Valve Needs To Take Notes - Ayn Odin

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  • S Plo
    S Plo

    The reveal for that SATA port on the dock was unreal. Valve seriously should be taking notes because that's actually 500IQ.

    • Emerson-Biggons

      You 'could' use this instead of what the steam deck is using. But unless it supports PD65 charging you will be running off battery.

    • Grey Shroud
      Grey Shroud

      Yea that’s such an amazing idea. When docked you just have access to an extended library. I REALLY hope they use this system.

    • F C
      F C

      SATA or m.2

    • Z3R0 W3LCH
      Z3R0 W3LCH

      100% AGREEEEED!!!

  • Fawzi Breidi
    Fawzi Breidi

    the engineering that went into the dock alone is impressive. I will keep their devices on my radar.

    • Jamie Does Stuff
      Jamie Does Stuff

      @B NM Your iPhone was made in a chinese sweatshop, you know? How come you're not complaining about its quality?

    • TheDalisama

      @B NM Some of them aren't bad. For example, the Powkiddy devices are generally good. If you put a community firmware on them, they get much better performance. The V90 handles all handhelds GBA and older perfectly, and just about anything at or before 4th generation for under $50. The only real complaint I have is the plastic sucks. I'd rather pay an extra $10. Their more premium handhelds have better build quality and performance. Even with the device in this video, the weakest part is probably the joycon sticks, but that's not a huge problem because they are very cheap and easy to replace. The whole housing can be replaced and only require a single ribbon cable. They go for under $5 on average if you're willing to wait on shipping.

    • Kyle Ruggles
      Kyle Ruggles

      @B NM It's great! I love it! One of those anti-China trolls, eh?

    • B NM
      B NM

      nah,its chinese product, its not good

  • VideGO

    This is probably the coolest android console I've seen. It's got horsepower, the sickest dock ever, and even the pro model is dirt cheap for what you get.

    • BigFloppa

      @Wildfire悪魔 why are you not on the battlefield yet? Go protect your country

    • Amerikanski

      @Alex Callender rip screen. Bummer

    • Alex Callender
      Alex Callender

      @Amerikanski Unfortunately I have. It was actually the first thing I tried, and I tried them again each time a new dead pixel appeared. Dozens of different videos for literally dozens of hours. Turns out, those videos only work when the pixels are simply "stuck", and even then it's not a guaranteed fix. My pixels are certifiably *dead*, so a screen replacement is the only option for me if I want a pristine screen again. Thanks for the suggestion anyway though, I've been procrastinating on emailing AYN about a new screen and this reminded me to finally go do it.

    • Amerikanski

      @Alex Callender hey dude, try a pixel refresher app. you never know. its basically an app that switches solid colors on your screen. **sometimes** it can unstuck dead pixels on lcd screens

  • Trevor Waters
    Trevor Waters

    The reason there's two HDMI outputs on the dock is that the Lite model doesn't support video output over USB C. There's a mini HDMI port next to the microSD card slot under the cover at the top of the device, and you use a jumper cable to go from the Odin's mini HDMI output to the micro HDMI input at the top of the dock. If you're serious about using the Odin docked, I would at least get the Base model to avoid having to use the HDMI jumper. Mini HDMI and micro HDMI ports are not very durable, so if you're using the Lite model docked be very careful when you're unplugging/plugging in the cable.

    • Postman

      Had a few cameras with micro HDMI. Can confirm the port sucks ass.

  • Thomas Arnold
    Thomas Arnold

    Anthony is such a great host honestly. So calming and informative

  • Hillefoozy

    The most impressive part of this handheld had to be the legacy ports Scratch that, the entire dock

    • Shiro Ch
      Shiro Ch

      @Minewolf360 well if you can play games that was botched on linux i suppose you should be installing windows though i agree windows is too heavy for that thing

    • Minewolf360

      @Aremis At this point just spin a Linux distro on it, running Windows on this will make it anemic

    • ༒MADISON༒

      The legend of Bigbooty.OnLine snowquen's is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day.

