I can't believe this is a computer - Apple iMac 2021
Get a new skin for your new iMac or iPad at dbrand.com/shortlinus
The new 2021 Apple iMac is here, and well, it's extremely thin. It doesn't even feel or look like a computer anymore! Let's unbox it and see what it's like.
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  • George Lopez
    George Lopez

    Apple's ecosystem is getting interesting. Now people have to choose whether to buy the big iPad, iPad with a keyboard, iPad with a fan, the iPad with a touch screen, or the iPad without a screen.

    • OccupiedToast


    • n

      @Joan Boronat yeah

    • a normal fan
      a normal fan

      @Mruczyslaw You forgot iPad but a speaker with a screen

    • Abraham Cervantes
      Abraham Cervantes


    • Robert M
      Robert M

      Also the ipad with a touchscreen that sits on your wrist

  • Grumpy Robin
    Grumpy Robin

    This is the first time a dbrand skin really really detracts from the look.

    • Grumpy Robin
      Grumpy Robin

      @Mario Mastr Wrong comment/video?

    • Mario Mastr
      Mario Mastr

      @Grumpy Robin PopOS? A Linux distro

    • J Denton
      J Denton

      @Cilpotājs last i checked colors/colours arn't gendered. im gay and my personal color pallette rarely steps out of black, red, grey, and blue.

    • Sky the Husky
      Sky the Husky

      @Cilpotājs Black and gray are neat colors and all, but fun fact (using this example because you seem like a car guy): what are considered by many to be the most manly vehicles of all time (60s-70s American Muscle cars) are often seen in all sorts of colors that are not black or gray. Maybe you see the occasional black one, but especially not gray. Most often though, I see red, orange, yellow, maybe green, maybe even some blue ones. Hell, when the manly muscle car died off is when you see the most black or gray (or white or silver) in cars, like in the 80s.

  • tom

    not gonna lie, the wiggle the mouse to enlarge the cursor so it's easier to find is pretty clever/smart.

    • Sinus Lebastian
      Sinus Lebastian

      Finland Journey you hit ctrl for that

    • Ian Anderson
      Ian Anderson

      This is the one feature that I miss since switching to windows but I’m not giving up my alt tab and other windows shortcuts

    • BoogsBunny

      I know a lot of older folks who would love this idea.

    • Sinus Lebastian
      Sinus Lebastian

      @Robin Johannessen the fact that this is true is just sad, microsoft should really step up their game so that it can compete with the app store on macOS

    • MTutoriales#2018情報

      It gets annoying af, I disabled it.

  • 19_Lui_ Tho
    19_Lui_ Tho

    Everybody: buys the new iMac because of its colours Linus: puts skin on it

    • Dell12 16
      Dell12 16


    • Mex🐠


    • iwilitu

      It wasn’t his choice if he wanted to get it for free

  • Ken Collins
    Ken Collins

    There are a few aspects of the design[language] of the 24-inch iMac that are perfect for its targeted audience. It comes in colors to match your decor, and the white bezel won't clash with the white wall you are facing while you use it. The chin allows each family member to adjust the angle of the display without leaving fingerprints on the screen. It has just enough power for homework and other household uses, and its price[point] is just right. A very good design!

    • Ronodin

      @Spencer Kraisler with the m1 it is more than powerful enough to last a few years for a household or an office

    • Spencer Kraisler
      Spencer Kraisler

      @Ronodin 1300$ computer is good but on the Low end imo. ofc if your goal is just to browse the internet, write, and do basic stuff, then that's fine

    • Ronodin

      it’s 1300 people not 2000

    • Spencer Kraisler
      Spencer Kraisler

      16 gigs of ram can do a lot more than homework and household uses bro. What you’re talking about is like 4 gigs

    • Spencer Kraisler
      Spencer Kraisler

      @AGEmail i mean, if you’re gonna purchase a computer, purchase a good one. And those tend to cost around 2k.

