This AI actually WORKS!!! - NVIDIA RTX Voice

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  • Let rne kiss you
    Let rne kiss you

    I'm surprised the AI knew that Linus wasn't a child and didn't block out his voice

    • Cybernetic orga nism
      Cybernetic orga nism

      I really thought he was going to say that Linus was going to act like a child, to see if it blocks out the noise xD But i was wrong there.

    • Ricardo Pesenti
      Ricardo Pesenti

      Lol, mean xD

    • Yuvraj Gandhi
      Yuvraj Gandhi

      @Xavier Martinez omg dying out of laughter

    • Nikhil Paleti
      Nikhil Paleti

      To be fair, Linus just hit puberty during lockdown so maybe that helps 😂

    • Captain Keyes
      Captain Keyes

      lmao i feel bad for laughing at this

  • Bred Man
    Bred Man

    This needs to be immediately implemented on all consoles with absolutely no option to turn it off.

    • Arnav Sadhu
      Arnav Sadhu

      You can use it on incoming audio too, so even if they have a loud place you can have clean audio

    • Fused Air
      Fused Air

      xD IK THE ECHO MICS ARE SO ANNOYING But it's funny to earrape because their whole family hears it lol.


      lol, as if consoles will ever be able to have RT cores or nvidia technology.

    • Deoxal

      @Iwin They're not going to make a revise the tegra chipset though and is vc even popular on the switch.

    • Wahots

      Based on my experiences on Xbox 360, the VC would be completely silent, lol.

  • Njubish

    From an AI perspective, a static sound like a fan is far easier to 'mute' than unexpected dynamic sound such as children and drumming

    • Debarka

      @Annas I didn't understand what you said, but I'm sure you're right

    • Annas

      @Debarka that's great it's easier for the AI to learn it then just throw a massive AI on millions of audio and it will be able to remove any noises

    • Debarka

      @Annas I don't think you understood what I said. You don't need AI to remove a static sound like a fan. Existing noise cancellation technology can do that pretty well. Using AI for static noise cancellation is like using a nuke to blow up a car.

    • Annas

      @Debarka then try it yourself you just scared of how good the AI is

    • Olivier Larose-de Billy
      Olivier Larose-de Billy

      No shit

  • AuricX

    I need this for my mouth so I can hear the TV while eating.

    • Zeng Wenxin
      Zeng Wenxin

      LOL then you need to eat the mic

    • David Swanson
      David Swanson

      This is why I usually use headphones to watch stuff while I’m eating, does the trick.

    • Keegan Phillips
      Keegan Phillips

      I’m pretty sure that your ears dampen audio while your eating because otherwise Chewing Doritos would literally make you go deaf

    • AuricX

      @Dave no but the food is just too crunchy lmao

    • Dave

      @AuricX hmmm, you sir have wonder jaws

  • Kyle

    I accidentally left it on when trying it out for the first time a couple minutes ago. I had it on the setting where it gets rid of background noise from incoming audio so when I clicked on a jimmy fallon clip to see him play with baby bears I realized it can edit out laugh tracks! I tested this newfound power by pulling up a clip of Friends and no laugh track, just 2 seconds of silence after every joke. This is amazing.

    • Ghost Of Persia
      Ghost Of Persia

      this is why I love the internet

    • leo larose
      leo larose

      You should upload some clips

    • Justin Noker
      Justin Noker

      I can confirm this

    • drewh0208

      To blazes with laugh tracks!

    • rx10 cx
      rx10 cx


  • Kozarusa

    RTX has the ability to muffle screaming children, which is a good thing and maybe a bad thing...

    • Dustin

      @Kekkai_ u need rtf for rtx broadcast but u only need gtx with 410 drivers or higher for the rtx voice

    • Harsh Patil
      Harsh Patil

      Rtx voice is for GTX cards xd it just works on RTX cards also actually if u have a RTX card then install Nvidea Boardcast it has all rtx voice features +background removing or virtual BG without blue screen :)

    • FreeSJ

      i mean unless you playback audio live it shouldn't change your awareness on the kids lol its doesnt delete sound from existence

    • Johnathon Singh
      Johnathon Singh

      That's so stupid

  • n8than

    Imagine Recording ASMR And You forgot RTX Voice is On.

