It's like a Razer blade, but almost BETTER! - Schenker Vision 14

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  • ShortCircuit

    Important Note: For pricing the Vision 14 included 19% VAT because it was being sold in Germany, as well as a higher price than the US due to longer warranty requirements. This makes the pricing much better compared to the Blade 14

    • Naturalhighz

      was about to say you can't just compare prices directly as we always have VAt included in Europe. also we can't actually get the razer at those prices in europe. it's all a bit weird.

    • SuppaR

      @antronk they dont use eu prices freque tly so its fine i guess . Would be still nice if it wouldnt accur anymore in upcoming vids tho

    • Jack The Magic Cat
      Jack The Magic Cat

      Also it has charging via the usb C, so you don't have to use the BP though will be a better experience

    • Threnn

      @agentcrm Not true

  • crafted

    That screen wobble is truly brutal. Instantly noticeable

    • Strict on budget
      Strict on budget

      @J W same.He is 100% lying.

    • Austin B.
      Austin B.

      Yeah, looks like an earthquake just hit

    • Nguyễn Hoàng
      Nguyễn Hoàng

      @Thunder Arch there are way thinner laptops without that wobble tho

    • Ryne Landers
      Ryne Landers

      @Thunder Arch only if you don’t use premium materials. Razer Blade doesn’t wobble, Dell XPS doesn’t wobble, MacBook doesn’t wobble, and on and on…

    • Pentium3

      wobble moment

  • XMG

    Hi everyone, we would like to comment on the screen wobble in this video: VISION 14 is a 1kg laptop with very narrow screen bezels. As bezels get more narrow, so does the amount of space we can use to attach (with screws) hinges to the screen assembly. This causes laptops all across the industry to get slightly more wobbly recently. The hinges in VISION 14 are relatively light and offer a torque resistance of only 2.5kg - this allows the laptop to be opened with one hand. It also makes the laptop feel nice and effortless to work with and it fits the overall ultra-low-weight design. In the months after the beginning of mass production, we have worked with our ODM in Taiwan to increase the hinge torque to 3.3kg (losing one-hand opening), but this eliminated wobble only to a small extent, because wobble is a combination of hinge assembly space and the inherent flexibility of the ultra-light, thin chassis material. What you see here in the video seems to be strongly exaggerated by the fact that the *table itself* in the video is wobbling. You can see this in many of the overhead shots with the pattern of the mousepad wobbling up and down on the screen. This seems to be a bad case of the table's own wobble frequency being in resonance with the laptop's wobble frequency, making the wobble more pronounced and lasting much longer than it should. Such harmonic frequencies can amplify each other. The wobbly table, having much more mass than the laptop, will increase the amplitude of the screen wobble and make it hard to stop. It happens in music, but it also happens in mechanics. In reality, you will *not see such wobble* when: • Putting the laptop on a hard surface that does not wobble itself • Putting the laptop on any soft surface (such as your lap), because a soft surface would immediately dampen any wobble • Putting the laptop on a sleeve would also work as a dampener You can find a number of other reviews of VISION 14 and TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 14 Gen6 on IRglo where the laptop was tested on hard, wobble-free surfaces and the screen wobble was not that bad in those review. Also, we haven't gotten much negative feedback from end-users about this issue because it is very easy to deal with by just using an appropriate working surface. If you have any other questions about VISION 14, please reply to this comment directly. Thank you for your feedback! // Tom

    • Mijc Osis
      Mijc Osis

      @Trooper1911 yeah - those tens of dollars are more like $100 when it reaches market for the difference between a 100W barrel charger and a 100W PD charger. Please explain why i would want $100 added to something that is already a painful purchase for most people? I would far prefer to get $100 more computer hardware and the PD charger later. And you lose a USB-C port to do it. You can likely buy a 100W PD charger for less than the diff it would make to the price (Clevo would be buying from a manufacturer at lower volume than a lot of charger brands, and many have their own factories, theres also an extra set of hands in the supply chain). Theres also a good chance the PD charger will be less efficient than a well made barrel charger due to the inevitable compromises of multiple voltage support. Sorry but im down with the minimum bundle. I even tend (like most people with any tech ability) to buy less RAM and add it cos SI RAM tends to be more expensive.

