Do all of your cables need THIS?
USB-C cables aren't really unique from brand to brand, but Marques Brownlee showed off this new cable with a power meter display. We had to check it out!
Check out the CHIPOFY USB C Cable w/ LED Power Display:
Marques Brownlee's original tweet -
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  • Awareqwx Diamond
    Awareqwx Diamond

    "It doesn't _seem_ like it'll make your devices explode..." Absolutely glowing praise.

    • Unmei Tobaku
      Unmei Tobaku


    • Jaydev Raol
      Jaydev Raol


    • KiemPlant

      I mean, it's better than something that seems like it would make your devices explode.

    • MysticalKO

      I saw this comment the exact moment he said it…

    • Alex Woodhead
      Alex Woodhead

      **cough** gigabyte **cough**

  • Justin Emlay
    Justin Emlay

    More people need this so they look at it and wonder why they are seeing the numbers they are seeing. This will force them to educate themselves on POWER PROFILES. Just because a power source is 90W, doesn't mean you can get 90W even if your device supports 90W! There has to be a compatible profile for it to talk to. An amazing example of this is Apple's 90W charger. You would think getting an iPad Pro and paring it with their 90W adapter would be awesome, right? WRONG! The iPad has no compatible profile for it. In fact I think it maxes out around 60W but even better than that is you will NEVER get 60W out of that 90W adapter because it has no compatible 60W profile for the iPad Pro, THEIR OWN PRODUCT! I've been able to get 60W into my iPad Pro from an Anker adapter but nothing from Apple, not even their 60W adapters. So all those people buying larger Apple adapters for their iPads....BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Keep in mind, all this info comes from iPad Pro 2nd Gen. I've not look at it since then since my Anker gives me max power. Hell, even my 12V Anker adapter in my truck gives me more power than any of Apple's adapters that I tested!

    • JP

      Yep, Anker FTW. I've always had good luck with my Anker chargers/adapters.

    • Andika Respati
      Andika Respati

      And 60W device connected to 60W adapter will dynamically change the wattage based on your charge level and power usage. You don't want the 60W keep fully run through your 90% charged idle phone.

    • Justin Emlay
      Justin Emlay

      @Savage Jerry An easy way to start is by buying a meter as is shown in this video. Although, I would buy a better one than this. Klein Tools ET910 and/or ET920 would be a good start. Wait for a device to be in the 10% battery left range and start testing various power adapters. You see right away which are doing you more good. Just remember - volts times amps equals watts VxA=W

    • Justin Emlay
      Justin Emlay

      @ASBESTOS Fibers LOL! Way to double down kid. The iPad will NOT accept a current load for any profile it doesn't have. So no, it's designed to do exactly what it's doing. We're also on the 5th year of iPad Pro's and reality say you're wrong. "shove as many watts as you can fit as fast as you can get them" Again, NO! It does NOT work like that. You 100% failed to understand anything that's been said here. "and watch your battery die in 2 or less years." I refer back to my 5th year comment that proves you wrong. Care to triple down?

    • ASBESTOS Fibers
      ASBESTOS Fibers

      @Justin Emlay well to that point I believe you are one of those people. Charging your battery at an increased current rate is damaging to the battery I purposely slow charge all of my devices to ensure a long stable battery life. But by all means, shove as many watts as you can fit as fast as you can get them.... and watch your battery die in 2 or less years.

  • jakethreesixty

    That's actually kind of cool, but I wish devices themselves displayed this information when you click on the battery % on the lock screen

    • Cu nt
      Cu nt

      That useless when the device doesn't work and you need to diagnose it.

    • xorkatoss

      lol so true why doesn't android implement it? so apple can also implement it 5 years later... . . . . BURN APPLE BUUUUUUURNN!

    • I am Jay
      I am Jay

      @Luke Nasti yeah lol

    • Luke Nasti
      Luke Nasti

      I use accubattery which has all that info life and also determines the health of the phones battery, so this is a thing you can do bud!

  • Bassquake

    Now test it on the cable tester!