  • Leneal!

    I think they should create a monitor for the iMac that looks like another iMac, so you can have dual monitor setups

    • Leneal!

      @BXG Spoke too soon!

    • BXG

      They did, it costs 400£ more then the iMac too!

    • zlerner716

      @Theo GT right!!?!

    • zlerner716

      @daras28-82 oops

    • zlerner716

      @Leneal! the rich esthetic people would!!! Plus I’ve spent more than 1k on a monitor (Odyssey G9) before

  • Pulasthi Keragala
    Pulasthi Keragala

    You can get touch ID on the base model, its sort of hidden away in the keyboard selection section. You can add it for an extra $50 or something

    • Aikano9

      A touch unlock for windows costs roughly the same

  • Niolas Schinagl
    Niolas Schinagl

    It's quite amazing how they managed to fit a headphone jack in.

  • Chase Ferdinand
    Chase Ferdinand

    This is probably the worst product ever to use a dbrand skin on...

    • Ryan Amparo
      Ryan Amparo

      gotta make those dbrand bucks

    • geo brizuela
      geo brizuela

      @Chrisabled fr

    • Chrisabled

      The ugliest skin I have ever seen. Poor iMac…

    • Tabula Gyoza
      Tabula Gyoza

      @Bao Tran $50 would have seemed already expensive for that crap result. but 10x more expensive?

  • Mayuri Shiina
    Mayuri Shiina

    honestly, design wise, i still prefer toe old 2012 iMac, it’s just too good for my taste, but i gotta say, owning multiple m1 processors, i’m super happy with how they roll

  • Justin Dyck
    Justin Dyck

    According to Linus this iMac only comes in “dental office” size at the moment.

    • Pasc1331able

      @xX1NORM1Xx This is a wild guess but it also may just be because dental offices typically may not have as many computers as most other office complexes. Combined with the amount of money they make and a necesity for something they believe can run image software better and there you go. Just a guess, again

    • Ken Collins
      Ken Collins

      Yes, Apple's commercials for the 24-inch iMac show people using it in dental offices. NOT. Few people have home dental offices.

    • brmbkl2015

      according to Linus, Linus' farts smell like heaven scented lavender.

    • Danijel

      @Kira Slith 24” is enough for average home users and students. The 21” was good for some too. 24” is totally the best ground for this iMac - meant for simple offices, home use, student use, teenagers, seniors…

    • gta4carnage

      @Kira Slith I run both windows and Mac and I get real tired of partisan children on both sides who prevent me from getting objective information or actively propagate false information. LMG are late on all M1 releases and when they do come, it’s full of pathetic cheap shots to placate people like you. I’d prefer some actual information like: why does the iMac have the exact same highly efficient processor as the MBP if it’s not bound to a battery? Why not increase the performance of it’s going to be plugged in all the time? But no, we have to wait for another video while Max Tech, Luke Miani etc did this a week ago and in the meantime there’s this video which is plain fan service.

  • robotomo

    I recently started using the 2004 cinema display that my dad got for free from somewhere. I was blown away by it's quality in both build and screen. The screen looks very realistic, almost like you're looking out a window. The build quality is impeccable too. No rattly plastics and little to no bending at all!

  • JerkS7oleMyName

    Linus: "I'm not really into PC anymore. Who wants choices for all their components?" *They had me in the first half, not gonna lie*

    • w w
      w w

      @Kayla Morgan It's not exclusive to Apple that you can zone out, buy something and get something in return. All they did was make a sleek AIO computer and that's all.

    • benanderson89

      @Francis Hoang Alelienware machines are not good. Garbage Dell hardware inside and heating issues. They're also really expensive for what you get. 90% of prebuilts are shit including MSI and Asus and especially HP: you're better off getting a boutique system builder to put one together for you, like PC Specialist or Overclockers.