    • n8than

      @Bruh For me it depends, if it the eating one, i hate it.. If it a really well produced one i love it..

    • Mikoo


    • Rare Raven Games
      Rare Raven Games

      If it is voice, RTX will pick it out. Thats what this does.

    • Atlas The Mage
      Atlas The Mage

      The R in ASMR stands for RTX

  • Ramen4Ever

    6:57 sounds like the police have him surrounded but he's so dedicated to reviewing that he prepares for the bitter end

    • Abhishek Rathod
      Abhishek Rathod


    • Farhan K
      Farhan K

      Lmao best comment

  • Chris Rosenkreuz
    Chris Rosenkreuz

    It's *dynamically* (that's the A.I. part) applying multiband compression to block out most other frequencies apart from your voice while using the buffer to sample your voice in order to establish which frequencies it needs to keep. This is why you can hear the amplitude of your voice ducking when you turn it on because some of the frequencies of the noise overlap with some of the overtones of your voice.

    • Vel Plays 2.0 🚨
      Vel Plays 2.0 🚨

      Thank you.

  • Johan Hansen
    Johan Hansen

    “We just had a mega phone, a server fan, a vacuum and a drum”. Sounds like my dorm room in college.

    • Hundvd7

      As if anyone would clean in a dorm room

  • Tin foil hats are the new black
    Tin foil hats are the new black

    I wonder how much impact it has on the in game performance if it is processed by the graphics card

  • AegisRick

    This has got to be the most useful video from LMG that you guys have released that applies to so many users. Don't know why you only put it on ShortCircuit, because this thing is amazing.

  • Ricardo Pesenti
    Ricardo Pesenti

    Wow, this is amazing! It does dampen or even distort the voice with very loud background noise but is stil worlds better than without. I am completely amazed! Now we need this active in trains and busses xD Kids screaming but nobody can hear them without having to wear huge headphones with noise canceling AND listen to loud music ^^

  • BGFutureBG

    We're living in an age where a GPU manufacturer takes care of audio filtering business

    • apple

      This is monopoly people!

    • AlexGames

      soon RTX greenscreen

    • 周夢夢

      @Nocturnal101 Ravenous I told you i know games use hybrid method I said games don't use 100% of the ray tracing techniques. Nvidia use ray tracing in games and they used it in a very clever way. They separated the ray tracing mapping for shadows edges and reflections (which also includes all the effects like global illuminations etc) They even quoted it out in their official announcement. They still use the old rasterization technique ( the good old "shader model" standard) on drawing the shadows but uses ray tracing (only partially) to create better global illumination effects in games like shadow of the tomb raider. Also the wiki is not necessarily right every single time. path tracing is a technique that created in 1986 to solve the problem ray tracing have (the more times a ray is bounced back by objects the more ray is produced in order to track its actual possible routes) And they solved it by doing the "blind attempt", which means that when a ray hits something, instead of calculate every single possible reflect angle, it randomly choose a next direction to go. that's the main point of the path tracing. And it's also the main problem of path tracing, when the SPP is too low, it'll have some serious noise on its image. At the last section of my last reply I was talking about how I don't study rendering methods a lot and that out of all the realm of computers, x86 CPU architecture is my major. I was talking about hardware, HARDWARE.

  • Dayne Hidalgo
    Dayne Hidalgo

    I’ve been streaming with this since the day I saw this video, so 3 months now. For 90% of the time, it’s amazing. The problem is, I’ve found the problems. First problem is, rtx voice filters out loud cheering and laughter. That is a major issue for someone who streams and records highlights. Many stream highlights involve those two things, and the clips are somewhat ruined by the distortion and muting that happens. Second less annoying issue is that when I’m heavily taxing my pc by streaming on one monitor, playing a game on another, and having the stream up on another, on top of discord and Spotify, rtx voice will start to sound choppy and robotic. This problem I haven’t had for very long so I haven’t been able to do a ton of troubleshooting. So I know it’s in beta, but these two things seem very solvable. Main issue seems fixable by a small algorithm tweak. Other issue is solved by just sacrificing some multi tasking, or maybe something I haven’t tried. Overall, amazing but imperfect

  • nb

    Nvidia is one of the few legit AI companies at this point. They a lot of AI development tool kits for their cards and they make autonomous vehicle level 2+ kits.