    • joran

      I reckon its only usb 2 or maby 3 since its made for charging and not data transfer

    • thebrax2000

      What I was gonna say

    • joe Black
      joe Black

      I thought he was going to do this in the video but he just plugged it into everything smh

    • Cliff Galloway
      Cliff Galloway

      @infrabasse Revenge from Dbrand for Linus' comments.

    • Ihave Crabs
      Ihave Crabs

      @Seyy^1🦋 pog

  • hamish hunkel
    hamish hunkel

    it'd be neat if you compared its readings to a socket power meter, i think

    • marinmarinhola

      @Raven05R6 ac-DC uses a rectifier, not an inverter 😬

    • Elden Jedi
      Elden Jedi

      @Tech Freak I quote "At work we use 6 Port USB PSU'S which show the wattage draw of each USB port connected" what do you want them to do? Send you a link to their workplace?

    • Lumpy Custard
      Lumpy Custard

      Wouldn't be a youtube short if it wasn't utterly and completely useless.

    • Kris Bright
      Kris Bright

      @Tech Freak Most people usually can't just get their hands on those kind of devices. You need to kind of know someone to get one or work for a company that has a large group of highly paid engineers.

    • Tech Freak
      Tech Freak

      @Limerence link please?

  • Chubby Adler
    Chubby Adler

    Although not a requirement, it is definitely a nice to have. Also useful for troubleshooting when devices want to be cantankerous with charging.

  • kobotherobohobo

    It's an awesome cable, but it's way weaker than regular usb c cables in my experience. It has a spotty connection after just a few weeks of use, and I've been more careful with it than I usually am with usb c cables

  • Voltaic Fire
    Voltaic Fire

    I just want a clearly defined cable standard. 😔

    • Jaydev Raol
      Jaydev Raol

      Same 😅

    • Kavin S P
      Kavin S P

      And banning of usb c cables running usb 2.0 speeds.

    • Lion

      What's wrong with the current USB-C standard?

  • Anas Malas
    Anas Malas

    One of these came with my AOHi GaN 65 W charger and I love it! (apparently this brand belongs to an OEM that used to make chargers for other major brands, now selling their own chargers)

  • Erik Pelyukhno
    Erik Pelyukhno

    This is actually useful for me, when I’m charging gear I want to confidently know if something is charging correctly like at PD 3.0

  • Mārtiņš Belte
    Mārtiņš Belte

    I have this cable 2m version. Ordered from Aliexpress. It's good and does it's job but at least the 2m version will eat 3-4w from total draw (could be the narrow cable for 2m length or circuit itself). Also it appears that the circuit is fooling some adapters to not engage in fast charge protocols - it works fine with my Asus to Asus phone (minus the 4w from max output).

  • M. Fariz Akbar Hutasuhut
    M. Fariz Akbar Hutasuhut

    I have one that shows amperage and voltage. I think it's more useful, besides if you want to know the Watt just multiply them.

  • Nate Gardner
    Nate Gardner

    Honestly I want all my cables to have this. I'm always wondering

  • Vlad Taltos
    Vlad Taltos

    I'm tempted to get this just to test how accurate it is.

  • Stefan Boev
    Stefan Boev

    Those are actually very useful if you repair devices, they might not show signs of life but the fact it's consuming some power does give hope for reviving it

  • MrDiarukia

    Having a meter on your power bank is also a good way to connect suspect adapters to your devices like a USB to Surface adapter or controlling that the Switch gets the correct voltage because Nintendo didn't properly implement Power Delivery and some devices bricked. Does this exist as a short in-line device?

  • TehAlekzi

    Hold on, this isn't even a new thing? The tester dongles have existed for a long time and they actually show useful information instead of only wattage.

  • Asthetically Pleasing YouTube Name
    Asthetically Pleasing YouTube Name

    What if the cable is waiting to be bought by the masses and then it will explode taking down most electronics.

    • Chris723

      Why would it it just measures the power draw. I bet the display will fail first before it does something to your device.

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes

    Use the cable tester for the quality test!

    • Jerod Dunn
      Jerod Dunn

      Always break out the cable tester. It needs it's own dedicated location with a camera left in front of it.