    • Kayla Morgan
      Kayla Morgan

      it sounds kinda silly when you put it like that, but when I bought a PC I didn't buy using a spec sheet, and when you buy most things like a TV or game console or whatever, that's not really how it works either. It made sense when there were such huge performance differences in the past, but we are getting closer to the point where for most mainstream users (especially in the home), specs really won't make a lick of difference... and that is really the audience for this computer. People buying this don't care about component numbers or even, in some cases, which OS it's running (I use both Windows 11 and OS X and they are both pretty great tbh)...so this computer is a tool, not a hobby or a passion. Without looking, what are the specs of your current large screen TV? Without looking, all I can tell you is the color, screen size/definition, the brand and maybe a few gimmicky features, which is basically identical the level of information they are pushing this iMac with. My TV is a tool to watch movies. The iMac is a tool for home computing.

    • Avocato Bobble
      Avocato Bobble

      I actually love both sides, I love having a PC for raw gaming and I love Mac for clean aesthetics and fast workflow

  • Jiří Fiala
    Jiří Fiala

    The 8GB variant has absolutely no issue editing Blackmagic RAW 4k video. It's not like 8GB on Windows box or Intel Mac, behaves more like 10-12 at least. Integrated very close to the CPU.

  • CityWitt

    Note, every accessory on mid and high tier models can be added to base configuration, including a Touch ID keyboard. Only thing that can’t is a 2TB SSD.

  • Web-Slinger

    Linus: “This is an iPad” Apple: “When we said ‘what’s a computer?’ This not what we meant”

  • Grzegorz Mikoś
    Grzegorz Mikoś

    I’m not surprised Apple does not want to work with LTT. They put more thought in designing the packaging than some companies put into their products, and Linus just destroys it.

  • Jason Zhang
    Jason Zhang

    Why put a dbrand skin on it when the original finish is one of the biggest things people wanna know about?

    • AGEmail

      @TrS yeah that’s why I’m honesty baffled people watch it. You’re just being served ads for shitty sticker companies 😂

    • Finland Journey
      Finland Journey

      Cos dbrand is their sponsor duh

    • Brian Williams
      Brian Williams

      @MalTheGentleman The white bezel and colours don't stop it from being minimalist.

    • MalTheGentleman

      As an apple person, I hate the colors and white bezels. I prefer the minimalist look.

    • Brian Williams
      Brian Williams

      Debranding an apple product is so silly. They are one of the few manufacturers that have extremely minimal branding on their products.

  • Razib Shahrier
    Razib Shahrier

    No youtube reviewer rough handle products like him, absolutely no one can beat him hahha. That's why I'm his biggest fan. Keep up the rough work. :D

  • Alistair Blaire
    Alistair Blaire

    The "shake for giant cursor" thing would be pretty great in Windows for multi monitor setups at work using monitors that aren't super high end. The "hit ctrl for cursor locating" feature is alright but I kinda like this idea too.

    • Grqfes

      @Karl West man you blind

    • Kaineng

      Exactly what I saw too, it's way more user intuitive than Windows, even with PowerToys where it only shows a focus on the cursor

    • Syimir Idris
      Syimir Idris

      u could just right click it, simple but works

    • miragesnworlds

      It's probably patented by apple so no one else can use it. If it wasn't I think someone would've used it by now

    • Ben Adamson
      Ben Adamson

      @NCore G Older than that, I think. I'm sure I remember the software for my Microsoft Home Mouse having something like that in the mid 90s.

  • John DeMallo
    John DeMallo

    I am wondering for all these branded stuff, does Linus has to return it once they are done or they got to keep it.

  • techm

    a witty review made me giggle at parts. a masterful form factor design, as one would expect. as always for imacs, it's a laptop you put on a desk and I'm sure the performance would reflect that.

  • Chris Roxby
    Chris Roxby

    Amazing. Linus went 9 whole minutes without shouting about their store.

  • A Diestra
    A Diestra

    This video is AWESOME, iMac is awesome, can't wait to see what's coming in the next few years!

