Of Course, I GAMED on the M1 Max!

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  • transistorbrains

    If you’re gonna do more gaming for the full review, please mention whether the game is running via Rosetta or metal. Rosetta is going to have an inherent performance hit, so I think it’s a useful frame of reference to have.

    • Linus Meth Tips
      Linus Meth Tips

      @Topet Hernaez why don’t you just use a virtual machine my brother

    • Ælfwynn

      @IRglo Kullanıcısı but on that same benchmark rtx 3080 is running on direct X API you can't really compare them

    • Topet Hernaez
      Topet Hernaez

      @IRglo Kullanıcısı well you are comparing a MBP to an rtx 3080 165w and we are taking about games here.

    • Youtube Kullanıcısı
      Youtube Kullanıcısı

      @Topet Hernaez Where did I say that?

    • Topet Hernaez
      Topet Hernaez

      @Treston Dodd is that being salty? I'm telling him to go ahead and buy an MBP for gaming

  • deesine

    I like geeks who can see past the Apple fanboyism and Apple anti-fanboyism and critically review Apple's latest hardware offerings.

    • EmissaryGW2

      @Joel Bierman its not entirely strange. If you successfully influence others to align with what you like/dislike, it's more likely to affect that company's bottom line and cause them to course correct in a favorable direction. I believe it's also been shown that simply being blasted with certain viewpoints regularly will influence your opinion. So it isn't entirely pointless to go on internet crusades.

    • Lnc

      That’s what I’ve been saying about anime traps

    • m9

      The good thing about this is maybe other manufacturers will start making similar chips. but google: "Apple see's software as an inconvenience and backward compatibility as a profit eater." & "Apple Defends Killing OpenGL, OpenCL support" which effectively killed a ton of apps ... just one example of why there is so much dislike.

    • Jamzam

      With these latest offerings I feel like apple fans are excited but oddly more humble, and “apple haters” are pleasantly surprised/impressed for the first time so it all kinda balances out

    • That Guy
      That Guy

      Maybe I'm just old, but I dislike the lack of backwards compatibility with x86 programs. I know there is Rosetta, but that will only last so long. Still, I have to hand it to Apple, their own chips surpassed what I was expecting.

  • Jayesh Kanodia
    Jayesh Kanodia

    Linus: "I gamed on m1 max" Also Linus "here's 1 min of gaming In a 16 min vid." Update: chill guys don't hate, it's just friendly and fun criticism.

    • Balloon Boy
      Balloon Boy

      @DANIEL CHUKWUKERE damn dude...

    • Rowan McGrath
      Rowan McGrath

      @Fancy Yahoo scrolled the comments for this. He plays one game from 5 years ago, goes ' ah it is in Ultra settings, so it is running choppy I should turn it down' later it still looks choppy if there was a bit that told you if the settings were actually changed I missed it.

    • Rombout Versluijs
      Rombout Versluijs

      @Justin-time guess you missed the point, not sure even want your talking about marketing wise

  • Frog 4096
    Frog 4096

    I agree with Linus on the type-a port, I use a 2019 MacBook Pro and having to use a SD card reader or a HDMI adapter are minor inconveniences compared to how annoying needing a c-to-a adapter is.

    • Funko

      @A-don Quite the shame indeed

    • A-don

      @Funko you know the boomers who still buy usb A accessories in 2022 and STILL complain about how laptops are dropping usb A ports lmao y'all piss me off

    • Funko

      @A-don "People? What do you mean you people?"

    • Funko

      @A-don no

  • Luis Azcona - Sharlene's Menu
    Luis Azcona - Sharlene's Menu

    wait. Linus is nice to Apple now?

    • Patroclus

      Plus they make the best computers bar none.

    • Son Of Age
      Son Of Age

      you can hate a company and still appreciate their products .

  • Tom Hayes-Isaacs
    Tom Hayes-Isaacs

    “GAMED on the M1 Max” Games for 1m20s at the end of the video.

    • Josh Roake
      Josh Roake

      This is why IRglo is getting bad. Tons of these false ads

    •  Muhammad Uwais Muhsin Muaz
      Muhammad Uwais Muhsin Muaz

      They still gamed on it

    • maefiosii

      The game he ran also ran under emulation and he doesnt even mention it. And this guy calls himself a tech youtuber

    • Anon Anon
      Anon Anon

      They probably spent more time on the embedded ads in this video than they did on the minuscule section devoted to gaming at the very end of it. The title should have been "Of course we advertised".

    • EnGiie Bengie
      EnGiie Bengie

      @BerserkFury89 Deus Ex is a great game, go play it

  • Jayvishwa Hiwase
    Jayvishwa Hiwase

    this is basically the first Apply product that I am in love with other than the LiDAR sensor and Face Recognition Tech. (Don't like iPhones, just these 2 tech in them). Literally first time Apple made me so much excited for a product like AMD or NVIDIA does. Ports are also back and MagSafe too. Nice Job, actually revolutionary. Hope in 4th,5th Gen Apple Silicons have GPU so good that not just video/sound editing, but 3d rendering would be a child's play.