    • Lily

      @XMG Hey, Tom! Thank you for the notice! Greatly appreciated:) That is okay, I am not planing on doing much traveling where the laptop will be required in that time. Can't wait though! I just hope the shipping from Germany into the US won't be too rough for it 😂

    • XMG

      @Lily Thanks for the props, props are always welcome. Next-generation is currently kind of stalled due to COVID lockdowns in China. I wouldn't expect it before June/July this year. // Tom

    • Lily

      @XMG Can I just thank you so much for taking the time to dedicate and answer people. That's very wonderful! Props to you guys:> I will definitely be considering this laptop as one of my purchases as soon as the new gen comes out!

    • Odie

      That's great BUT my £200 chinese laptop has far less screen wobble, looks like someone messed up.

  • Snow

    Prices on german sites are usually VAT included, not sure if you calculated that in when comparing to the Razer laptop on the US website.

    • Timothy Murray
      Timothy Murray

      taxes in the US are significantly lower than in Europe. The final price of the base razer blade 14 comes to about 2150

    • PotatoAiming

      17% in Luxembourg

    • just let it all end
      just let it all end

      @jgn hungary 27% :S

    • AgneDei

      @Jeik And Hungary crashes through the wall with 27% VAT :D

    • marcello42

      @Wistbacka yes it is not too bad indeed :) you are always welcome to buy good when you are over here! but I guess this is more common in the US. Every state also has different rates this is why prices are shown net. I heard Nevada is a good place to shop.

  • Patrick M
    Patrick M

    You should compare the Razer Blade's price in Germany to it, as electronics tend to be far more expensive in Europe in general.

    • Jack Wilson
      Jack Wilson

      Not far more, about 20% due to VAT...

    • Jas Bataille
      Jas Bataille

      Made in Europe electronics yes, not Chinese ones, plus VAT is included in all European prices.

    • jubuttib

      @Brandon Chutt High VAT, longer mandatory warranties, etc.

    • Brandon Chutt
      Brandon Chutt

      Electronics are more expensive in Europe because of higher sales tax

    • O-A

      At least in this case, the price isn't far more expensive in Europe. In Germany the price for the Blade 14 is 2016 USD before VAT compared to 2000 USD before Tax in the states. The problem is Alex didn't account for the fact Europe includes VAT in the advertised prices, so his conversion of the Vision 14 price was flawed. Really his config is about 1780 USD.

  • Mr_Teo

    The razer blade starts at ~2.200€ in EU. Also $2.123 US is with tax :)

    • spoj

      @dark matter no. The only additional costs would be shipping and customs/import tax if required. You won't have to pay American sales tax on a European product. That's what VAT is for.

    • dark matter
      dark matter

      @spoj so American ordering this would just be paying up to 30% more. Also, customs/import rarely gets added

    • spoj

      @Steven Randall you can't remove the VAT. You need VAT exemption to get VAT removed from a purchase. Which a regular consumer isn't eligible for. VAT is equivalent to US sales tax. It's just handled differently. Either way it's still not a fair comparison as you pointed out. They should compare to German prices for other products.

    • Steven Randall
      Steven Randall

      Is it? I'm not sure exactly how ordering something from a country with a VAT tax to a country with a sales tax model works, even if the VAT is removed when shipping to another country there are also import taxes to be concerned with which at least in the US vary based on the type of product and could make that 19% VAT back. Then if you factor in sales taxes like they didn't do here that could mean an increased 10.3% or 0% depending on where exactly you live... Like shipping taxes are highly variable depending on where you are and you can really only go by the list price on the website, though it would have been more fair for a German to German site comparison.

    • sirmonkey

      @CarthagoMike yeah sadly that's something we're not use to in NA.. tax is always added later so most people don't catch that when looking at euro prices.

  • CarthagoMike

    I don't entirely agree with the price comparison here. The Schenker had VAT included in the Euro price, the Razer Blade one (on their website) did not in their Dollar price.

