I've been SPOILED! - Sony WH-1000XM5

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  • ShortCircuit

    Note: It looks like we didn't try out the touch controls enough or actually use them correctly. Maybe we'll give this a more in-depth look at LTT. Reply back on precisely what questions you have about them, and like this comment, so we can make the case to the powers to be!

    • Kees

      how future proof is it? like is this something i can buy and not have to buy new headphones in 3 years?

    • Charles Ford
      Charles Ford

      Please do an in depth on these, I have been waiting on these to drop since I got the 3rd Gen earbuds from Sony!

    • Brad

      For products that many would use daily for hours and hours on end ( Personally I can clock 12 hours a day in headphones), I think the feedback to this video highlights that you can't half ass it. Its serious coin, for something most can only buy once.. In a deeper dive, I'd like to see how they do switching to a PC,Linux,Mac, how do your ears feel after wearing them for an entire work day... Which features stop working if any when used on a PC vs a phone with the APP.

    • Charles Ford
      Charles Ford

      What is the latency like? Would they be alright for playing non-competitive games on PC?

    • Ben Mazzola
      Ben Mazzola

      Could you look at how fast the quick attention mode is and how these compare to the Bose 700s? Thanks

  • Jordan Martinetti
    Jordan Martinetti

    I've had the XM4s for a while now and noticed right away a couple problems in this video. The "Quick Attention Mode" needs physical contact, not just hovering your hand over the right earcup. That's why it wasn't activiating. Also, play/pause is a double tap. The stuttering at the end was probably the QAM mode activating because it was the closest action to what Linus was doing.

    • Kumar Sagar
      Kumar Sagar

      I now get a feeling that there are a few too many instances these days of him being cool with just winging it and his heart not being in the game. Too casual an approach I'd say if he is missing out on such simple features or can't give it another minute to understand.

    • Bryan Edition TV
      Bryan Edition TV

      I commented the same thing ^^

    • Citrus

      @ROFLKNIEFGOESSLIEC I personally have the xm3s and if I am understanding you correctly, I too have the same issue, but for only a second or so at a time on average every hour. I’m not sure how you use your headphones when they’re in wired mode, but mine fixes when I just spin around the connector into the pc, which at least to me, suggests that it’s some sort of interference issue. If you were running it on a phone/laptop, it’d make more sense that this is the case, and it would actually be on the manufacturer to stop the interference (unless you count getting a thicker cable as being on Sony). But that’s just a theory and I could be completely off

    • The Recon007
      The Recon007

      Ya there were a few others too like in the app they probably didn't turn on "DDEE HX" which uncompressed the compressed sound file to give the actual fine tuned detail in the sound and this is a new product so with software updates it should only get better.

    • Grant Defayette
      Grant Defayette

      Linus doesn’t like to follow instructions.

  • Dan B
    Dan B

    For what it's worth I would ditch this video and do it again. It's a really poor - and surprising - effort from the whole team. It's ridiculously unfair to Sony - with whom I have no dog in the fight - to piss about with controls that you simply haven't taken proper time to read about, thus making them look substandard, then seemingly not having any proper music lined up to use, leaving you with random Disney songs and a meme. Then Linus compares them with Sennheisers which cost literally double the Sonys. LTT wouldn't be so disparaging about a graphics card with a similar price discrepancy. And finally I'm not sure what Linus was doing in this video. I know SS's are meant to be more bite-size/early impressions but this smacked of not caring about the video, the product and that he was late for a meeting. A bit shit, all things considered.

    • Dipanjan Pal Chowdhury
      Dipanjan Pal Chowdhury

      This is not a REVIEW, this is just an unboxing and first hand experience video, all short circuits contents are like this, so it's nothing new.

    • Destroyer 645
      Destroyer 645

      I love ltt, been watching for over 5 years now... But this video was just not very great. Really shoulda been more constructive in analyzing first experience. Markus does a great review.

    • killzone866

      @Don H This channel has never been for reviews.

    • James_08_07

      @Yakuzaka1412 It literally has a "final thoughts" section mate.

  • Tiago Fonseca
    Tiago Fonseca

    Huge fan of LTT over the years but this is probably one of the worst videos they have done, I have the XM4s and Linus didn't know how to use many of the headphones features (it's totally normal for someone that is testing this headphones for the first time but someone should have warn him or teach him how to use quick atention, double tap, hovering your hand on the right side etc etc...). Sorry if I am being somewhat rude, just wanted Linus to experience all the features properly and know his opinion!

    • up urbum
      up urbum

      I agree, very bad review

    • Good Vibrations
      Good Vibrations

      Loads of his videos are like this now. Mostly just fluff that won't help your purchasing decision at all.

