    Sumeet Aggarwal

    Hey great video… looking forward to getting the sound bar only….if you don’t mind, I have a couple of questions… 1. How long is the power chord? 2. Have far are you seated from the sound bar when demoing content? 3. Which screwdriver are u using when unscrewing the grill on the sound bar? 4. Have you tried the immersive audio experience? If yes, is it good? 5. Did u try any on the inputs on the sound bar? How do u change the input if I have multiple sources on the sound bar?… any help would be deeply appreciated😄👍

  • Travis

    I watched this video a month ago and bought this sound bar and subwoofer. And after a couple of plays it started making a popping sound in the sub, a few plays later I took it back and got it replaced. The new one worked and then quickly started to make the same sound. The sound isn’t always there. It either is or isn’t when I watch a movie but it’s unbearable when it’s there. Speaking with Sony they have been quite useless in resolving this. Has any one else had this issue with this set up?

  • Bliznade

    With my brother's audio setup, when he increases the volume above normal levels, you really can't tell until you try to speak over it. Pretty mind blowing experience that I never thought of. Good quality audio doesn't make you wince when it's loud

    • Chance

      For sure, turn up the car speakers in your old beater and you'll remark about how loud it is. Turn your high quality set up the same way, and it feels quieter, there just is less distortion that I typically associate with loud volume.

    • Yusaf Malik
      Yusaf Malik

      Most of those full sound systems don't even get above negative volume levels just because of how blooming loud they can go. Usually keep mine at minus 20 to minus 15 and even that is fairly loud

  • LinkinPhoenix1

    I have a Sony sound bar and I’m really pleased with it. I don’t have a subwoofer but it doesn’t bother me. It’s not the flagship model but it works great.

  • TP

    1:00 see this is what companies need to do, they always remove something and then keep the price of the product the same price and make you buy an additional product at a higher price, instead they just separated them and then made them so when bought together they are the same price as last gen.

    • Peter Kay
      Peter Kay

      @Raidou MRWHOSTHEBOSS did a video on this very issue. Although I think most top tier phone buyers already have plenty of charging kit laying around, I know I do. Most of the budget phones do still come with chargers at the moment.

    • Raidou

      @Peter Kay I mean yeah but imagine I'm a customer that is in the market for a new phone, i don't own a power adapter with the specifications that will take full support to the charging ability of the phone and I'm obligated to buy a charger for more money, i don't believe that is fair, I think all tech companies should give you the option to accept a charger in this case free of charge when buying a new phone.

    • Peter Kay
      Peter Kay

      Because bundling is cheaper than selling separately. Many bundle items are worthless and thus the price can't go too far down as a result...

    • Adam Vargo
      Adam Vargo

      @Rabbit level 20 he was saying he is glad Sony did it the right way. Think about phone companies taking the brick out and charging the same as the last gen phone for example is ho most business do it

  • Chelsea Sierra K.
    Chelsea Sierra K.

    3:59 the spacers are to allow the foam/rubber surround of the speakers, to have enough travel room when turned up.

  • Kris Kai
    Kris Kai

    Would love to see a comparison with the Creative SXFI Carrier. Is there really a difference if Dolby's engineers work directly on a soundbar?

  • Alexander Pennie
    Alexander Pennie

    I'd be interested to see a comparison of this soundbar(+ sw+ surround speakers) VS Receiver and 5.1.4 for the same price. What would sound better and give you the best sound experience? I'm planning to get Dolby Atmos setup, but I'm not ready to spend a fortune.

    • sarihaddu

      Nothing beats a proper atmos setup with dedicated channels. Sound bars are for people with space restrictions. I have listened to both and proper 5.1.4 trumps any soundbar

  • Rincewind

    Having the previous one, I suspect the real reason they got rid of the subwoofer was the awful connectivity issues. Had to manually wire it with hidden ports in the end.

    • Thomas Morel
      Thomas Morel

      I have a HT-ST5000 and not connectivity issue with the subwoofer. How do you manually wire it to the HT-ST5000 ?

  • Robert Lipski
    Robert Lipski

    Toslink (optical) is from the 80s. In production environments they increased the number of fibers to drive crazy amounts of data. The consumer standard is even keyed, as if expansion was originally intended and then abandoned.

  • Julian

    Looks nice! Have you guys ever thought about using a soundbar for a gaming pc?

  • rahul jain
    rahul jain

    Sony HT-RT40 works great, much much cheaper and great performance from the whole system.

  • petermaz

    Would be nice if you would’ve demoed the sound bar without the subwoofer because I’m interested in it in a bedroom situation and a subwoofer is overkill. They designed it with built-in subwoofers for that express purpose would be nice to hear it that way and get your take? Can you give the length of dimensions? I want to make sure it fits on my dresser.