  • ChromeTape

    I honestly think theres a future for the ethernet in the power brick thing, I don't think i've used any device with ethernet unless it was plugged into power so it kinda just makes sense

    • ChromaFox

      It seemed neat, my two Vaio P series subnotebooks had a little VGA/Ethernet dongle that attached to the power brick, but still had their own seperate connector, and I remember another Vaio Ultrabook that had an Ethernet port to small personal WiFi dongle that attached to the power brick via a USB port. Honestly it looks like a neat solution, the actual Ethernet jack is still compatible with everything, so it's only the power brick to machine part (which is proprietary anyway) that is the proprietary connector, and you can hide the power brick and accompanying Ethernet cable under the back of the desk and keep your cords to the actual machine pretty minimal. I bet that's the main advantage, desktop towers can be hidden at the back of the desk or put on the floor, but many AIOs have problems where the cables hanging from them are pretty obvious dangling under the screen, and they look more obvious the slimmer and less obtrusive the actual AIO design is.

    • arunashamal

      @DavidMalcolm why not make the MacBook power brick a big dongle. You solve the problem of ports uglyfying the MacBook and give use the needed ports. Make the power cable that goes to outlet detachable so when you want you can use it just as a dongle

    • Rambojambo21

      @Bacon Pancakes The power brick USB for Surface devices only provides USB power and not data throughput.

    • Cr Hu
      Cr Hu

      You are really confused if you think that's in question. PoE is standard for security, WAP, commercial lighting, etc

    • TalesOfWar

      @Bacon Pancakes Apple also used to have the ADC, or Apple Display Connector that supplied video, power, data and audio over a single cable. It was pretty cool, though obviously limited to only Macs at the time.

  • Emerelle

    There is a separate option for VESA without an stand. So as I understand, you cannot put that one with stand on an Monitor-Arm but need to buy the VESA-Version if you plan to do that.

  • James O’Loughlin
    James O’Loughlin

    I just discovered this channel. How does Linus manage all of this!?

  • Graham McDonald
    Graham McDonald

    I’m sure the box designers had that opening in their minds.

  • A. 76
    A. 76

    The quality in apple products is something that no other company can catch up on

  • liambowers666

    Would be nice to see the device itself in a quick look before it gets DBrand'd

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer

    ehhh turning true tone off for the iPhone is something I always do. But turning it off for my MacBook doesn't feel right lol The blue light totally kills my eyes after looking at it for a while and the true tone adds a pretty good balance to that.

  • Karjis

    When Linus picked that up and started turning it this way and that while talking. All that was going through my mind was "please don't drop it Linus"

  • Steffen Stengård Villadsen
    Steffen Stengård Villadsen

    The placement of USB-C port might allow for hiding cables, but it also remove the option of having it flush with a wall

    • isaiah mcdorman
      isaiah mcdorman

      it couldn't be because of the stand anyway

  • Dennis Premoli
    Dennis Premoli

    I'm highly disappointed DBrand didn't just cover it in a huge wide face Linus meme skin.

    • Finland Journey
      Finland Journey

      And you could display the missing part as your desktop wallpaper making it look almost seamless.

    • aPositiveBrat

      @bruh . why?

    • naufalap

      they don't want to get sued like deadmau5 did for covering his ferrari with nyan cat livery

    • Steve King
      Steve King

      ibuypower, etc can learn from Apple's packaging. nothing would get loose.

    • lugi

      @bruh . jebus kills

  • Phoenix Playground
    Phoenix Playground

    wow the new iMac is pretty outside powerful inside for sure. since i moved all my gaming from pc to ps5, i dont care much about power graphic. new imac has more than plenty for my everyday use.

  • Kyle

    I'm glad its got a skin on it, it almost looks like a professional machine now. Seems like a lovely nod to the OG iMac's with the colors, however these slabs of zoomer tech just don't have that same appeal.