    • Mark Brown
      Mark Brown

      This isn't a review. It's a first hand impression video.

    • Humberto Hernandez
      Humberto Hernandez

      True. We understand Linus doesn't have 50h days so he can't invest much time on videos but, come on! I know this is an unbox channel that is spontaneous and that is cool but there's a fine line dividing spontaneous and unprepared-for.

    • Cyba IT
      Cyba IT

      This was very low effort, you're right man. Linus getting a little complacent here

  • Mehdi GhiasiPour
    Mehdi GhiasiPour

    I have the XM4s and I can tell you most of the problems that Linus had are not actually problems, let me explain: Speak to chat can be activated or deactivated by holding 2 fingers on the touch pad. The deactivation time and sensitivity are also adjustable. For quick attention mode ,you need to hold your hand over the touchpad and touch it not just holding it near it. Play and pause are double tap not single tap. The custom EQs are there so you can customize the eq presets and have them saved. The manual one is for making your own eq from start, at the end, you have 3 customized EQs that are saved in the app. For volume, you can touch and hold to go up or just swipe fast. I think it was the iphone that had problems with registering the adjustments since that works fine on my XM4 on Android. There is also a pop up pair thing like air pods and google assistant on Android as well. Also fiy: There is a specific noise canceling mode for wind, just move the slider in the app one step to the right. You can also switch the ambient mode to focus on voices

    • 幣傢伙

      Volume adjust no problem on my iPhone!

    • Chris Turner
      Chris Turner

      Yeah, I've had no issues with using the xm4's. Also, the long pause is needed with the speak to chat function so it doesn't turn on when the other person talks but you can just double tap to play if you don't want to wait.

  • Okay DETar
    Okay DETar

    I really appreciate how not professional dbrands relationship with ltt is, they may still be a souless corporation deep down, but they are at least an entertaining one.

    • JT667

      I suspicion that Dbrand operates a center in the same neighborhood as the LMG offices (Yes I know LMG is in Surrey and Dbrand HQ is in Toronto, but it would make sense for Dbrand to have some kind of center that serves the west coast since Toronto can serve the east coast)

    • Cyba IT
      Cyba IT

      Just clever marketing. Look how much more engagement they've got from Linus being cheeky and them giving quirky "gifts".

    • Shaun Young
      Shaun Young

      To add: dBrand is a souless corporation. So is LMG. But they both seem to be led by pretty good people.

    • Anomaly Detection Algorithm
      Anomaly Detection Algorithm

      @Jason He ok that's funny 😂

    • Jason He
      Jason He

      @Lucian Andries Have you seen some of dbrand’s marketing messages? I won a giveaway from them and asked for a picture along the prize and they drew a cat with middle fingers

  • Raynman Plays
    Raynman Plays

    I like how dbrand sent Linus some really smelly stuff and were just like, "We don't have smell-o-vision yet, so it's not an issue." And Linus 100% made it an issue.

  • Akky Streams
    Akky Streams

    As others have said I also picked up on the somewhat wrong way Linus was using these, the touch controls generally require a purposeful touch rather than the spastic flick you see Linus doing, this is to prevent accidental activation and from my experience with the xm4's the controls are perfectly responsive once you adjust, and you know, actually use the right inputs which he wasn't doing. The main problem i ever had with the touch sensitivity is one of my own making in that i sleep with my headphones on and i'm a side sleeper so if i dont turn off the touch sensor control panel before i sleep in the app, the ambient mode can activate lol. Pretty sure Linus didn't daily drive the whxm4's but the wfxm4 IEM's and thats why he's hovering over with his hand to try and activate the quick chat mode, which is not how the whxm4 work. Pretty disappointed in the "non- review" because you know these are going to be a nice pair of headphones especially at this price point they will probably be decently competitive. I call bull on his complaints about how his voice sounds when in noise suppressing mode, his description is unintelligible because he is trying to be funny, as long as he doesn't sound like he's speaking through a phone its good, the XM4's do this well and its hard to believe these do it worse, not sure what he expects from hearing his voice through the device. As for their sound signature, again i do not understand his complaint here, he says they sound good, they sound rich and full etc but makes that a negative because they aren't audiophile accurate and rambles on about his nan, like what does age have to do with it how good they sound? The whxm4s genuinely sound pretty great and so again i find it hard to believe there is an actual complaint to be made with the xm5's at this point.