  • Gary

    Man this is one of the best break downs of the features I’ve seen so far and it’s not even the full review. I was in the market for a new high powered system that is capable of some light gaming outside of my gaming rig and this just confirms that this will be able to handle all that I throw at it with all the ports I need plus the so awesome welcome back of MagSafe and the sd card slot! 🙏 and I have to agree the hdmi port for me is a meh addition I would of welcomed like you said a usb type a for more options but hey I’ll still take it! I will be ordering mine very soon thanks Linus!

    • Gary

      @Minato thanks I’ll give that a watch now! 👍

    • Minato

      @Gary np

    • Gary

      @Minato I’ll check that out and see what I think thanks for the information 👍

    • Minato

      @Gary Yeah that's what a lot of reviewers fail to point out when they talk about gaming performance. I believe out of like 10 games only 5 supported Apple's silicon. Snazzy labs made a great video about it that goes in depth.

  • mahadevovnl

    I'd imagine Apple will update OSX to make the notch not take a bite out of the UI. It should be blocking just like the edges of the screen are blocking.

  • Lucas Foster
    Lucas Foster

    When it comes to the notch thing, I think it's pretty dumb overall but I do think it's better than the iPhone one. It should have had FaceID but what they've done here is extend the display up a little bit on either side of a notch - so you actually GAIN screen real estate by pushing the menu bar up, even if cutting chunks out of displays is kind of a clunky solution to shrinking bezels. The Iphone, however, has the notching cutting INTO the rest of the screen with the status bar being stretched to take up the space. Other phones have the display right to the edge, so it's much more of a negative impact than this (although more useful). Also, I'm pretty sure Apple has the system treat the display as though there is no notch for similar reasons Windows ignores the rounded corners - first, it means they don't need to do any software work and, particularly, there's no risk of needed multiple versions for displays with/without a notch (avoiding it would look super weird if your MacBook doesn't have one). Second, I feel like compatibility could be a factor, I don't know for sure but I suspect some apps wouldn't adapt to rounded corners or the notch properly - either they'd leave a gap across that whole top piece, shrink themselves to fit into the smaller rectangle of the rounded screen or maybe send important elements off the useable space - and again could mean needing extra code to handle the changing screens. It's dumb, but I can't really see a better implementation. But it NEEDS FaceID to justify its existence

  • Slow motion with the potion tryna get to the ocean
    Slow motion with the potion tryna get to the ocean

    Linus flipping the computer like that made me very anxious given his track record

    • Fahim Rahman
      Fahim Rahman

      Question is where does Kevin Lee fit into this?


      @Happiness is key haha yeah I'm not new to the it game bro. 😁 We are a creative agency and our artists prefer Mac OS. If it was up to me I would just make everyone run Windows but the owner is an apple fanboy 🤣

    • Happiness is key
      Happiness is key

      @KLEPTOROTH Wow, that's terrible if you're working alone like that with that much stuff going on. It's seems you have a case of being understaffed. Also, what are you using MacOS for? Usually most things can be run on Windows and/or Linux. There are only a couple of occasions that I can think of where MacOS is required. By users do you mean employees or customers? I'd ask your boss and/or HR that you need help. If they say you need to do it alone then that's not a fair workplace and you might be overworked, so I'd report that. Of course, all at your discretion though, I know what you've told me. Once again, best of luck!


      @Happiness is key the other thing that doesn't help is that I'm running every part of the business's IT infrastructure, ALONE. we have over 100 users, 200 computers, 40 servers... Etc. So anything that makes my life more difficult than it needs to be will incur my wrath. 🤣. Additionally, unlike just being biased just because, I have verifiable and provable reasons for such. I'm not just hating to hate. Either it directly impacts my efficiency at work or pisses me off philosophically, or both 😁.


      @Happiness is key yep - which is why I'm letting it out here 😁. And for me it's not just some problems, it's literally bottom to top.

  • Strauss Bornman
    Strauss Bornman

    For some reason, when i got my M1, the external displays on the HDMI port was limited to 30hz, not sure if it has been fixed, but it was a software limitation because when i got a usb-c cable to DP, i could run at 165hz

  • Tommy Lillehauge
    Tommy Lillehauge

    I suspect they keep the hinge from going further back to prevent their old issue, where the hinges got so weak they couldn't hold the monitor properly in place.

  • Petr Záruba
    Petr Záruba

    I would like to see magsafe pushed to all laptops not just Apple. One of the best experiences together with touchpad I had with 2014 pro back then.

  • backslashio

    Linus: "Yes, this Macbook meets my daily flipping requirements"

    • Skywalker8510

      omg that made me so antious

    • sita gyawali
      sita gyawali

      Seeder Onrgt

  • JAVA Games Collection
    JAVA Games Collection

    If you’re gonna do more gaming for the full review, please mention whether the game is running via Rosetta or metal. Rosetta is going to have an inherent performance hit, so I think it’s a useful frame of reference to have

  • B W
    B W

    It warms the soul to see you keep your integrity. I know there is a lot of noise to the contrary but come on, we all know you fucking hate to say good stuff about Apple, but you still do it because some things like that display you cannot deny are fucking incredible.