    • ccricers

      @Aremis Windows 11 ARM and its built-in x86 emulation is better.

    • Jehty

      Are the ports really such a big deal? I mean everyone who is into retro emulation probably already has a dongle and/or a third party controller.

  • Brandon Barlow
    Brandon Barlow

    You need to turn in high performance mode. It overclocks it. Then you can turn the fan on. They have their own custom launcher also. Make sure you run the update as well, as they do OTA and have done 2 since I have had it.

  • Frost Starlite
    Frost Starlite

    I have the Odin handheld in my hands currently and it is an amazing device in case anybody is wondering

  • DjFIL007

    Got mine a week ago... and it's been impressive! I'd say I've had 80% success for GC/Wii (dolphin mmjr) and 50-60% success with PS2 (AetherSX2)... it's great! And yes, it has an active cooling fan, it will turn on in high demanding games (mostly GC/Wii/PS2 for me... have yet to test any android games)


      i would recommend dolphin master over mmjr these days since apparently the dolphin devs found a massive Adreno performance benefit a few months back, as far as i know that brings it up to par with mmjr but i haven't tried it much myself... this only applies if youve got an odin pro obviously

    • Ark worthy
      Ark worthy

      Use the AetherSX2 with freedreno turnip drivers (experimental), and that 50-60% will definitely go up.

    • Alex Callender
      Alex Callender

      ahmedp800 Can confirm it’s much more ergonomic than the Switch Lite

    • DjFIL007

      @ahmedp800 I'm quite happy with the form factor, can confirm 100% feels better than the Switch Lite.

    • ahmedp800

      Ordered one and can't wait to get my hands on it! Speaking about hands, is it comfortable for long gaming sessions? With my Switch Lite, I had to get a Grip otherwise it was a pain to hold, way too slim.

  • Cian Horgan
    Cian Horgan

    That price absolutely blows me away. To be fair I didn't look at the tech specs but I assumed it'd be absolute minimum $500 + 100 for system and dock, realistically closer to 700 for the whole package

    • Bhume

      @Matthew B misread. Thought you were talking about brand new $150 phones, not old ones.

    • Matthew B
      Matthew B

      @Bhume SD845 phones go for $150 or even less now… what phone did you think I was talking about? I wasn’t wrong you just fabricated an argument I didn’t make about a SD695.

    • Bhume

      @Matthew B thats false. The CPU may be worse, but low end GPUs in phones still suck compared to the 845. The SD 695 in the new xperia 10 iv has a worse GPU than the 845.

    • Matthew B
      Matthew B

      The Odin Pro/Base has slower hardware than what are now $150 android phones. You buy these for the connivence of the all in one package. High end third party handhelds such as the Odin are historically pretty horrible value.

    • Matthew B
      Matthew B

      @Bhume Not if you are trying to emulate GC or PS2. Of course it would feel like hardware has stagnated when you don’t expect your hardware to perform anymore demanding tasks than what it could perform at release. This is sold as a mobile gaming platform and new SoCs are demonstrably much faster than the SD845, particularly in the emulation scene.

  • KingBowserLP

    Quick note on the button colors: they're copied from the SNES layout. The whole console kinda looks like a switch fused with an SNES controller. I really like the controller ports on the dock! In general the dock super cool. Quite like the detail of having the screen still accessible docked, unlike the switch.

    • ignasia7

      Yes as an origin, except they're actually 3DS buttons. Same layout, same position orientation, same cut-ins, same colour pattern of colouring the letters instead of the buttons, like most of the 3DS systems with Japanese and Euro SFC button colours (though of course the SFC edition New 3DS units do have the full buttons coloured). So yes, carried over from the SFC/SNES days, but definitely the Black 3DS buttons. Just like the joysticks are so bloody similar. The tactile feel isn't quite the same, so it's probably just molded after 3DS with the layout as the same, including the size/cut of the internals. Makes for a good spacing in a tight/compact area, and provides for some really solid buttons that last.