    • Richárd Krajnyik
      Richárd Krajnyik

      @Remi NYC honestly I'm just about done with LTT and the rest of the channels. They slag some products and praise others on some criteria for the exact same thing (IOs). Recommending oled and then admitting it's not working, then going back to recommending it. Really loses any credibility when they bang their chest on being objective

    • c0p0n

      @Remi NYC cool story bro

    • Remi NYC
      Remi NYC

      You expect that smart, technology oriented person, often ordering online and providing tech news from all over the world would know pricing basics at least. It's your bad. P.S. Blame me in also... I like their shows and watch them despite the fact that many opinions and facts are (purposely or not)"twisted". In that case I would at least expect simplification like 1:1 euro conversion and 20% VAT deduction as this is close to average tax in EU.

  • MiChAeLo KGB
    MiChAeLo KGB

    Did you consider that all prices in EU include VAT (about 20%, depending on the country)? So the final price without VAT would be about 1700$

    • Scott Smith
      Scott Smith

      @CMDR unematti knowone said it wasn't

    • MiChAeLo KGB
      MiChAeLo KGB

      @CMDR unematti it even states right below the price "incl. tax and excl. shipping"

    • marcello42

      @Esava you are the UberGerman

    • CMDR unematti
      CMDR unematti

      @Scott Smith it was in euros, the website counted VAT for sure

    • Scott Smith
      Scott Smith

      Still the American pricing is excluding VAT

  • Superkoopatrooper

    The entire time you used this laptop, all I could see was how crazy the screen wobbling is.

    • Mijc Osis
      Mijc Osis

      a lot of it is the table wobbling

    • Kris M
      Kris M

      Came searching to make sure i wasnt the only one that noticed this, put me off straight away

    • Eric Baker
      Eric Baker

      Same. It's atrocious

    • Ezzzys

      @erik sameee

    • erik


  • Murk

    The price on the laptop includes VAT, and I'm not sure the Razer comparison does - as a note, without (German 19%) VAT it's around 1631€ , which is 1780 USD

  • Mr. Reese
    Mr. Reese

    You can turn on "fast sync" in the nvidia driver panel, that removes tearing while not having any of the disadvantages of v-sync. btw, Schenker (XMG) laptops have been around for many years and it has always been a very good bang for buck. And as said here, prices in EU are with tax, so it would be better to compare it to Razer prices in EU as well.

    • dark matter
      dark matter

      @XMG I see. I thought it was just a case of like what some clothing brands du with Gildan hoodies. Send over some custom designs for an existing chasis and print your logo on the lid and bios screen

    • XMG

      @dark matter XMG and SCHENKER are both brands of Schenker Technologies GmbH, a German company that is now entering its 20th year in business. We do more than just rebranding. We have a permanent office in Taiwan and work closely with our ODM partners to make these premium chassis a reality. // Tom

    • dark matter
      dark matter

      I've heard of XMG but not schenker. It's just a rebranded empty shell from china, right?

  • The Magitechie
    The Magitechie

    Very nice to see some companies actually taking reparability seriously now, even in an ultrabook form factor. I like to think it's because of Framework basically calling out Apple's bull about modularity always equaling Panasonic Toughbook levels of chunky. this is good. let's hope this trend continues.

  • Mateusz W.
    Mateusz W.

    You can't really compare European to US prices directly like that. The Blade 14 in Germany costs 2200 EUR... that's 2400 in USD.

  • MightyTofu

    For the pricing you need to consider that in the US, prices are usually without tax. In Europe usually prices are with tax included. Accounting for that, the Schenker might be cheaper than the Razer.

  • LeoDJ

    I absolutely _love_ the inclusion of the repairabilty segment in the latest review videos! Very good job, solid assesment and important information!

  • DctrGizmo

    The fact that you have an option to remove the logo on the laptop is pretty impressive! Though the other stuff like the speakers and the screen wobble is a bit of a let down.

