Unboxing the smallest GAMING PC you can buy! - Intel Ghost Canyon NUC
Linus gets his hand on Intel's newest NUC, the Ghost Canyon! He does go a bit beyond the regular unboxing...
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  • Oniani

    1. Linus didn't drop anything 2. He has a beard 3. He is wearing normal shoes 4. He didn't lose any screws 5. He didn't rant on Intel WHO IS THIS IMPOSTOR AND WHAT HAS HE DONE TO THE REAL LINUS

    • Kuma Sire
      Kuma Sire

      @Oniani Great minds think alike right?

    • KZ


    • Uyahara Kuyay
      Uyahara Kuyay

      The real Linus is found in the LTT channel

    • Dorito

      How do you know that linus is wearing normal shoes

    • Digant

      There is an impostor among us

  • techm

    I really love the design. So cool how that all fits together.

  • Brian Zabaneh
    Brian Zabaneh

    I cant believe linus was bottlenecking his face this whole time.

    • Timeward

      @SKEKMAL nothing gay about complimenting your homie when you think he did something nice to himself :V

    • Emerald Saiyan
      Emerald Saiyan

      Hahaha, you have a point

    • ClothesLineSpider


    • MaxUgly

      He looks like his newest employee.

    • Ismail Haque
      Ismail Haque

      babyface Linus no more with that beard :(

  • crash419 animations
    crash419 animations

    Intel: packs it heavily Linus: removes packaging and slams it on the table

    • LilJOplays _
      LilJOplays _

      Linus drop tips for a reason

    • OrcButter

      My heart broke a little

    • Ali Tarzaban
      Ali Tarzaban

      crash419 animations seriously. Why was he slamming it around. It’s like a used car salesman banging on the roof of a car showing its sturdiness.

  • Sean Coley
    Sean Coley

    Linus, look into the Zoom F6 for home recording. Its 32-bit floating audio files make it almost impossible to clip. If your levels are way too low, there's not a noticeable penalty when boosting them in post. Just make sure the port you're using is setup for "mic" or "instrument" which will change the input sensitivity. I hope that helps!

  • Spencer Ke
    Spencer Ke

    Linus: "Yeah, guys this is just an unboxing, nothing too special here" Also Linus: *Disassembles the whole PC*

    • Mārtiņš Markss
      Mārtiņš Markss

      @Rafe Beard... Its Linus smarter twin brother cause... "Linus can't do anything by himself without the help of his employees! "

    • James Tomato
      James Tomato

      It's true to it's name, at least. He is in fact, unboxing everything. Including the pc.

    • matrixfull

      Linus Unboxed : ]

    • Vaner Drace
      Vaner Drace

      Also.....Linus with a Beard

    • Gate of hell Heaven bridge
      Gate of hell Heaven bridge

      Rafe at least he didn’t pull out a folding knife that may or may not have screwdriver..lol =)) still couldn’t forget The Verge...they help me learn how (not) to build a pc...

  • Maga Man
    Maga Man

    Just configured a system at the Intel link with the modest i5, 32GB, 1Tb M.2 (not nvme), 2060 RTX, Win 10 Pro =$2200. Not too bad if they keep going with the modular upgrades. I'm just worried they'll change designs in 2 years and I'm stuck with the compute board. Cool idea, Google tried it with a phone and people lost their minds. They need mass adoption for these modular ideas to work.

  • D R
    D R

    Linus: This is just an unboxing..." Proceeds to disassemble everything. 😄

    • Devwardhan Kothari
      Devwardhan Kothari

      He un-PCed the thing lol

    • Crown

      Well it is... unboxing..

    • bacon Bliss
      bacon Bliss

      Well you got to unbox the box you unboxed

    • Shaunthesheep 23
      Shaunthesheep 23

      Just legit found out he has another channel. Tf linus

  • Elliott Street
    Elliott Street

    I'd really like to see what could be done with a few of these compute modules in the PCI slots of another host system, kind of like a mini compute cluster. Could call it "5 PCs One PC"?