  • Garrett Moore
    Garrett Moore

    Not gonna lie, I've been looking for a solid option for a long mousepad/mat for my long 8ft workbench that I've been using for a desk, and LTT store had pretty solid options for length and depth so I could get one that works best for the space. Thank mr linus

  • Michael Hubbell
    Michael Hubbell

    One pro of the notch is that when you use Mac, there are instances where the cursor does not auto hide when watching a video (hbo max comes go mind). It is kinda nice to be able to hide it somewhere if it doesn't go away automatically

  • Jaden McFarland
    Jaden McFarland

    I think Linus secretly loves "accidentally" breaking things. He tries so hard 🤣

    • Maotio

      @Канц沙凯 but in the end it doesn’t even matter

    • קובי פוקסמן
      קובי פוקסמן

      You mean expensive things

    • BenniK88

      @LP 😂😂 100%

    • Канц沙凯

      And gets so far

    • LP

      @Sky Hylands XD

  • ItsTylerJohn

    There’s actually apps that already exist that hide the notch throughout the entire machine not just when apps are open if you so desire, and I’m assuming they decided to throw it on there not just because it’s an easily identifiable machine now if someone only saw the screen at a coffee shop for instance, but I’m assuming they also are putting it there cause they intend to put Face ID into the MacBook pro’s which would make sense since it’s the Pro line of their MacBooks, and they probably were like “well they may as well get used to the notch being there even if we aren’t ready to ship them with Face ID this year. Also another really impressive thing is MKBHD did an entire video edit with 8K red raw footage and you know how much goes into his edits and he said he never audibly heard the fans speed up at all under basically full load.. that’s insanity.. and it doesn’t get hot..

  • Ron Laws
    Ron Laws

    glad they got the message, a Pro is for Pros. though i'd still like to see a single Type A, my DJ mixers all use USB A-B Cables, so.. it's either dongles or someone has to make a Type-C to Type-B cable for them! the return of actual I/O is a welcome return, and magsafe, the notch fad needs to die though - i'd rather have a shorter screen, if i had to use one of these i'd probably end up trying to find a way to just lose that section of the screen entirely, Notches/screen intrusions are not great for OCD.

  • JanTube

    5:52 In my opinion not 16:10 but *3:2 is actually the perfect aspect ratio for work!* There are devices from Acer, Huawei, Microsoft, ... and I hope there will be more in the future! 16:10 is still better than 16:9 though. I had a 16:10 Windows PC monitor for a long time.

  • Trancera

    I'm cool with 3 thunderbolt ports since they all still double as charger ports, however, it does need a USB A port, especially since it has a full sized HDMI port, instead of the mini one. And since it has a dedicated charging port again, you don't really need that 3rd thunderbolt port.

  • Pio Bu
    Pio Bu

    I used the SD card reader in my laptop this year to update maps for the onboard navigation system in my '2019 Mazda. I rarely use google maps, cause the onboard system is good enough, and it's integrated better with car's OS, HUD, etc. It's nice to have a full sized card reader in a laptop, along with some USB-A's, so I can plug in a pendrive, or other devices, without any hassle.

    • Pio Bu
      Pio Bu

      @Siana Gearz see, I don't have a USB SD card reader lying around, and I don't know anyone that does - maybe someone like a pro photographer would have a bunch of them (or someone that's been living in Apple's port-less ecosystem for years), but an average Joe probably won't. I do have some old USB 1.0 pendrive-like MicroSD reader, but that wouldn't help me with the full size SD card I needed to access recently. A 'Pro' designation, or Pro Max even, should indicate that a professional can use it out-of-the-box, and that would be hard to do with the last year's 2-thunderbolt Mbooks - you can't even plug in a normal USB-A pendrive to them, and that's a common real world use case (something I do a few times a week at work). This year's models are a definite improvement in that regard, and everyone's been raving about the reintroduction of ports in the reviews. Finally a product I can recommend.

    • Siana Gearz
      Siana Gearz

      @Pio Bu Most people will find an SD-Card reader or 3 or 5 if they just rummage in their stuff. Most USB-C hub manufacturers just chuck one into the end of the hub, that's nice as well, and not quite as easy to lose. I think having an SD-Card port on the machine is nice, but to be kept in mind that these computers specifically in this video are somewhat minituarised and slimmed down and densely packed, space actually is an issue. What ports one may wish for instead? Maybe more USB. I don't think you can combine alt modes, once a USB port is dedicated as a display output (displayport alt mode via USB-C socket), you can't have actual USB connectivity on it, can you? So if you max out the display connections on this one, you cannot connect any more peripherals, if that's the case.