  • CheapBastard1988

    10:35 The indicated price includes tax, which is typically around 20%. So usually a €1250 price tag in Europe would be about a $1250US in the United States. As price tags in North America don't include tax. Also the shipping of the laptop is free inside the EU.

  • Masmanlee

    i’ve been using a razer blade stealth early 2019 for over 2 years and beside feeling like i’m carrying a time bomb this form factor and aesthetic has always hit for me even after all this time. might have to look into this for sure

  • l3v1ckUK

    I wish more high end laptops had the option of a matt display. I'd love an XPS with a matt screen.

  • Ren Heika
    Ren Heika

    It's kinda interesting, I've had a stuttering issue with my 3050 Ti and you have to really tweak settings sometimes to get it to go away and that's even if it does.

  • LiK

    The size and weight is super impressive for what you get. I’ll probably wait for the Ryzen variant.

  • Andres Acosta
    Andres Acosta

    for "ease ofupgradeability" sake. i think, having usb c powerinput as an option is fine but having barrel connector is easier. most usb c charging is directly soldered onto the motherboard. while barrel connectors are usually pluged into the motherboard or is part of a daughterboard which makes it much easier and cheaper to replace. tho this one seems to be soldered to the board which is a pain in the butt

  • àtinúdá

    In the same universe where we have the flow x13, the Zephyrus G15, Microsoft surface studio, the actual razer laptop i don't think this can compete effectively

  • Michael Noah
    Michael Noah

    These 14 inch laptops are perfect for work-play balance, hoping you guys can cover the Alienware X14!

  • Skirata

    Since you gave Euro prices those include a 19% Vat which is usually missing in US pricing so there’s that.

    • CarthagoMike

      Ye, the Blade was excluding VAT, so in the end the pricing is likely similar.

  • Alain Graham
    Alain Graham

    Europe usually adds tax before checkout, much like the UK. Also for some reason the configuration gives me 1990.02 not what you got. If I change it to to 64 gigs of ram it gives me about the same amount. Pre-tax is pretty reasonable at 1672.28 when using the 1990.02 price point (all prices are in euros.). When converted, this comes to about $1800.

  • T H
    T H

    Well when looking at the price you have to account for the fact that electronics are cheaper in the US when you compare it you usually pay 150-200€ more in Europe when you translate both prices into the same currency

    • Esava

      @CarthagoMike Yeah that's 19% VAT that was included in the Schenker price.

    • CarthagoMike

      also the Schenker had VAT included, the Razer Blade did not, so the price comparison is off.

  • Mecharuva

    2880x1800 is an excellent screen for a small laptop with a 3050 Ti. You can play at 1440x900 with zero blurring from resolution scaling and get great performance and still decent resolution (for the screen size).

  • Alexander Klos
    Alexander Klos

    I remember these laptops... I bought one in 2012 or so. They were nice custom laptops at the time - but now I'd go with a Framework IMO. Different era.

  • Matthew Pizzolato
    Matthew Pizzolato

    Anyone with a Motile or any other Tong Fang 14" - 15" immediately recognizes this design. Would love to see someone board swap a purple 15.6" Gateway with something like this as a kind of modern sleeper. Why? Because they can damnit

  • Ebsolas

    Well to be fair to the 3050, my 2014 "gaming" laptop from MSI has a 960m and it runs Valheim... ok. So, I'd say that one would be plenty powerful for most games that aren't console ports.

  • Philippwillsurfen

    Love that you're covering the awesome Schenker Notebooks now! Finally a proper channel taking a look at them 😍😍

  • Sibir Lupus
    Sibir Lupus

    Looks more like a Surface Laptop with dedicated GPU IMO. Better off going with the ROG Zephyrus M16 with RTX 3060 for a few hundred less.

  • Francesco Prati
    Francesco Prati

    you should keep in mind that every price in € always include taxes , the blade it's 2000$ before taxes... Anyway that i7 11370h it's garbage compared to the AMD 6900hx in the blade...

    • BlackTears

      The second he said Intel, my first thought was "ew." I just need more power efficiency from my laptops.

