I took apart Apple's new M1 Mac Mini
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The latest Mac Mini is using Apple's M1 processor, but instead of turning it on, I decided to take it apart. I hope I didn't break it.
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  • A

    Apple’s ifixit kit was just there to test their new anti-right to repair designs of course ;)

    • Peter B
      Peter B

      "we failed to fix this with iFixIt tools" mangers :"time to ship!"

    • Dott Winial
      Dott Winial

      @John Smith yeah it’s 5 months ago anyway

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      @Dott Winial Not that I'm aware of, though I don't remember these comments or reply threed

    • Dott Winial
      Dott Winial

      @John Smith were you talking about your comment here?

    • Curt Pehrson
      Curt Pehrson

      Herp derp apple bad

  • TheAbc45678

    So far I'm happy with my M1 Mini but I must say with all that empty space they should have put in a larger speaker. The one they have now sounds worse than the built-in speakers in my PCs from the late 1980s. Which is odd because Apple sells more speakers than any other company on earth.

  • Ryan Mayberry
    Ryan Mayberry

    I feel like no matter how this project works out, it's a really interesting step in tech history

  • Robbert Lucassen
    Robbert Lucassen

    Having seen the internals you might guess Apple has something on its sleeve to go full throttle on the PC dominance race. A tiny 10 Watt M1 PC board with 4GB of integrated DDR5 RAM, 64GB SSD, and a price point of $299, with an external graphics capability. Running iOS apps natively is the main focus here.

  • Dave Boyer
    Dave Boyer

    Thanks for the video! If it had a 1TByte SSD inside, I'm in. But App compatibility would still be a concern. I heard though it does deliver exceptional speed performance.

  • Finn

    Linus: Puts it back together without the fan Anthony: "Yeah thermals aren't looking great even on this spacious design"

    • Mayara Almeida
      Mayara Almeida

      @Piyush Mishra it doesn’t event have any sound with the fan lol

    • matt kim
      matt kim

      Apple’s ifixit kit was just there to test their new anti-right to repair designs of course ;)

    • Kevin Song
      Kevin Song

      Its a MacBook air now

    • mikgus

      @blindben999 Stop at 11:16 and stare at it until you get the jokes.

    • Stop N Drop
      Stop N Drop

      it's a vapor chamber at that point

  • darkowl9

    The more exciting products are going to be the ones that make use of the much smaller circuitry and thermal requirements. These first gen M1s are keeping consistency with the previous generation (as was done with the Intel transition) but the second generation products were where more exciting changes happened...


    I feel like they didn't change the size of the Mac mini is because when they launch the newer Mac mini they can announce "it's 9% thinner 20% smaller 13% lighter"

    • ajs_a_bum

      Yeah but that would be more work to engineer a new model and manufacture that

    • Vihaan Singha
      Vihaan Singha

      @AdBlockTurnedOff the Mac mini in all these years except 2018 used the MBPs processors of the same year 2010 2.4 Core 2 duo same with 2010 13 inch MacBook Pro 2011: 2.3 i5 same as 2011 13 inch MacBook Pro 2012: 2.5 i5 same as 2012 13 inch MacBook Pro 2014: 2.6 i5 same as 2014 Retina 13 inch MacBook Pro 2021: M1 same as both 13 inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

    • Gear, Stuff and Things
      Gear, Stuff and Things

      They simply repurposed existing housings for the new chip which was likely a more logistical choice rather than a marketing choice. So if and when they annouce a new one yeah likely they will announce it as smaller but it would be specific to this chasis which has been around nearly a decade so it would only make sense that a newer one would be smaller regardless of the M1.

    • Devon Campny
      Devon Campny

      They could probably make it the size of an Apple TV if they want. This is just an existing chassis with some new insides slapped in. Lazy, but I can’t imagine this thing sticking around for more than a year and a half

    • Piotr Marciniak
      Piotr Marciniak

      I wish they update Mini next year tho. Leaving Mini with M1 will be a big oof imo

  • Lance Longreen
    Lance Longreen

    @Linus, Your last comment is spot on ! I dont think a lot of people understands the significance of this combined with Graviton and the latest 78C ARM architecture. Also Photoshop is now in beta for ARM native on both Mac and Windows on ARM and so is office.... let that sink in. If Apple did large cloud datacenters like AWS or Microsoft and made their own server version of the M1 the efficiency and cost savings in power usage and thus cooling would be a real threat.