    • Valentine's Tube
      Valentine's Tube

      @moo mäh Yes I did.

    • moo mäh
      moo mäh

      @Valentine's Tube Ah, you meant specifically the cross on top of the round GG D-Pad being "split" like Sony controllers later on.

    • Valentine's Tube
      Valentine's Tube

      @moo mäh Oh no not the Steam Deck. I was talking about the design on the Gameboy advance, I mean the Ayn Odin. The shape and split D-pad done that way wasn't done by Sony First. Sega had it on theirs first. On the Game Gear. The round part is all Sony took away and then added some arrows. That's it. All in all it's a Game Gear D-pad. Period.

    • moo mäh
      moo mäh

      @Valentine's Tube While my Steam Deck will arrive hopefully tomorrow, where does it have a Sega or specifically Game Gear style D-Pad? It doesn't as GG, Mega Drive and Saturn controllers had round D-Pads, which I still find the best and why I love my 8bitdo M.30 controllers. That said, the Master System D-Pads are horrible and there were different models of the MD controller, which worse D-Pads (same round form but not "floating"). Btw, Game Gear was my first console (had a C64 before), followed by Mega Drive, Saturn, PSX and Dreamcast before fully moving over to PC for many years.

  • Kedar Sharma
    Kedar Sharma

    That combo makes the experience so amazing for something at such a low price. Though not as great performance wise as the stem deck, the entire system works so well. This is probably the best budget retro gaming console set ever.

  • Alpaka Whacker
    Alpaka Whacker

    That is surprisingly extremely well and fairly priced, especially the dock

  • Infernal Daedra
    Infernal Daedra

    The dock is actually really smart, and the price in this is actually very competitive.

  • RedHeadForester

    If I wanted a device like this, this one looks like a VERY viable option! I'm genuinely impressed at that audio quality and the dock seems to me to be a really clever extra at an actually pretty reasonable price.

  • Dark Nerd Shawny
    Dark Nerd Shawny

    A few things Anthony didn't talk about/correcting Anthony: - Yes, that's a fan. You can change the fan settings in the notification tray. - You can overclock in the notification tray as well. - This device is strong enough to play GameCube, Wii, and PS2 emulators. (And very small bit of Nintendo Switch, ex Sonic Mania at 60fps) - You can map touch controls for android games that do not work with controls ex Genshin Impact. (Any one else with high knowledge use this comment as a thread to add more information for people)

    • Dark Nerd Shawny
      Dark Nerd Shawny

      @Hexality what do you want me to say here?

    • Hexality

      Genshin on Android does NOT support xinput nor directinput of any sort, the only way to click is through touch emulation.

    • Antonio Rodríguez Negrón
      Antonio Rodríguez Negrón

      @Jorinator I can change them and notice the difference immediately. Not sure what's wrong with his. I only use the paddles in the back for the Xbox Guide button.

    • Dark Nerd Shawny
      Dark Nerd Shawny

      @Hexality it doesn't say anything about security access because that's up to the app not Miho. If the app triggers the anticheat then your account will get banned. Now they're letting you know IF that happens, they already warned you and they wont unban you or help you with the issue. If it doesnt happen, then the devs dont care. Again, this is why they use the wording "might" get banned. Because a human isnt modding it and banning people for doing it, the system is automatically doing it. So you "might" trigger the system to banning you with certain third party apps. But again, an overlay like the Odin Key Adapter will not trigger the system because it won't interfere with the anticheat to think something is wrong. Its an image overlay, not a application configuration. This is a different situation from betterdiscord because they're straight up tell you DONT do this, its against our terms of service. That is a plug in that causes alterations, and discords main fear is that you'll do things to get Discord Nitro content for free. This is a ban issued for admins and mods, not just a bot triggering system

    • Hexality

      @Dark Nerd Shawny it doesn't say anything about security access nor root, it talks about all third-party launchers in a whole not being allowed, you in specific not getting banned doesn't mean it's allowed for you to use. Same goes for people who uses BetterDiscord mod for Discord, it's against the ToS but it doesn't mean you'll get instantly banned for using it unless the scanning or someone reports you to the system saying your client is modified.