  • vinnytucks87

    As a user of the software some of the issues can be customized in the software. The speech detect can be turned off or lowered to 5 seconds

  • Samuel Dozio
    Samuel Dozio

    I've had the XM3 for something like 3 years now and I can say they've been my best tech purchase ever. I've been using them daily and the battery still lasts very long, the noise cancellation is top and the materials haven't worn out (I cleaned them only 1 or 2 times). I'd instantly buy them again. I don't like the look of those XM5 tho, it looks like they are wider and more bulky

    • Englandflick

      I think mine sounds better as the time goes by. Still very conflicted 😐 if I will grab this or wait for the XM6 as the “unfoldadbility “ Apple trend is very cumbersome specially if I carry it inside my small mail man bag 💼. Deal breaker

  • Bruman

    7:38 - If anyone seeing this already has XM3's or above, when swiping up/down for volume control you can swipe and hold and it will continue increasing/decreasing the volume. I learned this a week ago after owning the 3's for 3 years 😂

    • Ma2esticJacob

      Oh my god, 3 years with XM3s. I literally just use the volume controls on my phone to stop me from looking like an idiot

    • sudheer ram
      sudheer ram


    • mrAngles

      Never knew this, had the xm4 a while thanks

    • enkvlogs

      Tx lmao

    • Sinus Lebastian
      Sinus Lebastian

      @dakunclear noice!

  • Kritacul

    Sony’s headphone have been getting better and better in the last five years. And I have picked Sony headphones over Bose the last two times. The quality, sound and comfort is just so good now. Plus the price is very reasonable as well.

  • Thaumalous

    2 different processors is better than 1 improved one because it means that each ear cup gets a designated processor. This might give faster response times alongside better isolation due to each ear cup being guaranteed to be independently noise isolated.

    • Thaumalous

      @Lizard King 🤡 hypocrite

    • Lizard King
      Lizard King

      @Thaumalous God I love the moronic comments any LTT video attracts. 'less data going through the headband' I literally laughed out loud

    • A Day as a Breese
      A Day as a Breese

      But also adds weight, power consumption, syncing issues, etc.

    • A Day as a Breese
      A Day as a Breese

      But also adds weight, power consumption, syncing issues, etc.

    • This channel is for commenting
      This channel is for commenting

      @Steve Muzak this is stupid argument lol Two Bluetooth device meant that it need to sync both of it in tune. Given it already has wire run for battery to both side it is bit weird to see why they don't run data along side with it.

  • Captain Candycorn
    Captain Candycorn

    I was at costco a year ago and saw the WH1000XM3 on sale for $120. I asked if something was wrong with them, they said nope its just the last one in stock, so I bought it. I didnt know anything about this stuff and its been going strong since, then I found out this series is actually a really good set of headphones. So I kinda stumbled into it and am glad I did, everything I have compared them to sounds worse XD

    • Saviourself 182
      Saviourself 182

      Definitly not the momentum 3. Theyre in a different word they are just not comfortable to wear...

    • Omega Computing
      Omega Computing

      ​@a a Best Headphones under $1000 and bluetooth doesn't add up mate

    • golden age gamer
      golden age gamer

      @a a I wouldn't say they are near the best, they might be really good but compared too $900 ones they aren't nothing

    • DxCBuG

      very good deal for XM3s

    • Majid Abdelal
      Majid Abdelal

      best headset i have is xm4, i own the over the ear and inner. everything else sucks compared to these, anc is amazing and the sound is good and the bass is heavy. the sony app is amazing and we get a case instead of a purse like airpad pro titty purse thing. oh it also has a power button, i know when it is turned off and isn't heavy as shit.

  • Kk

    Linus: Wants a narrower headband 4:33 Also Linus: "They're a bit tight around my neck" 12:35

  • daniel maxim
    daniel maxim

    Linus, you can't expect analytical sound when you connect them to an iPhone. I know the LDAC connection won't make them sound 10 times better but it makes a difference

    • C B
      C B

      @M. AKIF Anyone saying that there isn't a difference, I would implore you to get either the WF-1000xm4 or WH-1000xm5, get a list of your favorite 15-20 songs that have some parts that stress the higher end of the spectrum, and do some A/B testing between AAC Compression and LDAC. I promise you will hear a difference if your ears are tunned enough.

    • M. AKIF
      M. AKIF

      Lmao, you think codecs would even make the slightest effect to the tuning of the FR? LOL. You can't expect "analytical sound" out of ANY WH and WF-Series headphones, it's just the nature of their existence to have a v-shaped tuning because that's what most consumers are accustomed to. You can always use parametric EQ like EQ APO or AutoEQ via Wavelet to get somewhat close to "neutral/analytical" target response such as Diffuse-Field or Harman OE.

    • Salty Maud
      Salty Maud

      If the previous iterations are of any indication, they will sound just as disappointing even when you drive them wired from a good source, bypassing the built in electronics. They're not exactly good headphones. But they don't need to be, they just need to be good _bluetooth active noise cancelling_ headphones. If you just want good headphones, you're not buying these, or any bluetooth ANC cans for that matter.