  • Elliott Evans
    Elliott Evans

    So for the price, I notice they have three different versions, would you say this would be a great option for someone using FL studio 20 for a at home studio. Been looking into small form factor, budget friendly options for music production and a little video editing.

  • Eren Kaya
    Eren Kaya

    AMD should do this. This is exactly what I need right now.

  • ShapeyFiend

    Considering it's 2020 and how ubiquitous gaming laptops have got I'm sort of surprised that most PC's aren't this size by now.

  • GokouZWAR

    Probably should cover the max dimensions of your “upgradable” GPU, because some of the good cheap cards are beastly in size which limits what you can put in that tiny overheating box.

  • Mark Ambro
    Mark Ambro

    Man this shooting set looks legit, great addition to the LMG studio!

  • Hold and Modify
    Hold and Modify

    Meanwhile his daughter is pounding on the door asking when she can get back in her room.

    • Micheal Bay
      Micheal Bay

      @HxckVFX truth

    • zzaqd

      Educational Nature Videos what is wrong with you

    • Walter Loehrmann
      Walter Loehrmann

      Don't be so gender normative.

  • Kushagra Tiwari
    Kushagra Tiwari

    Price aside, a decent product for people like me whose desks have no space for an ATX tower

  • Balázs Krakó
    Balázs Krakó

    It's funny to think about this gaming PC. It's practical and easy to carry anywhere. The i9 processor is amazing! I'm proud of Intel.

  • CryptoJordan

    Imagine building a larger PC with multiple NUC Compute Elements. Is that possible? I really hope that's possible. Maybe that will be how we build systems in the future. We can dream.

  • Z09801

    That does seem to be similar to the original IBM PC. Where everything was an expansion card on the motherboard, including the CPU.

  • Martijn Holland
    Martijn Holland

    The blacklight is for the packaging, there is UV paint on it that will illuminate with the black light.

    • GokouZWAR

      Vintlb yea a lot of PC LAN centers use black light, I have black light in my VR arcade which interestingly enough could probably benefit from some tiny little PCs like these. If they were ACTUALLY upgradable which is highly doubt you’d be able to get parts to fit in this thing in 5 years.

    • Martijn Holland
      Martijn Holland

      @Travis Moore the skull and intel nuc line will light up

    • Matt

      @Pizzafourlife on jah 🙏🙏😔😔😔

    • Nicholas Lepp
      Nicholas Lepp

      @Vintlb i think the point of them giving you one for free is that people usually do not lol

    • Vintlb

      Soo there are people out there that actually have black light in their setup ??? Rip eyes :'(

  • Archer Frost
    Archer Frost

    Intel's engineers: Hey Linus, thanks for taking time to unbox and showcase our new product. Putting it together was a challenge and we really appr-- Linus: *pulls out the computing module and proceeds to rip it apart* Intel's engineers: Wait. What are you doing?

  • Limerence

    With the 2 thin fans at the top, the design is very similar to the velka 3 case. Although this one is probably soo much more user friendly to assemble. I cannot imagine it being priced in the same catagory.

  • Brandon savoie
    Brandon savoie

    Ok, Linus, I want to see a server workstation with 4 of those intel compute modules working inside one standard PC case for compute cluster awesomeness!

  • JoshuaNY93BX

    This was a cool tear down vid, i wish i could have a pc just to even play original star craft be great if i could play wings of liberty but id be happy with anything at this point. I love how efficient the nuc is even the disign of the fans and plug and play is pretty cool. Need to do that with new builds of cases and new modular mbs

  • Blub Dude
    Blub Dude

    I really like this unbox > LTT review situation that you guys have been doing. Makes me feel like I am watching a normal tv show and following through a characters development, except its just computers instead of people.

  • hughjazz44

    Wow, Intel made a modular PC! I've never seen that before... 🙄

  • Sachi Game
    Sachi Game

    Would be cool if they didn't want $3000 for the configuration Linus got. Absolute cheapest you can go with the NUC and still get a decent gaming computer is about $1800 You can literally get gaming laptops with a way better price-to-performance ratio than this, and at this form-factor I'd rather just do that.