  • Cyril

    I think the Steam Deck docking station is made with some form of portability in mind in case you don't have another powered USB-C hub. It would be much easier to have a SATA to USB enclosure that costs $10 (and that doesn't need screws, is easier to replace and can be used with all compatible devices) than to travel with that kind of full featured dedicated dock of that shape. Please don't get me wrong, I still think it's a cool dock but it's probably not intended for carry.

    • Aereto

      I wonder if a third part would develop a Steam Deck dock that has a SATA enclosure built in.

  • Dave Voyles
    Dave Voyles

    I’ve been waiting forever for this thing to arrive, but they’ve had numerous delays due to the lockdowns in China. On the plus side, their team has done an incredible job of keeping backers in the loop with weekly communications each Friday.

  • Dave

    when you popped the back off that my jaw dropped because what I saw is what all docks honestly need I know the steam deck has large drives on the ready and SD card slots but I will always gladly add an additional spinning disk or SATA SSD to a system if that part of it isn't for portability, will they release a version that's strictly the dock and is there a way to install Linux on it so you can make it just an all-around PC?

    • Rich Bordoni
      Rich Bordoni

      I doubt they would ever release a dock-only version although I have to admit that would be really cool. They would probably have to re-engineer the PCB and/or the dock itself, engineer a cooling system, etc. I think AYN's main purpose is portable consoles and the dock is just a [really] nice compliment. There are ARM-based mini-PCs with a SATA connection you can buy though but I don't know if there are any as powerful as the 845 and they obviously don't have built-in controller ports.

    • BauloHD :D
      BauloHD :D

      The Snapdragon 845 has very good Linux mainline support ( It should be possible to port it, even though that's probably still a lot of work.

    • Julian Putnam
      Julian Putnam

      @Raeed Zaman yes it can run windows

    • Raeed Zaman
      Raeed Zaman

      @Julian Putnam no it cannot

    • Julian Putnam
      Julian Putnam

      It can run windows but it drops performance running windows

  • Ultrasquid

    I wonder if that dock works for other devices, like the Steam Deck and the Switch. Cause if it does then its definitely epic.

    • Rich Bordoni
      Rich Bordoni

      I'm pretty sure I've seen people say that it works with the Switch.

  • Stuart Lunsford
    Stuart Lunsford

    Ok, that dock is SICK. They even went with SATA for good performance at a nice price.

    • A B
      A B

      @Avery Kucan you are off with the pixies. My gaming laptop has 2 NVME and a SATA for mass storage for productivity. My high end desktop has 6 SATA ports for the 32TBs of HDD storage and another 3TB of NVME.

    • Grease1991

      @moo mäh It was less about showing him he was wrong, and more about showing everyone else how wrong he is.

    • moo mäh
      moo mäh

      @Grease1991 The guy clearly doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. SATA won't disappear anytime soon, the same as HDDs won't (where are these awesome 18TB NVMe SSDs that are costing only 260 bucks? xD) and will most likely not introduce some sort of M.2 interface. It's more likely that cheap OEM mainboards for office machines that will get rid of SATA ports to safe some cost and not the other way around as he claims. Not that all M.2 slots are NVMe as they are also available with SATA protocols. Wouldn't be surprised if most office machines feature SATA M.2 drives instead of NVMe ones. Never tested our office PCs at work as featuring M.2 SSDs but even SATA would be plenty fast for office machines and even the Steam Deck seems to be actually loading games as fast, if not faster from SD Cards (wonder why though).

    • Grease1991

      @Avery Kucan the Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero has 8 Sata ports, it's a 450 dollar motherboard. the 2000 dollar ROG Maximus Z690 Extreme Glacial has 6 Sata ports And after looking at a few others you either get 3 m.2 ports and 6 Sata or 2 m.2 and 8 Sata, But they are far from dead. and i would say anything above 350-400 dollars is more on the high end than not.