    • C B
      C B

      Yeah I was like "Ah man...he's using an iPhone for the first impressions 😔"

    • Chocoretto

      Probably tuning. Sony’s wireless lineups always had wonky tuning compared to their wired siblings.

  • workthosemuscles

    I own a pair of XM4s AND a pair of MDR-A1 and even though I've been using the XM4s for the past year and a half due to the convenience of the wireless/bluetooth/Noise canceling features, I'm always impressed with the quality of the drivers on the MDR-A1. Even thought they cost roughly the same on purchase date, you lose in sound quality what you gain in features (ANC, wireless, voicecall, etc). Hands down, a better sound experience with the "featureless" MDR-A1 headphones. That said, I'm still happy to see some improvements on the latest model but I wish they would of focused a little more on the drivers instead of the software tuning and additional microphones. I would definitely pay 100-200$ more for a pair of XM4s with MDR-A1 drivers over a pair of XM5s!!

  • Zachary Dennett
    Zachary Dennett

    I love the aux out and the included cord in my XM3's. I know you guys kind of tease it a bit, but recently it was really nice to use them for an inflight movie on an airplane when I don't have to use the super shitty complementary earbuds. The XM3's also only Bluetooth connect to one device (Huge upgrade in the XM4s and 5s) at a time so at work I have my set Bluetooth paired to my phone and then when I need to hop on a zoom call I just plug in the aux cable.

    • Azhari Arif
      Azhari Arif

      My guy the aux is for lossless codec support.

    • apc

      yup air travel is a target market for noise canceling headphones, thus the cord. my XM4's even came with an airline adapter.

  • Jonathan ZJ
    Jonathan ZJ

    Following the instructions helps, as does tuning the eq in the app. I've had several pairs of this series of headphones and have been consistently very impressed/happy with them

    • MrRedRye

      Is there any way to enable the EQ in the app while also using one of the HD Bluetooth modes? As soon as I try to use LDAC or AptX HD it disables the EQ.

    • Rackhage

      Yeah shortcircuit is really a very lazy milking channel at this point

  • Classic Red Eye
    Classic Red Eye

    On Android there's an app called wavelet. It automatically creates a perfectly flat pre eq for each device. Works amazingly on the xm3/4s

    • Aethid

      I can’t recommend this highly enough. In fact, the lack of such a system wide parametric EQ has become a deal breaker for me for the iPhone. iPhones have shit audio in comparison to android because of this.

  • R S
    R S

    Been using XM2 and XM4 forever and love it. My only issue with Sony headphones is the sound. It doesn't sound anywhere close to Bose IMO. Only thing that has me going back.

  • bulut cagdas
    bulut cagdas

    What I don't like with some of these wireless headphones is that the software for controlling the thing is not available on your PC. It's like it never occurred to the devs that people would want to use their headphones with things other than their cell phones.

    • Nightfly

      Eh? I use them with my PC, and grab my phone if I want to change something. I mean, you have your phone with you... Why would I want to do that on my PC? The app of my fridge or washing machine isn't on PC either, that's not an issue. Why is this?

    • ultra L2
      ultra L2

      Yeah I have Sony buds Thankfully you can just tap to change between noise cancelling

    • C L
      C L

      I suppose they figure everyone's using it with *at least* a phone, but only a certain percentage with their PCs. Would be nice though, I agree. Might *require* signing in though for settings, wouldn't it?

  • Snichy

    You can tell tech has moved on so much that it took until the last 2 mins of the video to test the actual primary reason for this gadget: the sound quality!

  • Bruno Lopes
    Bruno Lopes

    Damn, those are incredibly beautiful. I have the XM3’s and they still hold up hella well. When I switch, I’m definitely going with Sony again.

  • MrFxpEdits

    Props to the editor on this video for editing the audio, when the music would have resumed as Linus put the headphones back on, etc

  • Tsz Fung Li
    Tsz Fung Li

    It's really amazing how close they've gotten the colours of all of these different material. Except the printed one

  • Talon24

    12:15 Assuming the UI works the same as the previous version I had at work, what you did there was using the quick-ambiance feature (holding on to the side, not levitating the hand in front of it), play/pause is double-tap

  • Ben Mazzola
    Ben Mazzola

    Linus, I feel like you would have enjoyed these headphones more if you'd read the instructions in the app that tell you how to pause, how to play, and how to use quick attention mode. It did say, and you did not do what it said

    • James_08_07

      It really is a terrible video. Unsubbed.

    • Bigjeffrey123

      @Yair Lopez Poveda well review quality went downstairs with video quantity. Thats why ltt is in no way the place to go for reviews.