  • StickySli

    If it's supporting a Cu vapor chamber, please use some liquid metal to compare temperatures. It worked wonders with my i7 10710U fron my MSI Prestige 15 A10SC

  • CEO of Unpopular Opinions
    CEO of Unpopular Opinions

    Imagine getting a desktop just to experience the thermal throttling you get on every kind of laptop after 30 minutes of real use.

  • MrRapBeast

    “Most of the external enclosures I’ve used are actually smaller than this”, I was expecting that.

    • Scar - Pets and Pests
      Scar - Pets and Pests

      Yeah I was like wait...huh

    • Will Krska
      Will Krska

      Probably intended the opposite lol

  • -L-

    I have a Windows 98 machine (Dell Optiplex GX100) that I wanted to turn into a gaming machine, but I'm not sure if it's specs are good enough for most win98 games. The CPU is a Celeron 700MHz, 64MB RAM, a Sound Card, a modem card (useless nowadays) and the motherboard has an ISA slot with an expansion card that has three PCI slots. If it needs upgrades (besides a GPU), I'll switch to my Gigabyte GA-945GCM-S2C and Celeron 430. And if I decide to use the775 motherboard, could I use the sound card from the dell machine? I'm not quite sure which model is that, so finding drives could be a pain (I'm not sure how that works on Windows 98 because I'm new to this)

  • Chetar Ruby
    Chetar Ruby

    Cute. But the NUC chassis and CPU board are outrageously expensive. Love the concept though. It's nice to see the SBC making a strong comeback. Dunno why they changed the name of what this really is: Single Board Computer. I remember playing with some ISA versions of these back in the late 1990's/early 2000's.

  • Watzetzface

    "Oh wow, this is actually a surprisingly painless disassembly process!" Me: Yeah, that's because they knew a guy like you was going to pull it apart! Also Me: PC ness!?!?!?

  • Anomalous Delirium
    Anomalous Delirium

    When it's about PC, "unboxing" could mean a deeper meaning.

    • Anitha Subramanian
      Anitha Subramanian

      You mean, taking it apart?

    • Badog98


  • Nithin

    I love that Linus has children's books behind him. He's trying to give the impression that he can read. Edit: #LIEnus

    • ADee SHuPA
      ADee SHuPA

      @dbl_castor uP

    • Ryan Copetti
      Ryan Copetti


    • Ian Patrick Wijaya
      Ian Patrick Wijaya

      Or that he was able to read, when he's still young

    • heyimdoingood

      Roasted i guess 😄

    • Mateusz Bielecki
      Mateusz Bielecki

      Clearly he is just learning it now and those are his books.

  • Nicolette Song
    Nicolette Song

    I use CAD a lot, if I want to save time choosing from the spec, can I always go with the good gaming PCs? They are really the same build right?

  • Owehttamy

    Why can't all PC's be this size? I never understood why there has to be so much space not taken up in PC boxes. Is it all just for airflow?

  • Mandeep Singh
    Mandeep Singh

    it would be cool to see this go against the new m1 mac mini

  • Sonderax

    the fact youve got this now and it ships June/July is amazing.. Might buy one as a portable PC. Chuck it in a bad and take it around whenever i need it.

  • Shadow

    Intel included the flashlight is to help him find dropped parts.

    • TheBigAEC

      @Lutfi Rahman naw son, that's just a huge +😜

    • Lutfi Rahman
      Lutfi Rahman

      no, to find where your cat pee

    • TheBigAEC

      The box has a black light sensative decal on it, that's why they put it in the box.

    • Suh Cheuy
      Suh Cheuy


  • Zonker Harris
    Zonker Harris

    Love that your unboxing includes a teardown.

  • Eric Clemens
    Eric Clemens

    I want to see how the performance of this is against the NZXT H1 !

  • Dem0nflare

    Well i see a flex psu, that's a jet engine basically. After buying it make sure to get ear protection. It's basically a Velka 3 on its side with a custom mobo. It's defiantly a good concept if one company (the one falling from grace) did not make it and force the standard.