    • Richard Servello
      Richard Servello

      could have fit 3 NVMe ports in there.

  • Szaki

    This handheld is compatible with Windows on ARM as the website says. I would like to see a video trying that out.

  • Enoch Gitonga
    Enoch Gitonga

    I love the thinking around the dock. They should use the same philosophy for a Thunderbolt 4 Dock with integrated eGPU and NVMe.

  • KamiOtamega

    That dock is amazing, I completely hope valve's dock is serviceable when it launches, that top usb c will be an issue though

    • KamiOtamega

      @Yves Poezevara It is better for handheld use, not so much for hooking up to displays

    • Franco Villavicencio
      Franco Villavicencio

      I think there is reason to not put the steam deck upside down while docked

    • Yves Poezevara
      Yves Poezevara

      i like the top usb-c. When i use my deck, the charging cable doesn't get in the way like it does with the switch.

  • Chung Wah Man
    Chung Wah Man

    That Dock has got to be the best selling feature for all retro gamers, I mean those connections are superb. The console itself is also impressive

  • ched head
    ched head

    Cheers Anthony, nice to see the Odin getting some more mainstream attention. It ticked my boxes for a retro gaming handheld and eventually ... it will arrive.

  • Winston S
    Winston S

    I'm super happy with the system, I've had mine for a few weeks now. I still haven't taken the dock out of its box though.

  • yes

    Thank you for mentioning PPI, this is a good way, for me at least to know if, the device of this has a sharp screen for its category, and since it will be used as a handheld, similar to a smartphone "369" PPI is splendid. :-)

  • Thewaterspirit57

    Also this thing might be “smaller” because the steam deck uses a full x86-64 CPU, while this device and the switch uses an ARM CPU. Which ARM is usually made smaller, but somehow boasts a good level of power.

  • DaVince21

    I would LOVE to have a dock like that for my Steam Deck.

  • Plumokin

    Every time I see an overview of this thing I'm blown away. I just always forget something that it has cause it has SO MANY FEATURES. I love this thing so much

  • Zizi Mugen
    Zizi Mugen

    Nice ending, Anthony. You emphasize the convenience of being able to have fun, over the raw computing power being the key to having fun. I’ll still take my 3DS out, even though I have a Switch. The games are still fun, and the New 3DS is arguably the most ergonomic and well-made, self-preserving handheld there is.

  • Wesley Mercer
    Wesley Mercer

    I always love the retro stuff with Anthony

  • Lord Nazo
    Lord Nazo

    Ayn: *generously sends a tempered glass screen protector* Anthony: *snaps it* Ayn: ...

    • Paige Love
      Paige Love

      Breaking it was absolutely the best test of it. The review is there to show people what comes in the box, and the material/resistance of the screen protector is important to know! He likely has plenty of screen protectors, and he knows enough about them to know the material and resistance from just breaking it. One less screen protector in the world, thousands of informed consumers. A more subtle test would still likely need to break it anyway.

    • Okusar

      @Erik Lindgren Indeed. Doesn't matter how good a screen protector it is if it's never going to be used. At least by breaking it now we know it's a good quality one for anyone considering using it.

    • Erik Lindgren
      Erik Lindgren

      @Kou D3x because otherwise it would just remain in the box forever, or a drawer? dont need a screen protector unless there is risk of dropping the device, and linus was not handling it!

    • Cody Jones
      Cody Jones

      @Kou D3x it was just a screen protector. Calm down.

    • Henri Pollari
      Henri Pollari

      In a way that was a good quick and dirty evaluation of the screen protector. I'll give it a pass.

  • Kristopher Thompson
    Kristopher Thompson

    The Odin is incredible. I've been following it throughout development and it's awesome

  • Stevethepirate8973

    This thing looks awesome. I love the idea of retro gaming handhelds, but never can justify buying one that's so narrowly focused. This looks like it would be great for that pluss gamepass, steamlink, etc. Especially for the price. Hope to see maybe a full LTT review on this one. Maybe a full comparison on handhelds for emulation and game streaming.