  • A Balanced Breakfast
    A Balanced Breakfast

    If the ram was 16GB or 32GB, rather than 8GB or 16GB, I'd probably buy it. I know macs don't need as much RAM, but I don't trust that that will remain true for the next few years. Even still, I think the mac mini is, was, and probably always will be the best value Apple product.

  • rizki .fauzi
    rizki .fauzi

    i hope you make a blender benchmark in your M1 review, because the other youtubers didn't, we really want to know how good the new mac mini emulate blender task

    • aaahxolotl

      if it's cycles or an animation say bye.

    • NonsensicalVids

      @TC royce this is the best comment ever

    • Mustached Gamer Cat
      Mustached Gamer Cat

      ive seen the BMW blender test been used on M1 benchmarks

    • dy

      Ayyyy.... It's our man rizki. fauzi

    • Luca Ramos
      Luca Ramos

      I’ve heard it runs great!

  • Niels Poldervaart
    Niels Poldervaart

    Here's is my hoping that future M-series chips do allow for having expandable RAM. Maybe there will be an option to add traditional (SO)DIMM memory that adds to the capacity of the memory that's already on the SOC, only with slightly slower access times due to band width. It's like the slow and fast RAM of then olden days, except both are very fast.

  • EdgyShooter

    Customer: So I was thinking about upgrading my RAM or storage myself how do I... Apple: *GET OUT*

    • EdgyShooter

      @Bohdan M The new lowest amount on the MacBook Pro is now 16gb. The eye watering part is upgrading to 32gb costs £400, the same price as going from the 16 core GPU M1 pro to the 32 core GPU M1 max 😅 Also just as an addition, due to my work involving a lot of data analysis 16gb is really my absolutely minimum otherwise I might as well give up on getting any work done before a deadline 😂

    • Bohdan M
      Bohdan M

      It was easy to replace ram and storage in old macs, probably 2011 and earlier. But back then system specs changed so fast that Apple was not too fast to adapt. In fact people had 512mb ram macbooks and had to upgrade those when the new adobe app was out. Nowadays is like: “you either have 8 or 16 gigs, if more - you are unstoppable”. Btw I still own and use for my daily marketing job my old iMac 2012. It has only 8 gb RAM, still it works great for 1080p video edits, graphics with Pixelmator and Affinity, as well as for gaming via Parallels. So here I have a question: “when the new “basic model” will be 16Gb?”. Cause now it looks like you don’t really need to upgrade even in 8 years

    • Just some Pirate Cat with Internet Access
      Just some Pirate Cat with Internet Access

      @Deathbrewer wanna help me go all out "Death to the MPLA!" on them?

    • Random22

      @Deathbrewer Kinda overexaggerating there, it doesn't brick the device completely, just shows a notice in settings; Not as severe but still annoying nonetheless

    • Okroshka

      @Andrew Sadikov Yes, now it's kewl DDR4 chips packaged in SoC instead of being soldered on a stick. So kewl… so inventive… so… daring…

  • Hare deLune
    Hare deLune

    "And this is, of course, where the disappointment starts." Excellent assessment and summation! 👍

  • Michael W. Perry
    Michael W. Perry

    I'm reminded that it is never good to buy the first model. They typically have issues and features that didn't make it. I'll pay more attention when there's an M2 model. Also, by the time that happens, the software I use will be ported over to this new chip family. No need to rush. My 2012 i7 Mac mini meets my needs quite well, although I couldn't help but notice that this new model is vastly easier to disassemble than it is.

  • Termsie

    Linus: Handling products with care since never.

    • lifeafterdamage

      Kid dont do this at home..parental advisor required...danger!