    • Pio Bu
      Pio Bu

      @Siana Gearz wouldn't it be more silly if I had to buy a stupid dongle just for a single use? Then I'd probably toss it somewhere, since I'm not using it every day, lose it, and then I'd have to inevitably buy another one the next time I needed it. I got 3 USB-As, 1 USB-C, HDMI, Ethernet port, mini jack, and an SD card reader (unless I'm forgetting something) - I'm not sacrificing space for anything.

    • Siana Gearz
      Siana Gearz

      I don't think something you have used once is all that vital at all. If you're plugging things in all the time though, that's a solid usecase, and those have been mentioned here - embedded hardware devs, people with video drones and stuff. Even people who 3D print, though that's kind of a temporary thing for most i guess before putting a Pi-based wireless spooler on their printer. Like for sure more connectivity is always better, but the space is limited, so if you aren't using the port a lot, wouldn't you rather instead have a port that you do use a lot or can't replace with a simple USB device?

  • Jeroen De Cloe
    Jeroen De Cloe

    As an Apple user I can say Apple really needs to step up their game on ... gaming. If Apple Arcade is going to be their thing, they should purchase AAA-studios and create first-party content.

    • Lily

      Agreed, just... maybe not on the purchasing bit. It's not unlikely that they would basically turn games made by said studios pre-purchase exclusive to Apple Arcade.

    • Spencer Kraisler
      Spencer Kraisler

      I really love Apple Arcade. There's a lot of games from Nintendo Switch available on Apple Arcade like what the golf, pathless, last campfire. There's also hyper light driver (tho thats just the App Store)

  • The Rest Of Us
    The Rest Of Us

    1:38 It’s not W/h (“watt per hour”), it’s Wh (watt x hour) E.g. If you’re using 50 watts you can run the 100 Wh battery for 2 hours.

    • jpinguee

      @WouterZtube Exactly! almost like he's playing fool.

    • WouterZtube

      And after seeing Linus for years you have doubt he doesn't know this? He actually says it right while the graphic says it differently

    • Singularity

      @Robert Neve that's exactly what he said. 🤦🏻

    • Singularity

      @WorldTravel1518 you need to read what he wrote first.

    • Mat P_
      Mat P_

      I am actually being shocked he did that mistake.

  • DctrGizmo

    I'm really impressed with the gaming performance!

  • F M
    F M

    Apple should start a new division that just ports and optimizes AAA games to M1 hardware.

    • Lily

      @HeyItsHades The argument of "lmao just buy a PC" isn't even remotely ok, as funny as it is. People want to be able to enjoy the same games as everyone else on the hardware that *they* own. I'm sure 99% of people don't have the money to just go buy a gaming rig to play something like LOSP2 or Tomb Raider; they're gonna install Steam, buy the game, and then be pissed when it runs like dogshit. The solution isn't just to tell people to "go get a PC", it's to create the resources necessary to let *everyone* game on their computer/laptop. As for the demand issue, Apple has the money. They don't need to be shown that there's a market for gaming on Apple hardware when they have practically unlimited funding and can do whatever they please, realistically. No hate! Sorry if this sounded rude as hell, didn't mean for it to come off like that :) (Oh, and as for the professionals vs. gamers argument: IMO, it shouldn't really matter. Having hardware that's powerful in ANY situation isn't a detriment, and the issues we're talking about here are mostly software sided, which *shouldn't* be an issue, but Apple is being very stubborn.)

    • Casper Lindberg
      Casper Lindberg

      They never will because there is simply not enough demand.

    • Rajat

      @Abhi Dahiya yeah you shouldn’t buy a MBP for gaming. Other than that, it’s a pretty great machine.

    • Pratyush Bhagat
      Pratyush Bhagat

      But they won't.

    • javiej

      @Nezunish - Years ago they also had decent gaming capabilities via boot camp and eGPU. But those ways are now gone because of Apple compulsive obsession for having captive users and to become incompatible with everything else.

  • John Ferrier
    John Ferrier

    FYI, y'all messed the units up at 1:40. A Watt-hour is labeled as Wh, not W/h. Watts per hour would signify an acceleration in energy usage. Watt-hours is a unit of energy. In this case, how much energy can be stored in the battery. So, a 100Wh battery can put off 100W over 1 hour or it can put off 20W over 5 hours.

  • ContiDuct

    I literally should time travel and see what apple come up with next, because the way they are headed they are scilently making the gaming products…

  • Zach Shapiro
    Zach Shapiro

    If Linux gets running on these machines any time soon.... possibly the perfect computer for me I can’t imagine what kind of performance the new M1’s are able to push. Apple is really doing something special with their silicon.

    • Whatsappme±②③④⑨0⑥⑧③0⑥③①④

      ☝️☝️Congratulations you have been selected among my lucky winner's..

  • igorsetsfire

    Fun fact; this 'ideal aspect ratio' of 16:10 has been the standard on the 15" Macbook Pros from 2008 onward (not sure about the ones before the 'unibody' design)

  • Simon

    I think it would be nice to have some gaming focused videos in 60fps. Even if the A-Roll is 30, the actual game would be better in 60.