  • armanke13

    20 dollars seems too pricey for it tho 😅 I'm using one with similar feature but at IDR60K (that's like 4 usd)

  • Sam

    I bought one as soon as he tweeted it out, it seems pretty accurate from my testing so far

  • KRX Gaming
    KRX Gaming

    Bought a similar product recently. But it's actually from a good tech brand they made it in house. And it's only $10.

  • Russeljrjs

    I use a Baseus cable that has the same feature. Plus all the safety features needed. However, some things that you need to keep in mind. Not all cables are made equal. A 6A Supercharge cable is not fully compatible with a 100w PD cable. If I use my 100w cable on my Huawei it tops out at 18w. If I use my 66w Supercharge on my Zephyrus G15 it tops out at 8w.

  • Playing It Wrong
    Playing It Wrong

    I do have a passthrough dongle i used to check SBC's were drawing the ball park of power they ought to. It's kinda useful.

  • superfragilisticatexpialidoshmur

    You can find a bunch of these kinds of cables on aliexpress too, for like 6-10$

  • theoneandonlyyoko

    I work on smartphones specifically in battery charging software, the maximum power that the companies advertise is only used for short amounts of time, battery needs to be above a certain threshold and lower than 85% bat capacity, this is to not degrade the battery as much,

  • Aditya Khabiya
    Aditya Khabiya

    Petition for another TechLonger

    • The_ Doctor
      The_ Doctor

      @ShortCircuit lol, well we look forward to another high quality product from our boy Riley👌🏼

    • MotoCat

      @ShortCircuit Pshh, way to throw Riley under the bus

    • ShortCircuit

      @Berb no-no, RILEY has been saying that for months.

    • Berb


    • Gundergun

      @Jake Hahaha that is the funniest reply i have ever seen to a spambot.

  • Shade The Black Wolf
    Shade The Black Wolf

    I have one of those, they are cheap as heck to buy but the quality appears to be pretty nice. mine works fine.

  • Aaron Cobeng
    Aaron Cobeng

    I bought something like this but as intermediary between the usb port and the cable. Checked to see which cables around the house supports fast charging

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith

    Based on other discussions about the cable, seems various combinations of tech can be finicky about cooperating with it

  • BombShot

    I have a usb-c powered soldering iron, this is gonna be super useful

  • Kektaro Kujo
    Kektaro Kujo

    its not useless at all. it's useful for diagnostics especially on board repair. its just slightly more convenient if all youre looking at is the power draw which is a very common use case

  • Justin Patterson
    Justin Patterson

    I wouldn't call it a need. But, it is certainly useful for knowing if you're pulling too much.

  • Tug Stanboat
    Tug Stanboat

    It makes me happy when I see Riley in a Short Circuit video and it's actually short.

  • Nathan Glancy
    Nathan Glancy

    If only you had a device that could test whether your claim at the end was true.. if only some company had the money to put c Twords some kind of tester... We can only dream.

  • Roy HI
    Roy HI

    We love MKBHD!

  • Runitupdad

    Wouldn't it be easier to have the laptop or phone show the wattage?

  • Cornelius Smith
    Cornelius Smith

    For me I don’t need to know how much power I’m being as long as my device charges faster then normal. Have had my anker fast charging brick and type c to type c braided cord honestly never thought damn I wish I knew how much power I’m getting.

  • umop apisdn
    umop apisdn

    I feel you need to make a control test for this to see if it's actually accurate

    • joshua41175

      Someone else already has, I forgot who but someone did a side by side and the product is accurate enough within margin of error.

  • EJP

    It’s more of a neat to have and gives somewhat of a picture on how much energy is being flowed to the device. But it’s not meant to be fully accurate.

  • NC

    I bought this after I needed a longer cable for my 100W adapter

  • Zero Tech
    Zero Tech

    I found this cable a bout two weeks ago and decided not to get it since I don't need it. But find it funny that IRglors are now making videos on it. I guess we all get recommended the same products when your into the same stuff.

  • Daniel Neubauer
    Daniel Neubauer

    Actually have 2 of them since like a month. I like em.

  • Myklis

    Got one last year. Nice to check power draw

  • Jerod Dunn
    Jerod Dunn

    Now make one that also shows bandwidth in real time

    • A YouTuber
      A YouTuber

      Wouldn't be possible without it intercepting traffic/acting as a man in the middle, also your host OS should be able to report it, you could probably get a stream deck equivalent and output the stats to it. There are open source tools like Taskbar stats that will display it on your taskbar if you want.