    • A-don

      @Scott Myers yeah lol

    • Scott Myers
      Scott Myers

      @A-don lol

    • A-don

      @Scott Myers get another device scottie

  • Chris Eichenberg
    Chris Eichenberg

    Can you do an overheating test? I have a mini server in a remote area where cooling isn't a viable option and the room at times can hit the 90's. Would love to see how the M1 can deal with warm server environments

  • Drone Travel with Guy Drory
    Drone Travel with Guy Drory

    Linus, while i'm a fan of you and your channel, sometimes, as an engineer, it find it difficult when you talk about things you clearly don't enough about: 1. the DRAM is not on the SoC - its in the same package as the SoC - but not on the SoC 2. the interface from the SoC to the DRAM is a standard memory controller, as you can see in AnandTech: www.anandtech.com/show/16226/apple-silicon-m1-a14-deep-dive 3. There is no relation whatsoever between putting DRAM on the package and having a resizable BAR on the PCIE (AMD's new feature)

  • Joshua Vaughn
    Joshua Vaughn

    I didn’t know anyone would “want” a 10 gigabit Ethernet port on that.. I thought they were going to discontinue that computer. I’ve never actually seen one outside of the store on display

  • Michael Crumpton
    Michael Crumpton

    It seems clear to me that these M1 devices are the low end machines in the lineup and that in 6 months or a year we will see machines with the M1X or the M2 and those will have more ports, more ram and more GPU cores.

  • Henry Atkinson
    Henry Atkinson

    The reason they removed the 10 gigabit and sodimm slots is specifically because you complimented them on it last time.

    • MacFan2410

      @Zenpaku okay... Good for you. I can guarantee you won’t get the power per watt that the M1 is achieving. If you’re in 2021 and still making this same old argument, I don’t think anyone can help you.

    • MacFan2410

      @Charles Tyldsley oh you know... You could wait for the pro level Apple Silicone chip to be released and be blacked in the Space Gray Mac mini. Then if they remove the ports from it you’d have a legitimate complaint.

    • Free vbucks
      Free vbucks

      @MacFan2410 Well, them i'm on the nasa end

    • ricky v
      ricky v

      That would be Apple. Like an angry person they don't want to be told they did something good. :(

    • Henry Atkinson
      Henry Atkinson

      @ThaReal CLo yeah I know rossmann

  • gamebuster800

    I'm really excited to see your reviews and benchmarks. Good luck guys!

  • Aepek

    I’m excited to see the benchmarks & testing criteria for a device like this; & what they’ll compare it to, as it’s not 100% the same as last gens Mac mini Imo Cheers✌🏼

  • Lazysnorlax Cooks
    Lazysnorlax Cooks

    This was so helpful, thank you very much! I just now realized that one of my major mistakes is that I only always see and think about territory right away from the beginning.

  • matt kim
    matt kim

    I'm fairly confident that Linus reassembled the whole product without the actual cooler in it before he noticed.

  • gajbooks

    The lack of eGPU support probably has more to do with them not having GPU drivers available for ARM than anything with the Thunderbolt ports.

    • arjunyg

      @Abhishek Sharma Xcode incompatibility with M1 isn’t a thing, never has been. Xcode has been available on M1 since the start. And it’s really fast too.

    • Abhishek Sharma
      Abhishek Sharma

      @arjunyg What about me... Where did you see me lying...? I'm was just stating my opinions... It's not like you have either the 1st gen or 2nd gen product with you to check off my claims.

    • arjunyg

      @John M I wasn’t directly talking to you, bud. But anyway, whether Apple plans to make an ARM Mac Pro or not, that is still years away. AMD GPU drivers for M1 probably don’t exist today and definitely won’t be released for quite some time.

    • arjunyg

      @Abhishek Sharma have you considered not blatantly lying on the internet?

    • Manas Pradhan
      Manas Pradhan

      @John M that isn't a device amd and Nvidia would release drivers for on their websites

  • Ghazi Boubaker
    Ghazi Boubaker

    Thought Linus said this channel would be for quick unboxing and videos that has not enough "value" to be uploaded on LTT. I love when he gets analytical and technical

  • josiahelias22

    I love the way he’s haphazardly using the screwdriver to poke at the components and motherboard. I can hear the micro resistors flying off the board!!

  • Paul Rombough
    Paul Rombough

    Small detail for Anthony to check: For some reason the same usb-c external ssd I have only gets 350mbs speeds on my Mac mini M1, but it gets 450+ speeds on my MacBook Pro 13 2017. Tried it through usb-c and regular usb 3 and same difference. Is the usb somehow different on the Mini M1?

  • Sebastián Garín Ortiz
    Sebastián Garín Ortiz

    I would really like to know if these M1 chips work for 3d design and rendering

  • RadicalxEdward

    I wanna see LTT do a diy PC built in a Mac mini enclosure. That would be interesting.