    • iris

      oh i missed you tanking my monitor. its the 27GL850-B its not a shit monitor by any standard.

    • iris

      @Lvl 5 Monk never said personal opinion was disregarded. gemini man was great, didnt need to have my pc consume huge amounts of power to get it to a watchable frame rate.

    • Lvl 5 Monk
      Lvl 5 Monk

      @iris lmao ok bud. Gemini man was shot in 60fps, and it is the worst looking movie I have seen in my entire life. You are definitively wrong. More fps is great in games, movies look like shit at high fps

    • iris

      @Lvl 5 Monk no you just haven't seen the grass that's greener

  • Mick Smithson
    Mick Smithson

    I think the issue is with Apple Pay, on your Phone or iPad, you have to authorise purchases by looking at the screen then pressing the power button to authorise a payment. This is to prevent scammers/unauthorised purchases. So on the Mac, you'd still be pressing a button to authorise a purchase..

  • twistedpopo

    Linus: "Microsoft, in their most recent Surface device, actually has rounded corners and you can end up hiding the cursor behind it." Me: "My monitor doesn't have rounded corners and I can hide the cursor where you hid yours!"

    • Happiness is key
      Happiness is key

      @WorldTravel1518 Yep. It probably does the same thing you're talking about, but since the screen physically isn't there, it most likely doesn't show up due to that screen just not being there to show it. Does anyone know how it behaves not on a corner but still on the right side of the screen? I don't own a Microsoft Surface to test it on.

    • WorldTravel1518

      You actually can't. The pixel at the tip of the cursor is still inside the monitor, but isn't with the rounded corners

    • The Firehawk
      The Firehawk

      Exactly, it has always been this way, I don't know what he's on about

  • John Private
    John Private

    It would been nice if the top and bottom had milled grips so that carrying in one hand was secure. The aluminium body is well suited to doing this. And the weight and expense of the 14” and 16” warrants a little bit of engineered finesse- last seen in the G3 Pismo in 1999.

  • We Ok Simulations
    We Ok Simulations

    "as long as you got two hands" - this is actually a great consideration. I wonder how people with disabilities will work with those laptops. Given that apple os's are more cool for those people and they really like em.

  • Cheng Cao
    Cheng Cao

    Minor detail, but Watt-Hour is Wh (watt multiplied by hours, essentially the energy it can deliver in total), not W/h (which would mean energy per second per hour...?)

    • igor

      @Vuk Psodorov 1 W is equal to 1 Joule / second, so it shouldn't be hard to convert back and forth for whatever we need. We can just multiply battery capacity by 3.6 and get kJ value of that, no more confusion with *hour or /hour, just pure energy value.

    • Vuk Psodorov
      Vuk Psodorov

      @igor that could make sense, if the power draw for electronics (such as lightbulbs, motors, PC compontents etc.) was also measured in Joules too. that being said, i'm not sure how easily you'd be able to get current/voltage calculations out of it.

    • igor

      we should just use Joules to avoid any confusion

    • Rohan Sully
      Rohan Sully

      regarding the comments about mAh - yes, it's a handy unit regarding current storage, but it helps to stipulate what battery type & voltage is associated to fully understand what is going on regarding it's power delivery capability. E.g. 500mAh 3 Cell LiPo (x3 4.2V) vs 500mAh 2 Cell NiCd (x2 1.41V)

    • girlsdrinkfeck

      @Vuk Psodorov nah

  • NotAverageAfro

    When my business takes off I'll be buying one of these/or a windows machine that's the same size and just as nice looking. Being able to run my business from a powerful laptop instead of my phone will be a god send

  • Omgpoptarts12

    The 180 degree hinge is something that I absolutely NEED on my work laptops. I work in an office environment but also spend a lot of time in cars, programming them. With a 180 degree hinge it makes life amazing. You open it up all the way, put the keyboard on your thighs and the screen laid flat against the steering wheel.

    • A A
      A A

      @Omgpoptarts12 just wait till tuners find out raspberry pi’s are the next frontier for car mods.

    • Omgpoptarts12

      @A A agreed. But with that said I’ve had my fair share of work laptops running windows that don’t have a 180 degree hinge. It’s the simple things that make me appreciate the brick of a Dell Latitude that I have now 🤣 Also. Raise hell praise Dale.

    • A A
      A A

      Too bad most diag tools need windows and intel :/

  • Diogo

    Now imagine what the M1 Ultra could do if games were coded in ARM!

  • cprogrck

    Yas! Finally! The Macbook that I kinda wanted. I mean screw the m1 kudos to them for actually being able to load a game let alone being able to play it but... magsafe, no touch bar, better camera always welcome and it's actually compelling hardware. Kinda cool just slightly. Won't be buying this with my own money lol but... might can push for IT to pick these up at work.