  • Lynn McKenney
    Lynn McKenney

    I've gotta say, I'm absolutely blown away at how good a pair of wonderboom 2's sound. I don't think i'll ever be able to go back to a soundbar.

  • Cloak of Anonymity
    Cloak of Anonymity

    Pretty sweet. I used to love Sony ES electronics. I have a friend who's 15 years younger than me and he saw my set up, 11 speakers and 2 powered subs and he said "Oh, you have an old school set up. I have a soundbar." I said you have a Tesla, classy and fast. I prefer a 1970 Superbird. Big, loud and fast.

  • ceevue

    still using my bose 5.1 sorround sound setup from 2014 which cost me 4500$ back then but i can tell u guys it still sounds better than 95% of everthing what is getting released nowadays, ordered tons of stuff online just to compared it haha

  • Lars

    I have received the Sony sound bar today! Really keen on it so far. One slight issue, when I try to play on the Xbox series x. I select the hdmi channel, 120 hz 4k. Booting the game up, I can hear the sound, but don't have any visual. Someone any idea?

  • Mazharul Haque
    Mazharul Haque

    Great review! Buying one this weekend! Thanks Linus!

  • Jesse Pratt
    Jesse Pratt

    Hey Linus it would have been cool if you could have connected an Xbox series X to it and see what display settings get ticked with the hdmi 2.1

  • Grumpy Wolf Gaming
    Grumpy Wolf Gaming

    I own an LG atmos setup, and the over head sound is amazing, unfortunatly there isn't enough content yet that uses it.

  • Jake Bixby
    Jake Bixby

    4:12 The feet on that Bravia TV can actually go the other way providing enough space to fit the soundbar under the TV. I thought it was a design oversight at first, until I realized that setting up my Bravia.

  • eos1d3

    Most reviews are very subjective without any testing data. I read and trust more in RTINGS as they provide real testing data. It is interesting that A7000 is worse than Sony HT-ST5000 from their recent review. From their test, A7000 is another junk. They are testing HT-A9 and will publish the result soon. It is really interesting to see how good or bad it is.

  • P. Shawn Faherty
    P. Shawn Faherty

    Thanks for the review. I was leaning towards Samsung until I watched this. 🤔. Any idea if the small surrounds grilles can be removed to paint them to match the wall (WAF…)?

  • Teodor Aronsson
    Teodor Aronsson

    7:54 that reaction was so genuine, holy cow

    • Jan Smyčka
      Jan Smyčka

      He legit thought that bird flew in :-D

  • Arcturus

    I was interested and then i saw the price... I'm not spending more than what i payed for my 3080 just for a soundbar that is nice sounding and fits my setup.

  • Kane

    You appealed to the masses with this vid. Well done Linus.

  • The Game Bench
    The Game Bench

    Man... I don't think TOSlink has been touched since Toshiba introduced it in 83. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's gone unchanged for damn near 40 years.

  • Triple Seven
    Triple Seven

    What kind of rear surround speaker stands did you use, and does the height/elevation of their set-up matter?

  • Wulfy Wulfynrir
    Wulfy Wulfynrir

    I wonder, has anyone done in-depth testing of how ARC and wireless surround affects audio latency? I know we're at a point where it's not noticeable, but I'd be really curious to see if it's measurable and put a number on it

    • Flush Royal
      Flush Royal

      I do have Samsung Atmos soundbar , soundbar and subwoffer is connected with 5ghz... Idk about my backfiring channels but probly connected with 5ghz too... 5ghz is know as 1gbs 1ms connection so idk...

  • TheRaunz

    All Sony products recently are crazy good, even the new Xperia phones are one of the best on the market imo.

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser

    Toshiba fibre optic is still the best audio cable. Latency is so low when you clone audio over it and an hdmi, you can actually hear that the hdmi is a few ms slower

  • assassinate241

    This was almost LTT channel quality on ShortCircuit. I'm impressed; both by the video and by the soundbar.

  • Shamar Lawrence
    Shamar Lawrence

    I own Sony HT-ST5000, love it, I'd love to get Sony HT-A7000, Sony SW5 subwoofer, and dedicated surround for $1500, I'm looking forward to hearing the improvements, thanks for sharing the 1st hands on review!

  • Boris Ahsmann
    Boris Ahsmann

    I probably would regret it, because for 1300 dollars you could also get really good stereo speakers that come with large drivers that can push a wide range of frequencies, instead of 100 tiny speakers in one bar. The stereo speakers will just sound better because physics.