    • ShortCircuit

      Now that'd be cool

  • Ismail ANSI
    Ismail ANSI

    The guy has a point it doesn't makes your devices explode plus it just cost 20$

  • Drag M
    Drag M

    I have that cable i think that is amazing Worth every 24.99 euros that spent on it

  • Ambrosia

    The Baseus one yeah? I’ve been using it for months, it’s great!

  • Maximus

    Batteries take in different currents at different charge stages.

  • Unmetered

    Got a few, all failed within a few weeks. Would not trust em, adding more parts to a cable is just adding more failure points


    Lol I bought one of this cable in germany. Works great so far! I noticed my S10 eats 15 16W while charging. But while pluged in with the screen on, the phone only accepts 7-9W Makes no sense at all!

  • Misterrorschach

    But they have have stuff like that for a long time, they were just sold as tools rather than accessories.

  • 47crazed

    I have one and it works well.

  • SnifferSock

    I just bought the exact earbuds he held up at the end lol

  • joshua41175

    The reviews are always saying it's displays break after a few months though.

  • smalls72

    love the confidence at the end there haha

  • TheOnlyTwitch.R6

    I just bought one a week or two ago. It's pretty nice

    • TheOnlyTwitch.R6

      @Douglas Santos Amazon

    • Douglas Santos
      Douglas Santos

      Where did u get yours?

  • Niko Nissinen
    Niko Nissinen

    does it need blinker fluid though? and what grade fluid?

  • Aya

    Ayo, those soundcore Life P3s? Incredible earbuds. Am using them rn.

  • The Dragon Guy
    The Dragon Guy

    I want this product lol

  • Jason Hill
    Jason Hill

    OMG! now I have to go buy one. I don't need it, but I must know my wattage. & YEAH, commenter below me. He should test it. & micro-center or best buy should have those testers for free use. They might sell more cables, identify bad brands, or it starts shocking people & they lose millions.

  • Shreyas Gavhalkar
    Shreyas Gavhalkar

    It's better to display the current than wattage imo...

  • ETO统帅叶文洁

    I have one for about a few USD of price and use it to evaluate power adaptors...

  • Jake

    I prefer a cable with no added impedance caused by such gizmos.

  • Sorcerer Of Death's Construction
    Sorcerer Of Death's Construction

    Hey. How do you like those BT ear buds you were holding? I'm thinking about buying them.

  • One_spicyboi

    or I could just read the label required to be there that tells me how much power it uses.

  • Joshua Sylvester
    Joshua Sylvester

    Easiest way to test if it's accurate is to try it on a vape 😂

  • Norman Fong
    Norman Fong

    I have one of these. I love it but never use it

  • Apis Ace
    Apis Ace

    Baseus would sell one of this as little as less than $10

  • El Skiddo 🇲🇽
    El Skiddo 🇲🇽

    These Shorts Are So Entertaining ✅

  • Steve Dice
    Steve Dice

    "shorter circuit" we also need tech quicker.

  • ChronoXShadow

    Huh. Funny, I just bought one online a few weeks back. Came in today. What a coinkidink.

  • Ehem Pakyu
    Ehem Pakyu

    Instead of putting this on cables phones should have an app that does this.

  • Minus 3dB In The Teens
    Minus 3dB In The Teens

    Cool, does it use a hall sensor or a shunt?

    • Minus 3dB In The Teens
      Minus 3dB In The Teens

      Oops, sorry I forgot this isn't actually a tech channel, its an entertainment channel.

  • F 0000
    F 0000

    Marques be like.... "exactly"

  • ArataKamikaze

    I understood that he tweeted from the cable and was confused as heck

  • delano88888

    Can you please make a video about how I can block ALL "shorts" from my subscriptions page? That would be great.

    • Pdid


  • Kaithai Sayarath
    Kaithai Sayarath

    I really need this to troubleshoot power bricks

  • Archery713

    That's a lotta room for spyware 0_0

  • James Hernandez
    James Hernandez

    Where do I buy this?