  • Camron Razavi
    Camron Razavi

    I replaced my 13" 2013 Macbook Pro with the new 16" m1 pro Macbook. So i can't really complain about anything. I've had all of the ports and magsafe all of these years 😄

    • John Stockton
      John Stockton

      Been a PC user my whole life, this new apple chip is going to make me buy a mac for the first time. The performance to power consumption is just ridiculous with this new chip. Intel and AMD are going to lose 90% of their consumers if apple drops more budget friendly lineups around 600- 900 dollar ballpark with the M2 chips. The only people left using PC will be gamers.

    • P Cov
      P Cov

      I still have my 15" 2013 Macbook Pro and have been slightly salivating over these new ones.

    • Neoxon

      I’m probably gonna go from the 2014 13” MacBook Pro to the M1 Max model, so I may be on the same boat as you.

    • Ahmad Komirea
      Ahmad Komirea

      You dodged a whole fiasco. I was planning to do the same (I had MacBook Pro 13) but it died in 2019 and I had to buy the 16 MacBook Pro

  • Alan Morgan
    Alan Morgan

    I really hope game developers start developing natively for this platform. We have some serious power here.

    • Do you want to give me le kiss?
      Do you want to give me le kiss?

      I don't believe that's going to happen. Ultimately, the number of people that spend 3k on a notebook is just kinda limited - so the market for games that make use of specific apple silicon features is limited. which means, it is a better bet for gaming companies to have a game for some other platform and the port it to macos.

  • M Y
    M Y

    I’m doing underwater photography and having a SD slot is really useful feature for me. I already have 3 portable ssd with usb c but SD card slot helps me to ditch unnecessary SD card reader dongle

  • Matasa

    Gaming on a Mac! Finally we're standing at the edge of new territory! Hope one day SoC gaming is standard and affordable.

    • Madd the Sane
      Madd the Sane

      @arahman56 I'm fairly certain the Switch is also an SoC, as well as being ARM.

    • arahman56

      PS5 hardware is a SOC too. The unique part of the M1 is that its an ARM SOC.

  • Growlord GT
    Growlord GT

    The 14inch has quite a performance penalty even with the M1 Pro. You can get about 15 to 20 percent better performance using the 16inch..

  • Immortal Blasian
    Immortal Blasian

    Jono: "It's about six inches." Linus: "The length is about right, but it's girthier, and as we all know, that's the most important thing anyway."

    • [object Object]
      [object Object]


    • MysticalKO

      @Tyrion bruh is it a competition lmao

    • Tyrion

      @NightRogue sure but I commented on a lot of videos in the last 6 or so years xd

    • KrakenJM

      @Tyrion it’s 4 now lol


      @Tyrion youtube has been auto deleting them from my replies now but i still get notified

  • Sam Gray
    Sam Gray

    I'm thinking of getting the framework laptop, my HP battery collapsed on itself and leaked, thankfully I pulled it last night, but this morning my battery had managed to melt the bag I placed it in outside

  • UTJK

    Thanks Linus! You're literally the only tech influencer saying the unspeakable truth: USB-A is not going back in time, but a market standard that should be on any computer for decades to come. I'm saying this under every Macbook video.

    • Lily

      @Adree Das The difference between micro-usb and full sized usb-a isn't really comparable to this argument. I half agree; on one hand, usb-c can crank out some serious charging power, but on the other, usb-a and usb-c are capable of the same data transfer rates, provided you're on the same version of usb (say, 3.2). The only difference is power delivery, and both type-a and type-c have micro-usb completely beaten in all regards.

    • Adree Das
      Adree Das

      Do you say the same thing about micro usb on phones? If there is a superior alternative available, why shouldn’t peripheral manufacturers move to that instead of oems having to include legacy ports. Please let me know where I’m wrong

  • Justin Becker
    Justin Becker

    At the end - that was some aggressive input lag. would love to see some tests

  • Christian Hansen
    Christian Hansen

    So this is like a preview of how it'll look when Linus plays on the M1 Max? Great. I'll wait.

  • Langam

    Funny how Apple *suddenly* deems SD cards and HDMI ports beneficial for professionals again. Just a generation ago, a professional, buying a macbook *PRO* , would have to use a dongle, cause Apple was "courageous" enough to remove almost everything useful. Also, while some cameras don't use SD anymore, it's still the most widely used camera media out there. Not everyone has a 8K cam that can only directly capture to an SSD.

    • Sam p
      Sam p

      I thought the design direction changed after they fired the guy who designed the last few generations and the Mac air

    • Jerry

      @anon neymous FAX

  • Ewan Lim
    Ewan Lim

    Can someone explain to me WHY everytime I rewatch this, my heart skips a beat and anxiety goes up whenever linus picks up the macbook pro. When he flips it, I died for that split second.

  • bluecalix

    Good review. I disagree on touch ID tho, I much prefer it on my laptop to face ID. Better than either tho IMHO is AppleWatch integration for login.