  • Karsten Mulder
    Karsten Mulder

    The iMac is beautifull and Apple ID is awesome. I can’t understand why Apple remove that from the iPhone line.

  • Ethan Little
    Ethan Little

    Haven’t watch a Linus video in about 6 years and how he’s bought a Mac. How 2020 changed us all

  • Natek

    Considering my experience with Apple consists of AirPods that don’t fit in my ears and that don’t charge half the time and a watch that I had to superglue the face back down on I think I’ll stick with PC.

  • Thundermet

    love how Linus unboxes it! lol everyone super careful and than you..just smashing and ripping off things like a savage!

  • Shravan Sreekumar
    Shravan Sreekumar

    I actually like True Tone. It reduces eye strain for me a fair amount

  • Gerald Pasion
    Gerald Pasion

    i hope they release a monitor version of this for multidisplay aesthetics..

  • Noah Carrier
    Noah Carrier

    Most positive Linus hosted Apple video I’ve seen in a bit. I know he’s emphasized he doesn’t *hate* Apple but still more positive than normal

    • ChromaFox

      @Cybercery That's not why he criticises Apple my dude, there are legitimate reasons people dislike Apple's business practices, Linus isn't 100% critical just for the sake of it, things like magsafe and the fit and finish are great, it's things like Apple's active hostility to repair and questionable design choices like their continued placement of the charger point on the bottom of the magic mouse that he has issues with. Apple likes to make things proprietary sometimes in cases where it really doesn't need to be, but I feel Linus actually gives them some slack on that, at least the end product is nice and the proprietary shenanigans aren't as bats*** crazy as Dell's prebuilts for example. Personally I'm all for Apple silicon iMacs, even though I'm a Windows user, the efficiency of the chips is fantastic, my biggest beef right now with Apple is them hanging on to the Lightning connector for iPhones even though they're putting Thunderbolt and USB-C on their Macbooks and iPads, it would make more logical sense and range unity to make the switch to USB-C on all iPads and iPhones while maintaining that Thunderbolt compatible port on the iPad Pro and Macbooks, less cables and adaptors to worry about too.

    • Noah Carrier
      Noah Carrier

      @Nick Ryan this was supplied by Dbrand idk if Apple has a say in it

    • Cybercery

      @Nick Ryan have you seen some of his previous apple videos? He always goes hard on them.

    • Nick Ryan
      Nick Ryan

      Almost certainly because if he criticised it, Apple would throw a strop and stop sending him stuff or talking to him at all. They're rather like that...

    • Hilbert Black
      Hilbert Black

      @Cybercery lol wut

  • Rubiconnn

    All of the performance of a laptop with none of the portability. Genius.

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown

    I strongly recommend the Magic Trackpad over the Magic Mouse. I even have the standalone trackpad for my iMac. It is so much more useful than the mouse.

    • Jay Brown
      Jay Brown

      @ChromaFox I agree with you. Had I designed it the charging port would be on the front of the mouse which would allow one to use it while it's charging. Apple has always been committed to a clean design since the first Mac. It didn't even have arrow keys. Honestly, I hate "ergo" keyboards. I've been using computers since '86. My brain is wired for a flat keyboard.

    • ChromaFox

      I'm not even a Mac user but I could definitely see myself enjoying using gestures more on the Magic Trackpad than the Magic Mouse, and you can actually keep using it while you're charging it which makes more sense. I currently use a wired mouse with my PC but at least with my previous wireless mouse you could plug in the USB charger cable to the front and use it like a wired mouse for a short while until it charged, only reason Apple don't want to do that is they're so committed to that slim clean design that they don't even want a small area on the front of it to add a Lightning port, even though a little extra thickness would probably make it more ergonomic and comfortable to use.

  • MJJ F
    MJJ F

    0:39 the packaging designteam definitely didn’t took Linus into their Design decisions 😲

  • John Best
    John Best

    Ok I didn't think Apple would make a finish like that, and I'm glad I was right lol.