    • Francesco Prati
      Francesco Prati

      Yup, that laptop doesn't make sense, for the same or less money you can get a flow x13 or z13, The 11370h was already outdated when it came out (look at the dash f15, horrible performances even with a 3070)

    • Jehty

      Not every price includes always taxes. B2B websites generally are without taxes (can be a bit confusing if you as a private person stumble across such a site and suddenly everything is so cheap)

    • Esava

      That blade is also 2200€ in Germany. So even more expensive.

  • Quettesh

    Razer blade is cheaper, but do you want something that will fail just when the warranty expires?

    • Superkoopatrooper

      I'd rather have a laptop with a screen that doesn't wobble because the rotation of the earth. I'd take a Razer laptop anyway of the week.

    • Esava

      @Infernus Let alone the fact that most laptops are more expensive in europe than in the US. The razer blade that was shown in the video at 1999 USD costs 2200€ in Germany. So roughly 2400 USD. Without 19% VAT that's 2017 USD so actually the Schenker is cheaper.

    • 8bit bunny
      8bit bunny

      cheaper, untill you include taxes on the razer laptop, then it's more in the same ballpark for performance. a oversight by ltt (the german laptop price includes tax, the razxer one shown does not)

    • CarthagoMike

      The blade is more expensive actually, once you include taxes. The Schenker includes taxes in the Euro price, the Blade did not in the dollar price.

  • MrJack08722

    The wobble is a complete non starter with a laptop at that price.

  • Michael Skinner
    Michael Skinner

    Considering chargers and USB-C, when do you think monitors will switch over to USB-C? Wouldn’t that make everything easier? Can USB-C handle that over a long time?

  • Keith Cruz
    Keith Cruz

    I always love the homey feel of the short circuit set

  • javi

    I think the PcSpecialist 14" FUSION STUDIO is the same barebone and if you configure it like in the video you can get it for $1750 with taxes included, so I think that's a much better deal!

  • Master Zoentrobe's Gaming Clips
    Master Zoentrobe's Gaming Clips

    Paying more for a laptop with high repairability is an unfortunately common upcost. Probably still worth it, though.

  • 8bit bunny
    8bit bunny

    regarding prices you did one overlook: in the webshop of the laptop being reviewed, taxes are included. if you convert to us, you have to take into account, there's no tax applied to the prices shown in us dolans. that 2k razer laptop still has local state tax to it, making it more like a 2200 usd laptop, not a 2k one. either include or exclude tax on both. not tax naming for just one, but not the other ;)

    • 8bit bunny
      8bit bunny

      @Sam Wallace nope, i'm dutch. neighbouring to germany :P

  • Frostmelka

    To my amateur eye this looks exactly like TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 14, down to the exact same price for logo removal :D So Linux should work without any issues on this laptop, Tuxedo one also ships with nice GUI tool for power/fan management and switching the Intel/Nvidia graphics on their own TuxedoOS (or Ubuntu).

    • Jebusankel

      @Orca Flotta it's not clevo, it's tongfang. Same business model though.

    • Orca Flotta
      Orca Flotta

      @Preston Sergent Thing is, dear Preston, they don't make laptops, they just assemble Clevo barebones by putting SSDs, NVME's, RAM and sometimes GPUs in them. That's all. Same as countless other such outfits all over Europe, the UK and America. I can't say in how far Schenker and TUXEDO are related, I always thought they were rivals.

    • Preston Sergent
      Preston Sergent

      I'm running the Pulse 15 now, and it's the same thing as the schneker VIA 15. I thiiiink TUXEDO may be a subsidiary of Scheneker that gets independence to market itself separately? Either way, both companies make great laptops, especially for Linux usage.

    • Orca Flotta
      Orca Flotta

      They both be Clevo barebones.

  • Damien

    that screen bouncing around the whole time would drive me completely nuts. there's your deal breaker right there (before we even consider acoustics, heat generation, bad audio, etc)

  • MrSyngamer

    I'm using one from a local PC boutique called Aftershock. Its a Tongfang chassis, can't quite recall what it's model number is but it's fantastic for something that's really light and sleek. Best part is that its silent for regular day to day use, and doesn't get hot.