  • RubberFistFight

    I just started using this on my stream and LPs - I was literally talking into the mic whilst also clapping directly into it. It picked up my voice near-perfectly, but the clapping was completely blocked out. It's witchcraft I tell ya. Also It definitely reduces the overall volume of the signal but you can make it up with a gain filter at the last stage if need be.

    • Kornelius Briedis
      Kornelius Briedis

      @Domi From my tests, RTX Voice only degraded the low-quality mics, a good one has no quality difference. I was hoping to use it with my headset's mic and that one sounds much worse just by switching rtx voice on, while the snowball mic sounds identical with it on or off.

    • Domi

      unfortunately it also degrades the overall quality and can introduce weird artifacts even without any background noise. the better solution is just having better recording conditions if you are doing this stuff (semi-)professionally. ai based sound filtering is much better suited for stuff like online meetings, where perfect quality doesn't matter and you just want to have minimal background noise.

  • DiabolusArts

    Thanks for showing this, I've had real issues with mic volume and background noise where I live and this should be really good to help with my streams!

  • Giovanni Riccardo Viganò
    Giovanni Riccardo Viganò

    I really like Alex's enthusiasm! You can see he's really interested and genuine in what he's presenting, and he's proven the AI's capacity quite in a fun way

    • SliM420

      A Nvidia check...sponsorship would make anyone enthusiastic.

    • Martin Szulc
      Martin Szulc

      Giovanni Riccardo Viganò I know right

    • Joseph Dunbar
      Joseph Dunbar

      I like Alex as much as the next alex fan, but you state your love in a very weird way 😂

    • FalconEagle

      As a engineer I approve Alex 😛

    • J Arnold
      J Arnold

      He's quickly becoming one of my favorite tech youtubers

  • Andrey Georgiev
    Andrey Georgiev

    That is mad impressive. It could get an awesome implementation in on-site news reporting, for example.

  • Witu

    Love this video so much. The genuine amazement and joy by the end really tell the story.

  • Soiled 19AD
    Soiled 19AD

    That’s amazing. I Was really expecting it to make the voice sound like a tin can like every other noise reduction. Astonishing.

  • NobodyButSomebody

    Wow, didnt heard about this epic software. This is great! Thanks for this nice test - I am so impressed what NVIDIA created here.

  • BlueBeard

    Disappointed at the lack of "Parents having a divorce in the background" test.

    • BlueBeard

      Just came back here to check up on everyone. Hope everyones parents are still happy and married

    • Malik Depthside
      Malik Depthside


    • Ali Hamza
      Ali Hamza

      Or a vacuum cleaner and drill

    • jimvonmoon

      The feels...

  • R Jagan
    R Jagan

    Just tried it and wow it's pretty sweet!! The audio does get a little funky sometimes but it's overall great.

  • Derek Pearse
    Derek Pearse

    That is incredible imagine using it on a remote location with your laptop you could be doing a report in a war zone and still make out what the reporter is saying. Great job nvidia great job

  • ALTGR3

    wow thats really impressed I am hoping to have a VST version out of that!

  • TheOddDiabetic

    I love how ridiculous this got. Props to the programmers who got that to work

  • J.D. Hague
    J.D. Hague

    The sound quality definitely goes down, but the background suppression is rather impressive.

    • RaveN._.EDM

      @Personality Of Brick Wall its nice to have in case anyone in the room says something you don't want your team to hear lol

    • Finch Hawthorne
      Finch Hawthorne

      For something like the kids or keyboard though the quality loss honestly seems quite minimal.

    • Kiritaku

      I've just tested this myself with a mechanical keyboard. I am impressed. I recorded my mic and rtx voice with obs on different Tracks for comparison. It is insane. As long as you are not hammering your keys the quality is slightly deeper but nothing that would bother you in voice coms. If you go for video Production you can just edit the audio - though I have not tried that yet. I just think it can become a problem for streaming.

    • Steven Johnson
      Steven Johnson

      true, but a 10% reduction in quality for a 95% reduction in background noise is totally worth it.