    • ME10920

      Half arsed review

    • Tom Baker
      Tom Baker

      @Gabriel G That looked so stupid when he held it next to it instead of touching it

    • MYZ

      @Jyn Yee How to make it more obvious? So you expect the product label every features on the headset itself? basically you want your headsets covered with words and symbols and logos for every function and features they have? Whats the manual for? This is not a plug and play cheap headphone with physical buttons and no extra features.

  • glowingmarshmellowpo

    I've had XM4s for about 6 months now. They're my daily drivers for everything. School, leisure listening, the gym, and on transit. The touch controls are sick and the noise cancellation is solid. One of the best deals for the price imo.

  • Stephen Jordan
    Stephen Jordan

    I have the XM4's since they came out, and I've loved them. I use Viper4android as my EQ (with the in-app automatic adjustments made for my ear shape, if that actually does anything.) The only gripe I have with the XM4's is they are awful for taking phone calls, everyone always says I sound like I'm underwater or really quiet, even indoors. They also don't appear to work at all on Windows 11 when using Teams for calls. Only thing that would get me to upgrade to the XM5 is the improved microphones, but I would need to test it in person I think.

  • Deathbybandaid

    For the new labs, you should get mannequin heads with microphone ears to provide justifiable audio data

  • Peter Fejfar
    Peter Fejfar

    These headphones are better used with a player that supports LDAC. Using AAC on the iPhone degrades them a bit.

    • ANTE

      @Checo Weco at this price point Sennheiser HD600

    • Checo Weco
      Checo Weco

      @ANTE Which headphones would you recommend?

    • ANTE

      I mean if you care about audio quality these probably aren't the best choice for you. Can't wait for the audio frequency response curve to be measured.

  • Neoxon

    A shame that these don’t fold for easier storage like the XM4s do (though at least the case still makes sense, unlike the AirPods Max), but they definitely still look great. That aside, it feels weird that it’s been a good long while since the XM4s came out.

    • leebenningfield

      @gorzius that's good to know, I was considering replacing my xm3 with xm4 as well

    • Steve Muzak
      Steve Muzak

      My XM4s snaped because that folding mechanism wasn’t strong enough.

    • gorzius

      @Anthony Lee Thanks, but I probably won't be getting the MX5 because of the lack of foldability.

    • a a
      a a

      ... foldability means more moving parts more moving parts mean earlier and easier failures no foldability no svivel no adjustability just two cans, a wire and, a thick metal band to connect them thank you

    • Anthony Lee
      Anthony Lee

      @gorzius Important to note that Sony makes you choose between using LDAC and multipoint on the XM4 and XM5s. So if you use multipoint, you're stuck with AAC/SBC.

  • beep boop
    beep boop

    I opted to skip out on the xm4's since my xm3's are still working great, however the only real gripe I have is that the 3.5 on the headset was somewhat keyed (it was recessed just enough to not allow other cables I had to seat completely)

  • Jesper Monsted
    Jesper Monsted

    I hope the microphones are actually useful when there's anything even remotely like a wind blowing, unlike my XM3's.

    • Kumar Sagar
      Kumar Sagar

      Watch the CNET review. They have covered in-call noise canceling and it is nothing less than impressive.

    • braver1234

      Have you tried wind cancelation mode?

  • Bob Corn
    Bob Corn

    Absolutely love the fact that the buttons we had before are still in the same location. Could have added some new ones tho.

  • Madison Mark
    Madison Mark

    These look really fuckin' nice. Would love a pair.

  • Mike Nguyen
    Mike Nguyen

    The problem that the Sonys had for me was that the cups were never deep enough so my ears would always end up touching the drivers

    • Mike Nguyen
      Mike Nguyen

      @burgerbait thar's the price I'm willing to face for comfort

    • burgerbait

      They just look bulkier in general.

    • Jhon Villacís
      Jhon Villacís

      I have heard somewhere between the leaks that the mx5 are bigger than the mx4, I think it's about the width though. But in no review talk about that.