  • Redline

    So when are we gonna get these kinda amazing displays standalone for PC? All the currently existing FALD monitors are overpriced, always awful in some different but important way and have a fan which is absolutely unacceptable, while this device proves we can clearly overcome all those issues, but just, don't 🤔

    • Mark Jacobs
      Mark Jacobs

      This display isn't actually great in terms of responsiveness. Pixel response times are very disappointing after hardware unboxed took it through their testing. 30ms response times at 120fps "Pro motion (VRR)" setting is not a great result at that refresh rate. It's very nice for its colour accuracy (Partly because colour management is miles better in MacOS) & Contrast ratio (but FALD is always on, so a bit of blooming is visible even in SDR).

    • kendokaaa

      FALD on larger monitors is a lot more expensive to make, and to achieve 1000 nits fancy monitors are targeting, you need to cool those LEDs hence the fan. Yields also tend to get worse as displays get larger. Then there's economies of scale, where these less mainstream monitors get sold in small volumes and Apple sells millions so monitors cost more to manufacture. This device hasn't overcome anything, Apple made smaller FALD displays that require solving fewer problems

    • Redline

      @Liam Not this one, but a whole lot of high end gaming ones do, and they're always tiny, cheap, whiny blowers that can't be replaced with something like a Noctua

    • Liam

      wait, the monitor has a FAN?

  • William Chénier-Faubert
    William Chénier-Faubert

    Just bought the 16" M1 Pro a week ago and I always was on windows laptops, never got a Mac before and I just forget about the notch, honestly it is great and not distracting to me even tho I have ADHD

  • Tom Pike
    Tom Pike

    Apple Silicon is ushering in an era where the regular, base 13" MacBook is not just the one that you buy when you can't afford the pro machine. It is the one you buy when you don't need the pro machine.

    • Mayuri Shiina
      Mayuri Shiina

      i work as a sound engineer, i bought back in early 2021 an m1 13 in macbook pro, for running logic when i don’t have my complete rig with the xeon imac pro under hand. imma tell you, bone stock logic. never seen that software run so snappy and quick. it’s insane.

    • John Cena
      John Cena

      @Asif Ansari bro even ipads are 11-13 Either it be macbook mini or not a macbook at all

    • Asif Ansari
      Asif Ansari

      Let me know when they launch 10" Macbook

    • Mr. Dodo
      Mr. Dodo

      The 13" is becoming the new 'Air'. I expect both will disappear over the next few years and we'll see a 12" come back as a compromise between the two. Then they have a sensible line up of 12", 14" and 16" laptops. 12" M1 and 14/16" M1pro and M1max will be a thing.

  • Osiniks

    Alright Linus you've convinced me...I'm going to get the desk pad.


    The day linus will be happy with an apple product , it will be the day when apple will actually outdone itself

  • Nathan

    I was thinking good for them when they showed the performance in the game, honestly was better than i expected even though it might be a meme game? But then I looked at the price and lol'd. It should perform WAY better for being a 3.5k laptop. And also the longest segment of the video appears to be about the notch....

    • Diogo Marques
      Diogo Marques

      Yes... but it's also not the point of these machines? It's true that those 3.5K on a PC gaming laptop will buy you better gaming performance no doubt, but virtually everything else from display to build quality, trackpad, battery life, speakers, etc. will be way worse. These are very expensive but I wouldn't call them overpriced. In fact, a lot of dev teams and other pro/enterprise users are finding these pay for themselves after a few months just based on the performance gains.

  • Fernando Aguila Gonzalez
    Fernando Aguila Gonzalez

    The Macbook has a very good headphone amp, it drives headphones with low sens and high impedance quite good. Edit: he mentioned it! This is often overlooked

  • Neoxon

    You can legitimately tell how excited Linus is for this. Hell, even Andy’s excited.

    • Leon Francis
      Leon Francis

      @K J So you think Intel and Apple's relationship is coming back for the next MacBooks and they're shelving their custom SoCS, or are you just intentionally being obtuse? Do you frequently respond to comments you don't read?

    • K J
      K J

      @Leon Francis "Their processors will never be in a Mac " Sorry, I stopped reading at this part.

    • Leon Francis
      Leon Francis

      @K J AMD and Intel don't care. They compete with each other, not Apple. Their processors will never be in a Mac and an M1 will never be in a computer in their market. It's the same reason why Qualcomm never cared about Apple's iPhone SoCsbut are now gearing up to make bigger leaps because Samsung and other Android manufacturers are planning to make their own SoCs. We keep trying to force these rivalries and competition that don't exist.

    • catboy

      @Tams80 Dude the M1 Max is 56% faster than a 3080 paired with an i9-11950k (Razer Blade 15 Advanced) on battery in an optimized app… that’s impressive. If games were optimized for the M1 Max, it’d be the best all around laptop on the market hands down.

  • CartilageHead

    would love to see you guys try CrossOver and VMware gaming, since you’re also doing a Linux gaming challenge

  • Stephanie McKaskle
    Stephanie McKaskle

    I’m glad for no Touch Bar. I specifically waited for the no touch bar to buy a new Mac. I also am glad for no touchscreen. I’m a writer and hate prints on the screen

  • greg

    The 16in is amazing only gripe I have is the battery life is horrendously misquoted but honestly that’s something I think everyone is used to

  • Vega

    Apple does a lot wrong but they nailed it with the M1 max laptops.