  • DragonBlazeXD FTW
    DragonBlazeXD FTW

    Didn’t even realize it was a dbrand skin at first, thought it was plastic that Linus wasn’t removing to piss us off.

    • Benson Vong
      Benson Vong

      @user you do realise that MacBook dbrand skin for the lid/top has the logo cut out, right? Should be can still see the Apple logo.

    • Inkwalker

      At least it covers those horrendous white bezels

    • Random User
      Random User

      I honestly was surprised apple had released a damascus version untill he mentioned dbrand.

    • SirAlpha

      @user because their is demand

  • adamr94

    I get that it's somewhat a throwback to the G3 iMac... but it's honestly everything that is wrong with Apple's computer division in recent years. It's a desktop. NOBODY ASKED FOR IT TO BE THIS THIN.

  • Michael Bell
    Michael Bell

    I would love for them to make a series where they react to leaked Apple products and stuff

  • Miles Stevenson
    Miles Stevenson

    Here's the funny thing about all these tech reviewers thinking that it's amazing all it is is a big iPad that actually runs Mac OS with the screen that if the computer dies guess what you can't use the screen as a monitor That's so amazing I can't believe I never thought of this myself it's just a bigger iPad oh my gosh and it runs full Mac OS and it has more ports incredible

  • NK

    Touch ID on the back of the iPhone needs to be a thing. I had the Pixel 2 with the sensor on the back and it was perfect for one handed use. I could pull it out of my pocket and unlock it as I was bringing it up to look at.

  • Ratul Deoun
    Ratul Deoun

    I love how dbrand sponsors almost every Apple product unboxing on LMG cause the skins add a nice touch

    • Dylan Hjelvik
      Dylan Hjelvik

      That skin is god awful. The Macs look so good imo, and I haven't had an apple product for the last 5 years.

    • rdvgrd6

      how can you love that? it makes it all look disgusting

    • OfficialDamp

      @pocketlint82 well Apple doesn’t even offer skins so there is that lol

    • pocketlint82

      And the skin looks way better than any of the options apple offers

    • Francisco B
      Francisco B

      And because Apple won't send them samples

  • rare

    It’s pretty incredible. Would love to show my 14 year old self this two decades ago. I would have thought it was some kind of black magic.

  • Ray Wicaksana
    Ray Wicaksana

    I’m not gonna lie, for work I’d love to use one of these. But, for gaming and play at home, I’ll take my own rig

    • Josh Gregory
      Josh Gregory

      I'm wondering if apple will jump into the fray of gaming systems. Imagine a Mac mini with a capable dedicated GPU. That'd be sick.

  • Austin Ring
    Austin Ring

    Wow, can't believe they included an aux port

  • Dylan Bertwell
    Dylan Bertwell

    $500 usd for a Dbrand for the iMac. That’s crazy.

    • TheMadYetti

      you need to shear the sheeps

    • Dylan Bertwell
      Dylan Bertwell

      @Uncultured Swine I agree. I was surprised to see it cost $500 for the whole computer. I can cover a whole MacBook for about $100.

    • Uncultured Swine
      Uncultured Swine

      @Dylan Bertwell weird, I've never seen a dbrand skin this expensive, they charge like 20 for even laptop stuff, have they ever done this with anything else? Everything else seem like pretty great deals

    • Dylan Bertwell
      Dylan Bertwell

      @Guilherme Moresco yup just for a dbrand sticker

    • Guilherme Moresco
      Guilherme Moresco

      what is it 500 usd for the dbrand alone? edit: checked, it is $500 for the whole-iMac thing. That is just plain stupid. Company seems nice and the website definitely sells it well though.