    • Lockdown335

      Wicked cushion replacements i got were much better in this regard but could still be better, For my the headband isnt wide enough and i have a mad headphone band dent hahahaha

    • NIKHIL

      And they hurt after a while because of that

  • Timmie1995

    Still loving my XM4, curious how much the XM5 differs in its sound quality. Eq-ing is essential on the XM4, default sound (including headphone jack) is ridiculously muddy. But with some eq-ing the sound is awesome, at least for a non-audiophile

    • nankink

      @AlphaUros I'd rather go for the XM4 rather than the new one. As MKBHD said in his video, having the option to fold is really good and the adjustments seems are a bit better. I have the XM3s for 3 years now and since the XM4 is just an updated XM3 (having multi-device support is sick, i wish the 3 had lol), I can say for sure that the ergonomics are really good. Used for 20 hours straight during a flight and had no problem. I actually didnt like this new.. thanks apple

    • Timmie1995

      @AlphaUros I had the same question when the XM4 came out. Eventually decided on the 4 because I wanted the improved noise cancelling. I can definitely recommend the XM4, but it's a tough choice

    • AlphaUros

      Bro im also curious, right now the xm4 are fairly "cheap", so I wonder how worth it would be to invest in the xm5

  • apc

    I have the XM4's. love 'em. sometimes after a video I'll forget I have them on and be sitting in noise canceled silence for a while, take them off and be startled by all the ambient sounds I wasn't hearing. the reasons for the cable is so you can keep listening if the battery dies, and air travel which is a target market for noise canceling headphones.

  • Mathew Lang
    Mathew Lang

    I have used the M3s for 4 or 5 years now. I honestly can not remember how long I have had them at this point. I work in construction with travel so I use these at the job site, on planes and also for gaming. $400 for something I have used almost daily over 4-5 years is a great value. They do have some issues but I am happy to see that they have come out with a M5 so that I can continue to invest in this product line. I was happy to hear your positive review. This will be a holiday gift this year.

  • Hamer Reviews
    Hamer Reviews

    At this point DBrand has just gone past trolling Linus to ‘how can we really screw with him… like REALLY REALLY f**k with him’.

    • Hamer Reviews
      Hamer Reviews

      @Lucian Andries 😆 I disagree I feel like this was just random shit with no meaning at least the other stuff felt planned out 🤣

    • Lucian Andries
      Lucian Andries

      Pffff, you are new here, while I've watched everyone since 2014. You don't know the shit they've put him through. And the other sponsor was way worse... Now it's fun and games but, I still won't forgive them!

    • Ryan E
      Ryan E

      And he responds with "Dbrand: they make overpriced stickers for your electronics" LOL

    • Lucian Andries
      Lucian Andries

      @LordLiquidBaconII They don't deserve your money!

    • LordLiquidBaconII

      I even tried the promo code and the site said it is invalid and I should be faster next time lol

  • EmissaryGW2

    Haha "only people in the know" 😂 yeah I have the xm3, I bought both that and the QCII, took them home and compared the sound, and immediately returned the bose. The big downsides of the xm3 are the single device connectivity and (I think) the mic, although I don't use the mic anyway so that never bothered me. But it sounds like those might not be issues this generation so it sounds really promising!

    • Lockdown335

      The mics on em scoff fat ones ones lol cushions could be better (wicked cushions replacments are better than sonys OEM cups) and the headband a little wider but still so good for the price imo after 3 years of use.... well worth the splurge and now i cant go back

  • Don Cloud
    Don Cloud

    "caveman cable" works great on commercial aircraft (plugs right into the headphone jacks)--great use case ... get to enjoy sound cancelling plus watch movies/etc.

  • Nick Szewczak
    Nick Szewczak

    I have a love-hate with the MX4s, the sound isolation and fit are the best of the nc-headphones but the touch sensitivity is as consistent as a 90s ATM. Frustrating to see the same symptoms as the MX4s.

  • Randuski

    The relationship between dbrand and linus is honestly my favorite 🤣 "they make overpriced stickers for your phone...." haha

  • Cynically Sarcastic Reserves
    Cynically Sarcastic Reserves

    To enable the quick ambient mode, you have to *touch* the earcup. Just FYI Linus. :) Would have to give them a listen first, but yeah. I think I'll stay with my XM4 if the improvements are so marginal. 1/4 price increase where I live over XM4.. is quite a bit.

    • シムカ

      @Timothy Smith they works exactly same as XM3 ))) Because it's conservative Sony, that's why we like them, coz we know what to expect. So Linux, watch you own videos about XM3, XM4 to be prepared next time )))

    • Faei

      I bought XM4s to deal with mental health issues. They've got a more table band than XM5s. I've already seen a pair of XM5s snap easily.

    • why tho
      why tho

      They're in some ways a bit of a downgrade to the XM4

    • zues121510

      To play/pause is a double tap :)

    • Pit Cheung
      Pit Cheung

      i may upgrade to 1000X-M6 if Sony have in the future

  • JayPX

    you can change the ambient sound controls to "short" and it will reduce that time from 15s to 5s it's a whole lot better at 5s personally

  • Chiron

    The case is larger, bit seems a decent bit thinner. I'm interested to know if this is an improvement in terms of packing.