  • Huy Quang
    Huy Quang

    The upgradability is awesome. My Asus G14 is thicker, lighter and it has only 1 RAM slot and 1 SSD slot.

  • Ph Mu
    Ph Mu

    Gotta love alex, "this thing is awesome, lets take it appart.." the once he opened it already he asks how much it's worth. Don't change dude lol.

  • Gl1tchedDatabase

    This sounded like a potentially nice little laptop for a backpack until I saw the price 😅 doesn't seem so nice to me anymore

  • IWEK91

    Schenker, parent company of XMG.....which is probably one of the best gaming laptop makers out there. I got an xmg neo 17, it's fantastic. A colleague got a schenker few years ago, still going strong but like 1070 in it so it's kinda lacking these days 😁 Wouldn't recommend it for anything other than gaming though 😅

  • Michael Livote
    Michael Livote

    Even though this might warp the universe as we know it, I'd love to see both Alex and Anthony making a series on'd be amazing!!

  • Jebusankel

    I was so close to buying the Tuxedo Linux version of this. But I was getting impatient waiting for the ANSI keyboard version and pulled the trigger on the Framework. I don't regret it because I like the extra tall screen and I have high hopes for future upgrades.

  • rGunti Gaming
    rGunti Gaming

    Yeah as everyone else here says: The price includes VAT (19% in Germany but that depends where you shop from). However based on what I could see here, my main problems with this machine are a) barrel plug charger for no reason (can it charge over USB-C/Thunderbolt?) and b) wobble like crazy screen. Some other nice-to-haves would be a touch screen and/or a finger-print sensor (not really a fan of Windows Hello Face because you can essentially just show it a picture of someone and it will unlock).

    • Faber

      You can charge it from usb c

  • Sivert H.
    Sivert H.

    You also gotta remember that the german price has tax included, so it would be $2132 after tax, but the Razer Blade is $1999 before tax. The Blade still has competitive specs to the german machine though.

  • David Alan
    David Alan

    My issue with the 3050Ti is that it's only 4GB. Even the 1660Ti had 6GB. C'mon now. 4GB of graphics memory is not enough for anything trying to do any kind of gaming in 2022.

  • Robby Measday
    Robby Measday

    From a corporate support point of view, I'd have a barrel plug for charging every time. USB C is far too delicate, and normally built onto the motherboard, instead of on an easily swappable expansion board.

    • Robby Measday
      Robby Measday

      USB C is fine for techs, but for the ham fisted users it is dreadful. In the last 10 years, I have seen maybe 5 barrel plugs/ports broken in corporate laptops, whereas we are getting on average 3 USB C ports broken a month.

    • Mijc Osis
      Mijc Osis

      No way i would buy a lappy that only supports PD charging - PD chargers are vastly more expensive because they need to have a hand soldered USB-C, need to support multiple voltages, need to have a microcontroller to support PD. I'm glad to have a lappy that supports both so i can just take a USB charger if i travel, but im also glad to be able to have and buy VASTLY cheaper (and commonly more efficient) barrel chargers at home.

    • XMG

      @Dr. Benjamin Bird VISION 14 supports USB-C charging on both USB-C ports, left and right. // Tom

    • GaymerBenny

      @Dr. Benjamin Bird You can of course charge it over USB-C. It's just, that the charger included is not a USB-C one

    • Superkoopatrooper

      @Matthew Standridge mos of your USB issues are because people are trying to charge their laptops with 15w power bricks. Barrel chargers suck and are always the point of failure on laptops. Whether it be the brick itself or the port. But at least you can go to Walmart or bestbuy and easily find replacement chargers with USB c. Barrel chargers are borderline proprietary. If you buy a generic, most companies will blame you and that for the cause of failure and good luck even finding one locally. Or even from the exact brand required to maintain your warranty. Even if you find one, it's heavily marked up. Anyway, moral of the story, barrel chargers suck and only benefit the company temporarily.