    • Personality Of Brick Wall
      Personality Of Brick Wall

      if you have the AC/Fan on or your PC is full throttling in summer heat, an adaptive noise suppression software is greatly appreciated. it was either get pro-grade hardware and spend a few days/weeks fine tuning or pay adobe for Audition and try to sample every noise profile. this takes advantage of your gpu and be time-saving/stress free. if you have kept noise to a minimum, the change would be minimal.

  • Gouache

    I think this is the same technology Izotope used on RX 7, where there was a new device that allowed this kind of treatment called Music Rebalance. I think this is kind of a gate that reacts to specific human frequency range preset, I'm sure it's more complex than that but I was as surprised as you when I heard what it was doing to audio in separating complete music files into separate stems, not perfect but very impressive.

  • Milk

    "I dont think we can make any more of a racket" *My parents arguing over something* :"You dare challenge us"

  • TheDionBlasterMethod

    Thank you so much for the video! The fans on my PC can really get loud when gaming and I always get complaints from friends and coworkers. And yes, I've got blue switches too lol. This totally alleviated my mic problems!

  • Katya

    So what I'm getting from this is that it's great at filtering noise pollution, but not so much human speech.

  • Jin Byun
    Jin Byun

    I guess this is the "RTX ON" we've been waiting for.

    • Cosmin Gurau
      Cosmin Gurau

      @EVOLICIOUS Oh, I must be dreaming then, since I've been using it to clean up audio for months on my GTX 1080. 🙄


      @Cosmin Gurau Nope, you need RT cores for it to work.

    • Erik Bročko
      Erik Bročko

      And it doesn't even need an RTX card! nVidia marketing at its finest.

    • Angelo Santi
      Angelo Santi

      @nakog cool

  • Alphons Jaimon
    Alphons Jaimon

    THAT IS CRAZY AWESOME! I would buy a RTX just for this! :)

  • ZeroInfinity

    Wow. I can see the potential of this being used in the military and maybe heavy industries.

  • Geoffrey Bassett
    Geoffrey Bassett

    Resolve and Premiere need this in the software immediately.

  • Expired Lamb
    Expired Lamb

    So what you are saying is that even in some extreme cases, it still performs amazingly? I need an RTX right now!

  • Aventus

    RTX on VS RTX off is gonna be a meme for all kinds of things now.

    • Harsh Patil
      Harsh Patil

      Rtx voice is for GTX cards xd it just works on RTX cards also actually if u have a RTX card then install Nvidea Boardcast it has all rtx voice features +background removing or virtual BG without blue screen :)

    • mally02

      @Pranith gonna be trying this on my 1050ti tonight.

    • Pranith

      @apocalypseap Can confirm it even works on my 1050 TI though i think i need a better mic to test it better i was clapping right near the mic and i could not hear anything. It's cool

    • nitouh

      @apocalypseap rip im amd

  • Matz Smuts
    Matz Smuts

    This is genuinely so impressive, astounding infact.

  • Ahmadi Arismaharto
    Ahmadi Arismaharto

    This was genuinely awesome.. Another plus of a reason to pick up an RTX card.

  • Vanillatography

    Kudos Nvidia, this is actually really impressive.

  • Onyx Lee
    Onyx Lee

    Holy moly, the lack of audio artifact is unbelievable! 😂 Now I want to install rtx in my head 😂

  • Mickey U
    Mickey U

    "If your one of those terrible people with blue switches, download this now" *Shamefully clicks the download button with head down*

    • dsftr4w

      devs with blue switches make a lot of noise Especially when they have an AMD graphics card (no rtx voice) and are on linux (no background noise cancellation at all) i know that because it's _ME_

    • jack bennett
      jack bennett

      i have razer greens, i must be fine then right?

    • JaxzDoesBundles

      @Mickey U You hate other people's happiness? Who are you, Junko Enoshima?

    • edenkeen08

      @That Guy Andrew my gx blues are loud and sexy at the same time edit: my neighbours filed 6 noise complaints and im getting deported for being to loud edit: just got to my new country it looks a bit like the gulag

    • Zachery Visger
      Zachery Visger

      I love my clicky blues ok!

  • David C
    David C

    I believe we already have something similar in the pro audio world. It's called the Izotope RX suite of plugins. Not sure if they have something exactly like this, but their products basically do black magic like this to audio

  • Kalpana Das
    Kalpana Das

    It's just crazy how a piece of software can make such a big difference!