  • Alexander Trauzzi
    Alexander Trauzzi

    Wow damn, that thing is super sweet. Android makes it. Would love to see models with more horsepower in the future. Few small tweaks, but this is clearly awesome.

  • H U
    H U

    "Why is this dock so good?! Why does it have so much I/O?!" Three words - Windows For ARM. Try loading Windows on it (there's a port already available) and loading Steam on it. Not joking.

  • twistidclowns

    Im still waiting for the kernel source release like they said when asked during funding. It is a great feeling device and really makes its competitors look over priced.

    • Krzysztof Krawczyński
      Krzysztof Krawczyński

      @Tams80 Despite wanting to buy dimensity 8100 phone I have to say it is actually Mediatek not complying with GPL and not releasing sources! Qualcomm is doing great job with this. Take a look at CAF - Code Aurora Forum

    • nektworks

      @Tams80 Qualcomm also releases kernel sources.

    • Tams80

      They using a Qualcomm SoC though, and Qualcomm are notorious for not being willing to open up.

    • twistidclowns

      @Heath Mitchell yeah but they are in a different country so who knows

    • Heath Mitchell
      Heath Mitchell

      Don’t they legally have to release it because of the GPL? So if they haven’t they’re breaking the law

  • Lightning Gamer
    Lightning Gamer

    I love retro handheld time ☺️ I just got my retroid pocket 2+ in and I finished the initial setup portion and been playing my favorite handheld Zelda game, Minish cap ☺️ having all my cartridges from my childhood on one device has been delightful. Like getting to play Pokémon Emerald again is just delightful.

  • Toma

    Once I saw the joystick and side LED's turn on it made me think that this is very close to what Sony would do if they were to make a modern PSP

  • N.J. S.
    N.J. S.

    I would assume the thing with two HDMI's might be something about a little more fitting experience. Maybe the chips somehow process the image differently or something about the refresh rate and with two ports it might be a bit more intuitive?

    • Francesco Atria
      Francesco Atria

      No the double hdmi is necessary because the lite does not support dp over usb c so they had to use a custom fpga that supports only 1080p so if you have the lite you have to use the mini hdmi port

  • Aheront

    This is probably the coolest android console I've seen. It's got horsepower, the sickest dock ever, and even the pro model is dirt cheap for what you get.

  • KloDemonitizedShow

    I see these types of devices, it reminds me of the reason why I got the switch lite. Whenever there's a chance to mod it (hardware/software wise) the switch lite is perfect for emulation and other portable gaming.

  • Thyncha

    One more thing, this can actually run windows 11 and with that some lite indie games with is basically unheard of at this pricepoint in this formfactor.

  • Macky4941

    Best device for cloud gaming. Gamepass is amazing on it, surprised it wasn't mentioned.

  • Frost Starlite
    Frost Starlite

    Would really like to see him do a follow-up video on installing Windows 11 :-)

  • Jake Brown
    Jake Brown

    Wow. This device blew my mind. I love emulating retro games and this device looks perfect.

    • Cave Johnson
      Cave Johnson

      Biggest issue is its slower then any recent flagship

  • garrett brown
    garrett brown

    Hey Anthony, great video! Bit of a correction though, The specs you flashed up on the screen @1:19 were for the latest Snapdragon model. The specs for the model that you have (SD845) are 4x A75 and 4x A55 cores. You might want to edit the video to reflect that.

  • HappyAlly77

    I've seen the Odin from a lot of youtubers but this is the first time I've seen the dock covered and wow! Its actually amazing!