  • Augusto Ramirez
    Augusto Ramirez

    can you actually test how the speakers sound on the iMac almost no one has reviewed it. there are two giant metal chambers just for the speakers and i want to see/ hear if it give a fuller sound or what an equivalent speaker

    • Accomplice Rex
      Accomplice Rex

      @Mikkel H *looks at dead Intel iMac in the corner with scorches on the logic board from poor thermals*

    • Rawrrr

      @Domantis Binkis Worse than Intel iMac (previous gen) but still, very, very good. Imho, no need to buy a seperate sound system for casual listening. It's just that good despite being worse than last-gen.

    • MyNameIsBucket

      If you cut a hole in a toilet paper tube for your iPhone, you know what it sounds like.

    • Mikkel H
      Mikkel H

      Its not better than the old imac though

    • César Clavería
      César Clavería

      @hundredlives and likely with crab rave once more and probably the same: "Better than most laptops, similar to the M1 MBA, not as good as the MBP 16". "

  • L.S.

    The way that monitor just slides around on the desk - it's an accident waiting to happen. ...especially with Linus around.

  • Tanbir Sohail
    Tanbir Sohail

    Can you build a pc that beats the imac for the features it offers for the price? No.

  • MrFishrr

    With what's going on with the PC GPU market at the moment even this tablet on a stick looks enticing vs my 8 y.o PC. Only if the M1 performed in all other areas as it does in video editing...

  • seth deschermeier
    seth deschermeier

    Watching you handle new and expensive electronics is the equivalent to watching a toddler/baby play with a pet lol

  • Boybacintown

    Linus: Calls an iMac an iPad. Apple: it’s ok we know it’s confusing we like that.

    • SirAlpha

      @rdvgrd6 4 years compared to apple's 5 with no repairable. Difference Samsung you can buy every component. Also you could mod any Android phone. You are just delusional. 😎

    • rdvgrd6

      @SirAlpha 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Android better lifespan? Look at how long android supports os updates for their devices compared to Apple, and any iOS device resell value compared to any android crap

    • SirAlpha

      @rdvgrd6 Why should their be a lifespan over 15 years if one component dies it e-waste. What is green about apple? Selling less chargers but putting two diffrent charging cables for their products. Also Android phones are superior too in regards of lifespan.

    • rdvgrd6

      @SirAlpha ungreen company 😂 you know the resell value of macs? These things get sold and sold against en ever the user wants to upgrade, I don’t be surprised if each imac has over 15years of lifespan. And every Mac and iPhone for the past 10 years are highly recyclable, much more than any of the garbage the competition produces

    • SirAlpha

      @Sriram Sundar Apple Fanboys are the Problem not thr hater the iMac is Trash if the intern components became outdated. If I want a better pc I cant just buy a mac mini I need a new Monitor. Apple is really an ungreen company and it really pisses me of saying that they will be CO2 free in 2030, but they wasting more resources than any other company.

  • Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports
    Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports

    Ethernet and power together. Wow that’s amazing space saving and declutter.

  • Avineak Duwal
    Avineak Duwal

    Apple can fit whole pc in that build but cuts off headphone jack for saving space on iphone... Apple clever as always..

  • Chris T-Smith
    Chris T-Smith

    That looks SO much better with dark bezels. Especially as it’s a 16:10 screen… 16:9 content looks so bad on a white bezel 16:10 screen!

  • Rishabh Kumar Parashar
    Rishabh Kumar Parashar

    I just love his reviews 😍

  • luraxium

    seeing linus flip the computer around like that was nerve racking

    • Arnav Singhal
      Arnav Singhal

      Its actually very light.

    • Mr Zark
      Mr Zark

      I had that feeling when I flipped around my new 12 inch iPad Pro after unboxing it last night. 😅

    • Martin Drkoš
      Martin Drkoš

      @StardustDragon08 ComPad*

    • NadiaPlaysGames

      Excuse to get Louis rossmann back on channel

  • Isidoro Sanz-agero Escalada
    Isidoro Sanz-agero Escalada

    Good review, I already have the imac M1 24 ", now I'm looking for a transport bag that protects it well and fits like a glove, for when I have to take it with me to the beach, it has to endure the trip by car well. I've been looking for a lot time and I can not find anything, it will be that it is new, I see bags for the imac of 21 "of 27" ... but nothing for the IMAC M1 24 ", could you make a video about the subject? ... and now is when you put me some video of Khabi Lame that without saying anything he takes the imac, puts it in the original box of the imac 24 "and makes that gesture with his hand ... I know but I was hoping you would recommend me a bag, the box weighs a pound more than the same IMAC.