  • B Nice
    B Nice

    wow that is amazing, this will make online meetings so much more tolerable, going to install right away.

  • Carmelo Santini
    Carmelo Santini

    Woooooow, that was hilarious and demonstrative ... I don't like the way the voice sounds from it's processing but it is amazing and serviceable!

  • Daenon Janis
    Daenon Janis

    "It's a miracle that children survive in the wild" Most didn't.

    • Jason Ellins
      Jason Ellins

      Survivorship bias

    • Debarka

      @nustada you know who wouldn't survive a mortal combat scenario? Mr Bone Spurs and the "I wanna see a manager" Karens.

    • Rannon

      @nustada ... Battle Royal is a thing, no need to introduce something that hasn't been successfully tested on kids! ;)

    • nustada

      @Parmetheus Who needs that when we got Fredo Cuomo imprisoning the country because he is afraid of a couph.

    • Warren Garabrandt
      Warren Garabrandt

      @Z3U5 agreed, but for reasons most people don't understand. It's not that CPUs are slower, it's that CPUs are general purpose, so they need to be able to do a lot and that means lots of transistors and lots of electricity. GPUs are not general purpose, and they can only do a limited set of operations. That means each processor is simpler, takes fewer transistors and uses less electricity, so we can pack thousands of those onto a single chip. Unfortunately, this limits what they can do by quite a lot.

  • aidslol420

    Amazing work! Very informative yet one of the funniest videos I've seen in a while

  • Jaimee Hansen
    Jaimee Hansen

    I've thoroughly used rtx voice in long gaming sessions and yes it does "work"... for like 15 minutes. But after 15 minutes it suddenly start to garble my voice and the only solution to get it to stop is to restart my entire computer. Now I don't know who loves taking a break from intense focused gaming with friends on discord just to fuck around with software for 5 minutes, but I don't. So for that use rtx voice is actually unusable for me, and therefore I don't count that as "working" since I can't do anything practical for any period of time longer than 15 minutes

  • N1h1L3

    Nice combination of gating with frequency filtering, with settings adjusted in realtime by AI.

  • Chirantan Nath
    Chirantan Nath

    I feel like NVidia should make dedicated mucrophone capture cards for this, methinks RTX voice puts considerable load on the card

  • Mingi Hwang
    Mingi Hwang

    This is honestly the most impressive implementation of AI by NVIDIA. Sure, we do have DLSS but RTX Voice applies to a much wider audience.

    • FluffyPants

      @Ayush ' wow, they show images of random people wooow so cool...

    • Ayush '
      Ayush ' This is also by Nvidia, it makes completely new faces every time you refresh, I think that was probably a lot harder than RTX voice.

    • Countdraco

      *happy 10 year old noises*

    • Od1sseas

      DLSS is also insane of how good is it

    • Jack Phillips
      Jack Phillips

      Hwang Mingi yes, but the point of rtx is to use it, and dlss makes that possible at a reasonable frame rate. Especially on the cheaper rtx cards

  • David Burns
    David Burns

    Yep using the GTX version for streaming on Twitch and it's amazing!!! Can have my fan going and not melt from the Australian heat

  • Stormy

    The article they mention, about getting it on non-RTX cards, works great! I got it working on my 1070ti no problems.

  • thedmo

    That was such a cool experiment xD it went better and better. Unexpected.. Thank you for this!

  • William Johnson
    William Johnson

    Teacher: everyone turn your microphone and cameras on. Half of the class: 6:41

  • spiritcore1

    I like how Alex is genuinely enjoying it. That makes a whole of a difference to the viewer!

    • Enrico

      Alex is the best

    • iski

      I absolutely loved james playing the siren though

  • Joshua Wayt
    Joshua Wayt

    Nvidia should make this a plugin for DAWs and Video editing software.

  • xryzzyrx

    Rtx voice makes me think of an AI that takes the voice actor voiceover sounds in games and will real-time create new audio for lines that didn't have voiceover audio recorded

  • michael eli
    michael eli

    Amaaazing!! I love how AI shocks us :)

  • coal james
    coal james

    This is the kind of thing AI should be focused on, up framing / up scaling / visual noise cancellation ect~ It's in innovation through competition and market competition that drives usable end products that get cheaper over time. Just think about how Cuda drove that push before RTX was the buzzword of the year.