    • Darryl Mayle
      Darryl Mayle

      @Anna Vannieuwenhuyse The entire case is aluminium, so could use the case as a giant heatsink, like that video Jay made a few days ago. Come on this is Linus, he could water cool it and have a radiator sticking out the top.

    • Anna Vannieuwenhuyse
      Anna Vannieuwenhuyse

      @Darryl Mayle But you can't cool it adequately.

    • The original Luka Puka
      The original Luka Puka

      @TVCH LORD well I'm no computer salesman, but I have seen multiple mini pcs. I guess at least some of them fit! :D

    • Don Gumayagay
      Don Gumayagay

      hopefully with similar thermal performance and power efficiency

    • Tanishq Suryawanshi
      Tanishq Suryawanshi

      @Colemin Interesting..

  • Liam O'Donnell
    Liam O'Donnell

    Other advantages of the single SOC is security, Xbox did something similar (plus many other things) but yeah SOC can massively help security

  • autarchprinceps

    AMD already released and ARM based Opteron once and still have both core and architectural ARM licenses. Most of their Ryzen stuff could have been done much the same way on ARM, as would future processors and they'd already have better APU graphics than most, which wouldn't have to change. They are no strangers to making custom SoCs for consoles and are selling out their graphics tech to be included into Samsung Exynos products. As well as just buying the largest FPGA maker, so I suspect they would be fine-ish, they wouldn't be one of two but one of many and would have to pay an ARM architecture license to at that point Nvidia. In theory Intel has made some ARM chips, and is even making MIPS network chips right now, but I still think they would suffer a lot more, especially as they have significant issues already. Having to switch architecture and compete in a market changed might bring them to the breaking point. Also I think they might not want to admit defeat to that much of an extend to make the switch in a consequent kind of manner. But I think by the time that would happen, Intels fate will be already decided either direction. Either they manage to rebound on a new CPU design as AMD did, as well as perhaps deliver a winner with more Xe products, or they'll lose themselves and all their reserves in an attempt to rectify a lot of issues all at once incompatently.

  • Jonathan Brawn
    Jonathan Brawn

    I imagine there's no SODIMM option because there isn't a "normal" memory controller on the M1 SoC, so to add SODIMM support they'd have to also add a suitable memory controller, and bring all those needed signals off-chip.

  • Mark

    i'm shocked apple had put a headphone jack in such a small footprint!

  • Stiggy

    I bet the reason they didn’t add 10gig was specifically to spite Linus

    • Isaac Linzay
      Isaac Linzay

      @Ben Snow I’m pretty sure it was 799

    • Walter Man
      Walter Man

      16gibs of ram is probably the max of this chip. Since apple’s A series chips only support 6gbs, they probably couldn’t add too much more ram. Same things with the Ethernet and Thunderbolt ports. Gen 2 will most likely fix these issues. And with the 2nd generation Mac Mini with the M2 chip, it will probably have space gray finish, 10gig Ethernet and more Thunderbolt ports and most likely 32gbs of ram. 😄

    • RJ

      They just need to wait 2 weeks to add 10 gig. That way they get LTT to review it twice. EZ

    • Aurum Faber
      Aurum Faber

      @Ben Snow M1 is going to get dumped like Linus and Dave Lee said. You should wait for next year tbh.

  • Chad Fraser
    Chad Fraser

    I'm curious if liquid metal will bring any noticeable performance and or thermal gains to this tiny 10W chip.

  • DMadKing

    I just wonder how this affects the future of gaming and as well as pc performance like Is ARM better than x86? If yes , then is ARM better for gaming? We just moved to x86 from last gen, when will consoles move back to ARM?

  • JRW

    It‘s pretty obvious apple put the M1 Chip in the foreground without changing the hardware at all. This will most certainly happen with the M2‘s. The whole ARM and much more power/efficiency thing is the main focus here. Marketing and resource management at it‘s finest tbh. You can‘t really go wrong with that strategy. - the graphs were a joke though. But yeah. Very Apple.

  • Patrick Chasco
    Patrick Chasco

    My guess about the lack of EGPU support would be that they need to create an incentive to buy a more powerful Mac, given the CPU in the Mac Mini will be on par with their "more powerful" machines.

  • tipoomaster

    All that empty space inside. Clearly following their past transitions, the first generation using the same housing to reduce overall project risk by doing not two things at once, even if the new motherboards mean lots of empty space inside. The second generation is where we'll probably see it shrink substantially. Same as the previous ISA transitions.