  • João Neto
    João Neto

    Oh boy, who could've guessed that a $1200 sound device would have great quality!

  • Ioannis Makridis
    Ioannis Makridis

    Optical ftw…Based on my current experience optical signal is output slightly faster than hdmi. I can actually hear the difference in latency.

  • rustler08

    Really comes down to the WAF, but for $1,200 you can do significantly better even with a 5.1 setup with some bookshelf speakers.

  • BUDS 215
    BUDS 215

    Is having the back speakers mounted on their side, the best way to get a better sounding experience?

  • Shawn Kildal
    Shawn Kildal

    Curious, don't you have to an HDMI cable that supports 2.1 for optimum sound?

  • Blessindisguise

    Sound bars will never be as good as discrete speakers. My Master Audio Surround sound from 2013 still sounds better than the later Surround sound sound bars. You just can't beat discrete sound!

  • Lloyd Cruz
    Lloyd Cruz

    I’m skeptical of soundbars vs traditional surround sound but this is the one I’ll be purchasing to replace my aging receiver. Any latency on the wireless speakers or sub?

  • Photo Ion
    Photo Ion

    You should test without optimization first to see how effective it is

  • Faiyad Omer
    Faiyad Omer

    *It's amazing that this soundbar's length size is larger than my own table*

  • tehguitarque

    Can someone help me understand why you'd spend close to 2k on a sound bar and a subwoofer instead of spending that on a system with distributed speakers? It is just the compactness/lack of cables? (Makes more sense to me to just buy it without the subwoofer at least)

  • noah hattab
    noah hattab

    I wish I can get a sound system like this I've been using full hd TV for years too money is cruel 😢 for some of us

  • Christian Rey
    Christian Rey

    I've been waiting for this ever since I picked up the HTST-5000. Fantastic sound, but year after year disappointed no rear speakers were ever made for it. I just ordered the A7000 at Best Buy. The site has it as Coming Soon, but it is orderable in store. Could not order the rear speakers or sub yet though.

  • Vinny Vidi Vintage!
    Vinny Vidi Vintage!

    Yeah, the optical sound connection was amazing... on my PS2... along with my S-video

    • IsoMacintosh

      Optical still is good in many situations, and it supports 8 channels of lossless audio at 48khz which is not too shabby.

    • Cavey Möth
      Cavey Möth

      I love optical toslink, and still use it for my blu-ray player. But I don't need anything better because I have a 2.1 setup.

    • S D
      S D

      Optical doesn't support anything above so called dolby hd because it's been abandoned, not because it can't. If its not Atmos I use optical. The cables are basically indestructible and cheap. I even ran a chain over 100ft no issues. The kicker, in theory even video is doable with theoretically no data loss. With optical networking being a big thing you never know.

  • Virtual World Addict
    Virtual World Addict

    For this kind of price, especially if you want an actual surround sound system without dealing with a receiver and if space is availalbe you should get the Nakamichi 9.2.4 surround sound system. Comes with a powerful soundbar, two subwoofers, and four surround speakers with built in Dolby Atmos for around $1,400.00. I use it for my home theater and it shakes the walls.

    • Matt Klein
      Matt Klein

      Not truly wireless…if you care.

  • Stuart Murray
    Stuart Murray

    I duuno man, no sound bar will ever convince me to move away from 5.1. You just can't beat positioned speakers and a dedicated bass.

  • Aaron

    Would love to see a review of the new HT-A9 wireless speaker system from Sony.

    • Callouu

      @H31MU7 it's incredible. I have in my living room and the sound stage is the craziest I've heard from a wireless system. Definitely add the sub though!

    • H31MU7

      yep, thinking of getting those and the SW5

    • Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites
      Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites

      Me too! Those look very very interesting

    • Justin Valente
      Justin Valente


  • Behnam Keshavarz
    Behnam Keshavarz

    Laughing @12:12 tells everything you need about this review... in my opinion, in any sound device, you should search for this moment. Good review @shortcircuit...👍👍👍

  • Ryan Oleary
    Ryan Oleary

    Id be curious to see where you rate the top 5 or so soundbars and compare them to a system with a receiver

  • two kay
    two kay

    Sony is underrated.... They produce the best TVs, Music/Movie Players and consoles and even their phones pretty damn good 🤔

  • kalmtraveler

    I'm glad that decent sound bars exist as they're leagues better than any TV built-in speakers, but they really can't replace quality separates. Good to have options though.

  • jose perez
    jose perez

    Just imagine having that sound bar on full blast and see how many windows you can shatter!

    • MegaLilei

      Nah, won't happen