  • Carlos Osuna
    Carlos Osuna

    Actually, this is really a gigantic iPad, sans the touchscreen. Apple simply waited for the processor to be PC grade and then simply created a common framework for iPad Pros and Macs, using a common SoC (as it name implies, it's a System on a Chip). So, long story short.... the iPad didn't become a small MacBook, but rather the MacBook and iMac became a big iPad.

  • Gabriel Gandi Goesantoso
    Gabriel Gandi Goesantoso

    To me Magsafe is weird on iMac, Magsafe on MacBook/IPhone make sense since it has a battery, iMac doesn't? If u trip and yank it off, it will turn off? Rip documents, maybe auto save feature? And also the magnet is so strong that I think a normal DC port would be weaker that it will come off easier than the iMac? I'm confused...

  • robotomo

    My opinion on apple: Late 90s - early 2010 : The best tech innovator around Mid to late 2010 : Died down and not much happened early 2020 : So far They are coming back, and strong!

  • Darren McCoy
    Darren McCoy

    You can't imagine how quickly that D-brand skin would be taken off if this was mine.

    • AutogolazzoJr

      @SHREEKANTH REDDY You're not insane. I'd probably pay 50 bucks at most.

    • Will M
      Will M

      @SHREEKANTH REDDY $500 is defintely not worth it. Not on top of a $1500 machine. Its not like its a mobile device thats going to get scratched and dinged up and needs protecting


      Is $500 justifiable for that skin? (without only Damascus in mind, most of them are hating it here. I mean any skin of choice for iMac 2021) I am from India, and that seems too costly for me.

    • M1necraftbuilder59

      I quite like the skin

    • Will M
      Will M

      Same tbh

  • JSyaprudin

    The weird placement of magic mouse charging port is actually by design to force Apple vision about go wireless everything. Maybe.

  • Platin 21
    Platin 21

    I know why they removed it (the apple logo i mean) because in films that always needs to be removed in order to show it. Now that doesn’t need to happen and you still know it’s a mac. Would be nice if dbrand also covers the area behind the stand.

  • Oldpigsass

    I was hoping the new iMac would have The Chin as a ledge on the back - I'm not that stuck for space - allowing a 100% front screen, plus Sony Oled tv-style Acoustic Screen Surface Audio.

  • Mark Belain
    Mark Belain

    Thank you, Linus, for interrupting my entire household with a “Hey Siri” for my iPad to send to transmit to the homepods. 😂

    • SimonCHulse

      Yep. Me too, please bleep voice assistant call words in future, Linus’ editor!

  • Brian Hamilton
    Brian Hamilton

    I’m gonna daily drive it as my new smartphone, just because it has a headphone jack.

    • Kilian

      I relate to this on a spiritual level. Gimme my goddamm audio jack back

    • Orion Heller
      Orion Heller

      @Wycliff Studios Ever see the pockets on guys jeans? Hes wiring up a 33s3p molicel m50a pack to that.

    • Wycliff Studios
      Wycliff Studios

      What about power supply ?

    • Laiba S.
      Laiba S.


  • Aathan Aravazhi
    Aathan Aravazhi

    Fun fact: everyone wants to unclip and clip back the magsafe connector twice for the satisfaction

    • Roberto Chaves
      Roberto Chaves

      That's not magsafe.

  • S W
    S W

    Finally a video with an Apple product that Linus didn’t shit on at every opportunity simply because it’s Apple. An actual objective neutral unboxing.