  • Seth Pinnock
    Seth Pinnock

    I think Intel is offering super deals to sell there 11th Gen processors. As is well documented 10th Gen will offer better performance per price than 11th Gen.

  • ohnonomorenames

    There is the problem of UUL (Un-Usable Lithography) where power and cooling caps can hamstring a 3060 to lower performance than a 3050Ti

  • Dvd Kon
    Dvd Kon

    This looks pretty awesome, IF parts availability is decent. Matte 16:10, light, enough ports, decent-ish sized battery (hopefully actually good battery life)...

    • marty360


  • Dtr146

    90hz it's one of those weird refresh rates that you have to have decent on for a lot of titles otherwise it looks terrible. I had a monitor at that refresh rate and even when I set the maximum refresh rate to like 80 there was still tons of screen tearing.

  • AwakenMagic

    using "Schanker" as a product name was actually a pretty clever idea, The Performance of the laptop is "Schanking" fast ;)

  • Ima Gunner
    Ima Gunner

    Comparing this to the razer 14" was pretty fair, but I really wanted to see the current generation Asus g14 also thrown into the mix.

    • Mijc Osis
      Mijc Osis

      its like $500 cheaper than the razer tho

  • 杨圣超

    It's a tongfang chassis. The same laptop sold by tongfang themselves as Mechrevo F1 is a little less than $1000 for i5 + 3050 config.

  • savagemadman

    You forgot to account for the fact that Razer laptop warranties arent worth the paper they're printed on, and that they tend to fail completely about a week after their warranty ends.... Razer support will also give you the middle finger if you ask to buy parts (in my personal experience a new keyboard or feet/bottom case for a Blade 14).

  • Ambrosey

    that looks a lot like an Asus Vivobook pro 14X, which is also a 13(14)inch thin&light with 2880x1800 screen plus 3050ti, but the vivobook 14x has a 5900HX and cost a lot less.

  • Twinsen

    The weight is surprising, I thought all light notebooks are as light as they can be. Where did they manage to take all that weight out of?

  • agentcrm

    Finally, a slim laptop with a full size SD card reader. I'm guessing this was designed before 100 watt USB charging was on the market. Looking at their VIA, that's a Clevo design. As others have said. EU websites include tax, US website don't. I would NOT wait till 12th gen, since that requires Windows 11....

    • Mijc Osis
      Mijc Osis

      It has USB-C charging (like many other lappys) - they are just saving YOU money (and a USB port) by supporting barrel jack charging as well and including a much cheaper to make barrel charger.

    • GaymerBenny

      lmao, as already mentioned, 100 watt USB-C charging is aorund for years We're at 200 watt charging over USB-C now

    • Brody Cloud
      Brody Cloud

      100w USB has been an option for like 6 years

    • agentcrm

      @Superkoopatrooper They're Clevo designs. So it wouldn't surprise me if the chassis design is a few years old.

    • Superkoopatrooper

      My laptop "Asus g15 advantage edition" supports 100w USB c charging and it's a year old. I believe they actually bumped it up to 140w or something for the new round of amd advantage laptops.

  • N G
    N G

    if this was in the budget category I would be fine with the downfalls of this, but this should be around 1000$, even if they instead used a cheaper amd 5000 series laptop chip. still haven't found a better price to performance than my HP Pavilion Gaming(4600H 6 core 12 thread) with a gtx 1650 I got for 450$

    • N G
      N G

      @CheapBastard1988 yea if i didnt game on a laptop i would care more about the build and quality. But as this is my only machine, gaming laptop it is. also nice username

    • CheapBastard1988

      You got a good deal on that laptop but it's incomparable to this one: Plastic body, inferior screen, 8GB of RAM where only half is upgradable (meaning you can't run in dual channel after upgrading). I personally prefer a good screen and a metal chassis to a dedicated GPU in a laptop. Then again, I don't game on a laptop.

    • Guilherme

      @CarthagoMike no, I measure them in Copacabana trips, Carnivals and World Cups.

    • Vu Lam
      Vu Lam

      Had a friend who managed to buy a Gigabyte Aorus 17X with the RTX 2080 (200 Watt) for 850 open box from Micro Center.