    • Roy

      @Nizmo PRIME or maybe if they design products for low watt consumption etc it will then put all their intel products in a shitty position. which would result in them catching flak and possibly a lawsuit for intentionally throttling intel products.

    • Anshul Shah
      Anshul Shah

      @Nizmo PRIME wait. Every company have this tactic. What are you talking bruh.

    • Nizmo PRIME
      Nizmo PRIME

      In other words...They're gonna milk their junk for every cent before giving their customers a true upgrade and/or generation. Shitty Apple tactics as usual really.

    • Branson Taylor
      Branson Taylor

      @AtlasAesthetics Trainer seems like they could done that with this. like at least make it thinner? but with production lines so constrained due to covid maybe it woulda been too difficult to make the switch right now

    • Anshul Shah
      Anshul Shah

      @tipoomaster yeah I was saying raytracing but google translate 😂

  • Don Donaldson
    Don Donaldson

    Great look inside, thanks. Mac M1 Mini Pro will be next, in space grey, 10 gig ethernet, 4 thunderbolt ports, 4 USB 3 ports and ...

  • ricky v
    ricky v

    The best part of this video was seeing Linus take this computer apart. I am hopeful that these first gen M1 Macs will perform well but I doubt they'll get support for a lot of years. I wonder what others think?

    • ricky v
      ricky v

      @annag cocl For these M1 Macs everything is soldered on. Are you considering a certain model?

    • annag cocl
      annag cocl

      Is the hard drive (SSD) replaceable with larger, or is that a soldered on thing too?

  • Vynzography

    One posiive thing I can say is that even this is Gen-1 I dont think Apple is known for abandoning products.

  • Victor

    9:33 What is an example of a product abandoned immediately? The first generation of Intel that was 32 bits. It lasted roughly 6m then they switched over to 64 and both them and the whole ecosystem pretty much abandoned the 32 bits.

  • Marcos Elias
    Marcos Elias

    After many years without innovation on the desktop platform it's amazing to see it. Finally a solution for integrated graphics that makes many games well playable at high settings. Probably over the next few years with even better GPUs the Mac could be a great solution for gaming, competing with entry or mid level gaming PCs. Intel should rush to replace its integrated gpu with something better...

    • Rayan Malik
      Rayan Malik

      @IRglo Kullanıcısı yeah but you shouldn't hold out on that 256 core gpu beating a 3090 in games any time soon. macos is terrible for gaming

    • Youtube Kullanıcısı
      Youtube Kullanıcısı

      @Rayan Malik Raw performance wise they’Re already there is what I’m trying to say. They have aover 2x perf/W compared to AMD / Nvidia.

    • Rayan Malik
      Rayan Malik

      @IRglo Kullanıcısı apple could make a 256core gpu and it wouldn't perform half as well as a 3090 in games if they have the same shoddy support for games that macos currently has; even the 7 core gpu in the current air could perform much better if it had better optimisation for games. A 14 core GPU would probably be a nice solution on the level of a dGPU (maybe 3050ti/3060 level) for the macbook pro in next/next to next generation silicon IF macos gets better support for games

    • Youtube Kullanıcısı
      Youtube Kullanıcısı

      Entry to mid level gaming PCs? The rumor is they’re working on a 128-core GPU which could still be an iGPU and if we do the math, that GPU would be 50% faster than an RTX 3090 with WAY more RAM as well, and with the M1’s GPU architecture, to say nothing of the next GPU architectures that will be coming with M2. Apple has already caught up.

  • Enrick Creativity
    Enrick Creativity

    I do not understand how Apple did not develop a more efficient cooling system, without having to resort to the typical fans

  • Scott Pigeon
    Scott Pigeon

    I wonder if its internals would fit in the 2010 chassis so you could add a slim Blu-ray drive, with sata to usb cable of course.

  • Alessandro Abate
    Alessandro Abate

    Again, entry level Mac Mini. Also you have a SOC which includes RAM. The M1 is much more efficient with memory. M1 silicon doesn’t need as much memory as Intel silicon does.

  • Péter Menyhárt
    Péter Menyhárt

    I'm fairly confident that Linus reassembled the whole product without the actual cooler in it before he noticed.

    • Felix Kütt
      Felix Kütt

      This is assuming he actually bothers reassembling them himself. He very well might, but I don't know that to be a fact.