  • notlekrut

    One thing to note, the screen actually isn't exactly 16:10. It is 16:10 PLUS the menu bar with the notch. So when you go into fullscreen, the menu bar goes black and you get a full 16:10. Effectively, you get slightly more vertical screen space than before even with the notch

    • Laura Brown
      Laura Brown

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  • Austin Spalding
    Austin Spalding

    I wonder what it’s like to just casually toss tech around that costs thousands of dollars in the air like that.

  • Eamon Walshe
    Eamon Walshe

    Two things you think detract. First, lack of a touch display - do you really want greasy fingerprint smudges on the shiny HDR screen? Second, lack of FaceId - FaceId alone, without a second form of acknowledgment, would be a security risk for automatically entering password or credit card numbers. If you are using the laptop keyboard, how hard is it to touch the TouchId sensor? If you are docking the MBP, just go and buy the magic keyboard with TouchId. You know that Apple needs the money. .

    • ww ww
      ww ww

      @UtterlyRandom you are right, apple laptops need to have a touchscreen and an oled display along with better game support like several cheaper windows laptops, that way you could take notes, watch movies and play games in addition to whatever you already do on Macs. They could probably do so with better power efficiency and reliability than the windows competition. I hate having to buy a tablet or PS5 when one laptop should be enough.

    • UtterlyRandom

      Giving people the option of a touch display isn't something any non-delusional person would be against. Cameras can easily be cut off, as many other manufacturers show and as Windows Hello shows, its perfectly safe as well. Windows Hello is miles ahead, because its also a 3D scan of your face ans clearly doesn't need the same amount of space. This comment is an insane amount of coping of a delusional fanboy

  • Ryan Kramer
    Ryan Kramer

    11:11 If you convert that to a type A you lose the flexibility of being able to charge on the opposite side of the laptop... and I'd rather keep that flexibility.

  • Aryaman Thakur
    Aryaman Thakur

    They could make the notch a button, with an animation around the notch when the cursor goes behind it.

  • Gustav Nilsson
    Gustav Nilsson

    I think you are able to move the curser behind the notch so that you don't bumb into it (have have to move around it) if you move the curser slong the top of the screen. I think that's a good thing

  • Akwurd

    Linus standing still holding something: Drops on the floor Linus flipping a laptop aggressively: Looks like a ninja

  • Hank Kim
    Hank Kim

    i connected my macbook pro (2019 ver) to a 240hz monitor. I also hooked up a eGPU (3070) and it runs just as good as a desktop pc!

  • Driveformer

    When they make a convertible MacBook or at the very least a touch one, I’ll consider it. Until then I just have no interest.

  • Michael

    "I wouldn't try gaming on a trackpad." I actually beat Borderlands on a trackpad cuz I used to play it in the back of the class, but a mouse would have made it obvious. And now for some reason I'm incapable of playing that game with a mouse. Any other shooter I can play fine with a mouse, but something in my brain breaks when I try to play Borderlands with a mouse now.

    • Dott Winial
      Dott Winial

      You played Borderlands 1 on Mac? Can I know how? I wish I can too….

    • apple

      Well it definitely needs to be a really good trackpad

    • TheDaniel

      @Micheal Practice guys, its all about practice... you had to practice and get used to the trackpad so now you gonna have to do the same with the mouse to be able to use it like you could in the past, you just have to wake those muscle memories up

    • Aries Leo
      Aries Leo

      kids in the back of the class:

    • LueLou

      I used to play Minecraft on a touchpad. If you rebind the controls, so your right hand is used for turning and nothing else, it's just about usable.

  • Ariliquin Ariliquin
    Ariliquin Ariliquin

    It does perform close to 3080 when runnimg native games with Metal, the power is there, its just contraimed by lack of support at the moment.

    • Mark Jacobs
      Mark Jacobs

      Not really though. You'd just not really be using that 3080 to its maximum capability (4k & raytracing, utilising DLSS). If you think such things are "cheating", you should also "turn off" hardware acceleration for the M1 GPU cores (the optimisations are build into the hardware so you can't actually turn them off, but not supporting that kind of hardware is the equivalent of that). It actually causes that GPU to drop below a RTX 2060 mobile operating @ 80W. That's the truth about what is going on & what makes the M1 efficient, it's doing certain things smarter, not actually "going faster" (and that is a valid approach to things).

  • VirtusFerrum

    Can you do a gaming test with the power adaptor plugged in? I’m assuming Mac does the same thing as other laptops and severely reduces performance on battery only

    • Mark Jacobs
      Mark Jacobs

      Unfortunately you won't gain anything there with that tactic.

    • Rajat

      Not true. Macs don’t show differences in perf on plugged out state

    • Madd the Sane
      Madd the Sane

      You thought wrong. Apple Silicon is energy-efficient enough to not need to be plugged in for peak performance.