    • N G
      N G

      @CarthagoMike lol how else would u say it "i bought it a year and 4 months ago during black Friday"?

  • vlad enchev
    vlad enchev

    You should compare the price for XPS and Razer in Euro witch are at least +20% above the prices in USA.

  • Antônio Junior
    Antônio Junior

    A laptop with an 6800H and integrated graphics would honestly game better. 3050Ti absolutely tanks when you don't give it enough TDP

  • Rodrigo Ambriz
    Rodrigo Ambriz

    The chassis is either Tongfang or Clevo, can't remember. I have the same chassis on an XPG branded laptop (Xenia 14). It is surprisingly light and rigid, awesome port selection and great screen.

    • MrSyngamer

      Its a tongfang, I'm using one myself from a local PC boutique.

  • Ebsolas

    Wow. That was definitely an animation on the weight numbers. A very strong animation. Wow

  • Danil044

    I dont know if the Blade has Taxes included like the Schenker one does

    • CarthagoMike

      It hasn't, so the comparison is kinda off.

    • Hypnotico

      It did not.

  • Dragon'sLairGaming

    They changed their name to Bestware probably because of a trademark/copyright dispute between DB Schenker(150 year old logistics company) and their own name. Anyone who follows the link in the description please be aware of this.

    • patrickj

      Bestware is just the name of their webshop.

    • DAKHD

      that´s just not true, the Imprint on their website says 'Schenker Technologies GmbH'

  • Bastian Grewe
    Bastian Grewe

    I bought a Schenker laptop in 2017 with a 1050ti. It had major overheating issues and was unusable at times since it overheated from just starting up. Didn't overclock it or anything. Now I'm making my parents suffer with the issues and got myself a desktop PC since I got a laptop from my workplace lol

  • Junhai Yang
    Junhai Yang

    Don't forget that blade 14 also has a much more powerful CPU, 5900hs

  • M R
    M R

    I'm a bit confused about the "you can't use it for gaming" for the XPS, to be honest: On the Schenker's "1800p" display, you seemingly don't see a problem gaming at 1080p, and neither do I. But for the Dell, you use the 2160p display as a reason why you can't game on it? Why? Is there some reason I couldn't use 1080p on that and get a pretty similar gaming experience? As for the price: Others already pointed out that prices on the Schenker site include VAT while Razer and Dell US don't. Without 19% VAT the price of your configuration at the end ends up costing 1631.94€ or $1791.82. So, in the end, the Schenker is actually $200 cheaper than the Razer, not the other way around. Sadly, that makes the whole Razer comparison portion of your video a bit useless.

  • Miner 2049er
    Miner 2049er

    When I hear Schenker I think logistics.

  • Arrush Nair
    Arrush Nair

    This might beat the Razer on thermals and battery and definitely beats it on repairability and also the lower performance may not matter for those who value portability(if someone wanted performance, they wouldn't buy a 14 inch).

    • abhitej velore
      abhitej velore

      Well. That's not true. Because for someone in my profession having a powerful gpu can be quite handy (I'm in architecture), while also having the portability. It's a bit of a niche sure, but the success of the g14 shows that there's quite some market for it. The AMD cpu + the 3060 is a pretty potent combination.

  • Victor P.
    Victor P.

    4:27 difference between glossy and matte display, huge difference

  • Felix Wiseman
    Felix Wiseman

    1:00 look at that thing do a blender render with OptiX. Now look at my Blade 15 2019 with a 2060 do it. The 3050 ti is actually incredible

  • Mijc Osis
    Mijc Osis

    I VEHEMENTLY disagree with you on barrel chargers. My lappy came with a barrel charger but can also charge over USB-PD, best of both worlds. Barrel chargers are cheaper, unlike USB-PD chargers they dont need to support multiple voltages, dont have to negotiate PD, and dont have an expensive USB-C plug. There is no sane reason to waste those resources when you can support PD charge and a barrel jack much more cheaply. Also dont waste an expensive USB-C port on charging.