  • Tim Titus
    Tim Titus

    I'm running a 2018 Mac Mini with 32gb that I bought for cheap for $150 on amazon. The GPU, on the other hand, leaves much to be desired. I hate Apple more every year.

  • Hunter Chasens
    Hunter Chasens

    With how small the entire thing is (not including the case) I could see them being used in blade servers. They're cheap, small, low power, have high compute per watt, and don't produce a lot of heat. Unfortunately, they can't be upgraded (for understandable reasons). If it weren't for that I could imagine large datacenters fulls of these striped mac minis. They're only twice the size of a raspberry pi. The cluster computing potential could be enormous if it weren't limited by its small io, buss size, and ARM processor. If it weren't for its slow 1Gbps port I think it would be great for multiple high availability servers with load balancers.

  • 2CoolNoobs

    I love how Linus’s first comment on consumer grade prebuilts like these or new motherboards is always does it have 10 Gb/s networking? Like dude, the vast majority of the world can barely get 50 Mb/s down. Of course they don’t feel the need to put in 10Gb/s.

  • Glenn Wilson
    Glenn Wilson

    The new macs are insane. So happy with mine.

  • Mubashir AR
    Mubashir AR

    Steve would've not been very happy with all that space inside 😂

  • St S
    St S

    First thing first, Apple's design team has done an incredible job of replicating a tiffin box! Few months back, I added 8 GB RAM, replaced the HDD with SSD in my 8 years old Dell XPS 15 and with Windows 10, it works like a breeze! This is something you cannot do when you pack Apples inside a tiffin box 😁

  • Daniel Rhodes
    Daniel Rhodes

    I miss the expandability of the G3, G4, and G5! There is so much room to add memory, storage , etc.

  • dancedj2k2

    Linus: " You give me this thing to play with, did you think the warranty was going to be intact when I was done?" *Rule 1* - Always make sure Linus has adult supervision when playing with anything electronic.

  • Robert Vantine
    Robert Vantine

    Can you imagine if Ifixit sends a C&D to Apple because their product was in an Apple promotional video?

  • Cafe Fearius
    Cafe Fearius

    Much better coverage than the MacBook Air video - interesting point about the initial lack of external GPU - I wonder how long before such peripherals are written to the new platform

  • NinerFourWhiskey

    You know in reality, most Apple customers almost never upgrade their RAM or storage inside the machine. It is on the order of >95% on laptops never were upgraded, even when the slots were available. Apple owners tend to keep their machines much longer than average too. So no reason to put in slots for ram or nvme. It is a lot of cost that is just unnecessary.

  • Jeremy Coleman
    Jeremy Coleman

    I've never been one for Apple's ecosystem. I'm generally a Linux guy at home and a Windows guy for work because I don't get a choice. I've avoided iPods, iPads, iPhones. The M1 based Mac Mini is the first Apple product that I have been remotely tempted by. You just don't get that sort of performance in such a clean package from anyone else right now. I've been hoping that AMD would get off the ground with a high quality affordable NUC competitor, but they really haven't step up the the plate in a meaningful way yet. They don't seem interested in building a consumer product, but would rather put it in the hands of the PC manufacturers. The products that are (or will soon be) available get a thumbs up for upgradeability/expandability, but that seems like the only place they win right now. Dollar for dollar the entry level M1 Mac Mini seems like a pretty legitimate way to get a clean and compact workstation that can pull it's weight and get some work done.

  • Honglu Zhang
    Honglu Zhang

    it physically pains me to see linus not pop that wifi connector THE WHOLE TIME, even after he get the pcb out

    • benison

      @Jack Le could you teach me some hard trolling then

    • Jack Le
      Jack Le

      @benison That's some weak trolling my man

    • benison

      @nao ko ever heard of trolling

    • ilovedagreenday

      @nao ko lolololol

  • Jerry Hogan
    Jerry Hogan

    A Mac mini, just as powerful compute power as a base Mac Pro tower or core I9 MacBook Pro. Your loss that you are not excited by this achievement in processor tech. I’m in pure bliss and and excitement for us both.

  • CCTrollz

    I'm curious what the actual cost to apple is to make that. They've eliminated so many components and integrated them into an SOC that the cost of manufacture has to be so low. I mean this is like if apple tried to make a raspberry pi.