  • Cliff Pajaro
    Cliff Pajaro

    The cables work well on flights, especially on international flights where they don’t have media over WiFi.

  • DJI Weston
    DJI Weston

    I'm still rocking my xm3's whilst these look great I'm not sure it's a big enough improvement to make me want to change. Great video though. I will say watching them be paired was a little painful as it's just a tap of the phone on the right ear and the phone is paired

  • Cyber_Photography

    "Dbrand; they make overpriced stickers for your phone" It's that kinda brutal honestly that makes me respect Linus so much more than youtubers who pretend every company is perfect

  • Matthias Kritzinger
    Matthias Kritzinger

    Went for the in ear xm4's last december. What i found out: hardware is amazing, software not so much. Also the in ear pieces keep breaking after barely over a month of using. But when they work they are the best nc in ears for sure as far as im concerned 😅

    • Aliens

      If you want more comfort and longevity of the eartips I would highly recommend getting spinfit eartips

    • Presto Wing
      Presto Wing

      @xChappi I advise you to not comply with comply

    • Nathan Lee
      Nathan Lee

      "hardware is amazing" sure, the tuning is waaaaay too much bass though

    • xChappi

      It's just the way foam ear tips are made, they are replaceable and not meant to last the product's lifespan. I suggest you buy a stock of Comply foam ear tips for the in-ears XM4.

    • Trespas

      Are you talking about the foam version of the in ear pieces? If so, those are meant to be replaced often, I believe, unlike the silicone tips. Also, depending on your ears, they can start to smell incredibly bad at some point. Personally I use Comply TrueGrip memory foam tips and change them every 1-3 months depending on use.

  • Barnabas Nagy
    Barnabas Nagy

    I assume the controls are double tap to pause/play, and to activate ambient mode, you actually need to touch the cup not just hold your hand in the vicinity - as is is with other Sony headphones.

  • 1chi TheKilr
    1chi TheKilr

    I have the XM3 earbuds and they sound amazing. I'd like to get the over ear headphones at some point, but it's not a priority, considering how good the earbuds are. :)

  • VinoDeRio

    I still have my XM3s for almost 3 yrs now and I love them :) I'm sure ppl in the comments already said this but for the quick ambient mode you gotta touch the earcup not just have your hand close to the earcup like you're trying to use "the force" like some Jedi/Sith haha I'll stick with my XM3s as I have no use for any upgrade yet.

    • VinoDeRio

      @Michal A I keep mine in the carrying case whenever I'm not using but I haven't had to replace any earcups/padding. I try to wipe down the padding as any skin oil or scalp sweat is not good for the material. Audio wise its still crispy clear and battery life is unchanged. I can go around 3 days to a week before I have to charge again. I use my headphones with my iPad a lot more than my iPhone but its fine. I do wish I had the multi device switching but other than that its still on par with the current gens

    • Michal A
      Michal A

      Any issues? I've also used XM3's for 3 years and had to replace my earcups twice due to wear and the right earcjp vibrates violently at certain angles making it hard to use

  • Rebecca Light
    Rebecca Light

    For the play/pause, you can set it to tap, sure, but there's also a function where you hold your hand over an earcup and it pauses and temporarily turns off ANC, in theory that's good for if someone is trying to talk with you real quick. So that's what the play/pause glitch might have been, if I had to guess. A good idea, but on the XM4s not the best execution, maybe.

  • Aiden Madsen
    Aiden Madsen

    The aux cord is REALLY good for future proofing cause you can use it once the batter goes cack

  • Dnisify

    having software EQ is nice. i generally just use an mp3 app with it's own equalizer in case i really need it. and so far i've really needed it.

  • Octanos Media
    Octanos Media

    Actually we record a radio show and it's very useful to have a headphone that you can daily drive on bluetooth but also works when recording connected by cable to the controller, that way you don't need two headphones

  • Altair

    I had M2, they snapped under year in heavy use.. And they sound really flat compared to RNC1s and the build quality to the desire.. The RNC1s last me 5 years probably even more. More likely but the synthetic materials wear off almost completely and the plastic parts started feel annoying. RNC1's was probably bit over bassy to be honest and over all sound was kinda "Warm" and bit more like HD 650 like but more kick in low end to it and not that detailed compared to HD 650 in highs/mids.. Hopefully M3-5 sounds bit better cuz M5 had the weird "wall" or felt it.. And the HI-RES is totally BS.. Give some DSD and they sound really lifeless even still HD650 beats it again nor 660S or HD 600 and RNC isn't either a "HI-RES" but they have more life in them for sure . And seems like Sony has new marketing tactic to make everything as M "MK/Improved" labeled.. But still the F upped WMA1M2.. Cuz off Android like they did to Z2 and before that to Z1050 gosh sound awesome but Android in a Mp3 is overkill and useless and are dead line under 5 years.. And Updating the things gonna be pain in a butt..