  • Atticus Nari
    Atticus Nari

    This works amazingly. A bit of delay, but still awesome.

  • TwoNibbleOneByte

    It works on GTX cards also (with a slight code change, there's also a premodded file out that I used), got it on my 1060. Works amazing, my keyboard audio is gone!

  • SirJoey

    That is fucking great, I have a mechanical keyboard and even though none of my friends comment on it I know it's annoying with the clicking, also in my recordings it seems pretty loud. It also removes whistling and tapping directly on the microphone which is insane.

  • Louie Andrew Capulso
    Louie Andrew Capulso

    this makes me want to get an RTX GPU, honestly. I need it!

  • j a
    j a

    Honestly nvidia killing it lately in the software side, DLSS2.0 and now this, hopefully they keep this up. EDIT: So apparently this can work on NON-RTX cards but nvidia is making it hard to do. In fact I just got it working on my GTX1070 after some file editing. So close nvidia...

    • Post Rock Mixes
      Post Rock Mixes

      Not going to work as well without the tensor cores. You can run it all you want. but without anything to do the work, its just going to be wasted overhead.

    • Arsyad Aiman
      Arsyad Aiman

      @HowIsAsh water is wet, a 700$ gpu cant do its own gimmick properly wanna state more facts?

    • Idcrafter

      @danny boy i know but not everything can be open source it would be nice but compromises has to be made

    • Idcrafter

      @danny boy but you can also use propiritery software on linux

    • Arsyad Aiman
      Arsyad Aiman

      @HowIsAsh weird, as i recall i was talking about minecraft RAY TRACING and a 1060 doesn't have that 🤔

  • 50 Pence
    50 Pence

    the best thing nvidia has done in years. i have it on my 2080 - its brilliant

  • Squarely

    LOL! Watched this with RTX on for my speakers and was like: "Wait, I can't hear any difference, just that the voice sounds weird" xD Very strange to watch it this way. This will be beyond amazing for podcasts... wow.

  • Ped-Away-G

    i would love to have this as a plugin in my audio editor.

  • Jeff G
    Jeff G

    Can see improvement around @3:30 - Amazing actually. So, do we have Nvidia audio headsets coming down the road?

  • Zenith Lal
    Zenith Lal

    These were the Kind of videos I was missing from LTT these days

  • Yahaire5

    Holy crap! You can actually download the program, turn off noise from incoming audio and see the background noise deleted from the noisy parts of this video as well.

  • Doktor K
    Doktor K

    it's not the amplitude of the signal(volume/loudness so to say) that's the deciding factor in whether to keep the sound on or remove it. it's likely the frequency and a few other things. the fan for instance can be blocked easily because it's on so high of a frequency and it varies little. what the AI part does here is set some adjustments personalised to your voice and takes a look at some timings. it figures out that speaking isn't like drumming and it decides to block that repetitive sound it's receiving the problem with any noise supression software is that some frequencies overlap some sounds of some specific frequencies in your voice were the same frequencies as some of the other noises and thus they were being removed as well. i see that if frequencies overlap , it tries to bridge out parts of your voice by drastically limiting the amplitude , thus letting a part of your voice on those frequencies still go through.

  • Дмитрий Забудченко
    Дмитрий Забудченко

    Imagine this technology in audio recording industry

  • TwistIV

    I would find it funny if there's a sudden burst of development towards tools like this, so that we can say "RTX on" for a bunch of random tasks

    • Red

      Want to play horror game's without jumpscares, RTX ON

    • Yebii

      Depressed with tons of debt and 3 divorces? "RTX on!"

    • ryoseiru

      @Rafael H marriage? RTX ON!

    • OtherTheDave

      It works on GTX cards, too, if you bypass the installer checks.

  • Zakru

    In practice, the function of the AI is actually quite simple. Since it learns everything by itself, we can abstract away the whole process of how it does it. All the AI does is the same thing you do when you hear speech in the middle of noise: your brain can still hear the speech. The AI is just there to think, "what would this sound like without any of the noise?"

  • Benn Benn
    Benn Benn

    You can also use it on your output device so you can hear incoming background noise

  • Big Riff
    Big Riff

    you dont know how happy this video made me, ive been smiling for like 20 minutes rewatching that last test hahaha