  • WarpedMango

    Isnt the 500W PSU a bit of a limitation? Dont most good GPUs recommend 550W and above?

  • CrackedEight

    Imagine someone who doesn't know how to build a pc trying to put a full sized power supply in there

    • JustSoPuffer

      Well it doesent come with ram so I hope they know how to build it

  • Technotom

    Video idea: what happens if you put that system card in a full sided PC?

  • Stickyfinz

    I'm loving the room. Nice and relaxing feel to it. I read to my baby so it's calming to me especially with the windows in the background.

  • Brady

    What would happen if you plugged the compute module into the PCIe slot on regular desktop's motherbaord?

  • MrZakrencony

    "that is not much bigger than external gpu enclosure. in fact, most of the external thunderbolt gpu enclosures are actually smaller"

    • brasik

      Guys, chill, he’s just speaking the kind of language we will never understand. He’s saying some wise words.

    • Anus McGee
      Anus McGee

      "We choose truth over facts". -Linus Sebastian, 2020 (idk probably)

    • Guilherme

      Well he's right

    • KayJay

      @not john doe wdym? it's a video. They can't just fix it..

    • not john doe
      not john doe

      They havent fixed it 7 hours later

  • Dan

    how I've missed the old days of Linus unboxing

  • Gotword

    I actually really want one of these, i need to see the in action review first tho 😂

  • Elliot Perciaccante
    Elliot Perciaccante

    You would think this thing is crazy but it’s really the same thing that gaming laptops have.

  • SparkYo

    Intel designed that ridiculous "influencer" exclusive box instead of a competative CPU.

  • keithc1234

    the guy who built the PC by hand is breaking his heart right now. Linus: "oh wow this is unusual"

    • Zak Broad
      Zak Broad

      @samuel young oh rightt, sry

    • samuel young
      samuel young

      @Zak Broad this was an unboxing, which doesn't need to contain that. That will come in the review

    • Zak Broad
      Zak Broad

      did he not even turn it on and try it out?

    • samuel young
      samuel young

      @Headloser oh, that. Linus is like lots of people, and they lose the manual, or forget about it, or just done bother, or can't read it, etc

    • Headloser

      the guy who design it, why didn't Linus read the manual before taking it apart.

  • S3un

    How many of you were hoping to see him actually run some games on it 😂 Omg thanks for the likes

    • S3un

      @Crown tbh

    • M R
      M R

      Me lol

    • Crown

      bro this is better than my old pc

  • eLyUKayEe

    Okay, when they announced this, I thought it was going to suck... I can feel my mind slowly being swayed.

  • Christos Christoforos - Webscream
    Christos Christoforos - Webscream

    I would have tried that blacklight on every surface of that packaging and piece of hardware!

  • spinbubba

    would pairing the external gpu with the nuc improve cooling

  • ShadowTheLight

    If I had more money I'd definitely like my PC as small as possible, I love the minimal size.

    • Levin

      @danny boy Got my Strix for 129€ and my SF600 for 120€ (not even the cheapest one), it's basically the same price as their ATX equivalent. Edit: and i'm not even talking about cases compatible with ATX PSU.

    • ShadowTheLight

      @Levin Yeah, my pc is a bit noisy no matter what so if your saying idle is close to silent it will be impressive to me, this sounds pretty cool.

    • Levin

      @ShadowTheLight That's sound reasonable to me, you can go with a corsair SF450, there is couple of aircooler under 50 dollars able to cool that chip (amd cooler may even fit in some SFF case), you just had to be sure your GPU/Cooler fit into the case of your choice. Don't expect having a silent pc during stress tho

    • ShadowTheLight

      @Levin Interesting, I prefer like 1660 with ryzen 2600 so I think it probably won't be that much from what you're saying.