  • John MacMillan
    John MacMillan

    Did you test it for the Blue tooth problems that are being reported on now? Are these problems due to softwares or hardware (M1 chip) or poor circuit board design?

  • Thomas Goward
    Thomas Goward

    this device could be great for apple ecosystem development! Only issue is VM... can you run a linux VM on this thing?

  • aritra dattagupta
    aritra dattagupta

    If Linus had his say, he would probably also want his CPU to be upgradable. You know put in a few transistors if possible because Apple didn't design it according to the way he wants.

  • Tom Sorteberg
    Tom Sorteberg

    For the same price, you could build an AMD system that gives you over 4 times the performance with better compatibility. Although the market is definitely heading towards more integrated systems, APUs have never been popular with enthusiasts, since they lack modularity. Although the M1 is a step in the right direction, it is doubtful that RISC based chips would be able to overtake CISC; if that were possible, all processors would be RISC based. I'm not sure where Apple is going with this, since both RISC based chips and APUs have not shown to be very successful products outside of mobile or niche markets and the complexity of software is increasing, which undermines the value of RISC based systems. If they invested as much in development than they do in marketing... Personally, I don't want to bite on something that is already chewed.

  • MarkBuildGood

    Do a short video comparing 10gbe thunderbolt dongles to see how they stack up to your current MacMini 10gbe ingest stations.

  • homelespenguin

    why did he keep poking the board like that 😬

    • It’s Not me Maro
      It’s Not me Maro


    • Mike M
      Mike M

      Why does he insist on picking up pcie cards and sticking his fingers all over the contacts

    • Valentin

      To have an excuse to send it to Louis.

    • Lazysnorlax Cooks
      Lazysnorlax Cooks

      The reason they removed the 10 gigabit and sodimm slots is specifically because you complimented them on it last time.

    • dirty_fingers

      @Cybermacy ESD considerations are very important, and he seems to have no regard for that.

  • RinoPigTime

    Apple: 10 watt tdp… RTX 3090: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that.

    • M S
      M S

      @zadintuvas1 got it on sapphire cooler, repasted, new pads, more pressure --> 1800Mhz gpu, 1100Mhz mem, 360W.. love it. -)

    • 劉奕彤

      it uses 20 to 24w in real work

    • mako kimoto
      mako kimoto

      It took courage to include that headphone jack

    • zadintuvas1

      @M S Total domination power

    • M S
      M S

      running vega 64 sapphire.. what did u said bout TDP? -)

  • Tim Fernandez
    Tim Fernandez

    What's the specific purpose of using OS X as the ingest stations in your workflow? Curious.

  • Dreamtheworld

    Can someone tell me how the wifi reception is? Since i am pretty far away from my modem i am wondering if its strong enough? Also, is there a difference between the macbooks and the mac mini in wifi reception?

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller

    Apple already put Linus on the void warranty list 😂😂

  • Charles Bunnell
    Charles Bunnell

    Actually, 10gb Ethernet is an option on the M1 Mac Mini (or at least theoretically), just not through a built-in Ethernet Port. You’ll have to use a external dongle but you can buy a 10Gb Ethernet to ThunderBolt 3 dongle from OWC. Thus 10gb Ethernet does appear to be an option for the M1-based Mac Mini which support TB3, even if not built-in. Of course I don’t know if any driver issue might exist that might prevent this dongles use on the M1 Mac Mini since I don’t think anyone has tested this solution out yet given the M1 Mac Mini was just released.

  • Kevin Christian Roehr
    Kevin Christian Roehr

    The M1 doesn‘t have enough PCI-e Lanes for 10Gbit and 4 TB3/USB4 Ports. I think they will fix it with the next release. I guess it is because they wanted to release this new models as entry models as fast as possible (Christmas is coming).

    • merlozzo

      They just want to sell as many as possibile now, and then release "new" models with "new" features which a part of the early buyers will surely want, granting Apple other sells

    • mercury mack
      mercury mack

      that and/or they just wanted to ease it in, and they'll elaborate later.

  • Steven P
    Steven P

    Would have been nice if they did a UBC power on this unit.

  • Whereabouts Unknown
    Whereabouts Unknown

    "And it's also crap that MacBooks haven't had upgradeable memory in years" is what I'd say to that.

  • Jay Koerner
    Jay Koerner

    I am near certain the lack of gpu support is entirely driver based, pcie is pcie wo i cant assume thats the issue