  • Tweegster - Canadian Brick Cafe
    Tweegster - Canadian Brick Cafe

    Another great video from ANTHONY, as an older guy I enjoy seeing these videos as I enjoy retro gaming, even more so for the commute to / from work. as soon as I saw the doc I was sold on this. Being able to throw in a large SSD, network port, multiple USB 3 ports and HDMI Ports is a nice touch. I agree that trying to map a non N64 Controller for n64 emulation ca be a pain in the butt. would be interesting to see if this doc could output to multiple screens using the two HDMI ports, output to two different screens or a HDMI capture card. (not sure why you would want to do that but would be interesting to see in any case) I am. sure there would be a performance hit Being able to use this in combination with the doc as a inexpensive Plex media server or NAS wouldn't be out of the question. I've been using a GPH Canoo for years and I've been looking to replace it with another inexpensive device but can emulate more systems then I currently can. Thanks again Anthony, keep these retro videos coming, I found your video on Composite/Component/Scart converters helpful in making my selection as putting in a dedicated HDMI mod in to each of my retro systems would be costly (But worth it). Maybe you can do a review on ODE mods for retro systems. ODE conversions are a great way to keep a system with a failed optical drive operational and out of a landfill.

  • Paynewalker

    "IT'S RETRO TIME!" is the only intro sequence we need for this channel.

    • Trevor Holland
      Trevor Holland

      And yet, we didn't get to see anything retro being played on the device. If this is what "retro time" is like, I don't want it.

    • ༒MADISON༒

      The legend of Bigbooty.OnLine snowquen's is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day.

    • yes
      yes Finally it's here.

  • SilverStarfall

    If they made that dock for the Deck they could totally outsell Valves own deck just with the sata port alone. The Nintendo ports are just cherry on top, but i wish the n64 and gamecube were switched.

  • Harry Tsang
    Harry Tsang

    To add to the amazing dock, you can run windows for arm on this device

  • virtualnate

    You can always use a suction cup instead of prying via the screw holes.

  • Ashton Curee
    Ashton Curee

    Do you think this will outperform the GPD XD+? Specs seem similar.

  • MenacingDonutz

    I think this may be my next console purchase depending on how well it emulates GameCube games. Those build in legacy controller ports and SATA connection are SICK!

    • Ima Door
      Ima Door

      i have a snapdragon 845 in my phone and it runs GameCube games and wii games really good, plus you can overclock and turn on the fan so it would run better than my phone

  • Paul DeShield
    Paul DeShield

    That dock got my more excited than the actual device 🤯🤣

  • Kurikhan

    This device is amazing for retro gaming and mobile Android gaming. As much as I love my PC I find myself with lest time/willingness to play in front of a large screen. Because of that I have two main sources of gaming, my Switch and my phone, because I can play those in the bed or when I have 5-10 minutes free while outside the house. Personally, I would first would like to see the performance of the device with Genshin Impact. I hope this does well and they bring a Gen2 of the device with a SD888+ or a MediaTek 8100/9000 (if they release it within the next 1-2 years). The great thing about this is that while mobile processors have been steadily becoming more powerful with each generation (15%-30% performance increase YoY) they become, at the same time, a furnace that really limits the amount of time they can use that power. But since this thing has an active cooler this device could use 95%-99% overall performance for a sustained amount of time without issues. This basically destroys the only drawback of most modern Android SoCs and will probably let you run things at 60 FPS/4K without ever breaking a sweat (For most emulators at least). This device indeed has my attention and maybe my money.

  • coxxycabee

    I own an Odin and use the d-pad a lot. I assure anyone wondering, the clickiness is very minor and inaudible. It's the perfect amount for tactile feel. It is precise and I am very happy with the d-pad. I agree with it being small though. While it hasn't presented any issues to me since using it, I think it'd be better if it were a little larger.

  • Kyle Hassen
    Kyle Hassen

    I've seen many reviews on this and this was the the most amusing to watch lol. Was fun to watch for sure.

  • Justin H.
    Justin H.

    Could you use the dock along side a phone, or possibly another device, like the GPD Win 3? That SSD spot is really nice, not gonna lie. Also I will never complain about more USB-A ports, I can always find a use for them.