    • Levin

      It's not that expansive, you can grab a knockoff case for under 120 dollars, for the rest, it's basically the same price as a normal computer. It can become really pricey if you want a high end build like mine, i put a 2080Ti and a 6700K in a 7L case without really thinking about it, temp were insane and i had to delidd, metal liquid, underclock, watercool my CPU and custom lenght cable because factory cable wouldn't fit, pretty much 200~300 dollars unexpected bill. if you want more information, you can check the SFFPC subreddit.

  • R1S8K

    Intel: Here's a full fledged gaming machine .. come on Linus don't tear it down, seriously ! we've put a lot of work on this one. Linus: OK

  • Johnny Quid
    Johnny Quid

    The beard works for you dude. I actually want one of these tiny builds. I like the much smaller footprint, the low profile, but the heat distribution sorta worries me.

  • Rainmaker

    I really don'd see how this is easier to upgrade than a standard ATX based machine, in fact it seems down right dfficult to deal with due to how compact it is. Now as to the size, yeah that is fairly impressive, but I don't get the "easy to upgrade" part of it at all.

  • Angtian Wang
    Angtian Wang

    Just wondering what will happen if plug this compute module to a normal PCIE slot on a normal PC.

  • Paul C
    Paul C

    The motherboard appears to be connected through a pcie slot, if that's so, does that mean I can connect it to my computer and use it like it's one of those dual socket motherboards?

  • lamaslany

    A tad too small for my liking. If I could put my RTX 2080 in it I’d have ordered one immediately though.

  • Bartosz Adamiak
    Bartosz Adamiak

    How about Dell's Alienware Alpha series? these were usff gaming PCs. The difference is, that Dell's were limited in upgradeability, but in case of size it appears that Dells were smaller.

  • Andre Croy
    Andre Croy

    If it is like the Xeon based system the Wendel reviewed there are not enough PCIE lanes to support all of the connections at full speed. You might want to have the reviewer check that out & how bad it bottle-necks performance when trying to run in Raid 0.

  • CyberPunk

    You know you've gotten old when even Linus manages to grow a beard.

    • TheRealSp6rk11

      No joke this quarantine is making me grow mine

  • TechyRod

    I love this little machine!!!

  • Mason Muh
    Mason Muh

    I am looking for a small gaming pc that can run triple monitors. Do you think this guy could do that? If not, do you know any other smallish pc desktops that could do so? Thanks!

  • blacklotus432

    That thing looks sick dude I love it

  • Sunny Shukla
    Sunny Shukla

    Linus i don't think people will buy this nuc to upgrade it down the line but it's amazing they made it upgradable

  • FracturedGames

    You know when they say “unbox” they typically don’t mean “tear apart”

    • Hollow

      @Shish World It is exactly what Neretil said, if you didn't get that

    • Shish World
      Shish World

      Unless the box is the case

    • Kasukiro Hz
      Kasukiro Hz

      You know nobody would say.. man that's a nice two minute unbox

    • Neretil Derem
      Neretil Derem

      Technically he unboxed the CPU, so it still stands :D

    • Hollow

      Kinda better this way honestly.

  • o

    want one! I am a senior citizen, so these small lightweight PCs would be perfect. easy to upgrade too.

  • Brudny Nurek
    Brudny Nurek

    I hope this form factor takes off. It’s about time desktops get smaller and still retain big desktop power.

  • Derek Fletcher
    Derek Fletcher

    I remember when 80mm fans were the 120's of today. I had 2 clear plastic 80mm on my first pc back in 2008 and they both had blue led's in them. Super pimpin.

  • Carlito 62200
    Carlito 62200

    Hello, merci pour cette vidéo trés sympa, ça promet ce nouveau assemblage de pc avec intel element, trés sympa, à voir les prix de ses nouvelles machines, ça risque d'être cher mais vraiment compact et cela risque d'être un avenir prometteur pour intel nuc9 si les constructeurs et assembleurs joue la carte.

  • darthrex354

    Linus: This is a very expensive piece of technology Also Linus: Shakes upside down violently.

  • SiggySalami

    Now what would happen if you slotted that computer into an actual gaming desktop?

  • Random User
    Random User

    it's literally the case for a backup power supply battery... Must have cost them millions to develop.