  • TheXGamer

    For over-ears, these cans are your best bet right now, alongside the Bose QC45. But for in-ears, the Noble Fokus Pro takes the cake.

  • Marty terrebonne
    Marty terrebonne

    Would love to see how you guys felt the headsets you unbox and review handle teams calls. Many of my coworkers ask me for recommendations for headsets to use while working from home.

  • DivineChaos53

    I've been buying DBrand's overpriced stickers because some of them are genuinely cool and I want to financially support shenanigans like these

  • CarolusBuchwurm

    For my xm4s I figured out that they really really really needed EQ tuning. But now I love them. Still haven't figured out though why there is manual and custom..

    • Tyler Garrett
      Tyler Garrett

      Once you find the sweet spot on the eq, they sound excellent. I tune mine mostly for hip hop with bass and highs being up with a slight elevation to mids. They sound great with other genres as well.

  • Xovius

    I love dbrand's sponsor spots on here :D I hear horror stories from youtubers regularly where companies demand basically a 2 minute word-for-word script of corporate talking points and they don't seem to realize that this kind of advertising just works a lot better :D

  • Chiron

    I think there is a touch rejection feature with the volume controls to prevent accidentally bumping several times quickly and blowing out your ears. Swiping and holding allows changing by multiple steps.

  • OldSchoolBMXTV

    As amazing as they are, for the price they could have made the Accessory Cable Colors match...

  • Cyber_Photography

    I love the case but I don't like the design. I think my Xm4s are beautiful, functional yet sleek. These are sleek but not functional, the headband looks extremely weak and it doesn't collapse in anyway shape or form, that's a massive no no for travel headphones. To anyone who disagrees, yes they are travel headphones, why else would they have noise cancelling

  • DestructoMutant

    I tried the XM4s to use wirelessly around the house but I can't get used to the sound. I use hd598s on my PC and I cant adjust to the overdone bass. It would be interesting to see what the improvement would be on that end with the XM5s

  • Matz Rios
    Matz Rios

    Are you guys gonna be doing frequency response measurement graphs for it too? Especially comparing the stock tuning with the built-in EQ presets? That would be very interesting to see since you guys now have pretty much the best measurement rig out there.

  • Geoffrey Lyons
    Geoffrey Lyons

    Sony always seems to be something of a sleeper brand for quality audio products. They may not always be the extreme best, but they're quietly lurking near the top of quality across a large number of audio products.

  • Himwo

    I'm still using the first gen of these and comparing them with a friend who has the third gen, the sound quality went WORSE over time. Now looking at the fifth gen, my first impression from this video was "Damn, the carrying bag got HUGE". Apparently the new design they've introduced lost the capability to swivel and fold the headphones so subsequently the carrying case is - comparatively - massive. Somehow, I don't know why, while the battery life and charging speed got better (as did the ANC!) Sony have completely lost the way on compactness in storage and sound quality. Really a big shame!

  • xupPer22

    Have XM2 since launch and still using it today, but looks like it's THE time to upgrade now that they've changed the silhouette for XM5. As for the sound, if it's anything like my XM2s, you gotta burn it in for a much fuller experience.

  • DaveKerk

    I've had my XM3s for 3 and a half years and have used them for thousands of hours. I was tempted to buy the XM4s recently and so glad I didn't.

  • Michael Wallis
    Michael Wallis

    "Eco-friendly packaging.." *Proceeds to throw it on the ground* I'm sure they dealt with the box properly, it was just a funny moment.

  • Mr. Marty
    Mr. Marty

    Saw another review that said you can change the time it takes for the ambient mode turns off. Apparently it was a big problem with the XM4s that this was fixed at 30s, but now it can be lowered to 5s.

  • Valentin Ursu
    Valentin Ursu

    When you travel on a plane, the "caveman cable" and the adapter are needed to use the airplane media. Helps you avoid the "standard issue" headphones and use the XMs instead. I guess Linus only travels low cost or something. About Speak-to-chat and "it would be cooler if it lowers it (volume)..." No, no it would not be, not all people use the headphones for music, some use it for audiobooks. If you speak, it should pause the audiobook, not keep going on a lower volume. The pause is on double tap, when you keep pressed it's temporary pause, which is really cool replacement for "speak-to-chat". Read the docs man, or have some of your staff do it. In the end these reviews can be useful to inform people about all the nice features of the product but your team's ignorance makes it look like the designers messed up when they actually didn't.

    • Danielv123

      Agreed, simply lowering would be pretty horrible if you cared at all about the audio you were listening to.