  • Renats V
    Renats V

    I like this series with Anthony they have a different feel when you watch 😊

  • J G
    J G

    Andy: reads spec sheet also Andy: opens a slot on it "oh it has micro HDMI"


    It’s an interesting device for sure. Seems more versatile than my current setup of attaching a Backbone controller to an iPhone XR and using that sparingly to play Xbox Gamepass, Steam Link, and Stadia while I wait for my Steam deck preorder

  • Cassio Renan
    Cassio Renan

    6:51 The buttons have the same pattern as a super nintendo, which for retro gaming makes more sense (at least to me) (maybe not the color, but definitely the position, which matters more) I'm still more used to that pattern even though the joystick I use for PC gaming ATM is an Xbox controller.

  • SirSethery

    I always like a clicky D-Pad. If I can't feel exactly when I've activated or deactivated a diagonal, I don't consider it a good d-pad.

  • Christopher Easler
    Christopher Easler

    I watched some other video last week saying Valve should make a dock that could use an SSD. I can’t remember who that was and yeah, Valve should make a dock that uses a drive for additional storage. I would love to see a new dock later on this year that has thought but that’s up to Valve to make one or if some 3rd party dock comes out later that has it.

  • Turtleb01

    So, they bought a 10-port USB 3.0 hub chip and slammed a ton of devices onto it. Pretty nice design, the SATA port is a cherry on the cake

  • Siggvard

    I would've liked to see you test the 1080p and 1440p HDMI output with a couple of different games.

  • Jun

    That dock is really revolutionary. If this ever get popular, I'm sure others will copy it as well.

  • alij0n3s

    FINALLY! Ive been waiting for your review of this for AGES I have the Pro. It is the best retro handheld I've ever had. Plus gamepass works great on it

  • Javadamutt

    The community has Windows 10 running on the Snapdragon version. The lite also has 4G support

  • dmacmakes

    I reckon the steamdeck might also be the steamdeck for the retro gaming community - if that hub's connected.

  • vladstarr27

    This thing needs a review!!! It looks amazing!!!!

  • TeD van Loon
    TeD van Loon

    before I continue, does it have a FPGA in it? that would be great for emulating(simulating actually for a fpga) for PC gaming it would also be great and would make both GPUs and CPUs much more efficient and fast for a similar sized die.

  • Michael Villeneuve
    Michael Villeneuve

    Would love to see Anthony review the ultimate usb controller adapter. Has every controller port you'd ever want.

  • robert linke
    robert linke

    ok, i will admit, having the retro controller ports and the SATA port on the doc, as well as 5 USB ports, and ethernet, thats a dream dock. ill take that loose, for anything that'll connect up to it.

  • ThatZaliaSGuy

    Cons of the dock: system can overheat when docked, as the rear fan gets completely cut off. Those GameCube ports are upside-down, which means you can't use the WaveBird wireless controllers (good luck making that fit right upside-down). May be coming in a future firmware update, but the 4K HDMI out does not work at all on either of my 2 TVs or 4K monitor (tried 4 different cables. Hopefully not a defect of my dock. 1080p port works just fine).

    • ThatZaliaSGuy

      @Cheerio I'm probably just going to break into it and gut it, put it into my own 3D printed case (with a fan), and see if I cant put all the ports on the front, and USBs on the side.

    • Cheerio

      Could you use a wavebird by creating a "riser" under the dock? It's ugly but might be a quick and cheap solution

    • ThatZaliaSGuy

      @Justin Appreciate the reply for info! Unfortunately, I have neither of those on my TVs (HDMI 2.1), nor on my 4K PC monitor. I'm beginning to lean more on the issue that I might have a defective dock.

    • Justin

      Some TV's have a setting called "hdmi ultra deep color" or "HDMI UHD color" in the display settings and you might have to turn it on or off. That might get it to work.

  • Derek Huber
    Derek Huber

    Wow, very surprised by the price given the dock functionality and specs of the machine. What a competitive piece of hardware!

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